WCW Clash of the Champions XXVI 1/27/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Clash of the Champions XXVI
From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Opening video promoting the matches scheduled to take place on the program

Mean Gene welcomes everyone to the program and hypes up the show some more. Gene gets word in his ear and says that this is the worst news he has heard in quite sometime. Gene introduces Bobby Heenan! Heenan tells Gene that he works in WCW and is greeted with boos from the fans. Heenan heads to the broadcast table to join Tony Schiavone.

Opening Contest: Marcus Bagwell/Too Cold Scorpio defeated Pretty Wonderful: Scorpio and Orndorff start the match with Orndorff getting the upper hand with a side headlock. Orndorff switches into a hammerlock but Scorpio rolls out of it and has a wrist lock on Orndorff. Orndorff punches Scorpio on the back and backs Scorpio in the corner where he continues to hammer away on Scorpio. Scorpio runs into a big boot in the corner but reverses a vertical suplex attempt and delivers several forearm strikes until Orndorff trips Scorpio to the mat. Back from a commercial, Roma tags in and misses a chop but drops Bagwell chest first across the top rope. Bagwell with a rollup on Roma out of the corner but only gets a two count. Roma with a clothesline to regain the upper hand. Roma misses a elbow drop and Scorpio tags into the match. Scorpio hip tosses Roma and connects with a leg drop across Roma’s arm. Scorpio crotches Roma on the top rope but is shoved off the top by Roma and Orndorff. Roma leaps off the top rope twice, connecting with a forearm blow across Scorpio’s head. Orndorff enters and has a chin lock on Scorpio for a few moments. Orndorff backs Scorpio onto their corner and delivers several shots and distracts the referee so the Assassin can get a cheap shot in. Roma with a elbow drop to Scorpio’s back and tags out to Orndorff. Orndorff with a few knee strikes and tags in Roma. Scorpio is sent into the ropes and is back dropped by Pretty Wonderful. Roma covers Scorpio but only gets a near fall. Orndorff leaps off the top rope but Scorpio gets his boot up and nails Orndorff in the face. Bagwell and Roma get tags and Bagwell cleans house with back elbows, hip tosses and a scoop slam. Bagwell knees Orndoff to the floor and nails Roma with a cross body which gets him a two count. Bagwell leaps off the top and connects with a missile dropkick on Roma. Orndorff breaks up the count and Bagwell is only able to get a near fall. Orndorff hits Bagwell as he comes off the ropes and Scorpio goes for a cross body but Orndorff drops down and Scorpio crashes to the floor. Bagwell rams Roma into Orndorff knee which has a illegal object in it as Assassin put something in the knee pad. Bagwell covers Roma and picks up the win.

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan briefly hype up the Ron Simmons/Ice Train match.

Second Contest: Ron Simmons defeated Ice Train:
Train knocks Simmons down with a few right hands. Train with a big power slam as Simmons comes off the ropes. Train with a shoulder block and Simmons falls to the floor. Train scoop slams Simmons on the floor and attempts a shoulder block but misses and hits the ring post. Simmons rams Train shoulder first into the ring post and suplexs Train from the apron back into the ring. Simmons controls the match with a head butt and a scoop slam. Simmons comes off the ropes and connects with another falling head butt. Simmons knocks Train down with a big clothesline. Simmons works on Train’s shoulder by sending Train shoulder first into the corner. Train with a rollup out of the corner for a two count. Simmons takes Train back down with a scoop slam and comes off the top looking for a shoulder block, but Train avoids it. Train with another big power slam but doesn’t cover Simmons. Train misses a shoulder block in the corner and Simmons rolls Train up to win the match. ½*

Mean Gene plugs the hotline. Gene introduces WCW United States Champion Steve Austin and Col. Robert Parker. Austin is doing a good job of impersonating Robert Parker. Austin is going to make sure Brian Pillman wears the chicken suit. Parker is going to rule Pillman’s world when he forces Pillman to wear the chicken suit. Gene introduces the new WCW Commissioner and it is Nick Bockwinkel. Bockwinkel says he is honored to be given the position.

Gordon Solie has joined Bobby Heenan to commentate the next contest.

Third Contest: WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal fought Dustin Rhodes to a draw to retain the title:
Rhodes backs Regal into a corner but the referee prevents anything from occurring. Rhodes backs Regal into the corner again but backs off cleanly. Regal with a cheap shot in the corner and he is met with right hands from Rhodes and a standing dropkick. Regal bails to the floor and is checked on by Sir William. Rhodes with a wrist lock on the champ and flips Regal down to the mat. Rhodes with a wrist lock but Regal is able to counter with a arm lock of his own. Regal has Rhodes in a full nelson but Rhodes takes Regal down and has a side headlock on the champ. Rhodes with a shoulder block as he comes off the ropes and Regal rolls to the floor. Rhodes takes Regal down with a side headlock and keeps the hold on for a few moments. Rhodes with a scoop slam and covers but only gets a two count. Rhodes with another headlock takedown but Regal gets out of it but Rhodes trips Regal down again and regains control with another headlock. Regal attempts a back suplex but Rhodes is able to take Regal down with a side headlock, again. Regal backs Rhodes into the corner and goes to work with a few right hands and a uppercut. Regal with a top wristlock on the mat to control the challenger. Regal connects with a gut wrench suplex and gets a two count. Regal quickly gets on top of Rhodes and has a STF on Rhodes. Rhodes gets up and almost gets out of a top wrist lock but Regal head butts Rhodes and begins to choke Rhodes with the challengers own arms! Rhodes drops down and flips Regal down to the mat and follows up with a lariat but only gets a two count. Rhodes mounts Regal with a few right hands but Regal bails to the floor to check the time. Regal with a shoulder block from the apron and attempts a sunset flip but Rhodes drops down and hammers away on the champ. Leaping clothesline by Rhodes coming off the ropes and gets a near fall. Regal bails to the floor again and enters the ring trying to suplex Rhodes back into the ring but Rhodes lands on his feet. Rhodes with a dropkick and gets a two count. Regal rolls Rhodes up but Rhodes is in the ropes and Regal rolls to the floor. Regal with a uppercut on the ramp way and is back dropped back into the ring. Rhodes leaps over he ropes and splashes onto Regal for a two count. Regal bails to the floor again and Rhodes hammers away on Regal. Rhodes sends Regal and William into each other and rolls the champ back into the ring. Rhodes is on top rope and connects with a elbow smash. Rhodes hits the running bulldog and covers Regal but time runs out on Rhodes. Regal retains via the time limit draw.

Mean Gene is with Aaron Neville. Neville says that Dustin Rhodes is one of his favorites. That’s about it.

Fourth Contest: Maxx Payne/Cactus Jack defeated WCW World Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys in a non-title match:
Jack and Payne attack the champions from behind after a delay. Jack clotheslines Knobs over the top to the floor. Jack comes off the apron with a elbow drop. Payne splashes Sags from the middle rope. Jack scoop slams Sags on the floor and Payne works on Knobs with right hands before sending him to the floor. Jack with a running clothesline on Knobs and Payne sends Sags into the ring post. Payne tags in and they double DDT Knobs. Knobs pokes Payne in the eyes and tags out to Sags. Sags with right hands in the corner and rams Payne head first into the top turnbuckle. Sags comes off the top with a cross body but Payne rolls through and gets a two count. Payne fights back on Knobs with a right hand but runs into a big boot. Knobs charges but Payne has a arm bar on Knobs! Sags comes in and breaks up the hold and Knobs is able to drop a few leg drops across Payne’s chest for a two count. Knobs tosses Payne to the floor and Sags whacks Payne with a chair over the head. Nasty Boys send Payne into the ropes and connect with a double shoulder block. Sags drops a knee across Payne’s chest and tags out to Knobs. Knobs knocks Jack off the apron and Sags comes back into the ring. Payne is sent into the ropes and comes off knocking both Nasties down with a clothesline. Jack gets the tag and cleans house on the champs with several clotheslines. Payne rams Knobs and Sags into each other and Jack clotheslines the champs over the top to the floor. Jack plants Knobs with the double arm DDT and goes for the cover but Sags breaks up the pin. Payne elbow drops Knobs and Jack rolls over on top of Knobs and picks up the win.
After the match, Sags tries to attack the challengers but fails. Missy Hyatt is cornered and is kissed by both Jack and Payne. Hyatt bails to the floor and the champions hit Jack and Payne with the titles several times.

Mean Gene goes over what has been happening on the show. Gene plugs the hotline once again.

A video promoting the Pillman/Parker match is shown. Clips of Pillman wrestling Austin on Saturday Night is shown. Pillman pinned Austin to wrestle Parker on this show. Parker embarrassed Pillman by putting a chicken suit hat on Pillman.

Fifth Contest: Brian Pillman defeated Col. Robert Parker:
Pillman chases Parker and scoop slams Parker in the ring to get a quick near fall. Pillman with a standing dropkick for another two count and Parker bails to the floor. Pillman hammers away on Austin on the floor. Parker slams Pillman face first onto the apron. Parker backs Pillman into the corner and delivers a few forearm shots. Pillman punches Parker in the midsection and atomic drops Parker. Pillman with another cover and gets a two count. Parker bails to the floor and tries to leave the arena. Pillman backdrops Austin on the ramp way and the Boss comes out from behind to corner Parker. Pillman kicks Austin off the ramp way and chops Parker before tossing Parker back into the ring. Parker tries to leave again but the Boss prevents Parker from leaving. In the ring, Steve Austin hit’s the Stun Gun on Pillman and Parker is rolled back into the ring. Austin with another cheap shot and Parker goes for a double axe handle but Pillman punches Parker and comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Standing dropkick by Pillman and rams Parker head first into the turnbuckle pads several times. Pillman knocks Austin off the apron again and heads to the top rope but is shoved off by Austin. Parker covers Pillman and gets a two count! The Boss chases Austin to the backstage area. Pillman rolls Parker up from behind and picks up the three.

Main Event: Sting/WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair defeated Big Van Vader/WCW International Champion Rick Rude in a elimination match:
Sting and Rude start the match with Rude backing Sting into the corner and taunting Sting after a clean break. Sting does the same thing moments later. Sting with a top wristlock and drops Rude to the canvas. Sting with a wristlock but Rude fights out of it with a few forearm shots. Sting yanks on Rude’s arm and drops Rude to the canvas. Sting drops a knee across Rude’s shoulder a few times. Rude backs Sting into a corner and delivers a few knee lifts and tags out to Vader. Vader sends Sting into the ropes and uses his chest to knock Sting down. Vader lifts Sting up and drops Sting throat first across the top rope! Vader with a series of punches and slams Sting near the corner. Vader with a sunset flip off the middle rope but Sting hammers away on Vader until Rude enters and allows Vader to regain the upper hand. Vader with several shots but Sting fights back with right hands. Vader with a few jabs but misses a clothesline and Sting takes Vader down with a German suplex! Flair gets the tag and works on Vader in the corner with right hands and chops. Vader comes out of the corner and is dropped following a chop from Flair! Flair with several right hands as Vader is down to his knees. Flair tags in Sting as the show goes to commercial. Rude has a bear hug on Sting as the action continues. Sting fights out of the hold and drops Rude with a flapjack. Flair tags in and comes off the top rope and actually connects with a double axe handle. Flair with a atomic drop and sends Rude into the corner. Flair charges and Rude apparently forgot to clothesline Flair as Flair just sells nothing and drops to the floor. Vader splashes Flair in the corner after getting tagged in and power slams Flair. Vader goes to the middle ropes and lunges off connecting with a big splash! Vader places Flair on the top turnbuckle and delivers several jabs. Vader hooks Flair up and brings Flair down to the mat with a superplex! Vader places Flair on the top turnbuckle again and Vader goes all the way to the top rope. Vader connects with a big superplex and Flair is in agony! Vader goes to the top rope but Sting drags Flair out of the way. Rude comes in and DDT’s Sting. Rude kicks Flair to the floor and Vader grabs a chair. Nick Bockwinkel cuts Vader off on the floor and both Vader and Flair have been counted out! Sting ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Rude to the floor. Rude crawls to the ramp way and Sting sends Rude over the top back into the ring. Sting with a top rope clothesline and backdrops Rude. Sting attempts a atomic drop but Rude clubs Sting over the head to prevent that from happening. Rude leaps off the top rope connecting with a forearm smash. Rude works on Sting with right hands and clotheslines Sting. Rude with a standing fist drop and gets a near fall. Rude slows the match down with a chin lock and drops down across Sting’s back a couple of times. Sting gets up and drops Rude with a electric chair slam! Sting comes off the ropes looking for a big splash but Rude gets his knees up! Double clothesline and both men are down in the middle of the ring. Rude attempts the Rude Awakening but Sting hangs onto the ropes. Sting is able to connect with the Rude Awakening and goes for the cover but Rude gets his foot on the bottom rope. Rude with a atomic drop but misses a splash in the corner. Rude sets Sting up for a tombstone pile driver but Sting reverses with one of his own and leaps off the top connecting with a splash to pick up the win! ***¼

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan tell fans to call the WCW Hotline. Schiavone hypes up the next Saturday Night show and that is it!

End of show

My Take:
The opening tag match wasn’t good, but the fans were really pumped up for it. I always laugh when WCW fans chant “Whoop Their It Is” towards Too Cold Scorpio. That is Men on a Mission catchphrase. Just seems odd.

Simmons/Train was just a repetitive match and wasn’t worth my time. Thankfully, Simmons went over Ice Train here but Simmons wouldn’t be used much following this show.

Regal/Rhodes was very, very boring. The match never really got going mainly because Regal would just bail to the floor anytime Rhodes may have gotten two moves in a row on him. The crowd was taken out of the match because of that. It seemed like the fans never once thought Rhodes was going to win the match. When you overdue the time limit draw, fans will never believe the baby face will win.

Pillman/Parker wasn’t actually awful like I thought it would be. Parker took a few bumps and made the match slightly interesting at times. I did not like the finish of the match at all. Pillman having to sneak a rollup to get the win is just horrible. Pillman should have beaten Parker easily after Austin left, and should not have needed the help of a distraction. Makes Pillman look like a fool, in my opinion.

The main event was a good contest, which isn’t surprising considering the talent involved. I really liked the Sting/Rude action to close out the match as I always thought those two put on good showings when needed. This match is easily the best match on the show and the only match worth seeing.

Overall, the under card didn’t deliver anything good while the main event saved the show from being a complete waste.

Thanks for reading.

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