146 ROH Reborn Again 5/11/2007

ROH 146 – Reborn Again – 11th May 2007

ROH’s last show (Good Times Great Memories) represents the end of an era for the promotion. This weekend they start a bold, brash, ambitious and risky new chapter by taping their first ever ppv at the Manhattan Center tomorrow night. It’s a brave new world for the promotion now. They’ve lost access to the TNA roster, but at the same time, the ppv deal now means they can sign up a core roster to contracts and protect themselves from future talent losses. This is doubtlessly a gamble, but ROH’s owner Cary Silkin is always pushing to move the company forward, and he sees this as a way to bring more fans to the website and buying DVD’s. And with that, tonight Ring Of Honor is Reborn…again. There’s no more Homicide, Austin Aries or Christopher Daniels, but this weekend we do have a trio of visitors from NOAH as Morishima, Marufuji and KENTA have all been flown in. This weekend also sees the much-anticipated return of Bryan Danielson. Personally I think ROH blew a big opportunity to kick the ppv off with a bang by bringing back Dragon unannounced, but whatever. The main event tonight sees the Briscoes defend their belts against World Champion Takeshi Morishima and his partner of choice – which for some reason is BJ Whitmer. KENTA/Delirious and Marufuji/Sydal should be good as well. We’re in Hartford, CT. Hosts are Lenny Leonard and Dave Prazak.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (05/05/2007) – Basically it’s all highlights of St Paul and Chicago (particularly focusing on Jimmy Rave’s comeback). It’s also got the announcement of ROH on ppv, and a video package hyping the return of the American Dragon.

Rebecca Bayless tries to welcome everyone to the show…but she’s interrupted by Bryan Danielson. Wow, ROH literally wasted NO time bringing him back at all. I suppose they are desperately low on home-grown main eventers right now. Danielson quibbles with the name ‘Reborn Again’, since nothing is going to change with him. He’s back to show everyone why he’s the best in the world.

ANNOUNCEMENT – A video package narrated by Lenny Leonard makes the announcement that the TNA guys are gone from ROH thanks to the ppv deal. As has been said before, this only really affects Aries, Homicide and Daniels (and he quit during the last show anyway). I’ve had my say on Daniels’ departure. I’m not sorry to see Homicide go either. The guy has a special place in the history books of ROH. He’s a charismatic and hard-working guy, but by winning the World Title last December, he basically accomplished all he could do. He’s been the top heel, he’s been the top face, he’s been part of the dominant faction in ROH. Bar Low Ki returning for a feud/tag team run, there was really nothing left for him to do, and moving on to new pastures isn’t a bad thing. TNA even had the class and grace to let Homicide appear at the ppv taping (in a segment that wasn’t taped for obvious reasons) to say goodbye to ROH in his hometown. It is a shame he never got an on-air farewell though. Austin Aries will be a far bigger loss. He’s in one of the major storylines right now, is consistently one of the most over guys on the roster, and TNA doesn’t really give two sh*ts about his Austin Starr character. He’s the most likely guy to return to ROH as/when he can get out of his TNA deal. There, I’ve had my say on the ppv deal/TNA shenanigans. Total Nonstop Action did nothing wrong here, and were absolutely right to remove their talent from direct competition. Let’s let the whole issue rest and look to the future.

Pelle Primeau vs Jimmy Rave

This match has been some months in the making. Back at Motor City Madness (I think), Pelle kick-started his ROH career by pinning Jimmy Rave to win a Six Man Mayhem. This was during a big slump for Rave, and he was immensely embarrassed by this defeat. Now he’s back from his jaw injury with a new mean streak, he wants revenge on Primeau for that night in Detroit.

The first thing Rave does is kick Pelle out of the ring, then slaughters him on the floor. Back inside and Primeau hits back with a Déjà vu headscissors but he’s soon getting beaten down again. He press slams poor Pelle onto an exposed turnbuckle bolt, causing him to tumble all the way out of the ring again. Rave wastes time arguing with the referee allowing Primeau to counter with a missile dropkick off the apron. He re-enters with the springboard press and gets 2 with La Magistral cradle. Unfortunately he goes for another headscissors but this time Jimmy rolls through. Heel Hook…and it’s over at 04:52.

Rating – * –
Another squash victory for Jimmy Rave. Personally I thought it went on a little long. Nobody bought that Pelle had any chance of winning, and everyone got the point that Rave was impressive and dominant following his big comeback. You could’ve shaved a minute or so off it.

The No Remorse Corps are obviously in chirpy mood. With Jack Evans knocked loopy by Rocky Romero in Chicago and Austin Aries out of the promotion, Roderick Strong proclaims himself the only original Generation Next member left standing. Davey Richards promises to end The Resilience.

Nikki Roxx vs Daizee Haze

I’m not going to pretend I’m looking forward to this one. Daizee is too sloppy and she’s never once impressed me wrestling in an ROH ring (she’s great in SHIMMER though), and Nikki Roxx is a girl I’ve never really got behind ever. Where are women like Sara Del Rey, Lacey or Cheerleader Melissa? They’re all miles above what these two are capable of.

I wonder if it’s a good omen that both women almost fell over just walking to the ring? They keep it nice and basic to start with, trading holds and making minimal errors. Nikki botches a nip up and shortly afterwards Haze starts using her speed to get an advantage. Swinging front slam from Roxx gets 2. After that she hits an inverted Samoan drop that gets a big reaction from the crowd. Barbie Crusher blocked with a Daizee facebuster. Mind Trip scores and it’s over at 05:02.

Rating – DUD –
Nothing personal against these two women, I just didn’t like the match. Whilst there were few noticeable mistakes (something that plagues Daizee Haze matches), everything just looked a little sloppy and poorly performed. Wrestling is about the suspension of disbelief, and I found it very hard to suspend mine whilst these two performed spots that looked extremely rehearsed and fake. At least it was short. I really wish ROH would invest some time in female wrestlers other than Daizee.

Sara Del Rey messes with Daizee’s head by giving her a condescending congratulatory pat on the head.

Jason Blade/Eddie Edwards vs Kevin Steen/El Generico

I’d say we look set for our third squash match in a row, but that’s not technically true. Blade and Edwards are actually coming off a victory. They beat Chris Hero and Tank Toland at Fighting Spirit so maybe they’re not the jobbers I always say they are. They’ve got a tough task ahead of them if they’re going to beat Steen and Generico, who have looked superb since re-debuting in February.

Blade gets the better of Generico in the early going, which provokes Steen to tag in and batter him. Edwards in and the Blade/Eddie team go to town on both their opponents. They get Generico isolated in the ring until Steen drags Blade out of the ring and drives him into the guardrails. That turns the tide in the favour of his team with Jason in dire need of a tag. Eventually he does get the inevitable hot tag to Edwards who manages to clear house and send both opponents to the floor. TOPE SUICIDA UP THE AISLE by Eddie! Steen hits back with a pumphandle cradlebreaker on Blade for 2. The Blade/Edwards duo hit a superkick/German suplex combo for 2. Generico’s Yakuza kick sends Edwards out. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! BRAINBUSTER! Blade is pinned at 10:19.

Rating – ** –
A fairly routine and unremarkable tag match. Kevin Steen has money written all over him at the moment. He doesn’t have the best look in the world, but he is pure charisma. His personality really lit up what would otherwise have been a forgettable encounter.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Bobby Fish

There’s not a whole lot to say about this one. Claudio is trying to rebuild his ROH career and has a Tag Title match tomorrow night on pay-per-view, although we still don’t know who his partner is. Bobby Fish is debuting tonight. He’s very similar to Eddie Edwards. He’s got NOAH experience, looks a solid hand in the ring but I’ve never really seen him show enough personality to justify a long-term spot. Claudio has a new, shorter haircut which looks much better on him than his thinning longer hair.

‘I don’t know too much about Bobby Fish’ – Dave Prazak. It’s nice to see the commentators take time to do their research. The first few minutes are total nothingness. Fish gets an advantage by stringing together a couple of nice looking suplexes. Castagnoli catches him and flips him into a backbreaker. The crowd are amusing themselves by yelling ‘FISH’ every time Bobby connects with a kick or punch. They may as well because this match is dull. Saito suplex gets Fish a 2-count, and he sends Claudio out of the ring so he can hit a somersault pescado. He gets another 2 with his version of a Shotgun Dropkick. Castagnoli hits a bicycle kick then the Match Killer. Flying knee strike by Bobby, but he misses a moonsault. Les Artess lift wins it for Claudio at 08:19.

Rating – * –
Sorry chaps, I didn’t rate this match at all. It was so bland and boring. It only went 8-minutes but it felt like far longer. Outside of the fans getting into chanting ‘FISH’, Bobby looked pretty generic too. There are loads of guys who can do what he does, and probably better.

The next segment starts with the familiar opening tones of Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’. That can mean only one thing – the return of Bryan Danielson. But in a move straight out of his trainer CM Punk’s playbook, it’s actually Shane Hagadorn coming to the ring draped in Dragon’s Jedi cape. Adam Pearce gets in on the fun by pretending to give away 2 free tickets to tomorrow night’s ppv. He says he’s signed Danielson’s open contract and we have a huge dream match tonight. It’s Dragon…vs Hagadorn. This seems like such an anti-climactic way to bring Danielson back. That “dream match” is over in minimal time as Dragon absolutely decimates Shane. Pearce is enraged by that, we get a second match, with the Scrap Daddy finally deciding to get into the ring. Danielson makes him tap out in an equally short space of time.

And having had 2 matches already tonight, the last thing Bryan Danielson would’ve wanted to see coming to the ring would be the No Remorse Corps, fronted by his old rival Roderick Strong. They try to recruit him to their group, but Dragon refuses to sell out to them. Matt Cross and Erick Stevens sprint to the ring, and we’ve got ourselves a 6-man tag.

Roderick Strong/Davey Richards/Rocky Romero vs Bryan Danielson/Matt Cross/Erick Stevens

Hopefully this goes better for The Resilience than their last 3-vs-3 match with the NRC. On that night in Long Island they lost an elimination 6-man 3-0. And they’ve suffered another major blow since then, with their leader, Austin Aries, forced to leave ROH thanks to contractual obligations elsewhere. Can they gain a measure of revenge tonight teaming with another former World Champion?

Matt Cross gets the mayhem started with a somersault dive to the floor, leading to a brawl all around ringside before the bell even rings. Davey makes buying this DVD worthwhile by shrieking in terror as Danielson grabs him. The match officially gets started with both teams jostling for the advantage, utilising frequent tags which means nobody is in the ring for too long. The NRC try to team up on Stevens but with one spinebuster to Romero he’s able to tag out to Cross. He tries to springboard only to be dropped over the ropes by Romero. Strong attacks M-Dogg on the floor provoking all six men to start brawling outside again. The Corps get the advantage again, hitting triple-team moves on Cross after hurling Danielson and Stevens into the railing. Strong annoys Dragon by putting M-Dogg into Cattle Mutilation (although it was a hideous-looking version of it). 619 by Rocky gets a 2-count and Roddy keeps the punishment coming with repeated backbreakers then a fallaway slam. Richards brings the dickhead heel character to the table, distracting the referee and drawing Cross’ partners in the ring whilst Romero and Strong cheat and choke him down in the corner. Roderick teases Danielson’s Mexican surfboard, but cuts it short to kick Matt in the scrotum. Out of nowhere M-Dogg nails a springboard double stomp on Richards…and he makes the hot tag to Stevens. Strong gets flattened by the Choo Choo, then he TKO’s Rocky right down onto Richards. HANDSPRING PRESS TO THE FLOOR by Cross brings the crowd to his feet. Strong/Stevens now, with Erick flattening Roderick with a big front powerslam. Cross block the Gibson Driver with a hurricanrana for 2. DOUBLE TEAM ALARM CLOCK by Richards and Strong, but Danielson breaks up Richards’ bridging German suplex pin with his diving headbutt. Cross misses his shooting star leg drop and Davey drops him with a Tombstone. Kimura locked in…and Strong cuts Dragon off with the Stronghold. Romero puts the Anklelock on Stevens! M-DOGG MAKES THE ROPES! He avoids the DR Driver and hits a couple of enziguris. REVERSE RANA but Romero kicks Cross in the head. DR DRIVER! NRC win at 18:42.

Rating – *** –
If I were in a more generous mood that might’ve snuck into 4* territory (like the NRC/Resilience 6-man and Nigel/Williams vs Mori/Hero tag from This Means War 2). It started a little slow but once the No Remorse Corps got down to isolating M-Dogg I thought it was a really solid match. I particularly enjoyed the conclusion, which they made really exciting, without going totally spot crazy Dragon Gate style like we’ve seen so many times before. Bryan Danielson was barely in the match at all though. I don’t think he tagged in legally once in the whole thing.

INTERMISSION – Jimmy Rave cuts a generic angry promo. Give him some character, some creative direction or get Nana back. He got a huge pop in St Paul (showing he has real potential to be a star with the ROH audience) but, as we’ve seen throughout his ROH career, fans need a reason to care.

Mitch Franklin vs Tank Toland

I’ve gone on rants about how I think Mitch is creepy looking and just isn’t believable as a wrestler whilst he looks like a greasy teenager in green trunks. But he does have awesome entrance music. Speaking of awesome, Tank Toland showed an unexpected amount of personality and hilarity by recruiting Bobby Dempsey as his personal project at the last show in Chicago. He’s a member of Sweet’n’Sour Inc. (are ROH ever going to be able to book Chris Hero for more than 2 shows in a row this year?) and will want to impress Larry Sweeney with a comprehensive victory over the rookie.

Tank is still coaching Bobby Dempsey during his match. Franklin takes advantage by hitting a headscissors. But he weighs so little Toland can easily overpower him, as demonstrated when Tank throws him across the ring with ease. HINDU SQUAT SUPLEX by Toland for 2. Meanwhile Bobby asks Tank if he can have a water break from his workout at ringside. Jumping jack double stomps into an elbow drop…as Dempsey is totally blown up. JACK KNIFE SPLASH MOUNTAIN! That was brutal from Toland. He caps it off with a one-armed spinebuster and gets the victory at 04:12.

Rating – * –
It’s another squash match serving as nothing more than filler on the card, but at the very least this one was entertaining. Out of nowhere, Tank Toland has developed a hilarious personality and his personal trainer gimmick is brilliant (and a real example of what the WWE could’ve done with Simon Dean if they’d have done it right).

Delirious jabbers on about how he’s going to beat KENTA later because he ‘never goes to sleep’.

Naomichi Marufuji vs Matt Sydal

We haven’t seen Marufuji in ROH since last autumn when he was GHC Heavyweight Champion. His improvement as a wrestler over the past few years (considering how awesome he was a few years ago) is quite astounding. This is a Japanese inter-promotional match of sorts as Matt Sydal is becoming an increasingly prominent figure in the Dragon Gate promotion.

They work the mat at first, where Marufuji is quick to counter everything Sydal can throw at him. The pace quickens and Matt is able to send Marufuji to the floor with a dropkick. Both men go for Asai moonsaults off the apron but have them blocked by their opponent who grabs a leg. Sydal strings together a flurry of offence in the corner which puts him in the ascendancy for the first time. Marufuji parks him on the apron then springboard dropkicks him off it, showing remarkable balance to do so. Not stopping there, he dropkicks Matt into the guardrail and slices his shoulder open in the process. Fuji wants a submission, crossing the legs whilst stretching out Sydal’s arms and neck (yeah, it was a bizarre hold). Out of nowhere Sydal pops up to hit a spinning heel kick leaving both men flat out on the canvas. It’s the American who’s up first, striking hard then dropping Marufuji with the Slice. Sydal goes for a crossbody but Maru is too far away and he lands on his feet ready to be kicked. Drop toehold into the basement dropkick gets Marufuji a 2. Sydal rolls through a German suplex attempt to get 2 with his standing moonsault. He thinks about the moonsault belly to belly but Fuji blocks…so he hits the standing frankensteiner instead! Here It Is Driver blocked and Maru flips him inside out with a big clothesline. Sydal ducks Marufuji’s dreaded superkick…and they go into a really sweet pinfalls sequence. Shiranui blocked…quebrada slice blocked. SHIRANUI! Marufuji wins at 15:01.

Rating – *** –
I enjoyed that one. It was a refreshing change of pace from the rest of this filler-heavy card in that it was fast-paced, competitive and it didn’t feel like it was just two guys out there going through the motions (although Maru was hardly wrestling like it was the main event at the Tokyo Dome). Don’t get me wrong, it still had problems. Marufuji barely sold ANYTHING for Sydal which really hurt the match in that you never really felt like Sydal had a chance of winning.

KENTA vs Delirious

This is the first time KENTA has been back to ROH since he was a semi-permanent member of the roster last year. Last time he was here he had a great weekend, delivering brilliant performances teaming with Davey Richards against Aries and Strong in Boston, then defeating Matt Sydal in a super-athletic match at The Bitter End in Philadelphia. During his tenure he also lost to World Champion Bryan Danielson in my pick for 2006 Match of the Year. If he, and Delirious for that matter, want to get back into the hunt for the World Title then a victory here is essential. For Delirious this is a chance to break away from his developing issues with the No Remorse Corps to test his skills against one of Japan’s premier athletes. It’ll be interesting to see how these two react to each other.

Kenta looks understandably confused by Delirious and his act. He tries to wrestle the match on the mat, but discovers that Delirious is more than proficient when going hold for hold. And credit to Delirious, he’s smarter than you’d think – at the first sight of one of Kenta’s kicks he flees to the apron. Kenta doesn’t have to wait long though, booting Delirious in the chest as he goes for a leapfrog…prompting to Delirious to hide under the ring. Kenta didn’t listen to Delirious’ plea for a ‘no kicking’ rule as he dishes out a series of lethal kicks right in front of the fans. The lizard-man’s response is to block the kicks by biting Kenta’s legs. Regal Stretch applied, but it’s not enough to get a submission for the ROH representative. Bizarro Driver blocked, and Kenta hangs Delirious over the ropes for kicks and a flying knee drop at 10 minutes. He hits the slingshot DISRESPECT kick too, taking control of the match and generally kicking Delirious into oblivion. Delirious comes back with the Never Ending Story clotheslines then his Leaping Lariat but is too beaten down to cover. He hits a German suplex instead then tries the Cobra Stretch but Kenta escapes. SUICIDE FLIP connects as the fight spills outside again. Kenta cuts off all his momentum with another series of kicks from all angles. He connects with the tornado guillotine but makes the mistake of trying one too many springboard moves…as Delirious cuts him off with a headbutt to the sternum. Bizarro Driver scores for 2. Kenta goes for kicks again, but this time Delirious is able to drop him into the corner. Panic Attack nailed but Kenta counters Shadows Over Hell with a mid-air Ace crusher. Delirious stops a Go 2 Sleep set-up and takes to the air with Shadows Over Hell. Cobra Stretch locked in but Kenta valiantly battles to the bottom rope. Delirious tries the Cobra Clutch suplex but it’s countered with a Tiger suplex. More kicks, but Delirious counters to the Cobra Stretch again. Kenta rolls through that. CHEMICAL IMBALANCE II…but Kenta kicks out! Low Busaiku knee! GO 2 SLEEP! Kenta takes it at 22:28.

Rating – *** –
I’ve read a couple of really scathing reports of this match. Personally I thought it was pretty good. The main problem with it was that it was SO long. There was absolutely no need for Delirious vs KENTA to get over 20-minutes. Had they had a time allocation similar to the Marufuji/Sydal match I think this could’ve been excellent. The first 5-10 were really good, pitting Delirious’ unorthodox approach against KENTA’s hard-hitting, in your face style. The problem was, they were going so long that the match seriously slowed down during the middle portion for no real reason other than to run the clock out. At least KENTA sold a little more than Marufuji did.

Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Takeshi Morishima/BJ Whitmer – ROH Tag Title Match

I really have no idea why Mori would choose BJ for his partner here. I guess Whitmer is a multi-time former Tag champion, and has been on tours of NOAH, but that’s all he’s got going for him. Other than that he’s lost both matches since returning from injury, dropped the big feud-ender against Jimmy Jacobs, and Morishima himself dismantled him in a disappointing main event in Dayton. The Briscoes are fresh off one of the best matches of their careers – their successful defence of the belts against the Murder City Machine Guns at Good Times Great Memories. A victory over the World Champion’s team would surely put the winner of the fall in contention for a title shot somewhere down the line.

Whitmer/Jay start off and end up pretty even. Tags all round and Mark shows no fear getting in the ring with the massive World Champion. It takes both Briscoes to actually get Mori off his feet. He manages to drop Jay with a Bossman Slam, but turns round to see Mark flying at him with a corkscrew crossbody. Morishima/Whitmer succeed in cutting Jay off from his partner and try to beat him down, but Jay proves BJ to be the weak link by suplexing him then tagging out. The Briscoes team up on Whitmer, getting 2 with a bulldog/flatliner double team. Whitmer hits a spinebuster on Mark allowing him to tag out. The Briscoes try their double football tackle on Morishima…who just stands and looks at them. He wipes Mark out with the running butt attack then sends him out of the ring for Whitmer to do some damage behind the official’s back. Morishima is out there now…OLE OLE ASS ATTACK! Double jump moonsault press by Mark but Mori knocks his partner off the apron before he can get the tag. Mark tries to sunset flip him in response and gets SAT on. Springboard forearm on BJ, then a superkick…and this time he gets the hot tag. Jay shows real strength by hitting the gorilla press DVD on Whitmer. FOREARM DUEL between Morishima and Jay. Mori ends that with his massive ass and BJ gets 2 after that with a frog splash. Jay holds Whitmer up for Mark to nail a springboard spinning heel kick. The younger Briscoe keeps the momentum going and gets 2 with his urinage suplex. Whitmer evades the Cut-Throat Driver and nails an exploder suplex. Cartwheel avalanche from Shima, then the mega-missile dropkick. Jay saves Mark from the Back Drop Driver…so Mori cross bodies BOTH of them! DOUBLE SUPERPLEX! They’ve got the champion staggered but can’t successfully pin him. Jay lifts him for a Samoan drop and comes from the top in a flying crossbody for 2. To the top again, but this time Morishima catches him with an effortless suplex. Whitmer tags in and gets roundly boo’d by the crowd. They promptly start cheering with Mori accidentally clotheslining BJ. JAY DRILLER! MARK STAR PRESS! Jay pins BJ at 19:54.

Rating – *** –
I felt it lacked something in the excitement stakes. For instance, the Mori/Hero vs Nigel/Williams match from This Means War 2 was interesting throughout thanks to Mori’s power, Hero’s NOAH tribute act and the cool European style of the British team. Here, whilst the dynamic between the Briscoes and Mori was good, I felt Whitmer sucked the life out of the contest. I know BJ gets a lot of flack and I hate jumping on a bandwagon and giving a guy untoward criticism – but he really stuck out as a step below the other three here. This was shown at the end of the match when he tagged in and was totally rejected by the fans. I said last time out that their match with Shelley and Sabin was the pinnacle of the “Briscoe-style” tag match. Aside from their fun exchanges with Morishima, this was nothing more than a run-of-the-mill defence for Jay and Mark.

JIMMY LOVES LACEY (PART 1 – Love To Spare) – Lacey is flying out to join Jimmy Jacobs for four days, where he plans to romance and woo her into falling in love with him. It’s basically a documentary of their time together with lots of ‘The Office’-style comedy. Jimmy’s first date – bowling. Now that is sexy. Watching Jimmy limp around on his cane trying to bowl is pretty funny though. He saves the date by beating up a creep who tries to sleaze onto Lacey at the bar. To be continued…

Tape Rating – ** –
This show joins The Last Stand as only the second ROH show I’ve ever reviewed not to have at least one 4* match on it. That in itself makes this event totally skippable to all but the ROH purists. And let’s face it, when you stack an 11-match card with 7 filler/squash matches then you’re never going to have a show of the year candidate. There is a lot of forgettable crap to sift through on this DVD…but I didn’t find it so bad. DVD players have a skip button for a reason, and there was some good stuff here too. The main event provided us with the chance to see Morishima interact with the Briscoe brothers which was certainly good fun. Marufuji/Sydal and KENTA/Delirious had some problems but were both solid matches. The 6-man tag in the middle was match of the night…but I’m still a little down on it because I feel like ROH totally blew Danielson’s return. There was no need for him to be on this show. Have Nigel (where the hell was he tonight – he’s at tomorrow’s ppv show) do the 6-man gimmick and save American Dragon’s return as a big surprise for the ppv tomorrow night. The double-squash with Hagadorn and Pearce didn’t accomplish anything, and whilst the 6-man tag was good, he barely featured in it, and it meant he was on the losing team on his first night back. I really struggle to see what was achieved by bringing him back here, aside from increasing ticket sales in Hartford. And since this town is only a B-show market anyway, I really don’t see what the point of that is either. All in all, it’s a good show if you’re a completist. If you’re not you REALLY don’t need to see this one. Move on and buy Respect Is Earned instead.

Top 3 Matches

3) Naomichi Marufuji vs Matt Sydal (***)

2) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Takeshi Morishima/BJ Whitmer (***)

1) No Remorse Corps vs Bryan Danielson/Matt Cross/Erick Stevens (***)

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