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PWG Free Admission (Just Kidding) 11/13/2004

Written By: Jim

Free Admission (Just Kidding)
November 13, 2004

Due to PWG having problems with either the filming or creation of the DVD’s, the first three matches doesn’t have any live audio. Disco Machine and Excalibur are still commentating on the second audio track, but regardless there is zero crowd reaction, ring sounds or anything else. Due to that, the matches were pretty boring so I just bypassed them. The matches were:

– Excalibur and Disco Machine def Los Rojo Locos with the Locos being unmasked to be the Ballard Brothers.
– Puma defeating Tony Stradlin for his sixth straight win
– Havana Pitbulls def Hook Bomberry and Apollo Kahn

Minus Stradlin vs Puma, I don’t really care much about skipping them.

Frankie Kazarian (c) vs Super Dragon – PWG World Title

Damn, even facing Super Dragon, Kazarian still can’t get in the main event. Without Babi Slymm, I’m wondering if Slymm is officially gone from the company. Super Dragon beating the fuck out of Kazarian is good fun. Frankie has an especially off night by botching a few moves and looking like he’s accidentally hurting Dragon a few times. Super Dragon proves he can suck too by putting on one shittastic Curb Stomp. Thanks to having a long match (Nearly 25 minutes) they manage to produce something that wasn’t always bad. With Super Dragon going over, PWG has a champion who can be in main events and can be relied on to have the best match of the night. However, it’s still one of Dragon’s weaker matches up to this point. 2 3/4 Stars.

Christopher Daniels vs Jack Evans
A great mixture of comedy and actual action. There’s a reason why this was picked to be a part of PWG Sells Out Vol. 1. The comedic first half has plenty of laughs while Evans pulls of some amazing spots in the second half. I dig the idea of Evans’ spots getting the best of him and costing him the match by missing the 630 splash. The thud of Jack crashing to the mat hurts just seeing it. Daniels finishes him with a back breaker and the BME. The only real criticism is that it’s a little too long. Shave off five minutes and it would have been perfect for what it was. 3 1/2 Stars.

Kevin Steen vs El Generico
The PWG debut of both men. They were booked in a tag match against Aerial Express (Fuck, that sounds awesome), but AXP missed the show for some unknown reason. Last minute booking changes this into a singles match. Most of the match is just Steen getting heat on Generico. However, Steen is incredible. He quickly forms a connection with the fans and has them more into him than nearly everyone else on the card. Right away, they establish Generico as the fighting underdog and Steen as the asshole egomaniac. It’s that ego that gets the best of Steen, costing him the match. Watch this and you’ll know why PWG decided to push Steen so hard and quickly. 3 1/2 Stars.

Bryan Danielson vs Scott Lost
Damn, where’s Bosh? It’s not a good day for Lost. The poor guy gets his ass kicked for twenty minutes. Such highlights include multiple kicks, chops, an airplane spin all around the outside of the ring and even being dumped in a garbage can. Lost’s strategy is straight out of a wrestling video game. You have the game set on the highest difficult level and the guy is just kicking your ass. Anytime you’re able to lock in a hold or hit a move, you don’t know how long it’ll be until you’re able to do it again. So every move you do is something of high impact. It’s going to be a long fight, but if you can survive long enough, sooner or later all of those big moves will take a lot out of your opponent. Lost uses his kicks and Superman spears to suppress the attacks. However, for Lost, it just wasn’t enough when Danielson makes him tap with an unique crossface using his (Danielson’s) legs instead of arms to pull back on the head. This was just awesome. It may not be among Danielson’s best in ROH, but it’d fit in perfectly with his non-MOTYC’s. 3 3/4 Stars.


Despite the technical issues to scrap the first three matches, you’re left with about an hour and a half of some great action. Super Dragon loses his claim to having the MOTN, the title remains in the Dragon name with Danielson kicking ass. The only match that was a disappointment was the PWG Title match, but even that wasn’t bad. The big development for the show is the new PWG Champion after months of Kazarian dragging down the title and the debut of Kevin Steen and El Generico. It’d take Generico a little while to make an impact, but he’d eventually be a huge PWG star. As for Steen, it’s almost time to start the PWG 2005 feud of the year. Don’t pay full price for this due to the DVD issues, but it’s worth the money if you buy it for sale at Highspots.

Worth Checking Out

Jack Evans vs Christopher Daniels
Kevin Steen vs El Generico
Bryan Danielson vs Scott Lost


Super Dragon vs Kazarian (There’s no need to watch one of Dragon’s weaker 2004 matches)

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