WCW Uncensored 1998 3/15/1998

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Uncensored
From: Mobile, Alabama

A video hyping up Hogan vs. Savage and Hall vs. Sting is shown to kick off the show.

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan welcome everyone to the pay per view. They hype up both matches featured in the opening video. Heenan says that if Hall wins the belt, he wouldn’t hand over the belt to Hogan. “No one is that dumb.” Oh Bobby, if only that were true.

Opening Contest: WCW Television Champion Booker T defeated Eddie Guerrero to retain the title:
Booker avoids a cheap shot from Guerrero to kick off the match. Booker backdrops Guerrero followed by a side slam and clothesline. Booker clotheslines Guerrero over the top to the floor where Guerrero is talking to Chavo Guerrero about helping him out. Guerrero wants to shake hands but Booker instead knocks Guerrero down with a standing spin kick. Guerrero runs off the ropes but is met with a big power slam from Booker. Booker stops Guerrero on the aisle way with a forearm shot and a scoop slam on the concrete floor! Booker continues his control of the contest in the ring with a back elbow but only gets a near fall on a cover. Booker press slams Guerrero and heads to the top rope! Guerrero is able to recover and crotches Booker on the top with a dropkick. Guerrero is able to superplex Booker back down to the canvas! Guerrero runs into a standing sidekick from Booker who gets a two count on a cover. Booker attempts a scissors kick but Guerrero avoids the kick and dropkicks Booker on the left knee. Guerrero begins to work on the injured left knee for several moments. Guerrero connects with a slingshot body splash from the apron onto Booker’s knee. Booker is on the floor where Guerrero leaps off the top and botches a cross body attempt. Guerrero keeps his offensive control with a side suplex for only a one count. Booker stops Guerrero with a flapjack and nails Guerrero with the scissors kick! Booker plants Guerrero with a big spine buster and heads to the top rope, again. Booker leaps off but misses a missile dropkick. Booker ends up missing a leaping sidekick in the corner. Guerrero crotches Booker on the top rope but Booker shoves Guerrero off and hits Guerrero with the missile dropkick! Booker covers and gets the three count. **1/2
After the match, Eddie Guerrero attacks his nephew, Chavo.

Second Contest: Juventud Guerrera defeated Konnan:
Guerrera with a quick spinning heel kick to Konnan’s back. Konnan avoids a dropkick and drops Guerrera with a running clothesline. Guerrera battles back with a tilt a whirl head scissors but is dragged to the floor by Konnan shortly after. Konnan tosses Guerrera into the ring steps back first and taunts the fans. Konnan grabs the ring steps but gets rammed into the steps face first by Guerrera! Guerrera leaps off the ring steps and dives onto Konnan. Guerrera springboards back into the ring and nails Konnan with a dropkick for a two count. Konnan drops Guerrera throat first across the top rope and locks in a Indian death lock. Konnan runs into a big boot in the corner but is able to recover and tosses Guerrera over with a release German suplex for a near fall! Konnan catapults Guerrera into the corner and begins to stomp away on Guerrera. Konnan grabs Guerrera by the hair and casually tosses Guerrera across the ring. Konnan covers but only manages to get a two count. Konnan uses the rocking horse cradle submission and decides to sit down directly on Guerrera’s head. Ouch. Konnan has a odd looking death valley driver submission move but switches to a cover for a two count. Konnan attempts a release German suplex from the top rope but Guerrera lands on his feet and stomps away on Konnan who was trapped in a tree of woe! Guerrera chops Konnan against the ropes but Konnan stops Guerrera with a release German suplex for a near fall! Guerrera counters a power bomb with a face buster! Guerrera attempts the 450 splash but Konnan moves out of the way. Konnan plants Guerrera with a cradle DDT but only gets a near fall! Konnan drops Guerrera with a slam but covers rather lazy for only a two count. Guerrera surprises Konnan with a crucifix and picks up the win! **3/4
After the match, Konnan plants Guerrera with another cradle DDT and throws Guerrera over the top to the floor.

Mean Gene talks to JJ Dillon about a request from the Giant. Giant wants the power bomb to be made legal for his match against Kevin Nash later on. Dillon announces that the power bomb is legal for tonight only!

Third Contest: WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Dean Malenko to retain the title:
Malenko drop toe holds Jericho to start off the title bout. Malenko keeps control of Jericho with a wristlock until Jericho reaches the ropes. Malenko fireman carries Jericho down to the mat and has a top wristlock locked in for a few moments. Malenko runs off the ropes dropping Jericho with a shoulder block. Malenko blocks a boot from Jericho but is kicked by Jericho’s free leg. Jericho misses a springboard cross body attempt on the apron. Jericho decides to walk to the backstage area but stops at the top of the aisle way and returns to the ring. Malenko hammers away on Jericho with several right hands and stomps. Jericho blocks a leapfrog by sending Malenko down to the mat with a spine buster. Jericho covers Malenko with one foot but only gets a near fall. Jericho has a rear chin lock on Malenko to maintain the upper hand. Jericho quickly connects with a snap suplex and a springboard moonsault but only manages a two count on a cover. Jericho drives Malenko across his knee with a backbreaker. Malenko fights back with a flurry of right hands and head butts. Malenko connects with a back suplex but only gets a near fall! Jericho recovers to hit a senton splash for a two count. Jericho punts Malenko in the midsection. Jericho nails Malenko with a running dropkick in the corner. Jericho begins to slap a seated Malenko in the corner. Malenko avoids a splash in the corner but Jericho is able to take Malenko over with a reverse suplex! Jericho attempts the Lion Tamer but Malenko reaches the bottom rope. Malenko counters a go behind with a rollup but only gets a two count. Malenko with a backslide but Jericho is able to kick out, again. Jericho sends Malenko into the corner, but Malenko leaps over to the apron. Jericho botches a springboard dropkick so he instead punches Malenko in the face. Jericho crotches Malenko on the top turnbuckle and tries for a top rope back suplex but Malenko rolls on top and gets a two count on a surprise cover! Jericho blocks a dropkick attempt and tries for the Lion Tamer. Malenko is managing to block it and hurries to the bottom rope. Jericho attempts a top rope hurricanrana but Malenko is able to reverse with a top rope gut buster! Malenko covers but isn’t able to get the win! Jericho blocks a spinning heel kick and has the Lion Tamer locked in! Malenko tries to reach the bottom rope but Jericho pulls Malenko back and drops down to a knee. Malenko is forced to give up right in the middle of the ring! ***1/4
After the match, Mean Gene walks by Jericho and enters the ring to interview Malenko. Malenko is really upset about losing the match. Gene says that everyone thought that Malenko was going to win the match tonight. Malenko is speechless. Gene tells Malenko that he should have won the bout but simply didn’t. Gene notes that Malenko is zero for four in the past four pay per views (Malenko didn’t compete on the past two). Gene calls Malenko a loser! Gene asks what Malenko is going to do now. Malenko responds by saying he is going home.

Fourth Contest: Lex Luger defeated Scott Steiner:
Steiner attacks Luger before the bell with several right hands and knee lifts in a corner. Steiner takes Luger over with a side belly to belly suplex but doesn’t follow up quickly. Steiner chokes Luger on the middle rope before dumping Luger to the floor. Steiner sends Luger back first into the guard railing and face first into the ring steps. Steiner attempts a suplex back into the ring but Luger counters with a suplex from the ring to the floor. Luger leaps off the apron with a double axe handle and tosses Steiner into the guard railing. Back in the ring, Luger atomic drops Steiner followed by a few clotheslines and a power slam. Luger goes for the torture rack but Steiner low blows Luger. Steiner has the Steiner Recliner on Luger briefly before letting go to get a chair. Rick Steiner comes down and allows Luger to hit a distracted Steiner with a running forearm shot. ½*
After the match, Scott Norton attacks Rick Steiner on the floor. Scott attacks Luger until Luger bails to the floor. Rick enters the ring and is able to backdrop Scott over the top to the floor! Rick and Luger stand tall to end the segment.

Fifth Contest: WCW United States Champion Diamond Dallas Page defeated Raven and Chris Benoit in a no disqualification match to retain the title:
All three men fall to the floor as they all lock up with one another. DDP is sent shoulder first into the ring steps. Benoit clotheslines Raven back in the ring for a two count. Benoit stomps away on Raven in the corner until DDP returns with a clothesline, which Raven gets a two count on. DDP drops Benoit gut first across the top rope after sending Raven to the floor. Raven grabs DDP’s leg but is met with a baseball slide from Benoit. DDP takes both men out with a slingshot cross body on the floor! DDP rolls Raven into the ring to drop Raven with a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Benoit gets a two count on Raven after a snap suplex. DDP pancakes Raven with a modified pedigree but only gets a near fall. Benoit leaps off the top rope and splashes onto Raven for a two count. DDP kicks Benoit in the head for a two count. Raven leaps over the top rope onto Page and Benoit who were battling each other on the floor. Raven covers Benoit and DDP on the floor but only manages near falls on both attempts. Benoit sends Raven back first into the guard railing and gets a near fall. DDP decides to send Benoit into the guard railings a few times as well. Raven knocks DDP down on the aisle way with a knee lift for a near fall. They all trade several near falls on the aisle way. Raven has a trash can but is kicked by Benoit before he can use it. DDP puts the trash can over Raven’s head! DDP and Benoit proceed to hit Raven with crutches! DDP and Benoit both get a few near falls until Benoit jabs DDP in the ribs with a crutch! Benoit nails DDP over the back with a trash can. Benoit takes DDP over with a snap suplex on the aisle way. Raven and Benoit team up to send DDP through a Uncensored sign, twice! Benoit has somehow gotten a sink to hit Raven in the midsection. Raven slams a table on top of Benoit! Raven begins to choke Benoit with a rope you would see at a movie theater. Raven sets up a table but Benoit is able to send Raven onto the table! Benoit drags Raven back to the ring. Raven low blows Benoit to grab a chair from the floor. Benoit is able to drop toe hold Raven face first onto the steel chair! Benoit wedges the chair in the corner as DDP tries to crawl back to the ring. Benoit tosses Raven back first into the chair and Raven falls to the floor. Benoit rams Raven back first into the guard railing before getting a two count back in the ring. Benoit has a sleeper on Raven, but DDP returns to get a sleeper on Benoit! Raven drops down and causes a double jaw breaker! Benoit connects with two German suplexs and on the third attempt; DDP comes over and takes both men over with a German suplex! DDP is dropped by both Benoit and Raven. Benoit holds DDP to allow Raven to whack DDP over the head with a sign which happens to be a stop sign under paper. Raven sets up a table in the ring and grabs a limp DDP. Benoit smashes Raven over the head with the stop sign! DDP is on top of the table as Benoit stomps away on Raven briefly. Benoit places Raven on the top turnbuckle but is knocked off the middle rope to the floor by DDP! DDP grabs Raven and leaps off the middle rope to hit the Diamond Cutter onto the table (it didn’t break). DDP covers Raven and manages to get the three count! ***1/2
After the match, Benoit gives DDP the championship and helps DDP up to his feet.

Sixth Contest: The Giant defeated Kevin Nash by disqualification:
Giant is sporting a neck brace for this contest. Nash avoids a clubbing blow in the corner and proceeds to taunt Giant. Nash goes behind Giant but is met with a clothesline and a leaping elbow drop! Giant misses a second elbow drop but pops right up unknown to Nash. Giant is able to clothesline Nash over the top to the floor. Giant rams Nash head first into the apron but Nash is able to block a scoop slam by sending Giant face first into the ring post. Nash begins to work on Giant’s injured neck with a few elbow strikes. Nash chokes Giant in the corner with his boot followed by several overhand strikes. Giant elbows his way out of a sleeper but Nash puts Giant across the middle rope to jump on Giant’s back. Nash removes Giant’s neck brace but runs into a boot from Giant, hitting Nash in the groin. Nash head butts Giant but wobbles around. Giant drops Nash with a head butt and several clotheslines. Giant easily scoop slams Nash and signals for the choke slam. Wait, Giant is going for the power bomb but Brian Adams runs down with a baseball bat and whacks Giant over the back to cause the disqualification. ½*
After the match, Vincent and Konnan hammer away on Giant until they are shoved away. Giant choke slams Vincent, Konnan, and tries to choke slam Adams but is whacked over the back by Nash with a bat. Giant gets to his feet and is pissed! The New World Order decides to bail from the ring and head to the backstage area.

Seventh Contest: Bret Hart defeated Curt Hennig:
Hennig slaps Hart after stalling on the floor briefly. They lock up a couple of times but nothing occurs. Hart takes Hennig down to the mat with a side headlock. Hart shoulder blocks Hennig before going back to a side headlock. Hennig breaks free in the corner with a knee lift. Hart sends Hennig back first into a corner before once again going back to a side headlock takedown. Hennig is shoulder blocked by Hart followed by a botched hip toss by Hart. Hennig rolls to the floor to regroup with Rick Rude. Rude holds Hart’s legs which allowed Hennig to get a cheap shot in. Hart manages to quickly get the Sharpshooter on Hennig but Rick Rude enters and punches Hart, which the referee didn’t see. Hennig begins to work on Hart’s left knee for several moments. Hennig wraps Hart’s leg around the ring post. Rude wraps Hart’s leg around the post as well behind the referees back. Hennig tosses Hart across the ring by his hair. Hennig gets the figure four leg lock on Hart right in the middle of the ring. Rude helps give Hennig some extra leverage for the hold. The referee sees Rude help and forces Hennig to break the hold. Hennig continues to work on Hart’s knee for several more moments. Hart is able to crotch Hennig on the top rope and tosses Hennig down to the mat by the hair. Hennig proceeds to slide groin first into the ring post! Hart atomic drops Hennig followed by a clothesline and a near fall with a inside cradle. Hart connects with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Hart comes out of the corner with a running bulldog for a two count. Hart drives Hennig down with a back breaker before leaping off the middle rope with a forearm drop for a near fall. Hennig sends Hart hard chest first into a corner. Hennig attempts a fisherman suplex and connects! Hennig keeps it on for a cover but Hart kicks out! Hart sends Hennig into Rude on a roll up but Hennig rolls through for a two count. Hart rolls through on a sunset flip from Hennig and gets the Sharpshooter on Hennig! Hennig gives up before Rude could enter the ring! **
After the match, Rude attacks Hart while Hennig grabs a chair. Hennig jabs Hart with the chair and Rude hits the Rude Awakening on Hart! Hennig and Rude leave Hart lying in the ring.

Eighth Contest: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting defeated Scott Hall to retain the title:
Sting punches Hall several times which causes Hall to bail to the floor. Hall returns to the ring and controls Sting briefly with a wristlock until Sting knocks Hall down with a right hand. Hall pokes Sting in the eyes and reverses a hip toss with a choke slam! Hall mocks the Giant instead of covering Sting. Sting recovers and hits Hall with a running bulldog and several right hands. Sting knocks Hall upside down to the floor with a dropkick. Dusty Rhodes trips Sting as Sting comes off the ropes. Sting turns around on the apron to be met with a clothesline from Hall! Hall covers Sting but only manages to get a two count. Hall nails Sting with a discus punch and follows up with a running clothesline in the corner. Hall continues his offense with a fall away slam but Sting kicks out at two on a pin attempt. Hall comes off the ropes and collides heads with Sting. Sting staggers off the ropes and drops down onto Hall’s groin! Dusty Rhodes enters the ring as Hall distracts the referee. Rhodes nails Sting with a elbow drop! Hall covers but Sting kicks out at two! Hall punches a staggering Sting several times but Sting isn’t affected by the punches after a while. Sting atomic drops Hall and connects with the Stinger Splash! Sting clotheslines Hall and goes for the Death Lock but let’s go to hit Rhodes off the apron. Sting accidentally sends Hall into the referee in the corner. Hall is tossed brass knuckles by from Rhodes and nails Sting with the knuckles! Hall covers but Sting manages to somehow kick out at two! Hall attempts the Outsiders Edge but Sting gets out of it and plants Hall with the Scorpion Death Drop to retain the title! *1/4

Main Event: Hulk Hogan fought Randy Savage to a no contest in a steel cage match: Hogan knee lifts Savage in a corner followed by several right hands and stomps. Hogan continues to punch Savage several ties to keep the upper hand. Hogan big boots Savage in the face for a two count. Hogan clotheslines Savage in the corner followed by a few moments of choking Savage. Hogan scoop slams Savage but misses a elbow drop, numerous times. Savage jabs Hogan several times and knocks Hogan down with a back elbow. Savage chokes Hogan with his rag for a brief times. Hogan fights back by whipping Savage several times with his weight belt. Hogan chokes Savage up against the ropes with the belt. Hogan attempts a leg drop but misses. Savage has the weight belt and whips Hogan several times. Savage tosses Hogan head first into the cage but only gets a near fall on a pin attempt. Hogan has been busted wide open as a result. Savage jabs Hogan several times before getting a near fall. Savage delivers a few elbow smashes, one of which didn’t hit Hogan as he fell too quickly. Hogan backdrops Savage onto the cage! Hogan grabs his belt and whips Savage several times. Hogan drives Savage down with a back suplex for another two count. Hogan grabs Savage and rams Savage face first into the cage! Hogan rams Savage face first into the cage several times and now Savage has been busted open. Hogan covers Savage but Savage kicks out at two. They exit the cage moments later, which is legal somehow. Hogan rams Savage head first into the cage from the outside. Hogan tosses Savage back into the ring and the cage is locked. So, they unlocked the cage to let them out for two seconds. IT’S A CAGE MATCH. Ugh. Savage knocks Hogan down and heads to the very top of the cage! Savage leaps off and hits Hogan with a double axe handle! Savage covers but Hogan kicks out at two. Savage rams Hogan into the cage head first, again. Savage scoop slams Hogan and proceeds to head to the top rope. However, a guy helping Hogan runs down and enters the cage after knocking the referee out. Savage is at the top of the cage but just drops down into the cage. Hogan has gotten up to his feet and have Savage cornered. Well, wait a second. Sting comes down from the rafters to save Savage! Hogan begs off in the corner until Savage clotheslines Sting! Savage plants Sting with a pile driver. Hogan wonders what is going on. Savage answers Hogan by spitting at Hogan. “I’ve never liked you, and I never will.” Hogan tries telling Savage that he works for him no matter what. 1/2*

End of show

My Take:
Booker/Guerrero was a fine opening contest. I don’t believe this was a way to push Guerrero up the card because quite frankly I thought Guerrero wasn’t made out to be a legit threat to Booker’s title. It was a fine defense but not much focus was put on Guerrero going for the title. Instead, the focus was on Eddie’s feud with Chavo.

Guerrera/Konnan was a good contest, as well. Konnan seemed to be able to keep up with Guerrera, which was surprising. It was around this time that Konnan was kind of losing a step.

I really enjoyed Jericho/Malenko despite some of it being kind of slow and lame. The closing moments of the contest were very good and a great ending of the contest as you could just feel the crowd let out a “oohh” with Malenko losing. Jericho is on a roll as a heel as he his crowd reaction is much louder this show compared to last months pay per view.

Luger/Steiner was quick, thankfully. That is about it.

The triple threat match was good brawl but it had way too many pin fall attempts. A pin fall after a simple elbow drop or a punch just gets repetitive and kills the importance of the contest. I still enjoyed it despite that, though. Crowd loved it as well. Match of the night, in my opinion.

Nash/Giant was really bland and uninteresting. It’s Uncensored. They have mentioned several times this show features no disqualifications, yet, we get a DQ. DO THE JOB NASH. It’s simple. Just get pinned and let Giant get that big baby face win. Fans had been waiting for the match since December ’97. Total let down with a bull shit finish. This isn’t Nitro for goodness sake.

Hennig/Hart is easily the worst of their matches against each other. The crowd was dead halfway through the contest as they both seemed to be slow and not really all that motivated to put on a good match. Not a classic so don’t go into it thinking you will be greeted with such, if you end up watching the show.

Sting/Hall was a rather poor contest as well. Buildup to this match started way back in November ’97 where Hall won the big World War III battle royal. So, the big blow off for that contest is Sting winning in under nine minutes. I must say, I was quite disappointed that they didn’t put on a good match. Oh well.

Two old guys + fifteen minutes + a cage = one dreadful main event. What a long fifteen minutes that felt like. Same old repetitive spots that didn’t keep the fans interested. They knew they lost the fans and tired to recapture the heat but it just wasn’t there. Why on earth would Sting help out Savage? I mean, Savage is part of the New World Order despite having helped Sting last month. Just makes Sting look like a goof. The only bright spot was the double axe handle off the top of the cage. That is about it.

Overall, the under card helps give this show a mild thumbs up. The upper card matches are very lackluster. Jericho/Malenko, Konnan/Juvi and the triple threat math will all entertain you.

Thanks for reading.

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