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109 ROH Death Before Dishonor IV 7/15/2006

ROH 109 – Death Before Dishonor 4 – 15th July 2006

So I was satisfied but not blown away by the last ROH double-shot of shows. In truth that’s largely been the case since the Milestone Series. A couple of shows aside everything has been pretty decent, but not spectacularly good. Is this a case of the shows not being as good? Or my expectations being raised due to the superb quality of the MS DVD’s? Probably a bit of both, but still, ROH is due a real corker of a show, and it could well come here at the fourth annual Death Before Dishonor. We’ve seen Jeff Hardy, London’s farewell, Chicago Street Fights, CM Punk hijacking the World Title and more in previous years at this event, so you can expect something large tonight. And the main event promises to deliver that, as the wild ROH vs CZW feud comes to an end inside the Cage Of Death. It’s 5 vs 5, Wargames style, Joe/Whitmer/Pearce/Steel/??? vs Hero/Claudio/Necro/Webb/??? – each team will be adding a mystery partner to their ranks. That promises to be crazy but there’s more good stuff. World Title and Pure Title matches, the Briscoes against Irish Airborne, Davey Richards vs AJ Styles and a new member of the Embassy. Lots to look forward to…but will this DVD live up to the hype? Dave Prazak and Jared David call the action. We’re in the city where the whole ROH/CZW issue all began back in January – Philadelphia, PA.

ROH VIDEO RECAP (11/07/06) – Dave Prazak is in FIP trying to track down Homicide to see if he’s actually walked out on ROH, or if he can be recruited for Cage Of Death duty.

– Homicide clears up the situation surrounding him and an ROH title in a promo from the last New Yorker show. He promises that by the end of the year he’ll have ANY belt, or he’ll quit.

– BJ Whitmer is standing in a field like a redneck. In probably the best promo he’s capable of he talks about the violence he’s preparing to endure – Cage Of Death and War Of The Wire 2. He wants revenge for all that CZW have put him through in the midst of this feud.

– Prazak finds Homicide hanging out with SoCal Val. Cide says if Cornette wants him for Team ROH at Cage Of Death he wants three wishes.

Adam Pearce opens the show with a close-up of the ‘H’-shaped scar in the side of his head. It stands of ‘Honor’ apparently.

ROH VS CZW FLASHBACK – Chris Hero challenges American Dragon for the ROH Title in January at Hell Freezes Over.

Delirious vs Seth Delay

It’s weird seeing Delirious in a match where he’s not the jobber. He’s filled that role for so long in ROH. He is kinda floating around doing nothing right now though – give him a storyline or something. Seth has impressed in FIP amongst other places (including NWA-Wildside I believe) and has clearly earned his first outing in ROH. You can watch this for free at

Seth stops Delirious’ traditional spaz attack with an armwrench, but the Lizard-man wrestles circles rounds him and traps him in a butterfly lock. Delay gets 2 with a decent looking leapfrog sunset flip. Delirious to the floor allowing Seth to hit a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! Delirious clothesline barrage in the corner switches the momentum again. He attempts the Cobra Stretch but Delay hasn’t been worn down enough. He escapes and hits a flying forearm strike then a slingshot Edge-O-Matic for 2. MOONSAULT SENTON misses! Delirious climbs for SHADOWS OVER HELL! COBRA STRETCH! That’s Seth tapping out in 04:48

Rating – ** –
I’ll be generous with the rating since that was a high-energy squash bout and Seth got to showcase a few exciting moves, and took a hell of a landing on the somersault plancha. He didn’t really show enough to make him stand out and thus earn a permanent spot on the roster but I’m sure he’ll be back somewhere down the line.

BJ Whitmer relives the brutality and pain of the war with CZW. But it means he’s not intimidated about stepping into Cage Of Death – or barbed wire matches

ROH VS CZW FLASHBACK – Hero and Necro invade Tag Wars 2006 and start a riot.

Prince Nana has Daizee Haze lead the newest member of The Embassy to the ring under a cloak. That takes an absolute age…but it turns out to be Sal Rinauro. He’s the factions new lackey/Jade Chung.

Jimmy Rave/Sal Rinauro vs Colt Cabana/Jay Lethal

Rave uses Sal as a footstool. They’ve got experience teaming together since they were both members of the Guys That Totally Rule in Wildside. Jay Lethal is back for another appearance but again was apparently only booked as a last minute replacement. He was one of the first people to feud with the Embassy back in 2004/5 over the Pure Title. Colt must rebound after losing his Title match in Chicago.

Colt and Lethal get in on the TP fun before the bell. Rinauro is already entertaining me in his new role. Cabana has no problem wrestling rings around poor Sal, and Rave refuses to tag in to help him. Finally Jimmy pulls Lethal out…then slaps Rinauro for being so sh*t. Hiptoss cartwheel dropkick from Lethal gets 2. Colt tags and promptly rips that sequence off as the babyfaces pretty much toy with Sal. Finally Lethal backflips a bit too close to Rave who nails him with a northern lariat and finally tags in now his team have an advantage. He abdominal stretches Lethal then drops him with a clothesline as he tries to run to his corner for a tag. Rinauro comes in and takes some offence from Lethal, which means again Rave has to attack him from behind to stop his partner getting assaulted. Rinauro gets 2 with a top rope elbow drop then takes Jay to the second rope for a springboard suplex. Eventually Lethal enziguris Rinauro into a Jimmy Rave back drop and gets the hot tag. Cabana wipes both Embassy men out with a quebrada press. He dosey-do’s off the referee into the flying asshole on Sal then gets 2 on Rave with a big clothesline. SPRINGBOARD DDT by Lethal gets 2. Rinauro saves his partner from the Colt 45 with a swinging stunner before Rave hits the CRAPPY WIZARD! Lethal wipes Rinauro out with a backflip kick then goes to the top rope. He prepares for a diving headbutt but Rinauro saves with a TOP ROPE BULLDOG! Meanwhile Cabana is groggy and he gets hit with a SUPERKICK/SPEAR COMBO! The Embassy win at 11:36.

Rating – *** –
Lots of fun, partly because Jay Lethal has gotten a lot crisper with some of his more intricate moves during his time away, and partly because the chemistry between Jimmy and Sal is awesome and they make a hell of an entertaining team. Rinauro is great as the goofy screw-up and Rave doesn’t need any help to be one of the most consistent performers on the roster these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather see Rave/Shelley – but Total Non-Stop @Lx has left…and this is a fine replacement.

ROH VS CZW FLASHBACK – Chris Hero leads another riot during the Fourth Anniversary Show then gets into a huge ruck with Samoa Joe.

ROH VS CZW FLASHBACK – BJ Whitmer is massacred by the entire CZW roster at Arena Warfare.

Nigel McGuiness vs Roderick Strong – ROH Pure Title Match

Roddy pinned Nigel in defence of his Tag title at In Your Face, so he’s earned a second shot at the Pure Title. He was McGuiness’ first defence back at Glory By Honor 4 in a match that bored me to tears – and ultimately did nothing more than establish Nigel’s gimmick of cheating the Pure Wrestling rules. Hopefully this one will be better – although I have my doubts as to how much a Pure Title Match will get over considering half the crowd tonight is CZW fans.

The CZW fans aren’t impressed by the rules, or by Nigel’s promise of a good old-fashioned wrestling match…but Roderick Strong wastes no time in laying in a hard chop. Nigel runs away then starts blocking chops all over the shop, grounding the challenger and trying to out-wrestle him. More chops from Strong, then a backbreaker for 2. He looks for the Stronghold right next to the ropes to force McGuiness’ first ropebreak. Nigel goes to work on the arm as is his tradition, utilising a bridging wristlock. He locks in a cobra clutch as well but Strong escapes and drops him with a falcon arrow which gets 2. Stronghold near the ropes again – and again McGuiness takes a ropebreak. And again he recovers by attacking the arm with the wristlock takedown. Cobra clutch lariat finds the mark to keep Rod on the back foot and the hammerlock DDT leaves him in a heap on the canvas. ‘This is awful’ – CZW fans. They’re wrong but it’s a funny chant. Strong counters a second keylock DDT by armdragging McGuiness into the turnbuckles. He thinks about the firemans carry gutbuster but instead settles for the Gibson Driver for 2. Stronghold next to the ropes for a third time…and Nigel takes his last ropebreak.

STRONGHOLD AGAIN! Nigel has to drag himself all the way to the floor to free himself. Strong sets himself for a pescado, but he readjusts as McGuiness moves to hit a diving forearm from the apron. Strong takes the champion to the edge of the ring again…BACK SUPLEX ON THE APRON! MURDER CHOPS ON THE FLOOR! Nigel fires up and tries to get him to throw more, then heaves him into the front row with 4 seconds of the count to go. But his attempts to get a cheap victory fail as Strong makes it back at 19. McGuiness headstands into the Spinal Cut and Roddy takes his first break to break the pin. He tries the headstand for a second time and eats a RUNNING BIG BOOT! DEATH BY RODERICK! REBOUND LARIAT BLOCKED WITH A BIG BOOT…REBOUND LARIAT LANDS SECOND TIME! STRONG GETS TO THE ROPES AGAIN! HOLY SH*T! Inexplicably McGuiness tries to go to the top rope and goes for a senton bomb, but Strong gets the knees up into the back. Super gutbuster blocked…TOWER OF LONDON for 2! Strong rolls out and McGuiness tries to hold him hostage in the aisle to get a double count-out. What a jerk! DDT ON THE FLOOR! Roderick is knocked loopy, and Nigel makes it back to the ring in time to get a count-out victory at 15:43.

Rating – **** – That’s up there with the best Pure Title matches ever quite frankly. These two totally busted their asses and crammed so much into the 16 minutes of action. It was like they were aware they were going to have to work hard to avoid the CZW fans totally ruining the match and they more than stepped up. Nigel’s desperation to avoid the move that beat him in Manhattan cost him all his ropebreaks but yet again it was his ability to be a weasel and manipulate the Pure Title rules to his advantage that saw him sneak away with the belt. If you’re wondering – no, I don’t see that as a cheap finish. I re-watched Glory By Honor 4 a couple of days ago and this one totally owns that first match.

ROH VS CZW FLASHBACK – Wrestlemania weekend (Supercard Of Honor/Better Than Our Best) as Adam Pearce brawled with the CZW invaders and Claudio masqueraded as an ROH guy.

Commissioner Jim Cornette makes his return after knee surgery. For some reason he sees fit to run-down the new ECW. I kinda found that out of place and unnecessary. But then again, I’m half enjoying WWECW so. He announces that KENTA gets a World Title shot at the next Manhattan show, and will be in Philadelphia next time they run there. He also says that JJ Dillon is the coach of Team ROH in the Cage Of Death tonight. He also refuses to grant Homicide’s three wishes, therefore the Notorious 187 will not be in the main event. Bryan Danielson comes out and says he’s as much of a “CZW killer” as Homicide is. He wants to be in Cage Of Death tonight (on top of his title defence), and Jim agrees.

ROH VS CZW FLASHBACK – With the help of Double C Team CZW win the epic 6-man at The 100th Show. That’s still up there for MOTY and Cage Of Death will struggle to top it.

Irish Airborne vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe

It’s good to see the Crists getting a chance to shine against one of the best teams in the promotion. They were really impressive at the last double-shot, making meaningless filler matches more exciting than they had any right to be, so they deserve this opportunity. The Briscoes are still gunning for a rematch with Aries and Strong and have now won their last 3 matches as a team since Destiny.

The Briscoes use their wrestling skills to ground Dave but when Crist is able to increase the pace and start springboarding off the ropes to use armdrags he’s able to take control. Same story with Jake who slaps the springboard headlock on Jay. Mark gets 2 with a running suplex but Jake comes back with his neckbreaker combo. German suplex ONTO Dave’s knees for 2! Dave and Mark jostle for an advantage which Briscoe winds up getting. Crist nails Jay with a quebrada press, then the Airborne team up for a LEAPFROG SUPER RANA! GERMAN MOONSAULT SLAM gets 2 before Mark has to save. Jay drops Dave over the middle rope into a knee strike from Mark, who uses the ropes next for a slingshot double stomp. Jay gets 2 with a gourdbuster/swinging neckbreaker combo. He elevates Dave into a springboard spinning heel kick by Mark for another nearfall. Finally Dave rolls through to make a vital tag to his partner. Springboard headscissors on Jay before Dave takes him to the floor. Mark and Jake climb to the top rope…STEREO SHOOTING STAR PRESSES! Now Jake and Mark come inside to have it out with each other. Briscoe lands an urinage and is joined by Jay for the splash mountain neckbreaker. Dave nails a springboard dropkick on both Briscoes and drops Jay for a second time with a swinging Ace crusher. Mark stops him springboarding again and he flies into Jay’s PRESS SLAM DVD! Crist blocks the springboard Doomsday Device…IRISH AIR RAID ON JAY! MARK SAVES! Mark grabs Dave for the CUT-THROAT DRIVER! Briscoes win in 15:06.

Rating – *** –
Longer than expected and maybe not a total success, but I like the Crists and they’ve got a lot of raw potential. Ultimately this match showed they’ve got the ability (and the spots) to put on longer matches. I think the crowd were expecting a faster pace to the match but the structure was definitely there and it seemed specifically designed to give the Briscoes a COMPETITIVE win (as opposed to a squash). It wasn’t always exciting but it was never too bad, and it did a lot to elevate Irish Airborne – a team I really want to see succeed.

Ace Steel cuts the promo of his life. The feud started in earnest when Hero and Necro interfered in one of his matches during Tag Wars 2006. He’s also pissed off that Nate Webb put him through a table in Chicago. He’s CRAZY man…and he’s bringing a cowbell with him to ensure that somebody dies.

ROH VS CZW FLASHBACK – Weekend Of Champions action as Claudio Castagnoli rips off Samoa Joe’s Musclebuster to beat BJ Whitmer in Dayton, but BJ got his revenge the next night as he suplexed Super Dragon from the top rope through a table.

Davey Richards vs AJ Styles

This match has received a lot of criticism and negative write-ups from around the IWC. To be honest I’m rather suspecting something similar to AJ/Aries from 29/10/2005. A good match between two guys who have somewhat similar styles – but not a match that comes even close to living up to people’s expectations. Davey has been a revelation since coming in at Destiny. His three matches thus far have all been really good. Styles is having a consistent year in ROH, despite feeling increasingly like a special attraction due to his TNA commitments.

Predictably they start with some intense but rather aimless matwork. Richards bridges into a kick and that starts a bit of a kick duel which proves that they both kick really hard. They get in each others faces before Davey takes Styles down with a tilta-whirl backbreaker. He chops then steps through into a kick to the chest region as well but AJ barely allows him to get a 1-count. Again they battle for an advantage on the mat – ending when Richards hits another backbreaker. Styles comes off the top with a missile dropkick to the knee before the fight spills to the floor. VIOLENT kick flurry from AJ out there before he struggles to shinbreaker Richards over the guardrail. In the ring he grapevines Davey’s leg only to have the rookie reverse it into a deathlock. AJ lands his trademark knee drop down over the leg he’s been working over but hasn’t done enough damage to hit the Styles Clash. Davey rams his head into the turnbuckles but springboards into a JUMPING ENZI! Styles goes for a baseball slide…BUT RICHARDS COUNTERS WITH A DDT OFF THE APRON! That was sheer brutality. Davey with an overhead belly to belly suplex. He hits the apron for a springboard dropkick then shows off with a no-sell nip-up. Bridging German gets 2 as Richards has given up selling I guess. Styles blocks the Butterfly Brainbuster and gets 2 with a hammerlock back suplex. This action has slowed to a snails pace as Richards peppers AJ with Kawada kicks. Styles ducks a kick but leaves himself open to the HANDSPRING ENZIGURI! Butterfly Brainbuster blocked again, and when he goes for the handspring enzi a second time AJ catches him with a wrack bomb. SPIRAL TAP INTO DAVEY’S KNEES! Davey with a running forearm then a gutbuster. Horse collar applied…which is a cooler submission finisher than that shoulder lock he used at In Your Face. He mocks the “Styles Clash” pose only to eat a PELE KICK! STYLES CLASH! It’s AJ’s match and Davey’s first loss at 17:02.

Rating – *** –
And as I expected, it wasn’t a bad match – just nowhere near what people were expecting. I didn’t like the slow start that much and HATED Davey’s no-selling of the knee but I thought the match carried a superb intensity through-out and there were some cool moments. Either these guys actually hate each other or they did a good job of convincing everyone that they do. I think the DDT on the floor might have knocked AJ a little goofy because he was almost moving in slow-motion for everything after that point. Much like I said after AJ/Aries last year – I’m up for a rematch and I’m sure they’ll do miles better then. I’m sure the AJ-haters will jump all over this and use it as another reason to drive him out of ROH but…whatever. He’s still a great wrestler and always puts on good matches. If you stop expecting his TNA best in ROH then you’ll enjoy him a lot more. Samoa Joe is going the same way – are we going to start calling for Joe to stop being booked too?

Speaking of Samoa Joe, it’s his turn to cut a promo on the CZW team. He talks about the months of attacks on his knee. He says they can’t sneak up on him in the cage…then he’s coming for Dragon.

ROH VS CZW FLASHBACK – Ring Of Homicide…with Cide’s big stand against CZW, including a violent match with Necro Butcher.

Bryan Danielson vs Sonjay Dutt – ROH World Title Match

Dragon sent another open contract to CZW for a title match tonight – which explains why Dutt is getting this shot. I don’t really like Sonjay all that much. I’ve seen a few Z-1 matches of his on TWC which weren’t bad, and he’s ok in the X-Division…but eh, he’s never done a whole lot for me. I really have no interest in seeing him in ROH. As always it will be interesting to watch the Dragon vs CZW fans interaction. That hasn’t failed to entertain me, and surely the ROH fans will crap on Sonjay too.

Goddamn Sonjay’s dance is annoying. He slaps Dragon rather than follow the Code Of Honor and the ‘you’re gonna get your f*cking head kicked in’ chant is done as well as an American audience could possibly pull off. They still get the clapping wrong though. Danielson doesn’t wait long to slap Dutt a couple of times. Much as expected the crowd stuff is far more interesting than the wrestling for the first 5 minutes – except for Sonjay looking really out of his league. Dragon belts him with a forearm then rolls him over for the Mexican facerake surfboard. The champ is almost totally dominant, and no-sells everything Sonjay throws at him in return until Dutt throws him to the floor for a nice somersault plancha. He does endear himself to me a little bit with some entertaining heel-isms before getting 2 with an Arabian press. But he’s had maybe 2 minutes of offence and that’s enough, as Danielson gives him a fallaway slam. Sonjay lands on his feet from a German suplex attempt and hits a low enziguri then a Red Star Press for 2. Dragon attempts a back superplex but Dutt counters in mid-air. Danielson avoids a Lionsault and drops him with a German. Crossface Chickenwing applied but Dutt counters with an Asai DDT (so called by JD). Hindu Press misses and Danielson goes for Cattle Mutilation. That doesn’t work so unfortunately the match continues. Sonjay gets 2 with a sunset flip powerbomb. MOONSAULT DOUBLE STOMP gets 2 as well. Camel clutch locked in but Dragon gets to the ropes. Sonjay makes the mistake of going to the top again and this time does receive a back superplex. The MMA elbows finish it at 18:48…mercifully.

Rating – * –
That really sucked. The crowd was fun but the match went way too long and nobody really gave a crap about what was going on in the ring. The fans were begging to see Sonjay get his ass kicked, not look totally out of place for nearly 20 minutes. By a long way my least favourite Dragon title defence. I preferred the Danielson/Cabana 5-minute match to this. Normally I praise Gabe to the hilt but allowing this match to go so long was just wrong. The fan reaction was great for 10 minutes, but Dutt should’ve been slaughtered, not presented as an equal.

INTERMISSION – Capetta is with Nigel McGuiness whilst the Cage is being set up. Nigel says it proves he’s the best champion in ROH. He says it was Cabana’s fault he lost his Tag Title match in New York. Colt is nearby (talking to Lacey – something that will be important in upcoming shows) and naturally doesn’t take kindly to that. He points out that Nigel was the one who tapped out. He doesn’t want to start their feud again – and instead they should have one more match for the Pure Title.

ROH VS CZW FLASHBACK – Homicide feats Chris Hero at In Your Face. Then a final clip of the CZW team attacking Joe’s knee at Chi-Town Struggle.

Team ROH vs Team CZW – Cage Of Death Match

Wargames rules – it’s 5 vs 5, the first two get 5 minutes then it’s entrants every 2 minutes after that with a coin toss to decide who gets the advantage. There can only be a winner once all 10 men have entered the match. Representing ROH is Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, BJ Whitmer, Adam Pearce and Ace Steel. The CZW team is Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Necro Butcher, Nate Webb and a mystery partner. The flashbacks throughout the DVD have shown the history of this epic feud. ROH wanted to ended it with Steel Cage Warfare, but CZW said they’d only fight if it was a Cage Of Death – so for the first and only time, it will be COD in ROH. JJ Dillon is at ringside to conduct the coin toss and coach the ROH side. The cage is traditional CZW yellow and black, and is stretched out around the ring like an octagonal, roofless hell in a cell with weapons dotted around ringside. There’s no commentary. This should be nuts…

ROH wins the coin toss meaning it’s a rare babyface advantage in one of these things. It’s Samoa Joe and Claudio Castagnoli starting the match for their respective teams. After being hesitant to enter the ring Double C takes control including attempting a Musclebuster. Eventually Joe kicks him off the apron and lands the ELBOW SUICIDAAAAA! Castagnoli eats a few plunder shots, then gets set up against the cage for an OLE OLE KICK! Claudio again tries to land European uppercuts but walks into an overhead enziguri kick which sets him up for an extended facewash. 5 minutes gone and next is BJ Whitmer. Castagnoli tries to isolate both opponents in opposing corners but only gets whipped into an STJoe for his trouble. It’s every 2 minutes now so lots of hectic entries. Chris Hero is in next and he looks so up for this. He runs right into the ring with Joe and BJ, going to their eyes then taking over on both of them. The Kings Of Wrestling hit a big boot slam on Whitmer before Bryan Danielson enters to a huge pop and clears out both of them. Hero rakes his eyes as well but quickly falls victim to an awesome double team flurry of offence by Joe and Dragon. Dragon sets him up for the running boot, then Joe charges Claudio into a diving European from the World Champion. Hero is trapped on the top rope and Joe thinks it’s Musclebuster time. UNTIL DRAGON CHOPBLOCKS HIS KNEE! Danielson is in business for himself and starts beating the sh*t out of Joe as Nate Webb comes in. Cornette is pissed, but Dragon walks out…and Joe is too injured to continue. Meanwhile the KOW have BJ in a tree of woe…MOONSAULT VAN TERMINATOR BY NATE! Whitmer is bleeding but Adam Pearce is on hand to even the sides somewhat. It’s still 3-on-2 though, and Necro arrives to make it 4.

Butcher goes right after Whitmer who is bleeding heavily now. He absolutely waffles Adam with a ladder too, whilst Hero is an absolute prick, posing to the fans then putting a cravat on BJ. Ace Steel turns up – COWBELL SHOTS FOR EVERYBODY! Necro gets a chair up…COWBELL TO THE CHAIR! But still it’s uneven numbers and the remaining 3 ROH guys soon get beaten up again. Hero sounds deranged as the fans pelt the ring with garbage. Steel smacks him in the head with a garbage can…but Hero just gets up and goes ballistic. His 5th team member is someone he hates…but he hates ROH more than his pick. He brings out…EDDIE KINGSTON! Hero and Eddie have a long-standing feud so that’s pretty deep sh*t right there. Eddie gives Steel an implant DDT on a chair and it’s 5-on-3 with the ROH fans absolutely begging for Homicide. Necro gives Steel a bulldog on a barbed wire bat. Pearce is pissing blood as he brawls on the floor with Claudio. Hero and Kingston start to argue…AS THE F*CKING LIGHTS GO OUT! HOMICIDE IS HERE! The place went absolutely mental for that, and he literally stares through JJ Dillon as he walks into the COD. Kingston takes a shot with a board and Homicide (in Natural Born Sinner gear takes over all of CZW). Necro runs at him…AND CIDE DROPS TACKS ALL OVER THE CANVAS! HE HAS BARE FEET! WHITMER WITH AN EXPLODER FOR 2! Homicide reaches into his boot…GHETTO FORKS FOR EVERYONE! Pearce has Claudio…JUMPING PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR!

Everyone is bleeding it seems…and elsewhere BJ and Butcher are brawling with barbed wire – more set up for War Of The Wire 2. Adam has Webb now – PRESS SLAM THROUGH A TABLE! Steel takes him to the top rope as Pearce holds Eddie prone…SPINAL SHOCK/LEG DROP COMBO! ‘6 on 5’ – CZW fans. Technically true. ‘You can’t count’ – ROH fans. Also true. Steel goes for a tope suicida on Kingston but misses and soars into a table. Pearce is still bullying Nate – SPINNING BACK DROP IN THE TACKS! Homicide suplexes Eddie through a table as this has disintegrated into a flurry of brutal spots. Hero tries to grab the CZW killer…ACE CRUSHER THROUGH AN OPEN CHAIR! Whitmer gives Kingston an EXPLOIDA ON THE FLOOR! Pearce and Hero are climbing the cage…RUNNING MOONSAULT BY WEBB! Claudio hops from the ring to the top of the cage with Pearce…RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP THROUGH A F*CKING TABLE! TOPE CON HILO FROM CIDE! Hero with a SUICIDAL MOONSAULT ONTO EVERYONE! HOLY F*CKING SH*T! He pins Homicide for 2 – does that mean Cide is in the match – the CZW ref counted it. BJ grabs Hero…SICK BRAINBUSTER ON A CHAIR! Necro tries to grab him but Homicide saves for a DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX ONTO THE SAME CHAIR! Now Necro is just lying in tacks. To the apron – WHITMER WITH A SUPLEX THROUGH A BARBED WIRE TABLE! Oh the humanity! There’s a barbed wire board in the ring too. Webb goes for a chair moonsault but misses and Homicide LARIATS THE CHAIR! Goodnight Nate. COP KILLA INTO THE BARBED WIRE! ULTRA-MEGA-HYPER-DANGEROOOOUUUS! At 40:39 Homicide pins Webb to win it for ROH!

Rating – ****1/2 –
Absolutely one of the sickest matches you’ll ever see. My girlfriend watched this with me and was pretty much appalled by the whole thing – that’s how disgusting it gets. But the booking was just so ingenius it’s unreal. Am I a little pissed off that we didn’t get to see Joe get some revenge on CZW…or indeed, barely see Joe wrestle at all? Sure I am, but that’s the downside of him being so successful in TNA. What we did get was a beautifully booked angle which adds massive hype to Joe/Dragon which is coming up soon. The introduction of Kingston as Hero’s tag partner just amazing – and added so much to the Hero hating ROH dynamic. Necro and BJ ended the match lying in barbed wire ahead of next week. And indeed the whole finish from Homicide’s arrival onwards is unbelievable. As I pointed out in pbp, the 6-on-5 thing with Homicide coming in protected CZW whilst still giving Homicide the massive, biggest pop ever in ROH. Many have said that him pinning Nate rather than anyone else meant ROH didn’t get a definitive victory – I disagree. I mean, it’s maybe true to an extent, but Claudio (and probably Hero too) have a future in ROH. Necro will get his next week at WOTW2, and pinning Kingston meant very little since he wasn’t in the whole feud. Homicide pinning Nate ROH gets the feud-closing victory but also does CZW the courtesy of protecting it, and giving them a number of “outs” to protect their own heat on future CZW shows and not look like losers. It’s a logical, mutually beneficial finish. Special kudos to Chris Hero who was the star of this match, and I think, if he hasn’t already done so, pretty much guaranteed himself a future in ROH. He OWNED this match, from his cocky chickensh*t attitude, the awesome deranged promo to introduce Kingston to the moonsault off the cage. It wasn’t as good a match as the 6-man from show 100, and at 40 minutes, I disagree with the decision to have no commentary. They should’ve started then left the “booth” from Homicide’s arrival (kinda like how the commentators left part-way through during Joe/Punk II or Styles/Danielson II at Main Event Spectacles). But it’s a booking coup-de-grace and a sensational way to end off what has been a tremendous feud. You need to see this match.

Students and officials drag the losing CZW wrestlers away, amidst jubilant scenes from the fans. Hero rounds off his amazing match by flipping off the fans as he walks out. Jim Cornette is out and he calls Homicide into the ring to show his gratitude for defending ROH – and says he’ll grant the three wishes. Cide wants one more match with Steve Corino – done. Cide wants a World Title match – done. Cide wants MOTHERF*CKIN’ LOW KI reinstated…NOT done. Cornette says the favour is for Homicide, not his ‘gay lover’…so Homicide calls him a liar and spits in his face. Adam Pearce attacks Cide for that, and then Cornette comes at him with the pepper spray. JJ Dillon locks officials (and Smokes) out of the Cage then helps to tie Homicide to the turnbuckles for Cornette to FLOG HIM WITH A BELT! After a match rammed full of great angles this was an incredible way to end the night. Homicide/Cornette…when Cide only has to December to win a belt before quitting. That’s an amazing potential angle. And I’d officially consider that the first slight opening of the door to a Low Ki return. And considering that Low Ki is one of my favourite wrestlers, I am psyched.

Tape Rating – **** –
Great show with a number of good matches, only one that really sucked…and with the whole release gearing up and towards the Cage Of Death main event – when that delivered so enormously you can, of course, consider the whole release a big success. You need to buy this DVD for the main event alone. It’s not an all time classic but it’s got some legitimately incredible stuff from beginning to end. From Hero bringing out Eddie Kingston onwards, the whole thing is just a procession of increasingly crazy mark-out moments. Plus there’s a great post-match segment too. Definitely another must-own show…

Top 3 Matches

3) Jimmy Rave/Sal Rinauro vs Colt Cabana/Jay Lethal (***)

2) Nigel McGuiness vs Roderick Strong (****)

1) Team ROH vs Team CZW (****1/2)

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