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ECW on TNN 9/24/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Buffalo, New York

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner welcome everyone to the show. Gertner with his usual inappropriate introduction. Styles introduces their guests Francine and Tommy Dreamer. Styles tells Dreamer that he admires Dreamer’s courage and asks how Dreamer’s back is. Gertner tells Dreamer if he can’t wrestle then he should just call it quits. Gertner also rips on Francine and puts over a different female worker in the back who has seen about 850 less hotel room ceilings! Gertner reveals that girl to be Miss Congeniality (Lita). Miss Congeniality comes down to the ring with Amish Roadkill. Francine attacks Congeniality and Dreamer sends Roadkill into Congeniality in the corner.

Opening Contest: ECW World Tag Team Champions Raven/Tommy Dreamer defeated Amish Roadkill/Danny Doring to retain the titles:
Apparently a match has started with Doring and Roadkill taking on Dreamer. Doring with a jumping jawbreaker and Roadkill comes off the top with a big splash. Raven runs down to the ring and DDT’s Doring. Dreamer is on top of Roadkill while Raven pins Doring to retain the title in under two minutes. NR
After the match, Raven hugs Dreamer and then kicks Dreamer in the face. Raven casually walks to the back.

ECW on TNN opening video

Tommy Dreamer says that he may not have a lot of matches left in him and calls out Raven to settle things once and for all. Raven returns to the ring but drops off the apron and walks to the backstage area again.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner talk about ECW Anarchy Rulz. Gertner mentions that Tazz is no longer the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. We see a clip of Steven Prazak interviewing Tanaka outside at the pay per view. Judge Jeff Jones showed up and tells Tanaka that he doesn’t care about Tanaka. Jones said that Tanaka didn’t deserve a title shot and was promptly rammed into a car. Jones proclaimed that Tanaka was going to pay the price and price was going to be.. AWESOME.

Paul Heyman is holding back Joey Styles from attacking Joel Gertner. Heyman ends up trying to get his hands on Gertner after Gertner insults the boss! We see clips from Anarchy Rulz match between Lance Storm and Jerry Lynn. Sabu/Credible clips are shown as well. Storm and Credible won their singles matches. Footage from the triple threat ECW World Heavyweight championship match is also shown where Mike Awesome was added to the contest between Tazz and Masato Tanaka. Footage of Tazz being eliminated from the three way match is shown as well.

Joel Gertner talks about Anarchy Rulz some more while Joey Styles stares at Gertner with force!

Second Contest: Super Crazy defeated Little Guido:
Guido with a go behind and manages to take Crazy down. Guido with a arm bar submission but Crazy gets out of it after a few moments. Guido keeps control with a wrist lock. Crazy avoids a roll up and attempts a backdrop but Guido arm drags Crazy. Crazy takes Guido down with a arm drag and Guido bails to the floor. Guido enters the ring and slaps Crazy followed by several right hands. Crazy with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and Guido rolls to the floor. Crazy baseball slides Guido into the guard railing and tosses Guido into the crowd. Crazy springboards off the middle rope and takes Guido out with a moonsault! Crazy has Guido on the top rope and connects with a superplex! Crazy covers but Guido is able to kick out at two. Crazy has the surfboard locked in and rolls around the ring a few times. Crazy misses a springboard moonsault and Guido attempts a full nelson pin attempt but Crazy kicks out. Guido has a hammerlock on Crazy and releases the hold when Crazy doesn’t give up. Crazy is sent to the floor where Sal sends Crazy into the guard railing and splashes Crazy! Guido gets a near fall back in the ring. Crazy attempts a springboard cross body but Guido counters the attempt by locking in a cross arm breaker! Guido leaps off the middle rope and leg drops Crazy across the back of the head but only gets a near fall. Guido distracts the referee and allows Sal to come in and power bomb Crazy! Guido with a middle rope frog splash but Crazy kicks out. Guido stomps away on Crazy and chokes Crazy in the corner. Crazy attempts a head scissors out of the corner but Guido slams Crazy down face first and gets a near fall. Crazy comes off the ropes with a tornado DDT and gets a two count. Crazy connects with a moonsault off the bottom rope but Guido gets his knees up on the second moonsault attempt. Sal comes in again but Crazy is able to take Sal over with a hurricanrana. Guido misses a clothesline attempt and Crazy spikes Guido with a brain buster to win the match. **½
After the match, Sal attacks Crazy with a clothesline from behind. Spike Dudley’s music hits and Spike makes his way down to the ring.

Main Event: Spike Dudley defeated Sal E. Graziano:
Spike with a eye poke, low blow and runs up Guido in the corner to hit the Acid Drop on Sal to win the match in under ten seconds. NR

Ad hyping up ECW live events.

Lance Storm and Dawn Marie make their way down to the ring. Back from commercial, the Impact Players have attacked Jerry Lynn. Rob Van Dam comes down and attacks Lance Storm until Johnny Smith runs down and helps the Impact Players. The lights go out and Sabu appears in the middle of the ring cleaning house to help Lynn and RVD. Sabu hits RVD and hit’s the Impact Players. Sabu with a nice springboard leg drop off the top onto Credible crashing through a table on the floor!

The ring is now filled up with bunch of wrestlers just brawling. New Jack’s music hits and proceeds to hit everyone in the ring with weapons. Joey Styles grabs the microphone from Gertner and is just able to tell the fans we will see the crowning of the new champion. Mike Awesome won the championship by defeating Masato Tanaka. Tazz hands over the belt to Awesome to end the show.

End of show

My Take:
From a wrestling standpoint this show didn’t offer much. A lot of the show was based around the Mike Awesome/Tazz and Masato Tanaka situation from Anarchy Rulz. I felt like their was way too many clips from the pay per view. It felt more like a recap of the pay per view then it did of a television show.

Anyway, Crazy/Guido put on a solid match even with the interference from Sal. They always work well together, but Guido never wins. It has gotten to the point where you expect Guido to lose. That is never a good thing.

The beat down segment with the Impact Players and Jerry Lynn was just weird. They didn’t show why Lynn or even Credible for that matter came down to the ring. Poorly executed attempt to continue that feud. I felt lost while watching that develop.

Why the hell was the point of showing a fifteen second clip of New Jack hitting a few people with weapons? That was just really pointless and a waste of time.

Overall, a rather bad show. Crazy/Guido was really the only entertaining part of the show.

Thanks for reading.

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