NWA-TNA Impact 10/8/2004

TNA Impact! Results – 10/8/04
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results courtesy of TNAwrestling.com
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This is the new face of professional wrestling – this is TNA Wrestling! Who can do it better than Total Nonstop Action? Nobody on earth can as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Impact! was once again came on Fox Sports Net worldwide!

This week’s edition of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Impact! opened up with exclusive footage of The Natural’s win over the NWA World Tag Team Champions of the world, “Cowboy” James Storm and “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels! This was followed up by a clip of Vince Russo telling AJ Styles that he would get his chance to shine, that he would get his chance at a shot at Canada’s Petey Williams – but he would have to prove it! “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles did just that as last week he moved on to face Petey Williams at Victory Road with the X Division Championship of the world…on the line! TNA finished recapping their latest events with Jeff Jarrett telling Vince Russo that he would get outsiders into TNA, one way…or another!

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling then entered The Impact! Zone for yet another edition of Impact! The pyros went off and The Impact! Zone was rockin’ in Orlando! Mike Tenay reminded us that later on tonight on Impact!, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper would make his Impact! debut to make a major announcement concerning Victory Road!

“The Monster” Abyss versus “The Charasmatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy – #1 Contendership Tournament Bout

We then kicked off the #1 Contender Tournament with Abyss entering The Impact! Zone, and Jeff Hardy soon rushed out to the ring to get this tournament bout underway. We got this one started with Abyss mounting punches onto “The Charasmatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, but Hardy soon fired back with rapid fire inside him. Abyss stalled a bit on taking Hardy down, allowing Jeff Hardy to sneak in his amazing high flying moves! TNA went to a commercial break as we were shown just why TNA is innovative, TNA brings you a 6 sided ring! 6 sides of Impact! Jeremy Borash and Don West then hyped TNA’s Total Nonstop InterAction. It’s a weekend fanfest for Victory Road, tickets go on sale tomorrow.

We were back at The Impact! Zone as we saw Jeff Hardy hit a bicyle kick off of the turnbuckle, and Orlando was going crazy! The fans wanted The Blackhole Slam, and Abyss went for it, but Hardy reversed it! This was a mis-match for Hardy, just look at the size of that Monster! 6’8, wow! “The Monster” Abyss then went to finish off Jeff Hardy with a Chokeslam, Hardy up in the air, wait a minute! Jeff Hardy has rolled up Abyss for the 3! Jeff Hardy has realized his dream as he advances on to the finals! What a way to kick off Impact! This shows you just why we call ourselves Total Nonstop Action.

Team Canada were then shown in the back arguing with TNA Championship Commitee Member Larry Zybsko. Scott D’Amore demanded that Team Canada get their shot at the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Scott D’Amore stated that he thought that Larry was the man around here.

A Pat Kenney vignette played hyping his return.

“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and “Cowboy” James Storm then came out for a match but suddenly Team Canada Coach Scott D’Amore came out to confront Daniels. D’Amore started speaking but then came out Team Canada! This was an ambush. Team Canada took Christopher Daniels took into the crowd, brawling with him. Daniels stood no chance until fellow tag team partner Primetime came out to make the save. This one went back into the ring as America’s Most Wanted came out as well. But Team Canada wouldn’t stop, it took BG James and Ron Killings to come out to run off Team Canada. There appeared to be a new member of Team Canada. This led into a huge brawl as we were informed that Jeff Hammond would reveal a match for Victory Road! That’s up next, time for a commercial break.

Jeff Hammond’s Six Point Of Impact was now as TNA returned from their commercial break. Jeff Hammond announced that there would be a 20 Man X Division Gauntlet at Victory Road.

“The Master Of The Backbreaker” Roderick Strong versus “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

A member of ROH’s Generation Next, “The Master Of The Backbreaker” Roderick Strong then entered The Zone as he was out for some little X Division action. But who would his opponent be? A pioneer of the X Division, the number one contender to the X Division Championship, TNA’s only Triple Crown winner, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles! This bout started off with some mat moves, which is basically Roderick’s specialty. Roderick Strong and AJ Styles then suddenly went outside of the ring. The referee forced them to get back into the ring as they did just that. Roderick Strong has AJ Styles on the apron, AJ goes for a clutch, but Roderick Strong turns it into a lifting backbreaker! And that’s why they call him The Master Of The Backbreaker. Roderick then hit another one on AJ followed up by a camel clutch in which AJ soon got out of. But also with AJ – he has the ability to improvise in mid-air. AJ then nails Strong with multiple clotheslines, tries for the Styles Clash, but Strong sends AJ crashing down to the canvas. AJ quickly recovers as he jumps off the turnbuckle with a backflip, catches Strong, and hits a DDT! The man that challenges Petey Williams for the X Division Title at Victory Road, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles picked up the victory! But AJ didn’t do it easily, Roderick Strong put him to a tough test! We were then informed that “Rowdy” Rodder Piper is next!

This is pure Total Nonstop Action. If you blink for a quick second, you’ll miss it all! It can’t get any better than this as wrestling legend “Rowdy” Rodder Piper” made his way to the innovative six sided ring! “Rowdy” Roddy Piper stated that he’s here because of the fans. He said that he’s been with everybody, Hulk Hogan, “The Macho Man” Randy Savage, everybody. He told us how TNA’s free spech is great. After Piper talked some more, a “your a legend” chant broke out. Piper smiled and then stated that on November 7th, at Victory Road, he would bring a special guest. They will say whatever they want to say, and he will say whatever he wants to say! Who’s it gonna be?

America’s Most Wanted and Triple X were then arguing backstage stating that it doesn’t how much they hate each other, that as bad as they want to hold on to the belts, they won’t be able to because Team Canada will always get the better of them. AMW and XXX agreed to take out Team Canada.

Jeff Jarrett was then shown backstage with Shane Douglas asking Jeff about “The Outsiders”. The NWA World Heavyweight Champion, “The King Of The Mountain” stated that him and Vince Russo have talked to “The Outsiders”. Jeff said there’s only one way to go when you enter TNA, his side! “Monty, Raven, remember these final words; TNA Is My World!” That was their global warning as Jeff Jarrett walked off.

Raven versus “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown- #1 Contendership Tournament Bout

Raven then made his way to the 6 sided ring looking focused and determined to fullfill his destiny. “The Alpha Male” then entered as well. There were 5 minutes added to this matches time limit. This bout started off with a staredown followed up by some punches. They then got into it as they were throwing each other into the turnbuckle, but this was pure chain wrestling, they kept on reversing. Raven then went outside of the ring to grab a chair but referee Rudy Charle’s wouldn’t let him use it. Raven stood outside of the ring debating. We went on a commercial break but then returned with Raven throwing Monty Brown tossing over the guardrail. Raven then took him over to another guardrail – and leg sweeped him into it! Raven then gave several knee lifts to Monty, stalling, and then throwing his head into the turnbuckle! Monty Brown then recovered with multiple punches onto Raven in the corner. Monty Brown then set up for The Pounce, and he hit but Raven reversed it with a yakuza kick. The referee then got knocked down as Raven grabbed the chair, drop toe hold onto a chair by Raven! The referee is now up, 1, 2, kickout. Moments later Monty Brown hit The Pounce on Raven for the victory as Jeff Jarrett came down to ringside!

That was all for this week’s edition of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Impact – tune in next week for Month Brown versus Jeff Hardy.

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