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169 ROH Unscripted III 12/1/2007

ROH 169 – Unscripted 3 – 1st December 2007

Night two of a really tough weekend for Ring Of Honor. Already handicapped by having the World Champion injured and restricted to a low-risk exhibition match in Dayton, last night they rolled out on of the weakest shows in recent memory. As always though, Dayton was the B-market. This show was to be the main focus, but the weather would put scupper all those plans. We were scheduled to see the 2007 Trios Tournament at this event. That would’ve been an interesting show with so many factions knocking about in ROH. Unfortunately, travel issues due to the blizzards in the Chicago area meant that Ring Of Honor had to tear up the script and return to the “unscripted” format that has seen memorable moments in the past (CM Punk’s one-night return, Paul London vs Michael Shane). What will Gabe pull out of his bag of tricks this time around? Lets join Prazak and Leonard in Chicago, IL.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (19/11/07) – See Reckess Abandon (ROH168) for details

Bobby Cruise butters up the crowd before announcing that lots of guys haven’t shown up yet, so there won’t be a Trios Tournament. Austin Aries promptly shows up dressed to wrestle, but stops to deliver a vitriolic pro-ROH to further amp things up. He issues an open challenge…which is answered by Age Of The Fall’s Tyler Black.

Austin Aries vs Tyler Black

Well this one could be a very cool way to start the show. Black debuted with the AOTF back and Man Up and has looked great in a number of cameos and multi-man matches. The Unscripted format is giving him a real opportunity to shine in what should be a competitive opening match.

It’s an even first couple of minutes with Black looking more than capable of hanging with the former World Champion. He takes it to the floor and starts targeting the back and neck. He BACKFLIPS to land on his feet as Aries avoids his attempted dropkick…but then gets thrown to the floor and taken out with the Heat Seeking Missile. Aries tries to scale the ropes but gets distracted by Lacey. Tyler jumps and DROPKICKS HIM TO THE FLOOR! Snap suplex to the floor as well to do further damage. Jimmy Jacobs hasn’t arrived at the building yet apparently. Inside the ring again and Black successfully negates an attempted Aries comeback with a well-placed backbreaker. Sleeper hold locked in…and Tyler keeps hold even when Aries slings him to the apron. Springboard lariat ducked and Aries levels Black with a clothesline. The Stroke nailed, then the Power Drive Elbow. SLINGSHOT CORKSCREW PESCADO! Aries lines up the running dropkick but gets LEVELLED by a boot to the jaw. Shinbreak back suplex does score though, and Austin nails the running dropkick second time of asking. Tomohawk chop from the top but Black still has enough about him to escape the Brainbuster. Small Package Driver blocked…Brainbuster blocked. Awesome little tussle there. PELE KICK BY BLACK. KICK OF DEATH BY ARIES! BRAINBUSTER! 450 SPLASH! Aries wins at 14:32

Rating – **** –
I’m being a little generous, but that was so much fun for an opening match – and more energetic and fluent than ANYTHING on last night’s Dayton show. I’d suggest that was very much a break-out performance for Tyler. It was so refreshing to see a fresh face on the ROH roster wrestling with it all hanging out and going balls to the all to put on something special. Reckless Abandon was littered with cautious ‘B-show’ performances, so the sheer workrate that went into this one was very much appreciated. Terrific way to rev up the crowd after the disappointment of the Trios Tournament cancellation. Somebody book a rematch…

Aries leaves…but Lacey gets in the ring to screech down the mic. She issues her own open challenge to prove how tough the AOTF are. It’s answered by SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey.

Lacey vs Sara Del Rey

SHIMMER title is not being defended tonight. These women have had some stellar matches in SHIMMER and are easily good enough to produce something memorable here. Last time we were in Chicago we saw my favourite ROH women’s match ever as Amazing Kong made her Ring Of Honor debut. With the “unscripted” format of the show tonight, are these talented women going to be given the time to produce something decent?

Del Rey is on her own tonight – apparently Larry Sweeney and other associates are still to arrive. Prazak does a good job playing up their rivalry over the belt in SHIMMER and immediately adds more meaning to a hastily thrown together undercard match. Sara uses all her power to dominate the opening exchanges. Lacey’s response is to stall and seek advice from new AOTF member Allison Wonderland at ringside. In all fairness, Sara seems happy to wait it out and continues to pick Lacey apart whenever she tries to lock horns with her. She homes in on Lacey’s arm, which is obviously prep for the Royal Butterfly finish. Gory Special applied then converted into a pinfall for 2. Literally everything Lacey has tried thus far has been out-manoeuvred by Del Rey. Finally Lacey lands something, grabbing Sara’s her as she tries to step between the ropes, then dragging her into a Lungblower for 2. She quickly attacks the back to soften up her thus-far imposing opponent. Arrogantly Lacey tries to take a drinks break and she gets clobbered. Lacey acts quickly to evade a crossbody block from the SHIMMER champion and re-establish her control. Knee strike driven right into the back…but Sara hits back with a massive big boot. Missile dropkick nailed and both women are down. Eye gouge by Lacey…big boots by Del Rey. CAPTURE BACK SUPLEX for 2! Lacey escapes the Royal Butterfly and drops a neckbreaker. Butterfly stretch by Lacey. Del Rey escapes…and boots Lacey in the head. BUTTERFLY POWERSLAM! Allison Wonderland breaks up the pin! GERMAN SUPLEX! Del Rey wins at 15:12

Rating – *** –
Very solid match. Maybe a tad too long (particularly for the live crowd) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the simple storyline they went for, and Lacey is a guilty pleasure of mine. She annoys a lot of people but I really like her in-ring stuff. Personally I’d rather have avoided the needless Allison Wonderland interruption at the end of the match and let Sara finish with the Royal Butterfly. I can’t help but think this didn’t do enough to convince Gabe and the ROH higher up’s to give women like Sara and Lacey longer matches.

Dan Lawrence vs Silas Young vs Trik Davis vs Dingo vs Seth Skyfire vs Danny Daniels

You can call this an enhancement match if you want. You could call this a ‘Do or Die’ match if you’d like. But lets face facts, the reality is this is a ‘chuck all the Midwest jobbers into the same match to fill a spot on the card and kill some time whilst we wait for our talent to get their asses to the building’ match. We’ve seen Daniels and Trik get opportunities on the main show before. Hell, Daniels has been making on/off appearances since what…2004? I think if they had anything to offer we’d already have seen it. Young and Skyfire have both floated around the WWE development scene. Both look solid hands but nothing more. Lawrence is a generic indy guy who should enjoy this because, at this point in his career, he’s just not ready for Ring Of Honor’s main shows – so this is great experience for him. This is my first exposure to Dingo though. I’ve never seen or even heard of him before, outside of a few pre-show matches. I don’t know where he’s from, what he’s like etc. In all fairness, I’ve basically just run down every wrestler in this match…but the one positive is that this will definitely be something fresh, different and full of hungry talent desperate to show what they can do.

Daniels gets streamers and ‘welcome back’ chants. He’s been working the Chicago scene for years so that’s not as surprising as it seems. Lawrence and Young keep things nice and basic to get the ball rolling. Skyfire picks up the pace and starts up a flying headscissors trade off between everyone. Daniels ends that by slinging Dingo into the ropes. He then backdrops Dingo TO THE FLOOR! Silas counters an attempted springboard Davis into a northern lights suplex for 2. Back flipping dropkick from Skyfire to Dingo for 2. The Australian comes back with a sliding headscissors through the ropes to the outside. CORNER TOPE SUICIDA by Lawrence. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA FROM DANIELS! Davis looks for a pescado but Danny COUNTERS with a gutbuster. Young grabs Dan…SUPERPLEX ONTO EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR! Davis hits a 2k1 Bomb for 2. Daniels catches Trik and hits the RUBIX CUBE. Skyfire hits Lawrence with the Codebreaker. Diamond Dust from Lawrence in response. Dingo drops Lawrence with a Dragon suplex for the win at 09:24

Rating – *** –
Credit where credit is due, that was lots of fun. Granted it was cheap, spotty and largely forgettable fun, but you could hardly call it boring. No major screw ups, crowd-popping action and a fresh feel to an undercard match with lots of new talent on display. Young, Skyfire and Daniels all looked as you’d expect. Solid hands but not exactly earth-shattering and it’s hard to see a spot for them on the permanent roster. I just plain don’t like Trik Davis but he did ok. Dan Lawrence didn’t disgrace himself either. However, the most impressive guy was Dingo so I was glad he got the win. His gimmick is sh*t but he looks to have some real potential. Everything he did was nice, crisp, fluent and well-executed. I think the biggest compliment you could pay him is that he looked like a mini-Bryan Danielson in there. He was the winner of this one in more ways than one.

The Briscoes arrive at ringside and promptly restore Young and Daniels to jobber status by beating the crap out of them. That seemed a little mean! They didn’t even have anything meaningful to say…

Chris Hero is out next, still complaining about not winning the World Championship in Philadelphia. He calls out Claudio Castagnoli for a match (despite the fact they’re wrestling on ppv later this month) to prove how athletically superior he is.

Chris Hero vs Claudio Castagnoli

These ladies have issues stretching back to Final Battle 2006 when Chris Hero broke up the Kings Of Wrestling tag team to start a new group with his agent Larry Sweeney. Their first singles clash at Manhattan Mayhem 2 was fantastic, but did nothing to settle the score (and the subsequent rematch at Honor Nation wasn’t great)…and this should be a UNSCRIPTED treat on this show, with their big supposedly feud-ender scheduled for Rising Above.

This starts out much as you’d expect – nice chain wrestling interspersed with moments of amusing Hero shenanigans. Of particular comedic value is Hero trying to stage a walk-out after Claudio uses a cravat against him. Five minutes in it’s been largely low-contact stuff but they’re keeping the crowd entertained. Castagnoli gets 2 with a European uppercut as the level of intensity cranks up a notch. Nearing the ten minute mark with Hero raking the eyes to avoid trading chops with Double C on the outside. Match Killer by Claudio, followed by the giant swing for 2. Hero fires back with a Roaring elbow then a flipping neckbreaker from the second rope. Castagnoli evades a second flipping neckbreaker but Hero demonstrates his own ability to counter-wrestle by attacking Claudio’s arm as he attempts a flurry of Europeans. On commentary Prazak and Leonard speculate on how much damage he is doing and point out how much of Claudio’s offence utilises the arm. Back to the floor where Hero lies Bobby Dempsey over Castagnoli to keep him still whilst he slams the injured arm into the guardrail. Shortarm scissors applied for an extended period of time before Castagnoli finally manages to power out. He thinks about the Riccola Bomb but the injured arm makes it tough. CRAVAT SUPLEX gets Hero a 2. Chris goes to the top but gets caught by a rejuvenated Castagnoli. ROPE RUN HEADSCISSORS! Alpamare Water Slide nailed and Claudio wins at 21:11. But Larry Sweeney makes his late arrival at the building. He says that since this was an unscheduled match ROH officials have had to bend over backwards to meet his demands. His main demand being that this is a 2/3 Falls Match. I’m going to say the match restarts from there…with Hero nailing the Hero’s Welcome and making it 1-1 at a restarted 21:18. Castagnoli is still struggling to regain his senses, but manages to nail the dead-lift German suplex for 2. Hero downs him and locks in the CROSSFACE Hangman’s Clutch – a variant which does more damage to the arm. Hammerlock Hero’s Welcome countered…but he blocks Claudio’s attempted roll-up and drags him into a cross armbreaker. With one last burst of energy Castagnoli rolls Hero into his back and pins him to win 2-1 at 25:11

Rating – *** –
Definitely an improvement on the Honor Nation match. Much like that one, this one was also very slow (almost to the point of tedium at times), but at least it was much less move-stall-move and both men tried to get over a solid wrestling story as well as trying to work Hero’s heat with the crowd. I can’t say Larry Sweeney’s arrival and hasty re-booking of the match made it any better – but it didn’t exactly make worse either. Considering this match was thrown together at the last minute and, I imagine, they were told to go out there and wrestle a LONG match whilst Gabe frantically waited for more wrestlers to arrive, they did a solid job. The ppv match will need to be much better…

Hero and Sweeney don’t take defeat particularly well and beat up Claudio – sending a message to him ahead of the ppv/Final Battle weekend.

There’s no intermission tonight. Well, I imagine the live event had an intermission…but no taped intermission segment for the DVD. I imagine Gabe was busy using the time to rebook the second half of the show. First out after the break are the Hangman 3. Adam Pearce and Shane Hagadorn win a brief squash match against Alex Payne and Ernie Osiris with a Spike Piledriver in 01:54. Next up Brent Albright issues an open challenge…answered by Jigsaw.

Brent Albright vs Jigsaw

It’s just typical of ROH’s luck this weekend that, of all the cancellations and no-shows due to the weather, the entire Hangm3n line-up made it in. I have nothing against them (I actually like Pearce and Albright, whilst Hagadorn has always been my favourite ROH graduate)…they just get so little response from live crowds. And it’s just typical of the weekend that of the 3 Vulture Squad members, it’s only Jigsaw, the least over one of them, that gets in. He is easily the best wrestler of the Vultures though, and he’s shown glimpses of real talent in matches against the likes of Hero and Castagnoli.

Nice touch straight up as Albright reaches for the arm but Jigsaw has enough skill to counter and use his speed to work away from his larger opponent. RUNNING MOONSAULT INTO ALL THE HANGM3N! Unfortunately for Jigsaw it was Albright’s stablemates that absorbed the brunt of the impact of that. He’s soon sailing over the ropes again, this time from an Albright press slam. He goes for a crossbody block but it’s ducked and he crashes into the ropes. Dragon suplex scores but Jig is able to counter the half nelson. He hits Albright with a superkick for 2. Pumphandle front slam by Albright. Jig tries to come back with a missile dropkick but Brent just shakes that off and clobbers him with a clothesline. 61-Knee countered into a roll-up for 2. Jigsaw tries one high-flying move too many and gets caught in the Kobashi suplex. Albright wins at 08:12

Rating – ** –
Sort of like every other Jigsaw singles match recently. He looks like a decent wrestler – solid mat skills, a crisp aerial arsenal etc. But there’s something about him that just makes it impossible to see him as anything other than a jobber. Maybe it’s the mask or his slight frame…but at no point did I ever believe Brent Albright was in any real chance of losing here, much like you never really felt that Claudio Castagnoli or Chris Hero were in trouble during their matches against him. I think ROH need to restrict him to Vulture Squad 6-man’s where he can show of his skills in limited doses. I think he’d be a lot better served building his reputation as the best wrestler in the high-flying group, rather than constantly being exposed in singles matches like this and getting squashed. That approach worked perfectly with Jay Lethal (Hydro) in Special K.

BJ Corino wants to emulate his friends and issues another open challenge, leading to…

BJ Whitmer vs Delirious

We all know about the issues between the Hangm3n and Delirious. The Lizard Man has hated these guys since they staple gunned his mask to his face to announce their formation as a group.

Lots of streamers for Delirious who charges the ring and decided to just fight the entire stable. SUICIDE FLIP TO THE FLOOR! He takes Albright out with a chair but the Gun for Hire distracted him for long enough that Whitmer could regain his senses…and announce that he wants this one to be No DQ. That doesn’t stop Delirious going on the offensive again by hurling BJ into the crowd where both men can take advantage of the numerous rows of chairs. He manages to find an umbrella (ella eh eh) to attack BJ with. Chair-enforced Panic Attack against the guardrail busts Whitmer open. Now he’s bleeding Whitmer looks even more like Steve Corino. In the ring again Whitmer hits an exploder suplex. That puts the Hangman (is it a ‘Hangman’ or a ‘Hangmen member’?) in the ascendancy until Delirious starts pounding and biting at the lacerated forehead. Rolling suplex combo into a powerbomb get BJ a 2-count. Delirious hits Shadows Over Hell only for Hagadorn to drag the official out of the ring before he can make the pin. Pearce hits the ring and lays Delirious out with a chain. Soon it’s a four-on-one assault, and a completely legal one since it’s No Disqualification. They hang him over the ropes by the chain…is the match over? Jobbers invade the ring to maintain order which only provides the Hangm3n with more canon fodder. At 15 minutes jobbers carry a bleeding Delirious out so I guess this one is over. Albright gets the biggest pop of this entire segment by heaving a jobber 3 rows deep.

Rating – * – The angle with the hanging at the end was pretty cool, but the match that preceded it was just plain boring. I feel so bad criticising Whitmer because that guy very literally bleeds for the cause. But it was nothing we haven’t seen a million times before. Both acts are totally stale and BJ’s bloody brawling, which was effective in a heated feud with Jacobs, comes off as incredibly dull and played out when the fans aren’t into his opponent.

Mercifully I think we’ve seen the last of the Hang3n as they seem to be leaving the ring (having completely murdered the momentum of this show). Jimmy Jacobs emerges through the crowd with Allison Wonderland to brag about the strength of the Age Of The Fall. Daizee Haze interrupts them kissing (seriously, this whole free love Tyler/Lacey/Jimmy/Allison thing that has sprung up this weekend is plain weird)…then gets pole-axed by a Jimmy Jacobs spear. I don’t like her, so watching Daizee get pole-axed was brilliant. As is the tenuous ‘best in the world’ link leading to Bryan Danielson marching to the ring.

Jimmy Jacobs vs Bryan Danielson

This is a pretty big first time match that has been thrown onto the card here. I imagine that much like with London/Shane at Unscripted 1 and CM Punk’s appearance at Unscripted 2, this is Gabe’s last-gasp booking attempt to ensure something memorable happens on the show. Still, I’m very much looking forward to it. Who’d have thought when he debuted as a random little Berserker tribute act all those years ago we’d ever see little Jimmy as one of the biggest stars in ROH and in a marquee match with American Dragon?

Ultra intense scuffle at first as Danielson desperately tries to fight off a tenacious Jacobs who got the jump on him. MMA ELBOWS…but Jimmy rolls out of the ring. He returns and foolishly tries to go hold for hold with Dragon – who goes to town on Jacobs, forcing him to run for the hills again. Dragon seems to target the arm and ribs of AOTF’s leader, but Jacobs also seems to be struggling with the knee injury that has seen him miss several months of action this year. Jimmy gradually edges his way into the match – knocking Danielson loopy with a boot to the jaw but he gets mugged by a diving European uppercut and is soon on the back foot again. Diving headbutt scores and gets 2. He looks for Cattle Mutilation but Jimmy counters with a neckbreaker then the top rope senton bomb. Cattle Mutilation locked in second time of asking…Lacey runs in and distracts the referee. Jimmy brings in his concealed railroad spike amid the distraction. SPIKE TO THE HEAD! Dragon is lacerated and in trouble, and like a shark Jacobs zones in on it. He sets his head up in the corner for a RUNNING DROPKICK INTO THE RINGPOST! We’re 15 minutes deep and the former World Champion is covered in blood. Jacobs sits him in a chair then pescados him clean through it. But the bloody Danielson manages to crotch Jimmy on the top rope then haul him off with a superplex – both men down. Jacobs to the floor this time so Dragon soars out to follow with a tope suicida. Missile dropkick scores but he’s exhausted from blood loss and Jacobs tries to capitalise with End Time. That’s escaped but Danielson jumps into a spear that gets Jimmy a 2-count. Contra Clode blocked…German suplex into Cattle Mutilation! MMA ELBOWS…COUNTERED TO THE CONTRA CODE! DANIELSON KICKS OUT! Jacobs goes for the senton bomb again but this time plummets into Dragon’s knees. FACE STOMPS…TRIANGLE CHOKE! Jacobs tries to escape so he gets ELBOWED as well, but still finds the bottom rope. Danielson lines up a back superplex. That’s risky…TOP ROPE DDT INTO END TIME! Danielson fights but JIMMY HOLDS ON! Danielson is out at 23:30.

Rating – **** –
Awesome, showstealer of a match. This is why Bryan Danielson is so important to Ring Of Honor. There are a lot of talented guys, but he is the only guy you can bet your mortgage on to go out and deliver a fantastic match against anyone on the roster, no matter how unfortunate or “unscripted” the circumstances. Terrific story-telling for 25 minutes there, with Danielson dominating Jacobs until he utilised Lacey and the spike to make things even. It is a massive win for Jacobs, and Danielson has an out as Jimmy needed to cheat to do it. And all credit to Jacobs – he hasn’t been back from injury for too long, and this was certainly his highest profile singles match since the Whitmer Cage Match earlier this year. To hang with and look credible against American Dragon in a main event level match is testament to how much he’s improved over the last twelve months.

Nigel McGuinness strolls to the ring with a cheesy grin on his face. He pokes fun at Danielson for losing to Jacobs…but out comes Chris Hero to attack him. He leaves the World Champion laying and walks out. And next comes FIP Champion Roderick Strong to challenge Nigel to a title match at the next Chicago show in January. Danielson and Nigel start fighting on the floor as Erick Stevens and the No Remorse Corps go at it in the ring until the Briscoes make the save. It’s main event time…

Roderick Strong/Davey Richards/Rocky Romero vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe/Erick Stevens

This isn’t exactly a main event that’s going to sell DVD’s in their thousands, but it should be pretty entertaining. Erick Stevens has been feuding with the No Remorse Corps since he debuted and has made his return to ROH this weekend with a mission to get some revenge on them, whilst the NRC and the Briscoes have clashed recently over the Tag Titles.

The highlights of the opening minutes are Roderick Strong’s chats with various fans at ringside, including such gems as ‘YOU man up…shut up’ and ‘you wish you could…you homo’ in response to a ‘f*ck you’ cat-call. The first five minutes are basically even, the babyface team edging it in terms of aggression but never establishing a real advantage. In the end it’s the NRC that succeed in isolating an opponent, cutting Jay off from his partners and giving him a real working over. Briscoe eventually outwits his opponents and makes the hot tag to Stevens who plants Strong with a full nelson slam for 2. CRAZY TOPE by Mark wipes out Romero and Strong but Davey sneaks in on the blindside and plants Stevens with a springboard dropkick. The referee restores order and it’s the NRC working over Stevens. Argentine backbreaker into a tree of woe by Strong, who then leapfrogs Richards into a missile dropkick TO THE BALLS! Cheating but an awesome spot by the Corps. I like how Davey constantly goes back to Stevens’ arm, the same one that he injured back at Undeniable. Tags all round with the Briscoes coming in on fire. All three opponents in the corner…leading to the Choo Choo from Stevens to Strong. Mark lands on his feet from a back body drop attempt then gets 2 with a springboard corkscrew press. Handspring kick by Davey but he can’t buy enough time to line up the DR Driver and is dropped by Jay’s DVD. Erick gets 2 on Romero with the TKO, with the ref totally abandoning any concern over who the legal man is. Richards and Romero cut the big man down with duelling kicks. Briscoes back in with Mark wiping out two opponents with a moonsault press. He climbs the ropes – SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE FLOOR! Briscoe Biel into a sit-out powerbomb get the babyface team another 2. Strong blocks Mark’s springboard ace crusher so Rocky can hit an Ace crusher of his own! Stevens clubs Richards out of the sky with a big lariat but eats a DDT from Romero. CAPTURE SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLES from Richards to Jay. Tombstone Piledriver scores but Mark drags Davey out of the corner with a running urinage. DOCTOR BOMB…JAY DRILLER…CUT-THROAT DRIVER! The Briscoes and Stevens get the popular win at 24:00

Rating – *** –
Pretty much what you’d expect really, which was a really solid match that started slow but accelerated to a manic, spot-packed concluding few minutes. A fun way to close the show, even if it was a bit on the long side. Personally I’d rather have seen the Danielson/Jacobs match main event, with Jimmy’s upset win being the closing and hopefully most memorable moment of Unscripted 3, but I can see why this one got the final spot.

Tape Rating – *** –
I’ve seen some really damning reviews of this show, so I had pretty low expectations coming in. To be fair, ROH pleasantly surprised me with a pretty solid show. Obviously the disappointment at not seeing the Trios Tournament (and the galvanising effect it could’ve had on the flagging Faction Warfare storyline) is massive, but at least Ring Of Honor were able to salvage something and put on a decent, if mostly inconsequential night of wrestling. The Jacobs/Danielson match is the obvious high point, and only real reason to go out of your way to buy the DVD. But in all fairness, outside of the Hangman 3 boring everyone to tears, everything else was pretty good. Aries vs Black was a great opener. The women’s match was better than most Women Of Honor clashes. The jobber six man was a blast, plus Hero/Castagnoli and the main event were solid affairs too. I’m not saying you need to buy this one, I’m just saying that in what was a dreadful weekend for Ring Of Honor, this show could’ve been a lot worse.

Top 3 Matches

3) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe/Erick Stevens vs Roderick Strong/Davey Richards/Rocky Romero (***)

2) Austin Aries vs Tyler Black (****)

1) Jimmy Jacobs vs Bryan Danielson (****)

Top 5 Reckless Abandon/Unscripted 3 Weekend Matches

5) Vulture Squad vs Hangm3n vs Briscoes vs Age Of The Fall (*** – Reckless Abandon)

4) Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe/Erick Stevens vs No Remorse Corps (*** – Unscripted 3)

3) Austin Aries vs Roderick Strong (**** – Reckless Abandon)

2) Austin Aries vs Tyler Black (**** – Unscripted 3)

1) Jimmy Jacobs vs Bryan Danielson (**** – Unscripted 3)

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