006 DGUSA Mercury Rising 3/27/2010

Written By: McXal

Dragon Gate USA – Mercury Rising – 27th March 2010

Dragon Gate USA’s sixth show (and fifth pay-per-view offering) is one of the most packed cards to date. Literally every match on the main show looks to have something going for it. In the ppv opener we have the Young Bucks and the Chikara team of Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw vying for the right to be called the top American tag team in DGUSA. There’s a Loser Leaves DGUSA tag, YAMATO defends his newly won Dream Gate crown against Susumu Yokosuka, Tommy Dreamer makes his in-ring debut, and the main event sees the return of the all-Dragon Gate WrestleMania trios tag. We return to the stunning Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. Host is Lenny Leonard

TJP vs Brad Allen

I don’t think this is part of the ppv taping. I could be wrong though. Perkins has been brought into DGUSA because, in theory, his style should be a natural fit in this promotion. However, he’s been unlucky to have been involved in two real stinkers in his outings thus far. Tonight he’s paired with a guy who stood out in FIP I think. Since ROH hasn’t brought him over to their side of the line in the sand, he’s worth a shot.

Basic stuff to start, Allen gaining a measure of control over the smaller man with a wristlock. TJP wriggles his way to a dropkick, and nails a neckbreaker moments later. Brad nails a nice springboard crossbody for 2, then catches Perkins with a powerslam. Snap neckbreaker then a nifty little springboard into a somersault senton for another nearfall. Impressive counter from Allen as he rolls through a TJP crossbody attempt…but TJ then counters that into a schoolboy pin for 2. Springboard senton again Allen. Perkins tries that hang in the ropes spot he does in every match…only for Brad to BOOT him out of the ring. Suplex attempt…BOTH MEN OVER THE ROPES! Looks like Perkins just about got the better of that one. Ace crusher from him, then a 450 Splash…which gets 2. Triangle Choke locked in…but Brad powers back to his feet. FIGURE 4 DEATHLOCK! Allen taps at 09:21

Rating – *** –
Where on earth did that come from? Perkins has been involved in poor matches with Gran Akuma (who’s involved in one of the major on-going storylines within DGUSA at the moment) and YAMATO (who has arguably been the outstanding Japanese member of the DGUSA locker room thus far), yet somehow has a better match with what was, essentially, an enhancement talent? This wasn’t anything special, but a well constructed, energetic opening match that made you want to see more from both men. Allen, on debut, looked very impressive. He had an obvious size advantage over TJP, and when he coupled that with comparable agility and flying ability, he rightly dominated the majority of the contest. In the end Perkins used all his experience and managed to counter at the crucial time to secure victory. This was a throwaway opener but the reception it got from a crowd that sat on their hands for basically all of last night’s show should tell you all you need to know about it’s quality.

Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw vs Young Bucks

This is an interesting match. As I alluded to in my introduction to the show, these guys will be vying for the right to call themselves the top American duo in DGUSA. QuackSaw have strung some decent performances and victories together, whilst the Bucks, impressive as their matches have been, have only managed the one win – over CIMA and Yokosuka at Open The Historic Gate. But, having signed with TNA, they look to have found new confidence, and will hope that yields results against the proud Chikara representatives in this one.

It’s Nick and Quack to start, with Jackson doing his best to hold his own in some chain-wrestling exchanges with the master of that particular vein of pro-wrestling. Quackenbush has to work hard to escape a chinlock, but eventually manages to shunt Nick to the floor. Matt and Jigsaw go hold for hold next, in front of a crowd which is already significantly more vocal that the one that attended Open The Ultimate Gate. Backflip headscissors from Matt and Jigsaw responds with a Gory special with assisted slingshot senton from Quackenbush. Mike monkey flips Nick outside for a SOMERSAULT SENTON up the aisle. Elsewhere Matt drops Jigsaw with a missile dropkick for 2. The Bucks have isolated Jig in the ring and use rapid and frequent tags to keep him away from Quack in the corner. Of course, eventually Jig does get the hot tag to Mike, but the Bucks bundle him back outside and hit the gutbuster and neckbreaker combo on Jigsaw. Nice manipulation of the DGUSA tag team rules there from the Jacksons. Jigsaw double stomps Nick’s back then dives through the ropes into a TOPE SUICIDA at Matt. Quack in to German suplex Nick then take him upstairs for a towering superplex. Nick hits back with the wheelbarrow Ace crusher for 2. NECK DROP DRAGON SUPLEX from Matt to Jigsaw. Worst Case Scenario nailed on Jig, but Quack breaks the ensuing pinfall. Springboard somersault Ace crusher from Matt to Mike gets 2. Fisherman buster from Jig to Matt…only for Nick to dive in at the last and save. SUPERKICK DUEL! DOUBLE STOMP JIG’N’TONIC! Jig pins Matt at 14:43

Rating – **** –
For it’s spot on the card this was perfect. Maybe the wrestling wasn’t always technically outstanding but they worked the tag formula nicely, the built up the tension and drama as the match went along, and the last few minutes were really enthralling. These two teams have been two of the highlights of Dragon Gate USA’s short existence thus far, and it was good to see them doing their thing with each other.

Matt Jackson congratulates Quack and Jigsaw on their victory, calling them the ‘team to beat’ in DGUSA. He also confirms this is the Young Bucks farewell to DGUSA as they now head to TNA.

Genki Horiguchi vs Shingo

I’m sure these two have some history coming out of Dragon Gate in Japan, but even if you disregard all of that, this is still a big match. I’m sure both men will have designs on getting a shot at BxB Hulk’s Open The Freedom Gate Championship, so a high profile singles win here would push them further up the contendership queue. This looks like it’s the ppv opening match.

Shingo blocks an early armdrag attempt from Horiguchi and shoves him down to the mat. Genki, in return, goes after Shingo’s heavily bandaged left knee. To the extent that when Shingo gets his knees up to block a moonsault attempt, it hurts him almost as much as it hurts Horiguchi. Shingo works a chinlock whilst some feeling returns to his leg, then executes a nice vertical suplex for 2. Cradle exploder gets a nearfall too. Manriki locked in but Genki finds the ropes rather than submit. Running headscissors from Horiguchi, desperately needing to exert his quickness advantage now. Tornado DDT is no sold, but Horiguchi follows it up right away with a suplex. Shingo stands up again and goes for a DVD…but Genki slides down his back into an inverted DDT for 2. He looks for the Beach Blast, then the Backslide From Heaven but both are blocked by Shingo. Powerbomb, then the SECOND ROPE DVD NAILED by Shingo for 2. Lariato blocked…BACKSLIDE FROM HEAVEN FOR 2! SHINGO LARIATOOOOO! MADE IN JAPAN! Shingo wins at 10:07

Rating – *** –
Hot way to start a ppv. It’s your basic speed vs power match, but when you’ve got someone like Shingo who is literally SO good at playing the power guy you’re assured of a decent quality. Horiguchi contributed too; facially he’s a brilliant wrestler, who put over both the devastating power of Shingo’s offence along with his own determination to win.

Jimmy Jacobs makes his way for a triple threat match, but his preparations are interrupted by Teddy Hart. He rambles about loving fans, Jimmy Jacobs taking crazy bumps and not getting to be on TV. Finally Brian Kendrick and Paul London come out to interrupt him just when it seems he won’t ever shut up. Jimmy wants to make it a tag match, with the loser having to leave Dragon Gate USA permanently. More Teddy rambling, to the extent that Kendrick, London and Jacobs all look bored out of their mind…eventually London and Kendrick put him out of his misery and attack him. Jack Evans is on hand to make the save for his long time friend, and get the action started.

Jimmy Jacobs/Jack Evans vs Brian Kendrick/Paul London – Loser Leaves DGUSA

How will the inexperienced team of Jacobs and Evans fare against one of the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history? The issue between Kendrick and London has escalated since Fearless and lead to wild brawls at that show, and at Open The Ultimate Gate last night. It’s a feud that’s dragged Jon Moxley, Paul London, Lacey and even Tommy Dreamer into things. Tonight one of them could be heading out of Dragon Gate USA permanently.

Evans his a flying knee strike off one side of the stage, then clambers back onto it to dive off again into a CARTWHEEL HEADSCISSORS at Kendrick. Red Star Press on London gets 2. Jack continues to fight off both opponents before Jacobs slaps End Time on London. Kendrick throws Evans at Jimmy to break that. He works Jacobs’ arm with a Fujiwara armbar, then clings on to that arm as Jimmy looks to get over to his corner for a tag. Red Star Press from London this time. Jacobs dives into a hot tag to Evans, and he jumps around the ring with various kicks to both opponents. SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP TO THE FLOOR! SPRINGBOARD 450 for 2! Superkick from London into an enzi/flatliner combo gets 2 for the former WWE Tag Champions. London springboard double stomps Jacobs but still can’t get the victory. STANDING PHOENIX SPLASH forces Kendrick to dive in and save the match for his team. Full nelson facebuster nailed by Paul who then heads upstairs. Jack drags him down before he can nail the London Star Press though. 630 SENTON INTO LONDON’S KNEES! That leaves us with Kendrick and London in the ring together. Spanky evades the spear, but has Sliced Bread #2 blocked. Contra Code blocked…SLICED BREAD #2! Jacobs kicks out! END TIME! Springboard kick from Evans stops London making the save. Kendrick taps at 10:44

Rating – *** –
Much like this feud on the whole, this match was chaotic, but lots of fun. I have to be honest, I didn’t like much of what Jack Evans did in there. Much of what he did looked even more business-exposingly fake than it normally does which was a shame. The positives were the impressive, fiery babyface performance of Jimmy Jacobs, who after spending so long as a heel in ROH has slipped into playing a babyface in DGUSA surprisingly easily…and the excellent heel work of London and Kendrick. Their experience as a duo really stood out and it’s a shame their reunion in DGUSA had to be so brief. Out of kayfabe, much like the Bucks, Brian Kendrick is leaving as he’s now signed a deal with TNA, who obviously don’t want their talent wrestling on someone else’s pay-per-view. If Gabe can get Paul London motivated again, he has a lot to offer down the line though…

London attacks Jacobs after the bell, but is then attacked from behind himself by Teddy Hart. Teddy drops London with a ONE ARM piledriver, but thankfully isn’t allowed a microphone again.

Next segment begins with ‘Man In The Box’ disappointingly clipped out, and Tommy Dreamer in the middle of the ring. There have been a few too many mentions of WWE on this ppv for my taste. He talks about wrestling Tajiri in Japan the previous evening, and flying all the way back to wrestle a hardcore match against Jon Moxley.

Tommy Dreamer vs Jon Moxley – Hardcore Match

The issue between these two men started at Fearless – the last event taped in Chicago for ppv. Moxley, who has become a somewhat enigmatic, unpredictable force lurking around DGUSA called out Tommy Dreamer, looking to make his name at the expense of the Innovator Of Violence. Tonight he gets his wish, but now has to work a Hardcore Match against a former ECW World Champion.

Moxley evades an early clothesline attempt and looks delighted with himself. Credit to him, he refuses to back down an inch from the hardcore icon. Bulldog from Tommy, then a baseball slide which knocks Jon off the stage. CANNONBALL SENTON TO THE FLOOR from Dreamer. He steals the ring bell and HAMMERS the crotch area. There’s a real old school vibe to this now as they fight out into the crowd, with Dreamer using a fan’s crutch to hammer Mox. Suplex onto the hard stage next as the Innovator Of Violence continues his total dominance over the young pretender. Garbage cans to the head next. Dreamer climbs the turnbuckles, which is one chance too many and it allows Jon to crotch him and blast him between the eyes with one of those garbage cans. That colours Dreamer and Moxley looks to squeeze more blood from the head by locking on an STF. Tommy sidesteps a missile dropkick however, applying Texas Cloverleaf. A chair is brought into the match, and it’s Moxley that succeeds in hitting the drop toehold into it. Tommy responds by grabbing Jon’s hair and HURLING his head back into the chair. Christina Von Erie, who accompanied Moxley to ringside, tries to get involved. Dreamer thinks about giving her the Francine treatment, but the ref tries to talk some sense into her. Ref knocked down. ODE TO FRANCINE PILEDRIVER ON VON ERIE! Yamato does a random run in but gets tossed away. DVD BY SHINGO! Moxley covers for 2. That kick-out is popular, and Tommy hits back with a piledriver on Moxley. Dreamer DDT and the Spiccoli Driver are blocked, and Mox hits a DDT ON THE CHAIR to defeat Dreamer at 12:30

Rating – *** –
In a strange way, I’m happy this won’t go down as an enormously memorable match in Tommy Dreamer’s career. After the wild stuff he’s done throughout his career, I don’t really feel too comfortable watching him work the indies again now – and I hope he’s being well paid to do so. He came in, had a fun hardcore brawl, and did the right thing by putting a young guy with a lot of potential over. The fact that he worked in Japan the previous day and was willing to fly back to the US and work this match with Moxley on no sleep, just to help him and DGUSA out by losing this match speaks volumes for what sort of man this guy is.

SIDENOTE – Lenny Leonard has been doing an outstanding job commentating solo on these two Phoenix shows. Particularly during that last match, he was noticeably similar to Joey Styles, who was always an excellent one-man commentary team. This is the sixth DGUSA show thus far, and his work has been top notch on all of them. I’m wondering if they’ll keep him solo as whoever they’ve paired him with, be it Chikarason, Colvin or Quackenbush, has struggled to keep pace.

YAMATO vs Susumu Yokosuka – Open The Dream Gate Title Match

This is the first time the Dream Gate has been defended in the USA. We get a nice video package illustrating the 11 Dream Gate Champions there have been thus far, and therefore pointing out that YAMATO (who defeated Naruki Doi last week to win this belt – thus ending the longest Dream Gate reign in history) will be defending the title against a former champion in Susumu Yokosuka. Putting the top prize in all of Dragon Gate on the line on a DGUSA ppv shows you just how far Dragon Gate are backing the DGUSA project. Lets hope these two can product a match to befit the situation.

Yamato is still unpopular as a result of assisting Moxley in defeating Tommy Dreamer in the previous match. It’s a tentative start at a very slow pace, neither man wanting to make a costly mistake in the early moments. Yokosuka strikes first by clotheslining Yamato over the top rope and all the way up the aisle. A look around ringside as Yamato tries to regain his bearings reveals a disturbing number of empty seats. I can’t imagine DGUSA will have been overly delighted with the attendance for either night of their Phoenix double shot. Susumu scores with the Jumbo No Katchi in the early going, but appears to hurt his arm in throwing it, and has to ask the ref to help him stretch his arm rather than cover. TRIANGLE CHOKE BY YAMATO! He immediately goes after that injury and forces the challenger to retreat to the floor. Yamato gives chase and targets the arm as he stalks Yokosuka around ringside. And the assault continues when we return to the ring, the champion dishing an unrelenting assault on Yoko’s arm. Susumu tries desperately to counter the arm attack with a sleeper, only to take a low blow behind the referee’s back. He plants one in Yamato’s nutsack too, and the ref turns round to be confronted by both competitors on the ground feeling their balls. EXLODER SUPLEX DUEL! Yoko follows that with a second rope exploder that gets 2. Jumbo No Katchi blocked with a boot to the arm. Having had enough of that, Susumu dropkicks Yamato’s legs out then levels him with a double shinbreaker. Desperate to open up an injury on the champion, he locks on a Figure 4 and dishes out some severe punishment to Yamato’s legs. He goes for a powerbomb, but with his arm being so injured he can’t lift, and Yamato counters to a Fujiwara armbar. Fifteen minutes gone as Yokosuka valiantly battles to the ropes again. They fight on the turnbuckles, but it’s Susumu who gets the edge with a SECOND ROPE DVD! Yamato tries to no sell…ELBOWS AND LARIATS AGAINST THE ROPES! JUMBO NO KATCHI FOR 2! Do Susumu’s strikes still have the same impact with that injury though? Yamato grabs a Choke Sleeper and holds on until Yokosuka DVD’s his way free, hurting his arm again in the process. He tries to throw more lariats, but Yamato laughs them off and drives more elbows into Yoko’s bad arm. JUMBO NO KATCHI GETS 2 AGAIN! JUMBO NO KATCHI AGAIN! BOTH MEN DOWN! Mugen nailed by Yoko and gets 2. He tries it a second time but Yamato floats back to the Choke. HEAD DROP GERMAN SUPLEX! NO SOLD! SLEEPER SUPLEX! Yokosuka kicks out at 2, so Yamato drops him on his had again with a brainbuster. GALLERIA! Yamato retains at 21:42

Rating – **** –
Another high quality bout featuring YAMATO, who is undoubtedly one of the stars of DGUSA. It’s almost a shame he’s been given the Open The Dream Gate Championship as it will obviously effect how the US arm of Dragon Gate is able to book him. The lay-out of this match wasn’t rocket science, it was just well executed and great to watch. Both guys were nervous to start with, Yokosuka made the error then injured himself…and from there YAMATO capitalised. I enjoyed the segment where Yokosuka tried to inflict an injury as well, but the arm was so bad that he couldn’t stay on offence for long enough to do any real damage. I also liked that, even when doing a lot of arm intensive offence at the end, there were frequent pauses and facials that sold the fact that it HURT him to execute those moves. Honestly, my only criticism was that YAMATO didn’t reference that arm injury in the finish. I suppose you could say that Yokosuka had proven he could survive in the match, even with one arm, so YAMATO basically had to drop him on his head to win. But my preference would have been for that arm injury to be referenced. Not necessarily by winning the match via arm submission, but perhaps an arm capture Galleria variant etc. It was still a great watch, but the last 60 seconds of head dropping felt tacked onto the end of a different match.

BxB Hulk/Naruki Doi/Masato Yoshino vs CIMA/GAMMA/Dragon Kid

This match marks the official return of the Dragon Gate trios match to WrestleMania weekend after missing 2009 thanks to the falling out with ROH. I know we technically had one at Ultimate Gate last night, but this is the first that features exclusively Japanese DG talent. And there are lots of interesting rivalries. At the forefront is the Dragon Kid/Masato Yoshino issue which goes back to show 1. They’ve traded wins, and right now Yoshino is an impressive winning streak, picking up multiple victories with the Sol Naciente. And you’ve also got the Open The Freedom Gate Champion BxB Hulk in there. A victory over him would surely put the victor into top contention for a shot at his belt. CIMA should know Doi and Yoshino well having been stable-mates with them in the past. Hulk’s team are representing World-1 whilst CIMA and crew are part of the Warriors faction.

The laughably bad dancing girl is wisely kept out of focus for all of BxB’s dance routine tonight. Yoshino and Dragon Kid are so determined to get to each other it’s those two that start in the ring. As ever it’s incredibly fast stuff between those two. GAMMA in to spit in Yoshino’s face. Hulk and CIMA next, and they have another terrific little exchange. World-1 enjoy a brief period of offence on DK, but he soon gets the tag meaning in come CIMA and GAMMA to hit a double team lungblower on Yoshino for 2. BxB and Yoshino both take back suplexes from that Warriors pair, which leaves GAMMA left in the ring with the Freedom Gate Champion. Sadly for Hulk, that means he gets more spit in the face. DK hits a 619 off CIMA’s back, before all three of the Warriors team come in to flatten BxB with a TRIPLE dropkick for 2. GAMMA has his kendo stick again…KENDO STICK TO BxB’S CROTCH! BxB comes back with kicks on everyone, then the Hulk Bottom on GAMMA before getting the critical tag to Doi. He evades GAMMA’s kendo stick, then takes it from him for some comedy strikes. Kid and Yoshino bring back the serious, DK getting 2 from the suplex Stunner. 619 misses though, allowing the World-1 crew to take control. They have Dragon cut off from his partners at the fifteen minute point. Elevated triple team somersault senton gets 2, as does an awesome double stomp into sidewalk slam combo between Yoshino and BxB. Kid gets the tag after a flying headscissors, and CIMA wastes no time in double stomping Hulk’s face. Déjà Vu from Kid to Yoshino, right into the BERMUDA TRIANGLE MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR! Doi destroys GAMMA with Never Ending elbows, only for GAMMA to block the Doi 555 and boot him in the face.

World-1’s version of the Dudley Death Drop gets 2. Yoshino evades CIMA’s Venus Strike and turns him into a hanging choke, then the Slingblade for 2. From Jungle locked in…CRISTO ON HULK BY DRAGON KID! THEY FIGHT WHILST IN THEIR OWN HOLDS! Satellite DDT from Kid to Hulk gets 2. Yoshino placed in the corner, but he EVADES the Van CIMA-Nator and hits the HANGTIME MISSILE DROPKICK SENTON! ROPE RUN GERMAN SUPERPLEX! HULK SLIPS OFF THE ROPES AND STILL FLOATS INTO A SPINNING HEEL KICK! EVO ON DRAGON FOR 2! Kid blocks the Lightning Spiral and CIMA drops Yoshino with the Perfect Driver. TRIPLE VAN TERMINATOR ON YOSHINO! HE STILL EVADES THE METEORA! Doi gets 2 with the Baketori Sliding Kick. EVO-P ON CIMA FOR 2! GAMMA holds Hulk in the corner for the Venus Strike, but BxB fights free of the Dragon Kid super rana. KENDO STICK FROM GAMMA! MEGA SUPER RANA BY KID! REVERSE RANA FROM GAMMA! ULTRA HURRICANRANA BY DRAGON KID! HULK STILL KICKS OUT! Kid thinks about the Dragonrana, but Hulk avoids it. DÉJÀ VU DRIVER on Yoshino! LIGHTNING SPIRAL RIGHT BACK AT HIM! GAMMA SAVES! There are very literally bodies laying everywhere at this point. GAMMA is hoisted up for a DOOMSDAY SLINGBLADE and kicks out. He then takes a brutal superkick from Hulk. DOI 555! BAKETORI SLIDING KICK! LIGHTING SPIRAL! GAMMA WILL NOT STAY DOWN! TORBELINO! SOL NACIENTE! DK STOMPS! YOSHINO HOLDS ON! CIMA TRIES TO SAVE…HULK STOPS HIM WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK! YOSHINO WINS! It’s over at 27:24

Rating – ****1/2 –
Every year you know it’s going to happen. You know the sort of frenetic spot mayhem these DG trios matches will bring. Yet when they start trading endless finishers at 100mph, it still takes your breath away. This one may have had a slower build than it’s ROH predecessors, but where this one had the edge is that this time there are genuine Dragon Gate rivalries, feuds and pride on the line. You had the on-going Kid/Yoshino battle for supremacy, as well as the Freedom Gate Champ and therefore potential title shots all up for grabs, as well as arguably the two top factions in all of Dragon Gate going at it. This time around there was a legitimate emotional connection to the frenzied mayhem we were witnessing. And everyone brought something to the table. CIMA and Doi are old hands at these sort of matches, GAMMA provided comic relief in the early going, which in turn meant that when he was courageously kicking out of everything at the end, people really CARED about him and wanted to see him fight on. Dragon Kid and Masato Yoshino did a great job carrying on their rivalry too. And the finishing sequence here was perhaps the best one in any of the Dragon Gate trios matches in America. Yoshino clinging to the Sol Nasciente whilst GAMMA’s team-mates were fought off in epic fashion was a terrific sight. This is another must-see, MOTYC level effort.

Yoshino’s immediate reaction to securing yet another victory is to demand a title shot from his stable-mate. BxB Hulk says he’ll defend the belt against Yoshino in Toronto. Naruki Doi gets CIMA’s usual job of doing the broken English ‘thanks for coming’ promo…

Tape Rating – **** –
Best show since Open The Historic Gate. There’s not a bad match on the show, an MOTYC and lots of memorable moments. You’ve got final DGUSA shows for Young Bucks and Brian Kendrick, pay-off in the Jacobs/Spanky feud, Tommy Dreamer wrestling, YAMATO and Susumu Yokosuka in an excellent first American defence of the Open The Dream Gate Championship etc. Outside of Teddy Hart, it’s hard to think of a reason NOT to purchase this show. If you’re only looking to purchase DGUSA releases selectively – this is definitely one you need.

Top 3 Matches

3) Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw vs Young Bucks (****)

2) YAMATO vs Susumu Yokosuka (****)

1) BxB Hulk/Naruki Doi/Masato Yoshino vs CIMA/GAMMA/Dragon Kid (****1/2)

Top 5 Open The Ultimate Gate/Mercury Rising Matches

5) Jon Moxley vs Tommy Dreamer (*** – Mercury Rising)

4) Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw vs Young Bucks (**** – Mercury Rising)

3) CIMA/GAMMA/Dragon Kid vs Young Bucks/Jack Evans (**** – Open The Ultimate Gate)

2) YAMATO vs Susumu Yokosuka (**** – Mercury Rising)

1) World-1 vs Warriors (****1/2 – Mercury Rising)

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