144 ROH The Battle Of St. Paul 4/27/2007

ROH 144 – The Battle Of St Paul – 27th April 2007

I haven’t heard an awful lot about this show – either praise or criticism. Tomorrow nights Cabana farewell show Good Times Great Memories is garnering lots of positive reviews and maybe people are skipping over this one to get to it. That could mean this DVD could fall into the “B-show syndrome” category, or could be one of those underrated gems that I just can’t believe more people haven’t seen. The card isn’t bad. The ROH and FIP championships are defended in good looking matches (Morishima/Aries and Strong/Daniels). Ultimate Endurance for the Tag Titles. Mark Briscoe, BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Rave are all back from injury and the Chikara crew debut too. Obviously we’re in St Paul, MN. Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard call it.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (18/04/07) – All highlights from Long Island and Edison.

PPV ANNOUNCEMENT – Check out the DVD extras to see ROH President Carey Silkin officially announce that ROH tapes its first pay-per-view on May 12th in Manhattan, and some of the talent you’ll see perform. There’s a swish video package to go with it too.

Austin Aries points out that by putting his famous finishing combo together he was able to end the reign of dominant World Champion Samoa Joe. He thinks he has what it takes to make history repeat itself, end Morishima’s run with the belt and become the first 2-time ROH Champion.

Dangerous Angels vs Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew

SHIMMER Tag action to get us started. If this match was taking place in SHIMMER I’d be excited about it since all four are talented when they’re given time to express themselves. The Angels are Allison Danger and Sara Del Rey, and they’ve already put a couple of victories together in ROH competition. It’s the first time that we’ve seen the established Home Wreckers team though, and I’m interested to see whether they’ll get home-town support from the crowd. They are Lacey and Rain, and you’ll notice the injured Jimmy Jacobs accompanying them to the ring.

For anyone that’s never seen Rain before…she’s basically exactly the same as Lacey, only slightly less loud. The Home Wreckers are working heel despite being the home towners. Danger and Del Rey dominate the opening, with Sara getting a 2-count following a crossbody to both her opponents. Danger full-on b*tchslaps Lacey and hangs her in the bottom rope for the Curb Kick. She tries to shoulder tackle Lacey in the ropes but Rain makes the save with a spear. That’s a cue for the balance of the match to shift in favour of the Home Wreckers. They use some well-placed double-team moves to isolate Allison. Rain goes for the Rain Drop but it’s blocked, allowing Danger to make the hot tag to Del Rey. The American Angel absolutely batters Rain with big kicks to the chest, but she soon falls foul of more double-teaming. Rolling lungblowers from Lacey and Rain get 2. Sara is up to it though. ROYAL BUTTERFLY ON BOTH HOME WRECKERS! That was really impressive. Rain hits a TORNADO lungblower on Sara, and as Danger hits the ropes Jimmy Jacobs sweeps her legs. Lacey hits the Implant DDT and the MHWC end the Dangerous Angels’ undefeated streak at 09:36.

Rating – ** –
Good opening match, and it takes it’s place amongst the best female matches in ROH history. They worked the tag formula well, and anyone that has read a few reviews of mine before will know what a big fan I am of Lacey’s in-ring work. I think the Home Wreckers are a really good team so I was pleased to see them win. When they wear matching gear they’re harder to tell apart than the Briscoes though.

We’re all set for a Do Or Die match between Michael Elgin (who looks like Rhyno and comes out to The Offspring’s ‘Original Pranksta’) and ROH wrestling school graduate Rhett Titus (who is the self-proclaimed ‘Sexiest Man Alive). Elgin looks a little chunky (as did Rhyno back in the day) and Titus sucks at his gimmick. The highlight of their exchanges is the crowd desperately chanting for the Gore. Anyway, their match is interrupted by the return of Jimmy Rave who comes in to beat them both up. Rave gets a massive pop by the way. He decides he wants a match with Elgin so it’s on.

Jimmy Rave vs Michael Elgin

As Dave Prazak points out on commentary, Rave is returning from his broken jaw 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Is he just a freakishly fast healer, or is he rushing this return a little? He’s been out of action since Fifth Year Festival Finale when Nigel broke his jaw with the Rebound Lariat…which was then renamed the Jawbreaker Lariat in his honour.

Jimmy starts out hard but Elgin is a big guy and stands toe to toe with him. Reverting to type, Rave cheats and pulls the hair to get an advantage. Elgin comes back with a slingshot elbow strike, with the crowd still BEGGING him to hit a Gore. Rave even heels up on that by stealing Elgin’s pop and hitting a Gore-like spear. Undeterred, Elgin gets 2 with a beautiful German suplex. Rave has had enough and goes after the leg. Heel Hook applied, and Elgin taps at 02:50.

Rating – * –
That was actually pretty fun considering its length. Elgin looked surprisingly decent, although it’s hard to see what he would offer if given a permanent roster spot. He hit his spots well, but looked rather devoid of charisma. It was entertaining watching the crowd beg him to Gore Jimmy though. It’s nice to have Jimmy Rave back on the roster and interesting to see where he goes now. The Embassy is gone, he lost his feud with Nigel and has already lost World Title matches. There are also better heels than him in the midcard with guys like Hero and Davey Richards. Judging from the St Paul crowd, he could feasibly be turned face…but as 2003 showed, face Jimmy Rave sucks.

Jimmy Jacobs is in the back now. The ROH students come in to ask him what Lacey was like in bed but he reacts angrily and storms off in as stormy a fashion as one can manage whilst on crutches.

Shingo vs BJ Whitmer

This certainly should be a slug-out between two of the roster’s heavyweights. Shingo has an ROH Title match with Takeshi Morishima tomorrow night in Chicago so wants to get some momentum going. Whitmer is returning to the roster after taking a couple of shows off to recover from a neck injury he suffered in the Steel Cage with Jacobs at Supercard Of Honor 2.

Obviously these two are well-matched physically, but it’s Whitmer who gets an early advantage with a jumping heel kick then a spinebuster. Shingo shakes off some elbows to the neck and takes BJ down with a gutbuster/DDT combo. Whitmer tries to leapfrog him but gets caught and powerbombed. Shingo looks to be in control but BJ manages to force him out of the ring and capitalises by nailing a tope suicida. Shingo goes for a Shingo Lariato but Whitmer counters into an exploder suplex onto the concrete floor. Back inside Shingo comes back with his Gallon Throw then the SHINGO LARIATO for 2. BLOOD FALL GETS 2! BJ dumps him with a German suplex then takes it upstairs. EXPLODER SUPERPLEX! Whitmer follows up with a lariat of his own for 2. Wrist Clutch Exploder blocked so instead they have a LARIAT DUEL! LAST FALCONRY! Shingo wins at 10:01.

Rating – *** –
Ten minutes of stiff, head-dropping, lariat-throwing fun. What’s not to like? There’s nothing clever about this match and I’m sure the purists will have something negative to say about the lack of selling or needless brutality, but lets face it. The majority of fans in St Paul thought it was fun, as did, I’d wager, a decent proportion of the DVD audience too. Despite no official announcement this is actually Shingo’s final weekend as a full-time member of the roster and he’ll be missed. He’s never cracked the main event scene but his ability to put on commendable little midcard bouts like this has been a valuable asset throughout his tenure here.

Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Gran Akuma/Hallowicked vs Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw vs Pelle Primeau/Mitch Franklin – ROH Tag Title Ultimate Endurance Match

This is a hotly anticipated match. For one thing it’s the first defence of the Briscoes’ latest reign as ROH Tag champions. Mark Briscoe was injured the night they won them from Shingo and Naruki Doi in Detroit but makes his in-ring return tonight. To prove that the loss to Doi and Shingo in their first defence in Liverpool was a fluke, the Briscoes have lined up three opposition teams to prove their dominance over in Ultimate Endurance. The ROH school grad team of Primeau and Franklin are joined by a quartet from the Chikara school/promotion. Mike Quackenbush makes his LONG-awaited ROH debut. He was initially pencilled in for the very first show in February 2002 but withdrew because he didn’t want to work with Xavier. The other three are guys he’s trained at his Chikara dojo. Jigsaw and Hallowicked are the masked competitors. Akuma used to wear a mask too but has dropped that over time. I’ve seen him work a hell of a match with Low Ki in IWA-MS, and Quack, Jig and Wicked have big reputations too. ROH fans have wanted to see some Chikara representation (outside of Hero/Claudio) for some time and hopefully they’ll add some variety to the undercard. The rules are simple. It’s an elimination match – first fall is a Submission match, second is Scramble rules, and the two teams left at the end compete for the Tag Titles.

Pelle and Mitch look like midgets. Really greasy, unwashed midgets. Jigsaw drops Pelle with a Gory Driver and tags in Quack to a big big pop. Primeau/Quackenbush is the biggest mis-match you’ll ever see, and Mike effortlessly has his way with his opponent on the mat. ‘Quackenbush is probably the better ground wrestler’ – Leonard. Credit to Primeau, he works damn hard to avoid looking totally out of his depth (even though he is). Franklin dives in to help his partner but tries a pin despite a) it being submissions and b) he’s not the legal man. Not one to learn his lesson, Mitch tries to pin Hallowicked too. Primeau tries to explain the rules to him, but behind Mitch’s back the Briscoes have come in and they demolish him. Jay hits the easiest gorilla press DVD he’ll ever nail in his life. Pelle saves Franklin when Briscoe locks in the Stretch Plum…so Jay and Mark launch him into the sky just like they did when he was dressed as an elf at Final Battle 2006. Stretch Plum again, and Franklin taps at 06:34. The Scramble match starts and the Chikara guys are in their element here. Quack and Jigsaw show off some impressive double teams, then Quackenbush takes out the Wicked/Akuma team by himself. Finally Akuma manages to catch Mike with a sit-out powerbomb then a Code Red (Yoshi-tonic) for 2. The Briscoes return and go to town on Hallowicked until Wicked hits a Rydien Bomb on Mark. Akuma misses a moonsault but pops up to throw kicks at Mark…who drops him on his head with the urinage. CUT-THROAT LEG DROP! Akuma is pinned eliminating his team at 10:22, so it’s the Briscoes against Quack/Jigsaw for the belts. The champs drop Jig on his face with a big boot/Stroke combo and set about wearing him down and keeping him away from Quackenbush in the corner. Finally Jigsaw connects with a big superkick and makes the hot tag. Quack hits a frankensteiner on Mark then goes for the submission with an inverted cloverleaf. Jigsaw flies over his partner to wipe out both Briscoes with a double missile dropkick. TOTAL ELIMINATION on Quack! The Briscoes connect with the SPRINGBOARD DOOMSDAY DEVICE! It’s over and they retain at 16:33.

Rating – *** –
Arguably the best Ultimate Endurance match ever. It was easily the most well-booked and well-executed. Obviously the main point of the match was to put the Briscoes over, have them charge through three teams and look near-invincible in the process before their big match against Shelley and Sabin tomorrow night. That mission was accomplished, and there was lots of fun along the way. The first fall had good comedy value watching the ROH students get outworked by all 6 other guys. The Scramble, though brief, was an excellent example of what the Chikara guys are capable of too. It’s not a must-see match but it was something a little different than we’ve been seeing in ROH midcards recently. I didn’t think any of the four debutants looked out of place.

Adam Pearce/Brent Albright vs Homicide/Colt Cabana – No DQ Match

With no Jim Cornette on these shows either, the Homicide/Cornette feud that was reignited during Wrestlemania weekend is rapidly running out of steam again. Here Pearce and the hired gun Brent Albright take on Cide and Colt Cabana. Cabana and Homicide respect each other after their epic feud in 2005/6 and considering Colt has issues with Pearce that’s enough of a basis for a team. This is Cabana’s (and Homicide’s – although we didn’t know that yet) penultimate ROH match.

The heels try to jump the gun during the Cabana-Cide entrance but they soon find themselves getting beaten down. Homicide gets a run up for his obligatory tope con hilo, and Colt brings the comedy by getting too scared to hit a top rope crossbody…so comes off the apron instead. There’s no rules so none of the competitors are in a rush to get back into the ring, instead preferring to brawl off through the crowd. Homicide hiptosses Pearce through a row of chairs then stomps on his balls for good measure. The camera stays with the Pearce/Homicide fight so I don’t know what’s going on with Cabana and Albright. Cide whacks Scrap Iron with a DVD from the merch stand which is vaguely amusing. Those two come back to ringside as we cut to a great scene of Colt amidst a sea of people, swinging a chair – I guess in the direction of Albright. Shane Hagadorn tries to hit Homi with a chair but succeeds only in smacking Pearce. Cide lays him out on a table…and comes from the top rope to put him through it. Back into the ring with the faces hitting simultaneous missile dropkicks, and after that they go on a tear and take it to their opponents. Homicide blocks Albright’s Half Nelson suplex…but Brent counters the Homicide Lariat with the Crowbar. Colt saves so Brent hits him with the 61-Knee. Flying leg drop from Pearce gets 2. Hagadorn throws a section of guardrail into the ring…and Homicide brings his own weaponry with a ladder. Albright strikes first by swinging Cide into the railing. HALF NELSON SUPLEX on Cabana…and it’s over at 13:35.

Rating – *** –
I’m usually very negative about the typical ROH “we hate each other so we’ll brawl through the crowd then back to the ring” matches. Generally I find them pretty dull. But you know what, this one was pretty good. The crowd was red-hot which really helped, and I thought all four men were a lot more energetic than say…the Homicide/Albright match from This Means War 2. I have a lot of respect for Colt Cabana. The guy is putting everyone over on his way out of ROH. Delirious and Brent Albright will both benefit from getting pinfall victories over him.

Homicide snatches some heat back by Cop Killa-ing Hagadorn after the match. How many times has he done that now? He then drags Shane back to the ring so Cabana can give him the Colt 45.

INTERMISSION – Becky chats to the Briscoes. She has NO idea what the Zero-One Jr. Heavyweight tag belts are called. Jay and Mark say they will beat the Machine Guns tomorrow night, then Castagnoli and whoever he finds to team with him too.

Erick Stevens vs Rocky Romero vs Delirious vs Jack Evans

You almost feel sorry for Rocky in this one. It’s a four corner survival and all three of his opponents have a grudge against him. Erick Stevens is the newest member of Austin Aries’ Resilience faction who are at war with the No Remorse Corps, of which Romero is a part. The NRC have also maliciously attacked Jack Evans and Delirious over the past couple of months and they’ll be looking for vengeance too. Will he survive against three guys, or will his opponents end up fighting each other to get to him?

Predictably Romero isn’t too keen to start the match so it’s Stevens/Delirious to kick off. Erick manhandles Delirious but that doesn’t stop him and all his weirdness. Delirious manages to knock the rookie off his feet with the leaping lariat but Stevens is up quickly with a nice powerslam. With Delirious down Rocky is much happier getting into the ring and announces his arrival with a nice kick to the sternum. He cheaply kicks Jack in the legs, then weasels out of the ring again so it’s Evans in with Stevens. Once again Erick is able to throw the smaller man around, and once again Romero tags his way into the match once the smaller man has been put down. Jack flips into a tag to Stevens, and this time Romero doesn’t have much choice but to face him. Rocky connects with some quick strikes but Erick stands tall and sends him to the floor with a belly to belly suplex. Romero isn’t beaten up enough to fall victim to the Choo Choo yet though. Evans tries to snatch a win with a standing SSP, which is basically a cue for Stevens to dominate both the little guys. He drops Jack with a vicious two-handed chokeslam then squashes him with the Choo Choo Avalanche. He grabs Evans again and German suplexes him OVER the ropes to the floor. Romero victory rolls Erick into an Anklelock…but Delirious breaks it with a missile dropkick. Romero blocks the Doctor Bomb and Delirious capitalises again…with a Shadows Over Hell onto both of them. Cobra Stretch blocked and Rocky gets 2 with a jumping DDT. Delirious tries a flying headscissors but gets powerbombed into Romero. Jack returns with the Ong Jak knee drop…then takes the big Stevens powerslam for 2. SUICIDE FLIP from Delirious. That leaves Romero and Evans in the ring. HEAD DROP TIGER SUPLEX! KNOCK OUT KICK! Evans is toast and Rocky picks up the win in 15:28.

Rating – *** –
Basically your standard 4CS, but there was enough talent involved to make it work, and the chemistry with 3 guys all wanting a piece of Romero meant it was never dull. Erick Stevens shone once again and spent the majority of the match in the ring…which again helped the match as he is the newest guy on the ROH scene meaning the fans are less burnt out on him than they are on say Delirious. Incidentally, that was a legit KO kick by Romero at the end. Jack was concussed by it.

Roderick Strong vs Christopher Daniels – FIP Heavyweight Title Match

This one has the potential to be a decent match. I’m sure these two have wrestled somewhere before but I can’t remember ever having seen it. Strong is desperate to make the FIP Title a legitimate, credible belt. He defended it in England to make it a “World” title (although I’m not acknowledging it as such) and has beaten a number of decent challengers, including Austin Aries in an outstanding match at Supercard Of Honor 2. Beating the Fallen Angel, who has been a star on the independent circuit for a long time will only add to the credibility of his title reign and the FIP Championship.

Daniels offers a handshake before this match. Once again the inconsistencies about whether he’s heel or face rear their head. His beard is bad ass however (but I’m still not sure about the facepaint). He’s the fan-favourite by default in this one anyway I suppose. Daniels spends the opening minutes frustrating his younger opponent showing off all his years of experience. He repeatedly goes to a side headlock which does a good job of wearing down and dominating Strong. He hits the Arabian press for 2, then goes back to the headlock once again. The pace quickens and the fight goes to the apron. Daniels tries an Angels Wings to the floor but it’s Roderick that manages to drop him back-first onto the hard ring-edge. Showing NO REMORSE, Strong attacks the back on the floor, with backbreakers over the guardrails and shunts into the ringpost, apron and railings doing substantial damage. Weirdly Strong does a Scott Steiner bicep-kissing elbow drop then the push-up pose. Is that some kind of shot at a TNA storyline? Time is approaching 10 minutes and it’s Roddy in charge and softening up the back for his finishers. The punishing assault on the back continues until Daniels manages to hit a running STO which signals the start of a flurry of offence on his part. He sends Strong out of the ring for an ARABIAN PRESS TO THE FLOOR! But obviously he’s sustained a lot of damage and that takes it’s toll on his body as well. Urinage backbreaker by Roderick to quash the Fallen Angel’s big comeback, and he keeps it coming with the monster fallaway slam from the second rope for 2. Daniels tries the BME but Roderick moves aside and counters with a powerbomb backbreaker. Fallen Angel still finds a way to fight the half nelson backbreaker but Roddy launches himself from the second rope into a Sick Kick for 2. STRONGHOLD! The challenger is in a world of pain but drags himself to the ropes. Gibson Driver blocked and Daniels slaps on the Koji Clutch! Roderick tries to flee the ring but Daniels senses the momentum turning in his favour and gives chase. That’s a mistake as Rod is able to throw him into the back-first into the railing. Strong pitches him into the ringpost as well, then drags out a guardrail section much as we’ve seen him use against Delirious in the past. They have a battle standing over it…and whilst blocking the Angels Wings Roderick manages to lodge Daniels’ foot in the barrier. He nips into the ring just before the 20-count (it’s an FIP Title match) to retain the belt at 23:34.

Rating – *** –
The finish was a tad disappointing, purely because after such a well-told, gruelling match centred around Strong’s assault on Daniels’ back, I wanted the finish to involve that. I understand that politics would suggest that Daniels, as a prominent member of the TNA roster, couldn’t job clean here, but they could’ve least done the Gibson Driver on the guardrail spot to cause the count-out. Last 5 seconds aside that was a really good match, and a reminder of why Chris Daniels would be amazing in ROH if it was his primary focus. The guy is such a good worker. Despite the fact he’s been heel for a couple of months, and without doing a great deal outside his usual antics, he and Roddy put together a really good straight-up wrestling match. Definitely his best singles match in months.

Once more Jimmy Jacobs tries to cut a promo, but this time Adam Pearce, Brent Albright and Shane Hagadorn interrupt. They want to know what Lacey is like in bed too. Scrap Iron cuts a great little promo on facing Colt Cabana in his last ROH match tomorrow night.

Takeshi Morishima vs Austin Aries – ROH World Title Match

I’m at quite a loss to explain what it is that Aries has done to deserve a title shot. Still, this should be a great match. Aries is super-over everywhere, and that can only increase in Minnesota, the state where he trained to become a wrestler. One of Aries’ career-defining moments was Final Battle 2004, when he put together his famed combo of finishers and ended the historic World title reign of Samoa Joe. He’ll be looking to do the same thing again against another dominant champion. Morishima has survived BJ Whitmer, KENTA and Nigel McGuinness, but has a tough weekend of defences lined up. If he survives Double A tonight he’s faced with Dragon Gate’s Shingo in Chicago tomorrow.

Aries literally sprints out of the gate and pummels Morishima in the corner. He tries to use his speed to his advantage but it takes him well over a minute of non-stop strikes to get Morishima down. Mori on the other hand is able to drop Austin with a single flying ass attack. He rattles Aries’ skull by booting him off the apron into the guardrail, effectively killing all of the challenger’s early momentum. The size difference between the two is startling – Mori looks as big as two Aries’ as he sledgehammers him with forearms against the ropes. Austin rolls to the floor and lies in a heap trying to catch a breather. Unfortunately Shima simply follows him and launches him into the railings. Back inside and it’s time for my favourite move in wrestling at the moment – the rolling ASS TO THE FACE! Aries manages to low bridge Morishima and get him on the floor again, then brings the crowd to their feet by racing to hit the Heat Seeking Missile. Mori tries to hit Ole Ole Butt Attacks, but fails on the second, allowing Aries to hit two running dropkicks against the guardrail. Aries thinks about trying to string together his patented finishing combo but doesn’t look capable of lifting Morishima off his feet. The champion effortlessly drops him with a Bossman Slam then flattens him in the corner with a cartwheel body avalanche. BIG MAN MISSILE DROPKICK MISSES! RINGS OF ARIES! He hasn’t used that hold regularly since 2004. He can’t force a submission though. CRUCIFIX DRIVER! Aries fires up for elbows and clotheslines…but yet again a single clothesline from Mori kills his momentum dead. KICK OF DEATH! BRAINBUSTER! 450 SPLASH! THE COMBO OF DOOM! MORISHIMA IS IN THE ROPES! Aries goes to the top but gets caught. SUPER BACK DROP DRIVER! LARIATO! ARIES KICKS OUT!! Morishima looks pissed. BACK DROP DRIVER AGAIN! It’s over at 15:05.

Rating – **** –
That was an awesome match, and for my money the best match of Mori’s reign so far. They did the time-old David vs Goliath story so very well. In particular I loved how they emphasised the size difference between the two by making Aries fight and scrape for every offensive move he could, whilst Morishima was able to dominate with ease at times. I think this is probably a better match than Joe/Aries from Final Battle 2004 to be honest. The story-telling was utterly superb.

Jimmy Jacobs vents to (his real-life ex) Becky Bayless about all the disrespectful prying into what happened between him and Lacey. The No Remorse Corps stroll in to make a few more jokes, causing Jacobs to leave in a huff for the third time on this DVD.

Tape Rating – *** –
It’s shows like this which justify criticising releases like This Means War 2 as disappointing, lacklustre “B-show” material. Whilst some shows obviously are more important than others, every ROH show costs $20 new so presenting lazy, below-par efforts on these first nights of a double shot on a regular basis just isn’t an option. This show should be a blueprint for how to pull of a successful, watchable, worth-the-money night one event. Tomorrow night is clearly the more important show – it has Cabana’s send-off, the Machine Guns in from TNA, a NOAH/Dragon Gate inter-promotional match (Morishima/Shingo), Strong/Evans II etc. But that didn’t stop this event being highly enjoyable. For a start the card was highly varied. We got womens action, spotty juniors, head-dropping heavyweights, a hardcore brawl, a solid straight-up wrestling match (Daniels/Strong) on the undercard, building to a tremendous main event. I’d say only Morishima/Aries was especially outstanding and or approaching a must-see level, but there wasn’t a bad match on the card (unless you include the Rave squash as a legit match). I’m not saying that ROH needs to go out and deliver a top-to-bottom blowaway card every single night. But shows like this prove that they are capable of producing consistent, good-quality events even when in “B-show” mode. I’d like to close by applauding the St Paul fans. I was highly critical of them after the last event there (Epic Encounter 2). There the crowd was totally dead for the whole show and it really hurt it. This time round they were on fire and contributed to a tremendous atmosphere which came through on DVD. I feel bad that ROH has since dropped the St Paul market from their circuit.

Top 3 Matches

3) Briscoes vs Primeau/Franklin vs Hallowicked/Akuma vs Quackenbush/Jigsaw (***)

2) Roderick Strong vs Christopher Daniels (***)

1) Takeshi Morishima vs Austin Aries (****)

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