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ECW on TNN 10/22/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: New Orleans, LA

Joel Gertner is standing in the ring after Joey Styles sends it over to him from the booth. Gertner is doing the introductions for the opening match which is for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship!

Opening Contest: ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeated New Jack to retain the title:
Awesome misses a shot with a paddle and is met with a trash can lid to the head. Jack continues to work on Awesome with a trash can and chokes Awesome briefly with a rope. Jack starts to bite Awesome as the champion made a comeback with a couple of right hands. Awesome kicks his way out of the corner and hammers away on Jack with right hands. Jack avoids a splash in the corner and drags Awesome to the floor where Jack gouges Awesome’s eyes. Jack sends Awesome chest first into the guard railing. Jack grabs a chair and jumps off the apron looking to smash Awesome with the chair but Awesome moves and Jack hits the railing hard. Awesome delivers a few chair shots to Jack’s back and heads to the top rope as they enter the ring. Awesome connects with a top rope clothesline and hits Jack with a paddle a few times. Awesome misses a splash off the middle rope and Jack has a staple gun! Jack uses the staple gun on the champion! Awesome is busted wide open as Jack grabs a guitar! Jack smashes the guitar over Awesome’s head but the champion doesn’t fall down! Jack jumps off the top rope but is nailed with a chair in midair. Awesome power slams Jack over the top rope to the floor crashing through a table! Awesome scoop slams Jack back in the ring and manages to connect with the Awesome Splash to retain the title.

ECW on TNN opening video

Second Contest: Super Nova defeated Chris Candido by disqualification
: Nova with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Candido. Candido comes back with a tilt a whirl head scissors but Nova drops Candido with a hurricanrana! Candido chops Nova in the corner a few times but Nova backdrops Candido followed by a running forearm smash for a near fall. Candido gets out of a scoop slam and connects with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Nova backdrops Candido over the top to the floor and is attacked by Danny Doring, Roadkill and Miss Congeniality. ½*
After the match, Candido comes in and starts to help Nova. Tammy Sytch brawls with Miss Congeniality on the floor. Nova clotheslines both Doring and Roadkill over the top. Nova takes Doring out with a cross body! Lance Storm’s music hits and Storm comes out to distract Candido so that Doring and Roadkill can attack Candido as well! Dawn Marie spanks Sytch with a paddle in the ring and hugs Congeniality. Marie turns on Congeniality and hits her with the paddle. Marie says “two down one to go!”. Marie calls out Francine.

Francine and Tommy Dreamer come down to the ring. Storm asks if Francine is holding Dreamer back. Storm brags about breaking Dreamer’s back. Dreamer and Francine charge the ring and brawl with Storm and Marie. Justin Credible slides into the ring and hits Dreamer with a kendo stick. Raven comes down to the ring and poses for the crowd and turns his back. Credible shoves Raven from behind. Raven and Dreamer clean house and back into each other which sees Raven planting Dreamer with a DDT! Raven knees over Dreamer to end the segment.

Back from a commercial, Tommy Dreamer has a microphone in the ring and calls Raven out to finish their problems once and for all. Raven comes down to the ringside area and enters the ring but just drops down to the floor and heads to the backstage area, again.

Joey Styles hypes up a ECW show taking place at the ECW Arena. Impact Players will be facing Tommy Dreamer and Raven for the tag team titles. Also, Rob Van Dam defends the ECW Television Championship against Sabu!

A video looking back at last weeks show when Rhino brawled with a couple of Saints players is aired.

Third Contest: Rhino defeated David Kash:
Rhino with a few right hands and stomps away on Kash. Kash with a springboard cross body and gets a near fall. Kash follows up with a nice springboard missile dropkick. Rhino quickly comes off the ropes and GORES Kash but isn’t able to get a three count?! Rhino spikes Kash with a pile driver and wins quickly. 1/2*

Steve Corino has a microphone and says their isn’t anyone left for Rhino to destroy, except for one person. Corino says that Rhino isn’t going for a title but rather SABU! Sabu makes his way out to accept the challenge.

Main Event: Sabu defeated Rhino:
Sabu cleans house until Rhino clotheslines Sabu. Rhino chokes Sabu with his head dress and continues to hammer away on Sabu. Rhino sends Sabu to the floor and Sabu is attacked by Victory and Corino who send Sabu chest first into the guard railing. Rhino gets a near fall back in the ring and stomps away on Sabu some more. Sabu goes for a hurricanrana but Rhino blocks the attempt and power bombs Sabu! Rhino sends Sabu to the floor again and Sabu is attacked. Rhino attempts a slingshot cross body but takes out his own guys! Sabu baseball slides Rhino into the first row. Sabu springboards off the top rope and takes Rhino out with a splash in the crowd! Rhino sends Sabu over the guard railing but Sabu tosses a chair at Rhino’s head. Sabu bridges a chair onto the apron and railing. Rhino smashes Sabu head first onto the table and heads back to the ring. Rhino goes to the top rope but Sabu gets up and stops Rhino on the top turnbuckle. Sabu takes Rhino back into the ring with a nice hurricanrana and gets a near fall as Corino breaks up the count. Alfonso crotches Corino on the top rope and Sabu connects with a hurricanrana on Corino! Sabu kicks Corino onto the table and goes for a dive but Rhino cuts Sabu off with a GORE! Sabu is able to kick a chair into Rhino’s face as Rhino charged towards the corner. Rhino trips Sabu up as Sabu attempted the triple jump moonsault. Rhino accidentally knocks Victory off the apron and Sabu dropkicks Rhino on the knee. Sabu with double leg drop and locks in a camel clutch. Corino dropkicks Sabu to break the hold but Alfonso drops Corino throat first across the top rope and connects with a slingshot body press on Corino! Rhino is rolled onto the table and Sabu connects with a triple jump leg drop crashing through the table! Sabu with a leg drop back in the ring but Rhino kicks out at two. Sabu with a springboard side kick and sets a table up in the corner. Rhino with a few right hands and GORES Sabu in the corner. Sabu comes back with a few right hands on the middle rope and plants Rhino with a tornado DDT. Sabu springboards off a chair and leg drops Rhino through the table in the corner! Sabu goes for the cover but Rhino kicks out. Rhino tries to grab a chair but Sabu stomps on his fingers and drives Rhino face first onto the chair for another near fall. Sabu heads to the top rope and connects with a Arabian face buster on Corino and covers Rhino but isn’t able to pick up a win. Sabu with a face buster on Rhino and hits the triple jump moonsault to finally pick up the win. ***

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner hype up next weeks show which will see Sabu taking on Taz.

A music video showing various clips from the past ECW shows is shown. It promotes a few different wrestlers.

My Take:
Awesome/Jack was the typical New Jack match but I wasn’t a boring segment by any means. The power slam over the top to the floor through the table is something I had never seen before. I’m really digging Mike Awesome as a dominating champion. The guy is extremely skilled and super over with the crowd.

It looks like the blow off of the Storm/Candido feud will be a mixed tag team match. At least that what I would be doing as all four people are getting equal attention from the feud. I really don’t care about the Doring/Nova angle all that much to be honest. Also, the Dreamer/Raven stuff that happened on this show has been happening for just about every time they interact so it didn’t offer anything new to progress the story.

The interference for the Sabu/Rhino main event wasn’t necessary as it really became overkill. If your going to call disqualifications for interference why don’t you just do it for all the matches? Anyway, the match was still a good contest once you negate the interference. Rhino still doesn’t have a long offense move set so most of his stuff was repetitive. Still a solid way to close out the show.

Overall, not a bad showing by ECW. A good main event makes this show worth my time and whenever Awesome competes he usually entertains. Next weeks show has a Taz/Sabu match so that could be quite entertaining.

Thanks for reading.

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