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133 ROH Battle Of The Icons 1/27/2007

ROH 133 – Battle Of The Icons – 27th January 2007

ROH continues its first weekend of 2007 with the “Battle Of The Icons”. So-called because ROH veterans Homicide and Samoa Joe once again face each other with the World Title on the line. The interesting twist on it this time round is that it’s Homicide defend the belt. There’s also a reunited Generation Next in 6-man action, a Briscoes/Pitbulls rematch we’ve been waiting since Reborn Stage 1 to see, grudge matches with Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer, Nigel McGuinness and Jimmy Rave plus lots more besides. Edison, NJ is the location. Prazak and Leonard call it…

ROH VIDEO WIRE (28/12/06-19/01/07) – See Dedicated (ROH 132) review for details.

Rebecca Bayless is all flirty with Homicide. In return Homicide is all incomprehensible. Joe commandeers the promo to put him in his place. Joe says it might be his last World Title shot so he needs to win.

Jimmy Rave interrupts Bobby Cruise opening the show. He wants to make his I Quit Match with Nigel No DQ as well…which doesn’t make sense since I thought every I Quit Match was like that. He also demands that McGuinness kiss his feet after he makes him quit. That match is right now…

Jimmy Rave vs Nigel McGuinness – I Quit Match

These two have been feuding since The Bitter End in Philadelphia and it’s been a series of matches that I’ve really enjoyed. It’s been a real back to basics rivalry, no smoke and mirrors, no elaborate multi-person storylines (a’la Jacobs/Whitmer/Cabana/Lacey etc), just two guys that have an issue trying to settle it in the ring. Nigel beat Jimmy at Dethroned, but mocked him afterwards with toilet paper causing him to snap. Rave then developed his Heel Hook finisher and has since made Nigel tap out three times – including on consecutive nights at the Chicago Spectacular.

Nigel cracks Rave with the first lariat of the night before the bell has even rung. He continues the attack with a series of Europeans then a shortarm lariat. Rave gets thrown shoulder-first into the ringpost, and McGuinness applies a version of THAT ARM SUBMISSION. Jimmy refuses to quit and retreats outside. That’s not enough to stop the abuse though, as McGuinness uppercuts him into the front row. I like how Nigel brings some psychology to the ensuing crowd brawl by staying on the arm. Hammerlock DDT ON A CHAIR out there. Back in the ring Nigel bridges in a wristlock but Rave isn’t quitting yet. Keylock submission applied next – the kind that Danielson tapped out to at Epic Encounter 2 – but it’s still not enough for a win. Rave ducks a second shortarm lariat and takes McGuinness over with Ghanarea. It’s Nigel’s turn to bail but Jimmy needs to be aggressive and he uses the metal railings to start softening up the leg for his Heel Hook. McGuinness tries to attempt his floor-rebound Lariat but Rave has seen it before and blocks it with a spear. He gives Nigel a shinbreaker on an open chair, then uses a figure 4 as his first realistic shot at getting a submission. He tries to use the ropes to his advantage but McGuinness breaks the hold by smacking his legs with a chair. He goes for the arm once more with a wristlock suplex. THAT ARM SUBMISSION again but he still can’t force an ‘I Quit’ from Jimmy. He tries a front choke with added hammerlock but that doesn’t work either. He makes the mistake of trying to run at Rave. Jimmy dropkicks him in the leg and like an annoying little dog tenaciously goes for the Heel Hook. McGuinness blocks it so Rave applies the Satellite Crossface instead. Had he worked on the arm/neck at all previous then he might’ve won there. RAVE STARTS PUKING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! That’s one way to sell the pain of a shoulder injury. Pretty gross though. Nigel doesn’t appear to have a whole lot of sympathy. He kicks him in the head then lifts him onto the ropes for a SUPER LARIAT. HAMMERLOCK TOWER OF LONDON! That’s awesome psychology, and he goes for victory with that bridging chickenwing thing he does. Jimmy rolls through but can’t apply the Hook. Rebound Lariat…COUNTERED WITH THE HEEL HOOK! Nigel literally tries to climb over the ropes to escape – as people are sweeping up Jimmy’s vomit in the ring. He refuses to quit…and the ref ends up stopping the match at 16:57.

Rating – *** –
I knocked a whole star off for the finish since it’s total bull. It’s a frickin’ I Quit Match. The whole point is that you’re supposed to KILL your opponent to make them quit. If they refuse to do it then that’s their own prerogative. That was a hell of a match (their best to date in my opinion) and a second consecutive storming show opener, but the ending left a sour taste in my mouth. I bet Mick Foley wouldn’t be too impressed with it after the million chair shots he took at Royal Rumble 1999.

Pelle Primeau vs Adam Pearce

Pretty basic booking behind this one. Primeau, teaming with Delirious, was victorious over Pearce and his man-servant Shane Hagadorn last night, so the Scrap Daddy is looking for some revenge.

Tonight Pearce’s goggles enable him to see if the fans have any balls apparently. Pelle evades Pearce with some front rolls, then slaps him in the face too. A headscissors sends Pearce outside into the arms of Hagadorn, before Primeau wipes them both out with a SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! He nailed that perfectly…nice work kid. Pearce finally drops him with a chokeslam. Scrap Iron does a good job of making really basic moves look devastating on his smaller opponent. To such an extent that a giant swing almost sends him out of the ring. Jumping piledriver blocked but Pelle is unable to steal a victory. He tries a swinging DDT but Pearce refuses to move and drops him with a northern lights suplex. The jumping piledriver finishes Primeau at 04:31.

Rating – * –
It did the job and was entertaining enough, but I found it entirely forgettable and preferred the tag match from last night. Both these two have the potential to be entertaining – Primeau in particular is starting to win me over – but putting them together doesn’t interest me at all.

The Briscoes (thankfully looking at the camera) are naturally rather excited following their 2-0 win over Aries and Strong last night. They promise victory in their rematch against the Pitbulls too.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Chris Hero vs Christopher Daniels

Hero’s music is still awesome. This is an intriguing match filled with issues. Double C has to be pretty sore at Chris Hero following Final Battle 2006 when he (reluctantly) turned his back on Claudio and left with his “super agent” Larry Sweeney. Meanwhile Daniels has past heat with Castagnoli dating back to 2006, when it was Claudio who received the historic first Daniels-ROH handshake (except for the one with Bryan Danielson at Round Robin Challenge, but never mind) only to turn his back on Ring Of Honor and join CZW during the inter-promotional wars. And remember, the Fallen Angel is part of the ROH Tag Team Champions – an accolade he and Matt Sydal won from the Kings Of Wrestling in November at Dethroned.

If Allison Danger gets any hotter she’ll be more over then Daniels. Under the advice of Sweeney Hero proposes an alliance with his former partner in order to beat on Daniels…and Claudio seems to accept it. He tries to resist but the Kings Of Wrestling weren’t one of the best teams in the business for nothing. Their tag team fluidity renders the Fallen Angel almost totally incapacitated. Obviously he gets a few hope spots in, but even then Larry Sweeney appears on the apron to choke him with a towel. Any dissension that arises between the former tag champions comes as a result of Castagnoli arguing with Larry and Hero having to play peacemaker. Obviously they both argue over who gets to actually pin Daniels though. They set up for the KRS-1 but Daniels manages to counter by sending Hero into Double C. Hero runs to the floor as Castagnoli presses Daniels into a Euro uppercut for 2 – with Sweeney breaking the pin. That causes a big argument and Daniels capitalises by coming off the top with a double clothesline on both opponents. ROPE WALK ARMDRAG INTO A FLYING HEADSCISSORS ON HERO! That was great, but Hero boots him in the face as he looks to put the Koji Clutch on Castagnoli. Cravat neckbreaker on Daniels gets 2. Cravatoclasm blocked and Daniels nails the BME. This time it’s Castagnoli who blocks, and he scores with a spinning Alpamare (I’ve been spelling it wrong for ages) Water Slide. Riccola Bomb blocked with a DVD though. Claudio hits an inadvertent clothesline on his former partner but doesn’t seem to care that much. Sweeney crotches him as he tries to go to the top rope. Chris Daniels doesn’t like Larry being on the apron…but behind his back Hero is sneakily pinning Castagnoli. Hero wins at 14:02.

Rating – ** –
It got entertaining in the last few minutes but that was mostly pretty long and dull. The story was good, but I think 15 minutes was just too much time for this match. It was essentially a TV-style filler match. On Raw or Smackdown these types of matches get 5-7 minutes and work pretty well to advance a storyline. Personally that’s what I’ve have gone for here.

Jimmy Jacobs vs BJ Whitmer – Last Man Standing Match

This feud just keeps getting more intense, and after his actions last night Jacobs is now dealing with an even more pissed off BJ Whitmer. He senton bombed Daizee Haze through a table, during a match which also saw Daizee sustain a sickening bump to the head. She’s not wrestling tonight as a result. Will we see an end to this almost year-long feud under Last Man Standing rules here?

Last night it was Jacobs and his partners blindsiding their opponents in their No DQ 6-person tag. Tonight Whitmer returns the favour and socks him with a chair during his entrance. Jacobs avoids a brainbuster onto a chair but he’s already busted open. In the crowd JJ ruins all the neatly organised rows by throwing as many chairs as he can get his hands on. Whitmer adds to the destruction by hurling him through a whole row. Not the most energetic crowd segment you’ll ever see, but Jacobs tail-ends it nicely by getting back into the ring and TWATTING Whitmer with another chair. That buys him enough time to pull out the spike and get in some tasty stabs to BJ’s forehead. MOUNTED STABBING in the corner, as opposed to the old-fashioned 10-punch spot. He tries to stab Whitmer in the eye but he manages to block and send Jacobs into another chair wedged in the corner. He stacks a whole bunch of chairs in the middle of the ring and spinebusters Jimmy into them…it’s not enough to keep him down for 10 though. Brainbuster THROUGH an open chair. That keeps Jimmy down for 9 and he barely breaks the count. Whitmer thinks about sending Jacobs through a table on the floor but gets distracted by Lacey. He steps back…AND JACOBS TOPE SUICIDAS HIM OFF THE TABLE INTO THE RAILING! Both guys are struggling to beat the count now. Jacobs props up a table in the corner and tries to spear BJ through it…but he picks up a chair at the last second meaning Jimmy runs straight into it. Whitmer hits a massive superplex. The crowd are so not into this match, which is a shame because they’re putting a ton of effort into it. Whitmer seemed to have the match won, but he stops the count. That mistake immediately comes back to haunt him as Lacey’s hired gun Brent Albright does a run-in. EXPLODER through the table. Albright drags Jacobs up as well, and Whitmer fails to beat the 10-count up. Thanks to Albright Jacobs wins at 15:45.

Rating – *** –
One of the weaker matches these two have had against each other. They busted their asses, spilled blood and swung chairs but they couldn’t get the fans into it – and the total indifference to some of the violent stuff they were doing really killed it. And although it wasn’t as bad as the Rave/Nigel finish earlier, and it was certainly more appropriate to the continuation of the feud, what little energy they had managed to draw from the crowd was shot by the weak finish.

Albright tries to do more damage to Whitmer but Colt Cabana runs in to save. They’ll meet again later.

Havana Pitbulls vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe

The first time Romero and Reyes stepped foot into an ROH ring was in a losing effort against the Briscoes at Reborn Stage 1. Later they were part of the Rottweilers faction that effectively ran the Brothers Redneck out of the promotion (well…kayfabe anyway). With Romero returning to ROH for 2007 it gives us an opportunity for this rematch – despite the fact that yesterday’s opening segment teased some dissension between Rocky and his fellow Rotts. A HP reunion is pretty much Reyes’ last shot at getting over, which sucks because I’m a fan of his.

Another match is jump-started as the Pitbulls attack the Briscoes as they walk down the ramp. Mark brings the craziness straight away by diving into the front row at Reyes. He slugs it out with Romero before tags all round allowing Ricky and Jay to continue the fight. The Briscoes isolate Reyes which is predictable since he’s so much less over than anyone else. He manages to tag out and Romero promptly goes on offence, thus making him look like more of a b*tch. Tag back to Reyes…and Mark hits a springboard forearm on him. This match is doing nothing for his credibility. Slingshot double stomp on him gets Mark a 2. Romero helps his unfortunate partner out with a springboard knee drop on Jay. Beautiful octopus stretch applied in the middle of the ring and Jay needs his brother to break it up. Jay does manage a tag (whilst Ricky is in of course) but Romero had the ref distracted so it went unseen. Finally Briscoe drops Romero with a neckbreaker…but this time Julius Smokes pulls Mark off the apron. The Pitbulls hit that basement dropkick double team in the corner but it’s not enough to seal the win. Jay then drops the pair of them with a double clothesline and at last gets the hot tag. Mark brings the REDNECK KUNG FU and a double springboard sunset flip on Rocky for 2. He hits a frankensteiner too but Romero rolls through and gets 2 count. Reyes gets tagged but Mark flattens him with a springboard splash. Bridging back suplex on Jay instead for 2. Jay comes back with his beautiful DVD. Reyes blocks a splash and gets 2 with a spiralbomb. Mark dropkicks Rocky to the floor but he blocks the attempted dive and takes out the toothless one with a tope. Reyes thinks it’s time for his Dragon Sleeper but Jay just powers him into a gorilla press DVD. Both Pitbulls put a cross armbreaker on a Briscoe, but not in a legal combination. Doomsday Dropkick misses…and Rocky Romero has a temper tantrum. He walks out on the match. JAY DRILLER ON REYES. It’s over at 15:19.

Rating – *** –
Another match that definitely wasn’t as good as it could’ve been (and definitely wasn’t as good as the original in my opinion) but it was a solid enough formula match. The finish was a nice pay-off on the angle Romero started last night and was a good way to let the Briscoes go over without killing his heat on only his second night back with the promotion. The downside of all that is that Ricky looked like a total b*tch out there. It’ll take a miracle and a total repacking of him before he ever returns and/or gets over with the Ring Of Honor fans.

INTERMISSION – Becky calls the first half ‘insane’…which is a bit of an overstatement. Jimmy Rave interrupts her to say that he attacked Samoa Joe in Boston because Joe attacked him at Final Battle.

Brent Albright/Lacey vs Colt Cabana/Sara Del Rey

Sara is a replacing Daizee Haze here. Obviously The Haze isn’t up to wresting tonight after the punishment she sustained last night at the hands of Lacey and co. Cabana has promised revenge for her tonight, and that’s on top of all his own issues with his opponents.

Lacey fakes on a handshake in an attempt to get the best of Del Rey but she’s way too powerful. Backbreaker by the Death Rey as she totally dominates her opponent in the opening. Cabana gets schooled on the mat by Brent so uses some comedy to throw the Gun For Hire off his game. Albright tries the Crowbar but Colt is right next to the ropes. Lacey tags only for Cabana to trip her up and feed her to Sara. Albright tries to manhandle Sara…so Cabana grabs Lacey and sets her up for a big boot from Del Rey. Eventually Brent is able to get his hands on Del Rey and gives her a hard body slam. That puts Lacey in control of the match, but she tags out to Albright temporarily, who can legally deliver a backbreaker to the female opponent. He muscles her into the air so Lacey can deliver a front lungblower. Eventually Del Rey drops Lacey with a gutwrench suplex and gets the hot tag. Cabana drops Lacey with a Bionic elbow then takes out Albright with his quebrada. A flying asshole onto both opponents causes Lacey to drop head-first into Brent’s nutsack. He takes Albright to the floor as Sara gives Lacey the Royal Butterfly. Del Rey wins at 13:21.

Rating – ** –
Kind of like the Hero/Castagnoli/Daniels match earlier. It wasn’t bad and was totally watchable, even borderline fun at times…but totally forgettable and just filler intended to stretch all the relevant feuds out to be settled another day. That’s fine but ROH shows cost $20. It’s hard to recommend somebody spend that much of their cash on a show which features too many nothing matches such as this one. I thought Sara Del Rey looked good though. Her best ROH showing to date.

Daizee Haze appears after the show and complains that Lacey called her a stripper last night. She throws dollar bills at her in a scene straight out of Jerry Springer. Lacey steals the show by running away screaming ‘free money’ triumphantly though.

Delirious/Davey Richards/Shingo vs Austin Aries/Roderick Strong/Jack Evans

Expect a bit of spot mayhem here since four of the six men have Dragon Gate experience (and how Delirious hasn’t been given a shot with them yet I don’t know). Obviously there’s no real storyline here, and no real babyface/heel aspect either. This is the first time Aries, Strong and Evans have teamed together since they disbanded Generation Next last July. Will they return to their fluid, cohesive style against a team with no experience together?

GeNext “ride” Delirious whilst he’s crouched and motionless before the bell, so when it finally does ring he really isn’t very happy. He works a poetic opening sequence with Evans that deservedly gets some applause. He then steals Jack’s doo-rag and runs off. Aries and Richards counter a few of each other’s trademark spots since they’ve wrestled each other before. Evans springboard double stomps Richards, then hits a standing double stomp/standing moonsault combo as GeNext isolate him. Delirious finally gets the tag and puts the boots to Austin. That changes the momentum of the match and it’s now Aries cut off from his partners. Delirious hits an amusing ‘Umaga’ Samoan Spike but Aries is still able to fend off Davey’s brainbuster attempt. Evans in with a double springboard flying headscissors, then a springboard corkscrew kick on Shingo. SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP…BUT SHINGO CATCHES HIM! He swings Jack into the metal rails and soon everyone is fighting outside, but the point is that now it’s Jack that plays the babyface in peril role. Delirious and Shingo hit a sweet double team, then do an even sweeter double team pose…which Davey ruins by being a geeky white boy. Richards redeems himself by joining Shingo to tee off with kicks and chops on Evans’ limp body. But Jack manages to flip off the ropes into a backflip double elbow and tags out to Roddy. Slingshot suplex exposes Shingo to an Aries’ frog splash. CHOP BRAINBUSTER but Delirious saves. They try the chop Brainbuster on Delirious but Richards saves with his handspring enzi. Aries takes a Panic Attack. Evans fights Delirious on the top rope but Davey runs up the ropes to save with a GERMAN SUPERPLEX! SHADOWS OVER HELL ON ARIES for 2. Double A blocks the Last Falconry but eats a SHINGO LARIATO INSTEAD! Last Falconry nailed this time but Strong breaks the fall. PUMPHANDLE SUPLEX BY STRONG! Delirious looks set for Death By Roderick but Davey saves him. STEREO TOPES by Richards and the Lizard man. Strong holds Shingo in place for Jack to hit a SKIPPING A GENERATION TO THE FLOOR! 450 Splash on Shingo. Aries scores the pin at 20:03.

Rating – **** –
That will probably be match of the weekend, as it was a whole lot of fun. It wasn’t the traditional Dragon Gate-inspired constantly accelerating spot-fest, but more of a US-style match. That’s not a bad thing at all. With no babyface/heel structure to work with everyone had to rely on their athleticism, talent and charisma to get the match over and it worked. Evans delivered his second outstanding performance of the weekend, Delirious again looked right at home with the biggest names in ROH proving his worthy of his spot much further up the card in 2007 and everyone else shone too.

Colt Cabana delivers a needless promo saying he’s put his fist in Jimmy Jacobs’ face during the Fifth Year Festival – which is coming soon to Manhattan, Philadelphia, Dayton, Chicago and Liverpool.

Homicide vs Samoa Joe – ROH World Title Match

It’s over 2 years since he lost the belt but it still feels strange typing Samoa Joe as the challenger for the ROH Title. That’s exactly what he is tonight though. We all know that Joe and Cide are friends now – and united against Jim Cornette and the Briscoes at the end of 2006, but back when Joe was champion his fiercest rival was Homicide. They fought in some memorable title matches, tearing the house down at Do Or Die, Homicide throwing a fireball after Reborn Stage 1, fighting through hundreds of streamers at Generation Next, and having perhaps their best match of all at Death Before Dishonor 2 Part 1. But we now have an intriguing role reversal as Homicide now defends the belt. Can he finally beat Joe with the World Title on the line (he’s beaten him in non-title matches before)?

Homicide threatens to piss in a fans mouth. That’s definitely a first for any ROH World Champion. That’s as interesting as it gets in the first five minutes as two athletes notorious for their intensity work at the most sedate pace imaginable. Joe comes up with a couple of shoulder blocks and they hit arm drags from a couple of unique positions as the pace quickens at long last. The match is so dull that the fans get over-excited by some old woman getting into a shouting match with Julius Smokes. Homicide comes off the top with a flying headscissors but Joe recovers quickly to hit a powerslam. The challenger applies an abdominal stretch because what this match needed was a rest hold. 10 minutes in and fans are actually chanting for ‘grandma’. Joe drops Cide with a back suplex backbreaker, but everyone is still distracted by the Smokes/granny debacle. Homi manages an elbow of sorts that sends Joe to the floor. Cue the traditional tope con hilo. It doesn’t do enough damage though, and now Homicide is in prime position for an Ole Ole Kick. He feels the full force of a boot to the side of his head. But he makes the mistake of going for it a second time and Cide capitalises by throwing a chair at him. Champion tries to kill challenger with a piledriver on the floor and all of a sudden things are getting interesting. Joe gets up so Homicide gives him a SECOND PILEDRIVER! His neck and head are going to be feeling the effects of that, and back in the ring Homicide comes off the ropes with a knee to the neck to demonstrate his intention to target that. Neckbreaker gets 2 and Joe is really starting to be worn down. ST-Joe countered once, but as Homicide tries to come off the ropes with a swinging DDT the Samoan catches him for the ST-Joe from there. Joe tries to win with a torture wrack, which makes sense since he’s been targeting the back, but no-sells his neck in the process. It doesn’t work anyway…so he lays Cide out again with a spinebuster. No dice on the Musclebuster and Cide drops Joe from the ropes with a super DDT. He thinks about the Three Amigos but can only manage a solitary suplex thanks to the bad back. Foolishly he tries to come from the top instead and gets caught. Big boot to the back, senton splash to the back. Powerbomb into the Samoan crab as Joe looks to decimate the injured spine. Homicide does manage to avoid a knee strike and catches his opponent on the ropes. Joe almost catches him with a super Musclebuster, but Homicide drags him away neck-first into an Ace crusher. Lariat duel, ending with ANOTHER Ace crusher. Homicide strings together a flurry of lariats and finally pins Samoa Joe at 24:25.

Rating – *** –
It picked up as it went along but the first 10 minutes were brutally bad. Anybody that says the TNA guys don’t sometimes phone it in on ROH shows needs to watch the lethargic, almost disinterested style of the initial stages of this match and compare it to Do Or Die or Generation Next. That being said, despite being in total “house show” mode they put together a decent, basic story and followed it through to the finish with Homicide punishing the injured neck with his lariat. It remains, however, a very disappointing match and Cide’s first weekend as champion has been a real bust.

Nigel McGuinness (in lame stare-off camera mode) promises to finish with Jimmy Rave during the Fifth Year Festival. He also tells Samoa Joe to beware of Takeshi Morishima…who’s coming soon.

Joe and Cide reflect on their match together. Now that he’s failed in his bid to become ROH Champion again Joe is returning his attention to NOAH – and he only has so much time left to settle that score. Meanwhile Homicide says he’ll defeat Jimmy Rave in New York, then take on challengers from all over the world. That’s the most logical promo Homicide has cut in years…

Tape Rating – ** –
Ring Of Honor completes a low key return to action in 2007. Like Dedicated, this show was another modest effort. It’s not a bad show by any means. The wrestling is consistently good, the crap is minimal too. But Joe/Homicide was disappointing – and that’s the marquee match. Whitmer/Jacobs wasn’t their best effort. Rave/Nigel was spoiled by a bad finish. Briscoes/Pitbulls wasn’t as good second time round. So whilst it’s a good show, the weaknesses are apparent and there’s just not enough that stands out and screams ‘buy me’. If you’re looking to only get one of this weekend’s shows I’d say Battle Of The Icons just edges it. Sure it’s only got one 4* match – but that 6-man is the best match over the two shows, and top to bottom the card is slightly better and boasts a better World Title Match. Don’t panic though, as ROH never blows its proverbial wad in January and has the whole year to improve. Both these shows are skippable though…

Top 3 Matches

3) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Havana Pitbulls (***)

2) Jimmy Rave vs Nigel McGuinness (***)

1) Austin Aries/Roderick Strong/Jack Evans vs Delirious/Davey Richards/Shingo (****)

01/26-01/27 – Top 5 Matches

5) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Havana Pitbulls (*** – Battle Of The Icons)

4) Nigel McGuinness vs Jimmy Rave (*** – Battle Of The Icons)

3) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Austin Aries/Roderick Strong (**** – Dedicated)

2) Rocky Romero vs Davey Richards (**** – Dedicated)

1) Aries/Strong/Evans vs Delirious/Richards/Shingo (**** – Battle Of The Icons)

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