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2CW Living on the Edge II Night Two 4/28/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Living on the Edge Night Two
: 4/28/2007
From: Syracuse, New York

Bill Alfonso makes a surprise appearance to open the show blowing his whistle the only way he can. Alfonso gets a the microphone and says it is great to celebrate the first year anniversary of 2CW. Alfonso has a list of names that includes Jason Axe. Alfonso introduces Jason Axe who comes out and is extremely happy about having Alfonso as his apparent manager.

Opening Contest: Dizzie defeated Jason Axe in a semi-finals match:
Axe pokes Dizzie in the eyes and slides Dizzie’s eyes across the middle rope. Axe stomps away on Dizzie and chokes Dizzie for a few moments. Dizzie with a few forearm shots a couple of scoop slams and a spinning side slam for a two count. Axe is able to dropkick Dizzie’s injured knee from last night and Axe slams Dizzie’s knee to the mat. Axe continues to work on Dizzie’s knee with a knee breaker and gets a two count. Dizzie with a forward rollup but Axe kicks out and nails Dizzie with a quick clothesline for a near fall. Axe with a double under hook suplex but taunts the fans instead of following up. Axe covers Dizzie with one foot but Dizzie kicks out. Dizzie with a series of forearms shots and backslides Axe but Axe kicks out at two. Alfonso distracts Dizzie and allows Axe to plant Dizzie with a Samoan Drop for a near fall. Axe uppercuts Dizzie but misses a clothesline and Dizzie comes off the ropes with a cross body. Axe rolls through for a two count and follows up with a the fisherman buster! Axe covers Dizzie but only gets a two count. Spike Dudley appears on the big screen and tells Axe that he is coming for Jason Axe. Axe is distracted by this and Dizzie is able to come from behind and has Axe set up for a electric chair slam and drops Axe chest first across his knees! Dizzie covers Axe and manages to get the three count! **¼
After the match, fans continue to rip on Jason Axe while Bill Alfonso has some fun with fans.

Second Contest: Gordy Wallace defeated JD Love:
Love avoids looking up with Wallace by going to the ropes but spites at Wallace afterwards. Wallace charges towards the corner but Love again sticks his head out the ring to avoid any interaction. Love with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Wallace but Wallace is able to hip toss Love. Love rolls to the floor to avoid any further punishment. Wallace rolls to the floor to grab Love who went backstage. They come back out and trade chops on the entrance ramp. Wallace sends Love back first into the guard railing and clothesline Love on the floor. Love continues to work on Wallace with overhand chops and tosses Wallace into the guard railing. Love tosses Wallace over the railing into the crowd and starts to chop Wallace in the crowd! Love manages to snap suplex Wallace on the concrete floor! Love tosses Wallace back over to the ringside area but Wallace hits Love with a water bottle. Wallace spits water in Love’s face as Love enters the ring. Love with a sit down scoop slam and both men are out. Love gets back to his feet and heads to the top rope. Wallace crotches Love and Love flips back into the ring. Wallace heads up top and leaps off but misses a big splash! Love rolls Wallace up but Wallace kicks out. Wallace ducks a clothesline but Love takes Wallace over with a exploder suplex. They start trading slaps until Love sunset flips Wallace and almost gets the win. Wallace hits the Cattle Driver twice and picks up win. *

Third Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Zaquary Springate III in a semi-finals match:
They both point to the ceiling to say they will advance to the finals and the ladder match to crown a champion. Springate ducks under a few lock up attempts by Brown but is soon met with a clothesline and bails to the floor. Brown with a wristlock and keeps it locked in for a few moments. Springate gets out of it and has a wristlock on Brown but Brown kips up and arm drags Springate. Brown leg drops Springate’s arm and goes back to a arm lock. Brown hip tosses Springate and follows up with a few arm drags. Springate with a eye poke and goes to leave but is yanked back in and chopped by Brown. Brown backdrops Springate and dropkicks Springate to the floor. Springate cuts Brown off from getting back into the ring but Brown regains control by chopping Springate. Brown flips over onto the apron and lands on his feet as Springate slingshots Brown back in. Springate knocks Brown down with a clothesline and chokes Brown on the bottom rope. Springate slingshots Brown throat first into the middle rope and covers Brown but only gets a two count. Springate chops Brown in the corner but Brown comes back with one of his own. Springate with a few boots in the corner and chokes Brown for a few moments. Springate snap mares Brown and kicks Brown on the back. Springate works on Brown in the corner with a few knee lifts and snap mares Brown again so he can go to the top rope but misses a leg drop! Brown hits a backbreaker, atomic drop and a standing dropkick. Brown misses a running attack in the corner and is rolled up by Springate for a near fall. Brown is able to lock in the cross face but Springate reaches the ropes. Brown comes off the ropes and nails Springate with a leg lariat but Springate kicks out! Springate connects with a handspring back elbow but isn’t able to get the three count. Springate with a swinging side slam and taunts the fans. Springate heads up top but Brown gets up and meets Springate on the top rope. Springate shoves Brown off and hit’s a Swanton bomb! Springate covers but Brown is able to pop his shoulder up at two! Brown with a surprise rollup but Springate kicks out! Brown manages to get the Boston Crab on Springate and Springate is forced to give up! **

Fourth Contest: Isys Ephex defeated John Walters:
Ephex with a wristlock but Walters reverses with one of his own. Walters breaks free of another wristlock and they have a standoff. Ephex go behinds Walters but Walters is able to shoulder block Ephex and has a headlock on Ephex. Ephex drops down and has a crucifix submission but Walters pops out and gets a near fall. Test of strength sees Walters getting tripped by Ephex but Ephex trips Walters and they shove each other. They trade a series of uppercuts as Walters gets the upper hand after a uppercut coming off the ropes. Walters arm drags Ephex but Ephex bails to the floor. Walters backs Ephex into a corner and begins to chop away on Ephex. Ephex catches Walters coming out of the corner and hit’s a German suplex for a two count! Ephex stomps away on Walters before locking in a chin lock. Walters elbows out of it but is back dropped as he comes off the ropes. Ephex with a standing senton splash and gets a two count. Ephex runs into a big boot and Walters capitalizes with a running bulldog. Walters works on Ephex’s legs with a Indian death lock! Ephex teases that he is going to tap as he is in the middle of the ring but Ephex is able to elbow out of the hold. Ephex with a series of standing kicks to knock Walters to the mat. Ephex with a rollup but Walters kicks out. Ephex with a simple running kick to the side of Walters head and follows up with a knee drop. Ephex ducks a clothesline and rolls Walters up but Walters gets out of it and has a cross arm breaker on Ephex briefly. Walters yanks Ephex’s arm down across the top rope and they fall to the floor. Walters chops Ephex up against the guard railing. Walters with a nice slingshot elbow drop coming back into the ring but only manages a two count. Walters sets Ephex up in the tree of woe and nails Ephex with a dropkick to the midsection for a near fall! Ephex blocks a snap suplex and is able to suplex Walters to the floor but Ephex also crashes to the floor! They get back into the ring and trade uppercuts. Ephex with a double under hook backbreaker but Walters kicks out at two. Ephex goes for the Burning Hammer but Walters gets out of it and goes for the Sharpshooter but Ephex reaches the ropes! Walters with a nice sit out power bomb but Ephex pops his shoulder up at two! Ephex gets out of a power bomb and plants Walters with a elevated double arm DDT but isn’t able to get the win! Ephex heads to the top rope but is stopped by Walters. Walters with a middle rope hurricanrana, but Ephex rolls though. Walters still manages to roll through and has the Sharpshooter cinched in! Ephex manages to reach the bottom rope. Walters comes off the ropes but Ephex nails Walters with a somersault kick for a near fall. Walters with a few elbow smashes and a discus clothesline for a two count. Walters signals for a roaring elbow but Ephex ducks it and plants Walters with a sit out face slam for the win. ***½
After the match, the fans give the wrestlers a standing ovation.

Before the next match, K-Murda cuts a incredibly horrible promo by asking the fans if the Steves should leave 2CW when they lose for 30 or 90 days. Murda decides 90 days is a good amount.

Fifth Contest: All Money Is Legal defeated the Killer Steves in a elimination tables match:
All four men brawl on the floor until Mackenzie and Pusha go into the ring. Pusha works on Mackenzie with a back elbow and head butts in the corner. Murda has set up a table on the outside while Pusha leg drops Mackenzie. Murda has bridged the table on the guard railing and apron. Mackenzie grabs the table and slides it into the ring. Murda sets up the table in the corner while Pusha sets up a table on the floor, again. Murda pits water into Mackenzie face. Kruz connects a reverse suplex on Pusha on the floor. Murda nails Mackenzie with a leg lariat but Mackenzie recovers and plants Murda with a reverse DDT. Mackenzie places Murda on the table in the corner but Murda moves out of the way and sunset flips Mackenzie from the apron and kicks Mackenzie on the chest. Pusha hammers away on Kruz on the floor and rams Kruz head first into the table. Murda kicks Mackenzie in the chest while Kruz hammers away on Pusha right next to the other two. Pusha with a running death valley drive ramming Kruz back first into the guard railing! Mackenzie has Murda on the table on the floor but he is soon shoved off by Pusha. Pusha is sent hard chest first into the corner by Kruz as all four men are brawling in the ring now. Murda attempts to suplex Kruz through the table in the corner but Kruz blocks it. Murda with a few forearms but Kruz drops Murda with a DDT. Kruz has a TV table which is very small table. Kruz connects with a neck breaker on Murda while Mackenzie sets up the TV table. Murda pulls down Kruz’s tights and spanks Kruz. Pusha is sent back first into the guard railing by Mackenzie. Pusha also smashes a chair over Kruz’s bare bottom. Pusha with a death valley driver onto the small table on Kruz but it doesn’t break! Mackenzie and Murda are shoved off the apron and both hit the railing. Mackenzie quickly enters the ring and connects with a yakuza kick on Murda. Mackenzie proceeds to clothesline the referee! Kruz also knocks a referee down while Mackenzie hit’s a elevated DDT. The Steves send the most hated referee, Jonathan Ashe through a table! Mackenzie hits a DDT on Pusha. Mackenzie proclaims that the Steves are not going anywhere! All of a sudden… DAVE HEBNER comes down to the ring and he puts on a referee shirt! Pusha connects with a death valley driver back breaker on Kruz in the ring. Mackenzie attempts a pile driver on Murda on the floor through a table but Murda gets away. Pusha leaps off the top and crashes through a table with Mackenzie to eliminate the first Steve.
First Elimination: Steve Mackenzie
Kruz goes for a DDT through a table on Murda but the table does not break. Murda sends Kruz off the top rope with a press slam but Kruz just bounces off the table as it didn’t break again! Kruz is placed onto the table on the floor again. AMIL attempt a double, double stomp but Kruz still does not crash through the table! Pusha with a top rope swanton bomb to the floor but once again the table does not break! Murda splashes Kruz but the table refuses to break. AMIL power bomb Mackenzie onto Kruz but the table still doesn’t break! Kruz is hip tossed onto the table, but it doesn’t break. Murda leaps over the top and splashes onto Kruz just destroying the table finally!
Second Elimination: Steve Kruz ***1/4
After the match, for the second match in a row the fans show their respect for the competitors.

Before the next match, Ajax, Kevin Grace and Loca Vida dance. Comedy stuff before a important number one contenders match doesn’t sit well with me.

Sixth Contest: Ajax 820 defeated Loca Vida and Kevin Grace in a number one contenders match:
Triple test of strength until Ajax is clotheslined by both opponents. Grace shoulder blocks Vida but Vida hip tosses Grace and connects with a arm drag. Ajax takes Grace over with a head scissors takedown and works on Vida with a few forearm shots. Vida is able to take Ajax over with a head scissors and Grace does the same to Vida. Three way side headlock until Grace breaks free and is dropkicked by Ajax. Vida with a running clothesline on Ajax in the corner and heads to the top rope where Vida hit’s a missile dropkick. Vida boots Grace in the corner and Ajax comes off the apron with a springboard neck breaker on both Grace and Vida. Ajax scoop slams Grace and heads to the top rope. Ajax is crotched on the top by Vida but Vida is shoved off the middle rope. Grace runs to the corner and botches a slam but Ajax flips over to the mat. Grace takes Ajax over with a middle rope hurricanrana but only manages to get a two count. Vida with a guillotine leg drop on Grace and connects with the 315 but manages only to get a two count. Vida sunset flips Grace who is back dropped. Ajax manages to get a roll up on Grace out of nowhere.

Seventh Contest: Samoa Joe defeated Eddie Edwards:
Joe kicks Edwards on the thigh to start the match. Joe with a side headlock and a wristlock but Edwards kips out of it. Joe takes Edwards down and delivers a few forearm shots. Edwards reaches the ropes to break the hold. Edwards comes off the ropes with a shoulder block but Joe doesn’t budge. Edwards with a right hand but Joe drops Edwards with a shoulder block. Joe with a series of jabs in the corner and beats Edwards down to the mat. Joe connects with a running elbow in the corner and follows up with a leaping kick to the head of Edwards. Joe with a series of face washes and delivers a running face wash! Joe gets a near fall but continues to work on Edwards with right hands. Edwards gets a few chops in but Joe keeps the advantage and comes off the ropes with a knee drop for a two count. Edwards is caught in the corner but is able to arm drag Joe. Edwards comes off the ropes and hits Joe with a leg lariat! Edwards with a standing dropkick and puts the boots to Joe. Edwards with a running dropkick to a seated Joe for a two count. Edwards with a sleeper hold to slow down the bigger Samoa Joe. Joe elbows out of the sleeper hold but is met with a quick clothesline from Edwards who gets a two count. Edwards starts to shove Joe but Joe delivers a few jabs but Edwards knocks Joe down with a elbow smash and gets a two count. Edwards continues to control Joe with a sleeper hold. Edwards with a few chops but Joe backs Edwards into a corner and chops away on Edwards. Joe runs into a big boot but stops Edwards with a atomic drop, a yakuza kick and a standing back splash for a near fall! Edwards with a jaw breaker and comes off the ropes but is met with a snap power slam by Joe who gets a two count! Joe misses a splash in the corner and Edwards leaps off the top rope with a missile dropkick and almost picks up a huge win! Edwards with a few forearm shots but is met with a sidekick from Joe and Joe goes for a power bomb but Edwards trips Joe and has a STF locked in! Joe reaches the bottom rope to break the hold. Edwards with a few more forearms but Edwards blocks a knee and hit’s a fisherman suplex for a two count! Edwards with a running double knee in the corner and stops Joe with a super kick. Joe recovers and clotheslines Edwards viciously but only manages a two count! Joe delivers a high knee in the corner and sets Edwards up on the top rope. Joe kicks Edwards in the head on the top rope and drives Edwards down with the Muscle Buster to win the match. **¾

Before the next match, Dave Hebner makes his way out to the ring to referee the ladder match.

Main Event: Dizzie defeated Slyck Wagner Brown in a ladder match to become the first 2CW Heavyweight Champion:
Brown with a go behind and transitions into a side headlock. Dizzie gets out of it and has a hammerlock on Brown. Dizzie with a hip toss but Brown kicks Dizzie away and they have a standoff. Dizzie with a wristlock and sends Brown to the ropes but Brown slides to the floor and goes to get the ladder. Dizzie chases after Brown and cuts Dizzie off. Brown sends Dizzie back first into the guard railing. Brown grabs the ladder and goes to slide it into the ring but avoids a baseball slide and whacks Dizzie with the ladder. Brown drops Dizzie face first across the guard railing and sets up the ladder in the ring. Brown climbs up but is cut off by Dizzie. Brown comes back with a right hand and works on Dizzie in the corner with a series of boots. Brown connects with a standing dropkick and chops away on Dizzie. Dizzie with a series of chops of his own but Brown works on Dizzie in the corner. Dizzie kicks Brown in the chest and sets up the ladder. Dizzie throws the ladder right into Brown’s face and sets up the ladder in the corner. Dizzie with a standing elbow drop to maintain control of the contest. Dizzie steps on Brown a times and double stomps the back of Brown’s neck. Brown clubs Dizzie over the back but Dizzie takes Brown down and slingshots Brown to the corner but Brown lands on the middle rope. Dizzie stops Brown on the middle rope and connects with a side Russian leg sweep and the ladder comes down with them. Dizzie starts to climb the ladder but is stopped by Brown who manages to power bomb Dizzie! The ladder whips upwards and nails Brown over the back of the head. Brown sets up two chairs in the ring as Dizzie is laid out. Brown rams the ladder down into the midsection of Dizzie a couple of times. Brown lays the ladder onto the chairs and places Dizzie on top of the ladder. Brown heads to the top rope and connects with a top rope moonsault! Brown sets up the ladder and makes his way up towards the championship. Dizzie yanks Brown down and Brown hits the corner hard back first. Dizzie works on Brown with a few rights and shoulder rams in the corner. Brown is on Dizzie’s shoulders but is dropped chest first across Dizzie’s knees! Dizzie places the ladder on top of Brown and comes off the top with a frog splash! Dizzie sets up the ladder but Brown springs to the top rope and leg lariats Dizzie off the ladder! Dizzie with a few forearm shots but is back dropped to the apron by Brown. Brown nails Dizzie with a leaping kick and Dizzie drops to the floor. Brown takes Dizzie out with a suicide dive and Dizzie hits his back hard up against the railing! Brown bridges a ladder on the railing and apron. Brown grabs Dizzie and goes for a apparent suplex onto the ladder. Brown connects with a few forearms as Dizzie fights back. Dizzie knees out of it and is able to send Brown crashing through the ladder with a death valley driver! Dizzie sets up another ladder and begins to climb up the ladder and yanks down the belt to become the first 2CW Heavyweight Champion! **½
After the match, both men get standing ovations and the fans chant for Slyck Wagner Brown. Dizzie tells the fans to stop chanting his names. Dizzie turns on the fans and says that the fans where never behind him to win the championship. Dizzie is offended that the fans would chant for Brown before him. Dizzie doesn’t respect any of the fans and doesn’t respect Brown! Dizzie slaps Brown and is soon planted with the Appreciation Bomb by Brown. Brown holds up the title and plays to the crowd to end the show.

End of show

My Take:
Not a bad opener between Dizzie and Jason Axe. I really thought that Axe was going to win considering he is becoming the top heel in 2CW. Plus, I would think that the surprise guest like Bill Alfonso would appear on the show more than just once. I can’t complain with Dizzie advancing though as Dizzie is the better worker of the two.

I don’t like Gordy Wallace as I don’t think he is a good worker by any means. Love is a good heel but just like Wallace isn’t all that good in the ring. So, I wasn’t looking forward to this match as it was announced. It didn’t go too long as I think it may have been added just too simply fill out the card.

Springate/Brown was a decent little match. The crowd is really behind Brown to win this whole tournament. Brown is proving to be the MVP of 2CW as he puts on a entertaining show each time out it seems like.

Walters/Ephex was just a fabulous contest. Their wasn’t really any point in the match where it was dull or uninteresting. Ephex has proven to me that he is the best local talent for 2CW. Ephex can work with some of the best brought into the company and needs to be used as a top caliber talent. Great overall match, in my opinion.

Well, I have a lot of respect for Steve Kruz after the beating he just took in that match. The table refused to break at least eight times and Kruz’s back must have been destroyed because of the punishment. As for tables matches, that was a very good one. Aside from the stupid comedy bit with the bare butt of Kruz the match was very good. Hopefully this is the end of the AMIL/Steves feud, though.

I didn’t like the triple threat match. The guy who should have won is Loca Vida. Ajax was easily the worst option out of the three. He is a overrated wrestler by most of the 2CW fan base. I’m not looking forward to seeing Ajax involved in a title match. The match also seemed a bit sloppy in spots but it didn’t go all that long so I can’t complain much about that.

There wasn’t any doubt that TNA superstar Samoa Joe was going to go over here. It was a fun match even though there was a part of the match where they botched a couple of moves. It could’ve have been a lot better but to the best of my knowledge Edwards was fairly new to the business at this point. If they went at it in 2010 I could only imagine how much better the match would be between them.

The ladder match was decent as it included a few entertaining spots. I would have liked to have seen Slyck Wagner Brown win the championship but is makes booking sense to not have him win. Slyck will surely be chasing after Dizzie for the championship for awhile and that is fine. The main program and the heel turn by Dizzie were executed well I thought.

Overall, this is a good show. Night 2 is the better of the two nights as this show has everything needed to put on a solid show. Joe/Edwards, tables match, Ephex/Walters and the ladder match were either good or decent. I recommend picking up this show to see what 2CW is all about.

Thanks for reading.

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