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NEW Spring Slam II Night 1 4/27/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Northeast Wrestling presents Spring Slam II Night 1
From: Danbury, CT

Charlie Burton and Gerry Strauss welcome everyone to the show and go over what is scheduled to be on the show.

Opening Contest: Mikey Batts defeated Jason Blade and Josh Daniels:
Batts slaps Daniels and bails to the floor. Daniels goes to follow but is rolled up by Blade for a near fall. Daniels shoulder blocks Blade and ducks under a clothesline from Blade. Daniels goes to the floor and nails Batts with a right hand as Batts was yelling at a few fans. Daniels continues to chop Batts on the floor until Blade connects with a twisting dive over the top rope! Blade with a slingshot swanton bomb from the apron back into the ring on Daniels for a near fall. Blade hit’s a modified exploder suplex on Daniels for a two count. Batts rolls in and works on both Blade and Daniels. Batts with a spinning heel kicks knocks Blade down and gets a two count. Blade with a series of forearms and attempts a sunset flip but Batts rolls through and dropkicks Blade. Daniels with a few right hands to Batts and works on Batts in the corner with several chops. Daniels with a reverse atomic drop on Batts and delivers a running clothesline in the corner. Daniels with a nice bridging suplex on Batts for another two count. Daniels with a German suplex with a bridge but Blade breaks up the cover with a dropkick. Blade and Daniels trade a few chops and Batts is back dropped by both men. Blade with a modified Blue Thunder Driver on Daniels for a near fall. Blade super kicks Batts and nearly wins the contest. Daniels blocks a super kick and hurricanrana before nailing Blade with a clothesline. Batts tosses Daniels to the floor and covers Blade to win the contest. **½

Second Contest: The Outcast Killaz defeated The Logan Brothers:
Bryan Logan and Diablo start off the contest. Diablo takes Bryan down and slaps the back of his head. Bryan with a go behind into a hammer lock advantage doesn’t last long. Diablo with a few overhand blows and locks in a wrist lock. Matt comes in after helping Bryan flip out of the hold. Matt works on Diablo’s arm and tags out to Bryan who comes off the top with a double stomp to Diablo’s arm. Bryan drop toe holds Diablo and Matt drops a elbow to Diablo’s back for a near fall. Diablo is double teamed in the corner with a boot and a double chop. Oman tags in but misses a clothesline and is back dropped by both Logan’s. Oman press slams Matt into Bryan who catches Matt and Diablo German suplex’s Bryan who in turn slams his own partner to the mat! Oman with several right hands in the corner and delivers a running forearm smash in the corner on Matt for a near fall. Matt is met with a big boot from Oman and a clothesline from Diablo for a near fall. Diablo with a series of jabs on Matt and chops Matt across the back for a near fall. Oman tags in works on Matt’s knee with a leg drop. Oman chops Matt and drives Matt down with a vertical suplex. Oman misses a standing leg drop but Oman recovers with a spinning frontward slam for a two count. Double vertical suplex on Matt and Diablo gets a two count. Diablo drives Matt down with a exploder suplex and tags out to Oman. Oman with a snap mare and kicks Matt across the back. Oman has a rear chin lock on Matt but the fans get behind Matt leading to his comeback. Matt connects with a jaw breaker and tags in Bryan. Bryan cleans house with dropkicks and nails Oman with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Matt tags back in and misses a back splash in the corner. Matt jumps off his brothers back to nail Oman with a dropkick but only gets a two count. Killaz finish Matt off with a German suplex/dropkick combo to get the three.
After the match, the Killaz set up a table on the floor. Oman tombstone pile drivers Matt through the table! Big Daddy grabs a microphone and cuts a promo on Team 3-D saying that what happened tonight will happen tomorrow in New York.

Third Contest: Ron Zombie fought Michael Sane to a double disqualification:
Zombie is attacked by both Big Daddy and Sane. Zombie works on Sane sending Sane to the floor following a right hand. Zombie also knocked Daddy to the floor following a clothesline. Zombie whacks Daddy with a chair in the ring and Sane comes in from behind nailing Zombie with a clothesline. Sane works on Zombie with a few overhand blows. Sane tosses Zombie to the floor and rams Zombie face first into the timekeepers table. The referee is counting them out, which is stupid because it is a street fight. Sane sends Zombie into the ring post and works on Zombie with right hands. Zombie comes back with right hands of his own but Sane continues to get the upper hand. Zombie tosses Sane head first into the ring post and Zombie sends Sane back into the ring. Sane hammers away on Zombie in the corner and taunts the fans before hitting a running big splash! Zombie blocks a few right hands and delivers a series of right hands of his own. Zombie comes off the ropes and is greeted with a big boot. Sane misses a running big boot and is crotched on the top rope. Zombie with several head butts and delivers a running clothesline. Zombie drops Sane with a neck breaker and almost picks up the win. Zombie with a leg drop but once again only gets a two count. Zombie with a running clothesline in the corner and big boots Sane as Sane charges towards the corner. Zombie leaps off the middle rope and misses a head butt. Zombie goes for a DDT but Sane is able to reach the ropes to prevent the move. Sane shoves the referee away as they trade right hands, Zombie does the same. Sane tosses the referee to the canvas and Zombie goes to work on Sane. The referee has called for the bell. DUD
After the match, Sane beats down Zombie with right hands. They have a pull apart brawl for several moments. Sane misses a chair shot and Zombie hits Sane with the chair sending Sane to the floor.

Before the next match, Xavier cuts a promo on Joey Mercury saying that because Mercury was a tag team champion doesn’t make Mercury better than Xavier. Xavier puts himself over as the best looking man in the building. Xavier tries to say that the independents are more important than televised wrestling.

Fourth Contest: NEW Heavyweight Champion Xavier defeated Joey Mercury to retain the title:
They lock up but neither man can get the upper hand so they let go. Xavier with a go behind takedown but doesn’t follow up. Mercury with a side headlock but Xavier gets out of it with a hammerlock and a side headlock of his own. Xavier shoulder blocks Mercury but once again doesn’t follow up. They both run the ropes until Mercury stops and Xavier keeps going. Mercury with a running clothesline, atomic drop and clotheslines Xavier over the top to the floor. Mercury hammers away on Xavier on the floor for a few moments. Mercury with right hands in the corner and ducks a clothesline. Mercury with a springboard cross body and gets a near fall. Xavier with a cheap shot to Mercury’s nose to gain the upper hand. Mercury rolls to the floor and Xavier slams Mercury face first into the time keepers table. Xavier grabs a chair and smashes the chair over Mercury’s back. Xavier also hits Mercury with a trash can lid and drops a knee to Mercury’s back. Very weak chops and forearms from Xavier in the corner and drops Mercury with a high knee in the corner. Xavier delivers another knee lift in the corner and Mercury is hurting in the corner. Mercury trips Xavier and hammers away on the champion. Mercury with a running cross body coming off the ropes but his momentum sends him to the floor. Mercury attempts to get back into the ring but Xavier kicks the middle rope and low blows Mercury. Xavier covers Mercury put only gets a near fall. Xavier with a side headlock to maintain the upper hand on the challenger. Mercury is able to send Xavier face first into the top turnbuckle and nails Xavier with a back elbow. Xavier runs into a big boot and Mercury delivers a flurry of right hands. Xavier comes off the ropes and Mercury backdrops the champion. Mercury with a swinging neck breaker and gets a near fall. Xavier plants Mercury with a pump handle spinning slam but only gets a two count! Xavier heads to the top rope and misses a 450 splash! Mercury with a hangman’s neck breaker and nearly wins the title! Xavier with a jawbreaker and drops Mercury face first across his knee. Xavier with a clothesline coming off the ropes and gets another near fall. Xavier grabs the championship and goes to hit Mercury but Mercury super kicks the champ! Mercury covers Xavier but only gets a two count! They trade right hands with Mercury getting the upper hand in the corner. Xavier with a back elbow and heads to the top rope but is crotched by Mercury. Mercury sets Xavier up for a superplex and connects! Mercury goes for the cover but Xavier kicks out at two! Xavier backs off in the corner and sends Mercury face first into the middle turnbuckle. Mercury reverses a spinning neck breaker and rolls Mercury up but Xavier rolls through and uses the tights for leverage to retain the title. **¼

Fifth Contest: Brian Anthony defeated Kurt Adonis:
Adonis backs Anthony into a corner and slaps Anthony across the face. Adonis with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Anthony. Anthony with a botched hip toss and arm drags Adonis to keep the advantage. Adonis chops Anthony into a corner and but Anthony comes off the ropes with a dropkick and Adonis bails to the floor. Anthony with a baseball slide sends Adonis into the railing. Anthony leaps off the top with a cross body and hammers away on Adonis. Adonis gets the upper hand back in the ring with a few chops but runs into a big boot in the corner. Adonis blocks a big boot in the corner again and delivers a stunner to Anthony’s leg! Adonis taunts the fans for a few moments, not following up. Adonis kicks Anthony on the knee and slams Anthony’s knee down to the mat. Adonis continues to work on Anthony’s knee for a few moments. Anthony nearly wins the match with a rollup but Adonis gets back up and chop blocks Anthony’s injured knee. Adonis wraps Anthony’s leg around the ring post a couple of times. Anthony misses a top rope moonsault and grabs his knee in pain. Adonis signals for a super kick and nails Anthony with it but Anthony manages to kick out! Adonis continues to work on Anthony’s knee until Anthony kicks Adonis on the back of the head. Anthony with a spinning heel kick and works on Adonis in the corner with right hands. Adonis with a reverse atomic drop and comes off the ropes but Anthony backslides Adonis and gets the win. **

Jonathan Coachman comes out and calls out Jerry Lawler. Lawler grabs a microphone and does his own cheap pop by doing the old Mick Foley line of how great is to be in Danbury. Lawler promises to kick Coach’s ass and will show Coach why he has been called the King for 25 years. Coach decided to not wear any gear and announces he has been given the authority to make their match a handicap match. Coach announces his partner to be Romeo Roselli.

Sixth Contest: Jerry Lawler defeated The Coach and Romeo Roselli in a handicap match:
Coach quickly tags out to Roselli to avoid any physical interactions with Lawler. Roselli backs Lawler into the corner and delivers a few shots to Lawler face and midsection to get the upper hand. Lawler quickly gets to his feet as Roselli taunts the fans. Lawler with several right hands to knock Roselli down and Roselli crawls to his corner. Roselli with a wrist lock and Coach works on Lawler’s arm from the apron. Roselli with a few shoulder blocks to knock Lawler down to the mat. Coach works on Lawler’s arm again from the apron. Coach goes to work on Lawler’s arm again but Lawler switches out and Coach works on Roselli’s arm for a few moments until he realizes what he was doing! Lawler with a few right hands in the corner to knock Roselli down. Roselli crawls back to his corner to avoid any further punishment. Roselli backdrops Lawler as Lawler comes off the ropes but Lawler comes back with a right hand on the second attempt. Lawler goes for the pile driver but Roselli gets out of it and bails to the floor. Lawler is tripped coming off the ropes by Talia and Romeo connects with a neck breaker which gets Romeo a two count. Talia chokes Lawler as the referee is distracted by Roselli. Coach tags into the match and hammers away on Lawler. Roselli tags back in and knocks Lawler down with a forearm shot as Coach held Lawler. Roselli scoop slams Lawler a couple of times but Lawler nearly wins the match with a roll up on the fourth attempt. Lawler comes back with several right hands and dropkicks Roselli. Lawler leaps off the middle rope with a fist drop and goes to hit Talia but Roselli charges and knocks her off the apron on accident! Lawler sets Roselli up and hits the pile driver on Roselli. Coach enters and misses a clothesline and Lawler hit’s a horrible Stunner. Lawler covers the illegal man, Coach, and wins the match. *

Main Event: Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles:
Joe back Styles into the corner and breaks free. Styles shoves Joe in the corner and Joe shoves Styles across the ring. Styles goes for a single leg takedown but is kicked away. Joe knocks Styles down by the legs and connects with a running back elbow and a leaping kick in the corner. Styles goes to the floor and Joe sends Styles into the railing a couple of times. Joe with a couple of jabs and elbow smashes back in the ring. Joe with a series of jabs in the corner and a sidekick. Styles attempts a leapfrog but Joe catches Styles and slams Styles down. Styles is back dropped to the apron and Styles misses a springboard forearm shot as Joe just moves out of the way. Joe tosses Styles to the floor and goes for a suicide dive but Styles kicks Joe before he can leap through the middle rope. Styles hammers away on Joe back in the ring and scoop slams Joe for a two count. Joe gets out of a sleeper hold but is met with a leaping back elbow from Styles. Styles connects with a snap suplex and gets a near fall. Joe chops Styles and comes off the ropes where they botch a dropkick from Styles as Joe overran the spot. Styles goes for the cover but Joe kicks out at two. Styles with several right hands in the corner and splashes Joe in the corner which gets Styles a near fall. Joe with a few right hands but runs into big boot. Joe with a atomic drop and a running yakuza kick followed by a senton splash but Styles kicks out. Styles goes for a cross body but is caught and Joe takes Styles down with a fall away slam. Joe with several jabs in the corner again and backdrops Styles to the apron. Styles drops Joe throat first over the top rope and leaps off the top rope with a axe handle for a near fall. Joe drives Styles down chest first with a slam but runs into a back elbow in the corner. Styles with a nice springboard reverse DDT for a near fall. Joe avoids the Styles Clash with a backdrop but isn’t able to avoid the Pele kick! Styles heads to the top rope and goes for a clothesline but is met in midair with a kick to the chest. Joe sets Styles up for the Muscle Buster and hits it! Joe covers and picks up the win. **½

End of show

My Take:
A solid way to open up the show with the triple threat match. Blade and Daniels put on a good show with Blade in my opinion being the guy who stood out the most. Batts wasn’t bad this time around as he continues to do some good heel tactics. Blade has the bigger future in NEW I would have to think, though.

The tag team match was rather boring. The announcers didn’t even know the Logan Brothers first names, so it was hard to think they actually stood a chance in the contest.

The street fight didn’t make any sense to me. It was promoted to be a street fight, but the announcers let the fans know after the match that it wasn’t a street fight. Well, in any event it was a bad match that just wasn’t any good. A street fight would have been a lot more entertaining I am sure of that.

I just couldn’t get into the heavyweight title match between Xavier and Mercury. Their were several spots throughout the match where it painfully obvious that they didn’t have their timing down. For instance, Xavier going to hit Mercury with the championship was horrible done. Xavier literally looked like he was in slow mo to make sure he didn’t hit Mercury or mistimed it. Looked rather horrible. Not a good title match this time around for Xavier after a good TLC match with Lethal last show.

One thing I hate about independent companies is that wrestlers will be baby faces in one town but heels in another. That is just confusing to people who purchase their DVD’s. A example of this is with Brian Anthony. Anthony was a heel last show but now since he is in his hometown, he is a mega baby face. Personally, I would just have him be a heel. The match between Adonis/Anthony wasn’t all that bad, but it was clear that a good portion of the fans did not like Brian Anthony even in his hometown. Perhaps he would be better off as a heel.

Wasn’t a fan of the handicap match. Why on earth would you have Lawler pin the illegal man and make it painfully obvious that Coach was the illegal man? Who honestly counts the pin fall when it is that obvious? Everyone in that situation looks bad, in my opinion. Bad match.

The main event was a big disappointment for me. I was expecting or perhaps hoping for a twenty minute match but I guess that was just wishful thinking. Joe botches a spot for the second NEW match in a row, which is kind of interesting. I don’t recall ever seeing Joe botch two matches in a row for any company. It was a decent match but nothing like they have pulled off in ROH or TNA.

Overall, a show you can skip from watching. The only way I recommend seeing this show is if you are a big Joe or Styles fan. Other than that, save your money.

Thanks for reading.


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