191 ROH Vendetta II 6/28/2008

ROH 191 – Vendetta 2 – 28th June 2008

This is another one of those ROH shows where I’m so far out of the loop (today is June 28th 2010 so I am literally two years behind right now) that I’ve heard NOTHING about this show at all. Literally, not a clue. I don’t know who wins or loses, I don’t know which matches stood out…anything. And that strikes me as odd because the line-up looks good. Headlining is the first singles clash between Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs after their feud has intensified over the past month. We’ve also got more Age Of The Fall vs Steen/Generico tag team action, Danielson/Castagnoli and Jerry Lynn making his first Ring Of Honor appearance since 2004 to battle Nigel McGuinness…who I believe was his opponent on that last show (At Our Best). Let’s get to Chicago Ridge, IL. Commentary from Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard, plus another cameo appearance from World Champion Nigel McGuinness.

ROH VIDEO WIRE – See Battle For Supremacy (ROH 190) review for details)

Jimmy Jacobs is getting ‘mentally prepared’ for his match tonight by hanging out next to some dumpsters. He instructs Allison Wonderland to make sure Necro and Tyler are focused on their match tonight…

Silas Young/Alex Payne vs Delirious/Rhett Titus

Last night in Dayton we saw Titus ‘change his ways’ so to speak. He ditched the innuendo and tried to be a nice guy to Daizee Haze, eventually carrying her to the back after she’d been knocked out trying to help Delirious. He also suggested he start training with Delirious. I would imagine this team is the start of that new partnership. Are Rhett’s motives sincere and will Delirious be able to contain his own feelings for the Haze?

Silas’ entrance gets the Jimmy Jacobs’ ‘Ballad Of Lacey’ mobile phone waving treatment. Apparently this was supposed to be a four corner match as Rhett gets on the mic and asks for it to be changed. He then brings Daizee out from the back to be their manager. AND steals Delirious’ ‘losing his mind’ from the bell gimmick. Payne nearly pins him right off the bat with a couple of flash pins. Young hits him with a standing moonsault for 2. Bow tie-mare scores as well. Delirious in, and he tries to arrange some double teaming but Rhett gets distracted by Daizee. Headbutt into Sugarfoot’s torso instead gives his team the advantage. Silas shoves Titus off the ropes…so that advantage lasted all of four seconds. Now it’s Delirious who seems far more interested in Haze than his tag team partner and the duo of Payne and Young are doing a real number on Rhettski. He hits a dropkick, but it takes an AGE for Delirious agree to tag in…and he still focuses on Daizee even once he’s in the ring. ROPE RUN ENZI by Silas takes him out again. He recovers with a leaping lariat on Payne. Titus makes the blind tag and seals the win with a…pelvic thrust pin?? 07:10 is your time.

Rating – ** –
Not the best match, but all it was here for was to further the Delirious/Titus/Haze angle. And to that end it was really good. For what he lacks in the ring at this stage, Rhett is really showing off his capabilities as an entertainer and I give him credit for making me a program featuring Delirious and Daizee, two of my least favourite ROH performers at this stage.

Much like Jimmy Jacobs, Austin Aries refuses to cut a promo on his opponent tonight…

Erick Stevens vs Jay Briscoe

As we’ve seen at recent shows, with his brother injured, Jay has been trying his hand at some singles matches, in truth without much success thus far. Stevens, on the other hand, must be buoyant after recovering from his feud-ending loss to Roderick Strong at the Philadelphia ppv taping by defeating Bryan Danielson last night in Dayton.

Nigel is still talking about Erick’s victory last night as they go down to the mat to trade holds. Jay lands a hurricanrana and a jumping heel kick early on. Stevens responds with a Samoan drop and they go back to trading fierce chops. Briscoe blocks the Choo Choo then leg drops the back of the head from the second rope for 2. Stretch Plum locked in (I wish he’d use this move more during tag matches too). Erick gets out of that and lands a football tackle from the second. Suplex into a Russian legsweep gets the former FIP Champion 2. Jay dropkicks the knee and hits a dragon screw which Lenny Leonard attributes to him watching the Dragon/Stevens match from Battle For Supremacy. Nigel calls him out on that being utter rubbish. The older Briscoe brother misses a kick in the corner and is squashed with the Choo Choo. Release German suplex then the big chest lariat get 2 again. Doctor Bomb escaped though. Yakuza kick from Briscoe then a DVD for another nearfall. A superkick FLOORS Erick but still he doesn’t allow himself to be counted down. Jay Driller blocked and a visibly wounded Stevens manages to lift Jay into the Doctor Bomb to win it at 08:49

Rating – ** –
Not bad, and there was lots of effort there. Just a largely forgettable match with very little rewatch value.

Backstage Brent Albright and Roderick Strong fire each other up for their match against Sweet’n’Sour Inc. (including a mystery partner) later tonight.

Chris Hero vs Pelle Primeau – Lights Out Match

I believe the rules of this match would dictate one can only win a match by knockout. As Chris Hero is far bigger and has been knocking people out all over the place (including Primeau himself a couple of times) with his Rolling Elbow smash, he obviously has a huge advantage.

Hero mauls Primeau right off the bat and immediately rattles his jaw with a Rolling Elbow smash. He gets up at a count of seven and, inside a minute, this one looks like it’s nearly over. He flails away with a couple of weak right hands only to be kicked in the face. Finally he mounts some offence, landing a couple of armdrags…but Chris floors him again with one big slap. Roaring Elbow leaves him on the canvas again…but STILL he refuses to stay down. Out of nowhere he lands the Déjà vu headscissors then attempts an ambitious pescado. Hero catches him…but Pelle COUNTERS into a lucha armdrag into the guardrail. Hero responds by hanging him in the ropes then booting him in the mouth again. Tilta-whirl DDT scores to prove there’s still fight left in Primeau. He nails his trademark springboard press but it’s nowhere near enough to keep Hero down for 10. KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Hero just full on murdered Pelle, but he’s up again! Brent Albright hits the ring and drops Hero with the Half Nelson Suplex. Del Rey evens the score with an AXE KICK to the back of Pelle’s head as he tries to get up. In the end Hero beats the count to win at 08:28.

Rating – ** –
Until all that outside interference at the end I was all set to go 3* on this one as it was SO much better than I ever expected. It was exactly how this kind of match, with these kind of stipulations, should have gone. Hero absolutely destroying Pelle, who gets to show lots of guts and heart by not staying down, but at the same time only gets any offence in by fluke. He got to hit all his usual spots, but they were worked into the match in a believable way. In a way which never makes you think Pelle is on Hero’s level WITHOUT damaging Primeau’s credibility greatly. Hero is establishing this serious knock out gimmick and this enhanced that. Which is why the Albright/Del Rey interventions were so frustrating because they just weren’t needed. You can’t play it like ‘Pelle got screwed’…because he was only in the position to win because Albright interjected himself on HIS behalf. Brent could’ve beaten Hero up at the end and accomplished the exact same thing.

In the back Hero cuts an intense promo about knocking people out…

Kevin Steen/El Generico vs Tyler Black/Necro Butcher

Jimmy Jacobs framed this match perfectly at the start of the night. He doesn’t want Steen and Generico getting any closer to the Tag Titles, so an Age Of The Fall victory here is imperative. He also asked Allison Wonderland to keep on eye on Necro to ensure his head wasn’t turned by the bizarre mind games Austin Aries tried to play with him in Dayton last night. Don’t forget Steen’s also had a couple of really hard hitting matches with Necro this year.

Steen flattens Necro and Tyler with a somersault pescado and the fight is underway. It’s Mr Wrestling and the Generic Luchador that dominate in the first couple of minutes, not allowing AOTF to settle at all. Black and Steen trade slaps and shoves, an exchange which Tyler comes off worse in. Generico lands a split-legged moonsault for 2, then stops Necro entering the ring with a chair by clubbing him off the apron. Backpack double senton splash by Steen-erico to get another nearfall. Generico misses the big Yakuza Kick as Necro slams Steen into the hard floor then jumps onto the apron to get the tag. That’s the cue for a momentum shift with Age Of The Fall working Generico over. Watch the bottom of the screen to see Necro waffle Steen with a massive chair shot to the kidney area out of sight of the referee. Black works the midsection with a dropkick to the ribs then a rear bear hug. Back suplex by Generico but STILL no hot tag as Butcher takes Kevin off the apron again. But finally Steen gets some revenge as he grabs Necro and press slams him off the apron, all the way to the floor. Hot tag made and Tyler has to think fast to evade the Package Piledriver. Necro is back to punch Generico in the mouth as he goes for a crossbody. Victory roll by Generico gets 2, and he follows it with the big Yakuza Kick to the face. STEEN-TON into Necro’s knees. But that obviously hurts Necro too, and Mr Wrestling tries to use that to his advantage by going for the Sharpshooter. Allison Wonderland distracts the ref long enough for Tyler to nail Steen with a chair. Necro pins at 11:29.

Rating – ** –
Solid tag team match, but nothing overly special, and the slightly screwy finish, whilst necessary to progress the story, didn’t really help matters from a ratings perspective. I liked the slightly unique ways Necro and Tyler used to isolate one opponent and prevent the other from tagging, and as these are all fairly dynamic, engaging individuals to watch, it wasn’t dull by any means. Ultimately it was functional rather than memorable.

Austin Aries appears on the stage to question why Necro is happy busting his ass to protect Jimmy Jacobs’ Tag Championship. It still looks like those words are falling on deaf ears though as Necro walks out with Tyler and Allison.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Bryan Danielson

Although this isn’t officially a #1 Contendership match, you’d have to consider these guys two of the top potential contenders right now. Danielson has demanded a title shot on ppv, but followed that up with pinfall losses to Tyler Black and Erick Stevens. Claudio lost his shot at A New Level and is looking for a rematch asap. Hardly glowing resumes, but their abilities and past history with Nigel make them prime candidates for World Title rematches. Plus they haven’t met in ROH before and it’s always good to see exciting first time matches.

The opening minutes feature both guys testing each other’s wrestling abilities, and it’s hotly contested. As a back drop to the crisp back and forth in-ring action, Nigel McGuinness cracks demeaning jokes about the pair of them. Claudio tries to lift Danielson’s airplane spin but Dragon has no interest in allowing that to happen and quickly hops clear. Big Swing attempt in return and this time it’s Double C that reacts quickly to stop his opponent stealing a trademark move. Castagnoli stops to ‘HEY’ and gets scooped right up into Dragon’s Airplane Spin. COUNTERED…Big Swing! Both guys collapse in a dizzy haze after that sequence which the Chicago fans eat up. They round off the comedy by hilariously failing to complete nip ups. Danielson gives Todd Sinclair the Airplane Spin. How is that not a DQ!? Handshakes all round and the fight is on again. Dragon tags Castagnoli in the corner with a violent spinning heel kick. Mexican Surfboard locked in as Danielson cranks up the aggression after the comedic interlude. Arm capture Stretch Plum next with the clock approaching 15 minutes. Claudio tries some basic kicks so AmDrag quickly grabs a leg grapevine to put an immediate stop to it. I love little touches of intelligence like that. Double C does manage to land a flurry of Europeans, then a diving uppercut to the neck. Match Killer, as usual fails to kill the match but does draw a 2-count. Danielson manages to pitch him to the floor and dive into a tope suicida Rope run enzi by Castagnoli but Dragon fires right back with a missile dropkick. Cattle Mutilation locked in but quickly rolled out of. More European uppercuts from Castagnoli for another nearfall. Alpamare Water Slide countered into MMA ELBOWS! Claudio stands up and does manage the Water Slide second time of asking. Riccola Bomb blocked and Danielson dropkicks Claudio as he comes from the ropes looking for a flying European uppercut. Triangle Choke attempted but Castagnoli picks him up into a short powerbomb. DANIELSON HOLDS ON so Claudio has to find the ropes instead. Bicycle kick connects…both men down. They trade stiff strikes, occasionally pausing to stumble around the ring in a daze. SMALL PACKAGE! Claudio kicks out but pops right up into a Roaring Elbow. POP UP EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Claudio wins! 24:06 is your time.

Rating – *** –
I’ve seen lots of people really like this match, and it wasn’t a bad one at all. But I didn’t like it anywhere near as much as I was expecting. The wrestling was terrific as you’d expect from any match involving these two. But it never seemed to go anywhere, and the comedy in the middle, funny as it was, felt a little out of keeping with the rest of the match (and therefore cheap kicks for the live crowd). The lack of progression made Claudio’s surprise win far less significant than it could have been which is a shame. I think there’s a lot of the ROH audience who will have liked this more than me though…

Ever since Nigel laid out the challenge to Danielson at Respect Is Earned 2 that to get a title shot he’d have to defeat everyone he’s beaten before getting another title shot, Dragon has been pinned by Tyler Black, Erick Stevens and now Claudio Castagnoli – all three of them men McGuinness has successfully defended the World Championship against this year.

INTERMISSION – Dave Prazak talks to the Briscoes, with Jay in a sombre mood after losing back to back matches this weekend. Mark says he’ll be back very soon, then it’ll be time for Age Of The Fall to…you know…

Sara Del Rey vs Daizee Haze vs MsChif

Since MsChif defeated Del Rey for the SHIMMER Title, we’re now set up to see more of her in Ring Of Honor…and a freshening up of the Women of Honor roster is certainly a good thing. Obviously Sara will be looking to get some payback for that title loss tonight.

Del Rey launches into an attack on MsChif. Prazak sells her new gimmick and commitment to S’n’S Inc. as a reaction to losing the SHIMMER Championship. Haze and MsChif combine to knock Sara outside. MsChif hits her with a flying crossbody from the top rope. Daizee does the same thing but only manages to connect with MsChif. Del Rey scores with a northern lights bomb on MsChif but the SHIMMER Champion hits back with a standing moonsault. Lion Tamer by Sara, broken by a neckbreaker from the Haze. Facecrusher follows that but MsChif grabs Daizee and drops her with the Desecrator. Sara hits MsChif with a GERMAN INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Royal Butterfly on Daizee wins it for Del Rey at 04:24.

Rating – * –
I didn’t care for the match too much, and felt bad that even as SHIMMER Champion, MsChif still found herself playing third wheel. To be fair, this one was all about establishing Sara’s new mean wrestling style and gimmick, so to that extent it worked. Outside of that one turnbuckle spot, I can’t say I particularly enjoyed this one though…

Larry Sweeney is next in the ring to reveal the newest member of Sweet’n’Sour Inc. But first he brings out NWA Champion Adam Pearce and Johnny Fairplay. The mystery partner and newest member is Go Shiozaki, who comes out wearing a ‘USA’ vest. Sweeney also brings out…the Honky Tonk Man?? Huh? Most random cameo ever. Larry Sweeney holds out on Honky Tonk singing his song until the money is right. THAT is awesome!

Adam Pearce/Go Shiozaki vs Roderick Strong/Brent Albright

I have to say, I really like the idea of teaming Sweet’n’Sour Inc. and Go Shiozaki together. It continues the ‘hostile takeover’ theme, and gives goes ROH stint some real purpose. I’m not sure how good he is at playing a heel, but I guess we’ll find out now. Strong and Albright are both angry at Sweeney’s troops. Albright hated being a part of their faction, left at A New Level and has been out to hurt them ever since. Strong was attached by former partner and friend Davey Richards when HE joined Larry Sweeney’s group and is looking for revenge on them before Davey is back from Japan later this year.

Did you know if you got all of S’n’S Inc. (including extras like Fairplay, Toland, Puder etc) there’d be over TEN of them? Albright and Shiozaki trade shoulder tackles, and perhaps discuss their identical haircuts. Brent shakes off a chop from the NOAH import and lands a dropkick to the sternum. The Albright/Strong team secure an early advantage whilst Prazak and Leonard make Survivor jokes at Fairplay’s expense. With the ref distracted Pearce sneaks in to attack Strong, leading to a flying knee strike from Shiozaki and Team Sweet’n’Sour moving into the ascendancy. And once again with the ref’s back turned the outside players like Toland, Hagadorn and Sweeney land some cheap shots on the FIP Champion. Big lariat from Shiozaki finds the mark. 80’s style body avalanche gets Scrap Iron a 2 count. He scores with the Superfly Splash which gets another 2 before Albright breaks the fall. Strong tries to mount a comeback but eats a chokeslam from the NWA Champion and a stalling fisherman buster from Go. But a jumping kick to Shiozaki’s head eventually does allow Strong to make the vital tag to his partner. 61-Knee on Shiozaki, then an exploder suplex for 2. Pearce gets crotched by Roddy and dragged off the top in a massive superplex. Albright again scores a nearfall with an elbow drop from the top. All four men trade strikes until Strong hits Death By Roderick on Pearce then a tumbling pescado to Shiozaki on the outside. Unprotected knee strikes from Albright to Pearce, and it’s over at 14:52. Prazak makes a big deal out of Brent Albright beating the NWA Champion.

Rating – * –
I guess that was Ring Of Honor’s version of a slobberknocker. These four big guys are not talentless at all, but watching then go at it for near 15 minutes in almost slow motion was unbelievably dull. Maybe my rating is a little harsh, and things did improve as it went along, but I really wanted to reflect how bored I was watching this. Both teams were teaming together for the first time which obviously didn’t help matters, but even so, they should be doing better.

Brent Albright threatens to go on another rampage after the match until Pearce throws a fireball in his face. That was SO needlessly dramatic given the hella-dull match we just sat through…

Jerry Lynn vs Nigel McGuinness

This is non-title rematch from At Our Best since Lynn is making his first ROH appearance for absolutely ages. As has been the case with Jerry since his WWE release, every time he goes anywhere I guess he’s supposed to be proving he’s ‘still got it’. Personally I’ve never seen it like that (t’s not like he was YOUNG when he was in his prime knocking out amazing matches with Rob Van Dam). Even now, well into his 40’s, he’s a talented veteran who is certainly worthy of a spot on the ROH roster. I imagine this is a tryout for Lynn with future bookings on the cards if he does well.

‘New f*ckin show’ – Chicago clearly hasn’t forgotten Jerry. Nigel gets on the mic and thanks him for the opportunity to wrestle him years ago when he was just starting in ROH (then gives him an opportunity to leave without getting his ass kicked, but you know, he has to keep his heat). Lynn has no plans on taking the night off and b*tch slaps Nigel. The pace starts slow as these two highly capable mat technicians go back and forth. Dropkick from Lynn…and he fakes an arm injury to sucker Nigel in, nearly ending the match early with an inside cradle. McGuinness tosses Jerry out of the ring, but even then Lynn gets into Nigel’s head with jumping jacks and dance moves. He works a headlock but doesn’t notice McGuinness undoing his bootlaces. Nigel points out the unfastened boot then blasts Lynn with a forearm before launching into his usual assault on the arm. The World Champion methodically picks apart the arm and shoulder, cleverly avoiding Lynn’s trademark leg drop over the middle rope and clubbing him down with a clothesline. But he foolishly goes for a shoulder tackle and second time of asking Jerry does land that leg drop through the ropes. To the floor we go where McGuinness charges at Lynn and gets heaved into the front row. RUNNING DIVE INTO THE CROWD BY LYNN! He follows that with a tornado DDT off the guardrails. Flying crossbody back into the ring finds the mark as well, then a spear. Cradle Piledriver COUNTERED into the hammerlock DDT by Nigel. But Jerry ducks the Jawbreaker Lariat and nails a German suplex for 2. Nigel lands a McLariat and takes Lynn down again as we approach 15 minutes. Tower Of London scores for 2. Dropkick to Nigel’s knees then a lungblower, and Lynn refuses to be taken down into another Tower Of London. Sunset flip out of the corner NEARLY wins it for Jerry. Jawbreaker Lariat COUNTERED into a clothesline by Lynn. TKO GETS 2! The crowd thought that was it! McLariat by Nigel but still Lynn refuses to be beaten. Cobra Clutch McLariat countered into a bridging roll-up for another 2. But once again Nigel hits a regular McLariat…and STILL Lynn keeps getting up. Finally McGuinness goes for a desperate roll-up to win the match at 19:44.

Rating – **** –
Sometimes wrestling is really simple. For all the fancy tricks and showy moves we saw during Claudio vs Danielson…this one trumped it with the simple story of a popular old timer trying to prove he still had it against a cocky guy in his prime. To be fair, I wasn’t really in any doubt that Lynn did still have it, but it’s clear he’s in fantastic shape, and if every one of ROH’s core markets are prepared to buy into him the way Chicago did here then he really does have a spot in ROH. Sure they worked the old vs young story hard as it was the focal point of the match, but don’t let that cover the fact that the wrestling in this was EXCELLENT.

Lynn puts Nigel over after the match and is rewarded for a terrific nights work with ‘please come back’ chants. Couldn’t agree more…

Jimmy Jacobs vs Austin Aries

The first big singles match in a Ring Of Honor feud is always important. These two have been playing mind games with each other ever since Lacey left Jimmy to join Austin. Now both have promised that the time for talking is over and actions will speak louder than words tonight.

Jimmy gets on the mic before the match and says the winner gets to choose any match they want at the next Chicago show. Does he really have that power? They begin with an intense collar and elbow before Jacobs retreats to the floor. Jacobs continues with the bizarre mind games by planting a kiss on Aries’ cheek. That royally pisses Austin off as he shoves him to the floor and flies out after him with a flying elbow smash. Into the crowd where Aries has a Brainbuster on an open chair blocked. As usual the lighting here is awful so it’s not always easy to see what’s going on. Jacobs blocks an attempted Brainbuster on the bleachers with End Time…only to be driven into the wall of the building to break that. The screen is so dark my TV may as well be off…some stuff subsequently happens. Into the ring where Jacobs hides behind the referee, forcing Aries to hesitate and hand the initiative to his opponent. Jacobs tosses Aries into the ringpost. He puts the former World and Tag Champion into position for the CORKSCREW PESCADO through a chair. That lacerates Aries’ back and like a bastard Jacobs follows up with backrakes at the 10 minute mark. He starts BITING the cut, something so sick it actually silences the Chicago crowd. He pulls some kind of chain out of his tights and starts raking the back with that after distracting the referee. Aries looks to rally only to have his back raked again. He still swings out of the tree of woe position into a jawbreaker. End Time attempted again only for Aries to muscle Jacobs over the top ropes for the Heat Seeking Missile. IMPLANT DDT gets 2. Awesome use of Lacey’s finishing move! Aries stumbles to the apron…and Jacobs hits a SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES INTO THE GUARDRAIL! End Time again but this time Austin drops him to the canvas and goes for the Last Chancery. Jacobs rakes the eyes to escape that. Contra Code blocked…DVD ON THE APRON! Incredibly that doesn’t kill Jacobs, and he returns fire with a CONTRA CODE ON THE FLOOR! Jacobs avoids the IED and locks in the End Time again. STILL Aries counters out though. He throws another Contra Code attempt aside and goes into LAST CHANCERY! Tyler Black and Necro Butcher try to interfere…but are stopped by the Briscoes! MsChif into the ring? SHE DOUBLE STOMPS ARIES! MsChif has joined AOTF…GREEN MIST! CONTRA CODE BY JACOBS! TWO COUNT! Spear by Jacobs…NO COUNTERED TO THE BRAINBUSTER FOR 2! LAST CHANCERY! KNEE STRIKES! LAST CHANCERY…COUNTERED TO END TIME! Aries gets out and hits the KICK OF DEATH! IMPACT EXPLOSION DROPKICK FLURRY! Jacobs is motionless. 450 SPLASH! Aries wins at 26:38

Rating – **** –
This is definitely one of those times I wish I did give ¼ stars because that was EPIC. Was it an MOTYC? In the grand scheme of things probably not, but I wish I had a rating to convey how much better that was than almost anything else on the show tonight. Just a wonderful match, and a brilliant display of violence without the need for weapons, speciality match stipulations or anything like that. It was two guys getting over a brilliant, cerebral battle. Sure they had a little bit of outside interference, but even that didn’t contribute to the finish. And when that came, it was, once again, a psychological master piece as Aries literally tried to cave in Jacobs’ skull before finally sealing the win. The first match in a big feud is always so hard. You haven’t got the momentum of months of battles behind you, it normally doesn’t have any big stipulations to go with it, and is weighed down by expectancy and anticipation. These guys more than lived up to the substantial hype their program has been given. A gripping main event.

Aries gets on the stick and immediately gets on the stick to announce what match he wants for the next Chicago show. Austin informs Jimmy that he’ll will be wrestling a No DQ match (underwhelmed crowd)…AGAINST NECRO BUTCHER (crowd goes NUTS!). This thing is just heating up…

Tape Rating – ** –
If I was rating the last 45 minutes of DVD it’d be much higher as the main event combo of McGuinness/Lynn and Aries/Jacobs were both great. Problem was, the remainder of this 3 hour plus show was pretty tough to sit through. Danielson/Claudio was also good, but overhyped, and to be honest, I felt they copped out of the match they could’ve had and hid behind comedy, going for style over hard hitting match substance. Hopefully they were holding stuff back for a rematch that has to happen. The rest of the show was frightfully mediocre and to be honest, outside of the random Honky Tonk Man appearance, it was one of the most forgettable undercards Ring Of Honor has put on in a long time. As a DVD, this is probably just about a worthwhile purchase if you can get it cheap in a sale. As I said, Nigel/Jerry and the main event are really worth checking out (and most people seem to like the Danielson/Claudio match way more than me so), but the rest of the show has very little rewatch value going for it.

Top 3 Matches

3) Claudio Castagnoli vs Bryan Danielson (***)

2) Nigel McGuinness vs Jerry Lynn (****)

1) Austin Aries vs Jimmy Jacobs (****)

Top 5 Battle For Supremacy/Vendetta 2 Weekend Matches

5) Claudio Castagnoli vs Bryan Danielson (*** – Vendetta 2)

4) Chris Hero vs Roderick Strong (**** – Battle For Supremacy)

3) Nigel McGuinness vs Jerry Lynn (**** – Vendetta 2)

2) Erick Stevens vs Bryan Danielson (**** – Battle For Supremacy)

1) Austin Aries vs Jimmy Jacobs (**** – Vendetta 2)

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