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WCW Nitro 6/9/1997

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
From: Boston, MA

A video hyping up Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman teaming up at Bash at the Beach is aired.

Nitro opening video package

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Larry Zbyszko welcome everyone to the Fleet Center for two hours of wrestling! They proceed to hype up what will be happening in July at Bash at the Beach as Hogan and Rodman will wrestle, but do not know their opponents yet.

Outside, Diamond Dallas Page kicks a limo window open to get at Randy Savage who showed up to the arena. However, Elizabeth ends up slamming the door into DDP’s shoulder to allow Savage to drive away. That seemed kind of familiar to Barry Windham having his arm broken by the Dangerous Alliance back in 1991 I believe.

Opening Contest: Ultimo Dragon/Juventud Guerrera/Super Calo defeated Silver King/Psychosis/LA Parka:
All six men enter the ring until Dragon and Psychosis kick off the contest. Psychosis clotheslines Dragon to open up the match. Dragon botches his balance beam move in the corner. Psychosis misses a splash in the corner and falls to the floor. Calo backdrops Parka followed by a head scissors and catapults Parka to the floor. Calo dropkicks Parka and connects with a slingshot splash on the floor! Guerrera misses a leaping dive in the corner as King sidesteps the attempt. King thrust kicks Guerrera but misses a splash in the corner as well. Guerrera is able to leap off the top rope with a hurricanrana and soon follows with a shoulder block. Guerrera dropkicks King after being lifted up into the air. King rolls to the floor which allows Psychosis and Dragon to enter. Dragon drops Psychosis after several kicks. Guerrera delivers a springboard elbow drop on Psychosis for a two count. Guerrera spin kicks Parka before tagging out to Calo. Parka takes Calo over with a belly to belly suplex. Psychosis hits Calo with a slingshot leg drop for a two count. Psychosis prevents Calo from delivering a pile driver on Parka with a double axe handle. Guerrera hits King with a hurricanrana but King rolls to the floor. Parka spin kicks Calo to the floor. Dragon kicks Parka to the floor. Psychosis nearly rolls Dragon up for the win. Dragon with a nice hurricanrana on Psychosis but Psychosis rolls through for a two count. Dragon catapults Psychosis over the top to the floor. Parka head scissors Dragon to the floor as well. King accidentally takes Psychosis out with a springboard moonsault. Calo lunges over the top rope and dives onto King with a twisting dive. Parka double springboards off the a chair and splashes onto Calo! Guerrera baseball slides the wooden chair into Parka’s face! Guerrera double springboards off the ropes to cross body Parka on the floor! Back in the ring, Dragon hits a top rope hurricanrana and has the dragon sleeper on Psychosis to win the bout! **3/4
After the match, Parka whacks Calo with the wooden chair.

Mean Gene introduces Lex Luger for a interview. Luger hasn’t heard from Hogan about Bash at the Beach. Luger talks about signing his name and the Giant’s name for a tag match against Hogan and Rodman. Luger says that Hogan is wrestling him tonight because the WCW officials decided that needed to happen!

Earlier today, Mike Tenay interviewed Ric Flair and Roddy Piper as they arrived to the building. Tonight, Piper and Flair will be wrestling the Outsiders. Piper wants to fight Hall and Nash tonight. Flair says that will basically beat up the Outsiders and Syxx tonight! Woo!

Second Contest: Alex Wright defeated Chris Jericho:
Wright rolls Jericho up quickly for a two count to kick off the contest. Wright yanks Jericho down face first by the hair and keeps control with a side headlock. Wright comes off the ropes and shoulder blocks Jericho. Jericho comes back with a clothesline and a springboard dropkick to knock Wright to the floor. Wright shoulder blocks Jericho from the apron and drops Jericho throat first across the top rope. Wright keeps the upper hand by driving down across Jericho’s throat. Wright delivers a few uppercuts to Jericho a few times in the corner until he switches to a series of stomps and punches in the corner. Wright taunts the fans until Jericho ends up trading right hands with Wright briefly. Wright gets the upper hand and heads to the top rope. Wright leaps off but misses a knee drop. Wright recovers in time with a spinning heel kick to maintain the advantage. Wright nails Jericho with a running back elbow in the corner followed by a scoop slam. Wright connects with a body splash but only gets a two count. Jericho rolls Wright up for a two count. Wright has a sleeper hold on Jericho for a few moments. Jericho elbows out of the hold and drives Wright down to the mat with a back suplex. Wright goes back to another sleeper hold to slow the match down some more. Jericho delivers a few elbows and a standing spin kick to stop Wright briefly. Wright knocks Jericho back down with a clothesline for a two count. Jericho tries a quick rollup but only gets a near fall. Wright runs into a big boot from Jericho in the corner. Jericho leaps off the middle rope to knock Wright down with a dropkick. Jericho hits Wright with a super kick but doesn’t cover Wright. Jericho drops Wright with a double under hook power bomb for a two count. Jericho clotheslines Wright in the corner and places Wright in a tree of woe. Jericho baseball slides Wright in the face. Jericho leaps off the middle rope with a cross body but Wright rolls through and pins Jericho while having his feet on the bottom rope. **

Third Contest: WCW Women’s Champion Akira Hokuto defeated Malia Hosaki: Akira pins Malia following a brain buster. NR
After the match, Akira delivers another brain buster. Madusa runs down to the ring and makes the save by hitting Akira with a German suplex, three times.

Mean Gene introduces the Steiner Brothers for a interview. Rick doesn’t know why they to keep on going through the same stuff because they had the New World Order beaten. Scott says they will go through all the tag teams in WCW. Harlem Heat come out and says that they want a title shot against the Outsiders. This eventually leads to a brawl.

Fourth Contest: Steve McMichael fought Konnan to a no contest:
Kevin Greene attacks Mongo during his entrance for the contest. Greene powers through security a few times to get a couple shots in. Konnan has been laid out apparently by someone who whacked Konnan over the back with a broom. We can assume it was Hugh Morrus. Match never started, so this is a no contest. NR

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan come down for a interview. Eric Bischoff tells JJ Dillon to bite him. Bischoff makes it clear that no one will be forcing Hogan to wrestle tonight. Hogan says that Luger needs to start working out to wrestle him tonight. Hogan believes that Luger could never beat him. Hogan decides to just pose for the fans. Luger makes his way down to the ring unbeknownst to Hogan and Bischoff. Hogan eventually turns around and has a face to face showdown to Luger. Hogan tells Luger that there isn’t any way that Luger could ever beat him. Bischoff believes that Luger and Sting are Hollywood wannabes. Luger shoves Bischoff down and starts a match with Hogan.

Fifth Contest: Lex Luger defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan in a non-title match:
Luger nails Hogan with a running forearm smash which sends Hogan to the floor. Several New World Order guys run down to the ringside area. Hogan returns to the ring and clotheslines Luger followed by a few elbow drops. Hogan works on Luger as Nitro goes to commercial. Hogan scratches Luger’s back before delivering a clothesline in the corner. Hogan drives Luger to the mat with a back suplex for a two count. Hogan scoop slams Luger but misses a elbow drop. Luger scoop slams Hogan and begins to clothesline the New World Order guys. Luger ducks a clothesline and has the Torture Rack on Hogan! Hogan gives up! *
After the match, Luger is beaten down by Hall, Nash and Syxx. Hall holds Luger to allow Hogan to deliver a leg drop, which the cut away from to see some pyro. Hogan delivers a few more leg drops to Luger. Luger is pulled out of the ring by a couple referees. Hogan and Bischoff casually lay down in the ring and laugh at Luger wanting to challenge Hogan and Rodman at Bash at the Beach.

Mean Gene is in the ring to interview JJ Dillon. Dillon hopes that last weeks attack was the last time that happens to him. Dillon believes that his fine recommendation of a $50,000 fine for Savage was appropriate. Dillon knows that Savage is desperate. Dillon announces a few stipulations for the Savage/DDP match at the pay per view in six days. Dillon basically announces that the match will have no rules. Savage shows up in the crowd and says that he has $100,000 to cover his fine for last week and for this week as well! DDP runs down to the ring. DDP wants to fight Savage right here right now! Savage comes down to the ring through the crowd. DDP leaps off the apron and they trade a few shots on the floor until security breaks them up.

Sixth Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated WCW United States Champion Dean Malenko to win the title:
Malenko drop toe holds Jarrett after being shoved out of a corner. Jarrett shoulder blocks Malenko and avoids a leap frog which allows Jarrett to strut. Malenko rolls Jarrett up for a two count and gets another two count with a inside cradle. Malenko blocks a sunset flip with a roll up for yet another two count. Jarrett rolls to the floor to regroup. Malenko scoop slams Jarrett as Debra makes her way down to the ringside area. Jarrett stops away on Malenko as Nitro goes to commercial. Malenko is working on Jarrett in the corner with a few stomps but his offensive advantage ends as Jarrett gets a sleeper hold locked in. Malenko gets out of the hold and puts a sleeper on Jarrett until Jarrett connects with a back suplex. Debra clearly messes up her timing to distract Malenko as he steps off the apron. Jarrett plants Malenko with a DDT but Malenko kicks out at two. Malenko blocks a backdrop attempt by connecting with a clothesline. Malenko follows up with a vertical suplex but isn’t able to get the win. Malenko follows Jarrett to the floor and delivers a forearm shot before sending Jarrett back into the ring. Malenko continues with a scoop slam and goes for a half Boston Crab, but switches to a modified bow and arrow. Malenko has a leg lock on Jarrett’s left leg for a few moments. Malenko nails Jarrett with a spinning heel kick but only gets a two count on a cover. Jarrett stops Malenko coming off the ropes and plants Malenko with a tombstone pile driver! Jarrett gets up and puts the figure four leg lock on Malenko! Malenko tries to turn over Jarrett and succeeds. Jarrett is able to quickly reach the bottom rope. Jarrett drops Malenko with a discus clothesline. Malenko connects with a nice double under hook power bomb! Jarrett rolls Malenko up as he goes for the cloverleaf but only gets a two count. Malenko back slides Jarrett for a near fall. Jarrett gets a two count following a swinging neck breaker. Jarrett misses a splash in the corner. Jarrett blocks a double axe handle attempt from Malenko and places Malenko on the top turnbuckle. Jarrett brings Malenko back to the ring with a superplex! We see Eddie Guerrero show up through the crowd and leaps off the top rope to hit Malenko with a frog splash! Guerrero doesn’t look to be injured anymore, folks! Jarrett gets up and puts the figure four leg lock on Malenko. Malenko is forced to actually tap out! ***

Mean Gene is with Jimmy Hart and the Faces of Fear. Jimmy has a surprise for Chris Benoit. Hart introduces Benoit’s third and final step, Kevin Sullivan! Sullivan says that he is home again. Sullivan thanks the people that are home with him… Sullivan calls out Chris Benoit to have a fight. Sullivan doesn’t want Meng or Barbarian to touch Benoit. Benoit comes out and they begin to trade several right hands. Benoit gets the upper hand until Jacqueline gets on Benoit’s back and Meng gets the Tongan Death Grip on Benoit. Benoit is beaten down until Nitro goes to commercial.

Main Event: Roddy Piper/Ric Flair defeated WCW World Tag Team Champions the Outsiders by disqualification: All four men brawl with Flair working on Hall and Piper going after Nash in opposite corners. Hall and Nash fight back with a series of right hands and other strikes. Hall knocks Flair down with a right hand. Nash and Piper kick off the contest after a commercial. Nash works on Piper with several knee lifts and elbows in a corner. Nash begins to choke Piper a few times as well. Nash knocks Flair off the apron with a right hand. Hall enters and delivers several right hands on Piper. Piper fights out of a corner with right hands and elbows but is stopped by the Outsiders. Piper low blows Nash but Hall tags in and puts a sleeper on Piper. Piper low blows Hall and goes to tag Flair but Flair chops Syxx on the floor. Flair is now chopping Syxx in the corner until the referee calls for the bell as Syxx has officially interfered in the match. ½*
After the match, Flair and Piper and beaten down by the Outsiders and Syxx. Piper is hitting Nash with a tag title belt. Mongo, Jarrett and Benoit run down to the ring and begin to brawl with the Outsiders. This brings out more New World Order guys to brawl. Kevin Greene runs down and goes after Mongo! The Steiner Brothers and Harlem Heat are once again brawling on the aisle way! Glacier is now being beaten up by Wrath and Mortis. What the hell is going on!? This is getting out of hand as now as the cruiserweights from the opening match are now brawling as well. Sullivan and the Faces of Fear return to beat down Benoit. The fans want Sting to show up. Randy Savage runs down to the ring to beat up Flair. Well, guess what? Diamond Dallas Page runs down and stomps away on Savage briefly. DDP pancakes Savage. Hulk Hogan comes down and hits both DDP and Flair with the title belt. STING finally comes down from the rafters with a baseball bat! Sting stands over DDP to keep the New World Order away. Sting whacks Nash and Norton with the baseball bat. Sting hooks DDP up to his harness while hitting Bagwell with a baseball bat. Sting and DDP are lifted up into the rafters as Nitro comes to a close!

End of show

My Take:
The opening six man cruiserweight match was a good way to kick off the show as it got the Boston crowd riled up. There were a few botches throughout the contest but that can be ignored since they weren’t all that bad. One of the better six man tag matches I have seen recently.

Wright/Jericho was okay but nothing all that good. The match had several slow parts and the fans turned on them both by chanting boring midway through. I do like the new heel persona that Wright has, though.

Fans liked the brain buster Akira delivered. They also were very vocal about Madusa coming out and making the save. Women’s wrestling getting a reaction? That is rather surprising, especially in WCW.

I was rather shocked to see Hogan cleanly lose to Luger but it gives Hogan another guy to defend the championship against. Fans have hope that Luger can beat Hogan for the title since Sting isn’t getting a title shot for six more months (spoiler alert). Hogan got his heat back though by demolishing Luger afterwards. The match was rather quick but it got the baby face over and got a huge pop.

Malenko/Jarrett was the match of the night as I really enjoyed that contest. They worked really well with each other and it just flowed well. Nice to see Eddie Guerrero screw Malenko over as it keeps their feud going since February. Looking forward to more Malenko vs. Guerrero matches!

The main event was really nothing. The aftermath of the match was two times longer than the actual match. I thought the aftermath was done very well.

Overall, Jarrett/Malenko was a good television match, no doubt about that. I have to give this show a thumbs up. There was a lot of storyline advancement and some good wrestling. My only complaint is that they are focusing more on Bash at the Beach then they are on the Great American Bash. I would think that Bischoff is treating GAB as a complete throwaway.

Thanks for reading.

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