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ECW House Show 11/10/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling Fan Cam
From: Schenectady, NY

Opening Contest: Balls Mahoney defeated Mike Bell:
Bell attacks Mahoney from behind with several right hands but misses a clothesline. Mahoney with several jabs of his own and goes for a crossbody but Bell moves and Mahoney crashes to the floor. Bell bites Mahoney on the floor but is sent back first into the railing by Mahoney. Mahoney scoop slams Bell and heads to the top rope where Mahoney misses a leg drop. Bell with a bridging fall away slam for a near fall. Mahoney nails Bell with a short arm clothesline and has a fork! Mahoney goes to use it but the referee stops him and Bell low blows Mahoney. Bell with a sit out spine buster and gets a two count. Bell has Mahoney’s chair and goes to use it but the referee yanks that away as well. The referee also shoves Bell and Mahoney rolls Bell up for two count. Bell drops Mahoney with a clothesline but only gets a two count. Mahoney battles out of a headlock but Bell yanks Mahoney down by the hair. Mahoney sends Bell into a corner and connects with a super kick. Mahoney has his chair and whacks Bell over the head to win the match. ½*

Second Contest: Da Baldies defeated Christian York/Joey Matthews:
DeVito and Matthews start off the match with both men shoving each other. DeVito with a side headlock for the early advantage. Matthews gets out of it and goes for a shoulder block but DeVito doesn’t budge. Matthews with a side headlock but is sent into the ropes and DeVito knocks Matthews down with a shoulder block. Matthews comes back with a head scissors takedown to send DeVito to the floor. Angel comes in but is met with a double team suplex. Matthews and York baseball slide Da Baldies on the floor and keep the advantage but sending them into the railing and ring post. Matthews with a middle rope splash on DeVito and York also comes off the top with a splash. DeVito is able to send Matthews to the floor and Angel tosses Matthews into the guard railing. Angel follows up with a chair shot across Matthews back a few times. DeVito covers back in the ring but Matthews kicks out at two. DeVito continues his offense with a standing leg drop and along with Angel double team Matthews with a few boots to the head. Angel scoop slams Matthews and tags out to DeVito. Matthews gets a two count following a sunset flip rollup but DeVito quickly nails Matthews with a clothesline for a two count. DeVito with several jabs and a standing dropkick. Angel lifts Matthews up by the hair and slams Matthews down to the mat. Angel takes Matthews over with a overhead belly to belly suplex before tagging in DeVito. DeVito leaps off the top and misses a moonsault attempt. York gets the hot tag and cleans house with right hands and plants DeVito with a wheelbarrow face buster. All four men brawl in the ring with York and Matthews getting the upper hand. Matthews takes Angel out on the floor with a crossbody off the top. York is sent into the ropes and Angel whacks York over the head with a steel chair to allow DeVito to get the win. *

Third Contest: Nova defeated Bilvis Wesley:
Wesley with a go behind but Nova counters into one of his own. Wesley takes Nova over with a fireman’s carry but doesn’t follow up. Wesley backs Nova into a corner and backs off cleanly. Nova backs Wesley into a corner and begins to hammer away on him. Wesley attempts a power slam after catching Nova in the corner but fails. Nova takes Wesley down with a head scissors and knocks Wesley to the floor with a yakuza kick. Nova is dragged to the floor by Marquez but avoids a double team. Wesley distracts the referee and allows Marquez to attack Nova in the ring with a over head throw. Wesley slams Nova and heads to the middle rope connecting with a body splash. Nova with a big boot in the corner but misses a clothesline and is slammed by Wesley. Nova with a inside cradle but Wesley kicks out and super kicks Nova for a two count. Wesley taunts the fans on the middle rope and misses a diving elbow drop. They trade right hands until Nova gets the upper hand and backdrops Wesley. Nova with a flurry of right hands in the corner and stomps a mud hole in Wesley! Nova connects with a step up kick to the side of Wesley’s head. Nova is able to plant Wesley with a tornado DDT but his pin attempt is broken up by Marquez. Marquez and some chick fail at a double team and Nova drives the chick face first down to the mat. Wesley almost wins with a rollup but Nova is able to finish Wesley of with the Kryptonite Krunch. ½*

Fourth Contest: ECW World Tag Team Champions Little Guido/Tony Mamaluke defeated Super Crazy/Tajiri to retain the titles:
Guido and Crazy kick off the contest which sees Guido getting a near fall with a backslide. Guido manages to take Crazy down with a arm breaker but Crazy doesn’t tap out. Mamaluke enters and they fail at a double back suplex. Crazy drives them both down with a face buster and tags in Tajiri who nails Mamaluke with a stiff kick and chops. Mamaluke with a wheelbarrow arm drag but Tajiri goes to work with a kick but Mamaluke comes back and dropkicks Tajiri to the floor. Mamaluke misses a suicide dive but is caught by Sal E. Crazy takes all three FBI members out with a somersault dive leaping over Tajiri! Tajiri with a dropkick backs Guido into the corner and Tajiri low blows Guido. Tajiri with a stiff kick in the corner and mocks Guido who is holding his groin. Tajiri is stopped on the middle rope and is slammed by the FBI. Mamaluke covers but only gets a two count. Mamaluke continues his offense with a snap suplex and a northern lights suplex for a near fall on Tajiri. Tajiri is placed gut first on the top rope and Guido comes off the middle rope with a leg drop to the back of Tajiri’s head. Guido stomps away on Guido in the corner for a few moments. Guido comes out of the corner but runs into a super kick. Tajiri knocks Mamaluke down with a handspring back elbow and tags in Crazy. Crazy with a missile dropkick knocking Mamaluke down. Crazy drives Guido face first to the mat and hammers away on Guido in the corner with several right hands. Crazy sets Guido up in the tree of woe and Tajiri connects with a running baseball slide. Crazy power bombs Mamaluke two times but is clubbed by Sal E from behind. Sal slams Crazy to the mat by landing on top of Crazy and Mamaluke covers Crazy to win the match. **¾
After the match, Tajiri kicks the FBI and hit’s the champs with their tag team titles a few times.

Lou E. Dangerously comes down and says that he has a lot of stroke here. Dangerously insults the fans intelligence and says that he wouldn’t bring his company to this town (even though they are currently there). Dangerously is in the ring for the Danger Zone. Dangerously introduces the Blue Boy and Jasmine St. Claire. Dangerously puts over Blue Boy as looking awesome. Boy, at the time, was very thin compared to his previous and current (as of 2010) larger look. Towel Boy comes in and wipes down the ropes during the segment. Blue Boy cuts the Towel Boy off with a clothesline and beats down the poor kid. Well, that is until the music of New Jack hits!

Fifth Contest: New Jack defeated Blue Boy:
Jack hits Boy with a kendo stick in the midsection and across the back as the match officially starts. Jack has a piece of wood and smashes the piece of wood over Boy’s head. Jack has a hook of some sort and hooks Boy’s groin while jumping up and down. Jack now has a chain and punches Boy e in the groin with his fist wrapped with the chain. Jack chokes Boy for a few moments with the chain. Boy gets a few right hands in but Jack dumps Boy to the floor. Boy gets the upper hand back in the ring but misses a top rope moonsault. Jack grabs a chair and leaps off the top rope smashing Boy over the head to win the match. DUD

Before the next match, Chris Hammrick cuts a promo but Doring cuts in and tells him to shut up. Doring introduces his third tag team partner for the six man tag match. His partner is… The Sandman (who doesn’t show up through the crowd). Sandman does make his rounds through the crowd drinking with fans and all that great stuff.

Sixth Contest: Danny Doring/Roadkill/the Sandman defeated EZ Money/Julio Dinero/Chris Hamrick:
Dinero and Sandman start the match of their teams. Dinero backs Sandman into a corner and does nothing but decides to celebrate the achievement by jumping up in the air. Dinero drops Sandman with a cheap shot as the referee tried to separate them in the corner. Dinero celebrates the achievement again but Sandman is just laughing. Sandman chops Dinero in the corner a couple of times. Money tags in and but quickly tags out to Dinero when Sandman says “I told you not to fucking tag”. Dinero knocks Sandman down with a spinning back elbow and stomps Sandman in the corner. Money tags in now but Sandman is up and hammers away on Money. Sandman locks in a sleeper hold as the fans chant that they want Roadkill. Sandman dropkicks Money and knocks Money into his own corner where Hammrick tags in. Sandman knees Hammrick and takes Hammrick down with a drop toe hold. Sandman dominates Hammrick with a backdrop and turns Hammrick inside out with a clothesline. Doring tags into the match and has a wrist lock on Hammrick followed by several over hand strikes to Hammrick face. Doring misses a clothesline and is met with a super kick from Hammrick. Money tags in and works on Doring in the corner while Sandman drops from the apron and walks to the back. Money with a twisting vertical suplex and gets a near fall on Doring. Dinero/Money connect with a spine buster/neck breaker combo for a near fall on Doring. Dinero drives Doring down with a reverse neck breaker for a near fall. Doring chops Dinero and connects with jumping jaw breaker. Roadkill and Money tag in but Roadkill cleans house on the heels. Roadkill plants Dinero with a side slam but Hammrick whacks Roadkill across the back with a chair. A triple team effort sees Hammrick connect with a clothesline on Roadkill. Money with a elbow drop and gets a two count. Dinero comes back in and comes off the ropes with a elbow drop to keep control. Roadkill misses a splash in the corner and Dinero connects with a neck breaker. Hammrick misses a moonsault and Sandman tags in. Sandman hits all three heels with his kendo stick and spanks Electra as she comes into the ring. Money flips into the ring and nails Sandman with a clothesline for a two count. Doring plants Money with a double arm DDT but isn’t able to get the three. Double super kicks knocks Doring out but Roadkill takes Hammrick and Dinero out with a springboard clothesline. Sandman pours beer on Electra and whacks Hammrick with the kendo stick. Sandman follows up with a side Russian leg sweep and Doring comes off the top with a leg drop while Roadkill follows up with a top rope splash. Roadkill covers Hammrick and gets the three. **½

Before the next match, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger come down to the ring to cut a promo. Diamond has a problem and says that they displayed showcased their technical wrestling ability at November to Remember. Diamond claims that they do not need to use chairs, tables or whacky high flying moves. Diamond tells Swinger to take the night off because Swinger has earned it.

Seventh Contest: Kid Kash defeated Simon Diamond:
Kash with a go behind but Diamond breaks free and takes Kash over with a fireman’s carry. Kash with a wrist lock but Diamond is able to take Kash over with a snap mare and Diamond celebrates his ability with Swinger. Kash with a boot to Diamond’s gut and locks in a side headlock. Kash shoulder blocks Diamond and arm drags Diamond several times. Kash comes off the ropes and is able to send Diamond to the floor with a hurricanrana. Kash takes Swinger and Diamond out with a crossbody on the floor. Kash chops Swinger and sends Diamond back into the ring. Diamond with a jab to stop Kash’s momentum. Kash drop toe holds Diamond and rolls Diamond up for a near fall. Swinger grabs Kash’s foot and allows Diamond to connect with a running clothesline. Diamond works on Kash in the corner with several right hands. Kash with jabs of his own and gets a boot up in the corner. Kash leaps off the top and connects with a moonsault for a near fall. Kash scoop slams Diamond and springs off the middle rope but is distracted by Swinger. Diamond regains control of the match with a side Russian leg sweep. Diamond with two snap suplex and a front slam for a near fall. Kash with a sunset flip for a near fall and quickly goes for a crossbody but is caught and slammed by Diamond for a two count. Kash is sent to the floor and Swinger sends Kash back first into the guard railing. Swinger also hits Kash with a chair and Diamond gets a two count back in the ring. Kash with a double springboard crossbody but only gets a two count. Kash sets Diamond up for the Money Maker but Swinger gets on the apron and the referee gets knocked down. Swinger and Diamond spike Kash with a spike DDT. Diamond goes for the cover but Kash is able to pop his shoulder up. Kash comes off the ropes and drives Diamond down with a tornado DDT to pick up the three. **¼

Joel Gertner comes down and cuts his usual sexual poems. Danny Daniels cuts Gertner off and asks Gertner if he is done feeding the fans bullshit. Daniels promo consists of him ripping on the New York crowd as being filled with criminals and people who participate in incest. Gertner pokes fun at Daniels apparent inability to please a woman. Daniels attacks Gertner until Spike Dudley marches down to the ring. Dudley quickly hits the Acid Drop and dumps Daniels to the floor. Dudley turns around and is GORED by Rhino. Rhino and Credible beat down Dudley until Jerry Lynn and Tommy Dreamer run down to make the save. Rhino and Credible bail to the floor and head to the backstage area. Dreamer has a microphone and says that he wants to kick Rhino and Credible’s asses. Dreamer mentions that he hasn’t been given clearance to compete. Thus, Dreamer announces that Lynn will have a special hand pick partner and it will be “TOO SWEET”! The fans pretty much know who that is..

Before the next match, CW Anderson says that Steve Corino has screwed him out of the ECW World Championship and the number one contendership at Anarchy Rulz. Anderson wants Corino to hit him. Anderson ducks a right hand and hammers away on Corino to start the match.

Eighth Contest: ECW World Champion Steve Corino defeated CW Anderson to retain the title:
Anderson continues to hammer away on Corino while telling Corino that his son is a bastard. Corino comes back with a flurry of right hands and a biotic elbow. Corino with a swinging neck breaker and jabs Anderson several times followed by a biotic elbow that sends Anderson to the floor. Corino delivers a few right hands on the floor and sends Anderson into the guard railing back first a couple of times. Corino grabs a chair and whacks Anderson across the back. Corino misses a chair shot and hit’s the ring post. Corino turns around and Anderson tosses the chair into Corino’s face. Anderson rams Corino shoulder first into the ring post to keep the advantage. Anderson throws the chair at Corino’s arm which is wrapped around the ring post. Anderson chops Corino as they walk up the entrance way. Anderson tosses Corino back into the ring and works on Corino’s arm after avoiding a clothesline. Anderson stomps on Corino’s injured arm and gets a two count. Corino punches his way out of the corner but Anderson drives Corino down with a arm DDT for a near fall. Clothesline by Corino after low blowing Anderson in the corner. Anderson ducks a clothesline and nails Corino with a left hand which almost gets him the win. Anderson delivers a shoulder breaker and gets a near fall on the cover attempt. Anderson sets up a chair in the middle of the ring and goes for a hammerlock scoop slam but Corino gets out of it and atomic drops Anderson onto the chair! Corino with a few right hands and a super kick after avoiding a clothesline. Leg lariat by Corino gets him a two count and calls for a table. Jack Victory slides a table into the ring and Corino sets it up halfway before Anderson cuts him off. Corino low blows Anderson and works on Anderson in the corner with a few right hands. Corino sends Anderson crashing through the table with a exploder suplex! Johnny Swinger comes down and attacks Jack Victory as Cyrus yanks the referee out of the ring. Swinger nails Corino with the championship and puts Anderson on top. Anderson covers but Corino kicks out at two! Cyrus and Swinger enter the ring and stomp away on Corino until Victory comes in but he is knocked down by Anderson. Anderson super kicks Corino and gets another two count. Corino hit’s the Old School Expulsion five seconds later and wins the match. ***

Main Event: Jerry Lynn/Scott Hall defeated Justin Credible/ECW Television Champion Rhino:
Rhino and Lynn start the match with Rhino leg tripping Lynn but not following up. Rhino with a side headlock takedown but Lynn gets out with a head scissors and they do the same spot this time in reverse. Rhino hammers away on Lynn backing Lynn up against the ropes. Rhino goes for a press slam but Lynn gets out of it and crossbodys Rhino as he comes off the ropes for a near fall. Lynn also takes Rhino down with a hurricanrana and Rhino tags out to Credible. Credible wants Hall so Lynn tags in Hall. Hall crotch chops Rhino before turning his attention to Credible. Hall tosses a tooth pick at Credible and laughs. Hall with a wrist lock and a few shoulder blocks to control Credible. Hall smacks the back of Credible’s head until Credible breaks away. Credible with a knee lift and hammers away on Hall for a few moments. Hall misses a clothesline but catches Credible and connects with a fall away slam. Hall punches Rhino off the apron and both men walk up the entrance way. Hall grabs a microphone and does his usual catchphrases. Hall wants to see Francine show her boobs but Francine says that we will see Rhino and Credible beat Hall and Lynn. Hall controls Rhino with a wrist lock and a switches to a top wrist lock. Rhino knocks Hall down with a clothesline and stomps away on Hall. Rhino sends Hall into Credible’s boot and Credible tags in working on Hall in the corner with several jabs. Francine chokes Hall on the bottom rope and Rhino tags in to keep control of the match by punching Hall several times. Rhino with a running spear in the corner and gets a two count. Hall gets out of a sleeper hold with a back suplex but isn’t able to tag out as Credible tags in and super kicks Hall. Credible covers but is only able to get a near fall as Hall reaches the ropes. Credible drops Hall with a chop but is sent into the corner and flips upside down. Credible comes out of the corner and is met with a clothesline from Hall. Rhino gets the tag and so does Lynn. Lynn cleans house with right hands and plants Rhino with a tornado DDT. Lynn comes out of the corner planting Credible with a tornado DDT as well. Francine comes into the ring and gets cornered by Hall and Dreamer. Dreamer punches Francine while Hall turns around and is clotheslined by Rhino. Lynn reverses a That’s Incredible attempt and connects with a tombstone pile driver to win the match. **½

End of show

My Take:
Bell’s attempted “tough guy” face is actually pretty funny. It seemed like a really forced attempt to be a tough guy. Anyway, the match with Mahoney wasn’t anything great. I didn’t understand why the referee restricted weapon usage but allowed Mahoney to hit Bell with a chair. That didn’t make much sense to me.

I thought the tag team match was pretty basic and boring. I didn’t like the finish because it was pretty much the same thing that happened in the first match. Not a good start to the house show.

Well, I think it is pretty obvious the first part of this show has sucked. Nova in my opinion is a sleeper in ECW. The guy has loads of talent and is apparently over with the crowd. Why he continues to be just placed in the under card and working rather dull and boring matches with someone like Wesley is something I don’t understand. Hopefully things will pick up with the tag title match next!

This match marks the return of Super Crazy. He hadn’t been involved with ECW for several months. The match was actually a decent contest despite not going really all that long. It wasn’t a fabulous match or a great match that I was hoping for but it is a good start to having the rest of the show not suck like the first three matches.

New Jack/Blue Boy’s match/brawl segment was pretty much a lame segment. It was just like all of New Jack’s matches which sees Jack just beating his opponent down with various weapons as his music continues to play. For a rather big house show crowd, this show is overall pretty bad so far.

When they actually wrestled in the six man tag match it was fun. However, I didn’t like Sandman’s part in the match. I know the guy is usually drunk when he competes but it seemed like on this show he was over the top drunk to a point where he couldn’t put on a good show and didn’t really care about the match.

I thought something was off about the Kash/Diamond match so I didn’t give it a great rating. It was a fine match but something just didn’t click with it. I like both Diamond and Kash but I just think they shouldn’t be wrestling each other on a consistent basis.

Corino/Anderson was a solid contest even with the interference. Corino and Anderson work very well with each other and it showed here. Also, in a rare case during his ECW run, Steve Corino did not bleed. Also, in my opinion the World Championship match should always main event. Even with a surprise debut of Scott Hall, I believe this match should be considered a bigger deal than Scott Hall. That’s just my opinion though. I mean, people paid for the show before they knew Scott Hall was debuting on the show.

A decent main even match. I was happy to see Jerry Lynn pick up the win over Credible and Rhino since Hall isn’t going to be in ECW apart from his two appearances. I can’t really complain about the match, it wasn’t bad.

Overall, I was entertained by five matches, really. Their wasn’t any standout matches or anything like that but their were a few solid bouts that made the viewing of the show something I didn’t regret doing. Of course, their was some junk and some really bad junk (Jack/Boy) but it was overall a decent house show I thought.

Thanks for reading.

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