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WWE Smackdown 1/14/2011

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Birmingham, AL
Announcers: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews and Matt Striker

A video promoting Smackdown’s new superstar Wade Barrett kicks off the show. Tonight, Wade Barrett squares off against the Big Show after attacking Show last week.
Smackdown opening video

Josh Matthews, Matt Striker and Michael Cole hype up the show which will see a Cutting Edge segment between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Dolph Ziggler.

Alberto Del Rio is introduced to the ring by his personal ring announcer. Del Rio calls the fans from the South “slow.” Del Rio continues to say it is his destiny to become the champion. Del Rio believes he will become the new Mr. Wrestle Mania. R-Truth makes his way out to cut off Del Rio. Truth says Del Rio has lost his mind before Royal Rumble. Truth reminds Del Rio that he can’t win the Royal Rumble with fancy cars, having a creepy ring announcer or for having destiny. Truth tells Del Rio he has to earn his victories and can’t inherit them. Truth insults Del Rio by saying he isn’t a man. Cody Rhodes music hits and Rhodes makes his way down to the ring. Rhodes says that Dashing is in the Royal Rumble and everyone else is out. Rhodes believes that if you don’t look like him, you will be tossed out of the Rumble. Rhodes makes note that he has been in three Royal Rumble matches. Rhodes tells Del Rio and Truth to look at his face as he is the man who will win the Rumble. Rey Mysterio makes his way out as well and chats about the Rumble. Mysterio says the Rumble isn’t about being a diva or having destiny. It is about beating the odds. Del Rio doesn’t want to hear Rey’s stories and is going to beat him like a dog. Rey asks how many Rumble matches Del Rio has won (Rio has never been in the match). Rhodes says that victory was so 2006 and is out of style. Rhodes steals Truth’s catchphrase and Truth ends up punching Rhodes. All four men begin to brawl in the ring. Teddy Long makes his way out and tells them to settle down, which they do. Long books a tag match that will see Rey and Truth against Del Rio and Rhodes.

Opening Contest: R-Truth/Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio/Cody Rhodes:
Rhodes and Mysterio start off the tag match. Rhodes backs Mysterio into a corner and delivers a right hand. Shoulder block by Rhodes and taunts the fans before being punched and kicked by Mysterio. Mysterio shoulder rams Rhodes in the corner and nails Rhodes with a running baseball slide dropkick to a seated Rhodes in the corner. Del Rio tags into the contest and delivers a few strikes to Mysterio’s back to gain the advantage. Del Rio kicks Mysterio across the back and gets a near fall. Mysterio elbows out of a corner but is tossed by Del Rio under the bottom rope and crashes to the floor hard. Del Rio sends Mysterio back first into the guard railing and gets a two count back in the ring. Rhodes tags into the contest and stomps away on Mysterio to keep control of the contest but that doesn’t last long. Rhodes misses a knee drop as Mysterio rolls out of the way. Rhodes stops Mysterio from getting to the top rope and goes for a superplex. Mysterio shoves Rhodes off the top and connects with a cross body but doesn’t go for the cover. Truth and Del Rio tag in, which sees Truth, control Del Rio with hip tosses and a front suplex. Truth clotheslines Del Rio over the top to the floor and dumps Rhodes to the floor. Mysterio takes both heels out with a springboard moonsault on the floor as Smackdown goes to commercial! Del Rio knees his way out of a sleeper from Truth and stomps away on Truth in the corner. Rhodes tags in and slams Truth gut first down to the canvas. Truth drop toe holds Rhodes and follows up with right hands. Truth punches Rhodes and Del Rio but is knocked down by a clothesline from Rhodes. Rhodes stomps away on Truth several times to keep the advantage. Del Rio tags back in and connects with a dropkick to a kneeling Truth for a two count. Del Rio drives Truth down to the mat with a back suplex for a near fall. Truth elbows out of a chin lock but is whipped back down to the mat by Del Rio. Rhodes tags in and cuts Truth off from tagging out. Rhodes delivers a few knee lifts to Truth’s gut and follows up with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Rhodes has a modified chicken wing submission on Truth, but that doesn’t last long. Truth plants Rhodes with an electric chair slam and both men are down. Mysterio tags in and splashes onto Rhodes. Mysterio knocks Del Rio off the apron and connects with a springboard cross body on Rhodes for a near fall. Rhodes runs into a big boot in the corner. Rhodes rolls through a roll up for a near fall, and Mysterio comes back with a roll up as well for a two count. Truth kicks Del Rio but is sent to the floor by Rhodes. Rhodes blocks a head scissors and goes for a double leg slam but Mysterio still manages to head scissors Rhodes across the middle rope. Mysterio nails Rhodes with the 619 and a springboard body splash (botched) to win the contest for his team. **1/4

The announcers hype up what we will see later on in the show.

Straight Outta Brooklyn with JTG is up next. JTG talks about CM Punk and the Nexus initiation from RAW. JTG says Husky Harris is killing him, son. JTG turns his attention to Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler is also killing him, son. That’s it.

The announcers hype up what happened to Big Show last week as he was attacked by Wade Barrett.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing with Wade Barrett. Barrett says that on RAW he was like Julius Caesar because he had so much power, people decided to rebel against him. Barrett respects Big Show and says he only goes after the biggest and baddest because anything less than that isn’t worth his time. “.. And when I am finished, you will all hail Caesar.”

A video hyping up Ezekiel Jackson’s eventual debut on Smackdown is aired.

Highlights from two weeks where ago where McIntyre planted Trent Barreta with a DDT on the floor.

Second Contest: Trent Barreta defeated Drew McIntyre:
Barreta goes after Drew with right hands but is stopped by a big boot. Drew drags Barreta to the floor and chops Barreta down to the floor. Drew says “try and disrespect me again.” Back in the ring, Drew continues to work on Barreta with several short arm clotheslines and a standing dropkick. Barreta lands on his feet on an attempted German suplex. Barreta dropkicks Drew and gets a near fall. Barreta attempts a springboard dropkick but Drew moves out of the way. Drew connects with an overhand belly to belly suplex into the corner. Barreta gets out of a military press slam and rolls Drew up for the win! ½*

Backstage, Big Show is walking to the ring for his match against Wade Barrett!

Backstage, Drew McIntyre attacks Trent Barreta until he sees Kelly Kelly. Drew tries to explain to Kelly that he was just going to ask for a rematch against Barreta. Kelly thought Drew was a nice guy after helping her last week, but she was wrong. Kelly tells Drew to grow up and walks away!

Third Contest: Big Show defeated Wade Barrett by disqualification
: Show quickly goes to work on Barrett with right hands and chops in the corner. Barrett comes off the ropes and dropkicks Show’s knee followed by several stomps and right hands. Barrett continues to work on Show’s left knee with stomps. Barrett attempts a cover but doesn’t get a one count. Show gets to his feet and goes for a choke slam but Barrett gets out of it. Show goes for another choke slam but Barrett kicks out of it. A third choke slam attempt, but Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel come into the ring and tries to hit Show but fail. Ezekiel Jackson shows up on the apron and stares at Show. Show is attacked from behind but fights off Barrett, Slater and Gabriel briefly. Jackson is in the ring and nails Show with a running clothesline. Show is attacked by all four men. Jackson scoop slams Show! Gabriel heads to the top rope and connects with a 450 splash! All four stand tall in the ring as Show is left knocked out on the canvas. ½*

The announcers go over what just happened to the Big Show.

Fourth Contest: Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool:
Long story short, Phoenix pins McCool after rolling through a rollup attempt by McCool. NR

Shawn Michaels Hall of Fame video is aired.

Backstage, Teddy Long is arguing with Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. Guerrero is trying to explain her decisions last week. Teddy gets a phone call and leaves the room to deal with the Wade Barrett situation. Ziggler tells Guerrero that Edge is going to try and break up their relationship. Ziggler apologizes for what he said last week and Guerrero accepts the apology. They end the segment by giving each other Eskimo kisses.

Backstage, WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston is walking to the ring!

Before the main event, Kofi Kingston cuts a promo saying that he tried for a long time to get back the WWE Intercontinental Championship and is proud to announce himself as the champion. Kofi feels like he had the fans behind him to help combat Vickie Guerrero in Dolph Ziggler’s corner. Kingston gets cut off by Jack Swagger who makes his way down to the ring. Swagger jokingly says he is proud of Kingston for learning something. Swagger proclaims that 2011 is the year of the All American, American. Swagger gives a public announcement about how dangerous his ankle lock is. Kingston wants Swagger to shut up and suggests he do that by beating Swagger right now! Swagger accepts.

Main Event: WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger in a non-title match:
Swagger backs Kofi into a corner but is kicked by Kofi several times. Kofi sends Swagger into a corner but runs into a double big boot and is kicked to the floor as Smackdown goes to commercial. During the break, Swagger dropped Kofi face first over the announcers table. Swagger scoop slams Kofi and has an arm bar locked in. Swagger shoves Kofi into a corner and clotheslines the champ. Swagger runs into a corner and springs off the middle rope connecting with a big splash for a near fall. Swagger whips Kofi down by the hair and stomps away on Kofi several times. Swagger tosses Kofi across the ring and taunts the fans. Swagger attempts another splash but Kofi is able to roll out of the way. Kofi struggles to his feet and moves out of the way of a splash from Swagger. Kofi hammers away on Swagger and rolls Swagger up, getting out of a power slam for a near fall. Swagger fails on a gut wrench power bomb and nearly gets nailed with the Trouble in Paradise. Swagger connects with a belly to belly suplex but only gets a near fall on the cover attempt. Swagger continues to stomp away on Kofi before going for a running powers slam. Kofi gets out of it and hits Swagger with the SOS for the win. *1/2

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge makes his way down to the ring for another edition of the Cutting Edge. Edge says that not a lot of people thought he would walk out of his Last Man Standing match in one piece, but he did. Edge puts himself over as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Edge has another monster to deal with, Vickie Guerrero. Edge introduces the new number one contender Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Edge welcomes both of them to the segment and wants them to do this professionally. Guerrero doesn’t believe there was any controversy in who Ziggler won last week. Guerrero assures Edge and the fans that Ziggler will win the championship at Royal Rumble. Edge tells Guerrero that he sees it in her eyes that Guerrero wants him but that boat has sailed. Edge insults Guerrero several times before Guerrero chimes in and mentions that she was young and naive when she was married to Edge a long time ago. She lives with regret everyday that she married Edge. Edge mentions that Guerrero is ten years older than him and has a cougar necklace on. Ziggler doesn’t want Edge to be mad that Guerrero left a zero for a hero (or something to that affect). Ziggler can’t believe that Edge wouldn’t be grateful for what Guerrero did for Edge’s career. Ziggler is going to pull the plug on Edge’s title reign and watch it flat line. Guerrero has a video to show Edge, which is from July 2008 where Edge kissed Alicia Fox before his marriage to Guerrero. Edge understands where Guerrero is coming from and suggests maybe Ziggler is a better man than him. Edge has a clip of his own, which is from two months ago where Ziggler was kissing Kaitlin on NXT. Ziggler is trying to tell Guerrero that it was a one time thing. Ziggler attacks Edge and flips out. Edge gets up and big boots Ziggler to the floor as Ziggler was checking on Guerrero. Guerrero slaps Edge several times for ruining her marriage, over two years ago. Guerrero screams in the corner as Edge goes to another corner, thinking about a spear but Guerrero laughs saying “you can’t touch me.” Edge enters the ring and takes off his coat. Edge is pulled out of the ring by Ziggler. Ziggler rams Edge into the guard railing and connects with the Zig Zag onto the ring steps! Ziggler and Guerrero make over a laid out Edge on the floor to close out the show.
End of show

My Take:
The opening segment wasn’t anything special as it was just a way to hype up the tag match. I would’ve liked to have not seen Del Rio and Mysterio in the match, though. Last week they were saying it was the last match between the two. I know it’s a tag match, but still they should move away from each other and start fresh with new opponents. The match itself was okay, I guess. Just wasn’t all that exciting to me.
Is JTG supposed to be funny? I don’t think he is funny at all.

I doubt we will see a Trent Barreta push as it seemed like this was more of a way to advance Drew’s angle with Kelly. Speaking of Kelly, I thought she did a nice job acting backstage with Drew. Usually I can’t stand how she delivers her segments but she did a nice job this week. I’m a fan of Drew as well and I think his association with Kelly will eventually turn him into a baby face. Which, I don’t think is a bad thing considering Smackdown is weak on the baby face side of things.

Not a fan of having another Nexus group on Smackdown. I would expect to see Barrett win this feud with Show and eventually get a title match, since the announcers tried to put Barrett over as the new top heel on the brand. Why is Ezekiel Jackson with Nexus, anyway? I don’t understand that. As I mentioned before, Smackdown is weak on the baby faces side of the roster and I thought Jackson would have been a fine guy to help fill a void there. Jackson will be a fine enforcer for Nexus, I suppose.

The Kofi/Swagger promo segment was delivered horribly. They just can’t carry an interview segment and it failed miserably. Their match was nothing special and was disappointing since they didn’t get much time. I think Swagger doesn’t know how transition to moves. I mean, the guy stomps his opponent an awful lot. Totally kills the match and the heat the match has. I don’t expect a lengthy feud between these two.

The Cutting Edge segment was done nicely, but Edge needs to lay off on all the humor. He is just repeating the same insults towards Vickie. Good to see Ziggler get the upper hand to close out the segment, as he needs some momentum heading into a title match that he has very little chance of actually winning.

Overall, I thought this week’s Smackdown was really a bland show. Nothing really stood out as good in terms of the matches, so I don’t recommend going out of your way to watch the show. However, the Cutting Edge segment was a good closing to the show. Not a show saver but there was entertaining parts of the show.
Thanks for reading.


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