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ECW Living Dangerously 2000 3/12/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Living Dangerously 2000
From: Danbury, CT

The pay per view opens up with a promo by James Mitchell. Mitchell names several characteristics and relates them with various ECW wrestlers. In a rather funny moment, Mitchell mentions wrath and says “been there done that, lets move on”. Mitchell also tells Raven that he is taken the gimmick a little too seriously! Mitchell laughs to close out the segment.

Joey Styles is standing in the ring along side Joel Gertner and counts down 3-2-1 despite already being live. Gertner proceeds to deliver one of his humorous sexual poems. Cyrus cuts off Gertner and is greeted with some pretty good heat. Cyrus reminds the fans that he is the Network and that he is TNN. Cyrus says its bad enough that they need to deal with Gertner on TNN but says that Gertner helps out with the 18+ gay male demographic. Cyrus tells Gertner to leave the ring so he can handle the pay per view. Gertner tells Cyrus that this show is a ECW pay per view production and not a TNN production. Gertner doesn’t need to watch his mouth and calls Cyrus a asshole! Cyrus tells Gertner to get his fat ass out of the ring or he will kick Gertner’s ass on pay per view! Gertner is ready to start a fight with Cyrus! Cyrus backs off and tells Gertner to calm down. Cyrus doesn’t want to fight Gertner. Cyrus tells Gertner that since it means so much to Gertner he will let Gertner do the pay per view. Gertner celebrates but is soon met with a side kick from Cyrus. Styles pulls Cyrus off of Gertner and has a headlock on Cyrus to close out the segment.

ECW Living Dangerously opening video

Steve Corino is standing in the ring with Jack Victory. Corino says that all he sees in the arena are drunks, sexual deviants and douche bags. Corino spins around and sees the biggest douche bag of them all. Corino mentions that he is referring to the Sandman’s wife! Corino says that Lori is a hardcore icon in the ECW locker room. Corino insults Lori by saying she has had more men than Dusty has had matches. Corino has it on good authority that her angle with Raven was not angle and that Raven was giving it to Lori in the bathroom. Corino tells Sandman’s son that the Sandman isn’t really his father. Corino gets slapped by Lori. Corino brings Lori to the ring and is held by Rhino and Victory. Corino is eventually attacked by Sandman but that doesn’t last as Rhino works on Sandman. Rhino follows up with a GORE on Lori sending her through a table in the corner! Sandman covers up Lori as Corino, Victory and Rhino stomp away on Sandman. Security runs in and tries to break up what has happened. Steve Corino soon calls out Dusty Rhodes, who makes his way down to the ring to a decent crowd reaction.

Opening Contest: Dusty Rhodes defeated Steve Corino in a bull rope match:
Rhodes with a biotic elbow to start the match before Corino gets tied up for the bull rope match. Rhodes drags Corino back into the ring as Corino tried to leave a few times Rhodes nails Corino with the cowbell a few times. Rhodes goes to the floor and continues to hit Corino with the cowbell. Rhodes works on Corino as they start to brawl into the crowd. Corino has been busted open as Rhodes delivers a few more biotic elbows. Corino gains the upper hand and starts to hit Rhodes the cowbell a few times. Corino digs the cowbell into Rhodes forehead and Rhodes is also bleeding. Rhodes with a biotic elbow as Jack Victory tries to help Corino but isn’t really doing much. Rhodes eventually sends Corino over the railing and they are back to the ringside area. Victory attacks Rhodes from behind and allows Corino to regain the upper hand. Corino has a chair in the ring places Rhodes face first on it. Corino goes to the middle rope but is yanked off by Rhodes and hits face first onto the chair. Rhodes begins to slice Corino’s left arm with the cowbell! Rhodes continues to nail Corino with the cowbell but Corino is able to comeback with a few shots of his own. Corino wedges a chair in the corner but Rhodes rams Corino head first into the chair and follows up with a biotic elbow! Corino drops Rhodes to a knee with a biotic elbow and Victory tosses a second tape into Corino. Rhodes gets the bell and is able to hit Corino. The referee helps Rhodes tape a second cowbell onto Corino’s head. Rhodes grabs the chair from the corner and whacks Corino over the head! Rhodes drops a elbow and picks up the rather decisive win. **

Joey Styles and Cyrus talk about what happened earlier between Sandman and Rhino.

Backstage, Sal E. Graziano and Little Guido cut a promo about Guido’s match against Super Crazy in the semi-finals to crown a ECW Television Champion. It will now be a death match.

Before the next match, Lou E. Dangerously cuts a promo putting himself over as the greatest thing going in wrestling.

Second Contest: CW Anderson/Bill Wiles defeated Danny Doring/Roadkill:
Anderson and Roadkill start off with Anderson getting the upper hand with a right hand. Roadkill soon sends Anderson into the ropes and drops Anderson with a side slam for a near fall. Roadkill slams Anderson again and leaps off the middle rope to connect with a elbow drop. Wiles tags in as does Doring and Doring gets the upper hand with a shoulder block but misses a elbow drop. Wiles takes Doring over with a arm drag and tags in Doring but they are unable to double team Doring. Roadkill leaps off the top rope and knocks both Wiles and Anderson down with a clothesline. Roadkill splashes Anderson in the corner while Doring dropkicks Wiles. Doring with the Bareback on Anderson and their opponents bail to the floor. Doring leaps off Roadkill’s back and takes Anderson and Wiles out with a crossbody on the floor. Wiles drives Doring down to the mat with a tilt a whirl power slam and gets a near fall. Anderson tags back in and connects with a chicken wing sit out slam on Doring but only gets a two count. Anderson chops Doring in the corner but Doring returns the chops. Anderson ducks a clothesline and is able to connect with a exploder suplex for a two count. Wiles comes back in and works on Doring with a few right hands. Doring gets a few back in but Wiles continues to hammer away on Doring. Wiles and Anderson connect with a back suplex/clothesline combo on Doring. Anderson nails Doring with a few right hands but Doring manages to connect with the G-Stop leg sweep. Roadkill gets the hot tag and cleans house with several clotheslines. Roadkill with a side slam on Wiles and the Amish Drop on Anderson. Doring and Roadkill work on their opponents in opposite corners until Anderson shoves Roadkill to the floor. Wiles slingshots Doring into a super kick from Anderson but Wiles only gets a two count on a pin attempt. Doring with the Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am on Anderson a few moments later but Anderson is saved by Wiles. Roadkill and Doring connect with the Lancaster lariat of love on Wiles. Doring with a top rope leg drop on Wiles and Roadkill goes up top but Electra has crotched Roadkill on the top rope! Dangerously comes in and hits Doring with his phone and Anderson drives Doring to the mat with the spine buster! Anderson covers Doring and picks up the win. **¼
After the match, Electra celebrates the match with her new friends.

Backstage, the Impact Players cut a promo saying they will be winning the tag team titles.

Simon Diamond makes his way down to the ring with two of his associates. His opponent Kid Kash comes to the ring and Diamond says he has a problem. Judge Jeff Jones cuts Diamond off and tells Diamond he has a problem. ECW World Champion/ECW World Tag Team Champion Mike Awesome makes his way out to the ring tells both men they can either leave the ring and live or die staying in. Diamond bails while Kash attacks Awesome.

Third Contest: ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeated Kid Kash to retain the title:
Awesome catches Kash coming off the ropes and connects with a overhead belly to belly suplex. Awesome with a running big splash in the corner and big splashes Kash for a near fall. Kash is sent to the floor and Awesome leaps off the apron connecting with a double axe handle. Awesome sends Kash back first into the guard railing a few times. Kash is able to backdrop Awesome into the crowd and springs off the top rope taking Awesome out with a dive into the crowd! Kash plants Jeff Jones with the Money Maker back in the ring. Kash charges towards Awesome but is met with a slingshot apron. Awesome misses a splash in the corner and Kash is able to connect with a hurricanrana. Awesome quickly gets up to nail Kash with a clothesline and power bombs Kash. Awesome gets a table and tosses it into the ring. Awesome places Kash on the table but is cut off on the top rope. Kash with a few right hands and goes to the top but Awesome regains control and is able to power bomb Kash off the top rope through the table! Awesome covers and picks up the win.
After the match, Jazz checks on Kid Kash until Jado and Gedo enter and attack her at the direction of Diamond. Nova and Chetti come down to make the save and we go to our next match.

Fourth Contest: Super Nova/Chris Chetti defeated Jado/Gedo:
Nova and Chetti work on both Jado and Gedo with right hands and hip tosses. Gedo is able to send Nova to the floor with a tilt a whirl head scissors. Chetti is also sent to the floor and Jado comes off the middle rope with a moonsault to the floor. Nova with a power bomb/elbow drop on Gedo as the match settles down. Chetti tags in and botches a power slam but follows up with a scissors kick on Gedo. Nova comes back in and has a full nelson on Gedo and drives Gedo face first down to the mat out of a wheelbarrow for a near fall. Jado clotheslines Nova from the apron and knocks Chetti off the apron. All four men brawl on the floor where Chetti sends Jado into the railing but is back dropped in the crowd. Gedo and Jado double team Nova in the ring for a few moments. Jado has a surfboard on Nova and Gedo comes off the top with a double axe handle. Jado runs into a back elbow from Nova but crotches Nova on the top rope and connects with a top rope back suplex for a near fall. Gedo misses a running attack in the corner and is caught by Nova as he leaps off the top rope. Nova is able to power bomb Gedo and makes his way to Chetti where he makes the tag. Chetti with a flurry of right hands and a German suplex on Jado. Chetti with a sit out slam on Gedo but Jado gets a few shots on Chetti. Chetti goes for a backslide on Jado but doesn’t take him over until Nova super kicks Jado and Chetti gets a near fall. Jado and Gedo team up to drive Nova to the mat with a super bomb but only manage a two count. Nova recovers and is able to Swanton Bomb Jado while Gedo frog splashes Chetti and they both get near falls. Chetti with a sidekick to knock Gedo down and follows up with a sit down Samoan Drop. Chetti and Nova connect with a splash/leg drop off the top on Gedo to pick up a upset win.

Backstage, Lou E. Dangerously is with his team and Electra. Electra cuts a promo knowing Paul Heyman for twelve year and how Heyman didn’t help Electra. Electra tells Doring that she isn’t jealous and says that Doring can’t keep up with her. Electra tells Roadkill that she personally hates Roadkill and says that Roadkill is jealous that his tits are bigger than hers (that makes sense?).

Fifth Contest: Super Crazy defeated Little Guido in a death match to advance in the ECW Television Championship tournament:
Guido attacks Crazy before the bell and is able to dropkick a seated Crazy for a two count. Guido chops Crazy in the corner but is back dropped to the apron. Crazy baseball slides to the floor and drops Guido face first onto the apron. Crazy sends Guido into the crowd and Big Sal is also dumped over. Crazy takes both men out with a moonsault into the crowd! Guido with a slingshot leg drop coming back into the ring and gets a near fall. Crazy comes back with a springboard sunset flip power bomb from the middle rope for a near fall. On the floor, Guido is able to get a arm bar but isn’t able to win the match since it is on the floor. Sal drops Crazy throat first across the guard railing and Guido gets a near fall back in the ring. Crazy is back dropped to the apron and springs off the top rope but is met with a clothesline from Guido for a near fall. Guido misses a chair shot in the corner and Crazy is able to use the chair smashing it over Guido’s head. Crazy leaps off the top with another chair shot but only manages a two count. Guido has been busted open while Crazy hammers away on Guido in the corner with right hands. Sal comes into the ring and accidentally splashes Guido in the corner. Crazy with ten punches on Sal in the corner. Crazy leaps off Sal’s shoulders but Guido gets his feet up and nearly pins Crazy! Guido has a belt and whips Crazy a few times as Sal holds Crazy. Guido covers Crazy but only gets a near fall again. Crazy comes off the ropes and plants Guido with a tornado DDT for a two count. Crazy goes to use the belt but Guido avoids that and connects with a middle rope leg drop for a near fall. Sal slides a table into the ring for Guido. Crazy is placed on the table and Guido heads to the top rope. Guido stands on Sal’s shoulders but misses a elbow drop. Sal grabs Crazy but Crazy is able to hurricanrana Sal and covers Guido for a two count! Crazy goes for a head scissors but is slammed to the mat by Guido for a near fall. Crazy low blows Guido and power bombs Crazy on the broken table followed by a springboard moonsault and finishes Guido off with the brain buster to win the match. **¼

Joey Styles and Cyrus argue over what Cyrus did to Joel Gertner earlier on.

Sixth Contest: Balls Mahoney defeated Kintaro Kanemura:
Kanemura with the upper hand early on by jumping into Mahoney’s back while Balls was on the middle rope. Kanemura with a running dropkick on the apron and splashes Mahoney coming back into the ring for a near fall. Kanemura with a senton splash off the top but Balls kicks out. Balls with a sit out spine buster and a top rope frog splash for a two count. Kanemura cuts Balls off the top rope and connects with a superplex. Kanemura with a chair shot but Balls isn’t affected and clotheslines Kanemura. Balls with the Nutcracker Suite onto the chair and wins the match. ½*
After the match, Da Baldies run down to the ring and attack Mahoney. Mahoney is placed on a table while Grimes goes to the top rope and leaps off connecting with a swanton bomb onto Mahoney who is on the entrance ramp crashing through the table. Grimes seems to have hit his head hard. New Jack’s music hits and comes out to make the save. New Jack, as usual, just destroys Da Baldies with various weapons.

Seventh Contest: New Jack fought Vic Grimes to a no contest:
Grimes starts the match, I guess, by attacking Jack with a pizza cutter. Jack whacks Grimes with a shovel but Grimes tosses Jack to the floor and comes off the apron with a clothesline. They brawl into the crowd and battle all the way towards the back of the arena. They eventually make their way up a steel structure and they both fall off barely hitting two tables and hitting the floor extremely hard. Grimes did a full flip and landed straight on New Jack’s head. That was disgusting. Both men are checked out by ECW security and the match ends without any real resolution. NR

Joey Styles and Cyrus hype up the final two matches of the night.

Before the next match, Lance Storm wants the tag team champions and not Dreamer/Tanaka.

Eighth Contest: Impact Players defeated ECW World Tag Team Champions Raven/Mike Awesome and Tommy Dreamer/Masato Tanaka in a elimination match to win the titles:
The champs and the Impact Players start the match. Awesome power bombs Storm while Raven sends Credible to the floor. Awesome leaps off the top rope and takes Storm and Credible out with a dive. Raven with a drop toe hold sending Storm into a steel chair. Raven uses the snot rag on Storm and the music of Tommy Dreamer hits. Dreamer and Tanaka run to the ring and Dreamer DDT’s Raven for a near fall. Awesome with a sit out spine buster on Dreamer for a two count. Tanaka clotheslines Awesome but is double teamed by the Impact Players. Storm dropkicks a elevated Tanaka for a near fall. Dreamer hammers away on Raven and Storm is thrown to the floor as is Credible. Dreamer with a running bulldog on Raven. Awesome sends Storm back first into the guard railing. Tanaka sends Credible into a chair as a fan holds it. Dreamer sets a table up in the corner but Raven gets up and is able to bulldog Dreamer face first onto the edge of the table. Awesome whacks Storm over the back with a chair. Raven drop toe holds Dreamer face first into the edge of the table for a near fall. Awesome clotheslines Tanaka and Awesome sets the table up again in the corner. Awesome goes for a running power bomb but Tanaka gets out of it and sends Awesome crashing through the table with a back suplex. Tanaka with a roaring elbow and pins Awesome.
First Elimination: Mike Awesome and Raven when Tanaka pins Awesome.
Credible whacks Tanaka over the head with a kendo stick. Storm and Credible club away on Dreamer who is asking for more in the corner. Dreamer has been busted open. Credible with a jumping DDT on Dreamer for a near fall. Storm tags into the match and delivers a jaw breaker followed by a dropkick for a two count. Credible comes back in and works on Dreamer with a right hand and several stomps in the corner. Credible with a sit down power bomb out of the corner for a two count. Storm misses a splash in the corner and Credible accidentally super kicks Storm! Dreamer is able to DDT Credible and tags in Tanaka. Tanaka with a series of elbows and slams Storm for a near fall. Tanaka with a double stunner on Storm and Jason but only gets a two count on Storm. Credible places Tanaka on the top rope but Dreamer grabs Credible and helps Tanaka hit a ace crusher coming off the top for a near fall! Dreamer and Tanaka work on the Impact Players with right hands. Credible whacks Dreamer with a kendo stick and Storm hit’s a inverted DDT on Dreamer for a near fall. Tanaka with the Diamond Dust on Credible but isn’t able to get a three count! Storm quickly pile drives Tanaka and Credible nails Dreamer with a title belt. Impact Players spike Dreamer with the spike pile driver and Storm pins Dreamer to win the titles.
Second Elimination: Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka when Storm pins Dreamer. **
After the match, the Impact Players celebrate their big win. Cyrus comes into the ring and says that the Network approves of the new tag team champions. Cyrus also cuts a promo about watching Rhino win the ECW Television Championship. Paul Heyman cuts off Cyrus and says that he sick and tired of the Network. Heyman thought TNN was the greatest thing for ECW until he realized they had a deal with a asshole like Cyrus. Joel Gertner comes out and tells Heyman they he has unfinished business with Cyrus. Heyman heads to the back and Gertner says that the Network will be going down right now.

Main Event: Super Crazy defeated Rhino to win the vacant ECW Television Championship:
Crazy with a springboard missile dropkick and a somersault dive over the top to the floor to control Rhino early on. Rhino catches a moonsault attempt from Crazy and power slams Crazy. Rhino stomps away on Crazy for a few moments. Rhino rams Crazy head first into the turnbuckles but is back dropped to the apron. Crazy dropkicks Rhino into the guard railing and follows up with a crossbody to the floor. “We Want Sandman” chant starts up. Rhino sends Crazy into the crowd and sets up a table on the floor. Rhino rolls Crazy back into the ring and connects with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Rhino lifts Crazy up in the air and drops Crazy gut first to the mat. Rhino military press slams Crazy over the top and Crazy crashes through the table! Rhino covers Crazy but only manages a two count. Rhino drives Crazy down with a power bomb but fails to get a three count. Rhino gets another table and sets it up in the corner. Rhino goes for a power bomb but Crazy gets out of it. Crazy avoids a Gore attempt and Rhino crashes through the table! Crazy heads to the top and connects with a crossbody for a two count. Rhino stops Crazy with a clothesline and goes for another power bomb but Crazy counters with a DDT. Crazy with three moonsault but on the third moonsault Rhino pulled the referee on top of him. Tajiri runs in and spits mist into Crazy’s eyes. Tajiri with a stiff kick to the head and a running dropkick to knock Crazy out. Rhino gets a third table as Tajiri places Crazy in the tree of woe. Tajiri with a baseball slide and Rhino GORES Crazy in the corner! Rob Van Dam’s music hits and RVD shows up on the shoulders for Scott Anton! RVD has a cast on his left leg and enters the ring with a crutch. Anton attacks Tajiri while RVD breaks his crutch over Rhino’s back. RVD ducks a clothesline and is able to flapjack Rhino through a table. Crazy hit’s a top rope moonsault and is able to pin Rhino to win the title! **
After the match, Rhino attacks RVD and is able to GORE RVD. Rhino also GORES Scotty Anton. Rhino continues to hammer away on RVD while Tajiri beats up Crazy and Anton. Tajiri begins to stomp away on RVD’s injured leg as the fans chant for the Sandman. Sandman’s music hits. Sandman comes in and whacks Rhino with a kendo stick a few times. Rhino rolls to the floor while Sandman stands in the ring with RVD, Anton and Crazy. Sandman and company drink some beers to close out the show.

End of show

My Take:
The opening segment was very good. I think a long feud between Corino and Sandman would be a very interesting one and a enjoyable feud. Corino is a damn good promo guy and Sandman is a decent enough character that I think it would work out fine.

Rhodes/Corino was really just a average match. It was just a brawl that saw Rhodes dominate Corino with a bull rope for roughly ten minutes. It wasn’t a complete waste of time or anything but it certainly wasn’t a classic match or anything.

I thought the tag team match was actually a solid tag bout. Nothing spectacular but the guys involved looked pretty good. Roadkill is pretty over but his partner Danny Doring just can’t not garner any sort of positive crowd reaction from the crowd. If a team has ever needed to split up, it would be them. Doring heel turn would work perfectly here. Roadkill is really over as a face, he doesn’t need Doring.

Awesome/Kash going four minutes is much better than seeing Kash/Diamond wrestle for eight. Not a bad squash segment for the champion while Kash did get a few moves in to not completely discredit him.

Something just didn’t click for me during the Nova/Chetti/Jado/Gedo tag match. Chetti botched a few moves and I thought that kind of hurt the match. Also, the lack of selling really anything was annoying to me. You can have a fast pace match and still sell something.

Seemed like Guido/Crazy mistimed a few spots but it wasn’t a bad match. It was a solid contest that was back and forth. Crazy looked like he was a half a step slower compared to the other matches between himself and Guido. Maybe it was just a off night for Crazy in terms of speed. I don’t know.

Triple threat tag team match was rather quick but they got a lot of solid stuff into it. Apparently, Heyman likes the idea of having the champion being the first one eliminated in the triple threat title matches. Fans didn’t seem to like that decision all that much. Good to see the Impact Players having the belts again, as they need to have a long reign with them while having top card feuds.

Main event was filled with interference and I have to say that I hate the decision of having Super Crazy going over Rhino. I like Crazy as a wrestler but Rhino had everything set up perfectly for him. Crazy can not be seen as a legitimate champion because of all the interference he needed to get the job done. Rhino should have won cleanly after Crazy put up a fight and started his dominance of ECW with this show. The match was okay but Rhino’s lack of offense and ability to transition to other moves killed it from getting a better grade. The aftermath clearly sets up for a ECW vs. the Network feud with Sandman leading ECW against Rhino and the Network. That doesn’t sound all that bad.

Overall, this show consists of several matches that were decent but nothing stands out as great or really all that good. You can certainly skip this pay per view as you wouldn’t be missing much.

Thanks for reading.

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