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2CW Adrenaline 3/14/2009

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Adrenaline
From: Binghamton, New York

Colin Delaney cuts a promo on the fans who respond by reminding him that he got fired from the WWE. Delaney comes back with saying he was at least on television for eight months.

Opening Contest: J Freddie defeated Colin Delaney:
Slow start to the match as both men work on the others arm. Freddie botches a head scissors takedown but Delaney sells it anyway and Freddie gets a two count following a clothesline. Delaney avoids a dropkick and knee lifts Freddie as he runs the ropes and gets a two count after taunting the fans. Freddie knocks Delaney off his feet with a running forearm attack but Delaney quickly regains control and delivers an elbow strike to Freddie’s chest on the apron. Freddie nicely counters a backdrop attempt by planting Delaney with a tornado DDT but only gets a near fall. Freddie signals for the diving head butt (doing Benoit impersonation while at it) but Delaney slams him off the middle rope for a two count. Freddie leaps off the top rope after an odd sequence and Delaney hits a side kick which gets him a two count. Freddie rams Delaney back first into a corner to avoid a DDT. Freddie shoves Delaney away to avoid a tornado DDT and clotheslines Delaney leading to a top rope diving head butt for the win. (*. These two didn’t click whatsoever and the match had several botches and odd sequences. Some of the fans even made it clear the match wasn’t all that great, and 2CW fans are rarely vocal about a bad match.)
After the match, Delaney attacks Freddie by planting him with a DDT.

Second Contest: Brian Fury defeated Zaquary Springate III:
Fury attacks Springate before the bell even rings and keeps control of the bout with several right hands. Springate comes back with a handspring back elbow and a under hook suplex followed by a scoop slam. Springate plants Fury with a DDT after they exchange a few right hands but only gets a two count. Fury drives Springate to the mat with a sit down power bomb for a two count. Fury gets another near fall following a sit out scoop slam. Springate connects with a rolling German suplex out of the corner. Springate hits a top rope cross body but Fury kicks out at two. Fury spikes Springate with a pile driver but Springate gets his foot on the bottom rope. Springate blocks a super kick and hits Fury with a super kick of his own for a near fall. Springate nearly wins following a vertical suplex. Springate monkey flips Fury out of the corner before hitting a middle rope leg drop for a two count. Fury avoids a top rope swanton bomb and hits a frog splash for a two count. Fury rolls Springate up in the corner and uses the ropes for leverage to win the bout. (**. Surprisingly, this was better than I was expecting. I like Fury more than I do Springate and feel that Fury is capable of good matches as long as he works with guys his own size. This was decent with a few good spots but was lacking real excitement and the near falls were really just blah.)

Third Contest: Alumni Club defeated Killer Steves by disqualification: Considering both these teams are local and no one will know who they are, this gets a long story short treatment. Also, since the rest of the card looks exciting I want to get pass this quickly! The Steves are disqualified after Steve Kruz hits everyone with a chair, including his partner (on accident).

Homicide makes a surprise entrance and the crowd applauds the TNA talent. Homicide is here to accept an open challenge issued by Isys Ephex.

Fourth Contest: Isys Ephex wrestled Homicide to a draw:
Early stages of the match is quite simple as they do headlocks and whatnot. Homicide rips on a few people in the front row who are giving him some crap. Homicide begins to work on Ephex’s left arm but Ephex comes back with a head scissors on the mat. This is pretty slow to start so let’s skip ahead a little bit. Ephex comes running out the corner with a leaping kick to Homicide’s chest and delivers a running kick to Homicide’s chest for a two count. Homicide sends Ephex to the floor and leaps off the apron to hit a double axe handle. Homicide drops Ephex chest first across the guard railing before rolling back into the ring. Homicide hits Ephex with a running clothesline in the corner and follows up with a running face wash. Homicide brings Ephex to the apron where he delivers a DDT and chokes him but misses a leg drop on the apron. Ephex shoulder blocks Homicide to the floor and brings Homicide back into the ring with a vertical suplex for a two count. Ephex begins to work on Homicide’s back with a back breaker. Ephex misses a slingshot splash to the floor and lands on the mats. Homicide leaps off the apron to take Ephex out with a rolling dive. Homicide slides a chair into the ring before rolling Ephex in. The referee kicks the chair out of the ring which the fans dislike. Homicide connects with three snap suplexs for Eddie Guerrero and heads to the top rope. Ephex gets up and crotches Homicide on the top rope but is tossed away and Homicide connects with a tornado DDT for a two count. Homicide gets a two count following an exploder suplex with a bridge. Ephex hits a reverse neck breaker for a near fall. Ephex gets another two count after driving Homicide down to the mat with a spine buster. Homicide goes for the Cop Killa but Ephex rolls out of it. Homicide recovers and hits Ephex with an ace crusher for only a two count! Oh brother, they both go for a roll up and they both have their shoulders down which leads to a three count and the match is deemed a draw. (**1/2. It was a decent match with a lame ending. I wish it would’ve just gone a full twenty minutes to cause the draw because I’m sure they would have delivered a much better match.)
After the match, Homicide blames the referee for this and says he is going to kick the referee’s ass. Homicide leaves to drink with the fans. Ephex says that the match would have been his if the match went further. Ephex respects Homicide but wants to have a match without a referee like the one they had. Okay…

Fifth Contest: Antonio Thomas defeated John Walters:
They roll to the floor while still locked up but shove each other before rolling back into the ring. Each man tries to keep their opponents shoulders down on the mat but are unable to and Walters gains control with a wrist lock. Thomas counters with an arm drag and puts an arm bar on Walters. Walters drop toe holds Thomas and puts an Indian leg death lock on him. Thomas battles back with a clothesline in the corner followed by a clothesline to a seated Walters. They are on the apron until Thomas clotheslines Walters back into the ring and heads up top to hit a clothesline for a two count. Thomas gets another two count following a back suplex. Walters gets out of a rear chin lock by ramming Thomas back first into a corner. Walters snap power slams Thomas but only gets a two count. Walters avoids a splash by Thomas in the corner and connects with a springboard sunset flip power bomb and puts the Sharpshooter on Thomas right in the middle of the ring! Thomas crawls and reaches the bottom rope. Thomas gets out of a power bomb and spins Walters around before hitting a sloppy looking Cradle Shock like move for a two count. Walters recovers and hits a Gory Special but Thomas kicks out before three. Thomas nearly wins by rolling Walters up as he tried for the Sharpshooter. They bridge up out of a cover attempt by Thomas and Walters delivers several right hands. Thomas blocks a backdrop with a bridging suplex for a two count. Walters goes for another Sharpshooter attempt and has it locked in again. Thomas reaches the bottom rope for the second time. Thomas gets up and counters a vertical suplex with a quick roll up for the win. (**. The crowd never got into the match and that greatly hurt the match. The action was pretty lackluster which I’m sure caused the fans to not be interested in the match. I think that Thomas in a singles role is boring. If you put him in multi person matches he seems to do much better.)

Sixth Contest: Loca Vida defeated Colt Cabana: Vida backs Cabana into a corner but dances away cleanly. This is going to be your comedy match of the night, I can tell. Vida gets out of a go behind and does a few dance moves once again. Vida gets out of a full nelson by dancing. This was 100% a comedy match which I shouldn’t be surprised about. Vida actually wins the match with a roll up after Cabana blocked a wheelbarrow bulldog attempt. (NR. I don’t see the point in grading a comedy match from a wrestling perspective. I didn’t really find the humor to be all that funny and would’ve preferred an actual wrestling match.)
After the match, Cabana and Vida shake hands and want the music to be played but it doesn’t play for several minutes. They play the wrong music (Cabana’s) and end up playing some R & B music. The stuff after the match is funnier than what actually happened during the match.

Before the next match, Brodie Lee says he is here to not apologize for what happened last time he was in the arena but rather to fight and issues an open challenge. Lee beat up a fan the last time he was in Binghamton. The fans still love him, though. Hellcat comes out and has brought back up to combat Up In Smoke. Johnny Law and Pete D. Order come out. They are officers who are more of a comedy act than anything serious.

Seventh Contest: Brodie Lee defeated Hellcat:
The referee ejects Lee’s backup rather quickly from the bout making the backup for Hellcat worthless. Hellcat big boots Lee in the corner and hits a hurricanrana off the middle rope. Lee bails to the floor where he yells at a ring attendant. Hellcat attempts a sunset flip a few moments later from the apron but Lee tries for a sit down splash instead but misses. Lee hits Hellcat with a spinning heel kick as he runs the ropes for a two count. Lee get another near fall following a gut wrench slam. On the floor, Lee keeps working on Hellcat with several right hands and gets a two count in the ring. Hellcat avoids a middle rope forearm drop and ends up hitting a Diamond Dust out of the corner. Hellcat plants Lee with a tornado DDT for a two count. Lee rams Hellcat into a corner and delivers a running big boot. Lee nearly wins following a sit out spine buster. Johnny Law and Pete D. Order grab Lee and ram him groin first into the ring post from the floor. Hellcat delivers a modified back stabber but only gets a two count on the pin attempt. Up In Smoke come out and toss a chair into the ring causing confusion for the ref because Hellcat caught it. Lee big boots Hellcat and connects with a swinging side slam for the win. (*1/2. Not all that exciting of a match and I think that has a lot to do with people not caring for Hellcat. Lee is really over with the fans and is a better worker than most guys on the 2CW roster. I believe this was the last appearance for Hellcat in 2CW. Lee continues to be a regular.)
After the match, the Motor City Machine Guns make the save for Hellcat as he was being beaten down.

Eighth Contest: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns defeated Up In Smoke to retain the titles:
Obviously with the titles on the line the outcome to this is obvious, but it should still be a fun match. Sabin and Cheech start off the contest with both men trading wrist locks until Cheech goes to the ropes. Shelley tags in to keep control of Cheech with a hammerlock and a headlock. Cloudy tags in as Cheech as an arm bar on Shelley and delivers a double axe handle. Shelley gets control of Cloudy with a hammerlock but Cloudy gets to his feet with a side headlock. Cloudy head scissors Shelley out of the corner but Sabin enters and arm drags Cloudy followed by a back breaker sending Cloudy to the floor. Cheech enters and the fast pace match continues. Sabin goes to the floor and Cheech is cut off by Shelley as he runs the ropes. Shelley clotheslines Cheech and goes back to work on Cloudy, the legal man. Cloudy gets out of a sleeper with a jaw breaker and along with Cheech delivers dropkicks to a seated Shelley. Shelley is taken down with a double drop toe hold and a double half Boston Crab. Sabin enters the ring but Cloudy puts an abdominal stretch on him before tossing him to the floor while Cheech has Shelley in a camel clutch. Shelley backdrops Cheech over the top to the floor and Sabin tags in. Sabin dropkicks Cloudy and Shelley plants him with a DDT but Sabin only gets a two count. Sabin nails Cloudy with a leaping elbow strike and gets a two count. Cloudy is sent into Shelley’s boots in the corner as the fans get behind the champs. Shelley kicks Cloudy in the chest and drives him down to the mat with a spine buster. Shelley puts an interesting abdominal stretch on him but Cloudy doesn’t give up. Sabin tags back in and the champs deliver a leg drop/back splash combo on Cloudy for a two count. Shelley tags in and double axe handles Cloudy over the back. MCMG continue to work on Cloudy with another double axe handle. Shelley super kicks Cheech as he tries to break the rules but Cloudy delivers a kick to stagger Shelley and Cheech nails Shelley with a running knee strike. Sabin and Cheech are tagged in with Cheech snap power slamming Sabin for a two count. Cheech heads up top while Cloudy takes Shelley out on the floor with a slingshot splash. Cheech nearly pins Sabin with a fisherman suplex after hopping off the top. Sabin with a back breaker on Cheech and Shelley delivers a top rope knee drop. Shelley nearly pins Cheech with a power bomb! Up In Smoke hit Shelley with a 619/dropkick combo on Shelley and Cheech follows up with a pump handle suplex for a two count. Cloudy plants Sabin with a tornado DDT. Shelley hits a somersault attack on Cheech in the corner but Cheech counters a slice bread attempt with a double team power slam with Cloudy. Cloudy stands on Cheech’s shoulders to hit a swanton bomb but Shelley kicks out at two. Shelley stops Cloudy on the top as Cheech helps out Cloudy from behind but Cloudy face busters Cheech only to b emet with a tornado DDT Cloudy! Sabin hits a dangerous release German suplex on Cloudy and Cheech tags Sabin down with a reverse side Russian leg sweep. Shelley drives Cheech to the mat with a brain buster! Sabin kicks Cloudy in the head and along with Shelley hits a double team move that looks like a dominator turned into an ace crusher. Sabin jumps off Shelley’s back to dropkick Cheech off the apron. Cloudy is met with a double super kick but manages to kick out. Sabin grabs Cloudy to hit the Cradle Shock for the win. (***1/4. This was a good fast pace tag tea match which shouldn’t be a surprise whatsoever. The only thing that annoyed me was some dope blowing his horn throughout the match. I don’t mind that during the under card matches but during fun matches like this, why would you want to do that? Best match on the show thus far.)

Before the main event, Jimmy Olsen demands that the cage be taken down because he doesn’t want to wrestle two 2CW guys. Olsen wants a fan to punch him to see what happens. Olsen says he will see anyone outside the arena after the show.

Main Event: Jimmy Olsen defeated 2CW Heavyweight Champion Slyck Wagner Brown and Jason Axe in a steel cage match to win the title:
The only way to win this match is by escaping the cage. Brown attacks Olsen outside of the cage to start with right hands. Brown rams Olsen head first into the cage door. Olsen gets in the cage and tries to quickly escape but Axe stops him. Axe stomps away on Olsen but Brown gets a few shots in. Axe holds Olsen so Brown can deliver a leaping clothesline. Axe goes to leap off Brown’s back but Brown turns on Axe with a clothesline! Brown dropkicks Axe and plays to the fans. Brown chops Olsen who hasn’t gotten any offense in thus far. Olsen manages to chop Brown as soon as I type that but Brown comes back with several blows of his own. Axe gets a few chops on Olsen, which sound kind of weak. Brown turns on Axe a second time by hitting another clothesline. Olsen blows snot on Brown, which is a hate crime last time I checked. Olsen knee lifts Brown and chokes him saying he wants him to die. Axe stomps away on Olsen until he baseball slides Olsen in the groin. Brown tries to escape but is stopped by Axe. Axe misses a spear in the corner and hits the cage door. Olsen tries to escape through the door but Brown stops him. Olsen blocks being rammed into the cage by Brown. Brown backdrops Olsen instead and dropkicks Axe. Brown goes for the Appreciation Bomb on Axe but Axe backdrops Brown to avoid it. Axe catches Brown with a power slam as Brown comes off the ropes. Olsen tries to leave but Axe stops him and crotches him on the top rope. Axe tosses Olsen back first into the cage and works on Brown with a few right hands. Brown backdrops Axe into the cage and baseball slides Axe into the cage as well. Brown catapults Olsen head first into the cage, he didn’t have his hands up at all. Brown looks to escape but Axe yanks Brown to the mat. Axe suplexs Brown and stops Olsen as he tries to crawl out of the door. Olsen kicks Axe away and ends up choking Axe briefly. Olsen big boots Brown and tries to escape again but Brown stops him. Brown slams Olsen down to the mat and stops Axe from leaving the cage. Brown tries to leave but is stopped by both challengers. Brown sends Axe into a corner and delivers a clothesline. Brown bulldogs a bleeding Olsen out of the corner. Brown puts Axe on top of Olsen in a 69 position and leaps off the top where he hits a perfect moonsault! Brown looks to leave but Olsen stops him. Brown tosses Olsen head first into the cage again and swings him head first into the cage for more damage to be done. Axe back elbows Brown but misses a dropkick off the middle rope. Brown locks in a Texas Cloverleaf on Axe but lets go to spine buster Olsen! Brown drives Olsen down to the mat with the Appreciation Bomb! Brown looks to leave the cage but Axe grabs his foot. Axe hits a Death Valley Driver on Brown across his knee. Olsen is up and super kicks Axe, which was pretty damn loud. Olsen tries to leave the cage but Axe gets up and stops him at the top of the cage. Brown grabs Axe to hit a power bomb who has Olsen to connect with a superplex off the top of the cage!! Brown looks to leave gut someone shits the door on his head. Oh my… it’s John Walters! Walters gets in the cage and beats down Brown. Walters handcuffs Brown to the middle rope. Olsen looks to leave the cage but JD Love comes out with a chair! Love whacks Axe over the head with an incredibly stiff chair shot! Walters hammers away on Brown as Olsen crawls out the cage and wins the title! Love continues to beat down Axe with a chair. (***. It was a pretty good cage match. I didn’t think it would be all that great after the first five minutes but they started using the cage well and Olsen played the cowardly yet cocky heel perfectly. The heel turns by Love and Walters is interesting and leads to some new feuds moving forward. A very good way to end the show, I thought.)
After the match, Olsen returns to the ring as Love decides to viciously hit Axe over the head again with the chair after he screams FU towards Love. Homicide comes down to the ringside area and gets in the cage after several moments. He has a crutch with him and runs the three heels out of the cage. Olsen says this isn’t about NWA Upstate instead it’s about himself, Walters and Love. Olsen says the belt is coming with him to Rochester and he is going to pawn it! The show comes to an end with the babyfaces standing in the ring. Well, Brown grabs a microphone saying this isn’t over until he gets the belt back.

Final Thoughts:
This show didn’t have any commentary, which is a good thing since I find the commentators for 2CW to be really annoying. The show started off quite slow until Homicide came in and the fans got excited. Homicide/Ephex was decent and the last two matches were good bouts. As a whole, it’s not a good overall show but there is some redeeming quality for it. I can’t recommend it as only two or three matches really delivered anything good. A disappointing outing by 2CW considering the talent on the show.

Thanks for reading.

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