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TNA Genesis 1/17/2010

Written By: Bob Colling

Total Non-Stop Action presents Genesis
Date: January 17th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz

TNA Genesis opening video. The video consists of wrestlers taking about what they were meant to do and their goals in TNA.

Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome everyone to Genesis

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff make their way down to the ring. They enter the FOUR sided ring. Hogan welcomes the fans to the event and to the brand new Impact Zone, which gets a mixed reaction. “We Want Six Sides” chant starts up. Hogan says that the six sided ring only got them so far. Hogan says that they changed it whether the people like it or not. Hogan is proud to be apart of TNA Wrestling because it is all about wrestling. Eric Bischoff chimes in and says that they are all about change. Bischoff says that a lot more changes are coming for TNA. Hogan says “Whatcha gonna do Vince McMahon when TNA comes after you?”. Hogan and Bischoff head to the back.

Mike Tenay and Tazz talk a little about the show. Tazz likes the four sided ring. Tazz doesn’t miss the world of “Sports Entertainment”. They promote the main event between AJ Styles and Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Tenay starts the show.

Opening Contest: Amazing Red defeated Brian Kendrick to retain the TNA X-Division Championship: Red takes Kendrick down briefly to start the match, but Kendrick managed to get back to his feet fairly quickly. Kendrick works on the left arm of Red dropping a knee to the elbow of Red. Kendrick with several cross face shots while locking in a camel clutch. Red with a dropkick that sends Kendrick to the floor. Kendrick clips Red in midair and dropkicks Red to the floor. Brooke Hogan is in the front row cheering Red on. Kendrick works on the left knee of Red on the floor. They battle back into the ring where Kendrick delivers a kick to the knee and slows the match dropping a elbow to the knee of Red. Kendrick with several running kicks to the knee. Kendrick with a leg lock but Red reaches the ropes. Kendrick goes up top but Red hit’s a leaping kick that sends Kendrick off the top to the floor. Red with a somersault dive to the floor! Red sends Kendrick back into the ring and connects with a top rope missile dropkick for a near fall. Kendrick comes back to knock Red down and locks in a half Boston crab in the middle of the ring on the injured knee of Red. Kendrick with a modified STF and delivers a few head butts. Red manages to turn over and reach the ropes. Red with a kick to the back of Kendrick’s head and delivers a running dropkick in the corner. Red with a tilt a whirl head scissors takedown. Kendrick comes back with a single leg dropkick and gets a near fall. Kendrick sends Red to the floor but Red lands on the apron. Red flips over and rolls Kendrick up to retain the title! **1/2

Backstage, the Band are backstage talking. Hogan tells Hall, Nash and Waltman that they need to grow up and realize this is for real. Hall says that Hogan made himself clear. Waltman wants to earn his money tonight. He and Hall do rock paper scissors, with Waltman winning paper over rock. Waltman ends up winning to team up with Nash later tonight.

Before the next match, Sean Morely cuts a promo for all his ladies. Daniels makes his way out and puts over the beating he put on Morely a couple of days ago. Daniels threatens to hit some fans as they chant during his interview. Daniels tells Morely that he doesn’t to face Daniels on his first night. Daniels flips Morely off in the ring and the match starts.

Second Contest: Sean Morely defeated Christopher Daniels: Morely chases Daniels on the floor but make it back to the ring. Daniels with a spinning heel kick that doesn’t knock Morely down. Morely works on Daniels on the apron. Morely with several knee strikes against the ropes and a side Russian leg sweep. Morely works on the ribs of Daniels and delivers a few blows to the shoulder of Daniels. Morely with a pump handle gut buster and begins to yank on the ears of Daniels. Morely works on Daniels on the apron until Daniels drops Morely throat first across the top rope. Daniels with a clothesline back in the ring. Daniels chokes Morely on the top rope and snaps Morely backwards into the ring. Daniels locks in a triangle choke but Morely reaches the ropes. Daniels misses a chop and is met with right hands from Morely. Daniels with a open palm throat thrust to regain control of the contest. Daniels with a swinging kick between the ropes and hit’s a split legged moonsault for a near fall. Daniels and Morely trade a series of right hands until Morely connects with clotheslines and elbow smashes. Morely with a double under hook suplex. Daniels comes back with a leg choke in the middle of the ring. Morely rolls over and nearly gets the pin. Daniels with a STO for a near fall. Daniels misses the Best Moonsault Ever. Half nelson slam by Morely. Daniels stops Morely with a open palm strike on the top turnbuckle. Morely avoids a top rope hurricanrana and hit’s the Cockroach splash off the top for the win. *1/4

A video promoting the best two out of three falls match between Tara and ODB is shown.

Third Contest: Tara defeated ODB in a best two out three falls match to win the TNA Knockouts Championship: Tug of war to start the match with the referee in the way. Tara takes ODB down and hit’s a standing moonsault for a near fall in the opening moments off the match. ODB with right hands while Tara comes back with several chops. Tara with a standing kick to the side of ODB’s head and connects with a slingshot somersault leg drop from the apron for a near fall. ODB manages to control Tara with several clubbing blows to the back. ODB with a fall away slam as she caught Tara coming off the ropes. Tara manages to sneak a roll up to earn the first fall.
First Fall: Tara pinned ODB with a roll up. To take a 1-0 lead.
ODB rams Tara back first into the corner and chokes Tara with her boot. ODB chokes Tara on the middle rope. Tara with a back elbow in the corner and locks in the tarantula in the ropes. ODB breaks free and dropkicks Tara to the floor. ODB drops Tara face first onto the apron. Brooke Hogan is trying to help Tara but ODB scares her. ODB gets a near fall in the ring and locks in a body scissors. ODB rolls around the ring a couple of times and gets a near fall. Tara is trying to reach the ropes but Tara pulls her back using the hair. The referee forces ODB to break the hold. ODB returns to locking in the body scissors. ODB has a choke hold on Tara in the middle of the ring. Tara manages to break out of the hold. ODB plants Tara with a running power slam but only gets a two count. Tara is sent into the ropes but comes off and hits the Widows Peak to win the fall and title!
Second Fall: Tara defeated ODB following the Windows Peak to win the Knockouts Championship. **

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with D’Angelo Dinero. Dinero says that tonight he has arrived and that he is pimping. Dinero discusses his feud with Desmond Wolfe. Dinero says that Wolfe will never be like the Pope. Dinero will be bringing his best and leaves the scene.

Mike Tenay and Tazz go over the Tag Lines for the TNA World Tag Team Championship match

Fourth Contest: Matt Morgan/Hernandez defeated The British Invasion to win the TNA World Tag Team Championships: Morgan and Brutus start the match off. Morgan attempts a choke slam but Brutus gets out of it. Magnus and Williams attempt a straight jacket slam on Morgan but Morgan powers out and Hernandez enters sending both men to the floor. Hernandez tags in to battle Doug Williams. Williams with a knee lift in the corner and attempts a suplex but Hernandez reverses for one of his own but that gets reverse. Williams is back dropped down and splashed in the corner. Hernandez uses his t-shirt to toss Williams across the ring. Williams with a boot in the corner and attempts a cross body but is caught by Hernandez. Hernandez attempts a power bomb but Brutus clips the knee of Hernandez. Williams gets a near fall. Williams puts Hernandez on the top rope and attempts a superplex. Brutus comes over to help Williams and they connect with a double team superplex. Brutus enters and hits a straight jacket slam with Williams. Magnus locks in a abdominal stretch and gets some help from Williams who is on the apron. The referee kicks the arms of the British Invasion to break the hold. Hernandez with a pump handle overhead slam on Magnus and tags in Morgan. Morgan cleans house with right hands and hit’s a Catatonic on Magnus. Morgan with several back elbows in the corner on Williams and sends Williams face first into the turnbuckle for a near fall. Williams with a uppercut and heads to the top rope connecting with a flying back elbow. Hernandez with a shoulder block on Williams but is met with kick from Magnus. Morgan with a clothesline on Magnus. Williams runs into a choke slam from Morgan but manages to kick out at two. Magnus with a yakuza kick as Williams connects with German suplex for a near fall. Morgan sends Magnus into the corner which crotches Williams on top. Morgan slams Williams off the top. Hernandez with a Dominator on Magnus and Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint on Magnus to win the titles! **1/4

Backstage, Abyss attacks Bobby Lashley and knocks Lashley out cold. Hogan tells Abyss that he will have his match tonight. Hogan promises it will be even better than facing Bobby Lashley. Hogan doesn’t want Abyss to make him crazy. Hogan wants Abyss to leave the craziness in the backstage area. Hogan wants to see what Abyss is all about in the ring. Abyss will not let Hogan down. Abyss wants to know who he will be facing. Hogan doesn’t tell Abyss and tells him to get ready.

Fifth Contest: Desmond Wolfe defeated D’Angelo Dinero: Wolfe has some new ring gear, it appears and has a woman with him at ringside. Dinero hits on Wolfe’s girl which the crowd enjoyed. Dinero wit several kicks to the midsection and chest of Wolfe early on. Wolfe with a handstand double leg mule kick to knock Dinero down. Dinero with back elbows and attempts a handstand splash but Wolfe shoves Dinero to the floor. Dinero manages to lock Wolfe in a Boston crab in the ropes! Dinero hit’s a middle rope fist drop for a near fall. Wolfe with a chop and leaps onto the back of Wolfe as he was on the middle rope. Dinero holds his knee on the floor. Wolfe works on Dinero on the floor, briefly. Wolfe snap mares Dinero into the ropes that causes Dinero’s leg to hit the ropes, twice. Wolfe locks in a half Boston crab in the middle of the ring. Dinero manages to reach the bottom ropes to break the hold. Wolfe with a standing figure four of sorts and pulls back on the legs of Dinero. Wolfe drop toe holds Dinero down and locks in another leg lock in the middle of the ring. Wolfe works on Dinero’s knee for several moments. Wolfe locks in a STF and has it locked in very well. Dinero tries to reach the ropes and manages to just barely make it. Wolfe dropkicks the knee of Dinero in the corner. Wolfe with uppercuts but Dinero fights back with several chops but Wolfe nails Dinero with a forearm shot. Wolfe attempted the Tower of London but Dinero hit a clothesline and a elevated leg trapped overhead suplex and gets a near fall! Wolfe comes back with knees to the back in the corner and traps Dinero’s feet under the bottom turnbuckle delivering another kick to the back of Dinero. Wolfe backs Dinero against the ring post and pulls back causing Dinero severe pain! Dinero plants Wolfe with a spine buster as Wolfe was arguing with the referee. Dinero with several shots to the chest of Wolfe. Wolfe drives Dinero down with Dinero landing on his shoulder. Dinero sneaks in a rollup but Wolfe manages to kick out. Dinero with a rollup after avoiding a backslide for a near fall. Wolfe misses a running attack in the corner. Dinero with a elevated neck beaker for a near fall. Dinero blocks the Tower of London and connects with a sit down double leg slam for another near fall! Dinero attempts a running knee but is met with a vicious clothesline from Wolfe. Wolfe covers and picks up the win! Good contest. ***

Mike Tenay and Tazz hype up what they have seen already tonight along with what is still going to be happening tonight.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is interrupted by Eric Bischoff. Bischoff asks Borash what is he doing which Borash answers “my job”. Bischoff doesn’t believe that Borash’s mind is in the right place. Bischoff tells Borash that he is going to take Borash off television for a little while. Christy Hemme comes over. Ric Flair steps into the scene. Hemme puts over Flair in TNA. Flair announces he is in TNA! Flair says the reason he is here is his own business. Flair leaves the interview.

Video promoting the Band in TNA and their match against Beer Money Inc. tonight.

Sixth Contest: Beer Money Inc defeated Kevin Nash/Sean Waltman: James Storm and Sean Waltman start the contest. Storm works on Waltman early on connecting with a hip toss and a arm drag take down. Storm with a knee lift and a running neck breaker as well for a near fall. Nash works on Roode moments later. Roode with chops and a right hand on Nash. Roode tries coming off the ropes hitting a few moves, but they have zero affect on Nash. Roode knocks Waltman off the apron and is met with a clothesline from Nash when he turns around. Waltman with a vertical suplex and a leg drop coming off the ropes. Waltman with a spin kick on Storm before tagging in Nash. Nash with several knees in the corner controlling Storm. Waltman and Nash work on Storm in the corner making some quick tags. Nash with a running clothesline on Storm in the corner and Waltman follows up with a Bronco Buster. Nash clubs on the back of Storm and plants Storm with a side slam. Waltman enters but misses the Bronco Buster this time. Storm tries to tag in Roode but Nash sends Roode off the apron on the ramp way. Nash with a couple of back elbows, until Storm battles out and tags in Roode, moments later. Roode with a running lariat on Waltman. Roode also hit’s a back body drop. Scott Hall makes his way down to distract Beer Money. Hall proceeds to beat up a fan. Waltman goes to the floor to stop it. Nash is met with a super kick from Storm and Roode pins Nash. *1/4

Backstage, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff watch on a monitor. Hogan says that he is going to call the Band out next Thursday to finally resolve this issue.

Abyss is in the ring awaiting his opponent when the lights go out. The lights come back on to reveal that Abyss’s opponent will be… Mr. Anderson (Kennedy). Anderson says “I looks like I have crossed the line”. Anderson proceeds to do his usual self introduction before the match begins.

Seventh Contest: Mr. Anderson defeated Abyss: Anderson slaps Abyss but is dropped with a slap from Abyss. Abyss knocks Anderson down as he comes off the ropes. Abyss works on Anderson on the floor, until Anderson rams Abyss head first into the turnbuckle in the corner on the apron. Anderson sends Abyss shoulder first into the corner and rolls Abyss up for a near fall. Anderson with a arm bar on Abyss. Anderson with a overhead wrist lock but Abyss gets up and powers Anderson into the corner where he slams Anderson down. Abyss runs into a boot in the corner. Anderson charges but Abyss hit’s a big boot of his own. Abyss follow up with a running big splash in the corner and a side slam for a near fall. Abyss attempts a choke slam but Anderson low blows Abyss to avoid the move. Anderson fights out of the Shock Treatment and connects with a reverse neck breaker. Anderson attempts a middle rope elbow smash but Abyss catches him and drives Anderson down with a choke slam for a near fall. Abyss hit the Shock Treatment and got a chair. The referee prevented Abyss from using it. Anderson hits Abyss with something wrapped around his fist to win the match. *1/4

Tenay and Tazz hype up the main event, and it is only 10:07pm. This could be a really long match.

A video hyping up the Kurt Angle/AJ Styles rivalry is shown.

Main Event: AJ Styles defeated Kurt Angle to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle and AJ Styles start off with a mat wrestling based begin which has to be expected. Angle takes Styles down with a side headlock out of a hammerlock. Styles gets to his feet and they lock up again. Angle with a boot to the midsection Styles and goes behind the champion. Styles lands on his feet following a suplex attempt from Angle. They trade a couple of pin attempts and have a stand still. The crowd appears to be split 50/50. Styles with a nice dropsault dropkick to control Angle early on. Styles works on Angle in the corner with several forearm shots and chops. Styles with a rear chin lock to continue his offense. Angle drops Styles on the apron face first and clotheslines Styles on the floor. Angle with a suplex for a near fall on the champion. Angle with a scoop slam and gets a near fall but quickly locks in a body scissors. Styles with several right hands to get out of a headlock. Styles with several clotheslines. Angle with a release German suplex. Angle drives his knee into the lower back of Styles with a headlock. Both men attempt a cross body coming off the ropes and collide in the ring. They get to their feet as Ric Flair makes his way down to ringside. Styles backdrops Angle to the apron and delivers a forearm shot knocking Angle to the floor. Styles with a somersault dive over the top onto Angle on the floor. Styles with a springboard forearm shot for a near fall. Angle comes back with a series of German suplexs. Angle with a release German suplex as well. Styles blocks the Angle Slam with a arm drag. Angle with another suplex that has Styles land on his midsection. Styles ducks a clothesline and hits the Pele kick. Angle battles back by ramming Styles into the shoulder and ramming his shoulder into the midsection of Styles several times. Styles works on Angle in the corner with several right hands. Angle avoids a moonsault and connects with a overhead suplex driving Styles into the corner for a near fall. Styles with a snap hurricanrana off the top rope on Angle. Styles follows up with a springboard 450 splash but Angle moves and hit’s the Angle Slam and gets near fall. Angle with a moonsault but Styles moves out of the way. Styles attempts the Styles Clash but Angle locks in the ankle lock. Styles counters kicks Angle off the move and manages to connect with a springboard body splash and gets kicks out. Styles attempts another snap hurricanrana from the top rope but Angle counters and hits the Styles Clash on Styles and only gets a two count! Styles counters an Angle Slam attempt into a spike DDT. Angle misses a charge in the corner and Styles hits an Angle Slam for a near fall. Styles then goes up top, but Angle sits up quickly and hits an Angle Slam off the top! Angle covers but only gets a two count! Angle locks in the ankle lock on Styles. Styles tried to kick Angle off but Angle keeps the hold on. Angle falls to the mat to add some extra leverage. Ric Flair yanks the referee out of the ring as Styles appears to be close to tapping and even begins to tap while the referee is out on the floor. Angle realizes what Flair did and begins to go towards Flair. Angle chases Flair around the ring and they make their way inside the ring. Flair proceeds to bail up the ramp as Styles hits Angle with a clothesline. Flair tosses in the title belt to Styles. Styles hits Angle with the belt and tosses the belt away. Flair sends the referee back into the ring as Styles covers Angle. Styles picks up the win to retain the title. ***1/2

My Take: A good opening match for the X-Division Championship to start off the first pay per view in the Hogan Era. I was hoping the surprise would be Paul London, but Kendrick is a nice surprise and a good addition to the X-Division.

I found Morely/Daniels to be very boring. Morely didn’t excite me, and I thought it was horrible that Daniels jobbed out to a WWE low mid-carder. That doesn’t help Daniels in my opinion and I do not see Morely being anything special in TNA.

I was surprised to see both the Knockouts Championship and Tag Team Championships change hands. I was convinced that Morgan would turn on Hernandez as they are wasting those two guys in a tag team. The tag title match was decent, but nothing that great. Not a fan of the constant Knockout title changes. Keep the belt on someone for longer than two weeks, and build a credible champion.

Desmond/Dinero was a very good contest that revolved around actual wrestling. I hope to see Wolfe getting a push in TNA and get a title shot in the near future. Dinero getting a decent run in TNA gets a thumbs up from me as well.

Nash/Waltman taking on Beer Money Inc. was not a good match by any means. I have no idea as to why Nash even bother wrestling anymore. He looks really old and it shows with his wrestling ability or lack their of. I was pleasantly surprised to see Beer Money Inc actually pick up the win, as well.

The Mr. Anderson debut did not surprise me. I think Anderson can do a lot of good for TNA but I don’t see him as some sort of “savior” or any type of “face of TNA” type of deal. The match with Abyss was horrible. I didn’t like it at all as Abyss only is good during hardcore matches.

The main event was long, and that is not a bad thing. I just think you could’ve added one more match to the show, but oh well. I didn’t like the finish as the finish on the January 4th Impact! Was what should have happened on this PPV. I would take it that Styles is turning heel now? I hope goes to the cocky attitude he had back in 2002/2003. That would be a good trait to showoff today.

Overall, I actually liked most of the PPV. Some bad things, but that happens with a lot of pay per views. I’m curious to see where TNA goes from here.

Thanks for reading.

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