WCW Superbrawl VII 2/23/1997

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling Super Brawl VII
Date: 2/23/1997
From: San Francisco, CA

Tony, Dusty and Bobby welcomes everyone to WCW Super Brawl 1997.
They hype up the whole Hogan/Piper saga. They are hyping Piper up as being crazy.

Footage of Syxx stealing the United States Title, and stealing the Cruiserweight Championship.

World Cruiserweight Title Match: Syxx pinned Dean Malenko in 11:57 to win the title:
Syxx comes out with the Cruiserweight Championship, even though he is not the champion.Malenko with a spinning heel kick and goes for the cover only to pull Syxx up.Brain buster by Malenko, and again pulls Syxx up. Syxx charges towards Malenko, Malenko with a slam.Syxx misses a splash in the corner, and is caught upside down, Malenko with a dropkick.Syxx rakes the eyes of Malenko who was going for the Texas Cloverleaf.Malenko with a cross body on Syxx and both fall over the top to the floor!Malenko ducks a standing spin kick by Syxx and connects with a clothesline on the floor.Syxx with the bronco buster in the corner to a course of boos.Malenko with a back suplex out of a sleeper hold and gets a two count.Syxx connects with a diving forearm drop from off the middle turnbuckle onto Malenko who is on the apron. Vertical suplex by Syxx on Malenko, and goes up top and connects with a leg drop for a two count. Syxx gets crotched on the top turnbuckle, Malenko with a belly to back suplex, Syxx sort of reverses and both men are down.Syxx grabs the Cruiserweight Title, Eddie Guerrero with a tug a war with Syxx. Eddie lets go, and Syxx momentum hits Malenko behind him. Syxx goes for the cover and gets the three! **1/2

Gene is backstage, who quickly plugs the hotline. He says a WCW superstar was with N-W-O members at lunch. Diamond Dallas Page comes into the picture. He doesn’t know who he is facing. Someone from N-W-O. Gene mentions Bagwell. DDP cuts a brief promo. Gene announces that it just so happens to be Buff Bagwell.


Konnan, La Parka, and Villano IV defeated Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo, and Ciclope in 9:51: Konnan is the only man not to be wearing a mask. A few hip tosses between Villano and Ciclope, the crowd is dead. Konnan and Juvi come in and Konnan with a few right hands. Rolling lariat by Konnan. Juvi with a head scissors take down. Springboard off the top and a dropkick by Juvi. Juvi goes for a body scissors, Konnan with a German suplex. Konnan power bombs Ciclope. Parka with a running spin kick in the corner on a upside down Calo. Calo soon sends Parka to the floor. Calo with a Swanton Bomb from the ring over the top to the floor onto Parka. Calo misses a springboard dive. Parka sits Calo on a chair and connects with a suicide dive onto Calo! Ciclope messes up a springboard moonsault on Villano hitting his head on the floor. Villano with a snap suplex. Juvi “connects” with the 450 splash on Villano. The quotes because he missed, but Villano sold it anyway. Parka with a corkscrew moonsault on Juvi for a near fall. Juvi comes back with a springboard hurricanrana off the top! Another two count. Konnan has Juvi on his shoulders, Villano with a clothesline. Double team power bomb on Juvi. Konnan simply throws Juvi over the top to the floor like a missile. Triple suicide dives by Juvi, Calo and Ciclope onto their opponents on the floor! Konnan with a nice power bomb on Juvi. Konnan goes for the cover and gets the three. **

World Television Title Match: Prince Iaukea pinned Rey Misterio, Jr. in 8:56 to retain the title: Iaukea comes out to nothing of a response. And to think he is the Television Champion. Iaukea connects with a standing side kick on Rey early on for a two count. Springboard moonsault onto the floor by Iaukea. Exploder suplex by Iaukea for a two count. Vertical suplex by Iaukea another two count. Gorilla press slam into a back breaker. The crowd is dead, and Iaukea is trying to get over. Iaukea goes for a cross body off the top, Rey catches him in mid air with a dropkick. Rey with a hurricanrana over the top to the floor, after nearly being power bombed. Rey does the same move we just saw by LA Parka onto Iaukea. Double springboard moonsault onto Iaukea for a two count. Spinning heel kick by Rey. Split legged moonsault by Rey for a two count. Iaukea with a Angle Slam of sorts off the middle rope. Here comes Lord Steven Regal. Weak hurricanrana by Rey. Rey is on the apron, and Regal trips Rey off. Regal sends Rey back into the ring and Iaukea gets the win. Iaukea is trying to give the title to Rey. Rey doesn’t want it. *1/4


Gene is backstage, who again plugs his hotline and someone eating dinner with the N-W-O. The Giant comes into the picture to be interviewed. The Giant knows the Outsiders, he knows the mind games they are trying to do. Giant guarantees that he will win the tag team titles. Even though he is alone, because Lex Luger didn’t get the medical release in time.

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Buff Bagwell in 9:46 by Disqualification:
Page with control early on with a few elbows to the neck of Bagwell. Side headlock by Page. Swinging DDT by Page on Bagwell. Bagwell rolls to the floor. Bagwell drops Page throat first on the top rope. Bagwell continues control with a few boots to the gut in the corner. Tornado DDT off the middle rope by Bagwell. Bagwell begins to taunt the crowd. Page almost gets the pin with a school boy, Bagwell with a clothesline. Bagwell argues with the referee. The referee shoves Bagwell down and gets in his face. Bagwell backs off of Page. Spinning clothesline by Page. Atomic drop by Page. Sit down power bomb by Page for a near fall. Page drops Bagwell throat first in the corner, Bagwell reverses the Diamond Cutter into a backslide for a two count. Fisherman suplex by Bagwell for a two count. Bagwell wants the referee to count Page out. Bagwell taunts the crowd before going back to work on Page. Page reverses a reverse neck breaker connecting with the Diamond Cutter! The N-W-O come running down, Page leaves through the crowd, causing the DQ. *

United States Heavyweight Title Match: Eddie Guerrero pinned Chris Jericho in 12:02 to retain the title:
Mat wrestling early on, Guerrero with a spinning back elbow and a back suplex for a two count. Jericho with a back suplex of his own. The crowd might be deader than the Television Title match. Jericho with a vertical suplex on Guerrero. Stale mate between both men. Jericho with the Lion Tamer on Guerrero in the middle of the ring. Guerrero powers out. A huge “boring” chant from the crowd. Jericho with a reverse chin lock on Guerrero. Jericho with a modified looking Torture Rack, into a back breaker for a two count. Guerrero comes back with a running clothesline and sick power bomb for a two count. Brain buster by Guerrero and signals for the frog splash. Guerrero rolls through missing the move. Jericho with a release German suplex on Guerrero. Jericho with a belly to belly release suplex. Jericho drops Guerrero onto the top rope, Jericho with a springboard dropkick sending Guerrero to the floor. Jericho with a springboard dive onto the floor on Guerrero. Jericho leaps off the top into the ring and Guerrero connects with a atomic drop. Double spinning heel kick spot. Double running forearm smashes, both times they both go down. Jericho with a power slam for a two count. Jericho with a super kick and a roll up for a two count. Jericho reverses the tornado DDT into a fisherman suplex for a two count. Guerrero with a sunset flip into a rollup for the three count. **1/4


Triangle Tag Team Match: The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) defeated Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray) and The Faces of Fear (Meng and The Barbarian) in 7:43 in a “triangle” match: Rock and Barbarian start things off. Barbarian with a power slam on Rock. Ray tags himself in. Gorilla press slam by Ray on Rock and gets a two count. Ray with a leaping big boot on Grunge. Booker with the scissors kick on Grunge for a two count. Booker doesn’t want Ray to go for the pin, instead rough him up. Booker with a side slam on Grunge, and connects with a leaping side kick on Grunge. The crowd likes Harlem Heat. Booker gets knocked down by the Faces of Fear. Meng comes in and goes to work on the back of Booker. Dropkick on Booker for a two count. Faces of Fear go to work on Booker in the corner, and tags in Barbarian. Barbarian with a over head belly to belly suplex off the top rope on Booker! Meng with a nice pile driver on Booker T. Faces of Fear connect with a double flying head butt on Booker. Meng backdrops Booker into Barbarian who connects with a power bomb for a two count! Barbarian with a big boot sends Booker to the floor. Barbarian catches Rock on a somersault splash attempt. Grunge with a cross body onto both men. Rock has the cover on Barbarian and gets the three count! **1/2

Jeff Jarrett pinned Steve “Mongo” McMichael in 8:12:
Mongo actually gets a decent pop from the crowd. Jarrett with a hip toss early on, arm drag take down as well. Mongo is aggravated already. Mongo with a running power slam on Jarrett. Football takedown to the knee of Jarrett, twice. Abdominal stretch by Jarrett, Debra whacks the hand of Jarrett who was using the ropes for leverage. Mongo with a gorilla press slam on Jarrett. Mongo sends Jarrett to the floor. Mongo begins to choke Jarrett with a towel and sends him into the guard railing, and drop Jarrett throat first on the railing. Jarrett chokes Mongo on the middle rope for a few moments. Jarrett reverses a sleeper hold into a back suplex. Mongo with a few forearm shots, and a side slam on Jarrett. Side slam again on Jarrett. Top rope cross body by Jarrett for a two count. The referee gets poked in the eye. Mongo wants the briefcase, but Debra doesn’t give it to him. Debra throws the briefcase into the air, Jarrett gets it, and whacks Mongo over the head to pick up the win. **


San Francisco Death Match: Chris Benoit pinned Kevin Sullivan in 8:35 in a “San Francisco death” match: Woman and Jacqueline will be strapped together for this match. Benoit and Sullivan go at it, as do Jackie and Woman. Sullivan with a backdrop on Benoit. Benoit with a few chops and a scoop slam, Sullivan slams Benoit off the top. Butterfly suplex by Sullivan. Woman is strapping Jackie in the ring, Woman low blows Sullivan using the strap. Jackie whacks Benoit with the strap across the back. Sullivan hangs Benoit over the top using the strap. Jackie kicks Benoit in the groin. Jackie is beating up Benoit, Woman is beating up Sullivan. Double strap clothesline by the women onto the men. Sullivan sends Benoit to the floor. Sullivan and Benoit are in the crowd trading right hands. They are backstage, Sullivan sends Benoit into the wall. Sullivan slams Benoit onto a truck. Sullivan throws a trash can at Benoit. Benoit with a trash can shot. Back to ringside, both men are trading right hands. Sullivan places Benoit in the tree of woe. Running knee strike by Sullivan. Double stomp, and Woman begins to hit Sullivan with the strap. Benoit with a pile driver. Benoit rolls to the floor and grabs a table. Jackie goes onto the table to protect Sullivan, Benoit still dives off and connects with a flying head butt. Benoit goes for the cover, and picks up the three count. ***
After the match, Benoit, Sullivan and Jackie are all in the ring laying motionless. Paul Orndorff, Lee Marshall, and Terry Taylor come out to check on all three people. Three stretchers come down to the ring to bring Benoit, Sullivan and Jackie to the back.

WCW Uncensored 1997 promo video. Surprisingly with Hugh Morrus.

World Tag Team Title Match: The Giant and Lex Luger defeated The Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) in 8:53 to win the tag team titles: Hall and Giant start things off. Hall throws the tooth pick at Giant. Hall with a few chops in the corner, Giant comes back with a few of his own. Giant with a scoop slam on Hall. Hall spits in the face of the Giant. Nash gets the tag. Giant clotheslines both men, and dropkicks Nash over the top to the floor. Giant has Nash set up for a power slam, and sends him back first into the ring post. Leaping elbow by Giant for a two count. Syxx comes off the top and hits Giant with the Cruiserweight Title. Hall with a top rope bulldog on Giant, Nash goes for the cover and gets a two count. Several right hands in the corner, Giant shoves him off a few times. Giant with a couple of big boots on Hall and Nash. Clothesline on Nash. Syxx leaps off the top, but is caught by Giant. Hall with the Cruiserweight Title shot. Nash sets Giant up and CONNECTS with the POWER BOMB!. Lex Luger has arrived, and he sends Eric Bischoff into the guard railing. Luger wants a tag. He gets the tag and goes to work on all three men. Luger with the Torture Rack on Nash, Nash gives up. **1/4
After the match, Giant grabs Hall and connects with the Choke Slam.


David Penzer introduces the Main Event, and not Michael Buffer.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Hulk Hogan pinned Roddy Piper in 10:52 to retain the title:
Hogan goes to leave, only for Piper to go to the floor and deliver a few rights. Piper with a low blow in the ring. Piper chokes Hogan with his t-shirt and bites the forehead. Piper with a chair shot on the floor. Hogan with a low blow in the ring, Piper comes back with right hands and hooks the nose of Hogan. Michael Wall Street comes down only to get sent to the floor by Piper. Piper ducks a clothesline and pokes Hogan in the eyes. Back to the floor, Piper delivers a few right hooks and sends Hogan back into the ring. Piper drops Hogan onto the top rope Randy Savage and Sting are now at the top of the aisle way. Savage goes to the ring, Sting stops Savage. Sting is at the top of the aisle still, Savage is now at ringside. Hogan gouges the eyes of Piper. Sting has walked to the backstage area. Hogan rams Piper back first into the ring post. Hogan with the bear hug on Piper. Hogan continues the bear hug with Piper being on the mat. A few pin attempts. Hogan misses the leg drop. Piper with a flurry of right hands, Hogan with a low blow. Piper reverses a power slam and places Hogan in the sleeper hold in the middle of the ring.
Hogan is asleep. His arm drops twice, and a third time! Piper is the NEW Champion! Wait, no he is not. Savage pulled Hogan’s legs underneath the bottom rope. Match restarts. Savage has given Hogan a pair a brass knuckles. Hogan nails Piper with a right hand and pins Piper to retain. **
After the match, Savage continues to attack Piper and spray paints N-W-O on Piper. Savage has turned his back on World Championship Wrestling. Savage with the flying elbow drop on Piper, Hogan with a couple of leg drops on Piper. Savage with another flying elbow drop. Savage with another one, Hogan counts a mock three count.

End of Show

My Take:
Syxx/Malenko was a pretty good opener to kick start the show. They had a interesting angle heading into the event and I thought this was a good blow-off to their portion of the feud. This marked the beginning really of Eddie Guerrero’s heel turn as well.

Six man tag match was nothing all that great to me and the finish was botched. Not a good way to end the match that was lackluster before that point.

Prince/Rey was horrible and mainly because of Prince. He simply couldn’t hang with Rey and should have never been on a PPV at this time. I really think a Rey/Regal match would have been a much, much better way to go. After all, that was the original plan.

I had no interest in DDP/Bagwell. It seems like it was added just to get a fresh babyface DDP on the show. The match was a dull one and didn’t add anything positively to the show.

Jericho/Guerrero was disappointing. Two really good wrestlers end up having a sub-par match is really head scratching to me. I have to think they just had a off night on this given night. Too bad though because it was a pretty big pay per view.

Triple threat tag team match was good for what it was. Rather surprising to see Public Enemy win as i would have thought the better tag team in Harlem Heat would have won to get another shot at the tag titles.

Mongo/Jarrett was a boring match, honestly. The story for it was fine and that was entertaining but the match for it just didn’t deliver.

Benoit/Sullivan was the match of the night and was a really good brawl. Those two have had some classic brawls in the past and this one was one them for sure.

Tag Team title match was okay at best. The crowd gave a pretty good reception to Luger coming out and winning the tag titles. Nash powerbombing the Giant looked really cool as he delivered it very well.

Main Event could have been worse, but it was still fairly bad. Randy Savage joining the NWO was a pretty bad move in my opinion. NWO was becoming to big of a force i thought. I would’ve liked to have seen Sting, DDP and Savage lead WCW against the NWO. Maybe even Luger and obviously Flair when he got back from injury. Savage joining is something i never liked.

Overall, a pretty good opener, decent triple threat tag match, and a good brawl between Sullivan/Benoit. Everything else was just average or worse in my opinion. On my paper this looks like a great event but in reality it is a disappointment.

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