1PW A Cruel Twist of Fate 10/1/2005

Written By: Bob Colling

1-Pro Wrestling presents A Cruel Twist of Fate
From: Doncaster, UK

Opening Contest: Jonny Storm/Jody Fleisch defeated Jerry Lynn/Chris Sabin:
Storm and Lynn start off the match. Storm with a hammerlock but Lynn counters with one his own quickly. Storm takes Lynn over with a snap mare and they have a standoff. Storm with a wrist lock but Lynn rolls through and arm drags Storm for a near fall and they have a stand off again. Test of strength until Lynn trips Storm and gets a couple of near falls. Storm springs off the ropes but Lynn takes Storm back down and gets a few more two counts. Storm slap each other while in a leg lock and they trade arm drags but have a standoff. Fleisch and Sabin tag into the contest. Sabin with a wristlock but Fleisch rolls out of it and is soon arm dragged by Sabin. Sabin with a nice hurricanrana and chops away on Fleisch. Fleisch with a quick standing hurricanrana of his own! Fleisch arm drags Sabin and chops Sabin in the corner briefly. Sabin with a arm drag of his own out of the corner. Lynn tags in and they take Fleisch down with a double side Russian leg sweep which gets Lynn a two count. Lynn works on Fleisch arm for a few moments. Fleisch flips out of the wrist lock and dropkicks Lynn in midair. Storm tags back into the match and comes off the top connecting with a double axe handle. Storm chops Lynn in the corner but Lynn comes back with a few of his own. Storm with a rewind hurricanrana out of the corner on Lynn! Lynn with a nice tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Fleisch tags in and helps Storm connect with a middle rope Japanese arm drag! Storm and Fleisch with a double dropkick on Lynn for a near fall. Storm is still the legal man despite having tagged out. Full nelson by Storm on Lynn but Lynn gets to his feet fairly quickly. Lynn with a head scissors takedown and tags in Sabin. Sabin with right hands and drop toe holds Fleisch into Storm in the corner after a few moments of fighting both men off. Lynn baseball slides Storm into the guard railing. Fleisch attempts a hurricanrana from the apron but Lynn catches Fleisch and whips Fleisch ribs first into the ring post! Sabin snap mares Fleisch back in the ring and delivers a dropkick to the back for a two count. Sabin with a backbreaker and a middle rope elbow drop for another near fall. Lynn tags in and stomps away on Fleisch. Lynn with a few right hands but Fleisch stops Lynn with a jawbreaker. Storm tags in and nails Lynn with a back elbow for a two count. Storm chops Lynn in the corner and tags out. Fleisch with a quick dropkick to a seated Lynn and scoop slams Lynn. Fleisch misses a top rope moonsault and Lynn tags in Sabin. Sabin places Fleisch in the tree of woe and delivers a couple of dropkicks for a near fall. Lynn comes back in goes for the cradle pile driver but Fleisch gets out of it and they clothesline each other down to the mat. Sabin and Storm tag in with Storm getting the upper hand on his opponents with leaping kicks and a double wheelbarrow DDT! Storm covers Lynn but isn’t able to win the match. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock on Storm but Storm gets out and connects with the Back Stabber for a two count. Storm goes for another rewind hurricanrana but Lynn counters with a TKO and gets a two count! Fleisch backdrops Lynn to the apron but Lynn connects with a guillotine leg drop. Storm takes Lynn out with a twisting dive over the top rope! Sabin takes Storm out with a suicide dive! Fleisch takes all three men out with a springboard shooting star press! Sabin blocks a clothesline from Storm in the ring and connects with a running Liger Bomb but isn’t able to get the three! Fleisch with a few right hands on Sabin but Sabin comes back with a few of his own. Sabin backdrops Fleisch to the apron but is met with a few hard kicks and Fleisch plants Sabin with a tornado DDT! Fleisch covers but only gets a two count! Lynn with the cradle pile driver on Fleisch. Storm takes Lynn over with a hurricanrana. Sabin kicks Storm but Storm drives Sabin down with the Wonder World and picks up the win. ***¼
After the match, all four men shake hands out of respect.

Second Contest: Tracy Smothers defeated the Blue Meanie:
After a dance contest, Smothers hits Meanie with a chain after Meanie missed a moonsault to pick up the win. DUD

There is a six man tag match with guys I do not know, and I would think a lot of readers wouldn’t know. The match is cut short as Abyss and Sterling James Keenan attack the wrestlers. Abyss destroys one wrestler named Spaz. Keenan says Abyss is going to end Styles tonight. Styles comes out with a chair but they are separated by security. Styles sits in the ring and says if Styles doesn’t leave Keenan will not wrestle. Styles leaves and Keenan rips on D’Lo Brown. Keenan says that Brown will not be walking out the country on his own. Brown comes out and puts down Keenan as someone the fans do not know. Brown asks if Keenan is eye balling him. The match beings.

Third Contest: Sterling James Keenan defeated D’Lo Brown:
Brown backdrops Keenan and Keenan bails to the floor. Brown takes Keenan out with a suicide dive and slaps Keenan across the face. Brown chops Keenan in the corner several times. Brown with a few jabs and but Keenan comes back with a dropkick to Brown’s knee. Keenan works on Brown’s knee in the corner and delivers a few right hands. Snap suplex by Keenan and goes back to work on the knee. Keenan continues with a release German suplex but only gets a two count. Keenan runs into a big boot in the corner but Brown misses a middle rope moonsault. Keenan covers Brown but Brown kicks out at two. Brown misses a splashed in the corner and Keenan delivers a elevated Back Stabber for a near fall. Double clothesline knocks both men down in the middle of the ring. Brown with a clothesline and spinning heel kick to control Keenan. TKO by Brown but Keenan kicks out at two. Brown with a swinging side slam but isn’t able to put Keenan away. Scoop slam by Brown and Brown heads to the top rope. Brown misses a frog splash and Keenan connects with a STO for a near win. Spine buster by Keenan for a two count. Brown manages to hit the Sky High but Keenan again kicks out! Brown takes Keenan over with two snap suplex and goes for a third but is rolled up by Keenan who gets the three count! *

Fourth Contest: AWA World champion Steve Corino defeated Al Snow to retain the title:
They shake hands before the bell but Snow doesn’t let go of Corino hand at first, but eventually does. Lockup sees neither man get the upper hand so they break off. Snow with a go behind takedown but Corino is able to roll through and they have a standoff. Snow with a side headlock but Corino gets out of it. Snow is able to quickly go back to a side headlock and Corino drops down to a knee. Snow takes Corino down and has a modified Crossface on the champion. Snow shoulder blocks Corino but doesn’t follow up as Corino rolls to a corner. Corino kicks Snow away on a attempted single takedown. Snow shoulder blocks Corino and is shoved by Corino but Snow comes back with a shove! Snow with a few more shoulder blocks and is slapped by Corino. Corino blocks a slap and delivers a few forearm shots. Snow hip tosses Corino and nails Corino with a slap! Corino yanks Snow down by the hair but Snow quickly pops up but doesn’t attack Corino. They trade wristlocks until Snow takes Corino over with a fireman’s carry and continues to work on Corino’s arm. Snow throws Corino down to the mat by the hair a few times and Corino bails to the floor to regroup. Corino works on Snow in the corner with a few right hands. Snow comes back with a slap and delivers a few shots in the corner. Corino sends Snow hard back first into a corner and begins to hammer away on the challenger. Corino scoop slams Snow and gets a two count. Corino has a sleeper on Snow until Snow drops backwards on top of Corino. Snow blocks a few right hands and gets several right hands on the champ. Snow clotheslines Corino to the floor and Corino is holding his knee. Several officials come down to check on Corino and his apparent injury. Snow looks to be concerned over what happened and drops to the floor to see what happened. After several moments, Corino is helped to the back but runs back and clotheslines Snow from behind! Corino laughs at his fake job and gets a near fall back in the ring! Corino with a flurry of right hands to beat down Snow. Snap suplex by Corino and struts after connecting with the move. Snow tries to choke Corino but isn’t able to get the upper hand. Snow gets out of a sleeper but Corino gets the hold right back on but is thrown away again by Snow. They begin to trade punches and slaps and they both get knocked down. By the way, Tracy Smothers has came down to ringside to support Corino. Snow with a eye poke and his the Snow Plow but Smothers pulls the referee out on the pin attempt! Corino misses a clothesline and is rolled up by Snow. Corino kicks out and Snow is sent into the ropes where he is nailed by Smothers with a right hand. Corino rolls Snow up but their isn’t a referee. Blue Meanie comes down and whacks Corino with a steel chair. Snow covers Corino but their still isn’t a referee. Another referee comes down but Corino manages to kick out at two! Meanie chases Smothers with a chair on the floor. Corino clotheslines the second referee over the top to the floor on accident. Smothers attacks Snow in the ring but Meanie comes in and all four men are brawling in the ring. Smothers is clotheslined to the floor and Corino suffers the 3D! Snow covers but Corino kicks out once again! Snow looks at Head in the corner but goes back to work on Corino. Corino drops Snow with a STO and connects with a Snow Plow of his own but Snow kicks out at two. Snow blocks another Snow Plow attempt and begins to deliver a series of head butts while trapping Corino’s arms. Snow drops Corino with a power bomb! Snow nails Corino with a super kick but isn’t able to get the win. Snow goes for the pedigree and connects! Snow goes for the cover but the champion is able to kick out once again. Snow begins to deliver the Garvin Stomp which sees Snow stomping on every body part on Corino. Snow puts on a elbow pad and goes for the People’s Elbow. Snow runs the ropes and gets winded for doing so but hit’s the elbow and gets a two count. Corino hammers away on Snow but Snow begins to Hulk Up. Snow with a few right hands, a big boot and begins to pose for the crowd before dropping a leg and gets only a one count. Corino blocks a backdrop and choke slams Snow! Corino with a Undertaker pin attempt but Snow kicks out. Corino with the Angle Slam and has the ankle lock on Snow! Corino drags Snow back to the middle of the ring but Snow rolls through and Corino lands on the middle rope. Snow spins the referee around and low blows Corino and connects with the Stunner! Snow grabs his sock and rubs it on his balls! Corino blocks the sock and rams Snow into the referee. Snow gets the sock in Corino’s mouth anyways and Corino drops down into the corner. Snow goes to grab Head and knocks Smothers off the apron. Snow turns around and is met with a hard lariat from Corino who manages to get the three, finally. **
After the match, Corino and Smothers attack Snow until Meanie comes down to make the save.

Fifth Contest: Low Ki defeated Iceman:
I’ll keep this one short. Iceman uses his size to really control the smaller Ki for most of the contest. Ki gets a few kicks in and manages to drop Iceman with the Ki Krusher! Ki locks in a dragon sleeper and Iceman passes out allowing Ki to pick up the win.

Sixth Contest: Doug Williams defeated Austin Aries: Williams backs Aries into a corner but simply backs away. Aries with a go behind and has a hammerlock on Williams until Williams gets a headlock on Aries. Aries elbows Williams and backs Williams against the ropes to break the hold. Aries with shoulder rams in the corner and they trade a few shots. Nice springboard back elbow by Aries but Williams takes Aries over with a arm drag and keeps a arm lock on Aries. Williams chops Aries and avoids a clothesline and is able to roll Aries up a few times but Aries kicks out. Williams with a cross body but Aries kicks out at two. Williams trips Aries and has a leg lock on Aries briefly. Williams ties Aries into a not and kicks Aries to the floor. Aries drags Williams to the floor and chops Williams. Williams rams Aries face first into the ring apron. Aries rolls into the ring and knocks Williams back to the floor. Aries comes off the ropes and takes Williams out with a suicide dive! Aries misses a slingshot senton splash but Williams nails Aries with a high knee lift. Williams sends Aries to the floor but drags Aries back in by his beard! Aries rakes Williams eyes across the top rope and sends Williams throat first into the top rope but messes up and crotches himself on the top as well. Aries with a slingshot senton splash and drops a elbow for a near fall. Williams with a few forearm shots but Aries comes back with a back rake. Aries with a side slam but only gets a two count. Aries stomps on Williams and connects with a back elbow. Aries follows up with a rolling thunder shoulder ram in the corner. Aries slows the match down with a chin lock. Aries continues to work on Williams with a shoulder rams. Aries runs into a big boot but avoids a knee lift off the middle rope and drops Williams with a neck breaker for a near fall. Aries has a cobra clutch on Williams for a few moments and rolls through delivering a twisting elbow drop for another two count. Williams with a uppercut and goes for the Chaos Theory but Aries avoids it but misses a charge in the corner. Williams drops Aries with a vicious clothesline to the back of the head. Knee lift by Williams, twice and heads to the top rope. Williams with a awkward knee lift and scoop slams Aries followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Williams with a coupe hard knees and nails Aries with another knee for a two count. Gut wrench suplex by Williams and comes off the middle rope with a knee drop but Aries kicks out at two, again. Aries rams Williams back first into the corner and drives Williams into the corner with a side Russian leg sweep. Aries follows up with a running dropkick in the corner but only gets a near fall. Aries goes for the brain buster but Williams knees out of it. Aries comes off the ropes with a clothesline and gets a two count. Aries goes for another brain buster but Williams fights out of it. Rolling fireman’s carry by Aries and signals for the 450 splash. Aries heads to the top rope but misses a 450 splash. Williams sends Aries hard into the corner and finishes Aries off with the Chaos Theory. **

Before the next match, the ring announcer puts over Raven’s intelligence and how much better Raven is better than Sandman and Dreamer.

Seventh Contest: Sandman defeated Raven and Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match:
Raven attacks Sandman on the floor before Dreamer is even introduced. Raven nails Sandman with a microphone and whacks Sandman with a kendo stick. They get into the ring and Raven continues to hit Sandman with the kendo stick. Raven with the iron claw but Sandman breaks free. Raven quickly goes back to work on Sandman with a right hand. Sandman dumps Raven to the floor and goes after Raven’s female manager. Sandman rams Raven into his manager rolls Raven back into the ring. Sandman manages to connect with a dropkick and goes after the manager again. Sandman places her in the 69 position with Raven. Raven is tossed to the floor again and they brawl towards the back. Sandman poses for the fans but is met with a trash can shot from behind by Rave. Tommy Dreamer’s music hits and nails Raven with a trash can. Dreamer has several weapons in a shopping cart. Dreamer nails Raven with a frozen pizza! Dreamer has a replica ECW title belt and hits Raven with them. Dreamer tosses the shopping cart into the ring and Sandman tosses a guard railing into the ring! Raven with a trash can shot on Sandman. Raven drop toe holds Dreamer head first into the trash can. Dreamer has been busted open. Dreamer rams the shopping cart into the Sandman and Raven. Dreamer tosses the cart to the floor but Raven rolls out of the way. Dreamer sets up a table in the corner but Sandman gets a few shots in. Sandman places a trash can over Dreamer’s head and smacks Dreamer with a paddle. Raven with a few cookie sheet shots on Dreamer on the floor and does the same to Sandman. Raven DDT’s Dreamer and Sandman goes for the DDT on raven but Raven’s manager comes in with a kendo stick. Sandman has a sleeper on the girl, while Raven has a sleeper on Sandman and now Dreamer has a sleeper on Raven! Dreamer is low blowed by Raven’s manager. Sandman takes Raven’s manager out with a top rope hurricanrana! Sandman places the guard railing on both opponents and connects with a senton splash! Raven sends Sandman crashing through a table in the corner. Dreamer with a DDT on Raven but isn’t able to get a three count. Dreamer pile drives Raven’s manager and plays to the crowd. Dreamer places Raven onto a table and Sandman comes off the top with a senton splash through the table to pick up the win. **½

Main Event: NWA-TNA X-Division Champion AJ Styles defeated Abyss in a no disqualification match:
Abyss backs Styles into a corner but doesn’t attack Styles. Abyss tosses Styles across the ring out of the lockup position and Styles rolls to the floor. Styles ducks a clothesline and has a side headlock on Abyss. Styles delivers a few kicks to the side and is tripped by Sterling James Keenan as he comes off the ropes. Styles runs into a big boot from Abyss and Sterling James Keenan has been ejected from ringside. Styles takes both Abyss and Keenan out with a somersault dive on the floor! Styles with a few right hands on abyss as they battle on the floor. Styles with a few elbows to the back of Abyss. Abyss shoulder blocks Styles but is met with a dropkick by Styles! Styles with a nice hurricanrana and attempts a monkey flip in the corner but Abyss blocks it and backdrops Styles. Abyss with a big running splash in the corner and goes to the floor to get a chair from underneath the ring. Abyss wedges a chair in the corner but Styles hammers away on Abyss. Styles is press slammed by Abyss and Abyss gets a two count. Abyss controls Styles with a neck vice. Styles battles out and rolls through a power bomb attempt. Abyss is able to catapult Styles head first into the chair wedged in the corner! Abyss grabs the chair and places the chair on top of Styles. Abyss goes for the avalanche splash but Styles low blows Abyss with the chair! Styles with a few clotheslines but Abyss tosses Styles into a corner and misses a splash. Styles nails Abyss with a springboard forearm shot! Styles with a leaping kick to the side of the head and takes Abyss over with a head scissors takedown. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Abyss gets out of it and goes for the choke slam but Styles rolls Abyss up and gets a two count. Abyss accidentally splashes the referee in the corner and Styles goes for the Styles Clash and kind of hits it. Styles covers but their isn’t a referee. Sterling James Keenan comes in and nails Styles with the X-Division Championship. Abyss covers but the referee only gets to a two count as Styles kicks out! Abyss goes under the ring and grabs a bag of thumbtacks! Abyss dumps the tacks out and spreads them out in the ring. Styles gets up and Abyss goes to choke slam Styles on the tacks but Styles battles out of it and clotheslines Abyss a few times. Abyss big boots Styles and goes for a power bomb onto the tacks but Styles fights out and goes for the Styles Clash. However, Abyss places Styles on the top turnbuckle. They trade a few right hands but Styles is able to take Abyss over into the tacks with a sunset flip power bomb! Styles goes for the cover but Abyss kicks out at two! Styles scoop slams Abyss and heads to the top rope for the Spiral Tap. Styles leaps off and hit’s the Spiral Tap and is able to get the three count! ***

End of show

My Take:
A very fun spot fest filled opener to kick off the beginning of 1PW. Those four men put on a really good show. I could have rated it higher but it was a little too spotty for my liking and in some cases perhaps a little repetitive. Still, I really enjoyed the contest.

Smothers/Meanie and Keenan/Brown were two very boring matches. Brown got some jobber chants and it looked like that really bothered him. It didn’t seem like Brown was giving 100% for his match with Keenan as well. I’m sure he didn’t like the jobber chants, and then went out there and jobbed to a virtual no name.

The first ten minutes of Corino/Snow was really boring. However, the rest of the match was fairly enjoyable with all the WWE finishers being used and whatnot. It did go way to long, though.

Williams/Aries was a decent match but I really couldn’t get into it. I feel like they could have done much better but just like Corino/Snow they seemingly went with a little bit of a comedy direction for some of the match, which shouldn’t be in more than one match in my opinion. Nice finish though to the match.

Raven/Dreamer/Sandman was a enjoyable hardcore match. It was actually more violent than I actually expected. They delivered a few good spots and the fans really enjoyed the contest.

Abyss/Styles was a enjoyable main event. It could’ve have gone a little bit longer as I don’t think either man hit a few of their other key moves but for the time it was given they did enough for it to be a solid contest.

Overall, the opener, three way hardcore match and the main event are the only good matches on the show. Everything else was highly disappointing. The opener is worth checking out if you really like a spot fest match. The other two matches are contests you can find really anywhere else and you don’t need to go out of your way to get this DVD to watch them.

Thanks for reading.

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