NWA-TNA Impact 6/25/2004

Full NWA TNA Impact! Results – 6/25/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

– Video package shows the ending to the world title match last Wednesday on PPV, talking about how we await Russo’s decision on who’s the champion.

– The opening promo for Impact! hits and we are taken to Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios for the show. Pyro display goes off in the entranceway and above the ring.

Amazing Red, Chris Sabin & Primetime vs. Kazarian, Nosawa & Miyamoto

10 minute time limit. Kazarian and Red starts things off. Lots of fast paced action ending with a flying head scissors from Red. Nosawa is tagged in by Kazarian. Red takes control with a heel kick and tags in Sabin. Sabin hits a dropkick to Nosawa as Nosaway comes flying off the top at one point. Nosawa hits a super kick and tags in Miyamoto. Sabin tags in Primetime and it’s Primetime vs. Miyamoto. Primetime hits a belly to belly suplex. Red is tagged in. Primetime gets Miyamoto into the top of a power bomb position and Red comes off the top with a clothesline. Red springboards off the top but misses and Nosawa is tagged in and receives to clotheslines in the corner from Nosawa and Miyamoto. Red is positioned on the top turnbuckle. He’s given a tower superplex by the two of them. Kazarian is tagged in who quickly receives a hurricanrana and Red tags in Sabin. Sabin gives a jumping DDT on Kazarian. Primetime walks the top rope and gives Miyamoto a hurricanrana. Sabin flies out of the ring on to Miyamoto. In the ring, the 718 is hit on Nosawa by Red. Primetime hits the play of the day on Nosawa afterwards and gets the pin. Great match, lots of awesome moves in the match I didn’t mention because they all happened so fast with six men in the ring.
Winners: Amazing Red, Chris Sabin, & Primetime

UP NEXT: Pat Kenney vs. Monty Brown

-Promo for this Wednesday’s PPV airs

-Promo for Ultimate X Collection airs


-Promo for Jonny Fairplay appearing on Impact next week airs.

“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown vs. “Irish” Pat Kenney

10 minute time limit. Brown starts things off with a standing headlock on Kenney. Brown comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Brown off the ropes again and gets arm dragged twice in a row by Kenney before rolling out of the ring. Kenney slingshots into a cross body block on to the outside on to Brown. Brown takes control again once in the ring. Brown puts a sleeper hold on Kenney, Kenney fights out, but is quickly taken down with a dropkick. Kenney makes a comeback with a few punches in a row. Kenney hits a nice super kick on Brown. Brown comes off the ropes and hits the power of the pounce for the win.
Winner: “The Alpha Male“ Monty Brown

UP NEXT: America’s Most Wanted vs. Team Canada

-D-Lo Brown promo airs hyping his match with Monty Brown Wednesday on PPV.


Team Canada w/ Scott D’Amore vs. NWA Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted

This is a non-title match with a 10 minute time limit. Storm and Williams start things off. Storm takes control and quickly tags in Harris. Rude is tagged in by Williams. AMW hit’s a doomsday device looking move. AMW stands strong in the ring with both members of Team Canada on the outside regrouping. Team Canada comes back with some quick moves. We have to go to a commercial break.

-Promo for Wednesday’s PPV airs

-X-Division promo airs


Back on Impact with Storm in a submission hold from Rude. Williams is tagged in and he puts the boots to Storm. Storm hits a devastating desperation power bomb on Williams. Storm gets the tag for Harris. Harris takes both members of Team Canada down and then a full nelson slam on Rude in the ring. A move is hit involving all 4 men that I can’t even begin to describe. Williams hit a superplex on Harris and right underneath them Storm power bombed Rude, all of this happening out of the turnbuckle with everyone on people‘s shoulders. Rude attempts a tornado DDT on Storm in the corner but it’s blocked. The Naturals come out and lay out Harris in the ring behind the refs back, and Williams gets the pin.
Winners: Team Canada

-We’ll find out the decision on the World Heavyweight Title from Vince Russo next.

-Promo airs for Erik Watts vs. Abyss this Wednesday, and the whole storyline involving Goldylocks.

-Ultimate X Collection DVD commercial airs.


-Vince Russo promo airs.

-We come back with 4 trumpet players in the ring, as we give a “royal entrance” to Jeff Jarrett who comes out to talk. Jarrett talks about Russo saying last week that if a guitar was used in the World Title match last Wednesday, it would be an immediate DQ. Since Killings used a guitar on him and won the World title, Jarrett wants his title back and calls out Russo. Larry Zbysko comes out, whom is the judge on Impact this week. Larry tells Jarrett to shut-up as Jarrett continues to plead about wanting the World title belt back. Larry says he has a message for Jarrett. The message from Russo and Dusty Rhoades is that Jarrett will get their decision on the title this Wednesday on PPV. Jarrett doesn’t care, he tells Larry to go get him his belt. Larry says Jarrett has him confused with someone who “gives a damn.“ Larry says the two men are racking their brains trying to come up with a decision in the back. Jarrett hits Larry with the guitar. 3 Live Kru comes out and beat down Jarrett. Jarrett’s hired mercenaries come out to help Jarrett fight off 3 Live Kru.

UP NEXT: See what happened when Jarrett attacked Hulk Hogan in Japan last fall/winter.

-Another promo for Wednesday’s PPV airs.

-Another TNA DVD commercial airs.


-TNA flashback airs of Jarrett attacking Hogan last fall in Japan.

-Back on Impact, Tenay and West talk for a while. They talk briefly about Jarrett attacking Hogan last fall/winter in Japan and how Hogan has not been heard from since. They then talk about Wednesday’s PPV hyping it up. They also mention that Dennis Rodman will be on Impact next week. They talk about Jeff Hardy debuting with TNA this past Wednesday leading in to the next promo…

-”See U In The Future” Jeff Hardy promo airs, showing highlights from his TNA debut last Wednesday.

UP NEXT: D-Lo Brown & AJ Styles vs. Dallas & Abyss

-Highlights are shown of the Styles vs. Hardy match this past Wednesday that was broken up by Kid Kash, and they then hype up AJ Styles vs. Kid Kash on PPV this Wednesday.


Abyss w/ Goldylocks & Dallas vs. AJ Styles & D-Lo Brown

Before the match, Tenay and West briefly announce NASCAR commentator Jeff Hammond will be joining them in the announce position sometime in the near future. Match has a 10 minute time limit. All 4 men start off fighting on the outside as the bell rings. Abyss and D-Lo start off now in the ring with D-Lo on the offensive as Styles and Dallas continue to fight on the outside. D-Lo and AJ do some double teaming on Abyss before Dallas breaks it up. Abyss and Dallas double team D-Lo until Styles helps out and D-Lo gains the advantage again. Styles and D-Lo double team, Styles hitting a splash on Abyss in the corner followed by a flying forearm by D-Lo. Goldy interferes and helps Abyss get the advantage on D-Lo again. Dallas now in the ring working over D-Lo. Quick tag back to Abyss. Abyss works over D-Lo some more and then tags back in Dallas. Dallas misses a knee drop on D-Lo who gets up and counters with a shining wizard kick on Dallas, and both men are down. Abyss and Styles are tagged in at the same time. Styles hits a flying head scissors on Abyss. Styles hits a spinning heel kick on Abyss. Abyss somehow tags in Dallas with a blind tag while getting worked over by Styles. Dallas gets AJ up to attempt a move, but Brown comes in to break it up. D-Lo hits the skyhigh on Dallas with help from AJ. Styles jumps to the outside on Abyss but Abyss just catches him and throws him into the post. D-Lo does a suicide dive onto the outside on to Abyss with AJ Styles now laying in the ring. AJ gets the pin on Dallas with a hurricanrana into a pin.
Winners: AJ Styles & D-Lo Brown

-Kid Kash comes out with Monty Brown after the match and they all beat down Styles and D’Lo to end the show.

Matches signed for this Wednesday live on PPV

-X Title Match: Champion AJ Styles defends against Kid Kash
-Grudge Match: NWA Tag Team Champs America’s Most Wanted vs. The Naturals
-The Alpha Male vs. D-Lo Brown
-Sabu & Sonjay Dutt vs. Team Canada
-Double or Nothing Humiliation Match: Pat Kenney & Sonny Siaki vs. The NYC
-Contract or the Money: Abyss w/ Goldylocks vs. Erik Watts
-Plus: Vince Russo will announce his final decision pertaining to the outcome of the World Title match from 6/23 and announce who is the NWA World Heavyweight Champion and much more.

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