TNA Impact 2/18/2010

Written By: Bob Colling

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: 2/18/2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz

Outside we see Eric Bischoff getting out of a limo talking on a cell phone. Bischoff is telling someone that they will be able to get in. Bischoff tells the person he has everything under control. Bischoff finishes off by saying “let the games begin”.

A video of stills showing highlights from TNA Against All Odds last Sunday is shown. D’Angelo Dinero managed to over come the odds, literally, and defeated Mr. Anderson to earn a TNA World Championship match at Lockdown. AJ Styles was able to retain the TNA World Championship by defeating Samoa Joe.

Dixie Carter’s announcement that TNA is moving to Monday’s at is also shown. Hogan saying that things are on the rise ends the video.

“Lord of the Ring”

TNA opening video

D’Angelo Dinero’s music hits and Dinero makes his way down to the ring. Dinero says he can put his money on the fact that the “pope is pimpin”. Pope defied the odds and overcame all the obstacles and mentions that he is the number one contender to the TNA World Championship. Dinero says that AJ Styles and “Dick” Flair are the only people standing in his way to getting the bling around his waist. Dinero says that Ric Flair is a dick so it is all good. Dinero tells Flair that he will never be D’Angelo Dinero (with several of his catch phrases in there). Dinero believes he will be the new TNA World Champion at Lockdown. AJ Styles and Ric Flair come out to Ric Flair’s music. Styles and Flair strut their way down to the ring with several ladies. Flair asks Pope if he can read and write and tells Pope to read his coat which says Armani. Flair reminds Pope that his name is Ric Flair and says that Pope was praying to be just like Flair when he got older. Flair is exhausted as he has been with AJ Styles and all the ladies since Against All Odds. Flair puts Styles over as the greatest wrestling machine. The two of the four ladies kiss Styles on the cheek. Flair says that Styles is the greatest wrestler alive. Pope repeats that in his eyes Ric Flair is “Dick”. Dinero says you can do whatever you want to Styles, but he is still a piece of crap. Flair calls Dinero a thug and criminal basically. Flair insults Dinero’s family poverty saying Styles has more than them combined. Styles grabs the microphone and calls Dinero a nobody and that Dinero is going nowhere. Dinero says he is everywhere and proceeds to hit Styles. Dinero knocks Flair down. Styles and Flair work on Dinero with Flair low blowing Dinero. The ring bell begins to go off as Dinero is beaten down. Styles says that he is the champ and that Dinero is a nobody. Flair has a chair and slides it into the ring. Flair places Dinero’s ankle between the chair and stomps onto the chair. Styles proceeds to lock in the figure four as Flair holds Dinero’s arms.


Replay of what just happened is shown.

Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about TNA Impact moving to Mondays starting on March 8th. Tenay also mentions that a former champion in TNA will be returning tonight.

Opening Contest: TNA Knockouts Champion Tara defeated Daffney by DQ in a non-title match: Daffney misses a right hand and is met with several right hands from Tara. Tara with a swinging side slam and gets a near fall early on. Daffney with a few knees and uppercut. Tara comes back with a backdrop and takes off her top. Tara runs into a spinning side kick from Daffney. Daffney drives Tara down by the hair several times. Daffney with a kick to the chest of Tara and sends Tara to the floor. Daffney rams Tara back first into the guard railing. Tara battles back but is nailed by Daffney with a tool box which signals for the DQ.
After the match, Daffney sends Tara hard into the railing again. Daffney continues to beat on Tara and slams the railing on top of Tara. Daffney gets a chair and smashes the chair onto the railing that is on Tara. Dr. Stevie comes out and carries Daffney to the backstage area.

Backstage, Mick Foley walks into Eric Bischoff’s office. Bischoff wants to talk to Foley about AAO. Foley says he is there to apologize but Bischoff says he doesn’t need to. Bischoff knows that he and Foley don’t get along but tells Foley that he doesn’t need to apologize. Bischoff believes that Foley is a asset to the company. Bischoff has two people there to take Foley’s measurements. Foley thought he did a good job on the fashion front this week, but Bischoff says that they are going to do a “Mick make over”. Bischoff says he will pay for the clothing. Foley appreciates it and is in favor of going for a makeover. Bischoff gets on his cell phone and tells somebody he wants Abyss in his office right now.


Backstage, Kevin Nash has just arrived to the arena. Nash is not happy.

Before the next match, Orlando Jordan has both a woman and male by his side. The male was seemingly checking Jordan out.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff believes that Samoa Joe doesn’t have the fire he once had. Bischoff wants Joe to impress him and proceeds to dare him to do so.

Second Contest: Orlando Jordan defeated Samoa Joe: Joe with several rights and lefts in the corner and stomps away on Jordan in the corner. Joe with a running back elbow in the corner. Jordan ducks a clothesline but is met with a leg lariat and Joe gets a two count. Joe with a chop but runs right into a spine buster from Joe. Jordan works on Joe and chokes Joe on the top rope. Jordan with a swinging neck breaker and several elbow drops. Jordan drops a knee to Joe and gets a near fall. Jordan with a chin lock as the crowd gets behind Joe. Joe with a few clotheslines and a back drop. Joe with a running knee in the corner. Joe places Jordan on the top rope and delivers several rights and lefts followed by a chop. Joe misses a right hand and Jordan leaps off the middle rope connecting with the lung blower to win the match! **½
After the match, Joe can not believe he just lost the match.

Backstage, Abyss is nervous about meeting Bischoff. Jeremy Borash is seen and says he has no idea what Bischoff wants.

– Backstage, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin wonder who is returning to TNA tonight. Shelley thinks it is Petey Williams.

Backstage, Abyss is in Eric Bischoff’s office. Bischoff says he warned Abyss and says that he is going to do what he warned Abyss what he was going to do. Abyss tries to apologize saying that he didn’t want to hurt. Abyss tells Bischoff that he did use the thumbtacks. Bischoff asks Abyss if he told Abyss to use a bat or the tacks, which Abyss says was the bat. Bischoff tells Abyss that tonight Abyss’s mask is coming off. Bischoff wants to get the mask off of Abyss. Abyss tells Bischoff that the mask is what he is. Bischoff says that they are going to reveal how ugly Abyss is. Bischoff tells Abyss that every door has security so he better not try to leave.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Eric Young. Young says that Kevin Nash is going to talk to Hall and Waltman in the ring tonight. Young hopes that Hall and Waltman come to the ring tonight.

A video of the announcement that TNA is going to Monday nights on March 8th, 2010.


Backstage, Eric Bischoff enters Jeff Jarrett’s locker room with a barbed wire bat. Bischoff tells Jarrett he wanted to see the bat used at AAO but it wasn’t. Bischoff wants Jarrett to use the bat tonight in his match against Abyss tonight. Bischoff gives the bat to Jarrett who studies the bat as Bischoff tells him to use it. Bischoff leaves as Jarrett says alright.

Third Contest: Kazarian/Amazing Red/Generation Me defeated TNA X-Division Champion Doug Williams/Motor City Machine Guns/Brian Kendrick: As you can tell, Kazarian is the champion who returned to TNA tonight. Tenay mentions that is has been a year and half since Kazarian has been in TNA. Williams attacks Kazarian before the bell but is taken down by Kaz. Kaz with a heel kick on Kendrick and backdrops Kendrick as well. Generation Me with a double team dropkick on Kendrick. Shelley enters and rolls up on Max but doesn’t get a count on it. Sabin with a slingshot swanton on Max and a double team knee/back splash combo and Sabin gets a near fall. Red tags in and rolls Sabin up for a near fall. Red with a tilt a whirl DDT on Sabin. Shelley distracts Red and allows Sabin to regain control and tags in Williams. Williams with a running knee attack in the corner and goes up top but Red nails Williams with a spinning kick to knock Williams down. Kaz enters and delivers a spinning heel kick and dropkick on Williams. Kaz with a float over swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Max with a dropkick knocking Kendrick out on the floor. Jeremy dives over the top onto Kendrick on the floor. Sabin drills Kaz with a kick in the ring. Red takes MCMG out with a missile dropkick. Red with a flip dive taking MCMG out again. Kaz with a slingshot DDT on Williams from the apron and picks up the win! **¾
After the match, Kaz celebrates the win with his teammates.

Backstage, Abyss is trying to leave but Slick Johnson tells Abyss he has a match tonight. Johnson brings Abyss to the ring.


Another video highlighting the move to Mondays on March 8th is shown.

Fourth Contest: Abyss fought Jeff Jarrett to a No Contest: Jarrett comes out zero entrance music but has the barbed wire bat. Abyss with a shoulder block that knocks Jarrett down to start the match. Jarrett with a boot to the chest of Abyss but is met with a clothesline from Abyss. Abyss misses a right hand in the corner. Abyss goes for the Shock Treatment but Jarrett gets out and hits Abyss with a kick. Jarrett leaps onto Abyss as he was down across the middle rope. Jarrett with a dropkick and goes for ten punches in the corner but Abyss connects with a atomic drop. Jarrett comes back with a clothesline sending Abyss to the floor. Jarrett has a chair on the floor and goes to ram Abyss onto the chair but Abyss blocks and throws Jarrett face first into the chair. Abyss slides the chair into the ring and bridges the chair between the middle and top turnbuckle. Abyss goes to grab the barbed wire bat but refuses to pick it up. Jarrett with a boot to the gut and goes to send Abyss into the chair but Abyss blocks and they clothesline each other down. Eric Bischoff shows up at the top of the ramp to watch the match as we go to commercial. Abyss drives Jarrett down with a side slam as we come back from break. Abyss runs into a double boot but catches Jarrett off the middle rope and connects with a choke slam but only gets a two count. Abyss misses a elbow drop and Jarrett delivers several right hands. Jarrett plants Abyss with the Stroke but doesn’t cover Abyss. Jarrett sends Abyss head first into the chair in the corner. Bischoff tells Jarrett to use the barbed wire bat and Jarrett picks up the bat. Abyss begs Jarrett not to use it and Jarrett looks at Bischoff and drops the bat on the floor. Bischoff has a microphone and says he knew he couldn’t trust him to get the job down. Bischoff calls out for his guys. Raven, Homicide, Tomko, Desmond Wolfe, and Rhino storm the ring and beat down Abyss and Jarrett. **½
After the match, Abyss is held by all five men in the ring. Bischoff enters the ring and says that Abyss didn’t believe him that he was going to take his mask off. Bischoff goes to take Abyss’s mask off until Hulk Hogan’s music hits and Hogan makes his way down to the ring. Bischoff is shocked and tells the guys to let Abyss go. Hogan grabs the microphone and tells Bischoff he has this one. Hogan tells Abyss to get to his office. Hogan doesn’t look happy about what Bischoff was going to do.


Footage of what just happened is shown.

Backstage, Abyss is being escorted to Hulk Hogan’s office.

Fifth Contest: Beer Money Inc. defeated Brutus Magnus/TNA Global Champion Rob Terry: Storm and Magnus start the match off with Magnus controlling Storm with a shoulder block but is met with a right hand from Storm. Terry clotheslines Storm from outside the ring and double team Storm briefly. Terry with a running power slam on Storm and tags in Magnus. Magnus covers but Storm kicks out and Magnus tags out to Terry. Terry with a big splash in the corner on Storm and Magnus tags himself in. Storm with a jaw breaker on Magnus and tags in Roode who takes Magnus down with a forearm smash and a spine buster. Double vertical suplex on Terry as well. Terry is clotheslined to the floor and Storm is elevated to the floor by Roode onto Terry. Storm with a kick to Magnus head and Beer Money drive Magnus down with the DWI. Roode covers Magnus and they pick up the win.
After the match, Magnus gets a microphone and tells Rob Terry that he can’t do anything right and blames Terry’s title win as getting to his head. Magnus calls Terry a disgrace to the British Invasion. Magnus slaps Terry and says that the belt should belong to him. Magnus tells Terry to leave but instead is met with a clothesline from Terry who holds the TNA Global Championship in the air. Terry heads to the back as Magnus recovers in the ring.

Backstage, Kevin Nash is pacing as he gets ready to talk to Scott Hall and Sean Waltman tonight.


Backstage, Abyss is pacing and talking to himself as a angry Hulk Hogan comes in. Bischoff tries to enter the room but Hogan tells Bischoff to leave. Hogan is sick of Abyss being afraid of his own shadow and shaking all the time. Hogan talks about other strong characters and asks Abyss if he is a monster. Hogan doesn’t want Abyss to ever be a coward ever again. Hogan takes off his WWE HOF ring (not mentioned by name) and puts it over as a very important item. Hogan says the ring is his life. Hogan tells Abyss to put his hand out and Hogan gives the ring to Abyss and Abyss is emotional briefly. Abyss begins to puff his chest out and becomes rather serious now as Hogan tells Abyss that he will be greater than anything that has ever been. Hogan leaves and Abyss says he will not let Hogan down. Abyss puts the ring on and says he “feels it”. Abyss says the ring stands for the monster Abyss and lets out a scream.

Main Event: Kurt Angle defeated Daniels: Daniels works on Angle with several right hands and stomps away on Angle. Angle with a series of right hands but Daniels delivers a open hand palm strike to drop Angle. Daniels avoids a German suplex and goes for a rill up but Angle locks in the ankle lock. Angle drops down and Daniels is forced to tap out in under a minute. DUD
After the match, Angle has a microphone and mentions Mr. Anderson. Angle says he is man enough to say he lost to Mr. Anderson. Angle isn’t pissed off about that, but rather what Anderson did with a tag. Angle mentions a tough divorce, shamming his kids by being arrested and being accused of things he didn’t do. Angle begins to cry as the fans chant his name. Angle says he prayed to god in a jail cell and talks about a appearance at a army base. Angle says he met some amazing people there that changed his life. Angle says a solider told him that they believed in him despite what they read online and in the paper. He gave the tag to Angle and Angle reads what is on the tag. The fans start a “USA” chant. Angle says that when Anderson used the tag to cut him he made the solider bleed and not just him. Angle says that Anderson spat on the soldiers and the USA. Angle is going to make Anderson bleed. Angle says he will see Mr. Anderson in hell. Anderson’s music hits and Anderson appears at the top of the ramp as we go commercial. Back from commercial, Anderson is fake crying saying he is very moved by what Angle just said. Anderson gives Angle credit for being able to suck up to the fans. Anderson mocks Angle and calls the tag a “hunk of garbage”. Anderson says that he likes to make people bleed. Anderson challenges Angle to come down to him to “come get some”. Angle leaves the ring and makes his way toward Anderson. Angle and Anderson brawl at the top of the ramp with Anderson delivering several shots to the open wound on Angle’s forehead. Anderson welcomes Angle to “Total Non-Stop Anderson… Anderson”.


Backstage, Jeremy Borash is walking with Samoa Joe who is going to his car. Joe doesn’t say a word and is almost hit by a van. Joe is then ambushed by several men wearing black and is abducted.

Kevin Nash’s music hits and Kevin Nash comes down to the ring with Eric Young. Nash has a microphone and says that he doesn’t remember when and where he picked Scott Hall and Sean Waltman to be his friends. Nash also bought a black suit and he knew he would be “putting one of them in the dirt real soon”. Nash doesn’t know what hurts more is a broken bones or a broken heart. Nash says that for three weeks Hall and Waltman have found a way into the building. Nash has done everything to keep them employed. Nash wants them to find their way to him tonight. Nash says that he is still standing and that he will be waiting in the ring. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman show up slowly walk around ringside before entering the ring. Young attacks Waltman on the floor. Young is getting the better of Waltman on the floor. Hall throws a toothpick at Nash and is met with a right hand from Nash. Security runs down and breaks up the brawl between Hall and Nash. Hulk Hogan comes out top the top of the ramp and just stares down to the ring. Nash says “next week it is on”.

End of show.

My Take: The opening promo was fine with Dinero/Styles. I actually didn’t like the Flair line whether or not Pope could read and write. That is just incredibly offence. That just didn’t need to be said, and the crowd was silent after the silent most likely out of shock out of the statement. Was glad to see Styles actually get the upper hand as he has been kind of portrayed as a weak champion, lately.

I enjoyed the aftermath between Daffney and Tara. I think those two women could have a entertaining hardcore match or something of that nature down the line.

Orlando Jordan going over Samoa Joe clean isn’t surprising to me. I would’ve been shocked in say 2006 or 2007 but Samoa Joe just doesn’t come across as a dominating force that he once was. I didn’t like Jordan arriving in TNA at first, but it appears he has greatly improved from several years ago. Looks like TNA ended up editing out the kiss Jordan apparently had with the man who was by his side for the match. Good decision there. The man is apparently Jordan’s real life boyfriend, so I have read.

The eight man tag team match was a fast paced match that seemed to try to get all the spots in as quickly as possible. Kazarian coming back under is real name should have happened a long time ago. Kazarian, I thought, was headed towards a big push in 2007 but that never really happened. I expect Kazarian to be the X-Division Champion soon enough.

Jarrett/Abyss was a solid match for what it was. I like that Bischoff has his own troops because this gives Homicide, Raven, Rhino and Desmond Wolfe some air time. I don’t really care for Tomko at this point.

Rob Terry face turn? I guess I will have to see how this goes before I pass judgment. Magnus really reminded me of William Regal tonight, and that is a good thing. Terry has the look for wrestling, but I haven’t seen him in singles matches yet to see if he is worth all the air time. Also, thank god Beer Money Inc is back on television.

Fine promo segment with Abyss/Hogan. I really hope this segment has turned Abyss back into the monster he once was. Abyss has really been a joke to me and that is a shame. I really enjoyed his work back in 2004 up until 2007 or so. Abyss needs a change of attitude and get in better shape.

I was really expecting a good match from Daniels/Angle but instead it was a 90 second squash match for Angle. That mad me sick to my stomach. I thought the promo by Angle was nicely done as well. I would have to think that this will lead to a first blood match between Anderson and Angle. All the references to blood would make that stipulation a logical selection. I thought Anderson was again entertaining.

Another lame brawling segment to end the show? Really? I am just happy that Eric Young was actually involved in the brawl this week as he needs to be given more attention. I wonder if Young is leaning towards the baby face side now? Looks like World Elite is no more now that Homicide is with Eric Bischoff and the British Invasion appear to have split.

Overall, a decent show this week I thought. TNA continues to improve in my mind.

Thanks for reading.

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