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NWA-TNA Impact 10/15/2004

TNA Impact! Results – 10/15/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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This week’s edition of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling iMPACT! opened up with a video package recapping their recent events. The America’s Most Wanted/Triple X/Team Canada feud is shown. Larry Zbyszko/Dusty Rhodes feud is shown. Vince Russo is displayed announcing a tournament.

And now, from Soundstage 21, at Universal Studios, it’s Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Impact! The fans are going crazy as the pyros goes off and “The Professor” Mike Tenay welcomes us once again.

Monty Brown vs. Jeff Hardy

We start this week’s edition of Impact! off with “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown heading out to the ring. He’s looking to become the number one contender, but he’ll have to beat Jeff Hardy first. “The Charasmatic Enigma” then enters The Impact! Zone, with the fans going crazy of course. We are getting this one started. The match starts out with both men exchanging punches. Please keep in mind that as this is a tournament match, 5 minutes have been added to the time liit. Monty then locks a sleeper hold on Hardy, but soon punches him down. Mike Tenay reminds us that the Fox Box gives you all the info. Shoulder thrusts into Hardy in the turnbuckle 2 minutes into the match. Abyss is then shown standing by the entrance ramp, and Raven is shown standing up on the rafters. We head to a commercial break but then return with both Monty and Jeff getting back into the ring, as they were brawling in the crowd. Sleeper hold on Hardy, but Hardy soon escapes and hits a flying clothesline. Hardy then kicked Monty into the corner, but Monty comes back with a side suplex. After a few more battling, Jeff Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb but the referee Rudy Charles was down! Abyss then came out and Black Hole Slammed Hardy. Monty Brown then pounced Abyss. But then Rave came out and Raven Effected Monty Brown, while Hardy picked up the win with the Twist Of Fate.

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes was then shown backstage being interviewed by “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Dusty said that he would up the bars tonight. Dusty announced that at Victory Road they would vote on who should be the TNA Director Of Authority.

Jeremy Borash and Don West then hyped Total Nonstop InterAction.

TNA announced that Sharkboy, Chad Collyer, The Amazing Red, and the returning Sonjay Dutt.

Jason Pocaro vs. Petey Williams

A rising superstar in Jason Pocaro then came out to the ring to take on the X Division Champion Petey Williams. This was an intense match but once again Scott D’Amore was involved and Petey Williams picked up the win with the Styles Clash. Petey then pulled out AJ’s jacket and wore it. But AJ Styles soon came out, beat down on Petey, and got his jacket back.

Erick Stevens, Spyder Nate Webb & John Thadio vs. 3 Live Kru
Erick Stevens, Spyder Nate Webb, and John Thadio then made their way to The Impact Zone as they went on to compete against the 3 Live Kru. But it was soon over for the opposing team as the 3LK won with Ron’s scissor kick.

Jeff Jarrett was then interviewed. He taunted Hardy and said that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are coming to TNA. But Jarrett also dropped a bombshell, claming Hall was coming in on HIS side, while Nash was coming in “on the WRONG side”!

The 6 Points Of Impact with Jeff Hammond was now. This week he basically talked about Victory Road.

Brian Gamble then made his way to the ring but Raven came out and clocked him with a steel chair. It was scheduled to have Abyss face Gamble. Raven got on the mic and said he could have defeated Monty Brown and deserved the title shot at Victory Road. Brown came down and they brawled. Abyss hit the ring soon after and it was eventually broken up.

A “Tales From The Pit” aired with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper where he talked about how Piper’s Pit started.

Team Canada vs. James Storm & Christopher Daniels

Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young) became NWA World Tag Team champions by defeating “Cowboy” James Storm & “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels This was the biggest tag team match in Impact history. Early on Daniels/Storm had Team Canada’s number fighting in and out of the ring. Back in the ring Young’s left arm got worked on for several minutes even as Scott D’amore came down to interfere. He was ushered to the locker room by Zybzsko and Rudy Charles. Young faked an ankle injury long enough to allow Roode time to jump Daniels from behind. Team Canada tried to break all the rules and Daniels’ clavicle but couldn’t get the pin. Storm was finally able to tag into the match once again and he took the fight to Team Canada. Daniels hit the BME on Roode but the pin got broken up. Storm had Roode up for the 8 second ride but Young threw Daniels into Storm. After a reversal of things allowed Young to pin Daniels for the win. D’Amore and Williams came out to celebrate the title win.

As Impact went off the air, cameras found Jeff Hardy perched atop a Ladder – it appears the number one contender has challenged Jarrett to face him at Victory Road in Ladder Match! Will Jarrett accept the challenge? Tune into Impact next week to find out!

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