2CW 2/23/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling
From: Syracuse, NY

Opening Contest: Ajax 820 defeated Kevin Grace to earn a bye in the first round of the 2CW Heavyweight Title tournament: Grace gets the crowd behind him by clapping his hands. Grace with a side headlock but Ajax counters with a hammerlock but Grace counters before being tripped down by Ajax. Grace is able to get control of Ajax with a hammerlock bridge but Ajax doesn’t give up. Ajax with a wrist lock after getting out of the hammerlock but Grace counters with one of his own. Ajax takes Grace down with a wrist lock and Grace pops up to his feet for a standoff. Ajax with a roll up but Grace kicks out. Grace with a rollup of his own but Ajax kicks out and Grace locks in a headlock. Grace with a flying back elbow to knock Ajax to the floor. Grace with a slingshot cross body and Grace appears to have hit the bottom of the railing. Grace has busted himself open as a result and gets a near fall back in the ring. Ajax with a snap mare and has a chin lock on Grace. Grace gets out of it and charges towards the corner but is met with a big boot and a spinning heel kick. Ajax leaps off the middle rope and connects with a elbow drop for a two count. Ajax is able to backdrop Grace over the top to the floor but Grace lands on his feet. Ajax takes Grace out with a cross body of his own and both men are down on the floor! Ajax with a dangerous springboard flipping neck breaker but only gets a near fall. Ajax with a reverse DDT/backbreaker combo and wins the match.

Second Contest: JD Love defeated Loca Vida: Love with a wrist lock and chops Vida’s wrist. Vida with a counter with a arm lock and drops Love to the mat as he tried a twist and turn. Love goes to the floor for a few seconds before controlling Vida with a wrist lock briefly back in the ring. They trade hammerlocks until Vida is able to dropkick Love three times and Love falls to the floor. Love heads to the backstage area but comes back to the ring. Vida with a go behind and wiggles Love’s body fat until Love is able to trip Vida and steps on his face. Love heads to the top rope and leaps off missing a double stomp. Love also misses a standing elbow drop and Vida tries to hammer away on Love in the corner and is able to after a double knee strike to the chest. Love with a horrible Flair Flop as it was a clear joke that may have been a serious attempt. Love with a eye poke and chops Vida in the corner. Vida comes back with a few chops of his own until he is poked in the eyes. Vida with a head scissors takedown out of the corner and comes off the ropes but is back dropped to the apron where Vida lands on his feet. Vida leaps off the top and takes Love over with a arm drag takedown. Love with a quick arm drag and hangs on for a arm bar. Vida avoids a chop but kipping up a few times but Love trips Vida but Love is tripped down as well. Vida with a few flips but is back dropped as he comes off the ropes. Love with more chops and sends Vida to the floor where Love follows. Love simply tosses Vida back into the ring and slaps on a simple headlock. Love with a sleeper hold as Vida comes off the ropes but Vida elbows out of the hold and drop toe holds Love onto the middle rope. Vida connects with the 315 (619) and goes for the cover but Love kicks out at two. Vida with a few forearm shots and takes Love down with a body press and only gets a near fall. Vida works on Love in the corner again with some chops and goes for a head scissors but Love blocks it and drives Vida down with a double leg slam. Love sends Vida into the corner and Vida drops down. Love misses a bare butt splash and Vida is able to follow up with the bronco buster. Vida exposes his butt and splashes into Love’s face. Love pokes Vida in the eyes but Vida recovers quickly and goes for a springboard clothesline but is caught by Love. Love plants Vida with a sit down scoop slam and power bombs Vida twice and gets the win. *

Before the next match, Jason Axe comes out to the ring to cut a promo. Axe tells Brother Runt (Spike Dudley) that they are far from being done. Axe is convinced the only reason why Dudley put him through a table is because of Abyss help. Axe would challenge Dudley to any kind of match if he didn’t already have a match on the show. Dudley’s music hits and Dudley comes out shaking his head. Dudley plays to the crowd before entering the ring with a microphone. Dudley asks Axe who the hell he is. Dudley knows who Axe is and jokes that Axe is the guy he put through a table last month. Dudley says he kind of respects Axe but respects him for challenging Dudley. Dudley is reminded of when he challenged a bigger guy in Bam-Bam Bigelow while Axe is challenging smaller people. Dudley tells Axe that he has earned a shot against him. Dudley gets a laugh out of the fact that Axe wants hardcore rules with him. Dudley tells Axe he can out wrestle Axe and beat him with amateur wrestling.

Third Contest: Jason Axe defeated Spike Dudley: Dudley takes Axe down early on out of a headlock. Axe rolls to the floor and walks around for a few seconds. Dudley with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Axe as he comes off the ropes. Dudley goes back to a side headlock for a few moments. Dudley with a snap mare and delivers a boot scrape which causes Axe to roll to the floor again. Dudley goes back to a side headlock and takes Axe down with a backslide and gets a two count. Axe rolls to the floor again and is clearly getting frustrated. Dudley with a crucifix pin attempt but Axe kicks out at two. Dudley continues his mat wrestling approach and gets a two count. Axe bails to the floor as Dudley showed he was going to punch him as soon as he came off the ropes. Dudley grabs a microphone and rips on Axe for leaving the ring every five seconds. Dudley is backed into the ropes but leg trips Axe and Axe rolls to the floor, again. Dudley grabs a microphone and says that Axe doesn’t come close to the tough guys he has fought. Axe with a knee to Dudley’s midsection and hammers away on Dudley. Dudley comes off the ropes and connects with a running head butt to the midsection. Axe rolls to the floor yet again to avoid any further offense from Spike. Spike says he is going to get Axe and drag him back to the ring. Axe had a chair behind the curtain and starts hitting Spike across the back and head. Axe continues to beat Spike down with a chair in the ring. Dudley punches Axe in the midsection a few times as he tries to battle back. Axe low blows Dudley and DDT’s Spike on the chair. Axe puts one foot on top of Spike and only gets a two count. Axe sets Dudley up for a fisherman driver and drives Dudley down onto the chair. Axe covers Dudley and gets the three count.

Fourth Contest: Outkast Killaz defeated All Money Is Legal and Killer Steves: This is the debut of the Outkast Killaz in 2CW. They have competed in JAPW and ROH among other top independent companies in the Northeast. Oman and Pusha start the contest by shoving each other and trading slaps. Pusha with a head scissors and a hurricanrana! Oman connects with a discus punch and a running clothesline that knocks Pusha silly. Steve Kruz is nailed with a Codebreaker by Oman and a German suplex by Diablo. Oman gorilla press slams Murda onto Mackenzie. Diablo overhead fully nelson suplex on Murda and Murda rolls to the floor. Steves and AMIL double team the Outkast Killaz. Diablo is driven down with a running bulldog and Oman is driven down with a face buster. AMIL and the Steves embrace until AMIL turn on the Steves and face plant Kruz. Murda covers but only gets a two count on Kruz. Pusha connects with a knee off the top to the arm of Kruz for a two count. Pusha runs the ropes and steps on Kruz several times until Mackenzie drops Pusha throat first across the top rope. Kruz connects with a reverse slingshot vertical suplex on Pusha for a near fall. Kruz scoop slams Mackenzie onto Pusha for a near fall and chokes Pusha for a few seconds. Pusha is driven down with a double team side slam/neck breaker by the Steves. Diablo tags himself in and works on Pusha with a back suplex and gets a two count. Diablo tags in Oman who chops Pusha in the corner and chokes Pusha for a few moments. Oman with a running, rolling senton splash in the corner and gets a two count on Pusha. Diablo tags back into the match and stomps away on Pusha. Diablo with a series of jabs and snap mares Pusha down so he can chop Pusha’s back. Oman tags in is met with right hands from Pusha. Pusha with a scissors kicks as he comes off the ropes and goes for the tag but Oman prevents that from happening with a drop toe hold. Oman connects with a surfboard submission and rolls around on the mat to add more punishment. Murda breaks up the submission and Kruz enters with a few strikes on Pusha. Oman clotheslines Kruz as Pusha is sent to the floor. Killaz connects with a big boot and a clothesline combo on Kruz which gets Oman a near fall. Kruz elbows his way out of a sleeper hold and hammers away on Diablo. Kruz connects with a back elbow in the corner but runs into a t-bone suplex from Diablo who gets a two count. Murda connects with a face buster off the top to knock Diablo silly. Diablo tags out to Oman as Kruz tags out to Murda. Murda cleans house with several clotheslines and the AMIL send Oman groin first into Diablo in the corner. Oman is met with a top rope dropkick as he was upside down in the corner and Diablo is met with a running big boot to the side of the head. Killaz are laying in the middle of the ring as AMIL leap off the top and connect with a moonsault and swanton bomb but the Steves break up the pins. Murda connects with a running death valley driver into the corner on Kruz. Mackenzie is set up by AMIL and is planted with a double muscle buster but the Killaz break up the pin. Killaz with a German suplex/dropkick combo on Pusha and Oman gets the three count. **½

Fifth Contest: Zaquary Springate III defeated Gordy Wallace in a fans bring the weapons match: Wallace sprays Springate with silly string, so this could be a comedy weapons match. Wallace tries to hit Springate with a paddle but Springate has two trash can lids and blocks the swings. Wallace throws the paddle at Springate and grabs a trash can full of weapons and tosses them into the ring. Wallace has a 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire and Springate jumps into the crowd to get away from Wallace. Springate is chased back to the ring and has a cooking pan. Springate hits Wallace with the cooking pan but Wallace isn’t affected. Wallace hits Springate several times with a paddle and sends Springate into the corner and hits Springate with a trash can lid over the knee and head. Springate gets a strap and whips Wallace a few times and chokes Wallace with the strap. Springate with a trash can shot and kicks the trash can lid across Wallace’s back. Wallace starts eating a brownie as he is being hit by weapons. Springate with a head scissors and starts hitting Wallace over the head with a heater. Springate starts hitting Wallace over the back with a piece of wood and jabs the wood into the forehead of Wallace. Springate continues to hit Wallace with several weapons and Wallace eventually is busted open. Wallace hits Springate with a ironing board and Springate bails to the floor. Springate runs away from Wallace on the floor and has a trash can lid in the ring. Wallace has a golf club and low blows Springate with it! Springate smashes Wallace with a trash can and springboards off the top rope kicking the trash can into Wallace’s face. Springate with a springboard leg drop and has a pan and hits Wallace over the head, breaking it in the process. Wallace grabs Springate by the balls and uses the 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire rubbing the board into Springate’s face. Wallace with a pile driver but doesn’t go for the cover. Wallace hits Springate with trash can and places the trash can onto Springate. Wallace big splashes the trash can onto Springate. Springate hits Wallace with a bat mitten racket but Wallace comes back with a toilet seat shot and breaks the seat! Wallace goes for the cover but Springate kicks out at two. Springate starts hitting Wallace with a DVD player and simply tosses the DVD player over Wallace’s head! Springate leaps off the top rope and dropkicks a trash can into Wallace’s face. Springate places a trash can on top of Wallace and connects with a swanton bomb to win the match. *
After the match, Wallace fails at hitting Springate with a few weapons. Wallace goes to the floor and gets a few shots on Springate as the referees try to break up the fight and succeed eventually. Springate attacks the ring announcer and Jack Trades.

Sixth Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Dizzie: Brown with a side headlock and goes into a hammerlock. Dizzie controls Brown with a wrist lock and locks in headlock. Dizzie with a shoulder block but is hip tossed by Brown but Dizzie kicks Brown in the face. Brown backdrops Dizzie to the apron and ends up kicking Dizzie to the floor. Brown goes for a suicide dive but Dizzie moves and Brown stops. Dizzie misses a elbow drop and Brown goes up where he leaps off looking for a double axe handle but is atomic dropped and Dizzie connects with a back suplex for a near fall. Dizzie scoop slams Brown and delivers a few knee drops and forearm drops. Dizzie connects with a series of forearms and dropkicks Brown to the floor. Dizzie goes to the floor and sends Brown into the guard railing back first. Dizzie tosses Brown back into the ring and gets a two count a couple of times. Dizzie locks in a front face lock but Brown gets to his feet fairly quickly. Dizzie lets go and delivers a few forearms but Brown comes back with a few of his own and chops Dizzie. Brown comes off the ropes and is clotheslined by Dizzie who gets a near fall. Dizzie delivers a few more shots to the back and neck of Brown. Brown takes Dizzie down with a tilt a whirl head scissors and a dropkick. Brown chops Dizzie and kicks Dizzie in the midsection. Brown follows up with a hurricanrana and Dizzie rolls to the floor. Brown takes Dizzie out with a suicide dive and they both hit the guard railing! Brown chops Dizzie on the floor and plays to the crowd after doing so. Brown goes for a springboard moonsault but Dizzie moves but Brown lands on his feet and power bombs Dizzie! Brown covers but Dizzie kicks out at two! Brown kicks Dizzie in the midsection a few times until Dizzie is able to connect with the Rap Trap and only gets a two count. Brown gets out of a Cop Killa attempt but doesn’t get out a modified version of it. Dizzie goes for a cover but Brown easily kicks out as it was a weak cover. Brown gets a near fall as he rolls Dizzie up out of a electric chair slam. Dizzie has Brown on his shoulders and drops down causing Brown to hit his face on Dizzie’s knees! Dizzie goes for the cover but Brown kicks out. Dizzie misses a springboard moonsault and holds his knee. Brown goes to work on Dizzie’s knee with a dragon screw leg whip and has a leg lock on Dizzie until Dizzie reaches the bottom rope. Brown attempts a suplex from the apron into the ring but Dizzie blocks it. Brown goes to send Dizzie into the ring post but Dizzie sends Brown into the turnbuckle pad. Dizzie attempts to leap off the middle rope but Brown runs into Dizzie’s knee and power bombs Dizzie off the middle rope for the win. **

Main Event: Isys Ephex defeated Eddie Edwards in a match with a one hour time limit: Ephex backs Edwards into the corner but Edwards spins him around and breaks away cleanly. Edwards with a go behind takedown but Ephex reverses quickly but Edwards locks in a wrist lock. Ephex kips up and is taken down with a suplex by Edwards who gets a two count. Ephex with a shot to Edwards thigh and Edwards returns the favor with a kick to Ephex’s thigh. Ephex backs Edwards into a corner and slaps him in the face. Edwards slaps Ephex in the face as well and Ephex comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Ephex is met with a few chops following a leapfrog. Edwards nails Ephex with a elbow to the throat and gets a near fall. Edwards connects with a sit down abdominal stretch and pulls Ephex away from the bottom rope. Edwards gets a near fall and head butts Ephex who comes back with a head butt of his own. They trade several head butts until Edwards gets the advantage and kicks Ephex in the chest for a near fall. Edwards continues to chop Ephex and Ephex rolls through a school boy and delivers a backbreaker which gets him a two count. Ephex with several kicks to the upper chest and comes off the ropes with a knee drop for a two count. Ephex connects with a uppercut while Edwards comes back with a few forearms. Ephex hammers away on Edwards in the corner and snap mares Edwards into a sleeper hold. Edwards elbows his way out of the hold and avoids a splash in the corner. Edwards leaps off the top with a missile dropkick and baseball slides to the floor where he trades right hands and chops with Ephex. Ephex with a overhead belly to belly suplex on the floor! Ephex leaps off a chair and drives his knee down across Edwards forehead. Ephex covers Edwards back in the ring and gets a near fall. Ephex stomps away on Edwards and scoop slams him. Ephex leaps off the middle rope connecting with a elbow drop for another two count. Ephex chokes Edwards and casually kicks Edwards on the head. Edwards and Ephex trade chops and right hands until Ephex low blows Edwards. Ephex goes back to choking Edwards in the corner. Ephex slingshots Edwards out of the corner with a slam and gets another near fall. Edwards with a sunset flip but Ephex kicks out at two. Ephex with a flying knee attack to Edwards face and gets a two count. Ephex sets Edwards up and goes for a vertical suplex over the top to the floor. Edwards lands on the apron and goes for a suplex of his own from the apron! Ephex also lands on the apron and they trade right hands on the apron. Edwards super kicks Ephex on the apron and goes for a fisherman suplex. Ephex blocks it but is driven down across the apron with a death valley driver! They both roll back into the ring and trade right hands as they stumble to their feet. Edwards misses a clothesline and Ephex is able to connect with a back suplex. Ephex comes off the ropes and is met with a discus clothesline and Edwards nearly wins the match! Edwards chops Ephex but Ephex is able to get a crucifix locked in and rolls around the mat before getting a near fall. They proceed to trade several rollups and near falls in the process. Edwards with a sit down back suplex face buster but can’t follow up quickly thus he gets a near fall only. Ephex walks right into a super kick and Edwards heads to the top rope. Ephex goes up with him and botches a reverse hurricanrana which Edwards does anyway. Ephex gets a near fall and follows up with a cradle slam for another two count. Ephex crotches Edwards on the top rope and goes to the middle rope, but Edwards battles back with a series of elbows. Edwards goes for a apparent Spanish Fly but Ephex blocks it and drives Edwards down off the top rope with a swinging neck breaker. Ephex covers and picks up the win. **¾

My Take: The 2CW Heavyweight Championship tournament will begin in April at Living on the Edge. This is just a note so there isn’t any confusion about the byes involved.

Grace/Ajax was a pretty quick opener that I think may have been cut short because of the big cut Grace got following his dive to the floor. Nothing really stood out from the match as they both did the same moves and it was just really bland. Ajax gets a bye in the tournament and continues to not be over with the 2CW crowd. Oh well.

I didn’t enjoy Vida/Love at all. Love is a good heel, but his simply can’t compete at a high level and his offensive choice during this match just didn’t make much sense to me. Why would you send Vida to the floor, do nothing and then follow that up with a lame headlock. That quickly takes the fans out of the match. I thought the match was poorly booked. Vida should start working with talented people as the guy can move around pretty good and has been getting a good reaction from the crowd.

The majority of the Axe/Dudley match was pretty boring. I personally never would want to see Spike Dudley compete in a regular match and try to out wrestle someone. He is a hardcore wrestler and that is something I would want to see and expect to see when I pay a ticket to a 2CW show featuring Spike. Axe winning is fine as 2CW needs to elevate some of their hometown talent. This feud is not over and will continue for several more months.

The triple threat tag team match had a lot of action and was pretty entertaining for what it was. The Killaz looked really good in the match as they displayed some good moves. A good start for the Killaz in 2CW for sure.

I thought Springate/Wallace was one of the if not the worst weapons match I have ever witnessed. To have the match be a comedy match at any point is a complete joke. How am I supposed to take the feud seriously if the guys involved aren’t taking their hatred for each other seriously? Another match that was horribly booked.

Brown/Dizzie was a pretty average match but still entertaining. I’ve never been a big fan of Dizzie, while I do believe Brown has greatly improved over the years and is a great talent.

The main event was a good match minus a few botches on Ephex’s part. Ephex is the best local talent for 2CW, though. He is capable of having some damn good matches, tonight he just botched a couple important spots. It would have easily been a three star contest but two major botches at the end of the contest ruined that possibility. This was the best match on the card and a good way to end a rather lackluster showing for 2CW.

Overall, the main event is the best match but doesn’t save this show. This show was simply bad. 2CW is a lot better than this that is for sure.

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