WCW Nitro 2/22/1999

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
From: Sacramento, CA

Stills of the Hogan/Flair match at Superbrawl IX are shown. David Flair has joined the Wolfpac and helped Hogan retain the title over Flair.

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Larry Zbyszko welcome everyone to the show and talk about what happened at Superbrawl IX last night. Schiavone will be interviewing both David and Ric for the first time since last night (as if that is a long time ago).

Nitro Party segment with a bunch of people screaming and looking like goofs is up next.

After the opening video, we see stills of the Goldberg/Bigelow match from last night. Goldberg won.

Opening Contest: Jerry Flynn defeated Mike Enos:
Flynn rolls through a scoop slam and locks in a cross arm breaker to pick up the win. The match lasted maybe five minutes. I don’t have any interest in either man thus this gets a short summary. NR

Backstage, David Flair is with Torrie Wilson saying that it is his time to shine. Actually, they are at the interview location where David will be talking to his father.

Backstage, Mean Gene is standing with Booker T. Booker says his match with Disco last night was “off the hook.” Booker is confident that many others will suffer the Harlem Hangover. Booker will be wrestling Bret Hart later on tonight. Booker will not stop until he is the number one contender for the WCW United States Championship.

Nitro Party segment with a bunch of college kids, again. What the hell is the point of this?

Backstage, Vincent is talking to Scott Norton and tells Norton that he is the boss of the New World Order black and white. Norton doesn’t seem to believe Vincent.

Second Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Van Hammer:
A whole lot of rest holds by both men. Bigelow avoids a big boot in the corner and manages to plant Hammer with the Greetings from Asbury Park for the win. NR

A video of WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell working out is shown. They end up going to a transsexual bar on accident and quickly leave. Scott Steiner ends up walking in on a Goldberg photo shoot and says he is going to take care of Goldberg later tonight. Goldberg is pissed!

Stills of Scott Hall winning the WCW US Championship last night are shown.

Third Contest: Booker T defeated Bret Hart in a number one contenders match:
Booker backs Hart into a corner but casually backs away. Booker controls Hart with a wristlock but Hart is able to counter with one of his own. Booker back elbows Hart to the floor where Hart stalls for a few moments. Booker comes off the ropes with a shoulder block that sends Hart to the floor, again. Hart backs Booker into a corner and delivers several right hands to Booker’s midsection. Hart maintains control with a headlock in the middle of the ring. Booker elbows out of the hold but is poked in the eyes. Hart chokes Booker for a few moments in the corner until Booker clotheslines Hart in the corner a couple times. Booker nails Hart with the scissors kick but only gets a two count! During the fucking match, we see Inferno talking to some guy in the production truck. Inferno wants to pirate a signal. Back to the match, Hart connects with a suplex for a two count. Hart puts the boots to Booker before delivering a double axe handle shot to Booker’s lower back followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Hart leaps off the middle rope nailing Booker with a forearm drop and gets a two count after trying to pin Booker with one hand. Hart tosses Booker to the floor and they begin to trade punches. Hart rolls Booker into the ring and taunts the fans as he has regained control of the bout. Hart delivers a back breaker but Booker kicks out at two. Hart continues to choke Booker in the corner but is met with a back elbow and clothesline from Booker! Hart pokes Booker in the eyes and connects with a back suplex. Hart continues his onslaught with several quick leg drops. Hart goes for the Sharpshooter but Booker reaches the ropes but switches into a rollup and nearly wins the bout! Hart scoop slams Booker and now locks in the figure four leg lock! Booker gets the crowd behind him and tries to turn over. Booker manages to get Hart turned over but Hart reaches the ropes very quickly. Hart goes back to a choke but misses a clothesline. Booker comes off the ropes and nails Hart with a running forearm smash. Booker sidekicks Hart and plants Hart with a side slam. Booker goes to the top rope but is crotched by Hart! Hart connects with a big superplex! Hart locks in the Sharpshooter but Booker reaches the bottom rope. Hart splashes down onto Booker’s back a few times and goes for a sunset flip but Booker drops down and pins Hart! ***

More stills from Superbrawl IX are shown. This time, the stills are of Rey Mistero Jr. losing his mask to the Outsiders. We see a picture of Rey without his mask. He looks like he is thirteen years old.

Before the next match, Inferno sings the national anthem because the match involved international talent. The microphone gets shut off before he can finish.

Fourth Contest: Disco Inferno defeated Kaz Hayashi:
Inferno nails Hayashi with a clothesline for a near fall to kick off the contest. Hayashi kicks Inferno from the apron and connects with a top rope cross body. Hayashi quickly connects with a head scissors and sends Inferno to the apron. Inferno drops Hayashi throat first across the top rope and is able to suplex Hayashi to the floor. Hayashi doesn’t sell it and is able to yank Inferno down to the floor. Hayashi leaps over the ropes and takes Inferno out with a cross body. Hayashi dropkicks Inferno on the back after a snap mare. Hayashi avoids a scoop slam and dropkicks Inferno. Inferno avoids a second dropkick and nails Hayashi with a clothesline for a two count. Scoop slam by Inferno and leaps off the middle rope connecting with a forearm drop for a two count. Hayashi counters a power bomb with an impressive midair leg drop. Hayashi with a back breaker but misses a top rope back splash. Inferno hits a quick swinging neck breaker and the Chart Buster for the win. *3/4

Backstage, Brian Adams tells Scott Norton that he is the boss of the New World Order. Adams believes that he will lead the Wolfpac soon enough.

Tony, Mike and Bobby talk about the Ric Flair situation and the meeting that Ric will be having with his son David.

WCW United States Champion Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell make their way down to the ring. Steiner brings a random lady into the ring for his promo. Well, she has to be an actor or something because she is hanging out around his groin. Steiner brags about taking out DDP last night. Steiner is going to make sure that Kimberly calls him the big bad booty daddy! Steiner also says that Kimberly will be on her back screaming his name! Steiner brings up wanting to put WCW out of business. Steiner has only one person left to hurt and that is Goldberg. Steiner makes it clear that Goldberg is next on his list! Steiner is going to put Goldberg in the hospital tonight!

Stills of Curt Hennig and Barry Windham winning the vacant WCW World Tag Team Championships last night are shown.

Before the next match, Chris Jericho cuts a promo on Perry Saturn. Jericho gave Saturn a shot to get out of the dress but believes that Saturn is really demented.

Fifth Contest: Hugh Morrus defeated Chris Jericho:
Jericho slaps Morrus after being punched several times. Jericho stomps away on Morrus until Morrus drops Jericho chest first down to the mat. Morrus continues with a gorilla press slam. Jericho stops Morrus on the top but falls off after a head butt. Morrus misses an elbow drop and is dropkicked to the floor. Jericho leaps off the top rope and over the ring post to nail Morrus and Jimmy Hart with a cross body! Jericho tosses Morrus into the ring steps and taunts the fans in the ring. Jericho gets a near fall following a snap suplex. Morrus comes off the ropes with a clothesline and follows up with a back elbow. Jericho dropkicks Morrus on the knee and begins to work on Morrus’s left knee. Jericho dropkicks Morrus with a reverse mule kick. Morrus counters a hurricanrana attempt with a sit down power bomb but doesn’t cover Jericho. Morrus splashes Jericho in the corner, twice! Morrus misses a third splash and Jericho gets a two count with a rollup. Morrus is able to power slam Jericho and signals for the moonsault. Ralphus grabs Morrus’s foot and Perry Saturn has come down to the ring. Saturn rolls into the ring as the referee is distracted by Ralphus. Saturn grabs Jericho and plants Jericho with the Death Valley Driver! Morrus heads to the top rope and hits the No Laughing Matter to win the bout! **1/4
After the match, Saturn runs into the ring and wants Morrus to enter the ring. They trade right hands after they shoved each other a few times on the floor. They trade punches for a few moments until officials run down to break up the fight.

Footage of Malenko and Benoit attacking Hennig and Windham after the pay per view last night is shown. The champions were left laying after a few whips with a belt.

Kevin Nash, Lex Luger and Elizabeth come down to the ring to cut a promo on Rey Mistero Jr. Nash says that the New World Order has always stood for what is right in the business. Nash apologizes to Mistero and says he will give the mask back because it doesn’t fit him anyway. Mistero comes down to the ring and says this isn’t about the mask anymore. Mistero wants a piece of Nash! Nash agrees to give him a beating.

Sixth Contest: Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Kevin Nash:
Nash knee lifts Mistero to kick off the contest. Mistero comes back with a springboard off the top rope and leaps over Nash who was looking to punch Mistero. Mistero dropkicks Nash’s leg and begins to kick Nash’s knee. Mistero drops Nash with a spinning heel kick! Mistero springboards off the top and plants Nash with a face buster! Mistero connects with the Bronco Buster! Nash stops Mistero’s momentum with a snake eyes in the corner. Nash lifts Mistero out of the corner and slams Mistero down to the mat. Nash goes for the Jackknife but Mistero punches Nash down to the mat and lands on Nash. Mistero has a cover on Nash and picks up the huge upset win! *1/2

Video premiere of Konnan’s music video is aired.

Backstage, Horace Hogan is now telling Scott Norton that he is the man. Same old segment, different people.

Mean Gene introduces the WCW World Tag Team Champions Curt Hennig and Barry Windham for a interview. Hennig says that he predicted them winning the tag team titles. Hennig believes they are great and the titles prove that. Windham believes it is a little early for a rematch as they already have contracts signed for other matches. Windham thinks the Horsemen have a lot of things to deal with since it has been a rough week for them. Hennig calls the Horsemen sore losers.

Backstage, Scott Norton is talking to Hulk Hogan and tells Hogan that everyone is telling him that they are the leader. Hogan proceeds to tell Norton that he is the leader of the New World Order black and white.

Before the next match, Ernest Miller calls out Scott Norton for a match. Norton sees this in the backstage area and makes his way down to the ring.

Seventh Contest: Scott Norton defeated Ernest Miller:
Norton wins the match after about three minutes with a power bomb. NR

Before the next match, Buff Bagwell announces that Goldberg is not in the arena tonight. Steiner begins to taunt several fans to get in the ring to fight him. Goldberg ends up coming out for the match.

Main Event: Goldberg defeated WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner by disqualification:
Steiner backs Goldberg into a corner and delivers several stiff forearm shots. Steiner blocks a back drop attempt with a few forearm shots. Goldberg comes out of the corner with a few boots but is kneed by Steiner. Steiner runs into a big boot in the corner and Goldberg mounts Steiner with a few right hands. Goldberg gorilla press slams Steiner as Nitro goes to commercial. Bagwell grabs Goldberg’s leg and runs away from Goldberg. Steiner cuts Goldberg off with a clothesline on the floor and tosses Goldberg into the guard railing back first. Steiner also sends Goldberg shoulder first into the ring steps. Steiner low blows Goldberg right in front of the referee and poses for the fans. Steiner clotheslines Goldberg and gets a two count after a elbow drop. Steiner continues with a belly to belly suplex. Bagwell uses wire cutters to cut off the top turnbuckle pad. Bagwell tosses the referee to the floor. Goldberg sends Steiner into the exposed turnbuckle and spears Bagwell! Rick Steiner runs down the aisle way and clotheslines both Bagwell and Steiner! Apparently that has caused a disqualification. *1/4
After the match, the New World Order has come down to the ring. Stevie Ray tosses Vincent into the ring where Vincent gets speared by Goldberg.

A video highlighting the Nitro Girls in their bikinis is shown.

Disco Inferno is in the production truck trying to get the guy to pirate the show. We go to commercial before seeing anything else.

Tony Schiavone is backstage talking about the eventual arrival of Ric Flair to the building. We see Flair arriving to the building in a limo. Instead of seeing Ric Flair, we see a video of Torrie Wilson flirting with David Flair earlier in the evening. Disco Inferno comes over and is acting like Mean Gene. Kevin Nash comes over acting like Arn Anderson. Scott Hall also enters the scene and mocks Roddy Piper. Hulk Hogan gets in on the act portraying Ric Flair. They continue to mock the Four Horsemen until the show comes to an end.

End of show

My Take:
The first two matches this week were two matches I had no interest in whatsoever. Anytime Jerry Flynn or Van Hammer are competing, I am going to summarize those matches. Neither men are talented and are just taking up air time that should be given to better wrestlers.

Booker T delivered a pretty bad interview. Seems like he was kind of lost as to what he was suppose to say. Why would he only stop at becoming the number one contender? Wouldn’t he stop once he wins the championship? Anyway, he had a good match with Bret Hart which isn’t a surprise. They were given about twenty minutes to do their thing and they put on a good television bout. It could have been even better if Hart wasn’t suffering from a legit groin injury.

Inferno/Hayashi had a few decent spots in it. A lot of people dislike Inferno but I think he is a good performer who could be a successful upper mid-card guy if he is given a push. I could see him getting kicked out of the New World Order soon and get a big babyface push. After all, WCW needs to start pushing the younger talent. Why not push Disco?

I thought Morrus/Jericho was a decent little bout. Jericho is good enough to recover from a loss to Morrus so the finish wasn’t all that bad. Morrus is another guy I would like to see get some kind of push in the near future. Saturn also appears to be having some kind of gimmick change. He was wearing some black makeup. Looks like Saturn is embracing the dress.

Nice win for Rey over Kevin Nash. The fans were eating it up and exploded for Rey when he picked up the win. Tenay mentioned that Rey is now a “giant killer” so it is safe to assume that Rey will be beating bigger wrestlers in the coming weeks or months. Or, he could be wrestling Juventud Guerrera and remain in the same spot he has been in for three years. Good job putting Rey over, Nash.

Goldberg/Steiner should be a main event program by the summer. The fans strongly hate Steiner while they adore Goldberg. Steiner needs to get out of the mid-card ranks and start working with the upper card. Make it happen. If this match was given more time, it would have been good. I have no doubt about that. However, it is Nitro and the main event always ends with some kind of bullshit finish.

Rick Steiner is back. I don’t really care for the guy.

The ending for the show was pretty dull. Another parody with the New World Order is something I didn’t care to see. I find it funny that they did the bait and switch for a stupid interview. They do it for matches for but a interview? That is pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Overall, the wrestling this week wasn’t bad. I enjoyed Hart/Booker, Inferno/Hayashi and Morrus/Jericho. The interviews and whatnot were lacking, however. That being said, I will give this weeks show a thumbs in the middle. If it weren’t for the Booker/Hart match this would get a big thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.

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