112 ROH Time To Man Up 8/4/2006

ROH 112 – Time To Man Up – 4th August 2006

It’s a funny catchphrase, and an amusing title for a show as well it seems. ROH kicks off another big double shot weekend (I don’t think it really does one-off events anymore) with this show, a return to the infamous Long Island market. The fans are lousy and get a lot of stick. In their defence they haven’t always had the best shows (both the worst shows of 2006 so far have been in the market) but still – if you want better shows prove you deserve them. Anyway, tonight we’re getting set for tomorrow night’s “Fight Of The Century”. Samoa Joe is in the main event wrestling long-time TNA rival AJ Styles in AJ’s last ROH match for now. The Briscoes pissed off KENTA when he was in the Midwest so tonight they team against him and his “American protégé” Davey Richards. There’s also Ultimate Endurance for the Tag belts, Nigel/Delirious with the Pure Title on the line and lots more besides. I’ll say this – it’s probably the best card for a Long Island event since Glory By Honor 4. We’re in Lake Grove, NY as you should’ve guessed. Calling the action will be Dave Prazak and Jared David.

ROH VIDEO RECAP (02/08/06) – Homicide tries to cut a promo on Cornette but it’s ‘censored by the Commissioner’s office’. Now that’s funny!

– Davey Richards says it’s his dream to be GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, so working with KENTA this weekend is a dream come true for him.

– Lacey complains about the nosey fans asking about her and Colt Cabana in the car in Philadelphia.

– Aries and Strong say that once they’ve made it through Ultimate Endurance they’re going to Liverpool, England to finish off the Briscoes’ title challenge. Then they’re offering open contracts.

Samoa Joe says his War Of The Wire match with AJ was their first ever singles match. He’ll bring the brutality and tonight will be no different than it was in 2003. He also urges Danielson to meet him later.

Lacey is all flirty on the phone with someone, but then gets all pissed off when she sees the camera.

Jack Evans vs Bryan Danielson

Stretching time awaits. Every time these two get in the ring it leads to some grotesque contorting of poor Jack’s body. Dragon is tuning up for the Fight Of The Century tomorrow night, whilst this is Jack’s first solo match since Generation Next was disbanded. Danielson obliterated him in the 2004 Survival Of The Fittest tournament, and reprised the beating in a tag match during the Third Anniversary week. Has the new and improved Evans improved enough to bring it to the World champ?

Jack does a springboard somersault just getting into the ring. That sums him up in one movement. What a lunatic. Danielson does a backflip in to annoy his opponent. Jack dances…Dragon doesn’t. Evans annoys him more by doing an armdrag then more dance moves. Danielson goes right to a gross stretch attempt but Evans actually counters out. It’s him that tries to take the mat wrestling to the champion then he makes it worse by slapping him in the face. Danielson starts stiffing him and slaps on the Mexican surfboard after some clawing at Jack’s face. He BENDS JACK IN HALF for the first time out of that. Evans lands a nice capoeira kick followed by a big double knee drop for 2. Handspring elbow into a springboard dropkick connects as well. Danielson stands on his face and chokes him over the ropes to put a stop to that. RELENTLESS body slams take their toll on Evans. That’s like the polar opposite of all Jack’s moveset. He only stops when it starts getting over with the fans – what a prick. He applies a chinlock, then decides to grab Evans’s legs and literally FOLD HIM UP! Evans rides a monkey flip into a moonsault reverse elbow. SPRINGBOARD 450 TO THE FLOOR! Danielson rolls in and Jack utilises the ropes again for a springboard corkscrew enzi. An inverted falcon arrow leaves the champ in position for the 630, but he gets up in time to crotch Jack for the inevitable superplex. CATTLE MUTILATION but Evans gets the rope. Jack managed to get Dragon on the floor again. KNEE STRIKE OFF THE APRON! SPACE FLYING TIGER DIVE MISSES! Danielson airplane spins him, with Evans doing an awesome impression of a limp corpse. SICK STF! Jack taps at 13:40.

Rating – *** –
Super-entertaining opening match that proves, beyond question that Evans is easily the fastest improving wrestler in ROH. Seriously, go back at watch that Survival Of The Fittest match. They do a lot of the same things there, but it’s visibly obvious that Jack relies on his ability to get bent in half to get it over, and it comes off like a squash. This was a tremendous match pitting the old-school offence and dominating style of American Dragon against the charismatic, exciting and well-timed comeback flurries of his opponent. Dragon Gate is making Jack better for sure. I say this every time he has a singles match (which, in fairness, isn’t often) – this is his best solo match thus far. In truth only the match with Alex Shelley at the Third Anniversary event in Chicago even comes close.

Irish Airborne vs Christopher Daniels/Matt Sydal

After Sydal finally got a victory over him at War Of The Wire 2, Daniels offered the hand of friendship to the fomer GeNext man. With AJ Styles leaving ROH for the time being he said he’d like to be Matt’s tag partner, and given that Sydal teams with ANYone, he immediately accepted. Irish Airborne have been looking really good recently so it’s good to see them booked for another weekend of shows. They were part of the winning team in the huge GeNext 8-man at the last event. Daniels is, to no surprise, the only person who gets over with the TNA mark crowd.

Sydal and Dave Crist start with flippy wristlock counters. Daniels tries to ground Jake with chinlocks. Crist gives Daniels a headscissors but walks into a jumping heel kick. Daniels body slams Sydal into a senton on Jake for 2. They work over Crist whilst barely moving him out of their corner which is quite impressive. Springboard back elbow/back suplex scores on Jake, then Dave runs in to get a double elbow drop. RUNNING MOONSAULT ON BOTH CRISTS! Sydal goes to the top rope but Jake has enough about him to throw him off and get the tag. Dave gets 2 with a tumbling senton into a Lionsault. He runs into a quebrada press as well, bringing Daniels into the ring to break the fall. Jake gets 2 with a really sweet dragon suplex. STANDING SUPER RANA from Sydal gets him the hot tag. Daniels hits a legsweep/flatliner combo on both opponents then gets with an Arabian press. Jake cuts him off with a swinging neckbreaker. Sydal comes in only to be powerbombed chest-first over Dave’s knees. Jake ducks an enziguri but it socks Dave instead. Sidewalk slam/cannonball leg drop combo gets Daniels a 2. Dave lays Sydal out with a springboard dropkick. Irish lay out Daniels with a double neckbreaker but Sydal saves before they can execute the Irish Air Raid. STANDING MOONSAULT! BEST MOONSAULT EVER! Daniels and Sydal win at 13:35.

Rating – *** –
A fun closing stretch saved this match somewhat, since it was pretty drab for a while. The Crists looked as nervous, green and awkward as they have done at any point thus far in their tenure, and it was made to look more glaringly obvious by their opponents. Not that Daniels and Sydal are bad opponents, but this was their first time teaming together and were still feeling their way as a unit, rather than concentrating on making their opponents look as good as possible. Still, Irish looked much more comfortable once it broke down to a flurry of spots at the end and brought the rating up. If you’re into half stars and the like, the opener was at least half a star better than this.

Nigel McGuinness calls Bryan Danielson a ‘window licker’ and complains about his shady tactics to win their last match in Cleveland. He still wants to be the one to unify the World and Pure titles.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Colt Cabana

This is a rematch from Joe vs Kobashi, the show where Claudio first started full-time with ROH (after a few earlier appearances) and scored an upset victory over Cabana. Since then he’s proved a turncoat by siding with CZW in the feud, but due to his ROH contract hasn’t gone like Necro Butcher, Nate Webb, Super Dragon or Chris Hero. Colt has completely regressed back to the aimless comedy midcarder he was before the epic feud with Homicide which is disappointing. I like the guy but, outside of this new stuff with Lacey and Jimmy Jacobs (which will be funny I’m sure) he’s starting to stagnate.

Cabana gives Claudio the benefit of the doubt and shakes his hand before the match. They start with the European counters natch. Not sure that’s going to get over with this crowd. One guy is giving Cabana SO much heat for working Heat. Sure enough, they quickly descend into utter assholeness. Colt pulls the referee in to escape a headscissors, and poor Todd Sinclair ends up in an armbar from Claudio by mistake. He best sell that injury now! He is indeed selling it during pinfalls. Colt gets his arm up to kick out of a pin and inadvertently low blows Claudio. Todd is still selling the arm on a series of nearfalls. Claudio takes a cheapshot as he goes for another handshake and sends Cabana out. He uses the various metal fixtures at ringside to start working on Colt’s arm and hand. He escapes an elevated chickenwing and takes out Castagnoli with a quebrada press. Colt isn’t selling the arm anywhere near as good as Sinclair is. He wins with a random pin at 10:22.

Rating – * –
Meh, I didn’t like this at all. It pretty much summed both men up perfectly. Lots of pretty wrestling, some gentle comedy and NOTHING else. It took them almost 8 minutes to do something mildly important (the work on Colt’s arm) and he wasn’t even selling it like a second later. The crowd also ruined this match with their antics. Skip right over this, and give these men feuds quickly since they’ll flounder in the midcard doing crap like this.

SIDENOTE – I wasn’t going to mention the crowd tonight but they suck. They’ve actively taken away from my enjoyment from the first three matches on the show. I’m sure the majority of LI fans are there to support the wrestling but there’s a very vocal minority who are retarded buttf*ckers who got lost on the way to the Impact Zone and have brought their disgusting smarky comments and inane shouting in an attempt to be funny into an ROH crowd again. Shows in this building are CONTINUALLY wrecked by the awful fans in the area. I’m sorry, but drop this f*cking market now because it’s sh*t and they don’t deserve ROH. That’s the last time I’ll give the assholes the attention they crave with a mention.

AJ Styles confirms he’s leaving for a while but vows to leave on a high note.

Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs Jimmy Rave/Sal Rinauro vs BJ Whitmer/Adam Pearce vs Homicide/Ricky Reyes – ROH Tag Title Ultimate Endurance Match

For some reason Aries and Strong don’t have their belts with them. ROH is lining up six teams in two days to challenge the dominant (now WORLD) Tag Champions in back to back Ultimate Endurance matches. That means elimination rules, first fall is a Scramble, second fall is a submission match with the final two teams going at it with the belts on the line. The champions have already beaten The Embassy, the Rottweilers and a Lacey’s Angels team which Whitmer represented so they’ve got experience with beating these guys. However, the real story here could be Homicide’s desire to get to Adam Pearce after he helped Jim Cornette humiliate him after Cage Of Death last month. Rave is wrestling with staples in his head and a concussion from last week’s events in Cleveland.

Homicide and Adam Pearce comes to blows even before the bell rings and have to be pulled apart. In the ensuing melee Rave sneaks up on Reyes to start the match properly. As soon as Ricky strings some kicks together Jimmy rolls out in favour of Rinauro. Reyes drops Sal on his neck with a belly to belly to bring Strong in. Whitmer and Roddy hit each other really really hard. Aries sends BJ out for the HEAT SEEKING MISSILE! Sal with a SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW PLANCHA straight through the middle of them and kills himself on the rails. TWISTING PESCADO BY STRONG! FATTY PLANCHA BY PEARCE! TOPE CON HILO BY HOMICIDE! Reyes knees Rave in his injured head but Nana quickly sweeps his legs. For some reason Roderick breaks Reyes’ Dragon Sleeper on Sal. They ALL start breaking each others pins. WHY!! I hate it when people do this. Rave slaps Rinauro for being so sh*t. LARIATOOOOOO by Homicide to eliminate Sal and The Embassy at 05:44. That leaves three teams under submission rules. Whitmer tries to work on Reyes’ neck but gets taken down into a cross armbreaker. Triangle choke applied next but BJ isn’t tapping yet, and he counters to a cloverleaf. DRAGON SLEEPER broken by a lumbering top rope forearm by Pearce. Homicide gets the tag to go at it with the Lt. Commissioner. Adam smacks Homicide in the face with a chain and…GETS DISQUALIFIED at 10 minutes? IT’S A F*CKING SUBMISSION MATCH! That’s retarded. It’s down to Rottweilers against Aries and Strong for the belts anyway. Reyes and Strong have a pretty intense mat-wrestling exchange which forms my favourite part of the match thus far. Swinging neckbreaker on Aries gets 2. Roderick gets very little applause for an ultra-long stalling suplex. Ricky drops Austin with a T-bone suplex and gets the lukewarm tag to Homicide. Three Amigos lays Roderick out but Cide misses his diving headbutt. Double backbreaker…CHOP BRAINBUSTER! The Rotts hit back with a big boot into an ocean cyclone suplex on Aries. Brainbuster blocked…Lariat ducked. Aries gets Homicide in the corner with the running dropkick for 2. Reyes holds his leg so he can’t climb for the 450. Steve Corino makes his ROH return to smack Homicide out of the corner. MISSILE DROPKICK BOMB! Aries and Strong retain at 18:58.

Rating – ** – Man, I think that even scoops It All Begins as the worst UE match ever. Just a total mess from beginning to end. The match lost me when everyone needlessly broke up everyone else’s pins during the Scramble portion, and it just got worse from there. The finish to the submission match totally pissed me off. The Rotts and Aries/Strong tried to pull it back with a few decent exchanges in the last 7-8 minutes but they just didn’t have the time. What’s the point in doing these matches when you’re not going to give them enough time to develop? Admittedly this one probably would’ve been equally bad had it gone 90 rather than 19 minutes but still. The real developments from this come from a storyline point of view – the missing belts, the heat between Homicide and Pearce, Pearce pissing Whitmer off by using a chain and the return of Corino.

Austin Aries says somebody has stolen their belts. They blame the Briscoes…

INTERMISSION – Bryan Danielson refuses to meet Samoa Joe for a casual chat. He also says he wants one more match with Nigel McGuinness.

Steve Corino comes back to the ring to save us from a student match. He rips the piss out of the crowd for being such a sh*t ROH crowd. Hell yeah! Green Lantern Fan is singled out for special abuse. Corino is back in ROH because Jim Cornette called him to beat up Homicide. Speaking of him, Cide comes out for a ruck, only to be jumped from behind by Adam Pearce. BJ Whitmer admonishes Pearce, who says he only works for Cornette. The heels bail, so a challenge is issued for Homicide/Whitmer against Corino/Pearce tomorrow night.

Nigel McGuinness vs Delirious – ROH Pure Title Match

I guess Delirious has won enough matches over the past month or so to deserve a shot. He definitely pinned Claudio Castagnoli clean at the last show. Nigel is back defending his Pure Title after losing his big World Title match at Generation Now. If he wants to make it to a final unification match with American Dragon he needs to successfully retain against the lizard man.

‘Pure wrestling…arrrggghhhh’ – Delirious. He’s completely clueless as to the rules of this match and grabs the ropes the second he’s put into a headlock costing him his first break. The rules continue to be beyond his limited grasp as he grabs them again to get out of a hammerlock. His facials during this are hilarious. The third rope break is gone at the three minute mark. Poor Delirious. He tries to work his way into the match with a headlock, and is soon able to rattle off his corner clothesline flurry. He works a wristlock so vigorously that Nigel absent-mindedly takes his first break to escape. Delirious grabs a hammerlock close to the ropes and McGuinness inadvertently takes his second break as well. Nigel is a little pissed off now, and drops the challenger with the spinal cut. He cobra clutches the masked man into a hard lariat for 2. Delirious cuts off his momentum with a leaping lariat. McGuinness avoids more clotheslines in the corner but gets the Panic Attack instead. SHADOWS OVER HELL gets 2! COBRA STRETCH! That takes Nigel’s last break to escape. He starts thinking about a possible count-out by baiting Delirious into the aisle then ramming his head into the metal rails. Delirious manages to drag himself back into the ring just before the count reaches 20. McGuinness turns it up with a volley of big forearms. Rebound Lariat blocked but Nigel counters another Shadows with a mid-air European uppercut. He hits the Tower Of London but Delirious kicks out. A second Tower Of London is countered back to the COBRA STRETCH! For some reason Nigel thinks it’ll be clever to go to the top rope and gets the Flair treatment. Delirious climbs…TOWER OF LONDON! DELIRIOUS KICKS OUT AGAIN! McGuinness positions him over the top rope. SUPER LARIAT! Delirious still doesn’t stay down. He almost steals the title with a small package just like Danielson beat Nigel with. REBOUND LARIATOOOOOO! CATTLE MUTILATION! Delirious doesn’t tap but is out at 17:25.

Rating – *** –
It took a while to really spark but once it got going that was a hell of a match. Delirious continues having an unnoticed break-out year with a string of really fun matches in all different styles. He brought his comedy to the pure wrestling rules environment and again positioned himself as a thoroughly lovable underdog. Nigel is sometimes a little inconsistent but he too is having a really good year, and these two managed to click together and produce a good match. Perhaps the biggest testament to them is that they had THIS crowd going crazy for the final few minutes. MOTN thus far…

Lacey says Jimmy Jacobs isn’t booked this weekend for not beating Jay Briscoe, singing his stupid song and prying about her stuff with Cabana in Cleveland. If he wants to impress her he needs to win.

Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs KENTA/Davey Richards

The Briscoes made enemies out of KENTA starting at Throwdown when they disrespected him and attacked Roderick Strong after the Strong/KENTA match that night. They had another clash the next night at Chi-Town Struggle, and KENTA was officially told to man up. Like Davey told us in the Newswire, he’s KENTA’s American protégé so this is a big weekend for him.

Kenta refuses to follow the Code with the Briscoes. Richards starts with Mark and they test each other going hold for hold. Briscoe eats a bridging kick and we get tags. Kenta quickly brings the hard-hitting kicks to Jay, who’s man enough to fire back with some vicious slaps. Mark’s approach is to try and keep Kenta on the ground. Davey tags in with the chops into the stepover kick for 2. Kenta traps Mark in the corner with a savage barrage of kicks, but gets dragged into the Briscoe corner where Jay is waiting. Kenta blocks a sunset flip with a B*TCHSLAP! He and Richards have Mark trapped in the ring now. Mark gets pissed off and slaps the crap out of Kenta and gets the tag. Jay squishes his head against the turnbuckles and applies the STRETCH PLUM! Yeah I mark for that. If I was a wrestler that’d so be my finisher. Kenta lifts Jay into a powerslam and gets the tag. Davey plants him with a German for 2. Butterfly Brainbuster blocked so we go to the top. 5 STAR FROG SPLASH gets Briscoe a 2. He drops Davey over the middle rope leaving him prone to a running knee from Mark. Richards rolls through both Briscoes and gets the hot tag to his mentor. A springboard dropkick takes out both the rednecks. Mark gets hung up in the corner for a running boot. Kenta follows that with a basement dropkick for 2. Mark springs off the second rope and starts throwing boxing jabs. Kenta drops him again with a fisherman buster. Jay distracts Richards allowing the Briscoes to give him a leg drop/sidewalk slam combo.Cut-Throat Driver blocked…and Richards rolls the ropes rather than do his usual handspring enzi. That’s awesome! BACK DROP DRIVER ON JAY! TWISTING TOPE SUICIDA INTO THE AISLE! Mark catches Kenta and throws him away with a urinage. HANDSPRING ENZI from Davey! Jay runs in with a big boot…BUSAIKU FROM KENTA! He sets up for Go 2 Sleep but Mark counters with a heel kick. Davey gets Mark on his shoulders. DOOMSDAY BUSAIKU KNEE! JAY SAVES THE PIN! PRESS SLAM DVD ON KENTA! Richards plants Jay with a DDT. SHOOTING STAR PRESS MISSES! Kenta stops the Briscoes hitting a springboard Doomsday Device. SPIKE JAY DRILLER! Richards is pinned in 19:18.

Rating – **** –
Another awesome match involving KENTA, even if he was probably the least active man in the match. I’ve heard tons of people say this match is disappointing and that KENTA half-assed it. You know what – neither is true. If you’re solely watching this match because of KENTA then it’s right, but I wasn’t so. In truth, he brought exactly what you’d expect, big kicks and a big presence. The match was about the Briscoes dominating as a team, isolating both opponents for periods using their fluidity gained from years of teaming together. If you came into this expecting a Briscoes vs Strong/Evans offensive splurge then I can see why you didn’t enjoy. But this was a solid, all-effort, hard-hitting, back and forth, NOAH-style juniors match with a slow start building to a hectic conclusion with lots of big stuff. I loved it, and I’m sure it went down well when it was aired in Japan – as all KENTA’s ROH matches are. Briscoes have won six straight tag matches now…

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

So this is what ROH have lined up as Joe’s warm-up for the Fight Of The Century! You’ve seen them go at it loads in TNA and multiple other indies by this point, but their first ever singles match happened here. Styles has done and meant an awful lot over the four year history of ROH but a variety of factors mean they’re not booking him for a while. Clearly he costs a lot to book (a fact the commentators allude to repeatedly) so I imagine that’s a factor. Plus these days he struggles to get over with the super-critical fanbase despite being one of the most consistent guys on the roster. Personally I enjoy his stuff (even since he became almost entirely AJ-lite in ROH) so I do hope he’s brought back somewhere down the line. Both guys have reasons to win here in your main event of the evening.

Styles smacks Joe in the face pretty much before they’re done shaking hands. The nip-up rana scores, as does the trademark AJ dropkick. A backbreaker keeps the big Samoan down for 2. He goes for the Styles Clash but Joe is too fresh. He eats DDT instead for another 2-count. MutaLock applied, and Prazak points out that it will test the strength of Joe’s supposedly now un-injured knee. AJ uses a bodyscissors to roll Joe over the top rope, but gets his legs swept from under him and crashes face-first into the apron. Styles leaps the guardrail to avoid an Ole Ole Kick. He tries to come back over but gets speared into a chair regardless. LONG RUN UP OLE OLE KICK! Back inside Joe uses the overhead enziguri to knock Styles stupid. AJ misses a jumping kick and gets booted in the back of the head. He runs into the ring to avoid the elbow suicida and moves at 100mph to fly back out with a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! Back inside with a springboard forearm strike for 2. Hammerlock back suplex gets 2 as well. He tries the springboard forearm a second time only for Joe to catch him in an Ace crusher. Joe powerbombs Styles then does the usual switching between submission holds to mess him up more. Overhead enzi attempted a second time but it’s ducked. Phenom DDT scores for another 2. Joe gets another nearfall with his powerslam. Musclebuster countered…STYLES CLASH! Too close to the ropes to win though! AJ tries to do the Choke on Joe! RUNNING BACK SQUASH! AJ just got smushed. He refuses to succumb to the Choke himself. CHOKE-PLEX! Joe wins at 11:59.

Rating – *** –
Lots of workrate as they never once took a breather in 12 minutes of wrestling. Just the type of wrestling TNA and WWE should be putting on TV every week, but they don’t. In truth this was nothing more than a copy and paste job from their TNA house shows. They’ve had better matches in TNA, PWG, hell, even their first match years ago was better. But who cares, it’s a whole lot of fun. If you’re a TNA mark and you bought the show for this match then you’re upset. I didn’t, and I thought it was just fine. I second the thanks to AJ Styles. Fact is, he’s outgrown ROH and can’t offer the promotion what they need from him to be useful, so it’s time to stop booking him for a while. He’s had some great matches in the past, particularly in the early years (2002-3) that shouldn’t ever be forgotten.

The Briscoes say KENTA didn’t prove anything to them, and they proved that Davey is nothing more than a flash in a pan. They’re getting their tag belts back so everyone should man up…boys.

‘Everything old is new again’ – Samoa Joe on tomorrow night’s title match. He walks out in the parking lot and comes across Colt Cabana and Lacey…doing stuff.

Tape Rating – *** –
The frankly shocking critical reception this show has received proves several things. It proves that the ROH fanbase can be, at times, rather spoiled. If the WWE put out shows this good on a regular basis we’d be raving about it. It proves that there are only a limited number of guys around who have been watching this product since 2002. I say that simply because, if you watched the shows back then and compared them to now, you’d be able to acknowledge this as a really solid event. Is it the best ROH has ever put on? Hell no…but with FIVE matches making 3* or higher the complaints about this show seem ridiculous. It also proves that the majority of the fanbase these days are selective buyers rather than completists. People are clearly picking and choosing their shows based on wanting to see the best stuff – and thusly they are disappointed when they get this show and it doesn’t turn out to be a Supercard Of Honor or a Better Than Our Best. Incidentally this show also proves that the Long Island crowd wreck decent cards. This is the best event in the market since Glory By Honor 4 but people criticise it like it’s the worst show ever – and it’s partly based on how goddamn appalling the crowd is. They have no manners, no respect and sh*t all over almost everything. Drop Long Island and do it now. Anyway – what did I think of it? I think it’s DAMN underrated, and a really solid show. Sure it sagged a little in the middle with the rubbish Cabana/Claudio match and the messy Ultimate Endurance. But it started well, ended well, has a really good showstealer in Kenta/Richards vs Briscoes and a number of matches reaching 3*. So again I say – if you’re a completist then you’ll find things to enjoy about this show and move on with your life. If you’re not, if you like to pick and choose your ROH DVDs then maybe skip over this one. There’s better stuff out there, and more irrational threads on the message forum about how bad this show is simply isn’t what I need.

Top 3 Matches

3) Bryan Danielson vs Jack Evans (***)

2) Nigel McGuinness vs Delirious (***)

1) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs KENTA/Davey Richards (****)

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