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WWE Unforgiven 2006 9/17/2006

Written by: Matt Peddycord

WWE Unforgiven 2006
September 17, 2006
Toronto, CA
Air Canada Centre

I’ve got to begin with an apology for my tardiness. School started back the day after SummerSlam (sad how that’s how I remember when school started back) so I’ve been busy with that and I’m also working as well. Now onto Unforgiven, the card on paper looks to have a possible FIVE potential showstealer-type matches. This makes it (on paper) the handsomest looking Raw brand PPV all year! I like how they’ve built up the feuds for this show with six-person tags and such. I don’t know why they don’t do that more often. Enough talk, let’s get started!

Your hosts are JR & King!

WWE Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro (w/Melina) vs. Jeff Hardy

JR mentions Hardy’s 3-year absence from WWE as “mysterious”. That’s one way to describe it. These two had a pretty good match on Raw two weeks ago which Jeff won by DQ and therefore, gets another shot at the gold. This was the best and most obvious choice for the opening match. Nitro and Hardy get into a collar-and-elbow sequence. Nitro goes to the ropes to break and then comes back again in the tie-up and armdrags Hardy. They get set to go again, but the “Nitro sucks!” chants are just TOO loud to ignore. You’d think Johnny Nitro was being pushed as a face or something with those kinds of responses! They finally lock up again and Hardy delivers an armdrag into an armbar. Nitro eventually breaks free from the armbar after a few failed attempts, but gets rolled up for two. Hardy returns to the armbar, but Nitro quickly punches out. Hardy counters a neckbreaker into a backslide for two, then double-legdrops Nitro’s groin to send him rolling to the floor for a timeout. Back in, Nitro begins to pound on Hardy’s mid-section, but Jeff comes back with a dropkick and delivers the ten-count corner punches, which leads right into that basement dropkick out of the corner spot. Hardy goes up for the finish, but Nitro bails and then JUMPS into a baseball slide. Jeff rolls out and leaps up on the railing and falls on Nitro with a clothesline. Hardy tosses Nitro back in and gets up on the top rope, but Nitro is one step ahead and dropkicks Hardy off to cause a very SICK fall to the mat. Nitro immediately goes after the injured leg. Hardy tries to fight back, but he misses an enziguri and gets his knee jammed on the mat. Nitro covers for 1, 2, NO! Nitro kicks on Jeff’s knee while Melina screams at ringside. Jeff even does the Hennig sell. Another cover by Nitro gets two. Hardy’s knee buckles off a whip, so Nitro trips him up and works the knee over the apron. Nitro gets a bow-tie cover for two and then returns to working on the knee. Hardy attempts to fight back, but Nitro uses his speed and puts Hardy back down with a chopblock. Nitro heads up top and goes for the SUPER NITRO TWISTER, but Jeff moves out of the way! Both men are down for an eight-count. Back up, they trade some counters before Jeff finally hits a double-legdrop pinning combo for 1, 2, NO! Hardy blocks a back suplex and hits the Whisper in the Wind for 1, 2, NO! Nitro rakes the eyes and sets Hardy up in the corner for a hurracanrana, but Jeff holds the ropes and lets Nitro fall on his own. Jeff hits the SWANTON BOMB for 1, 2, NO! Nitro got his foot on the bottom rope. He drives his shoulder into Jeff’s knee and lifts him up for a shin breaker, but Jeff counters into a rollup, which Nitro counters into an anklelock! Jeff makes the ropes, but Nitro won’t release the hold so Jeff MAKES him release it with a mule kick. TWIST OF FATE? NO! Nitro counters with a single-leg takedown and hooks on a legbar. Now we’ve got some dueling chants for Hardy and Nitro. Jeff finally makes it to the ropes where Nitro actually breaks the hold. Nitro drags Hardy to the center of the ring and attempts another leg submission. Melina gets up on the apron for some reason and gets knocked off as Jeff kicks Nitro into the ropes. Hardy comes up from behind with a rollup for 1, 2, NO! Oh MAN, so close. Nitro kicks Hardy in the knee and comes off the top for a rana, but Jeff counters into a powerbomb! While referee Jack Doan checks on Nitro, Hardy collapses into the ropes where Melina is and gets NAILED in the face with her shoe! Nitro crawls over and covers Jeff for the three-count to retain the belt. (17:38) I don’t ever want to hear anybody make fun of WCW for using a shoe in a finish ever again. In my opinion, this was possibly Nitro’s best singles match to date, minus the finish. **½

We check out Jeff Hardy stumbling to the back. Well, look who we’ve got here! It’s Matt Hardy! He consoles Jeff after his loss, so Lita comes by to spit on the encouragement as we get a little Team Xtreme reunion. It’s the first time we’ve seen them all together in four years! She says that Jeff would be a champion if he wasn’t such a screw-up and tells Matt that he would NEVER be a champion. She also tells Matt that he can wrestle John Cena once Edge beats him and sends him packing to Smackdown, just like he did to him. Alright, CONTINUITY! Lita walks off laughing like only a SCORPION WOMAN can laugh.

Umaga (w/Armando Alejandro Estrada) vs. Kane

I LOVE Armando! He calls us all a bunch of big red dummies. Haha, oh YOU! JR goofs up and calls this Umaga’s PPV debut, despite having wrestled Flair at Backlash and Duggan at Vengeance. I mean sure, they were forgettable matches; but they can’t go COMPLETELY unnoticed. Umaga is still undefeated since having his first match on April 10 after beating none other than Indy legend Colt Cabana. They trade blows and chops for a bit until Umaga rakes the eyes and runs into a boot. Then Kane comes off the ropes and runs into a spinning heel kick. Zombie sit-up, but Kane gets clotheslined out to the floor and lands on his feet. Umaga follows out and gets his head slammed into the apron. Estrada is grabbed, but he leaves his jacket behind and gets away. Boy, he is SWEATY! Kane turns around and receives a reverse STO slam on the floor. Back in, Umaga nails Kane with a running headbutt drop and follows up with a running corner buttsplash to the face. Estrada gets up on the apron and resembles James Mitchell doing the DOOMSDAY thing by calling for the SAMOAN SPIKE! Kane blocks it and fires back, but then gets pounded down in the corner. Umaga eats a boot out of the corner, allowing Kane to come back with blows. Kane whips Umaga into the farside corner and follows in with a clothesline. Make it two running clotheslines. Kane hits another clothesline, but Umaga no-sells. Kane tries again, but runs into a Samoan drop. Umaga goes up top for a SUPER SAMOAN SPIKE, but Kane sits up. He goes up top and connects with a clothesline. He calls for the CHOKESLAM and goozles him, but Umaga tries to hit the spike while in the choke. Kane is NOT going to let that happen, so he releases the choke and fires back with headbutts. Umaga comes back with a chop and charges at Kane, but he gets caught and thrown over the top and out to the floor. Kane follows him out and they fight out amongst the crowd to call for the double-countout. (6:40) That finish might be the best thing, as you don’t want Kane going over and stopping Umaga’s undefeated streak. Also, with Kane having missed a lot of the summer, he needs to get some much-needed heat back if he’s going to remain as a monster character. Not a bad match considering the limitations. *

In the back, Vince shows Shane a clip of him pinning Triple H from last Monday night. Shane tells Vince that he and Show are going to rip dX apart and then let him cover for the pinfall. Vince says he’s not going to rely on his allies to win battles because that’s the Canadian way. Ouch! He says he’s going to beat some people up and then cover for the 1-2-3. DX has NO CHANCE, NO CHANCE IN HELL!

WWE World Tag Champions The Spirit Squad vs. The Highlanders

Does anybody else see how Ivan Koloff and the Bezerker resemblance the Highlanders? Kenny and Mikey are defending the belts tonight. Rory starts off with Mikey, who tries to get a quick pinfall early on in the match. The Highlanders tag in and out and work on Mikey’s arm with headbutts. Mikey eventually knees Robbie in the gut and tags in Kenny. He immediately runs into a backdrop and then gets slammed before Robbie tags in Rory. They double-team Kenny in the corner with battering ram-like offense. Rory covers for 1, 2, NO! Robbie tags in for a double-team whip, but Kenny puts on the brakes and tags in Mikey. He runs into a double drop-toehold and gets knocked down for two. Mikey backs Robbie into the corner and tags in Kenny. Robbie flips out of a slam and dropkicks Kenny out to the floor. He tries to follow up with a suicide dive through the ropes, but Kenny ducks and slides in to avoid the contact. The remaining SS guys attack and then throw Robbie back in the ring for 1, 2, NO! Mikey tags in and clotheslines Robbie for two. Mikey hangs Robbie out to dry on the top rope and gives him a couple good kicks in the chest for two. Kenny tags in and assists Mikey with a moonsault, then covers for two. Robbie elbows out of a chinlock, but then gets nailed coming off the ropes by Mikey and then clotheslined for another two-count. Mikey tags in and delivers a leapfrog splash in the corner to Robbie for another two-count. There’s just TOO many unbelievable near-falls in this match. Mikey hooks on a front facelock, which makes you think they were going for the false-tag spot. Kenny tags in, but their double-team misses. Both Mikey and Kenny get dumped, but Kenny is still able to pull Rory off the apron to prevent the tag. Kenny slides back in the ring and brings Robbie back over to his corner. Mikey tags in for a Hart Attack (!) and covers for 1, 2, NO! Rory makes the save. Robbie fights out of a chinlock, but still can’t make the tag as Kenny tags in again. He channels the spirit of Bobby Eaton and connects with a swinging neckbreaker and goes up top for the GUILLOTINE LEG DROP, but Robbie gets pulled out of harm’s way by Rory! He gets the not-so-hot tag and cleans house on the Spirit Squad. He tosses Kenny out onto the remaining SS guys and give Mikey a double slingshot inverted suplex to a somewhat nice pop. Rory covers for 1, 2, NO! Kenny makes the save. Rory sets up in the corner for something and waits for Mikey to get up, but then Johnny catches him with an enziguri. He staggers into Mikey and takes a face slam to the mat by his beard for the three-count! The champs retain the belts in their first PPV tag title defense since winning the belts five months ago. (10:00) Well, that wasn’t good. Here’s to hoping Cryme Tyme is successful in dethroning the cheerleaders of the “top prize” in tag team wrestling. Haha, Neighborhoodie. *

Shane McMahon, Big Show & Vince McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels & Triple H – Hell In A Cell

I’m just glad they didn’t put this on last. I’m sure it took a lot of guts. This hell in a cell looks taller and wider than ever. JR does a great job of putting over how CRAZY this “Satan’s Playground” is noting that dozens of bones have been broken and thousands of stitches have been given out. H and Michaels dish out stereo kicks to the Big Show’s big show to put him down for a moment so they can beat down the McMahons. The Canadians start chanting “You screwed Bret” within the first twenty seconds. DX dump the McMahons and go back after Big Show who is back up to his feet. They give him another running field goal kick to the balls to once again keep him down. Next up, the McMahons eat the steel and get busted open as a result. Where is Big Show? Oh, he’s STILL down in the ring. Triple H pulls out a screwdriver and begins to twist it into Vince’s forehead! Triple H brings Vince back in the ring and Shawn goes up top for the elbow drop, but Show comes alive and catches Shawn coming off the top and slams him. Boy that was dumb. Triple H tries a whip, but Show stands his ground and flips H out of the ring: Harley Race-style. Show goes out for Triple H, but then gets double-teamed by DX and tossed into the steps to keep him incapacitated. Back in the ring, Shawn pairs up with Shane and Triple H pairs up with Vince with DX in control. Show comes back in again to end DX’s momentum. He levels H with headbutts while Shawn gets sent out via clothesline by Shane. The McMahons get a few licks in on H while cheering Show on at the same time. Show delivers the CHOKESLAM to H and then goes out to punish Shawn. He picks him up and gives Shawn a release powerbomb face-first into the cage and blades. Meanwhile, the McMahons are toying around with the Game. Show ~ “Hey, watch this!” He proceeds to toss Shawn into the cage like a lawn dart. Shane stomps H down in the corner to set up for the trashcan assisted COAST-TO-COAST! ALRIGHT! He connects! What’s great about that spot is that H’s ear was supposedly injured Monday night. They remembered to capitalize on the injury to make the spot more than just a spot. I like it when they do that. I got to mention that he’s bleeding from the ear. Shawn gets tossed back in the ring for some triple-teaming. Shane takes H out to the floor and sets up the steel steps and then catapults H into the cage wall to bust open his forehead. In the ring, Show delivers the pump splash out of the corner onto Shawn. Just as promised earlier, Vince goes for the cover for 1, 2, NO! He picks Shawn up off the mat. He hands Shawn to Show for the COBRA-CLUTCH BACKBREAKER! He continues the hold on the mat for a bit and then lifts him up for the inverted leg drop bulldog. Vince covers again, but picks Shawn up again at two. Triple H comes back with his body COVERED in blood and tosses Show. He hits the facebuster on Vince and tries for the PEDIGREE, but Shane pulls him off his dad and lifts him into a torture rack. Huh? He twists H around into what appeared to be a spinning rack neckbreaker or an inverted TKO, but JR calls it a counter into a neckbreaker. I’m not sure what happened there, but both men are down. Shawn gets back up and sends Shane out with an enziguri. Vince clotheslines Shawn down to stop his momentum as the Big Show walks over to take care of Shawn. Vince pulls down his pants to reintroduce Shawn to the “Kiss My WHAT?” club, but Triple H is there to prevent that from happening. Show nails him and sets Shawn up for a splash off the ropes, but Shawn pulls Vince in the way and he gets splashed instead. Big Show ~ “Yikes!” A distracted Big Show gets tripped up and posted by DX. Back in, Shawn nails Shane with the flying forearm and the kip-up. An HBK atomic drop into a Triple H spinebuster to Shane! Shawn goes up for the flying elbow while H brings a chair into the ring and Pillmanizes Shane’s neck! Shawn connects with the elbow drop! Shane is bleeding inside! Shawn tunes up the band for SWEET CHIN MUSIC, but Show is there to yank him out and throw him into the cage. Show hotshots H and brings the steps in the ring because he’s ANGRY! Vince is still down by the way and Shane is done. Show goes to ram H with the steps, but since they are covering his face, he can’t see Triple H running at him to nail him in the gut with a steel chair. Haha, he jiggles like Jell-O! A chair shot to the head on the steps KO’s Show. Wait, no it doesn’t, but the SWEET CHIN MUSIC will! He falls on the ropes, which becomes important in a minute. The last McMahon standing is Vince, and he looks FURIOUS. H gets rid of the steps as the crowd starts to boo! It’s a standoff between Vince and DX. They yank Show’s tights down past his rear end! Vince drops to his knees and gets his face stuck in between the cheeks. Show falls out to the floor to readjust himself, and I think I saw a wee-wee! Shawn hits the SWEET CHIN MUSIC while H grabs a sledgehammer and BREAKS it over the back of Vince’s skull for the academic three-count. (25:04) Wow, great match to hopefully end the feud. It told a great story and adding Big Show to the mix was the best thing for it, as it did wonders for the match. I couldn’t imagine it being good without him. ****

WWE Women’s Champion Lita vs. Trish Stratus – Trish’s Retirement Match

Lita is without a doubt Trish’s greatest rival, which makes this match all the more special. Trish gets a nice respectful response by her hometown fans. “Thank you Trish!” chants-a-plenty. I never will forget Trish winning the gold for the first time at Survivor Series 2001 in Greensboro, because I was there live and thinking, “Really? Trish Stratus? The Women’s champion?” Lita slaps Trish around but quickly runs into a clothesline out of the corner for 1, 2, NO! She follows up with a whirly-bird headscissors and takes Lita out to the floor. Trish gets on the apron and delivers Air Canada (Thesz Press) to Lita and follows that up with another headscissors out of a handstand. Back in, Lita comes back with heelish offense like slamming Trish’s face on the mat and choking her in the ropes. Trish stands up out of a rear chinlock, but gets yanked back down by her hair in a nice little bump. Trish regains control the corner by turning the tables with stomps and slobber chops! She connects with a Stinger Splash, but then runs into an elbow. She tries for the Stratusphere, but Lita blocks and pulls her up onto her lap and they trade blows until they both fall out onto the floor. Ha, I see some crack in the Stratusphere. They both climb back up top again and trade more blows, but then Lita comes down and throws Trish down into the ring from the apron. Lita goes back up for the LITASAULT, but Trish gets out of the way. Trish tries for the STRATUSFACTION, but Lita blocks and dumps Trish out to the floor. Lita brings Trish back in the ring for 1, 2, NO! Lita hammers on Trish and then delivers a suplex for 1, 2, NO! Lita goes back to pounding on Trish, but talks too much trash and fires Trish up. She comes back with forearms, but then gets taken down with a Russian legsweep. Lita mounts Trish and punches away and gets another two. Trish elbows out of another reverse chinlock and hits a neckbreaker. Lita looks to win a slugfest, but then goes up and is sent down by the Stratusphere! CHICK KICK! Trish covers for 1, 2, NO! Trish can not believe it. Lita goes for her SNAP DDT, but Trish counters and goes for the STRATUSFACTION. Instead of finishing the move, she springs off the ropes and flips over Lita into a rollup. Lita comes down on Trish’s shoulders and holds the ropes, but the ref can plainly see that. Trish rolls Lita back over and stands up to lock on the SHARPSHOOTER! You KNOW you’re a wrestling fan when a chick putting on the Sharpshooter on another chick makes you randy! Oh that is hot. Lita tries for the ropes, but gets pulled back to the middle of the ring and taps out! Trish has won her unprecedented 7th WWE Women’s championship. She gets a deserved standing ovation. (11:34) With Trish leaving, this will be the WWE women’s match of the year. That finish was hot in more than ways than one. It’s good to see wrestlers go out on top and Trish definitely is going out on top. ***¼

In the back, Todd Grisham is standing by alongside Randy Orton! He says nobody cares about Trish’s retirement unless you are Canadian, which means you are a LOSER! He recalls winning the BIG GOLD belt in Toronto two years ago at SummerSlam, which has nothing to do with Carlito at all. He also comments that none of Carlito’s apple-biting abilities or his haircut will change the fact that Trish Stratus is a FEMALE DOG! Tonight, he’s going to make Carlito his own female dog.

Randy Orton vs. Carlito

A lockup to start leads to Carlito getting PISSED and spitting in Orton’s face and then stomping him out of the ring. Orton back in, Carlito lands on his feet off a springboard moonsault and then dropkicks Orton in the face. Carlito mocks Orton and then covers for 1, 2, NO! Orton goes to the eyes and pounds away. Carlito comes back with chops and then slams Orton for a springboard corkscrew senton and then follows up with a quebrada for the 1, 2, NO! Carlito chokes away on Orton but then gets sent out on the apron. Orton measures him and dropkicks Carlito out onto the security wall. Back in, Orton covers for 1, 2, NO! Orton gets another two and then delivers the Garvin Stomp for two. Surprisingly, JR fails to call it. Here comes the inevitable overactive rear chinlock from Orton. Carlito elbows out and hits a knee lift, but then runs into a powerslam for 1, 2, NO! Orton returns to the chinlock, which Carlito breaks free and connects with a springboard back elbow. He hits another knee lift and a pair of clotheslines for two. Carlito hits an elevated reverse STO for 1, 2, NO! Orton reverses a whip and brings Carlito around for that Stretch backbreaker to change the pace of the match. Orton begins to stalk Carlito to nail him for the RKO, but Carlito counters into the BACKCRACKER! It doesn’t put Orton away, so Carlito tries for the COOLBREAKER, but Orton counters that. Orton however runs into a boot out of the corner, but then catches Carlito off a springboard into the RKO for the three-count! (8:41) What a beautiful finish! That’s what I’ve always thought that WWE needed to do with the RKO, which was to treat it like the Diamond Cutter with the “You never saw it coming” mentality. Plus, if they’re going to push Orton back to main event, he NEEDED this win after looking like a total nobody at SummerSlam against Hogan. **½

WWE Champion Edge vs. John Cena – TLC Match

If Edge wins, Cena signs a three-year deal with Smackdown. If Cena wins, he becomes the three-time WWE Champion alongside Mick Foley and Brock Lesnar. In case you didn’t know, this is also Edge’s hometown so the crowd is very pro-Edge. Also, JR goofs up again by saying Edge (and Edge has said as well) has never lost in a TLC match. I vaguely remember a TLC match on Smackdown five years ago that Edge and Christian lost which included Benoit, Jericho, the Hardys and the Dudleys. Actually, I remember it VERY well. Why does everyone seem to forget about that match? We start off with Cena working a headlock while breaking the hold and getting in three shoulderblocks. Cena runs the ropes and Edge catches Cena with a slap to the face. Cena takes him down and pounds away, but then he ducks low off a whip and takes a swinging neckbreaker from Edge. They go to the floor where Edge tries to Cena’s head off with a steel chair, but he misses and Cena takes him back into the ring for the Protoplex. Edge avoids a charge and then delivers the Edgecution. Edge goes out and brings two chairs into the ring and then sets up facing each other. Edge tries to suplex Cena on the chairs, but he counters and tries for the suplex. Edge flips out and drops Cena with an inverted DDT on the chairs! Edge brings one of the shorter ladders into the ring and goes for the belt, but Cena gets back up and shoves the ladder over. Edge lands on his feet and charges at Cena with a clothesline. While Cena is draped across the middle ropes, Edge goes out to the floor and slams a ladder in his face. Edge follows up and comes off the security wall and missile dropkicks the ladder into Cena! Edge gets back in and tries to ram Cena with the ladder, but he moves and hits the corner. Cena comes back with rights and then hiptosses Edge onto the propped up ladder in the corner. Cena sees there’s two tables set up beside one another and grabs Edge so he can FU him through the tables, but Edge grabs the ropes and lands on the apron. Cena wins a slugfest and comes off the ropes, but gets nailed with a forearm. Edge goes up top and gets crotched to disable him long enough for Cena to bring a table into the ring. He sets it up in the ring and then tries to superplex Edge through it. Edge is able to hammer his way out for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Cena puts the brakes on the hold for our first real botched spot of the match. The crowd is a little disappointed to say the least. They improvise with Edge giving Cena a powerslam through the table. “Cena sucks!” chant go up as the ref gets the table out of the ring. Cena is out on the floor, so Edge runs up the ladder that’s still propped up in the corner and dives out onto Cena! Edge tosses Cena back in and brings two chairs in the ring with him. He levels Cena on the mat with a chair shot and then sets up for the one-man Conchairto, but Cena trips Edge up once he goes for the fatal swing. Cena hits the Throwback (running flip neckbreaker) on the chair! He then picks up the ladder and sandwiches Edge in between the ladder and applies the STFU! JR tries to convince us that Cena is a TOUGH SONUVAGUN for doing what he just did. Cena releases the hold and then rams the ladder into Edge’s face. He lifts the ladder up onto his shoulders and FU’s the ladder on Edge! Sure, why not. Cena sets the ladder up in the corner and then delivers a Protobomb to set up the Five Knuckle Shuffle from the ladder! Lawler ~ “I love a good fist drop, JR.” Cena goes out to the floor and brings another table into the ring, but then turns around in a WONDERFUL chairshot. I mean, that baby was nice. Cena is OUT. Haha, Edge starts to get cocky and bobbles his head as the crowd cheers! Edge sets Cena on a table and then goes out and brings another table into the ring, which he sets up on TOP of the table Cena is laid out on! Edge goes up top, but then Cena gets up and knocks Edge out onto the security wall. Cena goes out to the floor and pulls out one of those 16-foot ladders which will make it harder to climb, but a lot easier to grab the belt. I can’t let you forget about the ladder that was set up in the corner about five minutes ago because Edge is climbing it as we speak. He comes off of it and spears Cena off the big ladder to save his title! Not a perfect spear, but it worked. Edge begins to climb the big ladder, but then realizes Cena is up and dives out on top of him. Cena catches him and lifts Edge up into the FU position. He gets too close to the ladder, allowing Edge to climb off of Cena and onto the ladder. Cena stops him and powerbombs Edge into the smaller standing ladder. Yikes, that could’ve been disastrous. Edge falls out to the floor to rest, but Cena follows him out and has a steel chair in hand. Edge rises and Cena connects with a very, very weak chairshot. Cena rolls back in the ring and seems to be disappointed in himself. Cena begins to climb the 16-foot ladder to regain his title, but Lita comes down and turns the ladder over to send Cena through a table out on the floor ala Matt Hardy at SummerSlam 2000. The only difference was the table was horizontal instead of vertical like at SummerSlam. I’m proud of you, John. Edge finally starts to get up to his feet on the other side of the ring. Edge crawls in the ring and sets the ladder up underneath the belt as somehow Cena is back in the ring. Lita grabs a chair in the ring and nails Cena in the back with it, causing him to fall into the ladder and send Edge crashing through a table on the entrance ramp. OUCH! That looked like it hurt worse than Cena’s bump. Lita gets an FU to put her out of the match. The top table from the double-stack in the ring fell down because of the ring bounce from the FU, so Cena sets it back up because it’s very vital to the finish. Cena sets the ladder back up and begins to climb, and Edge has unbelievably made it back into the ring. He starts to climb the opposite side of the ladder to try and knock the challenger off, but Cena lifts him up on his shoulders for the FU off the ladder and through the double-stack of tables! The finish is academic as Cena easily grabs the belt to regain his championship! (25:29) That was one AMAZING match and possibly my favorite WWE TLC match. With a few minor obvious botches, it wasn’t perfect so I can’t give it the full five stars, but this one definitely takes the #1 spot for WWE match of the year. ****¼

Final Thoughts: After a pretty terrible summer, this PPV is like a breath of fresh air. Although the first hour was rough, the last two hours turned this show around into a GREAT PPV. You’ve got the great hell in a cell match, the special Trish Stratus retirement match, the tremendous TLC match, and a molten hot sold-out crowd to get all the wrestlers motivated. Thumbs up for Unforgiven 2006.


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