2CW Axe vs Dudley 6/8/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Axe vs. Dudley
From: Binghamton, NY

Opening Contest: Antonio Thomas defeated Gordy Wallace:
This is Antonio Thomas’s debut for 2CW. Thomas tries to get the fans behind him but fails at doing so. Thomas takes Wallace down while they lockup for a near fall. Thomas switches to a side headlock and takes Wallace back over to the canvas. Wallace with a head scissors to get out of the head lock and they repeat the spot several times in a row. Thomas works on Wallace’s arm with a wristlock and drives his knee into Wallace’s arm on the mat. Thomas continues his offense with a hammerlock and a side headlock. Wallace gets out of a headlock and has a hammerlock on Thomas. Thomas backs Wallace into a corner and delivers a back elbow and drop toe holds Wallace to the mat. Thomas backs Wallace into a corner and hammers away on Wallace for a few moments. Thomas rams Wallace head first into the top turnbuckle. Wallace comes back with a right hand and works on Thomas in the corner with right hands. Thomas grabs Wallace and tosses Wallace to the floor. Thomas leaps to the apron as Wallace moves away. Thomas leaps off the apron but is met with a right hand to the midsection from Wallace. Thomas sends Wallace groin first into the corner and drives Wallace down with a elevated neck breaker but only gets a two count on the pin. Thomas rakes Wallace’s eyes and follows up with a dropkick to the seated Wallace for a near fall. Belly to back suplex by Thomas but only manages a near fall. Thomas controls Wallace with a neck vice but Wallace breaks free. Thomas drops Wallace with a clothesline and almost wins the contest. Thomas mounts Wallace with a flurry of right hands and connects with a series of leg drops for another near fall. Thomas uses Wallace’s own arms to choke himself. Thomas connects with a reverse neck breaker and has a bridged rear chin lock submission. Wallace doesn’t give up and Thomas lets go after punching Wallace. Wallace gets out of a headlock with a jawbreaker and sends Thomas into a corner where Thomas flips over onto the apron. Wallace blocks a sunset flip attempt and delivers a series of jabs and a biotic elbow for a two count. Wallace connects with an atomic drop but misses a splash in the corner. Thomas heads to the top but Wallace cuts Thomas off with a right hand. Wallace hooks Thomas but Thomas punches Wallace and sunset flip power bombs Wallace for the win.

Before the next match, JD Love grabs a microphone. Love suggests he and Loca Vida have a dance off. Love picks out a fan from the audience to have a dance off. After all three men dance, the fans decide that the winner is the fan. One thing to note, the referee for the match has a neck brace due to what happened to him during the tables match back in April.

Second Contest: Loca Vida defeated JD Love: They trade wristlocks to start the match. Love with the first offense series which sees Love dropkicking Vida and chopping Vida several times. Vida comes back with several chops of his own and heads to the top rope. Love crotches Vida on the top and locks in a side headlock on the top rope! Love brings Vida down to the mat with a big superplex. Love shoves Vida to the apron but Vida is able to take Love over with a head scissors. Vida delivers a running double knee strike in the corner and hammers away on Love in the corner. Vida goes for the cover but Love kicks out at two. Love blocks a wheelbarrow bulldog attempt and drives Vida to the mat with a back suplex. Vida backdrops Love to the apron but Love nails Vida with a knee lift and heads to the top rope but misses a knee drop. Vida goes to the top but misses a cross body attempt. Vida is chopped but goes on a War Path and chops Love a few times. Love sends Vida into the corner and pulls down his trunks. Love rubs his butt into Vida’s face. Vida plants Love with a wheelbarrow bulldog seconds later and picks up the win.

Third Contest: John Walters defeated Isys Ephex:
Lockup to start but neither man gets the upper hand. Walters with a side headlock and comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Walters takes Ephex down with a double leg takedown and goes for a sharpshooter but Ephex is able to roll to the floor. Ephex comes back in with a go behind but Walters counters with a top wrist lock. They both flip out of top wristlocks and the fans show their appreciation for the wrestlers. Walters with a nice snap mare hammerlock on Ephex but Ephex kicks Walters away shortly. Ephex snap mares Walters but Walters counters with one of his own and has a sleeper hold on Ephex. Walters arm drags Ephex and keeps a arm bar on Ephex for a few moments. Ephex rolls through and has a neck vise on Walters. Walters snaps Ephex down to the mat and they have a standoff. Test of strength sees Walters getting the upper hand but Ephex powers up and monkey flips Walters but Walters lands on his feet! Ephex connects with a forearm shot and a back elbow in the corner. Ephex runs into a big boot and Walters goes to the top rope but Ephex shoves Walters off and Walters hit’s the guard railing! Ephex goes to work on Walters on the floor by ramming Walters head first into the railing. Ephex covers in the ring but Walters is able to kick out. They trade uppercuts and forearm shots until Walters sends Ephex to the floor with a hard shot. Walters takes Ephex out with a slingshot elbow smash on the floor. Walters begins to chop and head butt Ephex on the floor for a few seconds. Walters slingshots back into the ring and stomps Ephex on the back. Walters has a variation of the abdominal stretch but Ephex reaches the ropes. Ephex with a snap suplex and connects with a springboard swanton for a two count. Walters with a forearm shot as Ephex was on the middle rope. Walters blocks a tornado DDT and plants Ephex with a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Walters places Ephex on the top rope and connects with a hurricanrana! Walters signals for a clothesline but misses and Ephex hit’s a German suplex for a two count. Ephex nails Walters with a forearm and back elbow shot. Walters with a Code breaker, modified TKO and a top rope big splash but isn’t able to put Ephex away. Walters with several uppercuts but Ephex is able to comeback with a sit down power slam and nearly wins the match! Ephex heads to the top rope but takes awhile. Walters springs off the middle rope and takes Ephex over with a sunset flip power bomb to the floor! Both men make it back into the ring and the fans show their appreciation. Walters hits Ephex with a running double knee strike in the corner. Ephex goes for a back suplex but Walters gets out it and locks in the Sharpshooter. Ephex tries to reach the bottom rope but is pulled back to the middle of the ring and taps out. ***¼
After the match, the fans show their appreciation for the wrestlers and chant 2CW!

Jason Axe comes down to the ring and says that he has some business to take care of. “I am not a douche bag” as the fans tell Axe that he is indeed a douche bag. Axe says that there is a stipulation missing from his match with Spike Dudley. Axe announces that he is willing to put his career on the line against Spike Dudley. Axe proclaims that the man who loses the main event will be forced to leave 2CW forever! Axe wants to know what Spike Dudley thinks about that. Dudley shows up in the crowd and simply pounds on a chair before coming to the ring. Spike grabs a microphone and talks how the fans want to see Dudley kick Axe’s ass tonight. Dudley talks about being fired by WWE and being on the independents for over a year. Dudley recalls beating Axe every single time they have wrestled over the past three or four months. Dudley gives Axe credit for getting every bullshit win over Dudley. Dudley tells Axe that he has never hurt Dudley, ever. That is a great way to get the 2CW talent over, isn’t it? Dudley continues by saying that Axe is overweight and a jobber. Dudley puts himself over as having a career and having paid his dues. Dudley makes the match a match without any rules. Axe is left concerned in the ring.

Before the next match, the Outkast Killaz rip on the fans for being white. They put themselves over as the only real world tag team champions to compete for 2CW. Well, wait a second it appears that Steve Kruz from the Killer Steves comes down to the ring. Kruz rips the neck brace off of the referee and it is revealed that the referee has faked his injury. Kruz announces that the Killer Steves are suspended from wrestling in 2CW for ninety days but he can referee. So, Steve Kruz is the referee.

Fourth Contest: the Outkast Killaz defeated AMIL:
Oman and Murda start the match with Oman controlling Murda with a hammerlock and a front face lock. Murda drop toe holds Oman and has a front face lock on Oman as well. They trade slaps and a series of forearm shots. Neither man goes down on a shoulder block exchange. Murda with a arm drag on Oman and takes Diablo over with a hurricanrana and the Killaz bail to the floor. Diablo enters the ring but is dropkicked by the AMIL. Oman is stretched by AMIL before being slammed to the mat face first. Diablo works on Pusha with a few boots and right hands. Pusha snap mares Diablo and comes off the ropes with a shining wizard. Pusha proceeds to step on Diablo’s midsection several times before delivering a double knee for a one count as Kruz is screwing AMIL over. Oman delivers a Codebreaker on Pusha after tagging into the match. Oman with a running forearm strike in the corner and clotheslines Pusha for a near fall. Diablo tags back in and clotheslines Pusha following a big boot from Oman. Killaz control Pusha for several moments in their corner. Oman connects with a somersault splash in the corner to inflict more punishment on Pusha. Double shoulder block continues to allow the Killaz to control Pusha. Diablo takes Pusha over with a release suplex but the fans still show their lack of appreciation for him. Oman clotheslines Pusha on the back of the head but Pusha comes back with a flurry of right hands. That doesn’t last as Oman drives Pusha down with a swinging frontward face slam for a near fall. Kruz is talking on a cell phone during the match! Oman sets Pusha up for a superplex but Pusha is able to take Oman over with a sunset flip power bomb! Murda and Diablo get tagged into the match who sees Diablo getting the upper hand briefly. Murda backdrops Diablo and delivers a knee to the face and gets a near fall. Murda comes off the top and drives Diablo down with a X-Factor. Diablo with a sick sit down driver but is dropkicked by Pusha who came off the top rope. Diablo nails Pusha with a yakuza kick as Pusha came off the ropes. Murda dropkicks the Killaz as they went to the middle rope. Pusha with a double neck breaker on the Killaz but only gets a two count. Double muscle buster on Diablo and go for the cover but Kruz pretends to have something in his eyes. Oman whacks AMIL over the head with a steel chair and Diablo covers Pusha to win the match. **½
After the match, Diablo grabs a microphone. Diablo announces that they are the only team undefeated in 2CW.

Fifth Contest: Zaquary Springate III defeated Slyck Wagner Brown in a number one contenders match:
Brown backs Springate into a corner but backs off. Springate does the same but slaps Brown as the referee tried to break them apart. Springate bails to the floor as Brown went after him. Brown works on Springate’s arm with a wristlock but Springate counters with one of his own. Brown slaps Springate over the head to break free from the hold. Knee to Brown’s gut and a series of chops and kicks by Springate. Brown is able to come back with a snap mare and a kick to Springate’s back. Brown chases Springate around the ring but Springate gets the upper hand in the ring briefly. Brown begins to chop away on Springate and rams Springate head first into the top turnbuckle. Brown begins to chop away on Springate in the corner and kicks Springate in the midsection. Brown charges the corner but misses and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Springate works on Brown’s shoulder on the floor by ramming Brown shoulder first into the guard railing and ring post. Springate with a few knee drops on the floor to Brown’s shoulder to continue his control of Brown. Back in the ring, Springate chokes Brown in the corner for a brief time. Springate has a arm bar on Brown and uses the ropes for leverage behind the referees back. Springate drops a elbow across Brown’s shoulder as he continues to destroy Brown’s shoulder. Springate chops Brown in the corner but Brown comes back with a few boots but comes off the ropes and is met with a clothesline by Springate who gets a near fall as a result. Brown with a sneak rollup but Springate is able to kick out and dropkicks Brown to regain control. Springate tries to lock in a arm bar but Brown gets out of it and bends Springate’s leg over his head but let’s go shortly. Springate kicks Brown in the face avoiding a backdrop and goes back to a arm bar. Springate kicks Brown on the shoulder and comes off the middle rope but is met with a atomic drop and a clothesline from Brown! Leg lariat by Brown and gets a two count on Springate. Brown sets Springate up for the Appreciation Bomb and is able to hit but Springate kicks out at two! Springate avoids a scoop slam but runs into a big knee in the corner. Springate stops Brown with a super kick but isn’t able to get the three count. Springate with a leg drop off the second rope but only manages to get a two count. Springate heads to the top rope but misses a swanton bomb. Brown trips Springate and goes for the Boston Crab but Springate avoids it but doesn’t avoid being catapulted into a corner. Brown manages to get the Boston Crab locked in a second time and has it on right in the middle of the ring. Dizzie shows up on the apron and distracts Brown. Springate comes up from behind and rolls Brown up and uses the ropes for leverage to win the bout. **½
After the match, Brown drops Springate with a top rope Appreciation Bomb.

Sixth Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Dizzie defeated Ajax 820 to retain the title:
Dizzie wants to shake hands with his “friend” Ajax. Ajax shakes Dizzie’s hand but is attacked from behind. Dizzie misses a clothesline in the corner and Ajax hammers away on Dizzie in the corner. Ajax drops Dizzie with a springboard neck breaker and follows up with a hurricanrana on the floor! Dizzie flips out and wants his belt. Ajax chases Dizzie on the floor and avoids a elbow drop back in the ring. Ajax with a sunset flip into the ring for a two count. Dropkick by Ajax but is caught by Dizzie who connects with a couple of backbreakers and a fall away slam for a near fall as he covers Ajax with one foot. Dizzie stomps away on Ajax in the corner and clotheslines Ajax in the corner. Ajax avoids a uppercut and kicks Dizzie in the face. Ajax misses a standing somersault leg drop and Dizzie gets a two count. Dizzie mounts Ajax with a few right hands and gets a near fall. Dizzie scoop slams Ajax a few times and hit’s a tilt a whirl side slam for a near fall. Dizzie goes for a vertical suplex out to the floor but Ajax fights out of it. Ajax goes for a hurricanrana off the top but Dizzie blocks at first. Ajax manages to eventually take Dizzie over with a super hurricanrana! Ajax heads to the top rope and frog splashes Dizzie but Dizzie kicks out at two! Ajax connects with a modified Code breaker and almost picks up the win. Ajax goes for a tornado DDT but Dizzie blocks the attempt, twice and drives Ajax down with a sit out fisherman slam. Dizzie covers and retains the title. **
After the match, Dizzie attacks Ajax. Dizzie grabs a chair and sits down while hammering away on Ajax. Slyck Wagner Brown runs down to the ring and brawls with Dizzie. Several wrestlers come down to the ring to break up the brawl between Brown and Dizzie.

Before the main event, Spike Dudley cuts another promo about respect and working with Bam-Bam Bigelow.

Main Event: Jason Axe defeated Spike Dudley in a loser leaves 2CW match:
Dudley tosses Axe to the floor to start the match and quickly hits Axe over the back with a chair. Dudley tosses another chair right at Axe’s face. The fans are quite riled up for this one. Dudley sends Axe over the railing into the crowd! Dudley brings Axe to the snack bar but the camera man doesn’t go into the area. Dudley sends Axe back over to the ringside area. Dudley snap mares Axe in the ring and rings the bell on Axe’s groin! Dudley with a leg drop and follows up by hitting Axe with the ring bell over the head! Dudley connects with another leg drop to the lower midsection area of Axe. Dudley throws Axe to the floor and continues to hammer away on Axe. Dudley sends Axe back first into the railing but Axe is able to backdrop Dudley over into the crowd! Dudley hip tosses Axe onto a bunch of chairs! Dudley slams a chair across Axe’s back! Dudley brings Axe back to the ringside area and wraps a chair around Axe’s head. Dudley sends Axe head first into the ring post and Axe is knocked out! Dudley tells the fans to toss chairs into the ring so they do! There has to be over fifty chairs in the ring. Dudley drops several chairs across Axe’s back and the fans are going nuts. Dudley goes for the Acid Drop but Axe sends Dudley into the referee in the corner. Axe low blows Dudley and whacks Dudley with a chair a few times over the head. Axe covers Dudley but only manages to get a two count. Axe continues to nail Dudley several times with a chair but isn’t able to pin Dudley. Axe bridges a table on the apron and railing. Dudley has been busted open for several moments now. Axe scoop slams Dudley on the chairs in the ring. Dudley comes back by hitting Axe with chairs a few times and goes for the Acid Drop but Axe tosses Dudley onto the chairs. Axe covers but Dudley’s shoulders are on the chairs and Axe can’t pin Dudley. Axe covers Dudley again after moving the chairs and wins the match after the referee seemingly botched the count. **¼
After the match, Dudley is laying on the chairs while the fans thank him for what Spike did for the company. Dudley gets a microphone and says that he loves 2CW as the company has been great to him. Dudley is a man of his word as he said he would leave if he lost. Dudley leaves out the front door.

End of show

My Take:
I like the addition of Thomas to 2CW. 2CW needs a couple more good wrestlers who have somewhat of a character. Thomas offers that as the guy can put on good matches. His debut match with Wallace was not good at all mainly because Wallace is not a good wrestler. Wallace works better with guys who primarily brawl while Thomas isn’t a brawler. In my opinion, it was a poor choice to have Thomas debut with Wallace.

Thankfully this time around the match between Vida and Love went rather quickly. I haven’t enjoyed their matches while I see that several fans liked the feud. Maybe we are watching two totally different matches because these matches offer nothing.

It really seems that at this point in time 2CW doesn’t have a good core of opening guys. The upper card guys are clearly talented but the shows start off slow with the rather inexperienced or simply not any good wrestlers.

Walters/Ephex was a good match. 2007 Isys Ephex may have been his best year in terms of quality matches. John Walters is a really underrated worker and isn’t known outside of his ROH run back in 2003-2005. Walters was in incredible shape at this time, and still is as of October 2010. This match is a good example of what 2CW is all about. Two of 2CW’s best wrestlers, at that time at least, put on a quality match.

The in-ring promo between Axe and Dudley was pretty awful. Dudley completely discredited Axe and didn’t make him look like a good heel. For Dudley to say that Axe has never hurt him once or anything like that makes Axe look like a joke. Axe is being billed or groomed to be the top heel of the company. At least give him some kind of rub, Dudley.

Killaz/AMIL was not a bad match, really. They had a few pretty cool moves and sequences. Killaz have been improving since their ROH days a couple of years ago. AMIL proved to me here that they can have good matches with a team outside of the Killer Steves. Kruz did a good job of playing the heel referee here as well.

Springate/Brown was another decent all around match. I didn’t mind that it was slow match because Springate was working on Brown’s shoulder successfully and managed to do so without making the match a bore fest. Makes sense to have Springate go over as well since I would think 2CW is looking to have Dizzie have a successful title run. Not a bad match/segment by any means. It served its purpose and made sense.

Dizzie/Ajax wasn’t anything all that special. Ajax isn’t a main event talent as he is really way too small to even think he can be a heavyweight champion. If you ever see him wrestle, you will know what I mean. Ajax didn’t look too bad here as he kept some of the moves rather simple and actually hit his high spots. Dizzie is turning into a good heel champion as his feud with Slyck Wagner Brown is heating up quite nicely.

It was pretty funny that the fans knew heading into the main event that Spike Dudley was leaving the company. The match wasn’t half bad considering it was just a brutal brawl. It was obvious from the beginning that Axe was going to win the match so the thought that Dudley would win was thrown out the window because of the stipulation. The fans were pumped for the match, though and it made for a fun match.

Overall, aside from the first two matches everything was either good or decent. Walters/Ephex was the match of the night as they put on one hell of a show. Dizzie/Brown feud really progressed well on this show and what makes it better is that it will not be blown off at the next show like certain mainstream companies do all the time. I thought it was a decent show by 2CW.

Thanks for reading.

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