020 ROH Night of the Grudges 6/14/2003

ROH 020 – Night Of The Grudges – 14th June 2003

Against the odds the last show (Do Or Die) turned out to be red hot. Now we’re preparing to follow it up with significant names like AJ Styles, Paul London and Raven all returning tonight to add strength to the roster. It’s Night Of The Grudges because we have three big grudge matches on tap. The Punk/Raven feud continues as the Second City Saints take on Raven and BJ Whitmer in what should be a wild brawl. AJ Styles and Paul London settle their issues with each other with the #1 Contenders Trophy on the line, whilst the main event sees the culmination of the Group/Prophecy war as the two factions collide in a 6-man tag where the losing outfit must disband. Lets get to Cambridge, MA with your commentary team – Chris Lovey and Ray Murrow.

1) vacant (decided tonight in the Styles/London match)
2) Christopher Daniels (remains at #2 after winning a four way at the previous show
3) Paul London (keeps his #3 spot despite inactivity and gets #1 Contenders Trophy shot tonight)
4) Homicide (drops down the list after losing his World Title match)
5) Matt Stryker (makes it in after a big win over Tom Carter at Do Or Die)

Paul London talks about the special matches he’s had in Ring Of Honor. It’ll be special again when he beats AJ Styles tonight.

AJ cuts a promo in response and seems pretty happy that he’s the new NWA World Champion. He claims London only pinned him at the First Anniversary Show because Low Ki was there too.


Christopher Street Connection vs Carnage Crew
I suppose this is technically a grudge match too, since these teams had a heated exchange at Epic Encounter. This will put the “feud” to bed you’d imagine. I just got done reviewing SHIMMER Volume 5 and it’s weird seeing Ariel with the CSC as a totally anonymous valet.

Buff E. wants to start with ‘that sexy hairy bastard’ Loc and Mace seems happy to let him. The CSC act like they’re about to hit some devastating double team only for Buff to hit a running kiss to the forehead. Mace spanks DeVito for good measure then grinds against Loc. Finally DeVito clocks him with a clothesline and hoists him up for the Carnageplex. Comedy hour is probably over now. VICIOUS crossfaces rattle Mace’s jaw, and he probably got knocked a bit senseless since he botches something a second later. Loc tries to climb the ropes but gets dragged down Flair-style. No comeback for Mace though, DeVito is quickly in to clobber him. Side Effect gets 2 before Mace kicks out. He manages a swinging DDT on Loc and edges towards a hot tag to Buff E. GAY BRONCO BUSTERS from Mace after Buff has cleaned house with some camp clotheslines. They pause to make out before lifting Loc for the GAY BASHER! DeVito breaks the pin otherwise it would’ve been over. Mace saves Buff E. from the Spike Piledriver but DeVito is able hit a FATTY MOONSAULT instead. The Carnage Crew are victorious at 08:41.

Rating – * – It dragged on too long but the comedy was pretty good so it’s worth a star. I don’t think the Carnage Crew ever got enough credit for their charisma and ability to play out their characters. This match was a fine example as they were great as the hard ass ‘get that gay sh*t out of our faces’ types.

The Crew aren’t done. SPIKE PILEDRIVER ON ARIEL! Her scream as she was on the way down was amazing! Unfortunately Loc and DeVito almost turn themselves babyface in the process so they ignore the ‘one more time’ chants and walk out.

Chance Beckett vs Matt Stryker
There’s a fair bit of interest surrounding this match. Beckett makes his ROH debut tonight after impressing in the annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament – where I believe he went all the way to the final before losing to Paul London. He seems like a natural fit for Ring Of Honor so will want to impress. Matt Stryker also needs a win. He’s hot off his biggest match to date (his victory over Tom Carter) and has cracked the Top 5 Rankings. A loss here will send him back down the card again.

After a couple of armdrags they go to the mat where you’d expect them to be most comfortable. Beckett breaks out of a surfboard with a nice flipping mule kick so Stryker goes after his leg. Chance is able to avoid that and catapults Stryker face-first into the canvas before putting him in a half crab. That was an interesting segment but they slow it down again battling over a cravat. Beckett gets an advantage with a neckbreaker then a dragon sleeper which has Matt groping for a rope. Stryker gets the best of a test of strength but Chance refuses to be pinned and turns the hold into another neckbreaker. Matt whips his opponent with such velocity that Beckett gets stuck in a tree of woe position, and he capitalises with a running dropkick to the sternum. They screw something up rather hideously with Beckett kneeing Stryker in the stomach then inexplicably selling something himself too. He recovers from that by chinlocking which just isn’t that fun to watch. Stryker escapes and nails a flying forearm. Chance tries a piledriver but it’s not successful. Strykerlock countered into an inverted cloverleaf. Matt rolls through that and applies the Strykerlock. Beckett taps at 11:16.

Rating – * – This match demonstrated everything Matt Stryker gets criticised for. All his stuff looks pretty, but that was 10 minutes of aimless wrestling from both guys, which started nowhere, went nowhere and finished nowhere. Pure wrestling only works when you tell a story and go somewhere with it…when you don’t, and include zero high impact spots it just becomes boring. Beckett bombed. I’ve never seen the 2003 Super 8 but he really didn’t look good here.

The next match is a fourway, which looks set to include Angeldust because he won a match on the preshow to earn a spot in it. Anyway, he comes out dancing like a spastic but his music gets interrupted by something that many old school ECW fans will be familiar with. Justin Credible comes through the curtain, gets a massive reaction and superkicks his way into the match.

John Walters vs Justin Credible vs Chris Sabin vs Homicide
Credible looks genuinely touched by the ovation from the crowd. I don’t think he’d get anything as positive a response if he came out these days. John Walters is from Boston so should be popular. He’s back after looking slightly better than Andy Anderson at Do Or Die. Chris Sabin makes his ROH debut here with no fanfare whatsoever. This was way back when he was just starting to get noticed in TNA. Poor Homicide is back at the bottom of the card after losing his big title shot on the previous show.

Homicide and Walters start basically without commentary because Lovey and Murrow are still orgasming over Credible. They do some pretty sweet stuff before Walters dropkicks Cide out of the ring. Homicide boots him in the face then suplexes him into the turnbuckles when he returns to the ring. Lungblower from Walters followed by a bow and arrow stretch. He’s looking much better tonight than he did at Do Or Die. Sabin blind tags his way in and sunset flips Homicide INTO a German suplex on Walters. He almost hangs in the air before taking Walters over with a hurricanrana, and he tags out to Justin. He gets 2 with his trademark sit-out powerbomb out of the corner. Homicide in to hit T-bone suplexes on the former ECW Champion. Cide/Sabin now and it’s Homicide hiptosses Chris off the top rope INTO a sit-out powerbomb. Sabin drops him with a swinging backbreaker for 2. This match is just non-stop, as Homicide dishes out and overhead belly to belly suplex then tags out to Walters. Tornado divorce court by the Boston native. Sabin gets up and enzi kicks him in the side of the head for 2. Credible stomps the crap out of Walters in the corner, but John recovers by putting a Japanese stranglehold on Sabin. Homicide pulls back on Walters to add more torque…UNTIL CREDIBLE SUPERKICKS HIM IN THE FACE! The impact of that sends Cide to the floor with Justin in hot pursuit via a pescado. RUNNING SUICIDE DIVE from Walters leaving Sabin alone in the ring. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA by Sabin! TOPE CON HILO BY HOMICIDE! Credible brings Homicide back in the ring. THAT’S INCREDIBLE…but Sabin breaks the pin and throws Justin out. HURRICANE DDT ON SABIN! SPRINGBOARD SUNSET FLIP BOMB FOR HOMICIDE! Walters thinks about another Hurricane DDT but Homicide isn’t beaten up enough. SCOOP TOMBSTONE! STF! Walters taps at 12:55.

Rating – *** – All action four way there. To be honest I had problems keeping up with it on play by play, it was that frenetic. If you can look past the total disregard of the legal man rule, and look past the total non-selling of head dropping then you’ll like this. Walters looked really good and totally justified his second ROH shot. Sabin didn’t do anything wrong either, although I’m not sure he did anything worthy of a full-time slot quite yet. Credible is obviously the least skilled worker of the four, and by limiting his in-ring time it meant that the fans were eating up EVERYTHING he did. I promise you Justin hasn’t been as over as this since his ECW heyday.


Homicide celebrates with his street thugs but Low Ki comes in to ruin the party. Ki is still pissed off about the street coming to ROH.

CM Punk/Colt Cabana vs Raven/BJ Whitmer – No DQ Match
Raven hasn’t been in ROH for a few shows but that doesn’t mean there’s been any let up in his feud with CM Punk. He’s sent minions like Trinity to ROH to get into Punk’s head. In response, Punk recruited Lucy as the fourth member of the Second City Saints. Last time Raven was here, his partner Cabana screwed him over to join up with Punk, so he’s now got reason to hate both of them. His partner tonight is probably a better choice. BJ is still pissed off with Punk for German suplexing him through a table during their match at Epic Encounter.

Punk is in real danger of turning himself into a babyface since his promos are so compelling. He’s in the ring with Raven from the bell and doesn’t shy away from combat with the veteran. Raven takes his head off with a superkick and Punk swiftly tags out to Cabana. Whitmer steps through the ropes as well and after the brawling between Punk and Raven their partners decide to show off a few wrestling holds. Colt decides he wants to do a goofy strut so Whitmer gives him a brainbuster. Punk and Raven take out each other’s partners with chair shots then stare each other down. Punk drops his chair and tries to run out of the building but his nemesis gives chase and drives him back to the ring using a trash can as a weapon. Blood is flowing now as BJ and Punk have both bladed. Raven and Punk fight into the crowd, with Raven tossing Punk through row upon row of chair. The other two guys are on hand as well now, as demonstrated by Whitmer sending Colt into a Raven trademark drop toehold on a chair. Raven sets Punk up for BJ to do the same thing too. We eventually make it back to the ring with the Saints double teaming Whitmer. Cabana is still trying to do some comedy stuff, much to his partner’s dismay. Punk gives Whitmer a bootscrape in the corner then hits the ropes for a second…BUT BJ MOVES! Punk fell all the way to the wooden floor with that. Back inside and he tries a flying headscissors only for Whitmer to duck again and Punk wipes out his own partner. Hot tag to Raven who obliterates both his opponents. He sends Cabana through the ropes. RAVEN EFFECT ON PUNK! He finally nailed his finishing move…but Colt pulls him to the floor. Whitmer comes from the top with a diving headbutt, only for Cabana to again make the save. EXPLODER ’98 FROM THE APRON! Whitmer just killed Colt, but he’s blindsided by Punk’s CHAIR ASSISTED SHINING WIZARD! That gets 2 so Colt pulls him up again. COLT 45! Cabana succeeds in pinning Whitmer at 16:51.

Rating – *** – That was a hell of a brawl, and therein lies the beauty of the Punk/Raven feud. Not only is it separate from anything else going on in ROH right now due to the promo skills of both competitors, but by delivering wild matches like this, it means that they’re in-ring collisions are totally different too. Everything after the hot tag to Raven was absolute gold.

Having beaten Whitmer, Punk leg drops Raven through a table for good measure. This is so not over…

INTERMISSION – Gary Capetta talks to Matt Stryker whose promo is almost as boring as his match tonight. Eventually Prince Nana (remember him?) comes in to announce his return to ROH. He says he’s bringing a partner with him as well. Nothing ever came of that did it?

Diablo Santiago vs Prince Nana
Oman Tortuga got squashed by some guy with no talent at Do Or Die, so tonight it’s Santiago’s turn. This is Nana’s first appearance in ROH for ages. Certainly it’s the first time he’s been here in 2003. Unfortunately he’s still a wrestler and hasn’t gone into managing yet – a role he’s much more suited too. Ironically when he did become a manager the Outcast Killaz became part of his Embassy group.

Santiago gets some early shots in then finds a 2 count with a back suplex. A neckbreaker scores as well but again Nana kicks out. And he has to evade defeat for a third time from a succession of flipping neck snaps. Eventually he hits the RUNNING ASS TO THE FACE! Clearly that’s still his primary form of offence. An implant DDT gets Nana the win at 02:18. He beats up Tortuga after the match too.

Rating – DUD – Is it 2004 so I don’t have to watch Nana wrestle yet?

Special K vs SAT
This is a grudge match as well. The Special K team is Dixie and Mikey Whipwreck – Mikey being the guy who turned on his students (including the SAT) in the big Scramble at the First Anniversary Show to join the druggies. Now the Maximos are coming for revenge on him. Becky Bayless is at ringside with Special K for the first time tonight. Hopefully nobody notices she was also part of Homicide’s riot crew earlier this year.

Mikey and Lardbutt Maximo f*ck something up in the first thirty seconds. Dixie dives in with a missile dropkick even though this isn’t a Scramble match. SAT hit a sloppy ass double team – with Joel ocean cyclone suplexing Dixie over Jose’s knees. Human Taffy Machine on Special K, before Joel blows himself up running the ropes multiple times before dropkicking Mikey. Gabe is making fat jokes on commentary. They give Dixie the Washing Machine for 2. Whipwreck starts dishing out slingshot leg drops in the ropes as at last somebody hits a spot without it looking at best awkward and at worst sh*t. He slams one Maximo into the other one in the corner. He MutaLock’s (sort of) Jose for a springboard knee drop (sort of) by Dixie and that gets 2. Maximo plants Dixie with a swinging Saito suplex and manages to tag out. Dixie tries to sunset flip bomb Joel to the floor. MAXIMO EXPLOSION ON THE APRON! Mikey comes off the top with a somersault plancha. THAT MAKES NO SENSE SINCE EVERYONE HE HIT ON HIS F*CKING TEAM! Back in the ring he gets 2 with a belly to belly suplex on Jose. His former pupil responds with a tornado DDT which he almost hit clean. Kryptonite neckbreaker on him by Dixie, but he gets picked up and repeatedly powerbombed by Joel right afterwards. Whipwreck hits Joel with a super rana then the WHIPPERSNAPPER for 2. SAT still manage to win with a Doomsday DDT on Dixie at 10:38.

Rating – DUD – That may well be the worst match I’ve ever seen and I so wish I was kidding about that. I think you could count the number of spots they hit clean on one hand, it was THAT bad. I’m sure this was the night that basically made Gabe’s mind up that he could start dropping the Maximos from the roster since they are basically worthless. This was a spotfest (supposedly their favoured environment) and they couldn’t even hack it here. Dixie had a lousy night too but at least he’s young enough to change his ways. Seriously, I don’t ever want to watch that again.


The rest of Special K try to mug the SAT. The Carnage Crew run in to attack Mikey for costing them a victory at Epic Encounter. Just as it looks like Whipwreck might defy the odds and fight off both of them he gets kicked from behind by Justin Credible. He’s the newest member of the Carnage Crew.

Paul London vs AJ Styles – #1 Contenders Trophy Match
Obviously this is a total dream match. Both guys have gone on to much bigger things since this show but even here this match feels like such a big deal. The winner becomes the new #1 Contender but there’s also a score to be settled between the two men. After the First Anniversary Show they were set to form a team and challenge The Prophecy for the Tag Titles…but that didn’t happen since Paul went down with injury. He was replaced by Amazing Red, and was upset that AJ didn’t want to team with him when he returned. At Round Robin Challenge 2 he even used the Styles Clash to beat Red. Strap yourselves in because I promise you, this one is GOOD.

The fans are electric from the bell and the wrestlers don’t disappoint them with some really swish countering. They take it in turns to kick each other, but shake hands after each kick to show their respect. I love the intensity as they test each other with holds, and this time when London extends his hand for another mindgame handshake AJ refuses it. This time they slap each other in the face…then shake hands. But enough of the pleasantries, London doesn’t give Styles a clean break, instead forearming him in the face. Armdrags exchanged then duelling dropkicks which sends the crowd into raptures. Paul tries to initiate another handshake but this time it’s Styles that takes a cheap punch. He goes for the Styles Clash but it’s too early in the fight. SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK instead and London falls to the floor. He misses a pescado and seems to jar his knee, and London capitalises with a dropkick through the ropes. DROP TOEHOLD INTO THE GUARDRAIL! Now he tries to send AJ into the rail but the NWA Champion jumps the rail. He tries the superkick from there but London knows its coming. He savagely rams Styles’ knee into the guardrail. From that point AJ is obviously favouring his knee but he rides out the pain to get 2 with a swinging neckbreaker. Big enzi by Styles, but Paul holds onto the leg anyway. AJ tries a second and Paul counters with a DRAGON SCREW! The commentators literally stop talking to get over how great the fans are. Meanwhile London has started going after the knee in earnest.

Brainbuster blocked, but after London blocks his suplex neckbreaker AJ simply picks him up again for his own brainbuster. Murrow points out that the move may have done more damage to Styles’ knee though. London starts driving it into the ring apron, then re-enters the ring with a slingshot legdrop TO THE LEG! He applies a modified Figure 4 but Styles clobbers the sh*t out of him to break it up. SUPER VICIOUS SLUGFEST! DISCUS LARIAT BY STYLES! That DESTROYED London. HAMMERLOCK BACK DROP DRIVER gets Styles a 2. London comes off the second with a spinning heel kick and he’s done so much damage to AJ’s knee that he just can’t recover quick enough. PHENOM DDT despite the knee injury for 2. AJ takes the fight to the turnbuckles which doesn’t seem like a good idea considering he’s injured. London knocks him off by punching the knee. LONDON STAR PRESS ON THE LEG! F*CK YEAH THAT RULES! Paul tries to Figure 4 him again and almost gets small packaged. FIGURE 4 ON THE NWA CHAMPION! Fighting the pain Styles finds a way to the rope. More fighting on the turnbuckles and they’re hitting each other so damn hard a fan yells ‘wrestling’s supposed to be fake’ at them. Paul tries a Stratusphere which is a totally ridiculous idea considering his opponent. AJ captures him for a sunset flip bomb…INTO THE STYLES CLASH! BUT IT HURT THE KNEE! He takes too long covering and only gets 2. GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE…and that’s 3! The match is over at 24:23. And it’s a draw. Styles had no strength in his knee to bridge meaning both men’s shoulders were down.

Rating – ****1/2 – I go back and forth between this and London/Danielson on 2003 MOTY, but this match is so damn good. Chris Lovey called it ‘wrestling perfection’ on commentary and it’s very difficult to argue with that. It’s hard to pick any kind of fault at all. I mean, of course it’s a shame that there isn’t a clear winner – but thanks to being NWA Champion AJ can’t really do the job in singles matches right now. Of course he probably could’ve sold the knee a tad better too – but lets face it, in the world of AJ Styles this is probably as well as he’s sold anything ever. In terms of telling a story with a match, building it up as you progress and taking it to a logical conclusion it truly is a flawless performance. Buy the show on the strength of this match alone, it still holds up today.


Samoa Joe/CW Anderson/Michael Shane vs Christopher Daniels/Donovan Morgan/Dan Maff
It’s The Prophecy vs The Group, and the losing faction must disband. Therefore this lengthy feud will be settled tonight. It started at Final Battle 2002 when Steve Corino announced he was forming a group to take the top spots in ROH. Since The Prophecy basically ran the show then, naturally Daniels (who thought he was Corino’s friend) was a little upset by that. The mind games started as Corino recruited The Prophecy’s Simply Luscious for his Group, so Daniels replaced her with Allison Danger (Corino’s sister). The Prophecy’s paid assassin Samoa Joe also quit to join The Group too. Michael Shane finally fired the first shot by superkicking Chris Daniels and skirmishes escalated from there. The problem being – Corino basically quit ROH. Meaning they’d built this angle up and one of the main protagonists wasn’t around anymore. It also didn’t help that two of the other players (CW Anderson because management hates him, Donovan Morgan due to Japan bookings) were hardly involved either. Anyway, new ROH Champion Samoa Joe stepped in to lead them, and since Round Robin Challenge 2 this feud has got some momentum behind it again. The Prophecy assaulted Joe after his title match in West Mifflin, and at Do Or Die Joe and Daniels had another pull apart brawl. Daniels is desperate to finish off the group then get a shot at Joe’s belt, whilst Joe wants to finish what Corino started and prove himself to be the baddest man in ROH along the way. There’s an interesting crowd dynamic here in that both team leaders (Daniels and Joe) get babyface reactions since they’re too cool to hate, but both members of their team are heels. I’m not sure if that’ll work too well for the match.

Morgan looks like sh*t now, and Maff is wrestling with his jaw taped to sell the Do Or Die knee strike from Joe. Daniels wants to start with Joe but Michael Shane is his usual dickish self and tags himself in. Those two have a pretty neat exchange and it makes me disappointed that their singles match at RRC2 got pulled. Maff and CW throw some mean chops and slaps then vacate the ring. Both teams trade periods of offence and unsuccessful attempts to isolate an opponent in the ring. Morgan can’t shift Joe so he pokes him in the eyes. He walks into the ST-Joe, and Anderson joins his leader in the ring for a double submission on Donovan. CW dishes out an arm stunner and that leads to The Group targeting the arm for a little while. Morgan hits a powerbomb and tags out to Maff at 10 minutes. Shane can’t land a crossbody but he fights free for SWEET SHANE MUSIC on the injured jaw. He thinks about a Picture Perfect Elbow but Allison Danger grabs his leg and allows Maff to interfere. Maff gets knocked away though and Michael jumps forward into a SUPER X-Factor for 2. Shane gets stuck in the corner though, and the Prophecy’s Assassin nails him with the cannonball senton. He thinks about a Burning Hammer but Anderson breaks it up with another superkick on the jaw. Think it can’t get worse for Maff’s jaw? Well it is since Joe pulls him outside for an OLE OLE KICK!

Daniels is called into the ring to break a pinfall, and that’s the most he’s been involved for ages. Shane finally misses an enziguri and Maff plants him with a HEAD DROP GERMAN! Hot tag to Daniels who goes nuts with offence. Flatliner/DDT combo on Joe and CW, and he grabs Anderson after that for the BEST MOONSAULT EVER! It only got 2 though. Joe drops Daniels with a YOKOSUKA CUTTER! This is just an offence splurge now, as Morgan drops Joe on his head with a Saito suplex then the GOLDEN GATE SWING for 2. Anderson lays him out with a Ferris Wheel suplex then manages to haul him from the top using a superplex. PICTURE PERFECT ELBOW by Shane, but Maff dives it at the same time with a flying headbutt on Shane’s partner. Guys are fighting all over ringside now. Daniels and Morgan are in the ring though, and they give Shane REVELATIONS! CW dives in at the last second to save. Sayonara countered with the ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER! Now it’s Daniels making a last ditch rescue. He can’t hit Last Rites, but AWESOME flips out of another spinebuster. Both men collide in the middle of the ring and it’s down to Maff and Joe. Burning Hammer blocked! KNEE STRIKES TO THE JAW! E HONDA SLAPS! BUT MAFF ROLLS JOE UP! MAFF PINS THE WORLD CHAMPION. 20:57 is the time.

Rating – *** – That match was pretty much indicative of the feud as a whole. Not once did the six men look like setting the world on fire, and there were a few less that perfect moments – but in the end they came together and put on an exciting finale. The match started slowly and definitely won’t be winning any MOTY awards, but the last five minutes were a total adrenaline rush. It was a decent main event, which is an achievement considering it had the unenviable task of following the London/Styles classic. And hey, look on the bright side. The Group losing means we never have to see CW in ROH again.


Jimmy Jact Cash d. Lit
Special K (Angeldust/Slugger/Cloudy) d. Dunn/Marcos/Slyk Wagner Brown

SIDENOTE – The Special K trios match should’ve been on the main card. Easily better than the atrocity that was the Special K/SAT match.

Christopher Daniels gloats that The Prophecy took The Group out in one match, and demands that Maff gets a World Title shot now he’s pinned Joe. Raven is hanging out backstage and he asks Daniels to team with him against the Second City Saints at the next show.

Samoa Joe is pissed off that his friends are out of ROH but isn’t scared of going alone. Dan Maff can have his title shot, and he’s still waiting for Chris Daniels as well. It’s really fun to watch Joe grow into the performer he is today as this title reign progresses. That was a tremendous promo.

Special K once again try to convince the tech guys to let them use the lights and sound system so they can rave. This time they’re backed up by the muscle of Slugger so they get to rave. That is until the Carnage Crew (including Justin) beat the crap out of them. Credible says he’s joined up with them because he’s pissed off about wasting his career in the WWE. He wasn’t so pissed off that he went crawling back to them a couple of years later though…

Tape Rating – *** – To be honest there’s a lot of rubbish to sit through on the undercard, and I debated with giving this show 2*. But the fact is, London/Styles is just too good. It is quite possibly ROH’s 2003 MOTY and something everyone needs to check out, and practically recommends this tape by itself. Fortunately there is more to enjoy though. The main event is surprisingly decent, as is the Justin Credible debut four way, and the Raven/Punk tag match is a compelling brawl that is up there with the best matches of their feud. Use your fast forward/skip chapter button selectively and you’ll be fine.

Top 3 Matches
3) The Prophecy vs The Group (***)
2) CM Punk/Colt Cabana vs Raven/BJ Whitmer (***)
1) Paul London vs AJ Styles (****1/2)

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