WWF RAW 5/2/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 5/2/1994
From: Burlington, VT

Footage from last week where Johnny Polo insulted Albano and was punched by Albano when Savage grabbed Polo to allow Albano to punch him.

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage hype up the WWF World Tag Team Title match between the Quebecers and the Headshrinkers. Savage says that anything can happen in the WWF

Opening Contest: The Headshrinkers defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions The Quebecers to win the titles: Fatu and Pierre start the match with Fatu knocking Pierre down with a shoulder block. Fatu with a head butt for a near fall. Jacque and Samu enter the ring with Jacque poking Samu’s eyes. Jacque drops down to the mat but is met with a head butt. Pierre leaps off the top and lands on Jacque during a pin attempt by Samu. Headshrinkers clothesline Pierre over the top to the floor. Quebecers decide to bail to the backstage area. The referee is tells the Fink that if the Quebecers do not return to the ring, they will lose the match and the tag team titles. Quebecers come sprinting back to the ring and avoid the ten count. Back from a commercial break, Fatu scoop slams Pierre for a near fall. Samu head butts the left arm of Pierre several times. Samu with a side slam for a near fall. Fatu is sent into the ropes and is met with a kick to the back by Jacque. Jacque sends Fatu head first into the ring steps. Jacque scoop slams Pierre onto Fatu for a near fall. Clothesline/leg sweep combo on Fatu for a near fall. Jacque backdrops Pierre onto Fatu for another near fall. Back from another commercial, Fatu backdrops Pierre over the top to the floor. Samu gets the tag and cleans house taking the champions out with head butts. Samu charges towards Jacque but misses and gets his head stuck between the middle and top rope. Jacque signals for the Tower of Quebec. Jacque spikes Samu with the pile driver and tags in Samu for the Tower. Pierre leaps off the top but Samu manages to move out of the way. Johnny Polo is hit by Afa on the floor. The referee didn’t see Fatu get the tag. Jacque accidentally hits Pierre. Pierre gets up and nails Jacque with a left hand, clearly on purpose. Samu nails Pierre with a super kick. Double face buster on Jacque. Fatu gets the tag and leaps off the top connecting with a big splash. Fatu goes for the cover and picks up the win and the titles! **1/4
After the match, the Headshrinkers celebrate their tag team title win. Fireworks go off as the fans celebrate with the new champions.

Commercial Break

King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill. This is the first report on RAW. Pettengill puts over the new WWF World Tag Team Champions, the Headshrinkers. Pettengill goes over what the King of the Ring tournament is all about. Pettengill says that qualifying matches start this week. Some of the matches include:
Scott Steiner taking on Irwin R. Schyster
Razor Ramon taking on Kwang next week on RAW in a qualifying match
Pettengill also mentions that Razor Ramon lost the WWF Intercontinental Championship to Diesel.
Art Donovan will be a special guest at the King of the Ring.

Commercial Break

Chief Jay Strongbow is with Vince McMahon and Randy Savage. McMahon asks Strongbow for his thoughts on Tatanka who is on a war path. Strongbow says that Tatanka is on a war path after what IRS did to them recently.

Second Contest: Tatanka defeated Derek Domino: Tatanka takes Domino down with a back suplex early on. IRS calls in during the match. IRS says that Tatanka didn’t pay his dues on the gift tax for the feathers he had received. IRS can’t wait to fight Tatanka. Tatanka with a middle rope flying clothesline. Domino actually gets a decent amount of offense getting a near fall following a clothesline. Tatanka with a few overhand chops and plants Domino with the Samoan Drop to pick up the win.
After the match, Tatanka hugs Chief Jay Strongbow.

Commercial Break

Jerry Lawler is back with another King’s Court. Lawler continues to rip on the Piper’s Pit. Lawler pokes fun at Roddy Piper wearing a dress. Lawler says that Piper’s mom wanted a girl and his father wanted a son but they both ended up being happy with the result. Lawler mentions that Razor Ramon is no longer the WWF Intercontinental Champion. Lawler introduces his guest, the new WWF Intercontinental Champion, Diesel. Lawler botches the “Big Daddy Cool” nickname calling Diesel “Cool Daddy”. Footage from the Superstars match between Diesel and Razor Ramon is shown where Shawn Michaels protected Diesel from going into the turnbuckle and Michaels flew chest first into the guard railing. Diesel says that Shawn Michaels will be back in short time. Diesel gives Ramon some credit, but says that Ramon wasn’t bad enough to beat him. Diesel thinks he will be going after the WWF World Championship, currently held by Bret Hart. Lawler says that Bret Hart doesn’t have any guts, as he believes Bret Hart would avoid the challenge of Diesel. Diesel challenges Bret Hart to a WWF World Championship match.

Commercial Break

Another clip of people claiming to have seen the Undertaker. Fire fighters, children, women have all claimed to have seen the Undertaker doing normal things.

Main Event: Yokozuna defeated Mike Davis/Scott Taylor in a handicap match: Yokozuna with a leg drop on Davis after clothes lining both men. Urinage on Taylor to just dominate both men. Yokozuna with a back suplex on Taylor and continues to just take his time. Yokozuna puts Taylor on top of Davis and connects with a double Bonzai Drop for the easy win.
After the match, Yokozuna connects with another Bonzai Drop on Davis and Taylor. Earthquake makes his way down to the ring and has a confrontation with Yokozuna with Yokozuna simply rolling to the floor.

Commercial Break

Earthquake is with Vince McMahon and Randy Savage. Earthquake tells McMahon that everybody is talking about Yokozuna and when is he going to fight Yokozuna. Earthquake challenges Yokozuna to a one on one match.

Next week on RAW, King of the Ring qualifying match between Razor Ramon and Kwang.

End of Show

My Take: I enjoyed the tag team title match but I think they may have put the belts on the Headshrinkers a little too quickly. They just turned babyface a couple of weeks ago and now are the champions. It appears that the Quebecers may be splitting up soon, which is a shame as I find them to be a incredibly entertaining tag team.

Not big on Diesel being involved in a world title program. WWF seems to be banking on people tuning in to see a champion vs champion match. Would’ve been alot more interesting if Ramon was still the Intercontinental Champion.

Overall, a decent edition of RAW that features a rare title change on the program.

Thanks for reading.

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