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WCW Nitro 1/18/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
From: Columbus, Ohio

Nitro opens with stills from last nights Souled Out pay per view. The tag match between Hennig/Windham and David and Ric Flair is featured. Hulk Hogan whipping David Flair with his belt is mentioned.

Backstage, the Horsemen were flipping out earlier in the day. Ric Flair keeps on saying that Hulk Hogan is a dead man.

The New World Order are in a limo and they are laughing about their recent dominance in WCW. They are also mocking the Horsemen. Flair breaks a window open with a crowbar but the limo drives away before any more damage happens.

Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring with Mean Gene by his side. Flair flips out and tells Hogan that he said Hogan wasn’t going to drift off into the sunset but rather Hogan will work for WCW. Flair announces that Hulk Hogan will wrestle Ric Flair at Superbrawl for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Flair says that Hogan will have to kill Flair in order to prevent Flair from killing Hogan! Flair wants to kill Hulk Hogan! Flair mentions that Hogan has kids and a family that “no one knows about”. Flair claims that only one man will walk out of Superbrawl. Flair turns his attention to Eric Bischoff. Flair knows that Bischoff was behind the attack on David Flair last night. Flair calls out Bischoff to the arena. Bischoff eventually appears out on the aisle way and tries to convince Flair that he had nothing to do with the attack on David. The censors are canceling out a “Bischoff sucks” chant with fake crowd reaction. Flair says that Bischoff will wrestle him tonight! Bischoff laughs at the challenge saying he doesn’t need to do that as it isn’t in his contract. Bischoff declines the challenge. Flair tells Bischoff that if Bischoff beats him tonight he will shave his head! Flair delivers a elbow drop to canvas but Bischoff continues to decline. Flair also tells Bischoff that he will give Bischoff his company back along with shaving his head! Bischoff turns around and is clearly interested in the contest. David Flair comes from behind and shoves Bischoff before coming into the ring. David enters the ring and tries to do his impression of his father flipping out. David ends up challenging Bischoff and Bischoff accepts that challenge. Ric says that if Bischoff loses they will shave his head now too!

Nitro opening video

More of the same stills shown from the beginning of the show. This time around they actually show stills from the main event between Goldberg and Scott Hall.

After the Nitro Girls dance for a little while, we get more stills from the Goldberg/Scott Hall match. Interference by Disco Inferno and Bam-Bam Bigelow are mentioned, but Goldberg still won.

Opening Contest: Booker T defeated Chris Jericho:
Booker with a wrist lock early on and nails Jericho with a short arm clothesline. Hammerlock by Booker but Jericho elbows out and shoulder blocks Booker. Booker misses a clothesline but connects with a sidekick and gets a two count. Jericho with a right hand but misses a dropkick and Booker catapults Jericho into a corner chest first. Booker follows up with a back suplex and gets a two count. Jericho with a eye poke and chops Booker a few times. Booker ducks a clothesline and nails Jericho with a forearm shot. Booker misses a sidekick attempt and crotches himself on the top and falls to the floor. Jericho takes Booker out with a nice springboard cross body onto the floor and puts the boots to Booker. Jericho continues his attack with a front vertical suplex dropping Booker on the floor. Back in the ring, Jericho sets Booker up for a vertical suplex and connects. Jericho with a cocky cover but Booker kicks out at one. Jericho works on Booker in the corner with a few chops and chokes Booker as well. Booker with a rollup out of the corner but Jericho kicks out and dropkicks Booker quickly. Jericho slows the match down with a chin lock but Booker battles his way to his feet. Booker with right hands but Jericho stops Booker with a knee to the gut and Booker rolls to the floor. Jericho rams Booker face first into the ring steps and chokes Booker with the camera cord! Springboard elbow smash and a senton splash by Jericho for a near fall. Jericho with a backbreaker and keeps Booker bent over his knee briefly. Scoop slam by Jericho and gets a two count after slapping hands with Ralphus. Jericho runs into a big boot and Booker comes out of the corner with a leaping clothesline. Jericho recovers and kicks Booker a few times. Scoop slam again by Jericho and heads to the top rope where he leaps off but is met with a boot. Booker comes off the ropes and scissors kicks Jericho. Booker drops Jericho with a spine buster and nearly wins the match. Jericho with a face buster but Booker spins around and nails Jericho with a leaping sidekick. Booker with a missile dropkick and pins Jericho. **¾

Mean Gene is with JJ Dillon on the aisle way. Dillon says that he has suspended Scott Dickinson for thirty days. Dillon wants to see Scott Hall vs. Goldberg vs. Bam-Bam Bigelow in a triple threat match tonight. Dillon also talks about the Bischoff/David Flair match-up. Dillon wants to see Bischoff get his head shaved.

Schiavone, Tenay and Zbyszko hype up the Flair/Bischoff match some more.

Backstage, Mean Gene is sitting with Rey Mysterio Jr. Mysterio says he didn’t feel like it was time for him to get rid of his LWO colors. Gene mentions the mask and Mysterio says the mask means everything to him. Mysterio will not have his mask taken off. Mysterio talks about Lex Luger and says he will not be intimidated. Mysterio challenges Lex Luger as he isn’t scared.

Want more stills from Souled Out? Well, you got it! Pretty much the same stills from earlier centering around the Flair tag match.

Second Contest: David Flair defeated Eric Bischoff in a hair vs. hair match:
Quite a bit of stalling by Bischoff before anything actually happens. Bischoff kicks Flair a few times and leg trips Flair. Flair is just circling around Bischoff and gets nailed with a sidekick from Bischoff. Bischoff with a few more shots and walks over Flair. Flair with a right hand and covers Bischoff to win the match. Flair had a handful of coins. DUD
After the match, the Horsemen come out to celebrate the win. Bischoff gets his head shaved by Ric Flair. Bischoff wakes up and is upset to find out his head has been shaved. We also find out that the referee, Randy Anderson, gave David the coins to hit Bischoff.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is talking to JJ Dillon. Jericho is sucking up to Dillon and has a dress that he wants Perry Saturn to wear. Jericho tells Dillon to make Saturn wear a dress. Saturn walks over and Dillon tells Saturn that Saturn must wear a dress at all times in the arena. Saturn is pissed off as he goes to put the dress on.

Konnan comes down to the ring for a interview by himself. Konnan with his catchphrases to open up the promo. Konnan calls Kevin Nash and Lex Luger marks. Konnan told them to drop Hulk Hogan but Nash never wanted to do it because he had a plan. Konnan now knows that their was never a plan to get rid of Hogan. Konnan talks about crying in their arms when his son was born and getting back in shape. Konnan gives credit to the fans for helping him get to the spot he is in now. Konnan threatens Nash and Luger telling them they will not know when Konnan will strike.

Stills from the Konnan/Lex Luger match from Souled Out last night. We also get MORE stills from the Flair tag team match at Souled Out.

Third Contest: Faces of Fear fought Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum Jr. to a no contest in a tag team title tournament match:
Duncum and Meng start the match off legally with Meng dominating Duncum with several strikes and head butts. Meng misses a elbow drop and Duncum takes Barbarian out with a cross body on the floor. Enos power slams Barbarian and Duncum knocks Meng off the apron. Spike pile driver on Barbarian but Meng comes in and super kicks Duncum who lands on Barbarian and nearly wins the match. Enos tags back in but is kicked by Meng in the face while on the apron. Side slam by Barbarian on Enos. Duncum is knocked to the floor and the FOF connect with a double middle rope head butt on Enos but they don’t cover. Double head butt drops Enos again and Meng continues to work on Enos. Backslide attempt by Meng but all four men start to brawl in the ring for several moments. Meng pile drives Enos but Duncum breaks up the pin attempt. A limo shows up outside the building and it is the New World Order. Bischoff shows Hogan that he has had his head shaven. The New World Order make their way down to the ring and attack both tag teams to end the contest. DUD
After the match, Hall uses the stun gun on Meng.

Kevin Nash has a microphone and lets the fans know that they are in the house. Nash says their will not be a tag team title tournament. Hogan botches his first line but manages to say that this is the end of WCW. Hogan shows off his weight belt that has David Flair’s blood on it. Hogan announces that he accepts Ric Flair’s challenge to a match at Superbrawl in five weeks. Hogan finishes off by saying “when you mess with the brotherhood, you mess with us for life”.

A video promoting the Goldberg vs. Bigelow vs. Hall match is shown.

Fourth Contest: Disco Inferno defeated Wrath:
Wrath shoves Inferno to the canvas to kick off the contest. Wrath tosses Inferno into a corner but doesn’t follow up. Wrath chops Inferno a few times and shoulder blocks Inferno. Wrath scoop slams Inferno as Scott Hall walks down to the ring. Wrath connects with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and sends Inferno hard back first into a corner. Wrath misses a splash in the corner and Inferno comes off the ropes with a swinging neck breaker. Inferno comes off the ropes and knocks Wrath down with a clothesline followed by a middle rope forearm drop for a near fall. Wrath drives Inferno down to the mat with a back suplex. Inferno puts the boots to Wrath in the corner. Inferno with a chop block and goes for a pile driver but Wrath backdrops Inferno. Wrath with a running shoulder block and a standing dropkick sends Inferno to the floor. Wrath chops Inferno up against the guard railing and follows up with a slingshot shoulder block back in the ring. Wrath gets distracted by Hall but goes back to work on Inferno. Wrath drops Inferno with the Death Penalty and signals for the end. Hall comes in with the stun gun but Wrath knocks Hall to the floor. Inferno is able to hit the Chart Buster on Wrath and picks up the win. *

WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner cuts off the Nitro Girls during their dance segment and says he wants some loving. Steiner tells Kimberly that he beat her man to a bloody pulp. The Nitro Girls leave and Steiner eventually walks to the back as well.

After a commercial break, Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell make their way down to the ring for a promo. Steiner wants a freak for the week and wants a chick who can move all night long. Steiner mentions seeing a someone in the back wearing a dress and puts down the looks of Saturn. A chant of “steroids” starts up directed towards Steiner. Steiner calls out Perry Saturn for a match. Steiner calls Saturn a queer and is met with a right hand.

Fifth Contest: WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner defeated Perry Saturn to retain the title:
Saturn knocks Steiner to the floor with a back elbow. Steiner stalls by yelling at a few fans in the front row. Side headlock by Saturn and shoulder blocks Steiner a few times. Atomic drop, clothesline and a springboard leg drop by Saturn for a two count. Steiner low blows Saturn in the corner and takes Saturn over with a side belly to belly suplex. Steiner chokes Saturn in the corner and allows Bagwell to choke Saturn for a few moments. Saturn runs right into a clothesline from Steiner and Saturn is kicked to the floor. Steiner sends Saturn back first into the guard railing and grabs a fans Michigan hat to wear. Steiner taunts the fans back in the ring and is getting some good heat. Steiner runs into a big boot in the corner and Saturn nails Steiner with a super kick. Right hands by Saturn and kicks Steiner into a corner. Saturn pulls the dress over Steiner’s head and punches Steiner some more. Saturn sends Steiner to the floor and takes Steiner out with a cross body over the top. Frog splash off the top by Saturn but only gets a one count. Saturn knocks Bagwell off the apron and super kicks Steiner. Steiner gets out of the Death Valley Driver and connects with a overhead suplex. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner and Saturn passes out.

Kevin Nash, Lex Luger and Elizabeth make their way down to the ring for a interview, without Mean Gene! Nash mocks Konnan’s catchphrase to start off the promo. Nash says that if it wasn’t for him Konnan would still be working the first match on the card. Nash believes that Konnan doesn’t have any heart or endurance. Luger chimes in and says that Elizabeth was beautiful last night. Luger makes fun on Mysterio’s size and says he is going to rip off Mysterio’s mask! Luger also gives Mysterio a option to give them the mask backstage and they can just forget about the match later on. Nash finishes off by saying the Wolfpac is in the house.

Backstage, Scott Steiner enters the Nitro Girls locker room and tries to get one of the dancers to sleep with him. Steiner explains himself to the security guys that the girls want him.

Stills from the WCW Cruiserweight Championship match between Kidman, Juventud, Psychosis and Mysterio are shown. Kidman retained the title.

Sixth Contest: Psychosis defeated Juventud Guerrera:
Guerrera chops Psychosis a few times but Psychosis comes back with a quick swinging neck breaker and a standing leg drop. Guerrera comes off the ropes with a head scissors as we go to commercial. Psychosis with a spine buster and taunts the fans. Psychosis yanks Guerrera by the hair down to the mat as Guerrera tried to get out of a chin lock. Psychosis dropkicks Guerrera to the floor and brings Guerrera back into the ring with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Scoop slam by Psychosis and heads to the top rope where Psychosis misses a twisting senton splash. Guerrera goes to the top rope and is met in midair with a dropkick from Psychosis which gets him a two count. Wheelbarrow bulldog by Guerrera but isn’t able to pick up the win. Psychosis crotches Guerrera on the top rope and wiggles the ropes until Guerrera falls to the floor. Psychosis takes Guerrera out with a suicide dive over the top rope. Psychosis with a dangerous looking missile dropkick off the top rope back in the ring for a two count. Guerrera lands on his feet after a German suplex attempt. Guerrera goes for the Juvi Driver but Psychosis counters with a inverted vertical suplex for a near fall. Guerrera DDT’s Psychosis to block a power bomb attempt. Guerrera misses a splash in the corner but gets both boots up to stop a charging Psychosis. Psychosis misses a splash in the corner as well but Psychosis is able to crotch Guerrera on the top. Psychosis is also crotched on the top and Guerrera attempt a superplex but Psychosis battles out and drives Guerrera down with a front suplex off the top rope! Psychosis goes up top and hit’s the leg drop to win the match! **½

Before the next match, Lex Luger cuts a promo on Mysterio, again. Luger tells Mysterio that he tried to be nice but Mysterio has came out with the LWO shirt and mask on again. Luger wants both of them and will he let Mysterio walk out of the ring. Mysterio says no and is attacked

Seventh Contest: Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Lex Luger by disqualification:
Luger tosses Mysterio into a corner and delivers a few right hands. Luger slams Mysterio out of the corner and says that it didn’t need to be this way. Luger misses a splash in the corner and is met with right hands from Mysterio. Mysterio nails Luger with a springboard leg drop to the back of Luger’s head. Mysterio sends Luger into a corner and delivers a bronco buster! Mysterio follows up with a split legged moonsault but only gets a two count. Luger catches Mysterio coming off the ropes and connects with a power slam. Kevin Nash makes his way down to the ring and is applauding Luger’s beating. Luger connects with a delayed vertical suplex and gorilla press slams Mysterio. Mysterio with a few right hands as Luger tries to unmask him. Mysterio dropkicks Luger’s knee and hammers away on Luger in the corner. Luger stops Mysterio with a atomic drop and a running forearm smash. Mysterio with more right hands as Luger goes for mask, again. Nash enters the ring and side slams Mysterio causing the disqualification. *
After the match, Mysterio is able to dropkick Nash but Luger stops any more momentum. Nash grabs Mysterio and power bombs Mysterio! Luger locks in the Torture Rack. Konnan runs down with a steel chair and chases the Wolfpac away from the ring.

A video of Diamond Dallas Page being apart of the opening of WCW Nitro Grill is shown.

Backstage, Scott Steiner is still trying to get with Kimberly. Steiner is telling Kimberly that he is sure DDP is messing around on Kimberly while in Las Vegas. Steiner tells security to back off.

Main Event: Goldberg defeated Scott Hall and Bam-Bam Bigelow by disqualification:
Bigelow attacks Hall from behind on the aisle way and rolls Hall into the ring. Hall is double teamed by both his opponents in the corner. Leg sweep by Goldberg and Hall is in trouble early on. Bigelow nails Hall with a running clothesline while Goldberg delivers a few more boots. Hall falls to the floor and Bigelow goes to work on Goldberg with right hands in the corner. Bigelow runs into a big boot and is met with a back elbow for a near fall. Hall works on Goldberg with a few right hands and now Goldberg is being double teamed in the corner. Goldberg sends Bigelow and Hall into the corner and spears both men at the same time! Goldberg sets Bigelow up for the Jackhammer but Hall cuts Goldberg off. Goldberg drops Hall with the Jackhammer and has the cover but the New World Order runs down and attacks Goldberg. ½*
After the match, Goldberg is able to fight off a good portion of the group but the numbers become to much for Goldberg. The Horsemen run down to the ring and the main players of the New World Order run to the back with the Horsemen right behind them. Flair chops Hall on the entrance ramp and continues to chase after Hogan. Flair chases after a limo in the parking lot as the show comes to an end.

End of show

My Take:
I must say the opening segment of the show was pretty bad. It seems like after two weeks the Bischoff/Flair angle is already becoming stale and uninteresting. The stipulation of Flair only having power for ninety days really hurts the angle in my opinion. Also, David Flair really looked like a fool trying to do his best pissed off promo. His father is really good at it and when a rookie has to follow that the result is never going to be good. People seemed to be really disappointed that David was going to wrestle instead of Ric. I can say I was too.

Booker/Jericho put on a good match to open the action for the show. This was set up from their interaction on the pay per view last night. Booker winning makes sense considering he is involved in a angle where he isn’t going to stop wrestling or whatever until he is the number one contender. Losing to Jericho would hurt that momentum. A solid match all around.

David/Bischoff match was just horrible. Even for the match being two minutes long, if that, it was just horrible. David looked really lost and I would have to think quite embarrassed or nervous considering how red his face gets. Poor kid.

The Konnan promo brings more emotion to his feud with Kevin Nash. Konnan adding the personal touch to the promo made it important and now there is a valid reason for his revenge, not just because he was kicked out of the group. He feels like his family kicked him to the curb. I can live with that approach.

The tag team title tournament match was a complete mess. I don’t think any of the four men in the match knew what the hell they were going to do. It didn’t come across organized at all.

I understand wanting to push Disco Inferno, but this completely kills any push Wrath was getting. Well actually the lost to Bam-Bam Bigelow the previous night did that but this one seals it for sure.

Steiner/Saturn was a decent match. Steiner is really getting some good heat from the crowd at this point. The guy is a clear main event talent for WCW but yet is stuck wearing a lower mid-card championship.

Lex Luger seemed to be really uncomfortable cutting a promo on this show. Just a horrible job on his part to advance the feud with Mysterio.

Quite surprised that Psychosis went over on Juventud. A decent match as it was pretty much just the usual fast paced high flying cruiserweight match you would expect on just about every WCW show.

At least they are giving Mysterio quite a bit of offense in his matches with the top talent. Looks like Konnan and Mysterio will be teaming up to take out the New World Order.

By the looks of it, Scott Steiner and DDP are not done. Clearly Steiner putting the moves on Kimberly is not going to fly with DDP. I don’t mind the angle but it seems lazy to go in this direction.

Another main event without a clear winner. Typical WCW. Why can’t Goldberg just go over Bigelow here and then have a beat down? I mean seriously.

On last note, I find myself not caring about Flair/Hogan. They have feuded so many times that their isn’t that big match feel between them anymore. It is just the same old crap over the past three years now. WCW needs something fresh and young. Not 50 year old men main eventing their big events.

Overall, it seemed like a average show to me, really. It is good to have several feuds set up for the next pay per view so over the next five weeks it will be interesting if WCW can put together some good momentum heading into one of their bigger pay per views of the year.

Thanks for reading.

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