Hardcore Homecoming 6/10/2005

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Reunion presents Hardcore Homecoming
From: Philadelphia, PA

A introduction from several wrestlers and fans open up the DVD. Joey Styles promotes the three main event matches on the show. Terry Funk also talks about coming back to the ring.

Bob Ortiz is in the ring and introduces Tod Gordon. Gordon never would have thought that ECW would have been a hotter product in 2005 then it was in 1994-1995. Gordon is welcomed by the ECW fans with a loud reception. Gordon puts over all the talent in the back for the reason this reunion is happening and Gordon thanks the fans.

Joey Styles and Cyrus make their way down to the ring and Styles gets a insane reaction. Styles does his trademark “Oh My God” and the crowd erupts. Styles is extremely happy to be back at the ECW Arena and gets a Welcome Back chant. Styles ends up getting cut off by Joel Gertner! Gertner enters the ring and does his usual inappropriate poem. After Gertner gets done Cyrus grabs the microphone and is greeted with a “Fuck You Cyrus” chant. Cyrus shakes Gertner’s hand and says that he has been out of the business for four years. Cyrus says he is thrilled to be here with everyone. Cyrus turns on Gertner and calls him a fat piece of trash. Gertner takes Cyrus down and hammers away on his hated rival. Styles pulls Gertner off and Cyrus bails to the floor.

Opening Contest: Mikey Whipwreck/Chris Chetti defeated Simon Diamond/CW Anderson:
Whipwreck and Diamond start off the match with Diamond shoving Whipwreck away a couple of times. Whipwreck doesn’t want to shake hands and puts Diamond in a side headlock. They trade arm drags and Whipwreck delivers several left hands in the corner. Whipwreck blocks a monkey flip out of the corner and leaps off the middle rope connecting with a cross body for a near fall. Diamond avoids the Whippersnapper and tags in Anderson. Chetti also tags into the contest and nails Anderson with a right hand and chops to get the upper hand. Chetti with a elbow smash, and gets out of a spine buster attempt. Chetti with a scissors kick and gets a two count. Chetti avoids a splash in the corner but is clotheslined by Diamond from the apron. Diamond tags back into the contest and works on Chetti with clubbing blows. Anderson tags back in and works on Chetti in the corner with several right hands and stomps. Diamond enters and stomps away on Whipwreck without tagging in. Diamond with a back elbow and knocks Whipwreck down on the apron. Chetti fights back with right hands on both opponents but is dropped with a double team Flatliner and Anderson gets a near fall. Anderson misses a splash in the corner and hit’s the corner groin first! Whipwreck and Diamond tag into the match with Whipwreck cleaning house. Whipwreck with a standing hurricanrana on Anderson and along with Chetti deliver stereo right hands in opposite corners. Diamond is sent into Chetti and Chetti drops down into Diamond’s groin. Anderson with a super kick on Whipwreck but only gets a two count! Whipwreck with a eye poke for the top rope and attempts a tornado DDT but Anderson gets out of it and plants Whipwreck with a spine buster! Chetti sit out death valley driver on Anderson but is cut off by Diamond. Diamond with a series of snap suplex and drops Chetti gut first to the mat. Whipwreck enters and hit’s the Whippersnapper on Diamond to win the match.

Blue Meanie talks about ECW and being able to be apart of the company.

Second Contest: Tracy Smothers defeated the Blue Meanie:
Meanie with a shoulder block to open the contest and poses for the fans. Smothers with a waist lock but Meanie is able to get out of the hold. Smothers goes for a scoop slam but is unable to and is scoop slammed by Meanie twice. The referee also scoop slams Smothers and along with Meanie clothesline Smothers for a near fall! The referee gets a near fall as well! Meanie comes off the ropes and splashes Smothers but only gets a two count and Smothers bails to the floor. They proceed to have a dance off. Smothers attacks Meanie from behind during his dance and works on Meanie in the corner with right hands. JT Smith comes in with the referee distracted and gets a few shots on Meanie. Smothers runs into a back elbow and Meanie comes out of the corner with a running bulldog for a near fall. Meanie scoop slams Smothers and connects with a leg drop coming off the ropes for a two count. Meanie splashes Smothers in the corner and follows up with another splash in the corner. Meanie with another scoop slam and heads to the top rope but is nailed by Smith with a chain. Smothers covers Meanie and picks up the win.

A tribute video for all the deceased ECW wrestlers is aired.

Johnny Grunge and Gary Wolfe come down to the ring. Tammy Lynn Sytch also comes down to the ring separately from Grunge and Wolfe. The fans chant for Candido. Grunge thanks the fans for allowing them to live the dream. Sytch puts over the great memories of ECW and the memories they had in the building. Danny Doring and Roadkill make their way down to the ring. “We Want New Jack” chant starts up as Doring begins to speak. Doring respects all the things the deceased wrestlers have done. Doring says that he and Roadkill are the greatest tag team. Wolfe tells Doring he isn’t worth the sweat on his balls! Doring and Roadkill low blow Wolfe and Grunge. They beat down Grunge and Wolfe for a few moments until 911 comes running down. 911 choke slams Doring and does the same to Roadkill. Roadkill is placed on a table and Grunge comes off the top rope connecting with the Drive By through the table!

Kid Kash talks about his memories about the ECW Arena.

Third Contest: 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Kid Kash:
Scorpio wants to shake hands with Kash but Kash flips him off instead. They trade shoves and forearm shots to start the match but neither man follows up after a few shots. Scorpio shoves Kash and Kash misses a spin kick and a leg whip and then have a standoff. Scorpio with a go behind waist lock but Kash breaks free and counters with a hammerlock. Scorpio quickly gets out of the hold and has a wrist lock on Kash. Scorpio works on Kash’s left shoulder for several moments. Kash kips up and has a wrist lock on Scorpio. Scorpio kips up as well and goes back to having a wrist lock on Kash. They trade hammerlocks until Scorpio takes Kash down and gets a near fall. Scorpio misses a elbow and Kash connects with a elbow drop. They proceed to have another standoff as neither man have had a clear cut advantage. Scorpio takes Kash down with a sleeper hold. Scorpio backs Kash against the ropes and chops Kash followed by a elbow smash over the back of the neck. Scorpio takes Kash down with a standing dropkick and super kicks Kash! Scorpio tosses Kash to the floor and kicks Kash into the guard railing. Scorpio attempts a cross body but Kash moves and Scorpio lands on his feet. Kash slingshots over the top rope and connects with a hurricanrana on the floor! Kash with several kicks to Scorpio’s chest and backs Scorpio into the guard railing. Kash digs his fingers into Scorpio’s back and scratches his opponent. Scorpio with a few chops and drags Kash up the ramp way. Kash is able to toss Scorpio off the ramp way and Scorpio lands on several chairs. Kash leaps off the ramp way and takes Scorpio out with a somersault dive in the crowd! Kash gets back to the ring first and Scorpio is able to make it back before the ten count as Kash broke the count. Scorpio baseball slides Scorpio back to the floor and nails Scorpio with his Japan tag team title. Scorpio blocks a second shot and starts to jab Kash but Kash comes back with a few right hands. Kash sends Scorpio chest first into the guard railing but runs into a big boot. Scorpio tosses Kash back into the ring and power bombs Kash! Scorpio heads to the middle rope and hit’s a somersault leg drop! Scorpio heads to the top rope and connects with another somersault leg drop which gets a standing ovation. Scorpio goes for the cover but Kash kicks out at two. Scorpio misses a cross body off the middle rope and this allows Kash to come off the top with a moonsault for a near fall. Kash with a few more kicks and barely connects with a double springboard hurricanrana for a near fall. Scorpio is able to recover and nails Kash with a super kick and several knee strikes. Scorpio with a back flip and almost wins the contest! Scorpio plants Kash with a straight jacket power bomb and heads to the top rope. Scorpio leaps off and hit’s the 450 splash to win the match! ***¼

Axl Rotten talks about doing what everyone did because of their love for the business.

Fourth Contest: The Gangstanators fought the Bad Breed to a no contest:
The match originally started off with it just being Kronus against the Bad Breed but New Jack made his way down to the ring to help Kronus. Kronus has been busted open as Jack comes down and tries to use scissors on Ian but isn’t able to. All four men just beat the crap out of each other with anything they can find for several minutes. The ending sees Kronus put Ian on a table eventually and New Jack leaps off the top of a scaffold to splash onto Ian crashing through the table! Their wasn’t a pin fall or anything, they just stopped wrestling. NR
After the contest, Jack grabs a microphone and says that they were loyal to the fans just as the fans were loyal to them. Jack says ECW are the most important letters to him.

Jerry Lynn talks about requesting a match with Justin Credible. This will also be his first match since his shoulder surgery.

Fifth Contest: Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible:
Credible crotch chops Lynn in the corner as Lynn was trying to lockup. Credible stalls for several moments any physical interaction with Lynn. Lynn with a side headlock when Credible finally comes back to the ring. Credible sends Lynn into the ropes but is met with s shoulder block and bails to the floor. Lynn with a wrist lock but Credible counters with one of his own. Lynn takes Credible down with a float over arm drag. Credible with a knee to Lynn’s gut and chops Lynn in the corner followed by right hands. Lynn battles out of the corner with a series of chops but Credible pokes Lynn in the eyes. They begin to trade several chops until Credible pokes Lynn in the eyes again. Lynn comes off the ropes with a tilt a whirl head scissors and arm drags Credible. Lynn works on Credible’s shoulder briefly. Credible punches Lynn to get out of the hold and goes back to chopping Lynn. Credible is sent into the corner and Credible flips upside down. Lynn drives Credible down with a running bulldog. Lynn also connects with a guillotine leg drop from the apron and Credible crashes to the floor. Credible tosses Lynn back first into the guard railing and clotheslines Lynn into the crowd. Lynn avoids a suplex on the floor and clotheslines Credible into the crowd. Lynn grabs a table and runs off the apron taking Credible out with a somersault dive! Back in the ring, Credible hits Lynn with a chair in the gut but Lynn is able to DDT Credible on the chair and Credible is busted open! Lynn punches Credible several times to open up the cut some more. Lynn bites Credible’s forehead as well before grabbing a chair from Jason on the apron. Lynn turns around with the chair in hand and is met with a super kick from Credible sending the chair into Lynn’s face. Credible stomps away on Lynn in the corner and drives his knee into a chair smashing Lynn in the face. Credible drives Lynn down across the chair with a power bomb and gets a near fall. Lynn with a body scissors roll up out of the corner for a near fall. Credible connects with a side slam as Lynn comes off the ropes and gets a two count. Credible tosses Lynn to the floor and Jason elbows Lynn across the chest. Credible with a leg drop but only gets a near fall on the cover attempt. Lynn elbows out of a chin lock but is poked in the eyes again by Credible. Credible with a quick power slam and gets a two count. Credible misses a baseball slide and goes groin first into the ring post. Lynn with right hands and a short arm clothesline. Lynn avoids a pile driver and hit’s the Kryptonite Crunch and gets a two count. Jason hits Lynn over the back with a chair and Credible drives Lynn down with the That’s Incredible! Credible covers Lynn but isn’t able to put Lynn away! Lynn connects with the cradle pile driver but Credible is able to kick out of the finisher! Lynn goes to the top rope but is shoved off by Jason and Lynn crashes to the canvas. Credible goes to the rope but Lynn crotches Credible on the top turnbuckle. Lynn springboard dropkicks Jason to the floor and heads to the top rope where he connects with a hurricanrana sending Credible crashing through a table on the floor! Lynn covers Credible back in the ring but Jason yanks the referee out of the ring. Credible sets Lynn up for a pile driver and Jason goes to the top rope but is shoved off by Jazz. Jazz drives Jason down with a neck breaker and nails Jason with a right hand on the floor after Jason kisses her. Lynn and Credible trade right hands until Lynn goes for a tombstone pile driver. Credible reverses but Lynn counters again and hit’s a cradle tombstone pile driver for the win. ***
After the match, Lynn says “not fucking bad for being 42 years old”.

Before the next match, Raven says that he is a much bigger star than the Sandman. Raven says that Sandman is very similar to Jason Knight in terms of popularity. Raven puts down the fans as well.

Sixth Contest: Raven defeated the Sandman:
Sandman hits Raven’s stooges with his kendo stick until Raven attacks Sandman from behind with a microphone. Raven with a few kendo stick shots over the head. Sandman isn’t affected until he is low blowed by Raven. Raven stomps away on Sandman as the fans chant “Johnny Polo”. Raven with several jabs in the corner but Sandman kicks his way out of the corner and tosses Raven to the floor. Raven with a chair shot on the floor but Sandman tosses Raven back first into the guard railing a couple of times. Sandman attempts a suplex onto a ladder but Raven blocks it and is able to suplex Sandman onto the ladder. Raven hits Sandman with the ladder sends Sandman shoulder first into the ladder. Raven with a side Russian leg sweep into the guard railing and flips Sandman into the railing as well. Back in the ring, Raven rams Sandman head first into the ladder. Sandman whips the ladder right into Raven’s face from the floor. Raven has been busted wide open from the ladder shot. Meanie throws powder into Sandman’s eyes and Raven DDT’s Sandman but only gets a two count. Raven attempts a running bulldog but Sandman throws Raven through a table in the corner. Sandman hits Raven’s goons with his kendo stick and places a ladder on top of Raven. Sandman comes off the top and connects with a swanton bomb. Sandman sets up a table and ducks a kendo stick shot from Raven. Sandman with a side Russian leg sweep and places Raven on a table. Sandman comes off the top and again hit’s a somersault senton crashing through the table. Sandman covers but Meanie pulls the referee out. Meanie drops Sandman with a neck breaker and connects with three moonsault, with the third one being the best. Raven covers but Sandman pops his shoulder up at two. Sandman tosses a chair at Raven’s face and uses a ladder to take Raven and his goons out. Sandman with the DDT on Raven but Don E. Allen comes in and breaks up the count. Mikey Whipwreck comes in and takes Allen out. Whipwreck gives Sandman a beer but turns on Sandman and hits the Whippersnapper. Raven covers Sandman and wins the match. **

Main Event: Sabu defeated Shane Douglas and Terry Funk in a barbed wire match:
Three way lockup and then a chain of side headlocks. Douglas is pushed midsection first into the barbed while Funk is sent back first into the wire. Sabu also sends Douglas back first into the wire and follows up with a springboard leg drop on Funk who was still stuck in the wire. Douglas bails from the ring to avoid being sent into the wire. Funk and Sabu double team Douglas on the floor for a brief moment. Sabu leaps off a chair and takes both Funk and Douglas out with a dive! Funk drags Sabu to the floor and sends Sabu head first into a table. Douglas sends Funk side first into the guard railing. Douglas and Sabu rake Funk’s face across the barbed wire. Douglas turns on Sabu and does the same to Sabu! Douglas sends Sabu chest first into the barbed wire and Douglas rubs Funk head first into the barbed wire. Douglas is able to shove Funk back first into the wire. Sabu has a chin lock on Funk but lets go quickly. Sabu gets a chair goes to leap off the chair but Funk moves it and Sabu springboards into the wire! Funk with a hangman’s neck breaker on Sabu and Douglas chokes Funk across the barbed wire. Three way sleeper hold spot with Funk yanking Douglas off Sabu and dropping Funk and getting a near fall. Douglas tries to cover both Sabu and Funk but is dropped across the bottom wire on the kick out. On the floor, Funk pile drives Sabu on the concrete. Funk sends Sabu into the crowd while Douglas tosses Funk over into the crowd as well. Sabu tosses a chair at Douglas from the crowd and rolls Douglas back into the ring. Douglas with a low blow and drops Sabu midsection first across the barbed wire! All three men are back in the ring and Funk is able to low blow Douglas and hit Sabu with a chair. Funk tosses a chair at Douglas’s face and again to Sabu who backs up into the barbed wire. Funk sends Sabu chest first into the barbed wire and Douglas comes over to tangle Funk’s arm in the wire! Funk is helped out of the wire and he quickly tangles Sabu’s head in the barbed wire! Douglas with a chair shot on Funk and the referee. The top wire has been cut down to free Sabu from the wire. Douglas covers Funk but isn’t able to get the three. Douglas covers Sabu as well but Sabu kicks out. Funk smashes a chair over Douglas’s back. Funk nails Sabu with a chair as Francine wraps a chain around Douglas fist. Funk is rubbing Sabu’s forehead into the wire. Douglas hits the referee, Funk and Sabu with the chain. Douglas uses a chair to hit Funk over the back of the neck. Douglas starts using the chair on both Sabu and Funk. Reverse rolling neck snap by Douglas on Funk. Douglas drops Sabu throat first across the wire. Douglas sets up a ladder in the ring and climbs up the ladder. The lights go out as Douglas is on the ladder, and Mick Foley appears with a referee shirt on! Foley yanks Douglas off the ladder and puts on Mr. Socko and the fans start to turn on Foley. Foley uses the sock but Douglas low blows Foley. Funk with several jabs and Foley drops Douglas with a double arm DDT! Foley wraps barbed wire around the sock and puts the barbed wire sock into Douglas mouth! Funk with the rolling leg splits on Douglas and covers Douglas but only gets a two count. Sabu hits Douglas with a chair while in the hold and Funk pins Douglas to eliminate him.
First Elimination:
Shane Douglas via pin fall by Funk.
Funk has the spinning toe hold on Funk but Sabu takes Funk down with a sunset flip for a near fall. Funk rolls through and slingshots Sabu into the bottom wire and Sabu crashes to the floor! Funk places Sabu on the table and climbs up the ladder but the ladder collapses on Funk! Sabu with the Arabian face buster and pins Funk to win the match! ***
After the match, everyone involved in the show came down to check on Funk, Sabu and Douglas.

End of show

My Take:
I didn’t find the opening tag team match to be all that good. The only person out of the four who I never really liked was Chris Chetti. I don’t think he performed here or anything but the overall match just wasn’t entertaining. The fans are going to love pretty much everything, because they have been waiting four years (to this point) for a reunion show.

Meanie/Smothers was a fine comedy match for the night. The actual wrestling was repetitive and just wasn’t anything I was interested in. I find it kind of funny that the fans gave Meanie a standing ovation as if they haven’t seen him in years. The guy had been running 3PW for several years at the ECW Arena.

Scorpio/Kash was a good match as I would have to say Kash and Scorpio are the only two guys on the show who can still go at a high speed. Their were a few botches throughout the contest or at least a few moves that weren’t done so crisp. Still, they put on the best match to that point. Always great to see Scorpio pull off his high risk moves too.

Credible/Lynn was a good match but their was a few awkward moments during a few exchanges that prevented a higher rating from me. They didn’t ruin the match as I still gave it a passing grade, but if they didn’t happen it could have been really close to a great match. Lynn can still go even at 42 (and currently now in 2010).

Raven/Sandman was the typical Raven/Sandman matches they have had on the independent seen in the past. Nothing different here then they have done in the three years they have both been competing all over the Northeast. It was still a semi-decent contest but the interference wasn’t necessary for a reunion show.

The barbed wire match was a fun hardcore encounter with three ECW legends. Some of the spots were sickening. One of the better barbed wire matches I have watched. A great way to end the Hardcore Homecoming event.

Overall, this was not a bad reunion show at all. Lynn/Credible, Scorpio/Kash and the barbed wire match were entertaining contests. Like all shows, their was some garbage stuff but it didn’t hurt my overall thoughts on the show. A good show to remember what ECW truly was before the WWE ruined it with their brand.

Thanks for reading.

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