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2CW Living on the Edge II Night One 4/27/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Living on the Edge Night One
Date: 4/27/2007
From: Utica, New York

This is the first night of a two night tournament to crown the first 2CW Heavyweight Champion. The semi-finals and finals will take place on Night 2.

Opening Contest: Loca Vida defeated Gordy Wallace in a first round match:
Wallace shoves Vida to the mat out of a lockup, twice. Wallace with a shoulder block coming off the ropes and Vida rolls to the floor. Vida attempts a few shoulder blocks but Wallace doesn’t budge. Wallace knocks Vida to the floor and plays to the fans. Vida sunset flips into the ring and dropkicks Wallace. Vida with a leaping shoulder block and Vida taunts Wallace afterwards. Vida with a go behind but Wallace rams Vida into the corner and delivers a dew shoulder blocks. Wallace connects with a vertical suplex but misses a big splash. Vida with a quick rollup but Wallace kicks out at two. Vida with several kicks but Wallace is able to drive Vida to the mat with a sit out power bomb for a two count. Vida hit’s a wheelbarrow bulldog but Wallace manages to kick out at two. Wallace blocks a clothesline and takes Vida over with a side belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Wallace misses a splash in the corner and Vida comes off the top with a cross body to win the match. ½*
After the match, Wallace offers his hand and Vida shakes hands with Wallace.

Second Contest: Dizzie defeated JD Love in a first round match:
Dizzie with a wrist lock and switches to a hammer lock but Love counters with one of his own and shoves Dizzie away. Love pokes Dizzie in the eyes and kicks Dizzie on the knee. Love proceeds to jump down onto the left knee of Dizzie. Love knee drops Dizzie’s knee and also chop blocks Dizzie. Love has a figure four on Dizzie and Love gets a few near falls but Dizzie is able to reverse the figure four. Dizzie ducks a clothesline and hammers away on Love. Love sends Dizzie back first into the corner. Love pulls down his trunks and stink faces Dizzie! Dizzie avoids a shoulder block in the corner and rolls up Love to advance in the tournament. *
After the match, Love gets a cheap shot on Dizzie’s knee and leaves the ring.

Before the next match, Jason Axe cuts a promo about beating Spike Dudley twice and how Spike should just leave before getting embarrassed again. Axe wants Spike to just forfeit the match. Dudley comes out and puts over 2CW as being a great company. Dudley proceeds to rip on Axe for having done nothing in the business and having not paid any dues in the business. Dudley wants a no disqualification, and no count-out stipulation.

Third Contest: Jason Axe defeated Spike Dudley in a no disqualification first round match:
Dudley goes to the floor and sends Axe into the guard railings a few times. Dudley whacks Axe over the head with a chair and wraps the chair around Axe’s head and chokes Axe before sending Axe head first into the ring post! Dudley continues to hit Axe a few times with a chair while choking Axe over the guard railing. Axe is tossed back into the ring and Dudley has a chair with him. Dudley smashes a chair over Axe’s head and plays to the crowd. Dudley wedges a chair in the corner and works on Axe with right hands in the corner. Dudley with several stomps in the corner and goes to send Axe into the chair but Axe is able to low blow Dudley and sends Dudley head first into the chair! Axe gets a few blows in on the floor but Dudley fights back and they go into the crowd. Axe has the upper hand as he whacks Dudley over the back with a chair several times. Back in the ring, Dudley hammers away on Axe with a flurry of right hands. Dudley with a running head ram and plants Axe with a Acid Drop! Dudley isn’t able to follow up as the announcers play it off that Dudley landed the wrong way on the move. Doctors come into the ring to check on Dudley who is saying he doesn’t want to give up. Dudley gets up and starts to throw a chair one handed at Axe. The referee calls for the bell and apparently the doctors have stopped the match. *

The mystery wrestler to wrestle against Eddie Edwards is revealed to be CW Anderson. Anderson gets a good reaction from the crowd.

Fourth Contest: Eddie Edwards defeated CW Anderson in a first round match:
Anderson backs Edwards into a corner but doesn’t do anything. Anderson with a go behind takedown but Edwards quickly recovers and has a front face lock on Anderson. Anderson nails Edwards with a forearm shot and knocks Edwards to the mat, but Edwards rolls to the apron. Edwards comes back with a forearm smash of his own as Anderson stumbles into a corner. Anderson backs Edwards into a corner again and this time chops Edwards. Edwards comes back with a few chops of his own but misses a clothesline attempt as Anderson bends Edwards arm across his shoulder. Anderson drops Edwards with a chop and kicks Edwards to the floor. While on the floor Anderson slams Edwards arm across the railing and smashes a chair across Edwards arm! Anderson has a arm lock back in the ring but Edwards refuses to give up. Edwards goes for a rollup but only manages a two count. Anderson nails Edwards with a vicious clothesline and puts the boots to Edwards. Hammer lock scoop slam by Anderson for a near fall. Anderson avoids a roll up by knee dropping Edwards and gets a near fall. Edwards gets out of a spine buster attempt and is able to DDT Anderson! Anderson runs into a bi boot and Edwards ends Anderson into the middle turnbuckle. Edwards comes off the top with a missile dropkick and gets a two count. Edwards comes off the ropes but runs into a left hand from Anderson. Edwards with a running forearm smash and a springboard moonsault for a two count. Anderson beats Edwards to the punch when he connects with a super kick but isn’t able to put Edwards away. Edwards with a running leg lariat but Anderson pops his shoulder up at two. Edwards comes off the ropes but Anderson plants Edwards with a spine buster for a near fall. Edwards rolls through and manages to pin Anderson! **½

It is now time for the Three Stages of Hell tag team match between the Killer Steves and All Money Is Legal. This isn’t the usual match you would see in WWE but rather a comedy version of it. I’m just going to skip over this part of the show as I’m not interested in silly segments that aren’t worth my time.

Fifth Contest: Dizzie defeated Ajax 820 in a second round match:
Dizzie with a shoulder block but Ajax comes back with a wheelbarrow arm drag. Ajax with a few arm drags and a couple of dropkicks until Dizzie bails to the floor. Ajax leaps off the top rope and takes Dizzie out with a cross body on the floor! Dizzie works on Ajax in the corner with a kick to the face and a clothesline. Dizzie monkey flips Ajax out of the corner and leaps off the top with a flying head butt which causes Ajax to roll to the floor. Ajax comes back into the ring and works on Dizzie’s injured left knee. Ajax connects with a slingshot knee drop from the apron onto Dizzie’s knee. Ajax locks in a half Boston crab but Dizzie is able to reach the bottom rope to break the hold. Dizzie with a quick rollup but Ajax kicks out. Dizzie catches Ajax’s attempted wheelbarrow and is able to hit a nice German suplex for a near fall. Scoop slam by Dizzie and a forearm drop, knee drop and a leg drop. Dizzie manages to hit a springboard elbow drop even though he slipped on the top rope and gets a near fall. Ajax gets out of a spinning TKO and botches a tornado DDT. Ajax heads to the top rope and leaps off connecting with a frog splash for a near fall. Ajax heads to the top again but Dizzie is able to crotch Ajax on the top rope and drives Ajax down to the mat with a spinning sit out power bomb for the win.

Sixth Contest: Jason Axe defeated Isys Ephex by disqualification in a second round match:
Ephex controls Axe with a wristlock to start the contest but Axe rolls through and has a wristlock on Ephex. Ephex gets out of it and locks in a side headlock. Ephex connects with a Japanese arm drag and a clothesline. Axe with a running leg lariat in the corner and flips over to the floor. Axe comes off the top rope but is met in midair with a dropkick from Ephex. Ephex ducks a clothesline and manages to eventually take Axe over with a German suplex for a two count. Axe side steps a dropkick attempt and drives Ephex down to the mat with a Samoan Drop for a near fall. Axe sends Ephex into the ropes and manages to connect with a spinning heel kick. Axe backs Ephex into a corner and hammers away on Ephex. Axe runs into a big boot and Ephex comes out of the corner with a dropkick. Ephex with a rolling leg drop but isn’t able to get the three count. They trade a series of forearm shots until Ephex dropkicks Axe. Scoop slam by Ephex and heads to the middle rope where Ephex connects with a elbow drop for a near fall. Axe comes off the ropes and clotheslines Ephex after avoiding a backdrop for a two count. Axe low blows Ephex as Ephex got out of a vertical suplex. Rollup by Axe but Ephex is able to kick out. Axe backdrops Ephex to the apron but Ephex comes back in with a head scissors and a step up shining wizard for a near win! Axe blocks a back suplex by taking Ephex over with a hurricanrana but Ephex kicks out at two! Axe catches Ephex coming off the ropes and hit’s a tilt awhirl backbreaker for a two count. Axe with a death valley driver across his knee and goes for a cover but Ephex kicks out! Axe crotches Ephex on the top rope and they trade right hands for a few moments. Ephex with a few open handed slaps but Axe has Ephex on his shoulders until Ephex gets off and is able to clothesline Axe on the apron and Axe falls to the floor. Ephex leaps off the top rope and takes Axe out with a cross body on the floor! Ephex tosses Axe back first into the guard railing and power bombs Axe over the railing into the crowd! A doctor comes out again and talks to the referee. The referee announces that the doctor has told him to disqualify Ephex for fighting on the floor. Are you fucking kidding me? **¼

Seventh Contest: Zaquary Springate III defeated Eddie Edwards in a second round match:
Edwards with a wristlock until Springate reaches the ropes. Edwards with a go behind and takes Springate down to the mat where Edwards has a front face lock on Springate. Springate kicks Edwards in the midsection and shoulder blocks Edwards after coming off the ropes. Springate avoids a leapfrog but doesn’t avoid a arm drag or dropkick. Springate bails to the floor but is taken out by Edwards with a suicide dive! Edwards delivers a few chops on the floor before going back into the ring and getting a two count. Edwards head butts Springate and goes back to chopping Springate. Edwards charges towards the corner but misses Springate and goes shoulder first into the ring post and crashes to the floor. Springate flips over the top rope and takes Edwards out with a dive! Springate works on Edwards on the floor by sending Edwards into the guard railing and ring post. Springate continues to work on Edwards injured left elbow by jumping onto the elbow a few times with a elbow drop. Springate rips off a bandage Edwards had on the elbow and punches Edwards elbow. Springate has a arm bar on Edwards while having a body scissors locked in. Edwards rolls over for a near fall but Springate continues to work on Edwards in the corner. They trade right hand and chops until Springate connects with a handspring back elbow for a two count. Springate heads to the top rope but Edwards crotches Springate on the top rope. Edwards with a series of head butts and takes Springate off the top with a double under hook overhead suplex! Edwards ducks right hands and chops Springate. Edwards with a couple of clotheslines and goes for a rollup but Springate shoves Edwards away. Edwards with a German suplex but Springate kicks out. Springate blocks a sunset flip attempt by dropping down and uses the bottom rope for leverage to win the match. **¼

Main Event: Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Loca Vida in a second round match: Brown takes Vida down to the mat and has a wristlock on Vida. Vida kips out of it and puts a wristlock on Brown. Brown kips up and goes back to arm lock. Brown with a side headlock takedown but Vida has a head scissors on Brown until Brown gets out of it and they have a standoff. Brown with another takedown and has a arm bar on Vida again. Vida uses the ropes to flip over and has a hammerlock on Brown until Brown gets out of it with a school boy for a two count and they have a standoff. Test of strength sees the bigger Brown control Vida until he lets go and kicks Vida right in the face! Standing dropkick by Brown and gets a near fall. Brown goes back to a headlock following a snap mare but Vida quickly gets to his feet and is able to get out and has a hammerlock on Brown. Vida transitions into a figure four arm bar but Brown flips over and lifts Vida up with one arm but Vida rolls Brown up and gets a two count! Vida controls Brown with a arm drag and a arm bar. Brown punches Vida into a corner and chops away on Vida. Brown misses a splash in the corner but yanks Vida off the top rope and Vida crashes to the mat. Brown delivers a few knees to the lower back of Vida. Brown places Vida in a surfboard but Vida spins out of it and gets a two count! Brown nails Vida with a few forearm shots to Vida’s lower back. Brown follows up with a backbreaker and gets a two count. Brown with a modified surfboard and quickly rolls Vida up for a near fall. Brown drops Vida with a clothesline for another two count. Brown has a camel clutch on Vida and pulls Vida back fairly far. Brown lets go as Vida refuses to give up. Brown places Vida on the top rope and they trade a few shots until Brown pokes Vida in the eyes. Brown with a nice top rope hurricanrana but misses a top rope frog splash as Vida rolls out of the way! Vida with a few forearm shots but Brown hooks Vida for a vertical suplex. Vida knees his way out of it and rolls Brown up for a near fall. Vida with a head scissors takedown and a quick hurricanrana! Vida charges the corner and clotheslines Brown followed by a running bulldog but Brown kicks out of the cover! They trade a few forearms until Brown catches Vida in the corner but Vida plants Brown with a DDT and again gets a two count! Brown blocks a wheelbarrow bulldog with a backbreaker but Vida kicks out! Brown heads to the top rope but is crotched by Vida. Vida with a few right hands and chops before going for a hurricanrana but Brown blocks it. Brown has Vida set up for the Appreciation Bomb off the middle rope and connects! Brown covers Vida and picks up the win. ***

End of show

My Take:
Vida/Wallace was a horrible match. Wallace was very slow on some of the simplest moves and kind of oversold Vida’s offense I thought. Not a good choice to open the show with.

Love/Dizzie was a really quick match as it must have not gone over five minutes. It was still a slightly better match than the opening. That being said, this show is getting off to a slow start.

Axe/Dudley had a incredibly horrible ending. What a stupid fucking decision that was. The injury didn’t seem to be all that bad, which I’m sure Dudley wasn’t actually hurt. This makes Dudley look really bad that he can’t continue. If Dudley was a “hardcore icon” that 2CW claims he is, he would have been fine to continue. The ending totally killed the match for me. It was a below average brawl before the decision, but at the rate it was going it was their best match.

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