ECW on TNN 10/29/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Poughkeepsie, New York

A video hyping up Tammy Sytch and how she was spanked last week by Dawn Marie. Who is the real queen of extreme? Dawn Marie or Francine?

ECW on TNN opening video

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner are standing in the ring to open the show. Gertner introduces the first contest which is the Taz vs. Sabu contest!

Opening Contest: Sabu defeated Taz:
They trade a few right hands after a quick handshake. Sabu with a flurry of right hands but Taz is able to toss Sabu to the floor. Sabu works on Taz with a right hands but Taz comes back with several of his own and sends Sabu chest first into the guard railing. Taz rams Sabu head first into a table. Sabu sends Taz back first into the guard railing and bridges a table on the railing and apron. Back from a commercial, Sabu DDT’s Taz on the ramp way. Taz is able to get a right hand in and tosses Sabu back into the ring. Sabu dropkicks Taz on the knee and connects with a springboard sidekick for a near fall. Sabu locks in a rather weak looking camel clutch but lets go after a few moments. Taz avoids a sidekick and takes Sabu over with a German suplex that sees Sabu land on his midsection. Taz clotheslines Sabu as Sabu comes off the ropes and the fans chant “You sold out” towards Taz. Sabu stops Taz on the middle rope and connects with a hurricanrana for a two count. Sabu brings a table into the ring but Taz attacks Sabu from behind with a few clubbing blows. Sabu hits Taz with a chair and goes for the triple jump moonsault but Taz trips Sabu and Sabu smashes his face on the chair. Sabu dropkicks Taz’s knee and Taz goes face first onto the chair. Sabu with a leg drop and goes back to work with a few right hands. Sabu goes for a power bomb but Taz counters with a double leg slam sending Sabu through the table for a near fall! Scoop slam by Taz and Taz heads to the top rope where Taz misses a somersault senton splash! Sabu sets another table up in the corner and throws a chair at Taz’s head. Sabu connects with a springboard leg drop through the table but takes a moment to cover and Taz is able to kick out as a result. Sabu low blows Taz and clotheslines Taz for a two count. Sabu places Taz onto the table and connects with a top rope leg drop through the table to win the match. **½
After the match, the Impact Players attack Sabu. Justin Credible hits Sabu with a kendo stick and they run away as Rob Van Dam comes to the ring to make the save. Sabu wants to hit RVD and eventually does. They begin to trade right hands until Taz has the Taz Mission on RVD! Sabu stomps away on RVD some more for a few moments.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner hype up ECW November to Remember happening in nine days. Taz will challenge Rob Van Dam for the ECW Television Championship!

Joey Styles talks about Sign Guy Dudley renaming himself Lou E. Dangerously. We also see a video of Mike Awesome defeating the returning Mikey Whipwreck at a recent show.

Second Contest: Lance Storm defeated Tommy Dreamer:
Storm with a quick dropkick as Dreamer enters the ring. Storm with a running clothesline in the corner and chokes Dreamer briefly. Storm with a jaw breaker but Dreamer comes back with a low blow and clotheslines Storm to the floor. Dreamer sends Storm back first into the railing and into the crowd. Dreamer hits Storm with a cup of beer a few times. Storm blocks a suplex attempt and is able to snap suplex Dreamer on the floor. Storm tosses Dreamer into the railing but Dreamer backdrops Storm into the crowd. Dreamer brings Storm to the ramp way and Dreamer walks to the backstage area. Dreamer has grabbed a ladder and places Storm on the ladder. Dreamer leaps off the middle rope but misses a elbow drop and hits hard on the ladder and ramp way! Storm snap mares Dreamer onto the chair in the ring and leg drops Dreamer for a two count. Storm places the ladder on the second turnbuckle but Dreamer sends Storm back first into the ladder and hits the Spicolli Driver! Dreamer covers but Dawn Marie comes in and Francine fights with Marie! Raven runs down to the ring as the referee is distracted and DDT’s Dreamer. Storm recovers and pins Dreamer. **
After the match, Justin Credible smacks Raven with a kendo stick on the ramp way. Credible sends Raven into the guard railing and Raven has been busted wide open. Raven is rolled into the ring and is doubled teamed by the Impact Players. Dreamer comes back into the ring with a steel chair and the Impact Players run to the back.

A video recapping the recent happenings between the Impact Players and their feud with Raven and Tommy Dreamer.

Back to the ring, a bloody Raven has a microphone. Raven tells Dreamer that he hates Dreamer more than he hates the Impact Players. Raven doesn’t need Dreamer’s help and says Dreamer is trying to leech onto his fame. Raven believes that Dreamer wants to be like Raven. Raven attacks Dreamer with the microphone but Dreamer is able to DDT Raven. Dreamer grabs Raven and says “I am stuck with you and you are stuck with me”.

Backstage, Nova cuts a promo. Nova talks about Chris Chetti being injured at the last pay per view. Nova says that every match he wrestles from here on out Nova dedicates them to Chris Chetti.

Main Event: Da Baldies wrestled Nova/David Kash to a no contest:
Baldies attack Kash on the floor while Doring and Roadkill destroy Nova in the ring. Doring leg drops Nova from the top rope and the Baldies come into the ring and stomp away on Nova. Their isn’t going to be an actual match to close out the show. Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten come down to the ring and Rotten smashes everyone with a chair. Mahoney delivers a vicious chair shot to Doring. Miss Congeniality wants Rotten and Mahoney to hit her with a chair but they debate about who is going to do it. Jazz comes from behind and nails Congeniality with a chair across the back. Jazz with a flurry of right hands and chokes Congeniality. Axl, Mahoney and Jazz stand tall to close out the segment.

Joey Styles hypes up next weeks show where they will rundown ECW November to Remember. Styles also says a WCW hardcore wrestler will jump to ECW and that WCW doesn’t even know about it!

We go to a parking lot where Raven is sitting. Raven talks about being left alone after being wrapped up by EMT’s. Raven is left alone with his demons but he enjoys knowing the pain he has caused Dreamer. Raven tells Justin Credible that Credible will never be Raven. “Quote not just the coolest, quote not just the best, quote the Raven”.

End of show.

My Take:
Sabu/Taz was fine way to open the match. It really should have been the main event, but oh well. It seemed like Taz wasn’t given much offense as he is leaving for WWF within a month or so. The match had a few of the same spots that occurred in the Sabu/Rhino match last week so the grade for me went down as they couldn’t add something new.

Dreamer/Storm was decent little match. Once again the same stuff with Raven attacking Dreamer and costing Dreamer the match. However, Dreamer managed to get the upper hand with a DDT after the match. I’m not sure why Dreamer is being booked as Raven’s bitch. Dreamer got that huge win on Raven back in 1997, you would think he could hold his own by now.

No real main event tonight. That is not a good way to end the show. It would have been a fine way to start the show with all the chaos but a pretty lame way to close out the show.

Overall, Sabu/Taz and Storm/Dreamer are two fine matches. I’d say this was a good overall show minus the “main event”.

Thanks for reading.

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