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WCW Nitro 6/16/1997

Written By: Justin Rozzero

WCW Nitro 6/16/97
United Center
Chicago, IL

Hour 1
Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Larry Zbyszko

– We start with a shot of the garage as a limousine pulls up with the NWO music playing in the background. Savage, Bischoff, Hall, Nash, Syxx, Hogan and Dennis Rodman emerge. Rodman is carrying Hogan’s belt and smoking a stogie. Larry calls them the “Rat Pack” which is kind of funny. They strut their way through backstage and out into the arena to a big pop. Of course, Rodman had just won a World Championship with the Bulls, so that may have played a role in that reaction. Tony talks about Hogan and Rodman teaming up at our next PPV, Bash at the Beach. Eric has the mic and says he has nothing but love for the fans. He says we have two World champions in the ring and bows down to both of them. We are counting down to July 13 when Giant and Luger will try to get a piece of Hogan and Rodman. Hogan says that all his NWO-ites feel the same way about Luger and Giant as they did about the Utah Jazz. The crowd doesn’t seem to agree there. Hogan says that when you have Rod the Bod, the Dirty Dog, you are guaranteed victory. He runs through Rodman’s stats and then he says they called Hogan’s mother and said they already beat Luger and Giant. The Outsiders keep him on his toes and Syxx can do it all night long. They did it for the NWO last night and tonight he and Rodman are going flush out Giant and Flexy Lexy and let Rodman take them both out on his own. Eric says that the whole world knows Rodman is a man of few words, but he has something to say now. He asks the crowd if they are ready to rock, and they indeed are ready. Rod the Bod and Hollywood have “Lex Luthor and the Giant” in the back and Giant may be bigger than him, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Hogan tells them to come out at any time and he will watch Rodman’s back as he slams Giant. Hogan says he will destroy Luger. Eric calls for the music and Hogan poses a bit with Rodman and the belt. Larry says that looking at Rodman makes him sorry to have been born in Chicago. He says he is also a nothing and the “man of 1000 fouls”. Tony says Rodman likes to attack from behind and Larry says he fits right in with the NWO. We head over to the announce table and Tony talks about what may have happened to Ric Flair last night. He and Syxx battled to the back last night and he wasn’t seen again. Apparently he will be here tonight. Tenay says there are a lot of questions surrounding Flair’s relationship with Roddy Piper. Tony tells us that Madusa had her career ended last night and Larry says Sonny Onoo tricked and trapped her and now she is doomed to a kitchen. Man Larry is on a roll tonight. Let’s go to the ring!

1) Mortis vs. Glacier

Mortis makes his way out as Mike talks about Glacier winning his match last night, but catching another vicious post match beating by Vandenberg’s crew. Glacier is in the house now, though, and is looking for revenge. He is limping a bit as he heads down the aisle, but he disrobes and charges towards the ring. Mortis meets him half way and they start hammering away at each other. Mortis whips Glacier into the guardrail. He pulls the steps away from the ring and then he drags Glacier over to the apron. Mortis climbs on the apron and is going to try a legdrop on Glacier’s neck, but Glacier blocks it and yanks Mortis off, crotching him on the steps. Glacier kicks him back to the floor and then shoots him in the ring for the first time. Vandenberg hooks Glacier’s leg as he gets in the ring and that allows Mortis to attack and gain control. Glacier fires back and they trade fists. Mike says Glacier needs someone in his corner to watch his back in these battles. Mortis kicks away at him in the corner as Wrath has emerged at ringside. Mortis hits a top rope Rocker Dropper and gets a near fall. Wrath hops on the apron but Glacier is able to whip Mortis into him. Mortis turns into the Cryonic Kick and picks up the win. Glacier d. Mortis with the Cryonic Kick at 2:15; Grade: 1

– Wrath immediately hops in the ring and attacks Glacier, working him over in the corner. Vandenberg has a pair of handcuffs, which they also used to subdue Glacier last night. Ernest Miller hops in the ring and takes out Mortis and Wrath with some kicks. All four men square off with karate stances but Glacier and Miller win the battle and kick both men out to the floor. Doug Dellinger and his troops hit the ring but Glacier stops them from coming at Miller. Wrath and Mortis continue to circle the ring, but nothing else is happening as we head to break.

– We are back and Gene is in the aisle and being joined by Madusa. She lost last night and her career is over. Gene asks if it has sunk in yet. She came out here to say that last night was the end of her wrestling career. She is a woman of her word and it career against title, and she ended her career. She is in tears as she speaks. She just wants to say thanks to everyone who helped make Madusa who she is today and thanks for all the support from the fans, her family and friends. She loves what she does and in her heart she will always be a wrestler. She can’t believe that is the end and she just wants to say goodbye. Gene quickly sends it back to Tony as Madusa weeps her way off.

2) Dean Malenko vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Tony and Mike lament Madusa’s loss as Malenko heads down the aisle, sans US title. We see clips from last week when Dean lost the belt to Jeff Jarrett thanks to some interference from Eddie Guerrero. Dean has the mic and calls out Eddie if he is in the building. He tells Eddie to come out and face him like a man. Well, Dean gets a Guerrero, but it is Chavo, not Eddie. Dean controls off the bell and works Chavo over in the corner. Chavo is able to hiptoss Dean and then follow with a dropkick. He lands some uppercuts and then takes Dean over with a flying headscissors. Dean recovers and is able to swat away a second dropkick attempt. Dean whips Chavo to the corner and follows with a clothesline. Dean slides to the floor and trips up Chavo. He works over Chavo’s leg and then yanks him to the floor. He jams Chavo’s foot in the guardrail and then dropkicks it. Dean keeps the assault on and then tosses Chavo back in. He shoots Chavo in, but Chavo gets a sunset flip for two. Dean pops up and drills Chavo with a clothesline. Tony talks about the Bash encore as Dean takes Chavo over with a delayed vertical suplex for two. Dean keeps looking around for Eddie after every move. Mike says we rarely see Dean with a lack of focus like this. Chavo slips out of a tilt-a-whirl and lands some boots. Dean ends up with another tilt-a-whirl attempt, but he slips and they sort of fall to the mat. Dean hoists Chavo back up and plants him with a flapjack, which is what I think he was trying to do on that previous move. Dean locks in the cloverleaf and gets the quick win. As he locks in the move, though, we see Eddie Guerrero standing in the entrance way, looking quite heelish. Malenko d. Guerrero with the Texas cloverleaf at 3:35; Grade: 1

– Tony and Larry wonder why Eddie didn’t come help his nephew, but Larry says he is scared of Malenko. Eddie kind of smirks as Dean slowly stalks at him. Eddie backpedals to the back as Dean approaches him. We check out the replay and then head to break.

3) La Parka vs. Super Calo

When we return, Parka and Calo are already in the ring and the bell has sounded. Tony says these two have had problems lately, so they are going to go at it here. Parka charges and tries a dropkick, but Calo dodges it and he crashes into the corner. Calo lands an elbow but Parka hits a clothesline after dodging a Calo springboard dive. Parka floats over a charge and kicks Calo down for two. Parka puts Calo down with a shoulderblock but Calo retaliates with a hiptoss and a monkey flip to send Parka careening into the ropes. Calo hits a springboard armdrag and follows with another from off Parka’s shoulders to send Parka to the floor. Calo comes flying out with a somersault senton and actually flies off of Parka and crashes into the second row, taking some fans in the process. That was crazy! Calo climbs back over the railing and slides back in the ring. He goes for a baseball slide, but Parka slid inside to dodge it. Calo slides back in and Parka puts him down with a clothesline. Calo misses a cross body block and Parka drops an elbow and then kicks him in the face for two. Parka slams Calo in the corner and hooks him in the Tree of Woe. He then pulls him out and snaps him over with a spinebuster for two. Parka misses a corkscrew moonsault and Calo then beals him by his head. Calo seats Parka on the top and takes him off with a headscissors to pick up the win. Wow, that one even caught me off guard and seemed to come out of nowhere. Calo d. Parka with a top rope headscissors at 3:40; Grade: 2

– Parka attacks Calo after the bell and smashes him with a non-folding plastic chair on the floor. Parka keeps stomping at him and then he holds up the chair to a huge pop as we join Gene in the aisle. Gene is joined by Luger and Giant, who also get a nice reaction from the fans. Gene asks them about what we heard from Hogan and Rodman earlier. Gene tells them that Hogan and Rodman are saying “no go” for the Bash, but Luger says they have a contract. Lex says Rodman is so cool and is shocked that Hogan was actually here live. He says he and Giant didn’t come in a limo, don’t wear shades or smoke cigars. Rodman and Hogan are so cool and are both Champions while Luger and Giant don’t even have belts. However, Hogan wasn’t very cool last week when Luger had him in the Rack and he was staring up at the lights and submitting. Last week, Giant was in Germany, but this week he is here. Luger asks Giant if they should just throw in the towel and go back to the hotel since Rodman and Hogan are so confident. Giant says he has the guns and the chokeslam, but the crowd is booing here as they are siding with Rodman, natch. Luger says that the Giant says they should go at it tonight if Hogan and Rodman think they are such pushovers. Gene reiterates the challenge as we go to break.

4) Amazing French Canadians vs. Harlem Heat

Tony tells us that the challenge has been accepted and Rodman and Hogan will take on Luger and Giant here tonight in Chicago. The Canadians and Col. Parker head to the ring as Tony and Larry talk about the big tag match that was just made. Harlem Heat and Sherri are out next as Mike runs down the upcoming locations for Nitro. Tony asks Mike to spill the beans on who the debuting star will be on June 30, but Mike says there are too many rumors and he can’t narrow it down. Jacques asks the hillbillies in the crowd to stand and sing the Canadian anthem with them. They start to sing but jump the Heat a few seconds into the song. The double team Booker and drop him with a hot shot on the top rope. The Heat won a match last night to make them number one contenders for the Outsiders. Carl runs Booker into the railing on the floor and then shoots him back inside. Jacques shoots Booker into the corner and then tags Carl in. Jacques whips Carl into Booker in the corner as Tony fills us in on last night. Apparently, the Outsiders dictated who would be the top contenders by having Vincent interfere and get the Steiners disqualified. Carl slams Booker down and follows with an axehandle from the middle rope. He tags in Jacques and they hit a double team clothesline/leg sweep. Jacques chokes Booker on the middle rope and tags in Carl, who charges and leaps on Booker’s back. Booker ducks a clothesline and hits a desperation forearm. Both men tag and Stevie fires away at Jacques. He puts Carl down with a clothesline and then slams him down. He kicks Jacques out of the ring and tags in Booker. Booker heads up top and they hit the Heat Bomb on Carl. Parker takes his boot off and tosses it to Jacques. He then hops on the apron and distracts Nick Patrick as Jacques slides in and clocks Booker with the boot. Jacques covers and Patrick turns to count but Booker kicks out at two. Stevie comes in the ring and hoists Jacques up and Booker lands a side kick to pick up the win. Well, that was a bit disjointed but was non stop and decent enough. Harlem Heat d. Amazing French Canadians when Booker pins Oulette with the Big Apple at 3:41; Grade: 1.5

– Back in the aisle, Gene is with JJ Dillon. Dillon says that Hogan and Rodman technically issued a challenge and Luger and Giant accepted it and it is set for tonight. Sherri and Harlem Heat show up and Gene asks about the tag title situation. Dillon says that Heat’s victory at the Bash was tainted. Sherri says that shouldn’t matter, because they won and that was the deal. Dillon says the NWO is again trying to handpick opponents and that was obvious with Vincent’s interference. Booker claims they are being held down but Gene said Heat could be in cahoots with Vincent. Stevie quickly denies that accusation and says they don’t need help. Dillon says that the Championship Committee has ordered a rematch next week between Steiners and Heat to determine the top contenders. Vincent shows up and says that the DQ win was an early Christmas gift from the NWO. Stevie asks if the Outsiders think the Heat is easier challengers. Vincent says that he only meant the NWO was giving them the opportunity. Stevie circles Vincent and attacks and they beat him up, with Booker landing a stiff kick as we go to break.

Hour 2

Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Bobby Heenan

5) Syxx vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr. for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

When we return, the NWO music is blaring and the Outsiders and Syxx are heading to the ring. Larry says that real men walk alone. The Wolfpac jaw with fans and the camera as they take their time heading to the ring. We actually even take another break. Upon returning, Rey’s music hits and he makes his way out for a chance at taking back his gold here to start hour two. Syxx taunts Rey as the Outsiders circle around. They finally head outside as the bell sounds. Syxx lands a boot and keeps kicking Rey. He shoots Rey in and spikes him to the mat. We officially hit hour two and the fireworks go off as Syxx chops away at Rey in the corner. Syxx hits a pair of snap legdrops. Rey rolls towards the end of the apron and Hall taps his cigar ashes on Rey’s head. Syxx hits the Bronco Buster on Rey, but he does it reverse so he is bouncing on Rey’s back which looks a whole lot more painful. Of course, Hall was taunting him the whole time as well. Syxx pulls Rey to the ropes and chokes him on the bottom one. Tony wonders if there is a no smoking policy in the United Center. Bobby dares him to go put it out. Syxx plants Rey with a seated bodyslam. He heads up top but misses a somersault senton. Rey slugs away and then takes Syxx over with a headscissors. Rey lands another one and sends Syxx out to the floor. He climbs up top and lands a somersault plancha. Rey heads back in and the Outsiders hop up on the apron. They distract Rey long enough for Syxx to recover and land a shoulder to Rey’s gut as he comes back in the ring. Syxx misses a slingshot senton and Rey heads up top. He nails a huracarrana but before he can cover, Hall comes in. Rey nails him with a dropkick as Nash comes in as well. Rey springboards off of Hall’s back and he kicks Nash out to the floor. He sends Hall to the floor as well, but he turns into a spin kick from Syxx. Syxx locks in the Buzzkiller and that is all she wrote. Syxx d. Mysterio with the Buzzkiller at 4:51; Grade: 2.5

– Syxx keeps the hold cranked in after the bell as Hall and Nash come back in and taunt him. Syxx finally releases the hold and stands tall over him with the belt. Nash pulls Rey up and crushes him with a stiff Jackknife. Mark Curtis pulls Rey to the floor as Nash grabs the mic. Nash says it is just like the Discovery Channel: survival of the fittest. The Wolfpac is the strongest beast in the jungle and Piper and Flair found that out. Last night, they divided the herd and while Piper put up a fight, that made the kill much sweeter. Nash yells “Death to the Icon”. Hall says they have heard all about Flair and Piper but last night, the Wolfpac beat them, so whatever. For a special treat to the people of Chicago, Hall is bringing out a true icon: Randy Savage. Savage and Elizabeth make their way out now and Savage is looking chipper and energetic. Mike and Tony talk about the Savage/Page war last night and say Page was lucky to be saved as Savage tried to piledrive him on the floor. Hall says Chicago is NWO territory and asks Savage to confirm that when you are NWO, you are NWO for life. Savage says that the Madness rocked the place last night. He wants to pay homage to the rest of the NWO and also give props to Rodman and Hogan. Hall wants to get a word and says he had to leave early last night so he missed the Page match, but he understands it was a stellar performance by Savage. Macho says it was sweet and that there is nobody better than him and he was on top of his game. The crowd is chanting for DDP and he has arrived up in the rafters. He says that Savage proved he couldn’t get the job done himself last night. Hall says it was actually Page that did the job. Page says Savage had Hogan take him out before and this time he needed Hall to help to. Page says nobody know Hall better than he does. Last night, Page made a few calls to some key players and he found himself a tag team partner and everybody here know who he is. So, if Savage and Hall have the guts, they should get it on at Bash at the Beach…bang! Page heads off as Nash says they will send Rodman up there to take Page out. The NWO talks things over in the ring as we go to break.

6) Ultimo Dragon vs. Chris Jericho

We are back and Tony and Bobby are talking about Page’s mystery partner for BATB as the Dragon heads to the ring. Jericho is out next and Tony talks about the rivalry between these two in the WAR promotion in Japan. As Jericho is heading out, Sonny Onoo appears, hands Jericho an envelope of cash and tries to take a picture. Jericho shoves Onoo off and runs to the ring as he makes return from a tour of Japan with NJPW. He also has a shot at Syxx and the Cruiserweight title on Saturday Night this week. Dragon grabs a side headlock but Jericho quickly works out of it. Jericho puts Dragon down with a shoulderblock and a legdrop. He takes Dragon over with a delayed vertical suplex for two. Jericho mares him over and grabs a surfboard submission as Bobby talks about the importance of tonight’s main event. Dragon fights to his feet but Jericho releases the hold and lays in some chops. Dragon floats over on a back drop attempt and lands a kick to the quad. He follows with a spin kick and then boots Jericho in the spine. Dragon nails a dropkick but gets tossed on the apron off a charge attempt. Jericho dropkicks Dragon to the floor and then heads up top. He comes off with a dropkick attempt but he just kind of ended up kicking Dragon’s arm and landed on his feet. Jericho tries to suplex Dragon back in, but he floats out of it. Jericho nails a clothesline and gets two. Dragon sits Jericho up on the top rope and heads up as well. Jericho blocks him and tries for a superplex, but Dragon blocks it and drops him with a face first suplex. Dragon hooks a La Magistral for two. Dragon nails a Frankensteiner for two. He tries another, but Jericho blocks it and crushes him with a double powerbomb for a near fall. Dragon tries a handspring elbow, but Jericho catches him in a waistlock. They trade reversals and pin attempts but both men kick out. Jericho grabs another waistlock but Dragon slips around and takes Jericho over with the Tiger suplex for the win. The match had its spots but was a bit sloppy, mainly thanks to Jericho. Dragon d. Jericho with a Tiger suplex at 4:40; Grade: 2

– We are back and Lee Marshall is with us from Macon, GA for the 1-800-COLLECT Road Report. Lee tells us that there is a great tie in with rock and roll in Macon as the Allman Brothers, Otis Redding and Little Richard are all from there. Little Richard’s song “Long Tall Sally” was originally supposed to be called “No Class Heenan” but he couldn’t find enough words to rhyme with weasel apparently. Heenan doesn’t get time to rebut as Tony sends it right to Gene in the aisle as he brings out Roddy Piper. Gene asks Piper about what happened with Flair last night. Piper wants to clear something up right away: Dennis Rodman cannot borrow his kilt tonight. He draws some boos for that, so he says they can’t borrow it either. He said he has bearing all kinds of things about where Flair was. Flair has been one of his best friends for a lot of years and he doesn’t believe that Flair left him to the wolves. Next time he is left to wolves, he will make a pair of slippers out of them. He wants to hear it from Flair himself. If Flair duped him and left him hanging, he wants to hear it and he calls Flair out. And the Nature Boy complies and struts his way out. He drops down and bows to Piper. He asks how Piper is and says that Piper did win the match. Piper says it was lonesome out there. He came back to the dressing room and there was no Flair, Flair bag or Liberace robe. This is the first he has seen Flair since last night and he asks him how he has been. Flair says he is Piper’s friend for life and that he will never leave his side. Flair got into the fight of his life against Syxx that took him out of the match last night but he will stand by Piper forever. Piper says that is good enough for him, the rumors are cleared up and he will tag with Flair anytime. Flair says they are headed downtown and they head off as we head to the ring.

7) Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton vs. Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael

As Gene heads off, Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton head down to the ring for our next bout. Buff is talking trash as Norton is looking quite serious. The new US Champion Jeff Jarrett, Mongo and Debra are all out next. We go to break and return as the bell is just sounding. Norton and Mongo start things off and Mongo draws a line in the mat with his foot. The two lock up but Norton lands a boot off the break. He shoots Mongo to the corner and follows with a big splash. He chops Mongo and then follows with some big fists and knees. Mongo reverses a whip to the corner and takes Norton down with a bulldog. He follows with a big charging clothesline to a nice pop from the Chicago fans. He tags in Jarrett, who gets planted with a stiff shoulderblock. Norton runs Jarrett into the buckle and then works him over in the ropes. He shoots Jarrett in, but JJ floats over, slips off Norton’s back and nails him with a dropkick. He takes Norton over with a back suplex but gets caught on a cross body attempt. Norton runs him into the corner and tags Buff. He lands a back elbow and then mugs for the camera. Buff nails a standing dropkick and then nails JJ on a sunset flip attempt. Jarrett catches Buff on a charge and hits him with an inverted atomic drop. He follows with a knee and a swinging neckbreaker. Jarrett drapes Buff on the middle rope and drops his weight on him. He struts to his corner but doesn’t tag Mongo. Buff charges at Jarrett in the corner but he eats a boot on his way in. JJ slams Buff and he lands a fist drop from the middle rope. Buff recovers and hits a clothesline and then he taunts Mongo. Buff tags Norton who nails a chop upon entering. He plants Jarrett with a backbreaker and makes the tag back to Buff. He mares Jarrett over and hits a big splash for two. Buff slugs away but JJ catches him with an uppercut. He runs Buff to the corner but Buff slides under Jarrett’s legs off a whip, runs to the corner and smacks Mongo in the face. Mongo has had enough and he charges into the ring. They whip Buff in and take him over with a double back body drop. They start to do a double strut, but Mongo has finally had enough of Jarrett as well and he plants him with a Tombstone to a mega pop. He comes over to the camera and says he saw the tape of last night’s show and when someone crosses Mongo like that, payback is a sure thing. Mongo takes off as Buff slips in the ring and covers Jarrett for the easy win. Norton & Bagwell d. Jarrett & McMichael when Bagwell pins Jarrett after a McMichael Tombstone at 6:59; Grade: 2

– Buff celebrates like he won the World Series as Debra is standing by her man in the aisle. She says that Jarrett had it coming and Mongo says he doesn’t care who pins Jarrett. Jarrett finally rolls out of the ring, groggily, as Buff and Norton celebrate inside. We see a replay of the finish before heading to break.

– We are back and it is main event time as the NWO music is blaring and Hollywood Hogan and the Dirty Dog are headed to the ring. Dennis has jeans on still and is also carrying the World Championship. Bobby and Tony talk about Hogan’s disrespect of the belt. Hogan and Rodman take their time heading to the ring, jawing at the camera on the way down. Hogan has the mic and says that they will take win just like Rodman took down the dudes in Utah. They have been hanging out with Savage in the back and Savage told them to go out and chump Flexy Lexy and the stinky Giant. They heard Lex and Giant from the back and they heard their voices quivering. They are all talk and can’t walk the walk. Rodman takes the mic and says it is time to get it on and that he is ready. Hogan says they will sit out there all night long until the cowards come out for their deserved beating. We go to another break and when we come back, Rodman and Hogan are still in the ring calling out Lex and Giant. Rodman says they have been waiting for two minutes and has somewhere to go tonight. He doesn’t want to be there all night, so he says they should get out of there and they do. As they are halfway up the aisle, Luger’s music fires up and they emerge. Hogan and Rodman head back to the ring as Lex and Giant stalk after them. All four men square off until Rodman and Hogan back off to talk things over. They charge and a brawl ensues. Lex controls Hogan, but he is able to kick Lex low and send him to the mat. Meanwhile, Giant has Rodman by the neck and hoists him up high but Hogan makes the save before he can plant him. Giant turns to face Hogan, who backs off a bit. Rodman grabs the belt and he pastes the Giant with it to a mega pop. Hogan grabs the belt and pastes Luger with it. The NWO hits the ring and a big beatdown ensues as trash starts pouring into the ring. Rodman and Hogan grab some spray paint and they graffiti Luger and Giant. The crowd seems pretty split here and all the trash adds to the chaotic atmosphere. Nash, Hall, Rodman, Syxx, Savage and Hogan huddle up to the camera and they tell us that when you are NWO, you are NWO 4 Life! They all celebrate in the ring as we fade out. Despite the bait and switch, that was a great last segment and the crowd was going insane. It was a good close to a fun and fast paced two hours that set the stage for Bash at the Beach.

Final Grade: B+

Runner Up: Steve McMichael
Non MVP: Chris Jericho
Runner Up: Rey Mysterio, Jr.

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