ECW Hardcore TV 6/15/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
From: ECW Arena Philadelphia, PA

ECW Opening Video

Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful hype up tonight’s show. Snuka/Hawk will go at it for the ECW TV Championship. Suicide Blondes defend against the Super Destroyers. Several kids come into the front of the camera, since Hawk has came down to the ring. A camera man has to visibly come into picture to get them out of the way.

Hawk cuts a promo about wanting to fight for a living, and not with the promoter. He talks about a elevator. He says “you know you like me, but you don’t know why, goodbye.” Another interesting promo by Hawk.

Jimmy Snuka and Paul E. Dangerously are backstage. Dangerously says “Your Momma” to Hawk for everything he just said. Snuka tells Hawk to stay out of their business. They feel sorry for what Hawk is about to encounter.

For the ECW Television Championship: Hawk defeated Jimmy Snuka by disqualification, Snuka retains the title: Hawk shoves Snuka over the top to the floor following the ring introductions. Snuka is sent to the floor again. Dangerously gives Snuka some advice before heading back into the ring. Hawk with a big power slam on Snuka who was coming off the ropes. Hawk again sends Snuka to the floor. Hawk misses a shoulder in the corner, hitting the ring post and falling to the floor. Snuka grabs a chair and hits Hawk over the back. Dangerously delivers a cell phone shot to the side of Hawk. Snuka with a scoop slam but misses a flying head butt from the middle rope. Hawk comes back with a few rights and connects with a reverse neck breaker. Hawk leaps off the top and connects with a flying clothesline and goes for the cover. Dangerously comes in and hits Hawk with the cell phone causing the DQ. **
After the match, Eddie Gilbert, Muraco and Dark Patriot come in but Hawk no sells everything. That is until Patriot comes in with a chair, and Eddie Gilbert delivers a BALL OF FIRE to the face of Hawk.

For the ECW Tag Team Championships: Super Destroyers defeated Suicide Blondes via disqualification Blondes retain titles: This match is joined in progress in order to bring the Patriot/Funk match in its entirely. However, it looks like the match just started. Candido and Hotbody double team one of the Destroyers. Candido dives off the apron onto one of the Destroyers. Candido goes for a slingshot dive, but is caught on the floor. Hotbody knocks the referee from behind sending him to the floor. Sal Bellomo has come to ringside eating a piece of cake. Richard Michaels is down their as well, he and Bellomo brawl on the floor. The bell sounds, throwing this match out. *
After the match, Bellomo and Destroyers clean house. Bellomo wants to be partners with the Destroyers. Todd Gordon comes in and books a six man tag team match. Bellomo wants Hunter Q. Robbins, so now it’s a 4 on 3 match.

Eddie Gilbert with another promo on Terry Funk. Gilbert says he is going to take out Funk.

Texas Chain Match: Eddie Gilbert defeated Herve Renesto: This is a demonstration for the Funk/Gilbert match. Paul E and Eddie Gilbert are talking, and you can hear Gilbert saying he doesn’t like Dark Patriot, Paul E is trying to convince Gilbert everything is alright, and he does. Gilbert sends Herve into the corner a few times and choke Herve with the chain. Gilbert touches all four corners to end the squash. DUD
Well, we go to the same Terry Funk interview we have seen over the past four weeks or so.

Video hyping up the Rockin Rebel/Sandman feud. We see highlights of Peaches being stripped by Rebel and Tigra.

Paul E is with Rebel and Tigra. Rebel and Tigra taunt Sandman/Peaches saying they are going to beat them up.

Jay Sulli is with Sandman and Peaches. Sandman says there is going to be blood, and broken bones. Peaches says Tigra shouldn’t even show up as she is going to rip Tigra’s hair out.

Paul E is standing with the Dark Patriot. Dangerously does the talking during this promo. Saying that Patriot is going to destroy Funk. Patriot is just moving up and down and making noises.

Terry Funk defeated Dark Patriot by disqualification: Paul E grabs the leg of Funk early on. Patriot attacks Funk from behind. Patriot rams Funk into a table. Patriot chokes Funk with a clothes hanger. Funk is sent to the floor again and Paul E chokes Funk. Patriot with a pile driver on Funk and gets a two count. Funk comes back with several boots in the corner taking Patriot down. Several jabs by Funk and knocks Patriot down with a left hand. Funk begins to rip the mask of Patriot, and connects with a DDT. Funk with a second DDT, Paul E comes in but Funk chases him to the floor. Funk with a third DDT on Patriot and goes to rip the mask off. Eddie Gilbert comes in and whacks Funk with a steel chair. **
After the match, Funk and Gilbert brawl.

There is a interruption and Jay Sulli says that the rest of the footage is too violent. He hypes up the Super Summer Sizzler

End of show

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