101 ROH Weekend Of Champions Night 1 4/28/2006

ROH 101 – Weekend Of Champions Night 1 – 28th April 2006

Welcome to my latest review, with Ring Of Honor facing the daunting prospect of following up their critically acclaimed Milestone Series. The first shows after that sequence are this “Weekend Of Champions”, so-called because all the champions are here and will be defending their belts both nights (although really it’s only ever Nigel McGuiness that misses shows these days anyway). The talent are going to have to bust their asses this weekend to avoid these shows feeling like a “morning after the night before” type deal. Samoa Joe continues his quest to become the first grand slam champion, challenging Aries and Strong for the tag belts – choosing Matt “partner whore” Sydal to go against his GeNext team-mates again. Jimmy Yang gets an inexplicable World Title shot, and Christopher Daniels cashes in on the Pure Title shot he earned at the 100th Show by beating Double C. Super Dragon is here this weekend by special invitation as the ROH/CZW war continues to escalate. Most importantly, however, Spud makes his ROH debut. We’re back in the venue ROH fans have sarcastically nicknamed “The Oven” in Dayton, OH. Take it away Dave and Lenny…

SIDENOTE – As of this DVD release ROH has started putting their “Video Recaps” onto the DVD’s as well. The recap is a video package they release semi-regularly on ROHVideos.com to hype upcoming shows and further ongoing angles. It’s a useful tool to keep live audiences up to date with what’s going on in what is essentially a DVD product.

ROH VIDEO RECAP (25/04/06) – The recap starts with clips from the ROH vs CZW match last week. – Then we go to a Jim Cornette promo. It’s fair to say that he’s pretty irate about Double C turning his back on ROH. He dares Super Dragon to show up this weekend. However, Claudio is still under ROH contract, and Jimmy books him against Samoa Joe in Cleveland on the 29th.

– Jimmy Jacobs says love is more important than winning matches, that’s why he didn’t pin Jimmy Yang in the fourway at The 100th Show.

– Colt Cabana cuts basically the same promo that he ended the last show with. He’s going to work his way back up the card to get an ROH Title rematch.

Lacey yells at Jimmy Jacobs for not winning in Philadelphia. If he doesn’t get a win this weekend she’s dropping him Lacey’s Angels altogether. But he loves her…she can’t do that!!

Christopher Daniels gets off the phone with Allison Danger to talk about his Pure Title shot. Then he vents on Claudio Castagnoli. He’s upset that he shook hands with Claudio who then made him look like a chump by turning on ROH in the main event. Somewhere down the road Daniels promises revenge on him.

Colt Cabana vs Jimmy Jacobs

True to his word, Cabana is indeed dropping back to the very opening match in his quest to rediscover his wrestling talent and work his way back into title contention. Meanwhile, as we just saw, the stakes are high for Jimmy this weekend too. If he doesn’t get a win then the woman he loves is ditching him as a client (managerially speaking – I assume Lacey isn’t an escort). He looks like he means business tonight though – by almost falling off the entrance ramp. What a tool…

‘HIIIII LAAAACEEEEEEEY’ – Cabana in spastic voice. Jacobs is up for a fight but is much smaller so Colt pretty much has his way with him, demonstrating some nice wrestling along the way. Lacey grabs his foot so Colt goes after her – which is just guaranteed to piss his little opponent off. Jacobs sets Cabana’s head against the ringpost and hits it with a running mafia kick which is a cool new spot for him. He gets 2 with a slingshot double stomp and continues raking at Colt’s face to punish him for touching Lacey. Cabana goes for a quebrada but Jacobs DROPKICKS him in the ribs! Colt does start to fire back with chops though. Flying Asshole into the lariat scores 2. Jacobs leapfrogs onto the top rope and comes right off with a flying headscissors. BACKWARDS senton bomb gets him 2. Cabana uses a backbreaker to counter the Contra Code, then uses a back suplex backbreaker to make it worse. He wins with a folding powerbomb in 09:01.

Rating – ** –
Basic and not especially memorable but it got the job done. It was entertaining enough to be a crowd opener without descending entirely into the realms of comedy which is surprising given that Cabana and Jacobs are pretty comedic wrestlers at the best of times. I thought Jimmy looked pretty good in this, showing good anger in working over Colt’s head and neck as revenge for him trying to attack Lacey. I’m slowly starting to enjoy his goofy love-sick puppy act.

Commissioner Cornette comes to the ring, along with Cabana’s old buddy Ace Steel. He tries to recruit Colt into the war with CZW. As a wrestler he knows he belongs at the bottom of the card. However, if JC wants him to FIGHT…he says he’ll be there for ROH.

Irish Airborne vs Jay Fury/Spud

Yes folks, it’s time for the long awaited ROH debut of Spud. Sure he looks like a 12 year old boy…but you know what, he’s a really nice guy and an entertaining wrestler. ROH fans don’t seem to like him that much, but I do and I think it’s great (unlikely and strange, but great) that he’s here. He teams with the returning Jay Fury tonight. I like Fury, he impressed at the Trios Tournament weekend, but in truth I prefer his regular Florida tag partner Jerrelle Clark. When the hell are they coming in as a team by the way? This is Irish Airborne’s second appearance. They upset former champions Mamaluke and Rinauro in the ECW Arena on their debut. Now they’re back in HWA territory where they made their name in the first place as Lotus (Dave Crist – with the brown hair) and Crazy J (Jake Crist – the blonde)

Irish are super-over in Ohio it seems. Spud hits an early Déjà vu on Jake who pops up and quebradas into an indy stand-off. Dave gives Fury a quebrada armdrag then a double springboard variant too. Swinging neckbreaker suplex from Jay gets 2. Spud and Fury mess up an assisted 619, but the fans win me over with a ‘you still tried’ chant. Jake hits a second rope moonsault on Spud as IA start to work the tiny Brit over. Dave nails a springboard dropkick and this time Fury has to break the pin. Spud goes to the top and NAILS a jumping DDT. Jay levels Dave but Jake cuts him off before he can hit a dive to the floor. SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT PLANCHA BY SPUD! JAKE WITH A TOPE SUICIDA! ASAI MOONSAULT FROM FURY! SPRINGBOARD MERO SAULT FROM DAVE! Back in the ring Fury gives him the JAY-TRIX ENZIGURI! Jake makes the save with a neckbreaker combo. Spud lays Jake out with Code Red only to be wiped out with a hiptoss driver from Dave Crist. DOUBLE STOMP DVD ON THE KNEES! Irish Airborne pin Fury with their sick finisher at 08:11.

Rating – ** –
After a few early problems this broke down into a perfectly acceptable spot-match. It was a little weird seeing Spud in ROH (I’ve been watching him in this country for ages now) but after the messed up 619 spot he settled down. Irish Airborne look like something really special. Their springboard moves are really pretty, whilst Dave’s Mero Sault to the floor was amazing. If they can wrestle alongside their fancy high-flying and they have a real future.

Super Dragon comes in through the back door, beats up one of the students then leaves again. That was awesome! I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

It’s a big weekend for Nigel McGuiness. He has Daniels tonight then tomorrow night he can prove that he is the very best wrestler in the world by unifying the Pure and World Titles.

Jimmy Rave vs Delirious

As far as pretty thrown together singles matches go – this one is rather interesting. Rave has a Tag Title shot tomorrow night (with Alex Shelley, who for some reason isn’t on this show), whilst Delirious is fresh off the best ROH match of his career as he courageously stood up to a savage beating from Bryan Danielson at The 100th Show. Now the Lizard Man is looking for revenge on the Dragon…but a loss for Jimmy would be a devastating loss of momentum going into tomorrow night. There’s no Prince Nana tonight which is strange. Luckily Jimmy does have Daizee Haze in his corner, and I find her as easy to loathe as Nana so.

Delirious has a huge bandage on his hand covering that sick cut he got against Danielson last week. Jimmy runs up the aisle to avoid Delirious’ usual spazz-attack at the bell. Finally Delirious catches him in the corner and yells in his face – but after two minutes they still haven’t actually touched each other. Rave finally tries to control his insane opponent with a headlock. Delirious counters a back suplex with a headscissors but behind the ref’s back the Haze Yakuza kicks his injured hand. Immediately Jimmy goes after the hand by slamming it into the guardrails. Delirious retreats back to the ring but Rave starts throwing the hand into the mat instead. Back suplex nailed, with a hammerlock meaning Delirious landed right on the injury. He starts pulling off the big bandage meaning it has less protection too. In the corner Rave drives it into the turnbuckles, which has poor Delirious screaming in pain. Rave starts biting the hand like a total bastard, after a period of pulling at it on the mat. Delirious manages to kick Jimmy in the head but he’s slow to capitalise. Eventually he does with a leaping lariat…but again his offence is slow. Rave ducks Shadows Over Hell but Delirious traps him in the corner for the clothesline flurry. He looks for the Cobra Stretch but the bad hand makes that hard. PANIC ATTACK! Rave gives him a spear followed by the gutbuster/DDT combo for 2. RAVE STRETCH! Delirious back slides out of that but eats CRAPPY WIZARD! Delirious locks in the Cobra Stretch but Haze breaks it up with a TOP ROPE SPLASH! That was behind the ref’s back because she’d thrown a chair in, but it doesn’t matter anyway because the 15:00 time limit expires.

Rating – ** –
I’d consider that a fairly sizeable disappointment. It started stall-tastically slowly and the end was just a big mess with no definite finish and a few random big spots thrown in. In between there was some really enjoyable hand-work from Rave (which is what most of the 2* rating is based on) but yeah. Not good for either guy. Let’s attribute it to Delirious have to work within himself a little bit after getting so battered last week, and Rave needing to save himself for a big match tomorrow. I’m all for time limit draws if they’re good (see Joe/Punk, or even Punk/Daniels…or even Shelley/Claudio) but this was just a bit chaotic. Positives – I am really starting to enjoy Daizee Haze as a heel valet. I mean, I hate her, and find her rather unattractive, but she’s easy to hate and is doing well in her new role now.

Nigel McGuiness vs Christopher Daniels – ROH Pure Title Match

If he wants to start backing up his claim that he’s the best wrestler/champion in ROH, Nigel is going to have to start beating the likes of the Fallen Angel in defence of his Pure Title. Tomorrow night he has the historic first ever Pure vs World Title match to look forward to…IF he gets past Daniels here. I’m not exactly sure what Daniels’ role in ROH is at the moment. Is it still his destiny to be World Champion? He shakes hands now so obviously there’s no more Prophecy. He’s beaten Samoa Joe so that storyline is done. He’s one of the most over guys on the roster and one of the few TNA guys I think is legitimately indispensable to the promotion – give this guy a storyline. Both men are sporting awesome new ring jackets (a titbit for the more fashion-conscious readers).

Daniels follows the Code Of Honor now, which to long term fans such as myself does seem a little strange. I like the initial hold-for-hold stuff, because Nigel constantly tries to prove himself the better wrestler but Daniels is always able to counter back. Finally McGuiness goes to the eye to get himself an advantage then he relentlessly pins the Fallen Angel until he uses his first ropebreak. Daniels goes to the neck to get himself an advantage. Eventually he locks in an early Koji Clutch which naturally forces McGuiness to use his first break. Nigel headstands into the kicking final cut for 2, before going after his opponent’s arm, as is his custom. He grounds Daniels with a half nelson then drops him before he can escape the hold with a hammerlock DDT. Finally Daniels is able to escape the matwork without using the ropes – rolling into a half crab that draws Nigel into his second break. Wristlock takedown from McGuiness followed by the shortarm scissors arm submission thing. Daniels gets to his feet only to walk right into a big lariat which gets 2. Showing he has his eyes on American Dragon tomorrow night, McGuiness starts doing Danielson’s ‘I have till 5’ gimmick…but he gets distracted and it allows Daniels to hit a neckbreaker. He scores with a running STO but it’s not enough to put the champion down. McGuiness nails another big lariat for a nearfall. He goes for a headstand but this time Daniels pulls him out of the corner with a DVD. Nigel avoids the BME but stumbles into a flatliner for 2. Daniels applies a cobra clutch and McGuiness needs his last ropebreak to escape. He blasts the Fallen Angel with a running European then SCORES with his rebound lariat. He sets up for the Tower Of London but Daniels counters with a cobra clutch in the ropes – which is legal now. Both men collapse through the ropes to the floor. They have a real fight as the count progresses…then McGuiness throws Mary Kate, the ringside photographer into Daniels. This causes him to miss the 20-count as Nigel rolls in to win by count-out at 20:19.

Rating – *** –
Well, the match was solid and a class above anything else on the show so far, but still not too great. I’ve got no problem with the finish since it was entertaining, and fits in with Nigel’s gimmick of using the Pure rules to his advantage to win. This had a real methodical pace. There was some good work within it but it was never really that exciting to bump the rating up. I didn’t like Daniels using the cobra clutch so much either – given that McGuiness spent much of the match working over his arm.

INTERMISSION – Dave Prazak does the interviews in the Midwest and he asks Bryan Danielson whether Nigel can beat him tomorrow night. ‘The Brits talk a lot of crap’ – Dragon. Samoa Joe interrupts to remind Dragon that he’s back in the hunt for the World Title.

Bryan Danielson vs Jimmy Yang – ROH World Title Match

I’m going to say again – what the hell has Jimmy Yang done to deserve this title shot? He’s hung around in the Top 5 for ages without deserving that either, but now he gets a match with Dragon? Hopefully he brings his working boots for this because when he wants to, he’s a hell of a wrestler. Danielson has Joe and Nigel to worry about it seems, so might underestimate his opponent for tonight.

Yang is wearing his Wrestlemania outfit tonight, so he could be bringing 100% here. He scares Danielson early by landing a moonsault press for 2, before Dragon takes a powder. He continues to dominate the early exchanges, controlling the champion with headlocks and coming up with counters to everything he tries. Danielson finally rolls over Yang and TWISTS his arm grotesquely. Jimmy starts throwing kicks but Dragon slides backwards on his ass to escape them. He was luring Yang in though, and looks to grab the Crossface Chickenwing. No clean break for Jimmy, but he CHOPS back hard! That was fierce but Danielson pokes him in the eye. STRETCH PLUM! Yang utilises knee strikes to escape that and breaks out some martial arts kicks in the corner until AmDrag introduces him to the ringpost. They spill to the floor where Danielson starts launching Yang into the railings in brutal fashion. In the ring again with Danielson picking at the face as he starts stretching his opponent out. Jimmy is being taken to school now, and thusly it’s time for the Mexican surfboard…which he breaks by returning the poke to the eye. Chinlock by Dragon, still absolutely controlling the pace of the match against his explosive opponent, until Yang is finally able to free himself and nail a superkick. He hits a flurry of strikes then a MID-AIR HEEL KICK which sends Dragon out. SPRINGBOARD YANG TIME TO THE FLOOR! Dragon goes for a flurry of desperation roll-ups but Jimmy blasts him with another big spinning heel kick. YANG TIME MISSES! CATTLE MUTILATION! Yang makes the ropes so Danielson introduces him to a back superplex for 2. Yang takes an awesome flip bump from a lariat before Dragon looks for another superplex. Yang counters…TOP ROPE SWINGING NECKBREAKER! ELBOW STRIKE DUEL! DRAGON ROARING ELBOW! Yang gets crotched…CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! Yang is out at 20:12.

Rating – **** –
Yang’s best match in ROH? It just might be, since only Yang/Gibson is even close. Yet again we witness an AmDrag match that tells an awesome story. Early on Yang dominates the champion, and Danielson came into the match knowing about his lethal kicking ability and such. After using a few shady tactics (no clean break, the ringpost etc) Dragon slowed it down to his pace, stretching Yang out and clawing at the face at every turn. His ability to heel up on offence makes his opponent’s (in this case Jimmy’s) comeback segments seem awesome and Yang delivered big time with some really crisp stuff. Admittedly it helped that he wasn’t offence for long periods of this match meaning his awesome spinning heel kick wasn’t done to death like usual. For a secondary title defence this definitely exceeded my expectations.

Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs Samoa Joe/Matt Sydal – ROH Tag Title Match

I think Matt Sydal has a self-esteem issue. He gets so excited when anyone wants to team with him that he just says yes – regardless of who it is. He joined Generation Next. But then AJ asked to be his partner so he got over-excited and said yes to that, even though it meant WRESTLING his GeNext team-mates. Now he’s done it again with Joe – who is getting another shot at being the first triple crown champion, and selected Sydal as his partner. Aries and Strong are putting together quite a run as champions, but with Joe tonight, the Embassy tomorrow and the Briscoes on the horizon too, they have a demanding schedule if they want to keep the belts. They are putting on a string of great tag matches though – including their defence against Danielson/Lethal last time in this building which is perhaps the best ROH Tag Title match ever. Tag team wrestling is back…

Sydal and Strong start on the mat, with Roddy looking at Matt like an annoying puppy that just won’t go away. Sydal obviously has a speed advantage though, and almost gets a quick one with a victory roll counter to a press slam. Strong lays in a chop and Matt immediately tags out to the man who went chop for chop with Kobashi. It takes a while but Roderick manages to land a few chops on Joe then tags out to Aries. It takes a reverse elbow and a springboard headlock takeover but Austin is finally able to take the Samoan down. These two have wrestled a lot though, and it takes a lot of work for him to be able to pop up into the dropkick from the mat. Joe responds by throwing Aries down face-first. Inverted rocker dropper by Sydal gets 2 – apparently that’s called the Slice. The challengers start focusing on Aries’ ribs, and I’m impressed with the way Sydal keeps that going with a bodyscissors even whilst working a chinlock. JUMPING ENZI in the corner by Joe knocks Austin silly. Matt applies a bow and arrow in the middle of the ring, yelling ‘right in the back’ as he does so. Joe starts washing Aries’ dirty face, but Austin counters the running one with a drop toehold. RUNNING DROPKICK NAILED! Strong gets the tag and gives Sydal a swinging gutbuster then a PUMPHANDLE BACKBREAKER! The champs hit a Hart Attack meaning Joe needs to break a pin.

Roddy demonstrates what he’s learned from repeated clashes with Bryan Danielson – tying Matt into the Mexican surfboard until Joe breaks that with a knee drop to the crotch. Camel clutch now as Sydal continues to get a thorough beating. Roddy gives Sydal a standing moonsault before Aries hits the instant replay knee drop for 2. He almost gets a tag…until Aries DROPS HIM ON HIS HEAD with a shinbreak/back drop driver. Clearly that knocked Sydal retarded since next he tries to trade chops with Strong. ELEVATED REVERSE DDT by Sydal! That was a sweet counter and it allows him to make the hot tag to Joe. Aries gets the knees up as Joe tries to drop a big senton but then he runs into Joe’s powerslam. ELBOW SUICIDA ON STRONG! HERE IT IS DRIVER ON ARIES! Sydal takes Strong to the top rope only to get pelted with a JUMPING BIG BOOT! CHOP BRAINBUSTER…GETS 2! That’s a wicked new double team from the champs! They set up for a finish but Joe is back. Aries dives into a Sydal Ace crusher then eats STANDING MOONSAULT…FOR 2! Aries stops Joe hitting the Musclebuster. FIREMANS CARRY GUTBUSTER! HEAT SEEKING MISSILE! Joe is a non-factor now! ROLLING HALF NELSONS FOR SYDAL! 450 SPLASH! The champs impressively retain at 24:43.

Rating – **** – A few selling issues mean this isn’t pushing for an extra half star put it was an easy match of the night, and another exciting defence by Aries and Strong. Good heat segments on Aries and Sydal, precious few heated exchanges between the big-hitters (Joe/Strong is a dream-match that needs to happen) and a great stretch with everyone hitting some big stuff. Bear in mind Joe is nursing a bit of a knee problem at the moment (and needs to be extra protected because he’s fast becoming TNA’s biggest star too) so he didn’t spend that much time in the ring but when he was in he made sure it meant something. Aries, Strong and Sydal are having as good a 2006 as anyone else on the roster and that just continued here.

Generation Next clear the ring but Samoa Joe still has some business to attend to. He wants some revenge on CZW for last week in Philly. Necro Butcher promptly arrives through the crowd for a STIFF-FEST! Unfortunately for Joe, Nate Webb (NATE IN ROH!!!) and Super Dragon run in to make it 3-on-1. Cornette called on them earlier, and soon the Second City Saints (Colt and Ace, no Punk) arrive to even the score. Joe and Necro brawl up the ramp to the back – where Claudio Castagnoli is waiting to tie the Samoan up! Now it’s 4-on-2 in the ring as the CZW guys obliterate the Saints. Finally BJ Whitmer (in a neckbrace) arrives with CHAIRSHOTS FOR EVERYBODY! Double C exposes his injured neck though…and the CZW guys get the edge again! Adam Pearce with his stapled up head turns up too so now the numbers are even…and we have an impromptu main event! NATE WEBB GETS BACK DROPPED OUT OF THE RING!

BJ Whitmer/Adam Pearce/Colt Cabana/Ace Steel vs Claudio Castagnoli/Necro Butcher/Super Dragon/Nate Webb

Last week we saw crazy 6-man action which went all over the building…and this week we’ll throw in a couple more. BJ and Pearce are carrying pretty severe injuries into this, but they do have back-up in the form of the Second City Saints. Ace almost started a riot last time in Dayton when he called out the CZW crap for interrupting his match, meanwhile Cabana is in fighting mode after being stuck brawling with Homicide for months. Obviously this is Castagnoli’s first match since turning on ROH – and Nate Webb’s first ROH appearance. Nate2P babay!

Lets just say the match started when ROH cleared the ring…and now everyone brawls to the floor. Castagnoli cravat’s Whitmer into the railings in a cool looking piece of neck-work. Pearce is rumbling somewhere with Super Dragon whilst Necro and Colt throw chairs at each other on the other side of the building. PILEDRIVER ON THE RAMP ON NATE! CACTUS ELBOW FROM STEEL! Claudio throws BJ head-first into the guardrail again, then Dragon batters him with a chair. Necro sandwiches Cabana between sections of railing to knock him goofy. WHITMER WITH MACHINE GUN CHOPS ON CLAUDIO! Unfortunately Double C is a right weasel and pokes him in the eyes. EURO UPPERCUT SUICIDA! Necro brings Steel into the ring for a chair slam that gets 2. But Cabana hits the ring too and the Saints give him a DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX ON A CHAIR! CHAIR ASSISTED FLYING ASSHOLE ON CLAUDIO! Cabana calls for the Colt 45 but Dragon saves with a chair. WHITMER AND DRAGON GO STRIKE FOR STRIKE! EXPOIDAAAAAAA! Whitmer takes Dragon to the top but gets shoved off for a senton bomb that gets 2. S-Drag pulls BJ to the apron again. He wants to Psycho Driver him again but Colt is on hand to help Whitmer out. Cabana tries an Asai moonsault…BUT CASTAGNOLI EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS HIM THROUGH A F*CKING TABLE! Castagnoli shoves BJ’s head into an open chair but Ace saves before Dragon can double stomp him! Steel and Butcher head off into the crowd again…SUPERPLEX OFF THE BLEACHERS! In the ring Claudio pendulum’s Whitmer into the chair again! DRAGON IS ON THE TOP – DOUBLE F*CKING STOMP ON THE CHAIR! BJ is dead…CLAUDIO HITS THE MUSCLEBUSTER! CZW win again at 13:58 (roughly – I guessed when it started!)

Rating – **** –
Another completely insane inter-promotional fight to main event. It wasn’t of the high-quality of last week, but they packed a ton of crazy spots into pretty much half the time the Philly main event and told some interesting stories too. The CZW guys attacking Whitmer’s neck was carried on throughout – with Whitmer only getting in about three offensive moves all match. The finish is interesting too as it sets up Joe as the man CZW fear the most – and adds heat to Joe/Claudio tomorrow night. Incidentally I have no idea where Adam Pearce and Nate Webb vanished to after the piledriver on the ramp. I don’t think we saw them again!

Whitmer has to be stretchered away for the second show running. Unfortunately whoever edited this is a fool and you can see Whitmer and Jimmy Yang (who is helping) having a right laugh about him possibly falling off. Would it have killed them to go to hardcam there? Pearce and Steel scream at the camera to fade…

Tape Rating – *** –
The last three matches saved what was a pretty average show to the point that it earns a mild recommendation. However, ROH has pushed the barrier real high with their epic Milestone Series and, unless you’re a completist – there’s really nothing to stop you skipping this show. Aries and Strong have had better Tag Title defences elsewhere, making Aries/Strong vs Joe/Sydal less significant. Same goes for Danielson/Yang and the World Title. The ROH/CZW scrap to end the show is good stuff again but it was better in Philadelphia at The 100th Show – get that instead. Basically, if you get all the shows you’ll like this because the top three matches are all really good. However, if you don’t, you’ll come away disappointed because there’s just not a straight-up blowaway match. I liked it – but ROH spoils us and I’m sure would be willing to concede that this isn’t their best release ever.

Top 3 Matches

3) Danielson vs Yang (****)

2) Castagnoli/Necro/Dragon/Webb vs Whitmer/Pearce/Cabana/Steel (****)

1) Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs Samoa Joe/Matt Sydal (****)

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