WWE Smackdown 1/7/2011

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Tucson, AZ
Announcers: Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and Matt Striker

A video promoting the double main event taking place opens up the show. Edge defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Kane in a Last Man Standing match. Also, Alberto Del Rio battles Rey Mysterio in a best two out of three falls match.

Smackdown opening video

Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and Matt Striker hype up the two matches highlighted in the video just moments ago. The Last Man Standing match will kick off the show!

Opening Contest: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge defeated Kane in a Last Man Standing match to retain the title:
Edge hammers away on Kane in the corner to kick off the title match. Kane comes back with a running clothesline in the corner and delivers a few clubbing blows to keep control of the contest. Kane nails a seated Edge with a dropkick. Edge comes off the ropes and drops Kane with a swinging neck breaker. Kane catches a charging Edge with a side slam. Edge dumps a charging Kane over the top to the floor and baseball slides Kane on the floor. Edge spears Kane off the apron and Kane hits the guard railing back first. Kane cuts Edge off on the floor with a throat thrust. Kane drops Edge throat first across the guard railing as well. Their has been a few counts by the referee, but both men have gotten up before the count of six. Kane sends Edge into the guard railing as they battle up towards the side of the entrance ramp. Edge manages to send Kane into the guard railing chest first and they brawl backstage. Kane sends Edge face first into a water fountain and continues to hammer away on the champ. Kane tosses Edge into a gated concession stand. They have brawled to the second level where Kane attempts a choke slam but Edge battles out and they brawl up the two hundred level. Edge tosses Kane into a wall as they are back near the concession area. Kane whacks Edge in the ribs with a trash can. Kane drops Edge with a throat thrust and slams Edge face first into a table. Kane walks over to a set of steps and pulls a fan out of his wheelchair. Kane puts Edge in the wheelchair and goes to send Edge down the steps but Edge gets out of the wheelchair. Edge connects with a yakuza kick to knock Kane back down. They continue to brawl near the steps as Smackdown goes to commercial. Kane tosses Edge back over to the ringside area as the show is back from commercial. Kane goes to the announcers table and takes off the top layer. Edge is able to send Kane shoulder first into the ring steps, stopping Kane’s offense. Kane gets to his feet at the count of eight. Edge rolls Kane back into the ring and heads to the top rope. Edge leaps off but is met with a throat thrust in midair! Kane scoop slams Edge as the champ gets to his feet well before the count of ten. Kane heads to the top rope looking for a leaping clothesline but Edge moves out of the way. Kane turns around and Edge plants Kane with a jumping DDT! Both men are up by the count of eight. Edge charges towards Kane but is met with a choke slam! Edge gets up at the count of nine. Edge falls to the floor but Kane quickly follows and sends Edge face first into the ring steps. Kane tosses the ring steps apart and looks for a tombstone onto the steps but Edge gets out of it and slams Kane backwards onto the steps! Kane gets to his feet at the count of nine! Edge waits for Kane to turn around and goes for the spear but is met with a big boot from Kane! Kane grabs Edge and choke slams Edge through the announcers table! Edge uses Striker to get to his feet at the count of nine, and Kane is livid! Kane grabs three chairs and toss them all into the ring. Kane has a chair on the top rope but is met with a chair shot from Edge! Kane falls off the top and crashes into the ring. Edge whacks Kane on the legs with the chair a couple of times. Kane is limping around and is met with a spear from Edge! Edge rolls to the floor and places a chair under Kane’s leg. Edge smashes another chair across Kane’s leg! Kane tries to use the ropes for leverage but falls back down to the mat. Edge retains the championship! **¾

Backstage, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler are walking towards the ring for a WWE Intercontinental Championship match.

Second Contest: Kofi Kingston defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler to win the title:
Kofi kicks Ziggler in the midsection and hammers away on the champ in the corner for a few moments. Kofi runs into a big boot from Ziggler who clubs away on Kofi to keep the advantage. Ziggler misses a running attack in the corner and is met with a double kick to the face. Kofi misses a big splash off the top rope and crashes to the mat. Ziggler connects with a neck breaker and gets a two count on Kofi. Ziggler has a sleeper hold on Kofi for a few moments but Kofi gets out of it with a few elbows. Ziggler stops Kofi with a boot to the gut but misses another splash in the corner. Kofi double chops Ziggler twice and follows up with a dropkick. Ziggler rolls Kofi up but only manages a near fall. Leaping clothesline by Kofi and delivers a double leg drop on Ziggler! Kofi misses the Trouble in Paradise and Ziggler has a sleeper hold on Kofi! Kofi gets out of the hold with a jawbreaker! Kofi with the SOS and nearly wins the championship! Kofi heads to the top rope but is cut off by Ziggler. Ziggler attempts a superplex but Kofi hangs onto the top rope and drops Ziggler face first to the mat! Kofi leaps off the top connecting with a cross body and wins the title! ***
After the match, Ziggler attacks Kofi connecting with the Zig Zag and leaves the new champion laying. Vickie Guerrero gets on the microphone and says that Teddy Long is not in the arena tonight. Guerrero declares that Ziggler gets a rematch right now! Ziggler rubs Kofi face first into the mat for a few moments as the match has been restarted. Kofi nails Ziggler with the Trouble in Paradise and retains the championship!

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler tells Vickie Guerrero that the rematch she ordered was a boneheaded thing to do. Guerrero is livid at Ziggler for losing to Kofi two times. Ziggler leaves telling Guerrero that maybe she needs to find a new boyfriend. Guerrero screams like a maniac to close out the segment.

RAW Rebound highlighting what happened this past week on RAW.

Backstage, Kelly Kelly is walking until Drew McIntyre walks over and wishes her luck in her match. Drew talks about his number one contender match later tonight and asks for Kelly’s support for his match. Kelly walks away after saying thanks.

Michael Cole talks about the return of Tough Enough, which will be on USA starting in the spring.

Before the next match, Vickie Guerrero changes the triple threat match to a four way match by adding Dolph Ziggler to the match!

Third Contest: Dolph Ziggler defeated Big Show, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes in a number one contenders match:
Show is cornered by his three opponents. Show tosses Drew over the top rope and head butts Rhodes and Ziggler. Show scoop slams Ziggler and side slams Rhodes for a two count. Show chops Ziggler up against the ropes and chops Rhodes in the corner. Show knocks Drew off the apron back to the floor. Show works on Rhodes with a right hand and drops Rhodes with a elbow drop neck breaker for a near fall. Show lifts Ziggler up and tosses Ziggler down to the mat for another two count. Show again tosses Drew over the top where Drew flips out. Show rubs his face into Rhodes face in the corner. Show chops Rhodes again in the corner before going back to Ziggler. Show connects with a leg drop but only gets a near fall as Rhodes broke up the count. Drew continues to fail to enter the ring. Show misses a chop in the corner on Ziggler and is double teamed by Rhodes and Ziggler, briefly. Show manages to toss Ziggler and Rhodes over the top to the floor. Show turns his attention to Drew and works on Drew with chops and head butts. Show is sent face first into the ring post by Drew. All three heels pile onto Show and send Show crashing through the guard railing as Smackdown goes to commercial! Rhodes slams Ziggler off the top rope and gets a near fall. Rhodes heads to the top rope and attempts a moonsault but Drew shoves Rhodes off and onto Show on the floor! Drew hammers away on Ziggler in the corner. Drew stomps Ziggler in the face but is met with a few right hands from Rhodes. Rhodes clotheslines Drew to the floor and trades right hands with Ziggler. Drew is back in the ring and clotheslines both Rhodes and Ziggler. Show is back up and trips Drew on the apron. Show knocks both Rhodes and Ziggler down in the ring. Show backdrops Rhodes and connects with a running back splash and shoulder block on Rhodes. Ziggler runs into a spine buster as Show signals for a choke slam. However, Wade Barrett runs into the ring and chop blocks Show! Barrett attacks Show with a series of right hands before leaping off the middle rope with a elbow drop! Barrett leaves Show laying. Rhodes springboards off the middle rope kicking Show in the face but only gets a near fall. Ziggler rolls into the ring and plants Show with the Zig Zag! Ziggler covers but Show powers out at two! Drew enters and plants Show with the Future Shock but again Show kicks out! Drew leaps off the middle rope but is caught by Show and tossed over the top rope. Ziggler tricks Rhodes into helping him attack Show and plants Rhodes with the Zig Zag to win the match! ***¼
After the match, Ziggler celebrates his win with Vickie Guerrero while Big Show is left disappointed in the ring.

Ezekiel Jackson is coming soon to Smackdown!

Fourth Contest: Michelle McCool defeated Kelly Kelly:
McCool backs Kelly into a corner and stomps away on Kelly briefly. Kelly boots McCool and uses her legs for a modified tarantula. Kelly punches Layla on the floor but is attacked by McCool back in the ring. McCool works on Kelly with kicks in the corner and wraps Kelly’s leg across the middle rope. Kelly connects with a head scissors takedown and attempts her finisher but McCool plants Kelly with the Fame Breaker. McCool covers Kelly and wins the bout. ½*
After the match, Layla and McCool plant Kelly with a double face buster. Drew McIntyre enters the ring and tells McCool and Layla to leave the ring. Drew checks on Kelly to close out the segment.

Before the next match, Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo. Del Rio talks about his destiny of winning the Royal Rumble and being in the main event at Wrestle Mania. Del Rio assures the fans that he will kick Rey Mysterio’s ass tonight.

Main Event: Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. in a best two out of three falls match:
First Fall:
Del Rio kicks Rey on the left knee to get the quick advantage. Del Rio sends Rey into the corner a few times before choking Rey. Del Rio runs into a big boot in the corner but boots Rey in the midsection to regain control. Rey head scissors Del Rio onto the middle rope but can’t hit the 619 as Del Rio gets out of the way. Del Rio quickly locks in the cross arm breaker and wins the first fall in under three minutes! Del Rio 1, Mysterio 0.

Second Fall:
Del Rio has a arm lock on Rey until Rey breaks free and comes off the ropes where Del Rio connects with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Del Rio runs into a big boot but sends Rey under the bottom rope to the floor. Rey quickly gets to the apron and connects with a nice springboard head scissors. Del Rio runs into a back elbow in the corner but gets a cross arm breaker on Rey! Rey is able to roll over and has a pin on Del Rio but only gets a two count! Rey sets Del Rio up for the 619 but Del Rio gets out of it, however, Rey manages to roll Del Rio up to win the second fall. Del Rio 1, Mysterio 1.

Third Fall:
Del Rio has control of Rey with a arm lock until Rey kicks his way out of the hold. Del Rio kicks Rey in the ribs to stop any momentum Rey was trying to get. Del Rio sends Rey chest first into the corner and gets a two count. Del Rio crotches Rey on the top rope and tries to yank off Rey’s mask. Rey elbows Del Rio down to the mat and leaps off connecting with a diving head butt to Del Rio’s chest! Rey goes for the cover but only manages to get a near fall. Rey nails Del Rio with several knee strikes and comes off the ropes with cross body but only gets a near fall on the cover. Del Rio stops Rey with a double knee breaker to Rey’s arm but only gets a near fall! Rey elbows out of a fireman’s carry and plants Del Rio with a body scissors into a tornado DDT! Rey goes for the cover but Del Rio somehow kicks out at two! Del Rio trips Rey on the top rope and Rey ends up in the tree of woe. Del Rio dropkicks Rey and heads to the middle rope looking for a suplex to the floor. Rey battles out, but Del Rio drops Rey left arm across the top rope. Del Rio sends Rey shoulder first into the corner and goes for a running attack but Rey dropkicks Del Rio on the knee. Rey nails Del Rio with the 619 and Del Rio crashes to the floor. Rey leaps off the top and takes both Del Rio and his announcer out with a cross body! Rey tries to get back into the ring but is held by Del Rio’s announcer. Del Rio ends up winning by a count-out! Del Rio: 2, Mysterio: 1. ***
After the match, Rey is pissed at Rodriquez, who runs away from Rey. Rey ends up attacking Rodriquez near the aisle way with several kicks. Rey sends Rodriquez into the ring and connects with the 619 as Del Rio just watches from the top of the aisle way. Rey follows up with a body splash off the top rope onto Rodriquez.

The announcers talk about what happened on this weeks show. Also, it is announced that Wade Barrett will compete against Big Show next week.

Rey Mysterio stands tall in the ring to close out the broadcast.

End of show

My Take:
Edge/Kane had a decent last man standing match. More times than not last man standing matches are boring considering the ten count usually drags on, but the referee actually did a good job of having a consistent count to keep the match going. It wasn’t’ a bad match by any means, so if you like brawls with a few good spots in the mix, you’d like this match. I was entertained by it.

Kofi/Ziggler was a good match despite not getting much time. Wasn’t a fan of Ziggler losing a rematch so quickly, but whatever. His luck would change moments later. I haven’t watched Smackdown in quite sometime, so it was a pleasant surprise to see those two guys put on a good show.

I thought the four way match was good match as well. The action was pretty fast and that is considering the Big Show being in the match. Ziggler, Rhodes and Drew are very much the future of Smackdown. Speaking of Rhodes, I used to think the guy was annoying, but he has become a very good heel and a much improved wrestler. Wade Barrett coming over to Smackdown doesn’t interest me all that much. To the best of my knowledge, their isn’t any kind of history between himself and Show, so that was a random attack. Lastly, I am 100% behind a Ziggler main event push. I fully expect him to have good matches with Edge in the near future. Nice to see Smackdown elevating new talent!

Divas match was simple and to the point. That’s fine with me.

The first two falls were pretty quick in the main event, but I guess that works out fine since the third fall was given roughly ten minutes. I didn’t like the finish all that much, though. Seemed like a finish from the 1980’s to keep Mysterio strong. Back then, at least from what I have read, their were plenty of count out victories. I was hoping for Del Rio to get a clean win over Rey as he marches towards his destiny to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I wonder where Rey will go from here if this is indeed the “last encounter” with Del Rio (which I strongly doubt). A good match, as well.

Overall, this was a very good Smackdown to kick off their year. Aside from the divas match, everything was very entertaining. Plus, I didn’t have to deal with a 15-20 minute promo. A lot of wrestling makes me a happy viewer. Good job Smackdown!

Thanks for reading.

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