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WCW Clash of the Champions XIX 6/22/1992

Written By: Matt Peddycord

Clash of the Champions XIX
June 22, 1992
Charleston, SC
McAllister Fieldhouse

I know this really isn’t a good note to start out on, but according to, this was the lowest-rated Clash on TBS for the first 20 shows with just a 2.8. The lowest-rated Clash ever got a 2.6 one year later when some guys named Steve Austin & Brian Pillman took on Ric Flair & Arn Anderson in a main-event match that still makes people’s ears perk up today when they hear about the combination. Just something meaningless that I thought was sort of interesting.

On this night, WCW has brought in guys from all over the globe to compete in the first round of the NWA World Tag Titles tournament!

Your hosts are JR & Jesse! (Jesse’s first Clash and he’s pumped up!)

Joe & Dean Malenko vs. Ricky Steamboat & Nikita Koloff – NWA World Tag Titles Tournament – 1st Round

The Malenko brothers we are told are representing Europe. No particular country, just Europe in general I guess. Although they did have the Hungarian flag in their little graphic when they come out to the ring. Of course, it really makes no sense anyways because since they are both from FLORIDA. Steamboat comes out representing USA and Koloff represents Lithuania and America. In case you care. This includes one of my all-time favorite DREAM MATCHES! The Dragon vs. The Iceman! Let’s hope they hook up sometime in this match. We start off with Joe taking on Steamboat. They lock up and then trade waistlocks until Steamboat gets a double-leg takedown and tries a Boston crab. It’s way too early for that, dude. They do a nice little sequence out of the test of strength with Joe countering a headscissors, only to get taken down by the best armdrag and twist in the business. Joe gets a blind tag to Dean and whips Steamboat into the ropes. They do a DOUBLE LEAPFROG, but that doesn’t fool Steamboat; armdrag takedown to Dean. Steamboat tags in Koloff just when things start looking up. From a whip into the corner, he goes right to the borehug. He sets Dean on the top turnbuckle, and then whips Dean into the far side corner where Dean leaps over the top rope for Koloff to miss a charge. Dean comes off the top rope with a crossbody, but he’s caught. Joe comes in and dropkicks Dean to make Nikita collapse for a near-fall. Dean gets a nice snap suplex on Koloff, which he NO-SELLS. They go through a waistlock sequence that ends with Koloff lifting Dean up into the air, coming down stomach-first onto the canvas. Tag into Steamboat, where Steamboat THROWS Dean off of a whip and still holds onto his arm! OUCH! Dean elbows out of a hammerlock, and makes the tag to Joe. Joe takes a drop-toe hold as soon as he comes in, and Steamboat goes into the armbar. Joe takes Steamboat into the corner to get the break, and just punches on Steamboat. Steamboat takes Joe down with a shoulderblock after being shot into the ropes from a headlock position. They blow a Steamboat headscissors takedown and I can’t tell if that was intentional on Joe’s part or not, but Steamboat lands on the ropes in an awkward position. Joe tags in Dean and they do a back suplex-clothesline combination move, with Joe covering for a near-fall. Now Joe tags in Dean officially, I guess, and Dean rolls up Steamboat for a two-count. Dean locks in an armbar-half crab combination submission move. Dean releases the hold and tags in Joe, and they do a double headbutt. Joe nails Steamboat with a short clothesline and gets a near-fall. Joe Irish whips Steamboat, but puts his head down and blows a faceslam. Hot tag to Koloff, and he’s a house of fire on the Malenko brothers. Back elbow and shoulderblock for Dean, and then he gets an inverted atomic drop to Joe. THE SICKLE Joe sends him rolling out to the floor, and THE SICKLE for Dean gets the 3-count. (9:52) That was not as great as it could’ve been, but still pretty good. Jesse calls this “…somewhat of an upset”. Honestly, Jess. No one believes that. **

Tom Zenk & Marcus Bagwell vs. Rick Rude & Steve Austin – NWA World Tag Titles Tournament – 1st Round

I LOVE THE DANGEROUS ALLIANCE. The Dangerous Alliance could’ve been bigger than the nWo had it not been killed off so soon. If it had been done correctly and they didn’t add new WCW rejects every week like SOME evil wrestling stables, oh yeah, way better. Anyways, Rude was the U.S. Champ, and Austin was the TV Champ at this point so they were big time. Onto the match, Rude starts off with Bagwell and he just KILLS him with knees to the gut. Rude takes him down with a STIFF clothesline and tags in Austin. Austin pounds away in the corner, and then turns his back on Bagwell. Bagwell comes off the second turnbuckle with a double ax-handle, reeling the TV Champ. Bagwell tags in Z-Man, and he takes Austin down with a headlock. Austin gets up out of that, and wants a test of strength, but the crowd yells NOOO! Zenk doesn’t fall for that, so he locks up with him instead and Austin backs him up into his corner. Austin tags in Rude and he nails him with about six forearms to the side of the head. Rude sends Zenk into the ropes and connects with a dropkick. Rude poses for the crowd and JR says, “…bumping and grinding.” Rude gets a nice vertical suplex for a near-fall. Rude tags in Austin and Zenk surprises Austin with an inside cradle for two. Zenk tags in Bagwell, and Bagwell and Austin exchange blows in the corner before Bagwell eats boot from a charge into the corner. Austin tags Rude back in and he just punks Bagwell around the ring. Bagwell tries to fight back, but it ain’t happening. Rude whips Bagwell into the ropes, but puts his head down to get kicked in the face. Bagwell makes a not-all-that hot tag to Zenk. Zenk makes the same mistake Rude did just a second ago by ducking too soon, but this time Rude just slams his face into the mat. Rude gets a NICE piledriver. Rude arrogantly covers Zenk, and that only works in shorter squashes. Rude tags in Austin and he punches everybody but Rude and the ref. Austin picks up Zenk in a slam position and drops him throat first across the top rope, almost like a STUN-GUN. He covers for a near-fall. Austin grabs on a front facelock to cut off the ring. Once they get close to Zenk’s corner, Austin lets go and nails Bagwell. Rude comes in to double-clothesline Zenk! Rude stays in the ring as if there was a tag, and ref Randy Anderson acts as if he’s going to send Rude out, but all of a sudden forgets. Rude tags Austin back in, and grabs Zenk to cut the ring off again. Zenk nails Austin with a karate kick. Austin hooks the Zenk’s ankle, but Zenk still has just enough room to make the hot tag to Bagwell. Backdrop for Austin, and then a near-fall from a crossbody block. Austin goes to the eyes and drops a backbreaker on Bagwell for a two-count. Austin tags in Rude and he shoots Bagwell into the ropes. Rude ducks low again and Bagwell gets a sunset-flip. Madusa is distracting the ref, while Rude hooks on to Austin’s hand from the apron to keep him from going down. Zenk comes in and nails Austin. Rude tries to punch Bagwell to get out of it, but Bagwell moves. Bagwell gets one dropkick, and then whiffs another. RUDE AWAKENING! ARROGANT COVER! BICEP POSE! THE 3-COUNT! (7:55) The Dangerous Alliance OWNS you.

Terry Gordy & Dr. Death standing by in the back with Eric Bischoff. They just talk about wanting to fight the Steiners first instead of a couple of Australians. Well, too bad.

Jeff & Larry O’Day vs. Dr. Death & Terry Gordy – NWA World Tag Titles Tournament – 1st Round

Williams & Gordy are representing Japan since they’re All-Japan guys. Larry, the dad, starts out with Gordy and wow is he in bad shape. The Aussies look like they went and bought their wrestling attire at the same store Lou Thesz did back in the 30’s. Larry tries a headlock, but Gordy fights out of it and gets a drop toehold into a slooooooow elevated-half crab. Gordy makes the tag while still holding onto the crab. JR mentions all of Dr. Death’s football accolades the moment he’s tagged in. Larry tags in his son, Jeff and he gets murdered with a back suplex. Gordy gets tagged back in and Jeff sunset flips him for a near-fall. Jeff tags his father back in and Gordy drops a DEATH back suplex on Larry. Gordy tags in Dr. Death for the Oklahoma Stampede on Larry for the academic three-count. (2:34) That has got to suck knowing you came ALL the way from Australia to wrestle for 154 seconds AND nearly broke your neck in the process. Hope the payoff was good, mates. CRAP

Jesse invites Sting to come down to the ring and chat with him. Sting comes down in a black & white tux with matching face paint. They show the clip of Sting getting his ribs hurt by Vader at the Omni in Atlanta a while back. Sting basically talks about beating the ugly out of Vader at the Great American Bash.

Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham vs. Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton – NWA World Tag Titles Tournament – 1st Round

Oh yeah, this should be GREAT. Windham & Arn start and work off a headlock sequence. Windham gets nailed from a running charge in the corner into Arn’s knee. Arn goes up top, but gets dropkicked to the floor. The heels regroup on the floor. Paul E tries to reason with the ref and say that Windham threw Arn over the top, but that’s not the case. Arn comes back in and tags in Eaton. Windham tags in Dustin and he hooks an armbar on Eaton. Eaton elbows out of that and then Dustin comes back with a whip. Dustin attempts a leapfrog, but it’s mistimed and Bobby nails him on the way down. Dustin comes back with Dusty-esque elbows and then running kicks Bobby to the floor. The heels are PISSED. That’s twice they’ve been tossed over the top rope, and no disqualification has been called! Bobby back in, and there begins the THUNDEROUS “Paul E sucks!” chants. JR & Jesse act like they can’t quite make out that last word like always. Bobby slaps on a headlock on Dustin and tags in Arn. Just as it looks Arn has the advantage, Dustin atomic drops Arn into Windham, who gets in a shot. Arn knew he was in trouble, and backs into his corner as Paul E tells him to go to plan 2. Whatever that means. Dustin slaps on a headlock and backs into his corner for a tag into Windham. Windham goes to a headlock, but Arn shoots him off into the ropes. Windham runs over Arn, and then Bobby kicks Windham in the back of the head from the apron! I guess that was plan 2. Arn tags in Bobby and he comes in to dismantle Windham. Bobby is choking and gouging Windham on the middle ropes like that’s allowed or something. Bobby goes over to Dustin, which gives Arn the opportunity to hotshot Windham on the top rope. Bobby tags in Arn, where he whips Windham into the ropes. Arn ducks his head too quickly, so Windham nails him in the face with his knee. Windham makes the hot tag to Arn and he’s got right hands for both heels. A Dusty elbow sends Eaton retreating to the floor. A running lariat brings Paul E to the apron. Dustin whips Arn into the ropes, and he ducks too soon. Arn calls for a DDT, but Rhodes hooks the top rope. But never fear, because Eaton nails Dustin while the ref was busy with Paul E. Order is somewhat restored, and Arn tags in Bobby. Dustin comes off the ropes from a whip and WHIFFS a crossbody block and lands HARD on the floor. Windham is stopped by the ref as he goes to check on Dustin, which allows Paul E to nail Dustin in the back with his HUMONGOUS cell phone. It’s 1992, people. This thing is huge. The crowd then boos Paul E out of the freakin’ building. Dustin rolls back in. Bobby sets him up for the ALABAMA JAM! Nope, he connects with a top-rope knee drop instead. That gets a two count. Bobby tags in Arn, who then straight up stomps Dustin’s head while lying lifeless on the mat. That disturbs Windham and brings him in, which allows MORE heel cheating and choking to go down. Arn hooks on a reverse chinlock, which brings Dustin to his feet and then back down for a jawbreaker. Arn falls back into his own corner and tags in Bobby. Eaton takes Rhodes to the corner for a running bulldog. That’s Dustin’s finisher! That gets a near-fall. Bobby tries it again, but gets shoved off into the corner. Dustin makes a tag while the ref’s back was turned. The ref turns around and tries to get Windham out of the ring, but Windham just doesn’t care anymore and fights to the floor with Eaton. Arn gets a spinebuster off-camera on Dustin. Arn then comes out to the floor to get Windham away from Eaton, who is the legal man. Eaton rolls back in and covers Dustin for a near-fall. Eaton goes up for the ALABAMA JAM, but Dustin rolls out of the way! Eaton’s holding his butt, and Dustin is up and going for that RUNNING BULLDOG! He hits it and we’ve got a three-count! (10:23) We get to see in the replay of the spinebuster, which is my favorite move in wrestling and it’s only done perfectly by Arn Anderson. This was definitely GREAT. ****

Missy Hyatt is in the back with Eric Bischoff where she spouts off something about an NWA World Title tournament that will start August 6th in New Japan. Dr. Death & Terry Gordy interrupt and claim that there was a Puerto Rican wreck. Williams screams that somebody was yelling to find out if there was “A doctor in the house?” and he was the first to speak up. If there was ever a doctor NOT to call on, it would be a doctor whose nickname has the word “death” in it. Gordy & Williams look up at the NWA World tag-title bracket chart that just so happens to be displayed behind Bischoff and see that since these Puerto Ricans (Miguel Perez & El Boricua) are now injured, their opponents, The Steiner Brothers have no one to wrestle. Dr. Death says, “The Steiners got to go against us. Muhahahaha” Bischoff says he’s going to check this whole situation out before he can officially say the Steiners get a bye to face Gordy/Williams.

The Silver Kings vs. The Freebirds – NWA World Tag Titles Tournament – 1st Round

One of these guys is the Silver King from WCW, and I’m not quite sure who the other guy is. The Freebirds (Garvin & Hayes) are the U.S. Tag Champs at this point. The Freebirds lost the belts on the following WCW Saturday Night to Dick Slater & The Barbarian who were the last-ever WCW U.S. Tag Champions before the belts were retired at the end of July 1992. Just so YOU know. I’m going to call these two Kings, the Right Silver King and the Wrong Silver King. The right one will be the one I know from WCW, and the other guy is the wrong one. They brawl to start with the Wrong Silver King getting dumped out to the floor. The Wrong Silver King trips up Garvin and pulls him out to the floor, while the Right Silver King dropkicks Hayes. Meanwhile, Jesse is talking about kidnapping just any Mexican and bringing him up here to the States to wrestle. I wonder if the fine people from Minnesota know about THAT comment. Anyways, the not-so-Silver Kings (the only thing silver on their bodies are a silver-whitish belt) screw up as Hayes reverses a whip in time for the Wrong Silver King to dropkick the Right one. WRONG ONE, WRONG SILVER KING! Are you confused yet? Now as order is somewhat restored, Hayes tags in Garvin and the Wrong Silver King is tagged in. Garvin whiffs on a dropkick. Garvin tries to come back and attempts a sunset flip, but the Wrong Silver King nails him and won’t go down. The Wrong Silver King goes up top and misses a back senton splash. Garvin takes control of the offense and puts the Wrong Silver King down with a suplex for a near-fall. Garvin tags in Hayes and he pounds away, but nothing comes from it as the Right Silver King is tagged in. They do a double-team slingshot senton and the Wrong Silver King is tagged back in. A double-team combo move, as they pull off a snap suplex, and then a top-rope elbow drop for a near-fall. The Right Silver King is tagged back in again, and they nail him with double leg-lariats. Just as Hayes mounts a come back, he decides to play to the crowd. The Right Silver King climbs the buckle and says, “Mexico!” but no one seems to care. They try a test of strength, but the Right Silver King front dropkicks Hayes, but that goes nowhere. Garvin is tagged in and he puts on a chinlock, but the Wrong Silver King comes in to break it up. Hayes is tagged in, as is the Wrong Silver King. I don’t know what’s going on. You’ve got Hayes ducking when no one is coming off the ropes. You’ve got all these weird things going on. The Wrong Silver King tags out and the Right one front missile dropkicks Hayes for a near-fall. Hayes trips up the Right Silver King (I don’t even think that was on purpose) and gets in that left jab which sends him to the canvas. The Freebirds collide, and then both get dropkicked to the floor. The Kings both do a fake suicide dive. The Wrong Silver King slingshots himself out onto the Freebirds, but they catch him. Garvin holds him for Hayes to nail him with the left jab, but the King moves. Now Hayes is being held, and the Right Silver King decides that it would be a great idea to leap off the top rope onto his own partner, as Hayes moves out of the way. Hayes and the Right Silver King are back in the ring. The fans have been chanting for a DDT for the last five to seven minutes. END THIS! Hayes just comes in and cradles up the Right King for the three-count. (6:29) My gosh, that sucked. CRAP

So the Steiners get the bye after all as the Puerto Ricans are supposedly injured, therefore, they will face Gordy & Dr. Death later on the show.

Brian Pillman & Jushin Liger vs. Beef Wellington & Chris Benoit – NWA World Tag Titles Tournament – 1st Round

And just like that, we go from bad to AWESOME. Pillman & Liger have some sort of respect/friend thing going on which is why the Japanese guy is with the American guy. Of course you all know, Benoit & Wellington are from CA-NA-DA. All four guys know each other very well from their Stampede days, so this should be amazing stuff. Onto the match, Benoit & Liger lock up and they do some fancy neat-o stuff, with Benoit getting the fireman’s carry takedown on Liger. They do a test of strength with Benoit looking to be the stronger of the two as Liger does an amazingly perfect bridge, and then bridges up and then taking Benoit down with the release northern-lights suplex. Benoit runs the ropes with Liger getting in a couple armdrags. Benoit reverses a whip, Liger flips out of a back drop, and then Benoit turns around and whiffs a dropkick. Benoit swats away a Liger dropkick, and then they both tag out. Pillman and Wellington get all up in each other’s faces like this match has been built up for months or something. I LOVE IT. They must’ve had some unsolved problems in Calgary, I’m not sure. Wellington gets thrown off into the ropes off a side headlock and he comes back and shoulderblocks Pillman as if brick walls could run. This is all just two minutes into the match, folks. They lock horns and are up against the ropes. Wellington whips Pillman in and there is a reverse. Pillman leapfrogs and then monkey flips Wellington and a dropkick sends him falling out to the floor. Wellington gets back on the apron only to have Pillman dropkick him back out to the floor. Wellington climbs onto the apron once more and Pillman decides to charge at him. Wellington then slingshots himself back in and clotheslines the crap out of Pillman. Wellington gets in a snap suplex on Pillman and then tosses him out to the floor. As Pillman rises up onto the apron, Wellington meets him right there to suplex him back in. Pillman doesn’t want to go in like that, and suplexes Wellington out on to the floor. Back in they go, as Pillman tags in Liger. Liger starts to kick away at Wellington, but after half a dozen kicks, it gets kind of annoying to Wellington. He grabs Liger’s leg and takes him down and puts him in some sort of leg-lock submission. Wellington tags in Benoit and he comes in to chop away at Liger, and then MURDERS him with a clothesline. Benoit runs the ropes for a time or two and then sets up Liger for an enzuigiri and he connects. Benoit takes Liger into the corner and tags Wellington back in. Benoit decides to move away from Wellington & Liger and distract the ref to give Wellington the opportunity to literally THROW Liger over the top rope! HAHA. That’s so screwed up. Wellington tries a pescado, but Liger just sidesteps it and lets him hit concrete. Back in, Liger tosses Wellington into the corner and follows him in for a monkey flip. He tags in Pillman and he slaps on a headlock. Wellington backs Pillman into his corner and tags in Benoit. Benoit gets shot into the ropes and nails Pillman with a shoulder tackle. Moments later, Benoit runs the ropes, which allows Pillman to side step him and send him flying out to the floor. Pillman meets Benoit on the apron, but Benoit kicks him away and goes up top. Pillman shoots up the buckle to meet Benoit at the top and then proceeds to do a super belly-to-back suplex! OH Benoit. That HAD to hurt. Pillman then follows up and goes to the top rope for a missile dropkick and connects. Benoit rolls out to the floor, which allows Pillman to do a fake dive out onto Benoit. He lands on the apron and then hits him with a crossbody! They trade insanely stiff chops out on the floor, and then Pillman decides to put Benoit back in the ring. Double-leg takedown by Benoit gives him the opportunity to tag back in Wellington. Pillman moves out of the way of an elbow drop. Now Pillman tags in Liger and Wellington takes him to the corner. He whips Liger into the far side corner, and then misses with a running clothesline and falls all the way out to the floor. Liger climbs to the top and LEAPS out onto Wellington. Wellington back in, Liger tries a whip, but it’s reversed. Liger comes off the ropes and tries a crucifix, but Wellington is too strong and falls down on Liger. That gets a near-fall. Liger falls into the Canadian corner, which is all kinds of bad for him. Benoit is tagged back in, and he pounds away on Liger. Benoit takes Liger to another corner and sets him on the top turnbuckle as to go for a super belly-to-back suplex. Liger counters it and falls on Benoit for a near-fall! Liger whips Benoit into the ropes and sends him rolling out to the floor with a spinning leg lariat. Liger gets on the apron and he does a picture-perfect ASAI MOONSAULT on Benoit! That was sweet, even in 2005. Liger runs back into the ring to tag in Pillman. Benoit gets back in and comes back fighting on Pillman. Pillman comes off the ropes and counters out of a backdrop, and goes to a waistlock. He runs Benoit into the ropes as if to roll him up, but Benoit ducks and Wellington kicks Pillman square in the noggin. Benoit tags in Wellington and he goes to the top and completely misses on a missile dropkick. Pillman painfully crawls over to Liger and gets the hot tag! Liger release German suplexes Wellington for a near-fall as Benoit comes in to break up the pin attempt. That brings in Pillman and KATIE, BAR THE DOOR! Everybody’s brawling. Pillman and Benoit go out on the floor to beat the crap out of each other, while Wellington is choking away at Liger in the corner. Back in comes Benoit & Pillman, and while the Canadians have the advantage, they both go for running bulldogs. As they get mid-ring, Pillman & Liger push the Canucks off into each other. Pillman dropkicks Benoit out to the floor. Liger sets up Wellington for the SEXY MOONSAULT and gets the three-count! (11:32) I LOVE THIS MATCH! **** ½

The Head Hunters vs. Hiroshi Hase & Akira Nogami – NWA World Tag Titles Tournament – 1st Round

The Head Hunters are Arn Anderson & Bob Cook in masks, so you should know who is going to job here. Nogami’s face paint is scary, but in any event, he’s starting out with Cook. Cook comes off the ropes and sends Nogami down with a shoulder tackle. Cook sends Nogami in the corner, and follows in with a clothesline. Arn comes in and clotheslines him in the corner. Nogami flips out of a suplex, and then kicks Cook square in the face. Anderson is tagged in and pounds away on Nogami. They run the ropes and Nogami gets caught in a leapfrog attempt and gets dropped throat first across the top rope. Anderson gets a backbreaker for a two. Nogami makes a come back and kicks Anderson in the head. I don’t understand the logic behind making up a fake team, say they are from the Dominican Republic and then make the team a jobber and an upper mid-card heel. To save money instead of bringing someone else in, I guess? I’m not sure. Nogami tags in Hase and then pounds away until he back kicks Anderson. Nogami goes up top and splashes Anderson. Hase comes from another buckle and attempts a double-knee drop, but there’s nobody there. Anderson gets a side slam after a pair of clotheslines and tags in Cook. They do a double-suplex, which Cook rolls through for a pin attempt and gets a near-fall. Cook ducks his head down too quickly off a whip and gets kicks in the head for it. Hase waves for Nogami to come in, Hase whiffs a leg lariat, but Nogami hits a dropkick. The Japanese guys get a double clothesline. Just end this crap already. And right when I say that, Nogami and Hase bridge suplex both the Head Hunters for the three-count. (5:11) Two teams that nobody outside of Japan would give a crap about. CRAP

Ron Simmons comes out for an interview with Jesse and talks about how he beat all the odds growing up and became a three-time All-American football player, and now he wants to become World Champion. Race comes out with Super Invader, and runs his mouth and talks down to Simmons like they were in 1950’s Charleston, South Carolina. Oops. Race calls him a negro, so then Simmons proceeds to beat the crap out of both heels.

After the commercial break, Bill Watts is standing by with Tony Schiavone in the ring. He comes out all yelling and says that ROUND TWO STARTS TONIGHT! THE STEINERS ARE GONNA HOOK IT UP WITH DR. DEATH AND TERRY BAM BAM GORDY! Alright, now calm down Bill.

Dr. Death & Terry Gordy vs. Rick & Scott Steiner – NWA World Tag Titles Tournament – 2nd Round

Rick & Gordy start off and lock up a few times, but they get into the ropes every time. The last time they lock up ends in the Steiners side with Rick tagging in Scott. Scott tries for a belly-to-belly, but Gordy gets a wide vertical base and blocks the move. Gordy backdrops Scott over and bridges him for a near-fall. Scott tries to bridge up out of this, but Gordy is just too fat. EVEN FOR SCOTT STEINER. He tries it three times, and fails every time. Scott turns him over, and gets back on his feet. He’s then able to suplex Gordy into his corner and tags in Dr. Death. For the second time tonight, JR mentions his football background as soon as he steps through the ropes. They decide to some more mat wrestling, almost shoot-like wrestling stuff here. Rick is tagged in, and he gets a belly-to-belly suplex on Dr. Death, sending him outside to the floor to regroup. They sure have been talking a lot lately. Rick & Williams go back to more amateur style wrestling, until Williams shoves Rick in the face. They go again with Rick having the advantage. After some forearm shots, Rick lets up on him and rests in the corner. Dr. Death goes right up to Rick and slaps him in the face. That just royally PISSES off Rick and he just runs at Williams with a double-leg takedown and proceeds to beat the ever-living crap out of him. Now Williams is on top and he drives in a forearm. I mean, wouldn’t you? They both get up, and Dr. Death ANNIHILATES Rick with a clothesline. Gordy tags in and hard clothesline Rick again for a near-fall. They exchange forearm blows in the corner. Gordy whips Rick into the far side corner and follows him in with a clothesline. Rick counters Gordy’s suplex, then belly-to-belly suplexes Gordy out of his boots. Scott gets the hot tag and comes in to take Gordy down with the butterfly powerbomb. Steiner whips Gordy into the ropes and tries the FRANKENSTEINER, but Gordy holds onto the ropes. Gordy goes into the STF. Gordy tags in Dr. Death and drops Scott across Williams’ knee. Dr. Death gets a pair of backbreakers before covering for a near-fall. Scott tries a comeback by kicking at Williams, but Dr. Death gets a legsweep and tags in Gordy. Gordy drops Scott with a running powerslam and then locks on a legbar. As Scott reaches for a tag from Rick, Gordy lets go of the hold and drags him back into his corner to tag in Dr. Death. Double shoulder block gets a two-count. Scott gets a front mule-kick on Dr. Death. Scott makes the hot tag to Rick, and Rick fires away on Dr. Death. Rick sends Dr. Death into the ropes, but ducks too soon. However, Dr. Death couldn’t capitalize and gets clotheslined out to the floor. Gordy comes in and they exchange blows until Dr. Death comes up behind Rick and nails him. Gordy goes out of the ring after Scott Steiner, as Dr. Death & Rick Steiner continue to go blow-for-blow. Rick gets a powerslam in the ring, but the ref won’t count because he says he never saw Scott tag him in. Dr. Death gets nailed out to the floor, and Rick goes out to save Scott from Gordy. Scott’s knee is still hurting as he’s out on the floor, trying to recuperate. Dr. Death clips Scott’s knee from the front. Gordy & Rick are back in the ring, fighting like crazy. As the ref finally separates the two, Scott gets back in and takes a gorilla press slam for a near-fall. Williams gets all in ref Randy Anderson’s face, thinking it was over right there. Gordy & Rick come back in start to brawl some more. As the ref was sending Rick back to his corner, Scott tries a belly-to-belly, only to have Gordy come up behind him and clip him with Dr. Death falling down on top of Scott for the three-count. (15:03) It started out like they wanted to see which team was the better mat wrestlers, but they ended up all getting pissed off and just turning it into a nice little power match. It was good, even if awkward at times. **½

Final Thoughts:
I don’t think I’ll ever understand Bill Watts’ reasoning for getting rid of the Dangerous Alliance, and pushing Gordy & Williams. It wasn’t broken, so why try and fix it? You’ve got already established heels being all heelish, and you’ve got gullible faces who will fall for pretty much any attack you propose on them to make the fans want to see these faces come back and beat the crap out of the heels. It’s easy money, and it’s just great and simple storyline wrestling. But no, Gordy & Williams go in its place. I don’t understand.

But onto the show, it holds up pretty well as some squashes surrounded around some pretty nice matches. You’ve got a good Dangerous Alliance vs. Sting’s buddies match. Plus, you’ve got an amazing Stampede-style tag match that still holds up on its own even now in the days of total non-stop action of the X-Division. If you like tag-team wrestling, this Clash is for you. If not, look elsewhere for a good time.

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