092 ROH Dissension 1/28/2006

ROH 92 – Dissension – 28th January 2006

Night 2 of the first Ohio double shot and the main event sounds worthy of the price of the DVD by itself. World Champion Bryan Danielson defends against The Phenomenal AJ Styles. They’ve had two prior matches in ROH (in 2002 at All Star Extravaganza and in 2003 at Main Event Spectacles) and both were MOTYC’s in the year they took place so it’s fair to see tonight’s encounter has potential. Beyond that, winners of last night’s Trios Tournament The Embassy are in trios action again, Aries and Strong will defend the Tag Title against former champions BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs. Yang/Lethal, Ki/Evans and Daniels/Sydal are all interesting first-time singles matches too. Lets get ready for a night of DISSENSION and head over to Cleveland, OH with your esteemed announce team – Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard.

DP is still harassing Matt Sydal for an answer on the Tag Title situation. Matt still doesn’t give him an answer. Prazak tells a crew to spy on him tonight to see if he gives an answer away.

The Embassy are in Abyss’ dungeon (hehe). Obviously they’re jubilant after winning the Trios Tournament. Jimmy Rave picks the Fourth Anniversary Show for his World Title shot. Alex Shelley continues being a prick and opts to have a title shot of his own on February 11th in Long Island. DISSENSION! Nana sicks Abyss on the camera man and we lose the feed…

Jay Fury vs Adam Pearce

Fury debuted in the Trios Tournament last night and produced a few cool little moves. Adam Pearce seems to have stepped up his game so far in 2006. He was entertaining at Hell Freezes Over in the way he dealt with Six Man Mayhem, and was part of the spectacular curtain-raiser to last night’s event in Dayton. He wants to impress Commissioner Jim Cornette (who’s in the building) and earn his ROH stripes then he really needs to be beating guys like Fury.

Pearce waylays Jay who hits back with a series of kicks that send the Scrap Daddy to the floor. CORKSCREW ASAI MOONSAULT! Back in the ring he goes for a hurricanrana and gets dumped on his head by Pearce. The crowd rally behind Fury and he responds with a JAY-TRIX ENZIGURI! Spinebuster by Scrap Iron…then the SUPERFLY SPLASH! That’ll do for him at 03:30.

Rating – * –
A fairly comprehensive squash so you can consider it a good thing it escaped DUD territory. Jay Fury is freakishly agile for a little fat man with no neck, and you can attribute that star to his two big spots and the fact that I mark for Pearce’s Superfly Splash.

Adam sets up a chair in the corner of the ring and awaits the arrival of Jim Cornette who is scheduled to make an announcement next. That tooth from last night wasn’t a work – he has a missing front tooth as he addresses the Cleveland fans. He starts to run down garbage wrestling again…but Necro Butcher is in the crowd! James E yells him down and Necro attempts to jump the rail. Adam Pearce steps in…AND HE GOES AT IT WITH NECRO! Cornette gets some shots in on the CZW invader before he is dragged away by students. The Commissioner takes the time to thank Pearce before they leave. That’s another awesome segment right there…and Adam Pearce just stepped UP.


1. Jay Lethal (surely he’s going down after losing both January matches so far)
3. Alex Shelley (ROH Title shot on February 11th)
4. Jimmy Rave (ROH Title shot at the Fourth Anniversary Show)
5. Christopher Daniels (probably needs to beat Sydal tonight to retain his spot)

Jimmy Yang vs Jay Lethal

Yang is making his big return to ROH this weekend after taking some time off due to going 0-3 in his first matches. He bounced back last night in fine style by advancing to the final of the Trios Tournament. Can he follow that with his first singles win against the #1 ranked athlete in the top 5. Lethal has had a bad month, losing to Daniels in Philadelphia, and failing to win the tag belts last night with Bryan Danielson (in a classic that you NEED to see). He has Samoa Joe looming but the big man isn’t here tonight, and to retain his spot in the rankings he simply has to beat the Korean.

Lethal cockily bows to Yang…where did he get a personality from? He sucked before this heel turn. Jimmy schools him and returns the favour with a cocky bow. He hits the Sayama kick to the back then hooks on a half crab but far too close to the ropes. Lethal back flips out of the corner and gets wiped out with a spinning heel kick. Yang kicks him off the apron as well but Jay walks away to avoid a big dive. Now he cowers behind the referee to protect himself. To the floor again where Yang gets thrown into the front row. Lethal works the fans up in anticipation of a big chop but opts to piss them off with a suplex instead. Handful of tights on a roll-up but he still can’t get it done. Yang belly to belly suplexes him into the turnbuckles leaving both men gasping for air. Jimmy hits a martial arts kick from the second rope after being the first one up. Lethal comes from the top and gets met with another spinning heel kick. Yang Time blocked for Jay to scale the ropes again and nail a top rope elbow for 2. YANG TIME PRESS! Yang gets his first singles win in 11:08.

Rating – ** –
It had the fluidity of Yang, the fun heelisms of Lethal and a good crowd going for it but didn’t really amount to all that much. Despite a fresh character which has breathed new life into his career, Lethal looked a little lost on offence tonight (maybe he should’ve stolen some of Samoa Joe’s moves again perhaps?), and for all his silky smoothness, Yang’s offence was absolutely limited to kicks tonight and it got a little repetitive. It’s good to see him get a win though and hopefully we’ll see more of him in his second tenure.

Cameras are indeed following Matt Sydal and show him in discussion with AJ Styles.

Low Ki says 2006 will be the year the Rottweilers take over ROH. He promises to dominate Evans tonight and send a message to all of Generation Next. I’m sure it’ll be a big help to your dogs when you quit again Ki…

Jimmy Rave/Alex Shelley/Abyss vs Tony Mamaluke/Sal Rinauro/Delirious

In case you missed last night’s event, here’s another chance to see the winning team in the Trios Tounament. They overcame Mamaluke and Rinauro (who teamed with Jay Fury) in the first round so the Italians come for revenge tonight. They’re partnered by their own freaky masked competitor, and Delirious must be desperate for a win tonight. Assuming they have winning in Lizard language. Someone throws a stuffed toy in amongst the toilet paper, loofa’s and tampons which Abyss snatches.

Delirious gets his hands stomped by Shelley but recovers to string together a few pinning combinations. Abyss tags and Delirious YELLS HIM DOWN! Then he starts biting the Monster! Torture wrack drop by Abyss sends him crashing to the floor. Alex stands on his crotch in the corner before Nana uses his headscarf thingy to choke him. SKULLF*CK! Daizee Haze climb the ropes to hit a MISSILE DROPKICK as Rave distracts the referee. Delirious tries to sunset flip Abyss but winds up with Sal Rinauro press slammed on top of him. He does manage to dropkick Jimmy though and makes the hot tag to Sal. Running quebrada for Shelley, followed by a springboard swinging DDT. Swginging stunner for Rave before Mamaluke dumps him with a Saito suplex. Superplex front choke on Rave but the Crown Jewel gets to the rope. Rave with a DDT on Rinauro after Daizee distracted him. CROSS-LEGGED MICHINOKU DRIVER from Delirious to Shelley. He drop toeholds Rave into his groin which sets them both up for a DOUBLE PANIC ATTACK! Abyss stands 3-on-1 with his opponents and fights them all off. BLACK HOLE SLAM FOR DELIRIOUS! CHOKESLAM FOR MAMALUKE! RINAURO IS PRESS SLAMMED TO THE FLOOR! Abyss calls for the dive he never got to do last night…but Shelley stops him again. Rave and Shelley start arguing – DISSENSION! Delirious wipes out Abyss with a somersault pescado as Mamaluke and Rinauro roll-up the still-arguing Jimmy Rave and Alex Shelley. It’s a shock upset for former tag champions at 14:25…

Rating – *** –
Better than the Embassy/SalMaluke 6-man last night actually. The brief interaction between Delirious and Abyss was priceless. I’d LOVE to see them have a singles match, it’d be great. Beyond that it was a by the numbers effort, but still a lot of fun. Rave and Shelley brought the awesome evil dick chicanery, Abyss brought the big power moves, Mamaluke brought the SERIOUS and Delirious is always a good choice for the isolation heat segment because everyone loves him. Giving Mamaluke and Rinauro the win vitally restores some credibility to them since they’ve been jobbed about after losing the tag belts, and fuels the DISSENSION within The Embassy, as Shelley an Rave fight over who gets to be World Champion, and Abyss continues to grow more frustrated at the way they abuse him.

SIDENOTE – Sadly this is Abyss’ last night in the company for the foreseeable future. He asked Gabe for a bigger role in the company, Gabe refused because he has enough TNA-contracted guys at the top of the card and wants to concentrate on promoting from within. Apparently it was an amicable split though so he could be brought back somewhere down the line.

Low Ki vs Jack Evans

Remember folks, the Rottweilers are ready to step up and proclaim themselves the top faction in ROH. To do that they have to overthrow the incumbent top dogs, and after beating The Embassy in Steel Cage Warfare, Generation Next lay claim to that throne. We saw Reyes/Aries at Hell Freezes Over, and this is another instalment, as Ki looks to send a message to all of Evans’ associates through him. Jack has a lot of fans and everyone likes to talk about how improved he is in the ring. He’s become a fantastic tag team wrestler, but he needs to avoid this becoming a Low Ki sh*tkicking contest else he will be completely overmatched and massacred here.

Evans takes too long dancing like it’s 1991 and gets booted in the chest. He refuses to back down and sends Ki all the way to the floor with a dropkick. Jack backflips off Low Ki’s shoulders and lands on his feet to headscissors his opponent to the floor. SPACE FLYING TIGER DIVE…misses. Ki opens up with brutal chops and kicks. He squeezes the oxygen from Evans’ lungs with a rear waistlock. Evans looks to strike back but Ki no sells everything and traps him in a bodyscissors. At ringside Evans again tries to put in some offence of his own and Ki simply lifts him in the air and SPEARS him into the guardrail. He takes more of a pasting in the ring until he manages to string together a few kicks for a 2 count. A handspring elbow finds the mark and Jack follows it with a springboard knee strike to the head. He misses another springboard move and Ki chops him so hard he flips in mid-air. TWISTING RED STAR PRESS for 2! Jack calls it 630 time but Low Ki moves and hits the SHOTGUN DROPKICK! TREE OF WOE GHETTO STOMP! That’s a Rottweiler win at 12:32.

Rating – ** –
A classic Evans singles match really – i.e. an extended squash. Until he adds some more impressive and believable strikes and ground moves to his crazy arsenal of high flying moves he won’t be able to work singles matches too well. Sure this was fun in a watching Low Ki brutalise him way but you feel like Ki could be doing something better with his time than taking on someone like Jack who isn’t in his league. Shelley/Evans from 3YA3 in Chicago remains his best singles match. In fairness to Ki, he did pretty much what people paid to see him do. He was angry, he stiffed poor Evans like there was no tomorrow, and everything he did worked the ribs for the Ghetto Stomp. It’s just a shame this was his last ROH match. Obviously never say never, but Gabe has really given the impression this is the last time Ki is gonna be allowed to quit.

Ace Steel/Claudio Castagnoli vs Nigel McGuiness/Chad Collyer – Anything Goes Match

The hottest feud in ROH rages into Cleveland next – yes folks, finally Ace and Collyer will step into the ring together again – for the first time since Chad split Steel’s head wide open last August. As we heard last night, their concluding singles showdown takes place Wrestlemania weekend in Chicago but tonight they go at it tag team style. Obviously Chad has enlisted the help of his partner, Pure Champion Nigel McGuiness, so Steel has countered that by getting Nigel’s biggest enemy as his partner – Double C. Obviously he’s still looking for another Pure Title rematch. Ace and Chad need to put in performances here if not just their feud, but their place on the roster, is to have any longevity. Nigel gets on the mic before the match and says despite the relaxed rules there’ll be no hardcore shenanigans – just straight up pure wrestling here folks. That brings Jim Cornette out again and says he wants to see a fight and it will indeed be anything goes.

Ace and Chad immediately brawl to the floor as Nigel and Claudio trade uppercuts in the crowd. Double C stacks chairs on top of the Pure Champion and flops down on top of them. Steel dives over the railings after Chad…Castagnoli uses the section sign as a guillotine to behead Nigel. This is all a little hard to call but thankfully everyone makes their way the right side of the railings. Nigel attempts his headstand and is chopped by Steel. Double flapjack on Collyer by Castagnoli and Steel. Claudio is shoved off the top by McGuiness which allows Ace’s opponents to double team him. They play European uppercut volleyball before Collyer has to monkey flip Castagnoli back over the top rope to the outside. Ace is pinned for a 2 off a double wristlock takedown. Finally he manages to duck a clothesline attempt from McGuiness and it accidentally chops down Chad Collyer. Nigel headstand mule kicks Steel into a Collyer German suplex. McGuiness hammerlock pedigrees Steel but is soon sent reeling from a springboard European uppercut by Claudio. UPPERCUT SUICIDAAAAA! In the ring Ace is blocking the Collyer Cloverleaf but Chad dumps him on his head with a Saito suplex. Now he is able to lock in the Cloverleaf only for Claudio to interrupt. Steel horse collars Collyer but he can’t keep the hold because he’s too injured. SPINAL SHOCK but Nigel stops the pin. Claudio throws Ace into a swinging DDT but Collyer sidesteps an attempted dive off the apron by the Chicago native. Tree of woe kick into the Final Cut by Nigel as Ace and Collyer fight over a suplex on the ramp. TOWER OF LONDON…but Castagnoli grabs the ropes. He blocks the rebound lariat and scores a big win over the Pure Champion at 16:13 with the Alfa Mari Water Slide.

Rating – * –
Blah, I didn’t like it all that much. I can see why they tried this: a long, hot brawl could really have given the Steel/Collyer feud a lot of energy. But this sort of died. There were actually a few exciting moments and had it been shorter I think it would’ve worked a lot better. The big problem was there were far too many generic brawl/stall moments, and the big storyline fuelling the “anything goes” aspect of the contest (Ace/Chad) just isn’t over. Nigel and Claudio had some more nifty exchanges though, and the Double C win surely puts him in line for another rematch which is good.

More voyeuristic Sydalcam shots, this time showing him in a heated argument with Austin Aries. That sure does look like some DISSENSION!

INTERMISSION – AJ Styles talks about all the classics he’s had in ROH – including two victories over Bryan Danielson. American Dragon says he’s been studying his tapes and tonight will get that victory over the Phenomenal one that has always deluded him.

Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs Lacey’s Angels – ROH Tag Title Match

Generation Next have promised to make the ROH Tag Titles mean something and they started in the right manner last night after a fantastic match with Bryan Danielson and Jay Lethal. Tonight they defend against the team that went someway to restoring credibility to the belts in 2005 with their reign as champions – BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs. But there’s DISSENSION in the ranks of Lacey’s troops. Jimmy Jacobs is in love with her, whilst BJ is fed up of being a midcarder and wants to step up. Jimmy’s puppy love cost him in the Trios Tournament last night and if he can’t get his head in the game to get their belts back tonight Whitmer will be pissed.

The chances don’t look good as Jacobs almost dives into the crowd to get at a fan who yells something at Lacey. The big men of the teams have some elementary exchanges before Aries gets in with Jacobs and the champions manage to cut him off from his partner. He does find a way to escape and we get another heavy-hitting trade-off between Strong and Whitmer. Aries makes a superficial attempt to work BJ’s arm but nothing comes of that. Jacobs hits a tope suicida on Strong before he joins his partner in the ring for the clubberfest. Neckbreaker into a bridging camel clutch by Jacobs – who seems to have busted Roddy’s chest open with his super hard chops! He dives off the second rope with a headscissors and tags out to BJ who saps the strength from Roderick with a grounded version of a headscissors. Powerbomb senton for 2 by Lacey’s crew. Whitmer misses a frog splash and goes for a tag…but Jacobs is on the floor distracted by Lacey. RUNNING DROPKICK FROM ARIES! Finally Jacobs does come back into the match only for Austin to FROG SPLASH both of them. Jimmy is able to stop Aries hitting the brainbuster and Whitmer takes the former World Champion over with an exploder. SENTON BOMB by Jacobs but Strong breaks the pin. FACE-DROP GERMAN ON STRONG by Whitmer! LARIATOOOOO on Aries for 2. They call for the Doomsday Rana…BUT JACOBS BOTCHES IT BECAUSE HE GOT SIDETRACKED BY LACEY! BRAINBUSTER ON WHITMER! FIREMAN’S CARRY BACKBREAKER FROM STRONG TO JACOBS! 450 SPLASH BY ARIES! The champs retain at 14:01.

Rating – *** –
A mildly slow starter but it picked up to a blistering pace by the end. In fairness, the main story of the match was the growing discontent between Jacobs and Whitmer and that team carried that story very well throughout. The deliberate botch spot was both ambitious and unique, and whilst I think some of the live crowd may have missed it, on DVD it came off well. Obviously it wasn’t a patch on last night’s tag title match but this was some good midcard filler action.

BJ’s had enough…WRISTY CLATCH EXPLOIDAAA ON JACOBS! DISSENSION! (Rather comically, Jacobs was in the middle of singing ‘Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong’ as he did that)

Matt Sydal vs Christopher Daniels

Sydal is having a good 2006 so far. Every match he’s been in as hit 4* so far. People have been picking him as a break-out star for upwards of 12 months and he finally seems to be living up to that reputation. Just like Roddy Strong last year though, he’ll need to turn good matches into good wins – and there’d be no better win than beating the Fallen Angel. Daniels is in the Top 5 and is currently 1-1 in January. He beat Jay Lethal (who is at #1) at Hell Freezes Over but then lost to Low Ki in a corking little match last night. A win here could lift him up the rankings. A loss here could see him drop out.

Daniels is back to not shaking hands. He tries to initiate a mat game with Sydal who wisely increases the pace with a couple of armdrags. Same again, and this time Sydal flips into a dropkick. He keeps out-pacing Daniels at every turn, and somewhere along the way Daniels injures his knee. He takes a powder on the floor and is obviously in a lot of pain. He does manage to hit a flatliner though. That gets followed with a one-legged back suplex. He hits a jumping heel kick and immediately cradles the leg in pain – there’s a definite injury there. He almost totally misses a second jumping heel kick but does catch Matt with a DVD to get a 2. To ground level where Sydal takes some SICK bumps into the rails, then he rams his head into the sheet metal so many times Allison Danger has to convince him to quit. He’s working the neck aggressively to end the match as quickly as possible but Sydal counters back with a nice rana. Daniels goes back to the neck with a neckbreaker for 2. Matt blocks Angel’s Wings and double boots Daniels in the jaw. Daniels goes for the blue thunder bomb but Sydal is able to counter that with a hurricanrana too. RUNNING BODY PRESS TO THE FLOOR! Back inside Daniels goes for another neckbreaker only for Matt to have still more counters and he scores with the standing moonsault. Daniels with the urinage slam but Sydal grabs the leg so he doesn’t attempt the BME. Second time of asking he goes for it…and misses. HERE IT IS DRIVER FOR 2! Sydal misses a shooting star but almost pins Daniels the same way Ki beat him last night. COUNTERED TO THE KOJI CLUTCH! That works Matt’s injured neck and he is choked out in 15:12.

Rating – *** –
Considering Daniels got injured in the first few minutes that was really an incredible effort. Maybe they worked more of a grounded match than the X-Division-esque contest they would’ve worked had he not got injured, but it all worked out well. I loved the way Daniels adapted his attack on Sydal’s neck to convey an air of real desperation thanks to his injury. I could’ve gone higher but there were a few messy moments immediately after the injury (which were covered by some rather rough camera cuts) and Matt Sydal ignoring the neck to hit all his usual high-flying spots just bugged me. Not to the point where I didn’t like the match, but to the point where I’m not rating it higher. I also hate it how people rant, rave, piss and b*tch about AJ Styles doing things like that and all the while proclaiming Sydal to be the future of wrestling. They’re both GREAT, but they both need to work on their selling if they’re going to be as good as a Joe, Danielson, Punk, Daniels or Low Ki.

COMING SOON – The return of the Briscoes. OH HELL YEAH!!

Bryan Danielson vs AJ Styles – ROH World Title Match

At All Star Extravaganza in October 2002 and Main Event Spectacles in November 2003, these two put on two separate wrestling classics. Something both those matches had in common was the outcome – AJ Styles was able to put American Dragon away both times with the Styles Clash. Now Dragon is looking to get the “can’t beat AJ” monkey off his back by extending a World Title match to him. Styles has probably earned this match anyway, having beat Austin Aries back in October for a spot at #1 in the return of the Top 5 rankings, only to have them not return until this month. I have to say, this will have to do a lot to be better than their first two matches which I really love, and ranked them both highly in my MOTY lists for those years.

This reeks of ROH posterboy vs TNA posterboy man. To the mat with STANK with a tremendous jostle for position. Danielson German suplexes Styles which has AJ sliding out to rethink his strategy. Dragon extends a hand…and Styles spits in it – classy. Danielson backs him into the corner AND SPITS INTO HIS MOUTH! Styles is pissed so Dragon rolls out and trots up the aisle with a smile on his face. I like the way Styles blocks Dragon’s usual bridging counter to a wristlock by dropping down on top of him. AJ seems to focus on Danielson’s arm, and he counters every escape the Dragon attempts. The Champion tries to work a headlock but AJ uses the arm to escape. Danielson is wise to the trademark AJ dropkick sequence, but Styles switches things up with a spinning heel kick, and proceeds it with a backbreaker. BRUTAL strike exchange…and THEN the Styles dropkick scores! Tiger Mask flip by Danielson but Styles has that traditional AmDrag trick scouted too and catches him with a swinging backbreaker. A kneeling MutaLock grounds Danielson, but he’s not the best wrestler in the world for nothing and finds a way to escape it and turn it round on AJ. The Judo DDT finds the mark and Dragon climbs to the top for a Misawa missile dropkick. Rather ridiculously he goes for a hurricanrana though and AJ almost manages to hit the Clash. BACK SUPLEX OVER THE TOP ROPE BY AJ! But out at ringside Danielson gets aggressive to take advantage, using the guardrails to his advantage. Styles does his barricade jumping spot (and almost trips) then comes back in with a springboard forearm.

Danielson shies away to the corner and tries to make nice like a pussy…THEN GOES APESH*T WITH A FLURRY after the ref backs Styles away. He grabs Styles head and starts punching him in the head…and the nose! There’s a trickle of blood from the nostril as Danielson pulls him over with the Mexican surfboard. Like a shark he goes after that by raking and clawing at it some more. Todd Sinclair tries to stop his nasal attack…but he has till five referee. Styles goes for the quebrada DDT…BLOCKED WITH KNEE STRIKES TO THE NOSE! CRAVAT SUPLEX for 2! As well as busting up AJ’s nose Dragon is starting to wear down his neck as well now. PELE KICK out of nowhere but Styles is slow to capitalise. He eventually does though with a back drop driver. Diving European uppercut by the champ – again to the injured face. He lines Styles up to knock him off the apron but his challenger blocks and SPRINGBOARDS into the quebrada DDT for 2. BACK SUPERPLEX FROM DRAGON! CATTLE MUTILATION! But just as he has done in both their previous encounters, he’s able to get to the ropes. Discus lariat ducked…roaring elbow ducked…then they hit their signature spinning strikes simultaneously and both go down. Dragon goes for Cattle Mutilation but AJ counters it with a wrack drop. SPIRAL TAP SCORES…TWO COUNT! Danielson desperately blocks the Styles Clash…CATTLE MUTILATION AGAIN GODDAMNIT! AJ BRIDGES INTO A PIN FOR 2! CROSSFACE CHICKENWING WITH THE ARM ACROSS AJ’S F*CKED NOSE! STYLES TAPS! Dragon has finally beaten AJ…31:27 is your time.

Rating – ****1/2 –
Last time in Cleveland we saw a MASSIVELY underrated Danielson title defence against Austin Aries. The same applies again to this one, I can’t believe people aren’t talking more about this – it’s a classic. It might even be Danielson’s best title defence against anyone not named Roderick Strong. As per usual the amount of detail going into an AmDrag match was simply staggering. They played off the AJ as Danielson’s “kryptonite” storyline well as for the first 15 minutes he countered everything Bryan did – all his usual tricks just weren’t working. Then Dragon got mean. He weaselled his way into the ascendancy by using the referee as a distraction then violently attacked the nose – something that paid off at the finish because his arm was wrapped straight across it with the crossface chickenwing. And that was something pretty unique to this match – you don’t see someone win by working the nose too often. Plus it’s a brilliant body part to work against an opponent with patchy selling like Styles – he can do all his moves regardless. I am LOVING this Bryan Danielson title run…may it never end. If you’re wondering where this ranks alongside their previous matches – it’s far better than Main Event Spectacles, and up there with the All Star Extravaganza match. It may even be better, I haven’t seen the ASE clash in a while – but it was up there with my favourite ROH matches for a long time so.

BJ Whitmer prepares to cut a promo and is interrupted by a pissed off Lacey. She just pisses him off further, and he says he’ll go Allison Danger on her ass if she doesn’t leave him alone. DISSENSION!

Prazak is with Sydal and Aries. Matt’s final answer is that he is going to go for the belts with Styles. Austin points out that Sydal should show some loyalty to the group and quit being selfish – after all, where was he before they brought him into GeNext. Matt storms off…DISSENSION!

SHILLS – FIP and Straight Shootin’ Series. If you like wrestling or interviews about wrestling you might enjoy these DVD’s featuring wrestling and interviews with wrestlers and/or former wrestlers about wrestling.

Tape Rating – *** –
Certainly not a must see release by any stretch of the imagination, and it couldn’t match the consistent quality of last night’s event. However, you can’t argue with three 3* matches, some solid stuff from Yang/Lethal and Ki/Evans, more good ROH/CZW interaction and an MOTYC main event now can you? Plus it’s one of those shows where you can type the name in block capitals repeatedly through the reviews. Like the time Low Ki and AJ Styles got REVENGE ON THE PROPHECY! Or the time there were VENDETTAS between Daniels and Joe, Strong and Danielson or GeNext and The Embassy. I’d particularly recommend this if you want to see AJ Styles do something different from his work in TNA. See him stray away from his spotty X-Division style or his sports-entertainment TNA main event style to work a gruelling mat-wrestling clinic with one of the best in the world right now. I’d also recommend this if you’re not such a big fan of tag team wrestling and the Tag Wars 2006 event featured a little too much of that for you.

Top 3 Matches

3) Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs Lacey’s Angels (***)

2) Christopher Daniels vs Matt Sydal (***)

1) Bryan Danielson vs AJ Styles (****1/2)

Trios Tournament 2006 weekend Top 5 Matches

5) Jimmy Rave/Alex Shelley/Abyss vs Jimmy Yang/Jack Evans/Matt Sydal (**** – Tag Wars 2006)

4) Jimmy Yang/Jack Evans/Matt Sydal vs BJ Whitmer/Jimmy Jacobs/Adam Pearce (**** – Tag Wars 2006)

3) Low Ki vs Christopher Daniels (**** – Tag Wars 2006)

2) Bryan Danielson vs AJ Styles (****1/2 – Dissension)

1) Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs Bryan Danielson/Jay Lethal (****1/2 – Tag Wars 2006)

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