UWF Live Event 5/2/2008

Written By: Bob Colling

United Wrestling Federation
From: Harrisonburg, VA

Before the opening contest, Shark Boy, acting as Stone Cold, cuts a promo on “the Man Scout” Jake Manning poking fun at his gimmick. Manning says that he is the most original person in the building.

Opening Contest: Shark Boy defeated Jake Manning:
Manning stalls on the floor for a few moments as the fans are clearly behind Shark Boy. Manning hip tosses Boy to start the match and taunts the fans. Manning is able to arm drag Boy and again gloats about his offense. Manning controls Boy with a scoop slam and gives Boy the opportunity to let Boy leave the ring. Manning with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Boy coming off the ropes. Boy gets some offense in that consists of a hip toss, arm drag, scoop slam and a dropkick that sends Manning to the floor. Manning grabs a microphone and recites his rules and declares the referee should throw out the match because of unnecessary roughness and punting. Boy grabs a piece of Manning’s uniform and rubs it on his backside. Manning backs Boy into a corner and misses a right hand. Boy chops Manning a few times and comes out of the corner with a couple of clotheslines. Boy tries to clothesline Manning to the floor but is unable to. Manning rolls to the floor and tries to walk to the back. Boy nails Manning with a right hand and sends Manning into the guard railing. Boy continues to chop Manning on the floor until Manning sends Boy into the ring post to regain control of the match. Manning rams Boy shoulder first into the ring post again. Manning goes for the cover back in the ring but Boy kicks out at two. Boy is choked on the middle rope but avoids Manning who crotches himself across the middle rope. Boy hammers away on Manning and takes Manning down with a Thez Press followed by right hands. Boy stomps away on Manning in the corner. Boy comes out of the corner with a running bulldog and gets a near fall. Boy goes for another running bulldog but Manning shoves Boy into a corner. Manning goes for a brain buster but Boy gets out of it and hits the Stunner to win the match.

Second Contest: ODB defeated Daffney:
Daffney attacks ODB from behind and stomps away on ODB. Daffney rams ODB head first into the top turnbuckle and continues to kick ODB several times. Daffney scoop slams ODB and drops a elbow for a near fall. Daffney with a overhand chop but ODB comes back with a few chops and a couple of shoulder rams in the corner. Daffney pokes ODB in the eyes and goes for a suplex but ODB rolls Daffney up for a near fall. Daffney puts her knee between ODB’s shoulder blades but ODB gets up and punches Daffney several times. ODB with several running clotheslines and a fall away slam! ODB rams Daffney face first into the top turnbuckle as ODB sat on the top rope. ODB with a middle rope Thez Press and wins the match rather quickly. ½*

Before the match, Spike Dudley introduces his manager named Jason. Jason is a little kid who has a Mohawk just like Dudley. Lawler also cuts a promo about telling Jason to knock out their opponents if they do anything wrong. Lawler says that he likes puppies and wants puppies by ringside. So, he has brought his favorite WWE Diva to UWF, Terri Runnels! Terri gets pretty much nothing of a reception. Lawler pokes fun at his opponents, and does a pretty good job at being funny.

Third Contest: Jerry Lawler/Spike Dudley defeated Charlie Dreamer/Caleb Konley:
Konley and Dudley start the match. Konley with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Dudley. Konley is tripped by Dudley and Dudley rolls Konley up for a near fall. Konley shoulder blocks Dudley but Dudley hip tosses Konley a few times and tags in Lawler. Lawler nails Konley with a right hand and Konley rolls to the floor quickly. Dreamer tags into the contest and backs Lawler into his corner where Konley holds Lawler. Dreamer charges but accidentally hits Konley instead of Lawler! Dudley holds Dreamer and Lawler charges but Dreamer moves. Lawler doesn’t hit Dudley and instead nails Dreamer with a right hand. Dreamer hammers away on Lawler but taunts the fans and Lawler punches Dreamer into a corner. Lawler avoids a hip toss by clothes lining Dreamer and connects with a dropkick. Dudley tags back in and atomic drops Dreamer followed by a clothesline for a near fall. Konley and Dreamer double team Dudley in the corner hammering away on Dudley for a few moments. Konley gets a near fall on Dudley but keeps control with a headlock. Dreamer tags in and drives his knee between Dudley’s shoulder blades. Dudley gets out of it but Dreamer connects with a swinging neck breaker and gets a near fall. Dreamer keeps Dudley on the mat with a headlock but Dudley elbows his way out of it. Dudley nearly tags Lawler in while in a bear hug but the referee didn’t see it because of Konley (he clearly did see it as he turned around too soon). Konley gets a near fall on Dudley as he tags in and drops a leg across Dudley’s chest. Konley lifts Dudley up and connects with a vertical suplex. Konley leaps off the top and misses a moonsault attempt. Dudley with a running head butt to knock Konley down. Lawler tags in and cleans house with a flurry of right hands. Lawler works on Dreamer in the corner but Dreamer trips Lawler and rolls Lawler up for a near fall using the ropes for leverage. Dreamer grabs Terri but Lawler takes Dreamer down with a back suplex. Lawler plants Dreamer with the pile driver to win the match. *

Fourth Contest: Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Joey Silvia:
Silvia punches Hotty on the mat and up against the ropes. Hotty comes back with a few right hands and skins the cat to avoid crashing to the floor. Hotty knocks Silvia down with a right hand and ducks under a clothesline. Hotty with a back suplex and dropkicks a seated Silvia. Silvia rolls to the floor but Hotty follows and rams Silvia face first into the apron and chops away on the young man. Hotty grabs Silvia and allows a young kid to chop Silvia! Silvia backs Hotty into the apron and enters the ring. Hotty with a sunset flip from the apron and gets a near fall. Silvia with a Code Breaker and gets a two count on Hotty. Silvia chokes Hotty across the middle rope and continues to work on Hotty with right hands and stomps. Silvia connects with a suplex and gets a couple of near falls. Hotty fights out of a headlock and atomic drops Silvia a couple of times. Hotty with a couple of running forearm shots and rams Silvia into four top turnbuckles. Silvia back elbows Hotty but is back dropped by Hotty. Silvia avoids a face buster and connects with a rolling fireman’s carry. Silvia misses a middle rope moonsault and Hotty quickly connects with a face buster. Hotty connects with the Worm and picks up the win.
After the match, Hotty does some Hulk Hogan poses with a couple of young kids who look totally uninterested in doing them. Hotty does another Worm and poses for pictures.

Fifth Contest: Motor City Machine Guns defeated Team Macktion:
Kirby and Shelley start the match with Shelley backing Kirby into a corner but doesn’t do anything. Kirby backs Shelley into a corner and also cleanly breaks away. Kirby with a side headlock but Shelley elbows out of it and goes for a rollup but Kirby hangs onto the ropes. Shelley drop toe holds Kirby and trips Kirby up but Kirby gets away and they kip up. Shelley with a wrist lock to control Kirby and tags out to Sabin. Sabin with a top rope double axe handle to Kirby’s lower back. TJ tags in and is met with a drop toe from Sabin and Sabin gets a near fall. Sabin arm drags TJ and has a wrist lock on his opponent. Sabin kicks TJ in the gut but TJ comes back with a leg lariat, arm drag and attempts a wheelbarrow but Sabin rolls TJ up for a near fall. Sabin knocks TJ down with a spinning heel kick and rams TJ into Shelley’s boots a couple of times. Shelley tags into the contest and works on TJ with a few right hands and a elbow smash. Shelley with a jumping knee drop and get a near fall on TJ. Shelley with a abdominal stretch but lets go and tags in Sabin. Sabin with a quick leg drop and gets a two count. Shelley tags back in and kicks TJ hard in the midsection and locks in a camel clutch. Shelley rolls TJ up but isn’t able to get a three count. Shelley continues with a standing fist drop and gets another near fall. TJ comes off the ropes and is met with a chop from Shelley. Shelley collides with Sabin on the apron and TJ dropkicks Shelley to the floor. Sabin attempts a missile dropkick but Kirby dropkicks Sabin in midair. Kirby nails Sabin with a spinning thrust kick and nearly wins the contest. Sabin with a knee strike to Kirby’s midsection to stop Sabin’s offense. Sabin connects with a backbreaker and Shelley hit’s a slingshot elbow drop from the apron. Sabin comes off the top with a senton splash. Sabin manages to back suplex Shelley onto Kirby and they clothesline TJ to the floor. Stereo crossbodys by the MCMG onto their opponents on the floor. Back in the ring, Sabin has a abdominal stretch on Kirby and rolls Kirby up for a two count. Kirby with a running clothesline in the corner and TJ monkey flips Sabin. Kirby comes off the top with a missile dropkick and TJ gets a near fall on Sabin. TJ with a drop toe hold and Kirby holds Sabin head so that TJ can dropkick Sabin from the apron. Kirby with a rollup on Sabin but isn’t able to put Sabin away. Double hip toss takes Sabin down and Kirby helps TJ wheelbarrow leg drop Sabin for a near fall. Side Russian leg sweep by TJ and goes back to stretching Sabin by his corner. TJ with a few northern lights suplex on Sabin but isn’t able to put Sabin away. Kirby tags in and kicks Sabin in the side. Kirby springs off the middle rope and kicks Sabin in the face which gets him a two count. Sabin chops Kirby a few times and tries to tag in Shelley but Kirby prevents that from occurring. Sabin kicks TJ away and tags in Shelley who cleans house on both Kirby and TJ. Shelley kicks TJ face first down to the mat and kicks Kirby on the side of the head. Sabin drops TJ throat first across the top rope and Shelley connects with a spine buster and a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Shelley charges towards corner but Kirby avoids the attack and connects with a impressive back stabber! Sabin comes off the top with a missile dropkick and splashes into Kirby in the corner. Kirby with a forearm shot but runs into a DDT by Shelley and Sabin DDT’s Kirby. Kirby is on his knees and is met with a double super kick! TJ fights off the MCMG with a few kicks and takes Shelley down with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. TJ tries to catapult Shelley into Kirby and barely is able to. Shelley is on TJ’s knees and Kirby comes off the top with a double stomp for a near fall! Sabin trips Kirby on the apron and is able to hit TJ with a ace crusher. Sabin leaps off Shelley’s back to dropkick Kirby off the apron. TJ is left alone and is kicked by both Sabin and Shelley. MCMG double dropkick TJ and pick up the win. **½

Before the main event, James Storm rips on the crowd.

Main Event: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe defeated Jerry Lynn, Joey Matthews and James Storm in a elimination match to retain the title:
Matthews and Storm attack Joe from behind. Lynn goes after Matthews while Joe tosses Storm to the floor. Lynn dives onto Matthews on the floor. Storm is tossed into the guard railing by Joe. Matthews also tosses Lynn back first into the guard railing. All four men have brawled into the crowd. Matthews is working on Lynn near the top of the bleachers while Joe tosses Storm down a few steps. Joe nails Storm with a running yakuza kick in the crowd. Back in the ring, Matthews hits Lynn with a chair and heads to the top rope. Lynn catches Matthews and slams Matthews to the mat. Lynn with a elbow drop and struts before chopping Matthews in the corner. Matthews with a eye poke and goes for a slam but Lynn gets out of it and drops Matthews with a reverse DDT. Lynn hammers away on Matthews in the corner and plants Matthews with a tornado DDT. Matthews rolls to the apron. Joe is back in the ring and chops Lynn followed by a running knee strike. Joe slams a charging Lynn down in the corner and gets a two count. Lynn is able to leap off the middle rope and hurricanrana Joe. Lynn barely hits Joe with a springboard dropkick. Joe kicks Lynn on the chest and goes for a knee drop but Lynn moves out of the way. Storm is back in the ring and connects with the eight second ride on Lynn for a near fall! Lynn with a guillotine leg drop in the corner on Storm. Joe kicks Lynn in the corner and hits the Muscle Buster. Matthews tosses Joe to the floor and pins Lynn.
First Elimination: Jerry Lynn via pin fall by Joey Matthews
Joe has a choke locked in on Matthews but Storm hammers away on Joe saving Matthews. Double back elbow to drop Joe and both Storm and Matthews get near falls. Joe jabs both Matthews and Storm. Joe power slams Matthews after bouncing Matthews off of Storm. Joe with a few face washes in the corner and goes off the ropes but is tripped by Matthews. Matthews gets crotched on the top rope by Joe and Joe goes for the Muscle Buster. Storm comes over and clips Joe’s knee to prevent the move. Matthews holds Joe for Storm and Storm accidentally super kicks Matthews. Joe covers Matthews and eliminates Matthews.
Second Elimination: Joey Matthews via pin fall by Samoa Joe
Storm kicks Joe on the side of the head and drives Joe down with a back stabber for a near fall. Storm bridges a chair in the corner but Joe atomic drops Storm and comes off the ropes with a running yakuza kick and a senton splash for a near fall. Joe charges the corner but Storm sends Joe head first into the chair and almost gets the win on the pin attempt! Storm goes for the super kick but Joe blocks it and goes for the rear naked choke but Storm love blows Joe. Storm tries for a rollup but Joe powers out of it and has a rear naked choke on Storm! After about five seconds Storm is forced to tap out.
Third Elimination: James Storm via submission by Samoa Joe ***
After the match, Samoa Joe celebrates his victory.

End of show

My Take:
Boy/Manning could have been a lot worse than it was but it wasn’t a horrible contest. I was fully expecting a comedy match but it wasn’t so I can live with that. Their was a few times throughout the contest where their was dead silence from the crowd. Which was surprising considering at the beginning they loved Shark Boy and everything he did.

I guess even small independent companies like UWF have squash matches. That was pretty much exactly what the ODB/Daffney match was.

The tag team match was rather boring. Those young kids most likely weren’t able to showcase what they could do because their opponents are fairly old. The fans loved Lawler and Dudley so it made sense to have them go over. The addition of Terri to the show didn’t make a lot of sense. Seemed like no one in attendance remembered who she was.

I should also point out that UWF is clearly a family orientated company. Several matches saw the wrestlers having a child as their guest manager. I have to give credit to Hermie Sadler for keeping wrestling a event that you can bring your family to.

Hotty/Silvia was fairly basic as well. People hardly made any noise for when Hotty hit the Worm. I’ve never heard such silence of the move, ever. UWF fails to book their young guys good on the show as all three of them just got manhandled by aged superstars of WWE fame. Hotty did the best he could to get some fans to like him, but they just didn’t care for him all that much.

I was looking forward to watching the MCMG/Mack tag match but I was very disappointed by it. I don’t know what I was expecting in terms of a star rating but I was thinking the match would be a spot fest and fast pace. It really wasn’t either of those. Their was a surprising about of rest holds and a few botches mainly on the Mack’s part that hurt the match. Match of the night to this point in the show but it is really just a average match.

The main event was the overall match of the night as the four men put on a good effort and actually managed to get a crowd reaction and keep it! A few fans didn’t like Matthews and made it clear they wanted Christian York, which was funny to a point. A good way to close out a rather lackluster show.

Overall, the main event saves the show from being a complete waste. One major disappoint was the MCMG match but I guess Kirby and TJ just can’t hang with better wrestlers. No need to go out of your way to get this one.

Thanks for reading.

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