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ECW Hardcore TV 6/22/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling TV
From: ECW Arena Philadelphia, PA

Footage from the Snuka/Hawk match last week.

Jay Sulli and Paul E Dangerously welcome everyone to ECW. Dangerously brags about Eddie Gilbert winning the King of Philadelphia. Muraco battles Road Warrior Hawk tonight.
Stevie Wonderful comes over and asks if Dangerously has been saying bad things about him. Dangerously talks to Wonderful in the back. Todd Gordon comes over and says that Eddie Gilbert in the King of nothing.

Stevie Wonderful is with Ivan and Vladimir Koloff. Ivan says that his nephew Vladimir is unbeatable. Ivan challenges any tag team in ECW.

For the ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Don Muraco defeated Tommy Cairo to retain the title: Road Warrior Hawk was suppose to face Muraco, but after the incident from last week, he will not be challenging Muraco. Cairo with a arm drag on Muraco early on sending Muraco to the floor. Cairo continues his offense with eye rakes and back drop and gets a near fall. Spinning heel kick by Cairo and knocks Eddie Gilbert off the apron. Muraco attacks Cairo fro behind. Cairo comes back with a suplex. Muraco reverses a pin attempt into one of his own to get the three count. *

Another promo with Paul E speaking for Dark Patriot.

Dark Patriot defeated JT Smith by count-out: JT hold his own connects with a head scissors take down, a scoop slam and a top rope moonsault. Patriot kicks out. Smith goes shoulder first into the ring post and falls to the floor. Smith sends Patriot into the ring post. Patriot clearly reminds Smith to attack him in the corner. Patriot sends Smith into the referee. Smith sends Patriot into the wall. They fight up into the Eagles Nest. Smith is choking Patriot over the ledge. Patriot knocks Smith over the ledge to the floor. Patriot LEAPS off the balcony and onto JT Smith! Holy Shit! Patriot manages to get back into the ring fairly quickly. Smith is counted out. **

Stevie Wonderful is with Tony Stetson and Rockin Rebel. They rip into Larry Winters and Sandman. Stetson rips on Winters for quitting in their I Quit contest. Rebel pokes fun at the ex champion Sandman.

Sandman/Larry Winters defeated Rockin Rebel/Tony Stetson:
Sandman and Winters sprint to the ring and send Stetson and Rebel to the floor. Winters with a backdrop on Stetson. Winters with a leg drop and a running knee lift. Winters with a super kick on Rebel. Stetson with a knee on the apron to the back of Winters. Stetson comes in and goes to work on Winters with right hands. Rebel with a leg drop on Winters. Rebel with a dropkick. Sandman is furious with the double team tactics on Winters. DDT by Winters on Stetson and goes for the cover only getting a two count. Sandman and Rebel come in, Sandman with a DDT on Rebel. Rebel with a spine buster, but Peaches distracts the referee. Peaches slaps Rebel, Sandman rolls Rebel up to pick up the win. *1/2

Paul E is talking on a phone, and is in a ECW production truck, which looks like a simple van. Dangerously talks about the fans thanking Gilbert for being their king.

A video package on the king Eddie Gilbert. Basically footage of Gilbert beating up a few wrestlers, and posing with the crown is shown.

Super Destroyers fought Suicide Blondes to a No Contest: Destroyer with a shoulder block on Candido. Destroyer knocks both Hotbody and Candido down. Candido goes for a pile driver, but is back dropped by Destroyer. Gorilla press slam on Candido. Destroyer is going to work on Hotbody. Bellomo with a big splash on Hotbody. Pump handle slam on Hotbody. Vertical suplex on Hotbody. Power bomb by Destroyer and a back splash for a two count. Bellomo with a dropkick on Hotbody. Michaels comes in but is double teamed. Michaels sends Destroyer into the corner chest first, and misses a diving splash off the top. Power slam on Michaels for a two count. Candido is choking Bellomo with Robbins cane. Candido and Hotbody with several elbows. Dangerously is checking on Robbins, and Dangerously is hit by one of the Destroyers. Gilbert , Snuka, and Muraco come in with trash cans. Soon everyone is hitting everyone with trash cans. Gilbert is busted open. The match is thrown out and is a no contest. **1/4

End of show

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