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PWG Roctoberfest 6/19/2004

Written By: Matt Peddycord

June 19, 2004
Santa Ana, CA
Elks Lodge

Your hosts are Disco Machine & Excalibur.

Apparently June is the rocking-est month of them all, says Excalibur.

Sexual Aggression (Chris Bosh, Disco Machine, Charles Mercury & Top Gun Talwar) vs. Human Tornado, Lil Cholo, Phoenix Star & Supa Badd

Looks like according to the PWG results page, Disco Machine turned on the opposition here at last month’s show. This match will be fought under lucha rules which means when a wrestler leaves the ring, another wrestler from their team can come in and start ‘layin’ the smackdown’, if you will. We see some of PWG’s signature comedy spots to start as everybody locks up in an eight-man knucklelock. Sexual Aggression breaks up the shenanigans and tomfoolery. Homicide look-a-like Lil’ Cholo and Disco Machine start the match. Lots of back and forth armdrags between these two. Once Disco takes to the floor, Bosh (who happens to be wearing an awesome Hulk Rules t-shirt) surprises Cholo with Maximum Bosh! However, Bosh wants Supa Badd and that is exactly what he gets. Haha, Bosh suckers Supa Badd into some push-ups so he can pop up and blast Supa Badd in the ribs with a big kick. Lioncock to the stomach? Bosh catches Badd off a leapfrog and pulls him down into a backbreaker across the knee. Phoenix Star switches with Supa Badd, who takes Bosh to the floor with a dropkick. In comes Mercury, they exchange armdrags and block each other’s enziguri kicks until Phoenix catches Mercury in the face with a Pele kick to put him on the floor. Top Gun charges in and KO’s Phoenix Star in the back with a forearm. Now Human Tornado takes over for his team. Count ‘em THREE leapfrogs from the Human Tornado finally sets up a dropkick. Ha, all that effort for a standard dropkick. Tornado misses a corkscrew avalanche and Sexual Aggression takes over on the poor guy. Finally, Tornado flips out of a reverse suplex from Mercury and gives him a neckbreaker across the knee. HOT TAG TO CHOLO! T-bone suplex into the corner on Bosh! Mercury tries a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF, but Badd comes in and wipes him out with a big boot. Now everybody goes for a plancha or tope of some sort, but everyone gets caught off and heads to the floor to stand there and take Human Tornado’s somersault dive. Back in, Tornado delivers the corkscrew avalanche on Bosh that he missed earlier. Everybody take turns showcasing their finisher until Phoenix Star takes the DANGAH ZONE (D-Von Dudley’s lifting reverse DDT), followed by a guillotine legdrop from Disco Machine, and a Superfly Splash from Bosh for the 1-2-3. (15:46) Highly entertaining opener with everybody looking fantastic. ***¼

Apollo Kahn vs. “Serious” Tommy Williams

The wrestler formerly known as “Funky” Billy Kim has now changed his name to “Serious” Tommy Williams. He’s just spent some time in the New Japan dojo, so his junior heavyweight style is very similar to Minoru Tanaka. Basic stuff to start as Apollo uses his power over Williams. Backdrop driver gets two. Williams tries several times to come back with a bunch of forearms, but Kahn catches him off a charge with a Ron Simmons spinebuster for two. Once a chinlock is countered with a jawbreaker, Kahn grabs hold of a camel clutch. Williams flips out of a powerbomb and drills Kahn with a Rolling Koppou Kick. LIGER~! Jumping elbow smash in the corner connects, as does a Northern Lights suplex by Williams for 1-2-NO! Air Raid Crash gets two. Williams blocks the Three Amigos and applies a nice cross armbreaker. Kahn manages to POWER OUT and slam Williams down to break the hold. That gets two. Williams makes several attempts to drop Apollo to the mat for the Fujiwara armbar, but Apollo gets the Three Amigos and rolls into a GUILLOTINE CHOKE for the submission. (9:35) Solid match. Apollo Kahn continues to improve. **½

Aerial Express (w/Dino Winwood) vs. Sal & Vito Thomaselli (w/Sir Samurai)

While Dino Winwood is a PWG ‘legend’, Sir Samurai is probably a more well-known manager to those on the east coast according to his MySpace page. Vito and Quicksilver start the match. Quicksilver ends Vito and his armbar attacks with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and an ARMDRAAAAAAG. Tag to Sal, he wants him some Scorpio Sky. Armdrag and a nice headscissors takedown sends Sal retreating to the apron. Sir Samurai seems disappointing in his boys, so he challenges Dino Winwood to a fight! Dino does a MATRIX MOVE to duck under a running clothesline and returns the favor. Samurai plays a round of ping pong with AXP and then Dino lays the smackdown to send Samurai running. Cornette vs. Dangerously – it was not. AXP celebrates like they just won the match. Alright, back to the real action. Quicksilver plays face-in-peril for a while. Another great comedy spot happens when Scorpio comes in to break up a chinlock. When he can’t kick Sal off Quicksilver, Scorpio grabs a chinlock on Sal. That brings in Vito to grab a chinlock on Scorpio, which brings in Dino to grab a chinlock on Vito, which brings Samurai to grab a chinlock on Dino. You’d think the spot was over, but nope. Here comes ring announcer Jon Ian to grab a chinlock on Samurai! It’s still not over! Now the ref joins in and grabs a chinlock on Jon Ian! Hilarious. The ref finally comes to his senses and says, “Hey wait a minute! This is ridiculous!” and releases the hold. When Jon Ian lets go, everybody kills over. Quicksilver comes up and catches Sal with an enziguri and makes the HOT TAG TO SCORPIO! He’s a regular house of fire! FINAL ANSWER to Vito! Cover, 1-2-NO! Wheelbarrow/Leapfrog Famouser double-team from the AXP on Vito gets 1-2-NO! Sal hits a double-arm DDT on Quicksilver for 1-2-NO! Smokin’ Gunns finisher by the Thomaselli Brothers gets 1-2-NO! Sal gets a little arrogant toying with Quicksilver, so Scorpio saves him from a whiplash spinebuster and dropkicks Sal into a piledriver from Quicksilver for 1-2-3. (10:24) Another good tag match mixed in with some actual funny comedy. Afterwards, AXP accepts a challenge made by Sexual Aggression for next month’s show. ***

“Shooting Star” Bobby Quance vs. Puma

Both are Japanese dojo rats, so the bar is set a little high. Quance dishes out some mean Polish hammers to start and even delivers a POLISH HAMMER TOPE! Looks and sounds difficult to pull off. Back in, they go at it on the mat. Puma escapes a full nelson by running Quance’s throat straight into the ropes and answers back with a clothesline. He follows up with a backbreaker and a half crab. Quance makes the ropes, but Puma stays on the back. Finally, Quance makes a breakthrough with a cutter and follows up with a series of clotheslines. Bridging German suplex gets two. Puma tries his signature Springboard Tornado DDT, but Quance counters with a Minoru Special II! Lots of Minoru Tanaka stuff here tonight. Puma reaches the bottom rope, but comes up and eats a roundhouse kick. That gets two. Series of nearfalls lead to Quance misses a corner charge, as Puma fires back with a springboard flying bodypress for 1-2-NO! Butterfly suplex into a bridge gets two. Quance catches Puma in a modified fisherman’s suplex, but only gets two. Quance goes up for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS. Puma tries to take him down to the mat, but Quance fights him off and hits the SHOOTING STAR PRESS for 1-2-3. (11:11) Took a while to get going, but it picked up nicely near the end. **¼

CM Punk vs. Steve Corino

This was supposed to be Punk/Spanky, but he had some commitments he couldn’t break in Japan, so they flew in Corino as his replacement. Kind of funny how similar these two look. Corino looks like the big brother taking liberties with his little “straight edge” brother with the tattoos. Early on, Punk channels the spirit of Low-Ki for no apparent reason. PWG is just DYING to have that guy on their show. Slow paced match as they trade headlocks for a while. Punk wins a shoulderblock battle, so Corino rakes the eyes. Punk goes to the floor and wonders into the crowd. Back inside, Corino teases a face wash and then denies the crowd. FIGURE-FOUR! WOOOOOOO! Punk reverses out into the ropes. Now Punk starts to work the leg. Corino goes to the eyes to avoid a Texas Cloverleaf. Punk escapes a ten-count corner punch with an atomic drop and a clothesline for two. He follows up by reversing a suplex into one of his own. Corino jawbreakers out of a chinlock and hits a DDT. STO is blocked with a roll up, but Corino pops up with a clothesline. Brainbuster by Punk, but Corino goes low. Awww. Another STO attempt is blocked with a backslide for the 1-2-3. (18:17) Decent old school style match, but nothing to write home about. **

PWG Tag Team Champions Excalibur & Super Dragon vs. The X-Foundation

Joey Ryan and Scott Lost have had their problems, but now things are good again – at least on the surface. Can they regain the PWG tag belts? We’re about to find out. They try to get the quick win by knocking Super Dragon to the floor while they punish Excalibur, but it doesn’t quite work out that easily. Lost misses a Superman Spear on Excalibur and gets dumped by Super Dragon. While Joey is ten-count punching away, Super Dragon comes over and takes him off of Excalibur with a PSYCHO DRIVER! Ref Rick Knox says Joey isn’t the legal man, so no pin is allowed. Lost storms the ring and goes for another Superman Spear this time on Super Dragon, but Excalibur cuts him off and delivers a cutter for two. Tag to Super Dragon, he clamps on a headscissors down on the mat on Lost while Joey Ryan is writhing in pain down on the floor. Lost makes the ropes and counters a Curb Stomp. He dives for a tag to Joey, but Joey is nowhere to be found! Super Dragon decks Scott Lost and tags Excalibur, who drapes Scott’s shirt over his head hockey-style and drills him with a DDT. While the tag champs keeps Lost grounded, whoever is on the apron does all he can to keep Joey Ryan down and out on the floor. At one point, Lost crotches Dragon up top and reverse whips Excalibur into him. He goes for another Superman Spear, but Dragon leaps over Excalibur and double-stomps Lost just before the impact! Awesome. That gets two. Finally, Scott catches Excalibur with the Superman Spear and superkicks Dragon. Now that Joey Ryan is on the apron, will Scott make the tag? YES HE DOES! House of fire and all that good stuff. Super Dragon misses a spear in the corner of his own and takes a nasty bump into the ringpost. Lost and Ryan connect with a double-team spinebuster/neckbreaker on Excalibur. Sort of an inverted 3D? Cover, 1-2-NO! Lost delivers a reverse suplex and follows up with the SHARPSHOOTER to Excalibur! Super Dragon saves his partner with an enziguri. Tag to Super Dragon, Lost catches him with a roundhouse kick and slaps on the SHARPSHOOTER, which Excalibur ends with a knee to the face. Scott Lost decides not to tag out and gets caught with the Curb Stomp. That gets two and Joey makes the save. Excalibur delivers one Brainbuster too many as Lost flips out and nails him with a cutter. HOT TAG TO JOEY! Looks like they were going for the EXTINCTION AGENDA (Demolition Decapitation) when Excalibur shoves Joey off into Lost, causing him to go crashing to the floor. The tag champs go for the same move on Joey except Dragon catches him with a double-stomp. Cover, 1-2-NO! Joey stops Dragon up top and takes him down with a Duff Drop! Excalibur wants the TIGER DRIVER ‘98, but Joey shoves him off and crawls for the tag to Scott Lost, but he drops off the apron and heads to the back. WHAT. Super Dragon unleashes the Violence Party on Joey. The tag champs go for the finish as Super Dragon looks to double stomp Joey while he’s laid out on Excalibur’s knees, but Joey counters and rolls up Excalibur for the surprise 1-2-3. (19:47) So the X-Foundation regain the tag belts. Excellent match with your classic tag team split up story. I’ve seen half the shows of PWG in 2004, and I’d say this is so far their best match. After the match, Scott Lost comes down, takes his tag belt, and LAYS OUT JOEY WITH A FOREARM. Why wasn’t this on the PWG Sells Out set? ****¼

Samoa Joe vs. B-Boy

Joe gets all dominant to start by completely abusing B-Boy. You know the drill. B-Boy catches a break when Joe eats a boot running into the corner, allowing B-Boy to connect with a blockbuster. Joe starts striking his way out of the corner, so B-Boy goes to the eyes before collapsing to the mat. B-Boy runs into STJoe and rolls out to the floor, which is bad news for B-Boy as Joe explodes on him with the forearm tope suicida. Back in, Joe misses a corner charge and B-Boy takes advantage with a running corner dropkick right to the face. Cover, 1-2-NO! B-Boy goes for the SHINING WIZARD, but Joe catches him for the snap powerslam into the cross armbreaker. Lucky for B-Boy, he makes the ropes. Powerbomb sets up the STF, but B-Boy once again makes the ropes. A pair of running palm strikes from B-Boy earns him a nearfall. Joe unloads on B-Boy and gives him a Death Valley Driver for 1-2-NO! B-Boy plays dead and strikes on Joe with a backdrop driver! SHINING WIZARD gets 1-2-NO! Joe shrugs off a second Shining Wizard and a Lariat is enough for the 1-2-3. (16:43) Joe could just do no wrong in 2004. ***¼

PWG Champion Adam Pearce vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Babi Slymm vs. Jardi Frantz – Special Enforcer: C. Edward Vander Pyle

Never heard of Jardi Frantz. Maybe because he seems to be only popular in the SoCal area. He’s the mystery opponent, by the way. Can’t say I’m too stoked about him. He just reminds you of a Special K wrestler with about the same amount of skill. Vander Pyle is Adam Pearce’s former manager, so he’s here to make sure no funny business goes down. Frantz and Kazarian start us off. Frantz delivers a Super Calo flying headscissors to take Kazarian to the floor, but Kaz avoids any kind of diving stuff. Kazarian shoots back in with a slingshot DDT for two. Babi Slymm tags in and starts working the back. Frantz avoids a corner charge and hits a springboard bulldog before tagging out to Pearce. He takes a page out of any Von Erich playbook and grabs a claw hold. Slymm breaks free and everybody decides to gang up on Pearce. Powder goes flying and ref Rick Knox takes finishers from everybody. Hahaha. Now Vander Pyle is in charge. Kazarian kicks Slymm by mistake, allowing Pearce to roll up Slymm for the 1-2-3 at 10:00. Jardi Frantz delivers an ugly looking Phoenix DDT on Pearce. Kaz avoids a 450 SPLASH from Frantz and gives him the WAVE OF THE FUTURE for the pin at 11:53. Now it’s just Kazarian and Pearce. Kaz chases Pearce in and out of the ring and hits a springboard dropkick for two. Pearce avoids the WAVE OF THE FUTURE, but Kazarian counters the PILEDRIVER with a catapult. Another WAVE OF THE FUTURE attempt is blocked with an atomic drop and a knee lift. DOWN COME THE STRAP! Pearce starts clawing at Kaz’s face and as Vander Pyle calls for the break, Pearce spits at him in the face. Flying Fist Drop gets two. Flying Elbow Drop gets two, so Pearce dumps Kazarian to the floor. Pearce misses a charge and eats the ringpost. A chair gets involved as they brawl back into the ring. Pearce goes to swing at Kaz, but Vander Pyle grabs the chair. Pearce ducks a clothesline and turns around into a chairshot to get himself DQ’ed. (19:38) When Vander Pyle calls for the bell, Pearce wipes him out with a chairshot to the head! Geez. Pearce isn’t done. He gives Kazarian a PILEDRIVER on the chair and then throws a fireball in Kaz’s face. As Babi Slymm comes down to help his friend, Pearce challenges Kaz to a “Loser Leaves PWG” steel cage match for next month’s show. Why not. **½

Final Thoughts:
Another great show from PWG. If nothing else, get this for the tag title match. Thumbs up for Rocktoberfest.

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