114 ROH Unified 8/12/2006

ROH 114 – Unified – 12th August 2006

This is the weekend many wrestling fans in the UK had looked forward to for months. Ring Of Honor, the top western WRESTLING promotion goes international and presents its first ever shows from England. Obviously there’d been the ROH/FWA Frontiers Of Honor production back in 2003, but unlike that event, these are authentic ROH shows, part of the video series etc. We kick off tonight with the attempt to give the UK as close to a full Ring Of Honor event as is possible (whilst the event the following night was more of a “dream match” card). Unfortunately these events clashed with a TNA ppv weekend meaning none of the TNA wrestlers are here (which means no Homicide, Joe or Daniels) but they’re replaced with imports from NOAH and the UK scene. You’ll see the continuation of some of the biggest feuds in ROH this year tonight. It’s Danielson/McGuinness 3, with the winner unifying the World and Pure championships. The Briscoes get their final shots at the Tag Titles held by Aries and Strong, there’s Richards/Rave 3 and BJ Whitmer gets his hands on another former CZW stooge in Claudio Castagnoli. We’re in Liverpool, England. Hosts are Dave Prazak and Jared David.

ROH VIDEO RECAP (09/08/06) – Jimmy Rave and Prince Nana are excited about the trip to England. Rave continues to show his improving promo skills by saying he’ll prove himself an international superstar when he beats Davey Richards in Liverpool.

– Lt. Commissioner Pearce brings together Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness to discuss the rules for the unification match. Nigel demands that the World Title can change hands under Pure rules. Dragon demands no time limit and other stipulations to ensure there’s no draw (like Danielson/Joe).

– Austin Aries and Roderick Strong promise big performances in defence of their belts this weekend.

– Davey Richards says he’ll prove himself to the European fans and get another victory over Rave.

Nigel McGuinness is planning to celebrate the one year anniversary of his winning the Pure Title by unifying it with the World Title.

Davey Richards acts all angry at Jimmy Rave, but Austin Aries and Roderick Strong interrupt him. Whoever stole their belts has returned them, along with a note.

SIDENOTES – The Liverpool Olympia is easily the best looking building (internally) ROH has ever run. It’s got a real old-school vibe to it. This is one of the biggest crowds the company has ever drawn. The UK weekend has a special ring canvas and we’re using British (therefore annoyingly small) rings. Sound is still really bad…what is going on with that? Oh, and the hard cam is out of focus.

Colt Cabana vs Spud vs Matt Sydal vs Jonny Storm

Expect some typical ROH spotty opening stuff here. This is the first time Storm has been in ROH since 2003 I think. Spud made his debut at the Weekend Of Champions shows. He also gets heat for bringing an Everton shirt to the ring. As an Oxford Utd fan I could care less about that and mark out for Spud. Colt Cabana is more over in Liverpool than he is in Chicago.

Cabana works circles around Storm with his matwork which gives rise to the first ‘Easy…Easy’ chant of the weekend. The UK fans will seem so unique to a US audience. As soon as Storm hits a nice springboard armdrag we get tags all round. Sydal doesn’t seem too interested in selling for Spud. In the end they start working together on the other two but Cabana has too much power and kicks their ass. Flying headscissors by Jonny sends him out. BRUTAL somersault plancha by Spud. That landing looked awful. CORKSCREW PESCADO by Storm! SYDAL RUNNING MOONSAULT! Cabana hits the ring to mercifully cut short the first needless ‘this is awesome’ chant with an ASAI MOONSAULT. Sydal avoids the flying asshole allowing Storm to hit the springboard Japanese armdrag. The Slice on Spud gets 2. Cabana leapfrogs Matt into a corner splash then butt-butts both him and Spud. STANDING MOONSAULT gets Sydal a 2. Jonny takes Matt to the top but has to stop to give Spud the WONDER WHIRL! Matt sends Storm to the floor. SYDAL PRESS! He pins Spud at 09:49.

Rating – *** –
Maybe I’m being a tad generous but that was pretty much spot on for an opening match. The crowd was scorching hot and they got what they wanted – tons of spots, some comedy and one of the big American stars winning. Incidentally, Jonny Storm always looks so good in multi-man spotfests. It’s a real shame he’s a little inconsistent in singles action.

Those four clear the ring to a standing ovation…and Chris Hero takes the opportunity to crash the party. He says he’s here to ruin the international debut, but Colt Cabana attacks so he runs off again.

Jimmy Rave vs Davey Richards

The semi-feud between these two has been a great example of simple booking working so well. Richards came in with a big reputation so was lined up against Jimmy Rave to get himself over. He’s beaten him twice in great singles matches (Destiny and In Your Face) and added to that with a tag victory over Jimmy at War Of The Wire 2. Now they face off again with Rave desperate to get a win.

This is the match where the infamous annoying little sh*ts on the balcony ruin everything with their inane whining. That’s the only time I’ll mention them…damn scousers. It’s a shame because they totally sidetrack both men and the opening stuff is really disjointed and slow. Generally it’s Richards dominating the poor temperamental Rave, who eventually has himself a time-out. Davey hits the bridging kick then takes it to the mat again. Chops and stepover kick find their mark too as Jimmy continues getting his ass kicked. 10 minutes in and it’s been almost impossibly one-sided, but Jimmy finally does show signs of changing that – getting 2 with a neckbreaker. Cue some trademark cheating as he starts using the ropes to choke Richards and pulling the ref away to allow Prince Nana to get a free shot in. He slows it totally down with a sleeper hold then pulls the hair as Richards tries to escape. Everything is focused on the neck, exemplified by the Crossface that the Crown Jewel uses. Davey goes to his striking ability to mount a comeback then impresses the British fans with a Bulldog-style running powerslam. He goes for a suplex and they both crash over the top rope to the floor. Back inside they’re on their knees but still want to slap the sh*t out of each other. Springboard dropkick scores for Davey, as does a series of kicks then a bridging German gets 2. BACK DROP DRIVER nailed, followed by the running elbow/lariat combo for a second nearfall. Rave blocks the horse collar and comes back with the CRAPPY WIZARD! That’s what f*cked up his eye in June. Rave Stretch applied but Richards stands up. Ghanarea blocked with KAWADA KICKS! Jimmy ducks a Kick of Death only to walk into the HANDSPRING ENZI! LIGERBOMB for 2! Butterfly Brainbuster blocked with a spear then a northern lights bomb. Rave takes it to the turnbuckles. SECOND ROPE GHANA-REA! Davey takes advantage of the tiny ring to get his foot on the rope. Greetings From Ghana blocked. Nearfalls…BUTTERFLY BRAINBUSTER! Davey wins again at 23:10.

Rating – *** –
Thanks to the drab first ten minutes this is comfortably the worst of their three singles matches thus far, but after than it’s all good stuff. This was probably a better-executed story than KENTA/Richards last week, but it took much longer to get going. It was basically a longer match with the plots of the first two matches spliced together – so Davey’s impressive mat skills and explosive offence pitted against Jimmy’s cunning and heel shortcuts. I liked the fact that all his offence worked the neck, even though Richards didn’t bother selling it all that much. I’m probably going to put the blame for the bad start on the annoying northern pikie kids who I said I wouldn’t mention again. See look guys. Bad crowds can damage matches all over the world, not just Long Island!

Despite hating England the Briscoes vow it’ll me 3rd time lucky and win the Tag belts tonight. I guess the UK needs to man up or something…

Claudio Castagnoli vs BJ Whitmer

It was somewhat obvious that this match would be booked fairly soon. Thanks to his ROH contract, Castagnoli is still getting booked despite siding with CZW. BJ Whitmer, of course, hates CZW and almost killed himself numerous times trying to get rid of them. Now he gets his chance to hurt the man who turned on him in Philadelphia at The 100th Show.

Castagnoli jumps the gun on BJ meaning he takes an immediate advantage. Whitmer gets choked with his own ring jacket for good measure. After more foul play in the ropes Whitmer eventually gets going with a jumping heel kick. Claudio bails only for BJ to pursue with a tope suicida. There are mildly different guardrails in use tonight and Whitmer tests them out using Double C’s body. They go into the crowd meaning they can take out rows of chairs too. Castagnoli gets suplexed on the wooden floor but responds by using an ROH banner to choke Whitmer. Back in the ring BJ hits an exploder then gets a nearfall with a further flurry of suplexes. Note to Liverpool – please don’t chant ‘this is awesome’ in EVERY f*cking match. Castagnoli gets 2 with the Match Killer. Alfa Mari Water Slide blocked and Whitmer hits a running knee strike. RICCOLA BOMB only gets 2. BJ wins with a bridge pin at 09:54.

Rating – * –
Eh…nothing much doing from me. The effort was there but, as long term readers will know, I really get bored of lengthy brawl in the crowd segments and at least 50% of this one was fought outside the ring.

Chris Hero comes back out and joins up with Claudio to assault Whitmer. Colt Cabana rushes the ring to help BJ and that leads to impromptu match.

Colt Cabana vs Chris Hero

Hero’s appearance for the weekend was certainly an unexpected treat for us British fans. Despite CZW losing at Cage Of Death he’s now back to continue his own personal crusade against Ring Of Honor. Hopefully he’ll have better luck than Claudio who hasn’t won a match since Chi-Town Struggle.

Colt has to throw Hero off the stage and ring the bell himself but we’re underway. Hero promptly kicks him off the apron. By taking the advantage he starts pissing the fans off more and more – and Hero is a master of getting crowd heat at an ROH event. Cabana goes for a lariat and gets powerslammed for 2. He’s also a hell of a mat wrestler and when Colt counters a surfboard he effortlessly grounds him for a series of senton variants. He tributes Tracy Smothers in the corner with chest thrusts, then gets 2 with a cravat neckbreaker. Hero lands on his feet as he goes for a moonsault but Colt rocks him with a lariat. Now Cabana has his comeback offensive flurry and gets 2 with a quebrada. Hero retaliates with a neck drop suplex and a YAKUZA KICK. Next he runs the ropes then switches into another cravat. COLT 45 out of nowhere gets Cabana the win at 09:39.

Rating – ** –
Only 2*, but if you’re wondering why Chris Hero is now a regular in ROH look no further than this match since he was brilliant in it. He mixed some really unique wrestling with an amazing ability to work the crowd, and he dragged the fatigued Colt Cabana to a heated match there. I thought his performance in Cage Of Death was good but this wasn’t bad either. In 2006 he’s really worked hard to show everyone who watches ROH why he should’ve been in the company ages ago.

American Dragon cuts a promo from a crack den. He swears he’ll shut Nigel McGuinness up once and for all and prove himself the best wrestler in the world when he unifies the belts.

SUWA/Go Shiozaki vs Doug Williams/Jody Fleisch

These four are fighting for a World Tag Title shot against Aries and Strong in Broxbourne tomorrow night. Williams appears in ROH for the first time since May 2005 but his achievements in the past are well-documented and he tends to put in quality showings whenever he makes it. Injury and circumstance mean this is the first time we’re seeing Jody in ROH since 2003 and his Special K days. Team NOAH are both debuting for ROH but have experience in UK rings before. Go impressed everyone at Universal Uproar in November 2005 when he teamed with Kenta Kobashi against Doug Williams and Jun Akiyama (an awesome match live), whilst SUWA (who’s always fun as an uber-prick heel) has been working UK indies like IPW:UK and 1PW.

In classic NOAH fashion Williams tries to school the young Shiozaki and has the skills to pretty much have his way with him. Go has better luck with Jody but still tags out to Suwa, who brings the heel-age right away by smacking Fleisch in the head. Everything Suwa does is tinged with bad attitude, like grabbing the ropes or blowing snot on his opponent. Jody backflips over him to nail a corkscrew enzi. SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR TO THE FLOOR! Shiozaki tries to take advantage of Fleisch whilst he’s outside and eats railing. I love how Suwa respects Williams enough to try and stay outside the ring when Doug gets the tag. But the Japanese men soon have control of Jody again, thanks to Go’s beautiful dropkick. Fleisch is crazy so he bumps on his neck on a straight back body drop. Williams takes Shiozaki outside for a knee strike off the apron and just like that it’s the British team who start isolating an opponent. Doug applies an abdominal stretch but taunts Suwa a little too much and gets punched in the face by the former Toryumon stand-out. Shiozaki hits a stalling suplex on Fleisch and gets a tag. He crotches Jody on the top rope, then kicks it to put more pain on the groin area. Suwa initiates an attack on Fleisch’s back, then has Go hold his legs open to hit an elbow drop TO THE BALLS! Fleisch trades strikes with him and gets his eyes raked. I love this dude! He has Jody in a Lion Tamer as Go brings the Japan tag style by keeping Doug out of the ring. Eventually Suwa takes too much time on the top rope and eats a jumping frankensteiner. Hot tag to Williams who gets 2 with a diving headbutt. Shiozaki cuts that off with a missile dropkick. He gets 2 with a fisherman suplex. Williams gets 2 in response with a German. Jody hits a MOONSAULT! BOMB SCARE KNEE but Suwa breaks the pin. Shiozaki takes Doug off the top with a FISHERMAN SUPERPLEX! Back drop driver by Williams…NO SOLD! BACK DROP DRIVER BY WILLIAMS! Suwa breaks out the SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Jody botches the 720 DDT and eats DRAGON SUPLEX from Go. He gets another 2 with a lariat on Williams. Moonsault scores but this time it’s Fleisch interrupting the pin. Suwa accidentally smacks Shiozaki in the face, but he still blocks Chaos Theory with a SUPERKICK! CHAOS THEORY nailed second time and it’s Team UK getting the title shot at 23:04.

Rating – *** –
MOTN thus far, as that was a great NOAH-style tag match (which isn’t surprising considering SUWA, Go and Doug are all NOAH wrestlers). The problem was there were frequent communication errors and a few traditional Fleisch screw-ups that hurt it. The real highlight, for me, was SUWA’s awesome ability to be the biggest dick in wrestling. It was great here, and in truth he really didn’t work all that hard. Check out KENTA’s GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title defence against him to really see him turn it on. Go will be a huge star in Japan one day. He’s only young but improves with every single match.

SUWA isn’t happy and attacks everyone (including his partner) with his Singapore cane. Eventually the numbers overcome him though, and he runs away.

INTERMISSION – BJ Whitmer finally proclaims his issues with CZW over having beaten Claudio Castagnoli tonight. He says his next goal is to be a champion again. Lousy promo…

Robbie Brookside vs Chad Collyer – FWA Heavyweight Title Match

Despite the fact that Brookside is an absolute legend and has influenced many of the best wrestlers around, I’d suggest this wouldn’t be very good. Collyer has actually been “released” by ROH (basically they stopped booking him because he’s never once looked like getting over) but since this is sanctioned by the FWA, he’s on the card. Robbie is the champion here. I think he beat Hade Vansen for the belt.

As you’d expect it’s all hold and counter-hold from the bell. ‘Shut up you ugly old cow’ – Chad to fan. Collyer uses Brookside’s ample amounts of hair on occasion to save himself. Robbie does the same thing to him and he gets pissed off. Prazak confirms that Robbie won the belt from Vansen as they amble through a brief slug-out on the floor. Rather amusingly Collyer gets a 1-count in the ring and starts an argument with the ref over whether it was 2 or not. Brookside blocks the Collyer Cloverleaf then avoids a series of elbow drops too. He hits a suplex but still sells the leg because he’s damn good. Collyer tries grabbing the tights to win and still can’t get it done. Collyer Cloverleaf locked in second time but the champion gets the rope. Brookside wins with an Iconoclasm at 10:07.

Rating – DUD –
That was the definition of a popcorn match. I don’t really know why it had to go so long, but then again, Brookside is a legend. It’s a shame they didn’t book him against a better quality opponent. The fans really tried to get into it but it was fairly boring to be honest.

Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe – ROH Tag Title Match

This is the Briscoes’ last chance whilst Aries and Strong are champions. They ran them close at Ring Of Homicide and Destiny without getting the victory, but since then have been on a tear and beaten every tag team put in front of them. But that tear doesn’t come close to what Aries and Strong have done with the belts this year. They’ve beaten all comers, including six other teams in consecutive Ultimate Endurance matches last weekend, taking the belts to Japan to make then World Tag Titles, defending them in other US promotions etc. The previous two matches have been disappointing in a way because you KNOW they were holding stuff back. This is the conclusion so they’ll want better…

Jay and Strong start with wrestling sequences more interesting than anything in Brookside/Collyer. Aries gets the tag and out-does Cabana for biggest pop of the night. The champions try to isolate Mark to quell the Briscoes early momentum and determination. Austin has to work hard but hits the headscissors escape dropkick. They take it in turns to chop Mark’s chest which gets more big ovations from the crowd. Mark gets the tag and now the Briscoes use their incredible tandem fluidity to work over Roderick…until he hits more sickening chops and gets Aries back in. Mark knocks Strong to the floor but Austin catches him with a slingshot clothesline before he can hit a dive. A slingshot splash over Roddy’s knees gets the champs a 2. They break out a new move – Strong elevating Aries over the ropes before he slingshots in with the elbow strike. Jay comes in hot after a lengthy period stuck on the apron and immediately drops Austin on his head with a fisherman buster. He elevates him for a springboard spinning heel kick from Mark. Double backbreaker on Mark, then the CHOP BRAINBUSTER for 2! Roderick lifts Jay into a sweet belly to belly suplex. Mark knees Aries in the head then gives him a slingshot double stomp for 2.

The pendulum swings the other way again and now it’s the Briscoes in total control. Austin tries to make a tag only for Mark to jump off his back into a forearm on his partner on the apron. SHINBREAK BACK SUPLEX throws Mark into Jay and there’s the hot tag. Strong fallaway slams Mark OVER THE TOP ROPE! HEAT SEEKING MISSILE! GIBSON DRIVER gets 2. They go for the chop brainbuster sequence again but Mark German’s Aries on his head. SPLASH MOUNTAIN NECKBREAKER gets the Briscoes a nearfall. They block the Missile Dropkick Bomb and Jay almost wins it with a big boot on Strong. RUNNING DROPKICK by Aries! BIG BOOT FROM STRONG…two again! MISSILE DROPKICK BOMB…MARK SAVES! The champs get thrown to the aisle and Mark hits an amazing NO HANDS SUICIDE DIVE! SPIKE JAY DRILLER ON ROD! ARIES SAVES WITH THE KICK OF DEATH! Mark takes Aries outside. DDT ON THE F*CKING STAGE! SPRINGBOARD DOOMSDAY DEVICE…FOR 2! They try the springboard doomsday device again but this time Austin hits a REVERSE RANA and breaks his own ribs! HALF NELSON BACKBREAKER! F*CKING 450 SPLASH ON BROKEN RIBS! The champions retain at 23:58.

Rating – ****1/2 –
And that goes right up there as a candidate for tag team MOTY. A spectacular match from start to finish. The opening 15 minutes gave us a beautiful display of seamless tag team wrestling. Both teams were faultless as the match swung one way then the other, before hitting the jaw-dropping final 10 where they went mental and gave us the stream of high spots the first two matches lacked. And credit to the fans here since they were scorching hot with duelling chants throughout the whole match (except the inevitable breaks for ‘this is awesome’ chants). That match definitely warranted the ‘this is awesome’ treatment anyway. Credit goes to Aries for going ahead with that finish despite breaking his ribs. He’s a real trooper…

Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness – ROH World vs ROH Pure Title Unification Match

It sounds complex but the rules are ultimately fairly simple and add up to one thing – there will be a unified champion after this match, meaning we’re guaranteed the first title change of 2006 tonight. This is similar to their first match at Weekend Of Champions Night 2 when the match is under Pure Title rules, but unlike that night, the World Title changes hands on count-outs and DQ’s too. There’s also no time limit, and in the event of a double count-out or DQ the match is restarted. These two have put on two mat classics – Nigel winning the first one by count-out (after using a chair), but Danielson used equally shady tactics in the rematch by hiding under the ring on his way to victory. They’ve held their respective championships for the best part of a year and have beaten extensive lists including all the top athletes in ROH. Something gives tonight…

You’d think given what they just saw the crowd would be dead but no…they’ve got even louder. Nigel and Dragon milk it, then Danielson lands the first blow, using a disrespectful slap. McGuinness brings the European chaining then slaps him back. Danielson has to take more chaining then lands a dropkick. The atmosphere is Joe vs Kobashi awesome. Dragon is the man to do serious damage first as he arm wrenches McGuinness from the second rope then going right to work on the arm and shoulder region when Nigel looks hurt. The World Champion opens up a real advantage, and draws the first rope break when he butterfly suplexes Nigel into a cross armbreaker. McGuinness does the headstand/spinal kick cutter sequence and pauses to sell the arm injury. Now it’s the British competitor who holds the advantage, controlling Danielson on the mat with a cobra clutch. Danielson ducks the cobra clutch clothesline and enziguris Nigel. He draws some real heel heat for the first time by refusing to do the Mexican surfboard. Instead he goes upstairs for a superplex then a DIVING HEADBUTT for 2. CATTLE MUTILATION forces McGuinness to take rope break 2. Nigel catches Dragon with a sudden TOWER OF LONDON and pretty quickly it’s 2-1 in breaks. CATTLE MUTILATION on Danielson and that makes it 2-2. After putting on a great wrestling match for almost 15 minutes, now they spill to the floor for a brawl.

Dragon traps Nigel under a table and tries to use his own tactics against him and win by count-out. McGuinness beats the count and the match continues. Nigel ducks a roaring elbow and NAILS a lariat for 2. Danielson dropkicks Nigel as he tries another headstand and gets 2 with a roaring elbow. CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! McGuinness has no choice but to use his final break. He gets the knees up as Danielson goes for another diving headbutt and the crowd has gone from a 50/50 split to almost entirely pro-Nigel. B*TCH SLAP DUEL! Nigel blocks a dragon suplex and puts Dragon over the top for the ELEVATED LARIATOOOOO! That’s the last break gone for the World Champion now. Both men in the ropes again. TOP ROPE CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! TOWER OF LONDON AGAIN! It’s on the floor…DRAGON BUSTS NIGEL OPEN HARDWAY ON THE RINGPOST! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? His forehead almost immediately swells to twice it’s normal size. Nigel sent into the crowd…SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT PLANCHA BY DANIELSON! McGuinness is bleeding all over the front row! The count reaches 14 when Danielson gets back in…BUT NIGEL BEATS IT TOO! HEADBUTT DUEL! This is totally disgusting. Insanely Nigel wins that. REBOUND LARIAAAAAAAAAT! He takes too long covering though. CATTLE MUTILATION! Nigel gets the ropes but that doesn’t matter. He manages to roll over. MMA ELBOWS OF TOTAL DEATH! Nigel is pounded into oblivion at 26:23.

Rating – ****1/2 –
Screw it…what a damn match. I’m not quite sure it’s actually 5* good but this delivered great wrestling, an amazing crowd, stomach churning violence and an epic conclusion. McGuinness has had a wonderful year but this match, in his home country, at last solidifies him as a main event player in ROH. After being a dick of a heel for so long he brilliantly went babyface without sacrificing his “coolness” or “edge” (like every heel-face turn in the WWE), and of course, it was perfectly contrasted to the aggressive heel American Dragon who is having the best year of his career. I went into this match wondering how these two could possibly top Aries/Strong vs Briscoes and keep the crowd interested. Not only did they do that, but they went even better and put on a real contender for MOTY in front of one of the most ravenous crowds in ROH history. Put it this way. I debated giving it 5*…a lot.

Bryan Danielson puts over Nigel as his toughest opponent. He says if he successfully defends HIS unified championship tomorrow he’ll give McGuinness one more shot.

They show a freeze-frame of Aries breaking his ribs and that means there will have to be changes to tomorrow night’s show. It’ll be ANARCHY In The UK (with Xal in the front row!!!)

The only thing more alarming than that freeze-frame is the following close-up of Nigel’s head. Backstage he promises he’ll bring it even harder when he gets his last shot in St Paul, MN.

Tape Rating – **** –
I think you’ll find that most of the people calling this ‘show of the year’ were people who were at the show live and desperately want “their” show to be the best. It’s not quite that awesome, but it’s pretty damn good. The back to back MOTYC main events make this DVD must-buy stuff buy itself in truth. The Tag Title match is an absolute triumph for tag wrestling, and everyone should see the Dragon/Nigel Unification Match. It’s been acclaimed as one of the best matches this year by pretty much everyone. There are some down spots though. Brookside/Collyer is lousy, and Whitmer/Claudio isn’t much better. Hero/Cabana is memorable only for a brilliant heel performance by Hero in truth. But those are out-numbered by some really solid matches on the rest of the card. The fourway was a sensible opener, whilst Richards/Rave and the NOAH tag are good lengthy matches as well. Indeed, lengthy matches is probably the hallmark of this event. FOUR matches stretch to somewhere around 25 minutes. That’s a lot of wrestling, and that’s hard to say no to. Do yourself a favour and get this one. And look out for my review of Anarchy In The UK, complete with marking out for ME front row at an ROH show. BOOYA…

Top 3 Matches

3) Doug Williams/Jody Fleisch vs SUWA/Go Shiozaki (***)

2) Austin Aries/Roderick Strong vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe (****1/2)

1) Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuinness (****1/2)

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