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111 ROH Generation Now 7/29/2006

ROH 111 – Generation Now – 29th July 2006

Back in May 2004 four men stepped up into the vacant upper midcard and main event slots that had been left void by the mass exodus of talent following the Feinstein incident. Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jack Evans and Alex Shelley stepped up, hijacked an entire show and etched their names into ROH history. But now times have changed, personnel has changed, and as Aries pointed out at Destiny, he feels the current members of the group have outgrown the name. Tonight Aries, Strong, Evans and Matt Sydal team up as Generation Next for the last time against the “next generation” of up and comers – Davey Richards, Irish Airborne and Jerrelle Clark. Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness are slated for a rematch. Christian Cage makes his second appearance plus a whole lot more. We’re in Cleveland, OH. Hosts are Dave Prazak and Jared David.

ROH VIDEO RECAP (20/07/06) – See War Of The Wire 2 (ROH 110) review for details. Available for free on

Samoa Joe isn’t in Cleveland tonight, but he’ll be keeping an eye on proceedings and promises to show just how “weak” his knee really is later in the show.

Nigel McGuinness says the only reason he didn’t win the World title at the Weekend Of Champions was because Danielson took a cheap count-out. This time round he unifies the belts…

SIDENOTE – sound is even worse for this event than it was last night. I hope whoever f*cked with the settings fixes them before the next round of releases. The new ROHbot arm graphics are cool though.

Delirious vs Claudio Castagnoli

As he told us last night, Double C still has an ROH contract (which I assume he carries round with him in his briefcase) so he’ll continue to be booked by the promotion, despite being part of the losing CZW team at Cage Of Death. Delirious is quietly having a great year, putting on good performances almost every time out. People constantly talk about this being a break-out year for Sydal, Whitmer or Richards, but I think it’s cruel to leave Delirious off that list.

Claudio offers a handshake, but Delirious screams at him instead. Castagnoli tries to take the masked man down but Delirious is a capable chain-wrestler and he manages to ride Claudio. He’s got counters for everything Castagnoli tries until Claudio dropkicks the knees. SIT-OUT KNEE DRIVER! That was badass. CC keeps wearing down the body part with kicks and stomps, then starts driving the injured leg into the mat. Next he drags Delirious to the corner and starts wrapping his leg around the ringpost. SINGLE-LEG GIANT SWING! Turned into a half crab but Delirious gets the ropes. The lizard man counters a back suplex with a headscissors, then rocks him with the Panic Attack – which hurts his own leg. Claudio kicks the knee again but gets caught in the corner with the clothesline flurry. Cobra Stretch legsweep…COBRA STRETCH! But Delirious can’t wrench back on the hold because of the injury. Castagnoli takes Delirious to the second rope…SHADOWS OVER HELL MET WITH A EURO UPPERCUT! NEUTRALISER! It’s all pressure on the injury but Delirious finds the ropes. Claudio goes for the Neutraliser again but gets rolled up for a big Delirious victory in 11:42.

Rating – *** –
Really good opener – possibly the best since Rave/Richards at Destiny. It was hardly the most innovative match ever but the story was effectively told, effectively sold and made sense right through to the finish. Claudio broke out some neat ways to work the knee, whilst Delirious did a good job of selling it. I definitely liked this match far more than I expected to.

Jimmy Rave/Sal Rinauro vs Colt Cabana/Ace Steel

Third time out for the new Embassy, who have already put two decent matches behind them. It was in their first match as a team that they beat the makeshift duo of Colt Cabana and Jay Lethal. Now Cabana comes with his trainer, friend and fellow Second City Saint, Ace Steel, who is hot after being on the winning Cage Of Death team. I said after their match with the Briscoes at Throwdown that I wouldn’t mind seeing them team more often so I’m glad they’re doing it here. Ace has brought that cowbell with him again…

Rave and Steel trade basic holds as they struggle for control, then start pulling each others hair in a headlock. The cowbell is called Goose. Rave spits in Ace’s face which makes him go crazy and throw him out. He prepares for a suicide dive but Rinauro sprints round to pull Jimmy out of harms way. Just like Death Before Dishonor, Colt embarrasses Sal by out-wrestling him with some ease. Even when Sal does manage to grab a wristlock Cabana just doesn’t take it seriously. Rave makes an ill-advised tag and the Saints use rapid-fire tags as they keep him in their corner and attack his arm. Sal and Daizee get into a barney with the ref allowing the Saints to make cheeky tag-less switches, then bait Rinauro into the ring, walking over his own partner in the process. Finally he realises what a putz he’s been – and gets a slap in the face from Rave for it. Sal tries to trade strikes with Ace, but in the end it takes a clothesline from behind from the Crown Jewel to get his team the advantage. Cabana preoccupies the referee this time…allowing the EMBASSY TRIPLE DROPKICK! Steel manages to chop through Sal and get the hot tag to Cabana – except Jimmy runs away rather than take any strkes. Colt fakes out his quebrada press once then hits it from a different side of the ring instead. Inadvertent slap for Rinauro again! Steel grabs Rave for a BACK DROP DRIVER! Colt goes for the ropes but the Embassy give him the SUPERKICK SPEAR! Daizee distracts the ref…but Steel SMACKS Rave with the cowbell. Rinauro hits a springboard corkscrew enzi on Cabana and Rave rolls him up at 14:03 – then immediately runs to the back with blood pouring out of his head. Turns out Ace really hit him hard with that cowbell.

Rating – *** – Another entertaining Rave/Rinauro tag. That was a little more comedy reliant than the previous two, but considering the opponents were the Colt Cabana and Ace Steel that’s not entirely surprising. Still, Jimmy and Sal make a great team, and their opponents today were more than capable. In fact, in terms of straight wrestling (as opposed to brawling or anything like that) I’d say that was up there with Ace Steel’s best matches ever in ROH. Not saying much, but still. He’s entertaining me enough to enjoy seeing him booked at the moment. That makes a change from the Steel/Collyer days.

American Dragon says he wasn’t a traitor in the Cage Of Death. But for once he acted like a capitalist and took advantage of the situation because it was something he wanted to do. He also says he’s going to beat Nigel tonight, become the #1 contender for the Pure Title then it’ll be him that unifies the belts.

Lacey comes to the ring and says she can’t find Jimmy Jacobs for his match. That’s because he’s lurking in the balcony for a LIVE PERFORMANCE of the ‘Ballad Of Lacey’. I don’t think it brought him any closer to winning her love though.

Jimmy Jacobs vs Jay Briscoe

Not a lot to say really – Jimmy Jacobs needs the win to impress Lacey so she’ll marry him and have his little emo babies. Jay Briscoe has been on an awesome tear recently. He and Mark have gone five matches unbeaten as a team. Tonight arrive together and have singles matches to contend with.

Jimmy goes for the Contra Code early and almost falls victim to the Jay Driller in the process. Briscoe’s power advantage soon sees him take control and start to wear his opponent down with a camel clutch. Jacobs rolls into the multi-rev satellite headscissors but has to resort to throwing Jay through the ropes for a tope suicida to actually do some serious damage. Briscoe is set up on the apron and receives the ringpost dropkick. In the ring Jimmy stays focused on the neck with a double boot, then surfboards him with the head driven into the same area. Briscoe goes for some bootscrapes but runs into a spear from Jacobs for 2. TORPEDO HEADBUTT NAILED! That doesn’t get the win and Jay recovers to boot Jacobs’ head almost off his shoulders. To the floor once more where Jimmy takes some BRUTAL headers into the railings. Jay has me marking out by putting Jacobs in the Stretch Plum. To the top rope but Jimmy is miles away and has an easier time rolling out of the way of the guillotine leg drop attempt. He gets 2 with a fisherman neckbreaker. PRESS SLAM DVD by Briscoe! Jacobs is still fighting and blocks a superplex, then a super Jay Driller attempt. SENTON BOMB! Jay kicks out. Contra Code blocked again…JAY DRILLAAAAA! Jimmy is toast at 12:19.

Rating – *** –
Better than I was expecting once again. Not that these guys aren’t good, but their best work tends to be when they’re in the ring with better opponents so to see them mesh well was nice. Jacobs works SO hard in every match he’s in, and will almost certainly get injured because of it. His two new moves (the ringpost dropkick and the torpedo headbutt) are almost more dangerous to himself than his opponent, and some of the bumps he takes are just nuts. You have to appreciate the effort even if you’re not enjoying the corny Lacey/Jimmy story which I’m still somewhat undecided on.

The Briscoes aren’t finished yet. Jay is can’t wait to see the back of Generation Next and says they’re getting their belts soon. Mark tells Homicide it’s time to man up…

Mark Briscoe vs Homicide

When the Briscoes left in 2004 they were in the midst of a feud with Homicide’s Rottweilers. They were part of a wild brawl at Testing The Limit which saw Jay knocked out by Low Ki, and ended up with their suspension. Now they’re back they clearly haven’t forgotten about that old score.

Homicide brawls with Jay to start but it’s a distraction allowing Mark to hit a springboard dropkick. Cide goes to the floor and steps aside meaning Briscoe CRASHES AND BURNS on a somersault plancha attempt. Mark takes Homicide to the corner only to be hit with a second rope atomic drop then an Ace crusher for 2. Briscoe drops the Rottweiler on his head with a brainbuster instead then slows the manic pace with a grounded headscissors. Jay holds Homicide over the middle rope allowing Mark to go to the second rope for a leg drop guillotine. Slingshot double stomp blocked by Cide…TOPE CON HILO INTO THE CROWD! They went so far there they almost wiped out the hard camera scaffold. Back inside Homicide executes his Three Amigos variant then lands a diving headbutt. Lariat blocked with a urinage throw by Briscoe. Cide crotches Mark then pulls him from the corner with a butterfly superplex. Cop Killa blocked…Cut-Throat Driver blocked…Lariat countered with a heel kick. That was sweet. Mark misses a springboard crossbody…LARIAT NAILED! Homicide wins at 08:52

Rating – *** –
It was like 2003 all over again, these guys wrestled at 100mph, throwing out as many drop your opponent on your head moves as possible with minimal selling, but whatever, at only 9 minutes it was a hell of a ride. They went non-stop for the whole time and it made for an exciting little match. If you have the How We Roll DVD and saw how bad the Mark/Strong singles match was from that you’ll be able to acknowledge how much of an improvement this is.

The match is barely finished before Jay is in the ring beating down Homicide. Man the Briscoes are just making enemies all over the roster now. He does the Low Ki knock-out kick from Testing The Limit then they walk out. So that’s Generation Next, KENTA and Homicide that all want to kill them.

We get a nice Generation Next video package showing all the mayhem they’ve caused in the past couple of years. They all looked so young back in 2004!

SIDENOTE – Whilst this is a cool match, I’d have liked to have seen a form of homage to the original Generation Next 8-man, especially since everyone still on the roster has got so much better since then. Maybe booking a GeNext farewell weekend, with this being the second night? Whilst obviously Shelley and Walters are gone, it could’ve been Aries/Strong/Evans/Sydal against the Briscoes, Rave (which would’ve made sense considering the Briscoes/GeNext feud) and another person. If Shelley had still been around/uninjured that would’ve been perfect (Briscoes/Rave/Shelley vs GeNext). As is you could’ve thrown Sal Rinauro in. Alternatively, since a big storyline development from last night was Aries pinning Danielson – add American Dragon to the Briscoes/Rave team, and have Austin pin Danielson to win the match. It was an idea I had that I thought would’ve been pretty cool since I loved the original 8-man so much. I’m really looking forward to this.

Austin Aries/Roderick Strong/Jack Evans/Matt Sydal vs Davey Richards/Jerrelle Clark/Jake Crist/Dave Crist

Should be a great match here, as the Generation Next boys (who come out to the original GeNext music too) team together one more time. They’ve provided us with some amazing multi-man matches and want to leave with one more. They’re dropping the name because they feel like they’ve outgrown it and actually have the top spots now. Their last dance is against the new crop of up-coming young talent. Richards has been setting the world on fire since he debuted, whilst Irish Airborne have impressed every time they’ve appeared, and are now rewarded with their biggest ROH match to date. Jerrelle is somebody a lot of people want to see more of, and a veteran of the Florida indy scene. A good performance here is obviously the gateway to more bookings in future. This is under Dragon Gate rules (since all the GeNext team is fresh back from Japan) meaning no tags, and a super-hard time for me on play-by-play.

The rookies jump Generation Next leading to mayhem all over the place. Strong tries to but the Stronghold on Richards whilst everyone else is on the floor somewhere. Sydal and Dave Crist impress with a neat exchange. Clark/Evans next in a battle of the guys who do 630’s. Jack dives into a spinning heel kick. Jake springboard headlocks Aries but that just opens up for the headscissors escape dropkick. Sydal gets 2 with the cannonball leg drop as GeNext isolate Jake. Jack busts out a GREAT new kick combo as he continues to get better with every show. He looks for the double stomp standing moonsault but Crist gets the knees up. Jerrelle tags and lands a series of kicks on Evans. Dave gets 2 with a tumbling Lionsault. Jack manages to hit a backflip kick on one of the Crists to tag out to Sydal. The Slice on Dave gets 2. HERE IT IS DRIVER for 2! Aries drops the Power Drive elbow on Jake. Roderick drops a running powerslam then powerbombs Sydal into a moonsault. Crist hits a neckbreaker to escape. Clark gives Sydal a pumphandle suplex then brings Davey in. This is SO fast. Chops into the step-over kick get 2. Matt lands on his feet from a German suplex attempt and we get more tags. Aries takes on both Crists at once, shinbreak back suplexing one into another. Clark dropkicks him into the corner allowing all the rookies to hit running offence until Richards misses.

RUNNING CHOP from Aries. HANDSPRING ELBOW FROM EVANS! RUNNING DROPKICK FROM ARIES! The Tag champs have Dave…CHOP BRAINBUSTER! SYDAL STANDING MOONSAULT! Richards blocks the chop brainbuster but gets dropkicked by Sydal. JUMPING FRANKENSTEINER! Jake Crist suplexes Matt onto Dave’s knees to stop him. GIBSON DRIVER BY STRONG! RICHARDS WITH THE HANDSPRING ENZI! HANDSPRING CORKSCREW MOONSAULT BY JERRELLE! Double moonsault back elbow from Evans takes out Clark and Richards. This is totally manic now. All 8 men brawl to opposing turnbuckles. Sydal, Richards, Evans and Clark are left standing on top. DUELLING 630’S BY JACK AND JERRELLE! DUELLING SHOOTING STARS BY DAVEY AND SYDAL! Richards grabs Evans on his shoulders and Clark assists with a DOOMSDAY BLOCKBUSTER! Aries and Richards trade BRUTAL strikes! Austin catches him with a shinbreak back suplex but Richards nails the RUNNING ELBOW…LARIAT! TOPE SUICIDA ON STRONG! SYDAL WITH THE RUNNING MOONSAULT! SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT BY CLARK! ARIES HITS THE HEAT SEEKING MISSILE! SIMULTANEOUS SOMERSAULT PLANCHAS BY THE CRISTS! Evans goes for the Space Flying Tiger Dive but gets caught by Richards. BUTTERFLY BRAINBUSTER! RICHARDS WINS! 18:05 is your time.

Rating – ****1/2 –
Astounding match that deserves such a high rating, and should be mentioned along with the Dragon Gate tags and the first Briscoes vs Strong/Evans match. Everything moves at such a frightening speed that this match doesn’t even feel like 5 minutes. The finish was just awesome, with a build to a crescendo of dives. Obviously everyone expects Evans, the crowned prince of suicidal dives to the floor to round that off, but instead he gets caught and finished. Sure there were some sloppy moments and a couple of miscommunications, but that’s why the Blood Generation/Do Fixer match got 5*, whilst this match had young guys like the Crists and Jerrelle Clark in their biggest match ever, there were bound to be some nerves. Nothing was actively botched and the last 5-8 minutes were a spectacle. Ever wondered what all those 2002 Scramble matches would be like if they had good wrestlers, spots that actually worked and sensible psychology and pacing – well, see this and you won’t anymore. Worth the price of the DVD all by itself in my opinion.

Aries, Strong, Sydal and Evans say goodbye to the name by laying Generation Next t-shirts in the middle of the ring. They leave, but the Briscoes arrive to act like dicks again (I love their new “man up” and act like a cock deal!) and besmirch the shirts. GeNext and Homicide come back out to beat them up.

INTERMISSION – Samoa Joe is doing weights with his legs to prove how strong his knee is. He’s not going into the Fight Of The Century injured. Back at the arena Dave Prazak asks Lacey what she thought of Jimmy’s performance tonight. His singing didn’t impress her, and if he doesn’t stop losing she’ll kick him out of Lacey’s Angels. Is that group still going? He’s the only angel. Jimmy asks about the rumour that it was her in the car with Colt Cabana after Death Before Dishonor 4…

Inevitably there’s some pre-match mic work before the next match. Daniels says he’s a big mark for the 5 second pose gimmick and asks if they can bring it back for one night only. Christian says he’ll dedicate it to the current NWA Tag Champions – Daniels and AJ Styles. He promptly pretends to be Styles. For the benefit of those with flash photography, that one was called ‘the Phenomenal Angels’.

Christopher Daniels vs Christian Cage

Last time Christian was in ROH he pinned Chris Daniels after his partner, Bryan Danielson had walked out on him. Daniels wasted no time in asking Christian to come back to Ring Of Honor to challenge him to a singles match in order to get his win back. Cage seemed to enjoy it last time he was here despite a mixed response from the fans so had no hesitation in accepting the match.

Aside from a couple of retards, Christian gets a much better reaction tonight that he did in Long Island. They have a pretty basic initial feeling out process before Cage fakes Daniels out a couple of times. Daniels does the ‘that’s how I roll’ joke from Long Island which isn’t funny anymore. Christian gets 2 with a nice springboard sunset flip out of the corner. Daniels slams him and gets 2 with an Arabian press. Christian goes to the eyes then shoulder barges Daniels off the apron into the guardrails. Cage is working over the midsection after that, and applies the abdominal stretch to do damage to that region. He scores 2 again with a nice gutbuster. He tries to pin Daniels using the ropes, then stands on the back whilst choking him over the middle rope. Fallen Angel connects with a stepping enziguri which buys him some recovery time. Cage cuts off his comeback attempts with shots to the ribs, but Daniels flattens him with a running STO. He goes for Angel’s Wings but it’s countered with the reverse DDT. Cage locks in a Texas cloverleaf, doing even more damage to the midsection. But he gets too cocky and plays to the crowd too long, allowing Daniels to pop up with the urinage slam. BEST MOONSAULT EVER…KOJI CLUTCH! Christian finds the ropes but walks into a flatliner. Daniels misses a second BME allowing Cage to go up for the FROG SPLASH! Daniels kicks out at 2. Unprettier blocked, but so is Angel’s Wings. Daniels jumps out of the corner into ANGEL’S WINGS! He gets the big win at 13:35.

Rating – *** –
First time I watched this I didn’t really like it, but second time around I paid more attention and enjoyed it more. It starts really slowly, but as soon as Christian starts using heel tactics and working on the ribs it gets decent. Of course it’s quite a WWE/TNA-styled match. Anyone that expected anything else is foolish. However, it was that style of match done to an acceptable standard. It was obvious that Christian was working damn hard to please a demanding fanbase and, I appreciated his efforts. Does he have longevity as a regular? Hell no. But I certainly don’t mind him coming in from time to time. He’s a big name, and this is twice he’s worked really hard to put on as good a match as he’s capable of having.

Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness – ROH World Title Match

Last time in this building these two clashed in a title vs title match, with Nigel pulling out a cheap victory after he used a chair in the crowd and took a count-out victory. As a result he’s earned himself a World Title shot tonight without his Pure belt on the line. Can he beat Danielson again, this time without the Pure Wrestling rules – and prove that he is the best champion in ROH by unifying the World and Pure Championships?

Dicks in the crowd ruin some crisp opening exchanges for everybody. These guys are both awesome at going down to the mat and constantly countering each others stuff into different ways to hurt the opponent. My favourite is Danielson attempting a monkey flip only for McGuiness to keep hold of a wristlock. Dragon stomps the knees from the surfboard position before they stare each other down for some handbags. McGuinness takes him down into a tight grounded headscissors rather than get into a petty brawl, but again AmDrag has a gorgeous counter lined up. Wristlock takedown from the Pure Champion, following his usual ploy of working the arm, but Danielson shifts his assault on the leg into a higher gear as a result, wrenching it hard after a figure 4 leg grapevine. More arm work from Nigel, ending when Danielson goes to the Mexican surfboard – but changed to the chinlock variant because the arm is too injured to lift Nigel. It’s a testament to the quality of this wrestling that everyone seems to be paying attention to the match rather than shouting down other fans now. Things are getting more heated now, with McGuinness headbutting Danielson and getting slapped in the face as a result. Nigel headstands into the Spinal Cut but the ensuing pin is too close to the ropes.

Tower Of London countered with a Crossface Chickenwing attempt, and when Nigel makes the ropes Danielson seamlessly switches to a German suplex. The judo DDT has McGuinness reeling and Danielson capitalises with the Misawa missile dropkick, then a soaring TOPE SUICIDA to the outside. Dragon flies again with a diving European uppercut for 2. Nigel is able to roll out of Cattle Mutilation, negating the effectiveness of that hold. He goes for another headstand but Danielson follows him in with a running dropkick. The World Champion scores with a superplex but again takes too long posing to the crowd and his diving headbutt is met with a KNEE TO THE HEAD! They trade super-stiff European uppercuts until Nigel ducks under an attempted elbow and hammers Dragon with a lariat for 2. He crotches Danielson…TOWER OF LONDON FOR 2! McGuinness locks in a kimura on the defending champion’s injured arm but again he finds the ropes. MMA ELBOWS ON DANIELSON! COUNTERED TO MMA ELBOWS ON NIGEL! CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! NIGEL ESCAPES! HEADBUTT DUEL! That was utterly disgusting! REBOUND LARIAT by McGuiness. Both men go to the top for more stiff strikes before McGuiness hits a SUPER LARIATOOOOO! But Danielson rolls to the floor to escape being pinned. He crawls under the ring and runs out the other side…SNEAKY SMALL PACKAGE! Danielson squeaks by McGuiness at 24:26.

Rating – **** –
Another beautiful contest between two incredibly skilled athletes. Nigel has always been a talented worker but when he first debuted in ROH he was pretty “spotty” as far as the British style goes. Watch these matches with Danielson compared to his stuff from 2004 – you’ll see his improvement. Some of the stuff from the opening 10 minutes of this match was a joy to behold for fans of the mat-game like myself. It is very slow, and I didn’t think the story they went for here was as exciting as the first match (hence the lower rating). However, what this did do was build on the animosity stemming from their initial clash, and the finish opens the door to the third match in Liverpool, with Nigel’s Pure Title on the line again in his home country.

Dragon demands Bobby Cruise announce him as ‘Mr Small Package’ – now there’s a catchy nickname.

Austin Aries and Roderick Strong talk about next weekend when they have to defend their belts in back to back Ultimate Endurance matches. After they’ve gone through six teams in two days they’re going to send out open contracts just like the World and Pure Champions have done.

Samoa Joe isn’t impressed with Danielson’s sneaky hiding-under-ring antics to retain his belt. At Fight Of The Century he’ll choke Dragon out and show him how to act like a real champion.

Tape Rating – *** – Same rating as last night since I’m trying to be a little harsher in my overall Tape Ratings – simply because these days every show ROH puts out is almost guaranteed to be pretty good – but tonight was a tad better than WOTW2. Whilst lacking an extra 4* match, what was delivered was a really solid building show with numerous angles furthered and heightened to great effect. The Briscoes came out as real guys to watch now, with simmering heat with the Tag Champions, KENTA and now Homicide as well. Generation Next said goodbye with an awesome match, and at the same time we got a glimpse of the future with Davey Richards scoring another big win. Finally, the main event was a superb technical affair, with an ending which sets the stage for their big showdown at the debut UK show, whilst the Samoa Joe promos throughout the night continued the hype for the Fight Of The Century as well. All that plus a ton of decent wrestling (not a bad match on the card) and for the WWE fans, you’ve got Christian on here as well. Get this for the 8-man alone, but the rest won’t disappoint you.

Top 3 Matches

3) Jimmy Rave/Sal Rinauro vs Colt Cabana/Ace Steel (***)

2) Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness (****)

1) Davey Richards/Jerrelle Clark/Irish Airborne vs Generation Next (****1/2)

Top 5 War Of The Wire 2/Generation Now Weekend Matches

5) Austin Aries vs Bryan Danielson vs Delirious vs Homicide (**** – War Of The Wire 2)

4) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Roderick Strong/Jack Evans (**** – War Of The Wire 2)

3) BJ Whitmer vs Necro Butcher (**** – War Of The Wire 2)

2) Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness (**** – Generation Now)

1) Davey Richards/Jerrelle Clark/Irish Airborne vs Generation Next (****1/2 – Generation Now)

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