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WCW Nitro 5/26/1997

Written By: Justin Rozzero

WCW Nitro 5/26/97
Municipal Auditorium
Nashville, TN

Hour 1
Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko & Mike Tenay

– We waste no time this week as we fade up and are immediately joined by Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan as Tony, Mike and Larry welcome us to the show. Eric is rocking a Dennis Rodman shirt as the two strut their way down to the ring. Tenay reminds us that Bischoff was laid out by Sting to close out last week’s show. Tony informs us that this is the one year anniversary of Scott Hall’s Nitro debut. Eric has the mic and says he made sure there is no Sting under the ring this week. Hogan says Bischoff is the man that makes all this happen. He is the reason that Hogan is down in the Bahamas, spending Ted Turner’s money and making another movie. He is hanging with “Bahamas-brahs, Nasty Nick, Beautiful Brooke and the whole family affair.” Nobody in the world is as close to family as Bischoff is. When the little teeny-weenie Stinger lays his hands on Bischoff, he is in deep and he can break Sting in half. For the few Sting fans, Hogan tells them Sting is scared of the Outsiders, can’t keep up with Syxx and then calls “the yellow bellied coward” out. He tells Bischoff to get him out there so he can take him out. Eric has checked everywhere and says Sting is scared and not there. Hogan thinks he is scared to stand next to him because Hogan’s arms are bigger than his body. He is going to snoop around the building to sniff him out and will slap anyone who has Sting face paint on. Hogan hits the poses and that is that. We head over to the booth and the announcers talk about Sting a bit more, assuming he is around the building somewhere. Larry says Hogan will be suffering and Sting will answer the call. Tenay doesn’t think Sting will telegraph an appearance but we will find out tonight if he and Hogan will finally have a big showdown.

1) Super Calo, Juventud Guerrera & Hector Garza vs. La Parka, Damien & Ciclope

Mike tells us that this is Hector Garza’s debut as well as the first ever Lucha six man action on Nitro. He then goes over the rules as the bell sounds and we get under way. Juvy and Parka kick things off and Juvy lands a slap to the face. Parka doesn’t like it and shoves him back and then attacks in the corner. Juvy lands a spin kick and then heads up top. Parka catches him on a cross body attempt and then sits him on the opposite turnbuckle. Juvy shoves him away and hits a top rope huracarrana. He tags in Calo as Parka bails and Ciclope comes in. They trade leapfrogs and Ciclope lands a clothesline. Calo does a nice flip in the corner and gets a headscissors takeover. He heads to the top and comes over with another flying headscissors. Ciclope ends up on the floor against the guardrail and Calo comes off with a somersault senton. He drives Ciclope into the railing and actually ends up flipping into the crowd. Man, that has to be seen to be believed…insane. Garza and Damien end up the legal men in the ring and Damien hits a big running clothesline. Garza heads up top but leaps over a charging Damien. He hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, which sends Damien to the floor. Garza follows with a baseball slide and then heads back to the top. He nails Damien with a moonsault to the floor and Juvy helps him back to his feet. Calo, Parka, Ciclope and Damien end up back in the ring and trade off some strikes. Juvy gets back in and Parka lands a big kick to the face of Juvy as Ciclope was holding him. Damien nails Calo with a clothesline, but Garza comes from behind and takes him down and then dropkicks him to the floor. Damien trips him and pulls him to the floor. Juvy and Parka get in the ring and Parka hits a powerslam for two. He tries a German suplex, but Juvy lands on his feet. Damien hits Parka by accident and then Juvy takes him to the floor with a flying headscissors. Parka gets sent to the floor as well and Juvy hits a somersault plancha to the floor. Calo baseball kicks Damien to the mat on the floor and then follows with a somersault senton over the top rope, actually hitting his own head on the guardrail as he came over. Ciclope follows with a dive and then all the men outside start to get u pas Garza charges to the top rope. He hits the twisting corkscrew plancha to a huge pop and then slides back inside. Ciclope knocks him down and heads up top. He tries a dropkick, but Garza reverses to a powerbomb. He lands a standing moonsault press and picks up the win in his debut match. The winners celebrate as we go to break. Man that was a heck of an opener with non stop action. Calo, Guerrera & Garza d. Parka, Damien & Ciclope when Garza pins Ciclope with a standing moonsault press at 6:27; Grade: 3

2) Psychosis vs. Alex Wright

When we return, our next combatants are in the ring and Nick Patrick calls for the bell. They lock up as Tony runs down some action that we will see later tonight. Tony and Mike then break down Psychosis’s career and past, saying he has been overshadowed by Konnan and Rey Mysterio. Wright lands a dropkick and then stomps away. He lands a stiff uppercut as Larry applauds Wright’s new attitude. Wright hits a cradle suplex for two. He continues to work Psychosis over in the corner and then dances for us. He slides to the floor and drags Psychosis over the apron and then drops a sledge on him. Back inside, Wright charges but Psychosis floats over and hits a moonsault press from the middle rope for two. Psychosis picks Wright up and drops him crotch first on the top rope. He comes off the top with a spin kick for a one count. Wright slides to the floor and starts dancing again, but that allows Psychosis to land a portion of a corkscrew moonsault. He tosses Wright back in and heads to the tope. He lands a guillotine legdrop and picks up the win. The announcers play it up as an upset and a big win for Psychosis. The energy was there, but both men were sloppy throughout. Psychosis d. Alex Wright with a guillotine legdrop at 4:08; Grade: 1.5

– After a quick replay, we head to the aisle where Gene Okerlund is with Sonny Onoo. Gene asks Sonny about the surprise he promised last week. He tells Chono that he will get his tonight because his nightmare is here. He won’t tell us now and we will have to wait like everyone else. Sonny calls Psychosis over as he walks back and says he has a deal for him. Psychosis says he is interested and then heads back. Gene tells him not to bring his “flim flam scams” out here and they need to talk about Chono’s nightmare. Sonny won’t crack and we are then joined by Madusa. Sonny cowers behind Gene as Madusa says she won’t beat around the bush. She deserves a women’s title shot as she is the number one contender. She is to the point that she will do almost anything. Onoo likes that, but Madusa backs off the comment a bit. Sonny says the deal is done and that he will give her a shot. She can have a shot at the Great American Bash but if she loses, she must retire. Sonny says she may never get a shot otherwise and has fifteen seconds to decide. Madusa mumbles yes and Gene seals the deal. Madusa announces the deal loudly and it is set for the Bash. Onoo says she will be back nursing as we go to commercial.

– When we come back, we hit the announce table and they talk about Slamboree, specifically Glacier being saved while being attacked by Wrath and Mortis. Tenay says that Glacier had invited Ernest Miller to be at the show due to his martial arts history and Miller ended up hopping into the ring and making the save.

3) Wrath vs. Mark Starr

Tony and Larry put over Wrath as he, Mortis and Vandenberg head to the ring. Tony says Glacier was smart to have Miller in the building as he had taken too many beating at the hands of these men already. Vandenberg still has Glacier’s mask and Mortis has his broken staff, which they had used to attack Glacier at Slamboree. Tenay runs down the meaning of the helmet, which was given to Glacier by his sensei. Wrath disrobes and we are set to go. Wrath hammers Starr off the bat and then works him over in the corner. He lands some chops and then shoots him across. Starr lands a boot as Wrath charges but Wrath drops him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Mortis is facing the aisle, standing guard, as the match goes on. Wrath tosses Starr to the floor and Mortis hooks him from behind, allowing Wrath to land some stiff boots as Vandenberg distracts the ref. Starr is shot back inside and Wrath heads up top. He hits a clothesline and then lands a leaping boot to the face as Starr climbed to his feet. Wrath picks him up and plants him with the Death Penalty Urinage slam. Tenay says the move has roots in Siberian judo, so that may give us some insight in to Wrath’s background. They assault Starr and Vandenberg calls out Glacier after the bell as we go to break. Wrath d. Starr with the Death Penalty at 2:33; Grade: 1

4) Konnan vs. Villano IV

We are told that Diamond Dallas Page and Randy Savage will go at it at our next PPV as Konnan heads down the aisle. As the bell sounds, we get an inset promo from Hugh Morrus talking about Konnan turning on him to advance his own career. Konnan attacks Villano with some chops and a clothesline. He mares Villano over and hits a seated dropkick. Larry talks about Konnan’s past aspirations to control the Dungeon. He hits another dropkick in the corner and then chokes Villano with his boot. Konnan tosses him down after some forearms and then plays to the crowd. Villano fires back and hits a headscissors takeover. He follows with an armdrag and a clothesline. He chops away at Konnan but gets caught on a floatover and snapped over to the mat. We cut to the aisle to see Hugh Morrus charging down but the security crew led by Doug Dellinger stops him and holds him back. Konnan taunts him from the ring and then buries Villano with the cradle DDT. He follows with the Tequila Sunrise for the win. Well, Konnan certainly looked strong there. Konnan d. Villano IV with the Tequila Sunrise at 3:07; Grade: 1

– Gene Okerlund has hopped in the ring to chat with Konnan. Kevin Sullivan is on hiatus, and as a result it seems as if Konnan’s career is in limbo. Konnan responds in Spanish and Gene calls for English. He says Sullivan has no leadership. It took him a year to take out Chris Benoit and he could have done it in a week. He is the thug in the family. Sullivan’s old lady is running around with Benoit and he has no respect for that. He is a bitch. He calls Morrus the “Pillsbury Fat Boy” and says if he shows up in Konnan’s match again, it will be 187 time. And that is that as we go to break.

– We are back and David Penzer calls out Sonny Onoo. He grabs the mic and introduces us to Chono’s nightmare: Great Muta! Muta comes out to a nice reaction as Tenay starts ripping off the history. He tells us that Chono has been trying to recruit Muta for NWO Japan and that Muta’s allegiance has been in question.

5) Great Muta vs. Masahiro Chono

Chono is rocking it to the NWO B Team song, which is all sorts of awesome. He also has an NWO shirt in his hand as it looks like the recruiting may continue here. Muta still hasn’t taken his hood off as Chono hops in the ring. He finally takes it off and Chono stalls a bit. The bell sounds and Muta spews his green mist into the air to a great pop. Chono keeps stalling, pointing at Onoo. He hops outside and chases Sonny a bit. Chono heads back in and we get some more stalling as both men stare each other down. Onoo is a bit confused and starts yelling at Muta to attack. Muta looks at Chono and then walks at him. Chono goes back outside after Onoo and the crowd is getting restless. Chono is back on the apron as Onoo goes over to consult with Muta. They finally lock up and Muta grabs a headlock and he keeps shooting a confused look at Sonny. Sonny jumps on the apron and starts yelling at Muta as he just keeps hold of the weak headlock. Chono easily slips free as Onoo gets in the ring. Muta finally does the turn and spews the red mist at Onoo. Chono and Muta beat Onoo down and Muta takes a picture with Sonny’s camera. Chono hands Muta the shirt as Larry says you can’t trust the Japanese because they have seven hearts. Onoo bails down the aisle and we are off to break. Chono and Muta wrestle to a no contest at 3:00; Grade: 0

Hour 2
Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan

– We are back and it is time to kick off Hour Two! We head to the announce table where Tony and Bobby talk about what has happened already and what is yet to come. They talk about Sting a bit and Bobby says Hogan shouldn’t be sniffing around as Sting is the last guy he wants to find. Tony recaps the Muta jump and Bobby says the NWO is worried to be shelling out a lot of money for Muta. Tony says they spent a lot of money on the program too as we are going to a paid announcement. This one features Randy Savage tearing up Page and talking about the Bash and also building himself up. Back in the arena, Gene is in the aisle and bringing out Kimberley and DDP. Page is carrying a busted pair of crutches as he heads out. Gene talks about the Bash match and Page mocks how mad Savage looked in the NWO ad. Page says Savage is feeling the madness and Gene says he is out of control. Page didn’t think he could get under Savage’s skin so easily by calling him a Hogan suck up. Hogan smashed the crutches over Page’s back a few weeks back thanks to Savage kissing up because he couldn’t do it himself. Page owes Hogan a Diamond Cutter. The crutches Page has are the ones he smashed on Savage’s back at Slamboree and that was just the beginning. Kimberley says that the crutches are to remind Page to look out for icons sneaking up behind him. She also has some of the hair that Savage pulled out of her head. Page says there are two things you don’t mess with: his family and his wife. At the Bash, DDP is going to be an SOB right down to the letter…bang! Page and Kim leave and we go to break.

6) Jim Powers vs. Barbarian

When we return, the bell sounds and Powers grabs a side headlock off the lockup. Barbarian slugs out of it and they have a stand off. Powers lands some boots and lands a clothesline, but Barbarian doesn’t budge. Barbarian hits one of his own and plants Powers. He grabs Powers by the throat and tosses him into the corner. He follows with a running clothesline and then tosses Powers to the floor. He follows after and picks Powers up and runs him into the post. Both men are back in and Barbarian chops away at Powers. Powers fires back with chops of his own but Barbarian puts him back down to the mat. He mares powers over and chokes away at him. He lands some more chops and then clubs Powers to the mat. Powers lands a back elbow as Barbarian follows him into the corner. He hammers away and hits a kneelift. Powers goes to the middle rope but Barbarian catches him and plants him with a powerslam. Barbarian shoots him in and drills him with a boot to the face for the win. Powers looked horrible there as his offense was weak and he was sloppy with everything else. Barbarian d. Powers with a boot to the face at 3:16; Grade: .5

– When we return from commercial, Tony is talking about all the questions surrounding WCW. Nitro will be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on June 30 and a brand new star will be debuting that night as well. The internet and news line are buzzing over the identity.

7) Giant vs. Jerry Flynn, Johnny Swinger & Rick Fuller

Giant is making his way to the ring for some handicapped action. Lex Luger is with him though, and will root him on from ringside. Swinger starts things off but Giant swats him away. Swinger tags Flynn in. He tries a few kicks, but that fails and he tags in Fuller. Giant shoves Fuller to the corner and lands a big chop. Flynn and Swinger come in and attack but Giant swats them both off as well. Flynn and Swinger grab a headlock but Giant shoves Swinger off and hoists up Flynn, whose feet drill Swinger in the face. Fuller comes over and he and Flynn now have a duel headlock on but Giant drops them both with a double back suplex. Swinger comes off the top, but Giant catches him by the throat and chokeslams him to the mat. He chokeslams Fuller and then Flynn gets one as well. Giant covers Flynn and Swinger and gets the easy win. That was fun and impressive and Giant is still way over. Giant d. Swinger, Flynn & Fuller with a chokeslam at 2:15; Grade: 1

– Gene is back in the ring and chatting with Lex and Giant. Gene says that Hogan and Rodman have signed an open contract for the Bash at the Beach in July. He says that Giant won World War 3 and Luger won the four corner match. Both men deserve a title shot and a match with Hogan and Rodman. Luger says he has always been a fan of the NBA, and he has been watching Rodman with an extra keen eye. He wants to see how he moves because Rodman overstepped the boundaries, invaded their domain and he humiliated Luger when he was unconscious. Luger officially accepts the open challenge and he tells Rodman to wear his nicest dress and a new World Championship ring. He tells Rodman to watch for payback and when he is standing across from Lex he will ask Hogan what he got him into. Giant says he feels like the shylock that nobody has paid. Hogan has been hiding lately but now that he is in the building, Giant wants him to listen loud and clear: what comes around goes around and the Giant is coming for him. And we are off to break.

– When we return, it is time for the 1-800-COLLECT Road Report and Lee Marshall is in Dayton, OH, where Nitro will emanate from next week. He says Dayton’s identity has to do with aviation as the Wright Brothers were born there and it is the home of the US Air Force museum and the Aviation Hall of Fame. It is also home to a huge Air Show but the “Crash and Burn Bobby and the Wing Walking Weasels” will not be performing this year due to fan outcry. Bobby tells him to back into a propeller as we hear the NWO music fire up in the arena. Syxx is making his way out to the ramp and he has a mic in hand. He says Hollywood is back and he is looking too sweet. As far as Slamboree goes, Nick Patrick wasn’t reinstated until the day after Slamboree, so his decision didn’t count. And Nature Boy, last week Syxx treated him like the fluff boy that he is and then they dropped the big bomb on him. We take a quick look at the beatdown of Flair from last week, culminating with an Outsider Edge and a Jackknife. It is time for the big treat now: Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. The Outsiders head out and Syxx says they are taking time out of the busy Wolfpac schedule. Hall calls Flair an old drag queen and says it was fun watching him get tosses around like a dirt bag. He may have been on top of the world for one night, but the Black and White Express handed him a reality check. Nash says that Piper has been walking around talking about how he put Hollywood and Nash to sleep, but Nash says the only way he could put them to sleep is to tie them in a recliner and make them watch his next movie. Nash wants to make things interesting and they will put the tag titles on the line against Flair and Piper. He says maybe one of them can put a dialysis machine up as well. Nash recalls Piper telling his kid that he was going to retire, but since he clearly isn’t a man of his word, the Outsiders will retire him themselves. Syxx says it will happen and Hall says it is great to see that Nashville is NWO territory because we all know that when you are NWO, you are NWO for life! We now go back to last week when Kevin Greene hit the ring and took out Mongo, costing the Horsemen a match. Tony tells us that Mongo and Greene will wrestle at the Bash.

8) Steve McMichael & Jeff Jarrett vs. Harlem Heat

With that, the Horsemen are in the house as Jarrett, Mongo and Debra head to the ring to face off with Harlem Heat. As Heat and Sherri walk the aisle, we hit a break. When we return, Jarrett and Booker start off and Tony runs down upcoming Nitro locations and ticket information. JJ tags Mongo and now he and Booker will start off. They lock up and Mongo grabs a side headlock. Booker gets planted with a shoulderblock and then confers with his brother. Booker lands a forearm and then goes to a side headlock. Mongo hoists him up but Booker flips free and grabs a waistlock. Mongo elbows out and puts Booker down with a clothesline after a pair of leapfrogs. Mongo tags JJ as Kevin Greene joins in on commentary. Booker takes control and tags in Stevie. Greene calls Mongo a loser and tells him what comes around, goes around. Jarrett is able to hit Stevie with a back suplex for a one count. He tries a cross body, but Stevie catches him and plants him with a powerslam for two. Greene talks about his full speed philosophy as Heat double team JJ leading to a Booker near fall. He hits JJ with a sidewalk slam but JJ dodges an elbowdrop and tags Mongo. They hit a double back body drop and then do a double strut. Mongo nails Booker with an axehandle. Greene talks about how close he and Mongo were before Mongo turned on him. Mongo dodges a Booker charge but Stevie clubs him from behind. Booker tags Stevie in and he works Mongo over with some fists. Mongo starts fighting back as Brain antagonizes Greene over last week’s actions. Booker is tagged back in and he hits a nice scissors kick. He mares Mongo over and grabs a reverse chinlock. Greene talks about how Mongo needs backup and that is why he joined the Horsemen. Heenan says Mongo may hurt Greene so bad that he may not play next year and Greene says he doesn’t care. Mongo elbows free but eats a boot on a charge. Jarrett tries to help out but he only allows for a Heat double team behind Randy Anderson’s back. Stevie drops a knee and gets a near fall. Stevie grabs a reverse chinlock and then slams Mongo back down after he fights to his feet. Booker tags back in but Mongo snaps him over with a big powerslam on a charge attempt. Mongo crawls over and tags JJ as Booker tags Stevie. JJ lands a dropkick on both men and follows up with a series of clotheslines. All four men end up in the ring and are slugging it out. JJ takes Booker over with a suplex but Anderson is distracted. Mongo notices Greene and he leaves the ring to go confront him. Greene hops down and they brawl on the floor and into the back. JJ has Booker in the figure four but Sherri is distracting Anderson. That allows Stevie to come in and drop a leg to break the hold. Booker tags in and they hit the Big Apple for the win as JJ loses in his hometown. Harlem Heat d. Jarrett & McMichael when Booker pins Jarrett after the Big Apple at 10:14; Grade: 2.5

– Sherri taunts Debra as the Heat celebrates the big win. Debra and Jarrett talk about what happened and Jarrett says this may be the end of the road because Mongo may not be into it like he is. They continue to discuss as we go to break.

– When we return, Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff are making their way back out to the ring. They talk about all the love they feel and then Hogan puts up the “NWO belt” right now. He says his NWO brothers have “that rat” Sting cornered and he tells him to come and get what he deserves. Eric says he hates to disappoint Hogan, and he never has as of yet, but unfortunately Sting isn’t here. If he were, he would be made to worship the ground Hogan spits on. Hogan says Sting wants to be like him and have arms like him. As they continue to call out Sting, he comes up through the mat from under the ring and points a bat at Hogan. Bischoff tells him to bring it and then tells him to get on his knees. Sting complies but we see it is clearly a fake once again. Bischoff tells Sting to confirm that he is half the man Hogan is and Sting agrees. Hogan spits on the mat and Eric makes him worship it, and he complies. As that is going down, the real Sting rappels from the roof and drops Bischoff with the Scorpion Death Drop. The crowd is going nuts as Hogan turns and Sting points the bat at him. Hogan backs up and trips over the Fake Sting and rolls out of the ring. Sting drops Fake Sting with a Scorpion Death Drop as Hogan backpedals up the aisle. The rest of the NWO pours into the aisle and hand Hogan a bat. Now they head back towards the ring and Hogan climbs up on the apron. Sting points the bat at him but keeps an eye on everyone else as well. Tony is about to end the show but he is told they can stay with it for a second to see what happens. Hogan teases getting in the ring and Heenan calls him “Thunderlips” which is awesome. Hogan finally starts to walk towards him and the rest of the troops close in on him but he quickly rappels back into the rafters to a mega pop and we are out!

Final Analysis

Well, the NBA Playoffs on TNT have ended and the two hour shows are back and this one was action packed. Hogan was back in the house and we finally got a confrontation between him and Sting. The opener may have been match of the night and it really got the crowd going. Sonny Onoo thought he was going to get his revenge on Chono, but the NWO ranks were strengthened with the addition of the Great Muta instead. We got some good character development from Alex Wright, Wrath and Konnan as well. I also liked they announced a good chunk of the Bash card, especially highlighting all the major matches. The DDP/Savage stuff was well done here as their feud continues to be a highlight of these shows. Giant and Luger are still mighty over and the stage has been set for Bash at the Beach as they accepted Hogan and Rodman’s challenge. The main event was good as well but it was kind of funny watching Mongo work as a face in the match while the commentary team and Kevin Greene treated him like a heel. The final segment was also great stuff as we got a Sting sighting and the crowd popped big time for it. Things are definitely more exciting when Hogan is on and this week was no different as it makes it feel like big things are going down when he is in the house. While the storylines were furthered nicely, the in ring action was lacking a bit this week so that hurts the grade a bit. Still, the show moved well for a two hour show and the build for the Bash is in full gear. Final Grade: C+

MVP: Giant
Runner Up: Sting & Hollywood Hogan
Non MVP: Jim Powers
Runner Up: Sonny Onoo

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