PWG Use Your Illusion III 10/9/2004

Written By: Jim

Use Your Illusion III
October 9, 2004

The First Family opens up the show with Kazarian, Babi Slymm and Scott Lost. Lost had joined the group at the previous show when the First Family helped him win the ladder match to gain full ownership over both titles. Kazarian reports that Brad Bradley was injured and Vander Pyle is MIA. Scott Lost introduces his new tag partner – Chris Bosh. Thus, Arrogance is born. Slymm and Kazarian doesn’t seem too impressed though. Despite the group being so new, they’ve already had a huge faction change (Upgrade), but already looks to be setting the seeds to split up.

Los Rojo Locos and Supa Badd vs Charles Mercury, Billy Kim and Ronin

Ugh. I thought one of the benefits of watching these early PWG shows was that they’d be Ronin-free? “Funky” Billy Kim was the original Chris Bosh to Joey Ryan/Scott Lost. Just the third man of the X Foundation. I guess Kim’s new buddies are The X Foundation 2. The idea of those three losers in a faction could make The First Family only the second worst faction of all time. Holy shit, this was one horrible match. Despite only going for fifteen minutes, it felt like twice as long. What’s worse is that these six shouldn’t have been given more than half the amount they were given. I enjoy Locos/Ballards, but they can only do so much. Probably the worst PWG opener I’ve seen so far.

Top Gun Talwar vs Hook Bomberry

I wouldn’t call either one of these two good. In fact, I’d say that Talwar was a pretty lousy wrestler. However, they have a lot of chemistry together and have a fun little hard hitting contest. It’s hardly great or anything, but it’s definitely not a negative to the show. 2 1/2 Stars.

Puma vs The UK Kid
Never seen the UK Kid before, but I believe he had a match against Danielson around this point. Kid is just HORRIBLE on the mic. His pre-match promo is so bad that it becomes entertaining in a Wrestlecrap sort of way. He’s halfway decent in the ring though. Nothing special, but he and Puma have the best match of the night thus far. However, just being watchable makes it pretty obvious why the UK Kid never did much in the US, despite being trained by Shawn Michaels. Puma wins with his Figure Four/Sharpshooter variation. 2 1/2 Stars.

Excalibur and Disco Machine vs Aerial Xpress w/Dino Winwood – #1 Contender’s Match
Winner gets the tag champions later in the month at Use Your Illusions 4. I’m not really sure how Team SBS are in a number 1 contender’s match. They lost the last four matches. In fact, they only have one tag win in the history of PWG up to this point, but that was over a year ago. Disco and Excalibur sucks in singles matches, but they have some good chemistry together. The combination of that and Quicksilver’s face-in-peril selling creates a fun little match. I’m not sure who’s move it is. But Team SBS hit a piledriver/low drop kick in the middle of the match. Later on, AXP got the victory with the same move. Dino’s an awesome character in PWG. “Follow the tambourine!” *Shakes tambourine loudly to help Quicksilver know which corner to go to* 3 Stars.

Bobby Quance vs Christopher Daniels
Quance’s final match before joining the military. He’d eventually come back for the first show of 2009 for a special one time return. Had he stayed in wrestling, I’m sure ROH would have brought him in eventually. Just so much potential and talent already in his few years in the business. They work a near twenty minute match (Four seconds shy of the 20 minute time limit). Quance has some great natural skills at drawing in the fans, whether it’s by clapping the mat or his selling. He even manages a cool little 619-like move on the outside. The ending could have used some work, but it doesn’t take away much from a solid contest. 3 1/4 Stars.

After the match, Daniels gets on the mic and challenges Quance for a match next week. Just a little comedy of Daniels not realizing that this was Quance’s last match to set-up Quance’s farewell speech.

Samoa Joe vs Joey Ryan

It’s no wonder PWG finally turned Ryan heel. The crowd hates on him every time he talks. Joey spouts some bible verses to show that he’s ready for the fight of his life. Joe’s just wondering what to order at Applebee’s after the show. A virtual squash with Joey being killed for most of the match before a minor comeback and a great count-out tease by Joe. Nothing special, but still good. Super Dragon comes out to get Joe’s attention, but that only causes Ryan to be sent into Dragon and then killed with a lariat to lose the match. I know this was supposed to set-up the Ryan/Dragon and eventual Joe/Dragon 2 matches, but the appearance of Dragon didn’t help the match at all. Joe killing bitches is always a good time though. 2 1/2 Stars.

Frankie Kazarian w/Babi Slymm vs Tony Stradlin
Who? Looking up Stradlin, I see that he was signed by the WWE and worked for Deep South Wrestling for a couple of years before being released. He did manage to get a match against Ultimo Dragon for Velocity earlier in 2004 though. Stradlin looks like Wade Barrett’s Italian cousin. Surprisingly, he has some decent talent. Best moves of the match was both by him. Standing on the back of Kazarian, he then leg dropped Frankie. Later on, he nailed a Swanton to Kazarian’s back while he was draped over the top rope. Booking of the match sucks though. Slymm interferes a lot, but it only makes it less entertaining. Kazarian wins after Slymm throws a drink in Tony’s face and Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future. I wouldn’t mind seeing Stradlin against someone better.3 Stars.

Arrogance (c) vs Super Dragon and B-Boy – PWG Tag Team Titles
The first tag match of Arrogance. In fact, they’re not even known as Arrogance yet. Really good match and a great way to end the show. I’m far from a Super Dragon fan, but he’s been in the main event the last two shows I’ve watched and he managed to have the best match for both shows. Arrogance is put over big time by hanging in there with the bigger stars, even appearing to be legitimately better as a team. Joey Ryan comes out near the end to distract Dragon, but Dragon kicks out of a couple of pin attempts. Arrogance finishes him off with a Hart Attack into Bosh’s back breaker and Lost’s Sharpshooter. SUPER DRAGON TAPPED OUT. Now that’s how you add legitimacy to a new team. 3 1/2 Stars.

After the match, Joey Ryan hangs around to challenge Super Dragon to a sixty minute Iron Man Match at the next show. Ryan improved a lot on the mic over the years.


A low profile 2004 show that contains a few good matches. Once again, it’s all about setting up the hot new angles and programs. Arrogance is born and has their second title match all ready against Aerial Xpress. Super Dragon continues his feud with Samoa Joe and Joey Ryan including setting up a huge match later in the month. The First Family makes moves to drastically improve their group with the additions of Arrogance. They actually managed to have more storyline advancement in this one show than PWG had in all of 2010.

Worth Checking Out

Christopher Daniels vs Bobby Quance
Arrogance vs B-Boy and Super Dragon


Rojos/Badd vs X Foundation 2

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